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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  September 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> not until sunday night. still purple friday. of talk about what is happening weather wise. it is not as chilly as yesterday. 54 degrees at bwi. partly cloudy as we head into the afternoon with a high temperature around 78. let's check the we can forecast when i come back and a few minutes. >>tony pann laid out his outfit in advance. really not bad this friday morning. we are at 62 as we check our speed sensor. if you head out on the west side, problem free from 795 of the way down. so far so good on a 95. continue closures and effect.
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we will update you on the camera on 895. problem three at the area bridges. coming out of hertford county, no problems to report their. >> health officials are investigating another case of west nile virus in maryland. so far 30 marylanders have been diagnosed with the disease. >> what is being done to curb the virus's spread. >> good morning. the agriculture department is stepping up their spring are the next couple of weeks. there have been 30 cases and three deaths so far this year. last year there were 19 human cases and in 2010 there were 23. state health officials say the mild winter could have something
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to do with the increase of cases. michael contracted the disease living in the anne arundel county one year ago and is still fighting the disease. >> i really want to get my life back. i had a lot of things i was involved in. it has all been taken away from me. >> health officials say some of the bust was to protectors of our tuesday in doors at dawn and dusk, where epa approved a talent and -- repellent. >> thank you. this morning city police are investigating a homicide in was baltimore. investigators say a 24-year-old man was shot. he later died at the hospital.
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a witness saw the man tossed a weapon aside. the man has not been found. they have not reveal a motive in the case. >> an investigation is underway on how a mta bus drifted. the bus was parked in the driver was inspecting the bus when as started to move and crashed into the shelter. >> there are a number of procedures that should occur when a bus is stopped. everything from the wheels being turned to a break being set. we are devastating to determine if all of the proper procedures were followed. -- we are investigating to determine if all procedures were followed. >> everyone has been released from the hospital. >> a proposal is to add 96 parking spots and a driveway
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loop to accommodate rec center accommodations. city park and rec center say the plan is an idea at this point and a welcome community input. many say the city should be trying to preserve the green space and not take away from it. >> i am not a fan, because this is where you live here. you have madison part. you know, get some space somewhere and do what you can, do not take away from this. >> opposition against the -- a petition against the proposal has more than 26 signatures. >> president obama and paul ryan will be addressing the aarp convention. this is an issue near and dear to older voters. >> both campaigns are hoping to change hearts and minds and votes. >> the presidential campaigns
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are reaching out to older americans today one day after the focus was on hispanic voters in florida. on a candidates forum, president obama expressed frustration that he has not done more on a key issue for latinos -- immigration reform. what's the most important lesson i have learned is you cannot change washington from the inside, -- from the outside, only the inside. >> his slogan was "yes, we cannot." his slogan now is no, i can." his town has shifted. >> it is time to put the politics aside. >> that follows a rough few weeks. the president now leading romney by eight points in iowa and five
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points in colorado and wisconsin. paul ryan's home state was one of the battlegrounds republicans need to win. >> the time now is 5:06. the suspect in the colorado shooting heads back to court. we will have an update on james holmes. >> what happened when we cover the nation. >> here is a live look at 895. this is north this-- what does bhc stand for? >> just a few cars up there. traffic and weather when we come back. >> the wheels on the bosco round and round.
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>> welcome back. 63 degrees downtown. a much warmer than the suburbs. once you get past the city limits it drops down to the 50's. you still might want to take a light jacket with the. let's take a look at some of the other numbers. 57 in pasadena. the forecast for today, sunshine and clouds. it will be nice and a mild. we will make it up to 78 degrees which is above average this time of year. we will detail the forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> covering the nation,
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officials at the nuclear power plant in pennsylvania are investigating why a pump malfunctioned triggered a shutdown. it happened yesterday afternoon. people reported hearing a loud noise which officials say is what happens when steam is released. the amount of radiation released this so small there is no danger or health risk to the public. as you may recall, it was the site of the worst nuclear in history. >> prosecutors dropped their request to review the note book chains -- james holmes gift to his psychiatrist. they do not want to delay the trial. james was in court for a hearing yesterday. he was sporting a different
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look that we are accustomed to. short brown hair. >> the space shuttle endeavor will take to the sky one last time today. you are looking at endeavor flying atop a 747 over houston yesterday after completing its cross-country trip it landed in california early this morning. the retired space shuttle will be taken on an aerial tour of the state before landing in los angeles and making its way to the california science center and museum. >> it is always impressive seeing a shuttle on top of a jumbo jet like that. 54 degrees at the airport. is the day millions have been waiting for. the iphone five is released today. >> the sales could make history. we would check in hong kong where it has already been released. released.
