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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> tonight, election day is six weeks away. the candidates are traveling the country. church leaders celebrate 60 years of a champion of community progress. a beautiful september saturday. what is in store? the forecast coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal tv 11.
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>> good evening. it just 45 days until election day. early voting is underway in several states. but parties raising money to fight. the vice presidential candidates took stage today. mitt romney's tax information has given both campaigns talking points. >> a day after mayor ronnie released for his -- mortis tax information, call brian was -- paul ryan was putting a spin on the bottom line. >> mitchell romney is a successful businessman. there is nothing wrong with being good and successful in business. >> behind the scenes, democrats were complaining back ronnie's summary does nothing but raise more questions. >> joe biden was not focusing on
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a romney's richest on spreading the wealth. >> we have one objective. it is to give the middle class a fighting chance again. >> while they were on the saturday stump, the candidates or and fund-raising mode. president obama and mitt romney spent time fund-raising in an effort to pump up their campaign war chest with just 45 days remaining. >> of course, on november 6, voters will choose a president and decide control of the house and senate. members have gone home and will not return until after the election. the sit wrapped up in the middle of the night. the unfinished business includes the foreign policy and legislation to save the postal service from insolvency. you can always get the latest news on our website
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you will find the most up-to- date information. a beautiful september day. it are meteorologist is here with a look at the forecast. >> the last couple of hours we have had some storms. they are producing locally had the amount of rain. a pretty good back to a rain heading through harbor county right now. the heaviest looks to be in this cell right here in the western part of baltimore county. you can pick up maybe half an inch of rain pretty quickly. the storms are pretty potent. when guests standing below the 60 mile per hour mark. they're moving to the east at about 25. the stick a look at the headlines. thunderstorms this evening clearing out. adobe a breezy and call sunday. we will show you the forecast.
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>> high school student daniel is attending a fund-raiser to help as family pay his medical bills. doctors at told his parents he is well enough to attend the event. he was critically injured after being shot on the first day of school. charm city life plant the o all day fund-raiser appeared a suspect is on the run after police officers say they walked in on him shooting another man. it happen in the 2200 block of jefferson street. shots were exchanged 20 officer and suspect after the suspect refused to drop his gun. the officer was not hurt. the victim was a 30 year old man and is in critical condition. firefighters were out in full force today for city neighborhood sweet spirited they visited homes, installing and testing alarms and educating about fire safety.
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a fire alarm is the most important life-saving device in a home. a man died last week in baltimore home that not have an alarm. the effort is citywide. >> we found out that education and heightened awareness is one of the more valuable and effective ways of preventing people from losing their lives. >> residents can call 311 to have a smoke detector installed in their home within two hours. the event was the perry hall read council soccer game where they handed out fire safety information and free smoke detectors. firefighters say this hour each is worth it for all involved. the >> it is good to be out here. did you develop a relationship with the public.
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the smoke detector is a very important thing. we will have to make sure they are there for your and our safety. >> the union helped to sponsor the travel soccer program. a celebration today for a church leader with 60 years of service to his community. hundreds of people including gov. martin o'malley came to ofebrate the rev.'s 60 years leading worship. he was a member of the first class of african-american ministers accepted into the theological seminary where he steady with classmates dr. martin luther king jr.. he said he is honored by this recognition. >> i am happy. i'm happy i lived this long. they thought enough of me to make a celebration out of it. >> congratulations to you.
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it there's a lot of love in this room. it is a reflection of the love and service in the life you have given to the city in people of our state. >> to mar the church will hold a concert in honor of rev. would. congratulations. there's so much more to come. a warning for airline passengers. a dispute between american airlines and a pilot union means more delays. a man jumped into the tiger cage at the bronx zoo. he tells police why he made this week. taking the game into
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>> nyse police plan to arrest a man mauled by a tiger in the bronx zoo. he told investigators that he deliberately leaked into the exhibit because he wanted to "be one with the tiger." he's in the hospital in stable condition after was bit in the back. he also suffered broken bones. the director said the outcome could have been much worse. >> it was a really good day here at the zoo. we had the cat which is still alive and we have this guy we pulled out of the exhibit. he is still alive. >> he will be charged with trespassing. it is the first time in the 35 year history that anyone has jumped in with the tigers. it was possible to walk into a store today and by an iphone 5 but it took some hunting. most retailers say they were
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sold out. it went on sale yesterday. apple and the ball companies have not provided sales figures. they're too busy counting it all. apple is expected to announce on monday. with the labor battle between american airlines and the pilot heating up, flight delays could continue. hundreds were canceled this week. hundreds more were delayed. they have pilot increasingly calling in sick. they say the problem of aging aircraft and not enough mechanics, 49 certification of american flights had been on time compared to 79% this time last year. it is all time but it feels like summer. >> tomorrow you will feel fall. if you're going to the ravens game, be prepared. it is still warm right now. 81 degrees in the air. we will look at the radar in the seventh day in a few minutes.
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>> now your forecast. >> bought some began at 10:49 a.m. it felt like summer. temperatures trenton to the 80's. some of these were strong. we do not have any watches or warnings. they dump some have the amounts of rain. another one is cutting across of baltimore county.
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heading into the city north of columbia. the will see this. it'll pass over within the next hour 45 minutes. they're moving to the east. it's a be a few hours this evening. take an umbrella with you. another batch of rain is taking over the eastern part of ohio. most of that will stay north of us. there is a series of affronts that has to clear out. this is the second one with the storms and eastern ohio. behind that is a big area of high pressure that will settle in for the tail end of the weekend. it is a monday. temperatures are in the 50's right now. it is only 59 in chicago. the high temperatures over the next few days will struggle to get out of the 60's. the overnight lows look into the 40's.
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it is still 81 at the airport. it is 73 degrees there. the temperatures will settle back into the mid-50's in most areas. a chance for showers and thunderstorms early tonight. after midnight, it should start to clear out. sunset is at 3 minutes after 7:00. dimeters will dip back into the 50's. tomorrow is breezy and cooler. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. if you're going to be raven's game, it'll be clear. the game time temperatures will likely be in the 40's. be prepared for that. in the morning at 60 5:00 a.m