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>> good morning once again. thankfully the roads are shipping up nicely so far. on the west side around 61 making your way toward i 70, no problems to report on i 70. grain from the beltway. we have closures and effect in the city along monument street by patterson park. here is a live view of traffic.
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a 95 by the hartford tunnel. fort mccann rate checking out well. -- fort mchenry checking out well. that is the very latest on traffic and weather. let's get to the latest on the buses and trains. >> a happy friday to you. we are moving along nicely. on the buses we have diversions. 58 bus due to construction at willow bend. 27, 33, 57 91 buses diverting, also construction related. light rail is on time. >> good morning everyone. not quite as chilly as the last
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couple of mornings, but you might want to take a light jacket. 52 in parkton. you can see slightly warmer air out to the west. 66 in kansas city. some of that was lead over towards us. we may sneak into the 80's tomorrow. we will make it into the upper 70's today. cloud cover this morning. a lot of sunshine today. some of this cloud cover in the mountains will make it over towards us. there is no precipitation around us. there were a couple of showers and western pennsylvania, but they are now up by new york state and southern canada. this one by st. paul might give us a chance for showers and thunderstorms as we head into the weekend on saturday. right now there is a log jam in the atmosphere. this front will dissipate. this is the one up here that will give us a chance for rain
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on saturday. there could be some strong thunderstorms ahead on saturday. we will have to keep an eye on the chance for severe weather. the high temperature between 75 and 80 degrees. sunrise at 6:54. light and variable winds out of the southeast. a wave heights 1/4 or less. seven-day forecast coming into the weekend. low 80's tomorrow. there will be a chance for a few showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. the high temperature is 81. breezy and much cooler on sunday and monday. 60's, overnight lows will dip into the 40's. autumn begins tomorrow morning. >> the rate on a 30-year mortgage falls once again to
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record lows. it fell back this week to 3.49% matching the lowest rate since mortgages began in the 1950's. the rate on the 15-year went to a new record low 2.77%. the fed plans to spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage bonds to make home buying more affordable. from owning to renting, renters are facing an affordability squeeze as more people rent and costs are going up. more than 20 million rental households were considered bird and last year's spending more than 30% of their income toward housing. more than half were severely burdened meaning over half of their income went towards rent. the much anticipated iphone hit stores today in the united states. we are talking about the iphone 5. excitement generated a record- setting 2 million presale orders
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last week. that is just the start of what is expected to be a historic launch. >> the scene outside of chicago's michigan avenue store is familiar. >> everybody thought we were ridiculous. >> since tuesday apple fans anticipated iphone 5. >> last time i was number one for the iphone 4s. >> many tech observers expect iphone 5 to be number one, possibly the largest consumer electronics launch ever. >> this has been retold and redesign. it is with taking a look at. the attention to detail is very impressive. >> it comes as samsung the topped global sales of 20 million units for its samsung galaxy siii. >> when you say 20 million galaxy funds, would be a
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disaster for apple. >> some forecasted sales of 50 million units by year's end. while reviews of the new devices -- bigger screens, lighter weight, faster processors were mostly positive -- some where left waiting. >> when it happens, while apple still be able to pull the trigger and wow us? >> that way it takes a backseat to an immediate one. --that weight takes a backseat. >> people really want those phones. >> the strike at baltimore's ports is averted for now. a big day for apple. samsung may be ready to hit it with another big losses. -- big lawsuit.
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>> we have another day down. it is i found five days. it is already in the hands of fans on the other side of the world in sydney and hong kong. a lot riding on this. samsung is looking to crash the party. they may accuse apple of another patent infringement on the phone. that case may not go to trial until at least 2014. it is not likely to affect the availability of the iphone 5. as of last night as a close, the premarket shares are back up again for apple and above the $700 level. the s&p did and a lower yesterday. a contraction in chinese manufacturing, falling exports and japan, a couple of signs of slowdown here in the u.s. that raises concerns about the global economy.
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futures are pointing higher. a possible strike by dockworkers. they have extended contract negotiations for 90 days. that will avert a strike for now. it is showing both sides are serious for now. it would have affected 1200 workers and would have impacted holiday shopping. >> apple may be sweeping the world. we have seen many pictures in the past of people lining up around stores. here is something i found surprising. a lot of people in line are not there to get the front. they're standing in line for somebody else and getting paid to do it? >> yes, time is money. it looks like a lot of people are looking at this as an opportunity for quick money. who are these people standing in
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line for the iphone? why bwi has the more crowded lately. that is coming up next hour. >> i want to know how much they are being paid. >> i hear as much as $500. >> i will stand in line. it is 54 degrees of the airport. how old a child needs to be not to get out of the booster seat and how long you have to
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>> starting october 1, children under the age of eight will have to use a booster seat unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches. crashed video from the university of michigan shows injuries a child can sustain if a seat belt does not work properly.
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experts say height is the most important factor and it is better to err on the side of caution. >> that is a minimum thing, the 80 years of age. children at that age should be at a booster seat and they are not ready to come out until they are of the right size and height so that the seat belts them properly as it fits you and i. >> experts say between 80% and a 90% people are doing something wrong when it comes to child safety restraints. do you think children under eight should state and a booster seat until they are at least 4 feet 9 inches tall? you can share your response on, our facebook pitch, or send us an e-mail. >> it has been a week since baltimore county was going to put extra security measures gun incidents.two sai
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when the wads arrive, police will have to be trained on when and how to use them. >> there are 30 reported cases of west nile and virus in the state. >> the cash roles and as the candidates step up their game on the ground and a denture the air. >> it will be another nice day today but we have some rain over the weekend. >> if you will be traveling any >> if you will be traveling any time
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. >> good morning everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> to live for joining us. happy purple friday. -- thank you for joining us. >> temperatures will dip into the 40's. out ahead of the front, it will be nice and mild. things will change over the weekend. 54 at the airport right now. not quite as cool as the last couple of mornings, but you might want to take a light jacket. there is a little rain in the forecast, we will get to that momentarily. >> what i meant to say is perfect football weather. check the morning commute. let's look at some of our
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conditions around the area starting with the jfx 62 miles per hour. continuing at that speed down to 28th street. 64 down i70 and problem free on the rest of the major roadways. closures along monument street toward patterson park. 633 howard county south of 100. we will start with 295 out 195 southbound traffic going away from us. as you travel down the capital beltway. 50 at 97 to and from the annapolis region. that is the very latest on traffic. >> another person has contracted the west nile virus. this one in anne arundel county. that brings the total to 30.
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>> health officials say this is a scary trend with west by elmira's cases going out. that is why the state agricultural department is stepping up their mosquito patrols spring for them over the next several weeks. michael goldsmith has no idea when or where he was bitten by a mosquito. that bike has kept him in the hospital for the past year. --bite has kept him in the hospital for the past year. he is grateful to be alive, but the road to recovery has been frustrating. >> i am extremely hampered in terms of my movement. i have not walked in a year. a has been tied to a bed. they could not feed me either by tool -- tubes. i have been working with a speech therapist. >> michael still has no idea when he will be released from
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the hospital. the latest case was reported in anne arundel countyl. there weren't 30 cases including three deaths. the state health department says several factors are contributing to the increase in cases. >> we did have a milder winter and a bit of a drought in the spring and summer. sometimes that can create -- increase the proliferation of the mosquito breeding areas. >> you can protectors of by staying indoors at dawn and dusk, wearing epa approved repellent, and staying away from standing water near your home. >> you should take these precautions through september 31. >> thank you, kim. a federal judge ruled changes to the fire and police pensions
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are not unconstitutional. it changed the way they receive annual increases in their benefits. >> the mayor's office is responding to the ruling. her office writes -- the mayor remains committed to protecting the city's finances and the sustainability of the pension system. in a ruling against the provision, the judge called the unions to meet next month to discuss the next steps in this contentious battle. >> it may be purple friday, but it is also iphone friday. as this latest version is much anticipated by iphone fives, skimmers are ready to take advantage. prince george's county police
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say they tried to swindle people with fake iphone 4s. daniel parker and his son's scheme came to an end when they tried to sell undercover detectives funds. the knockoffs were so good police first of the were stolen until apple workers tell them what they really were. apple told prince george's county police they have been getting people coming in wanting to get the funds activated, and that is when they got the news they had been duped. >> u.s. census bureau has released the rich states had entered the country and maryland is at the top of the list based on 2011 data. maryland was the richest with a median income of over $70,000. that is more than $20,000 than
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the median. one in four baltimore city residents live in poverty. 34% of children were empoverish last year. >> get ready to see more of the candidates over the next six and a half weeks after mitt romney and president obama per se themselves in front of the voters and on the ground and over the airwaves. >> both camps have the cash to keep the candidates in the public eye. the presidential hopefuls are spending money about as quickly as they pull it in. >> yes, it is coming in and they toss it right back out.
5:37 am
they raised more than $110 million last month. a lot of that is going to the ubiquitous campaign commercials that we see all the time on tv. president obama spent $70 million on media in the last month alone, twice what mayor romney spent. do not expect to see any less of the candidates. mitt romney's aides says he will be getting out in front of voters to get on the trail the next few weeks. president obama also on the ground as both focus on the battleground states. >> can you tell us a little bit more about the august finance reports? we are learning about the mitt romney campaign taking out a $20 million loan. >> that was taken out because mitt romney could not access the money he raised for the general election until after he became the nominee at the very end of august. that is why you see the $20 million.
5:38 am
romney's campaign says they have paid back have so far. if you look at cash on hand, obama has the advantage. >> thank you so much. >> time now -- if you are feeling stressed, it is time to hit the treadmill. >> a deadly baby formula claims the life of seven infants. the warning you need to know about a straight ahead. >> did not forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. >> taking a look at the roads this friday morning. this friday morning. we will let you know if there [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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come in today or visit online at >> welcome back. -- temperatures dropping into the 50's as opposed to the 40's. 57 in parkville and 54 degrees in randallstown. it will warm up quickly in the afternoon. the high temperature is around 78 degrees. no jacket necessary later on today. we come back in a few minutes we would be till the forecast for the coming weekend. stay with us. -- we will detail the forecast for the coming weekend.
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>> a potentially deadly baby formula. >> the fda says you should avoid giving it to your child. it can increase the risk of death. since may of 201122 babies who -- -- since may of 2011, at 22 babies took the former lead and seven of which died. when you to be aware of the potential risk. a trip to the gym could help ease your nerves. >> a new study finds therapeutic the affects of exercise last long after your workout is over. both exercise and rest worked to reduce stress.
5:43 am
only the group who exercised was able to maintain low levels of anxiety while looking at pictures. the time is 5:42. 54 degrees at the airport. a hunter dance star gets caught ina sport much scarier-- tony says we are in for quite weather, but storms could be brewing for the weekend.
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>> insta-weather plus and the traffic together. >> thankfully a nice start, no incidents at the moment and no delays. 64 and the southbound jfx all the way into town. 61 on the outer loop from 79 -- 795.
5:46 am
monument toward patterson park. if you head out of 95 in the southbound direction south of 100 moving very well. 63 miles per hour. 295 jets sell well. a live review of traffic starting at i 83 coming down from the parkton region. a nice start of the way down toward the beltway. 795 south of it from the boulevard, it is definitely building. heavier ones to get down toward the owens mills area. as did the latest on the buses and trains. -- let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> we have a delay on the light rail 10-15 minutes. on the buses, the sinkhole repair in east baltimore is diverting buses at monument and patterson park.
5:47 am
311 and 61 are diverting at charles the to construction. >> things are pretty quiet for us on this friday. a few clouds out there. is not as chilly as it was yesterday. 55 in westminster. maybe a little light jacket. there are some warmer temperatures to the west and the southern part of the plains states. that is drifting over towards us. we will be above average for the next couple of days. we will make it into the upper 70's today in the low 80's tomorrow. we have some cause of their that will make for a beautiful sunrise and a few minutes. these are not rain producing clouds. the nearest precipitation is up by the great lakes. this is a situation that could give us a few thunderstorms on saturday afternoon. the atmosphere is stacked up.
5:48 am
an area of high pressure here blocking all of this from coming west to east. that will move off the coast. this cold front will come saturday afternoon and saturday evening. a big drop in the temperatures and our seven-day forecast. today it will be nice and mild. we will make it into the upper 70's, may be near 80. sunrise at 6:54. on the bay today, southeast winds at 10 knots. the bay water temperatures are still in the mid 70's. partly cloudy skies tonight, not as chilly. sunset at 7:04. on saturday we should be able to sneak into the low 80's and go for 81 as a high. scattered thunderstorms late in the afternoon and evening on saturday. it will be breezy and color on
5:49 am
sunday and monday. highs in the upper 60's. overnight lows in the 40's. the equinoxes 10:49 tomorrow morning. >> that means the first full weekend of a fall pictures are here. >> for a look at all that and all the movies hitting the big screen, here is a box office preview. >> what are we looking for? >> confident cops catch a tiger by the tail in "end of watch." they mistakenly crossed a mexican cartel, their badges are not enough to protect them from the mafia. it is rated r. clint eastwood does down swinging in "trouble with the curve." his estranged daughter dressed to help them evaluate a top prospect and she may end at scouting a man of her own.
5:50 am
it is rated pg-13. a one-man judicial system in "dred 3d." he is up against a drug lord in a fortified slum who is trying to make a judgment day for the law meant. "dredd 3d " is rated r. the hundred games star is seeing he has some skeletons in his closet after an unsolved murder. "house at the end of the street"is peachy-13. -- pg13. philip see more hoffman offers interesting there is to indoctrinate him into a quasi- religious cult. emma watson goes to muggle
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school in "the perks of being a wallflower." that is pg-13. >> 54 degrees at the airport. it is a beat boston weekend. >> a preview as the orioles asthe reavens take on beantown. >> here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> time to get to your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> do you think children under 8 should stay in booster seats until taller than 4 feet 9. >> she says -- keep sending as those responses and we will read more in the next hour. >> good morning, everybody. the postseason push continues for the orioles' in boston.
5:55 am
the orioles open a three game series with the red sox and they will start one game back of the yankees who beat the rays on a gorgeous fall night. i love when people say, bases loaded, take one for the team. easier said than done. easier when you are not a guy getting hit. a great series and a home run last night. another single here. 10-7, the yankees win and they play the oakland a's tonight in a huge series that will affect the orioles either way. that is because the oakland a's are tied with the orioles for the top wild-card spot. cabrara is lumbering around the bases. he is not going to be mistaken
5:56 am
for usain bolt. it is a 3-3 tie. oakland it goes on to win. check out austin jackson. this is the longest run in baseball when you misplayed a ball and addressed to center field wall. both with 85 wins. the oakland a's won last night 12-4. the baltimore ravens and the new england patriots at 8:20. a big test for the baltimore ravens wide receivers like jacoby jones who caught that touchdown. it should have been put on the 7 yard line. instead it was marked on the line of scrimmage. there were not to run pretty good by the eagles' secondary. -- they were not around a pretty
5:57 am
good by the eagles' secondary. >> will we see better officiating this time? >> who knows. coming up next, a man accused of gunning down a bill bondswoman will have his day in court. the latest in the case against domonic mcdonald. >> how it caused this miss after hurricane isaac. >> a florida man found this in his backyard. we will tell you what tasty snack this a bear was after. >> he is cute. >> things are pretty dry. we have a little for -- a little rain in the forecast over the
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>> cases of west nile


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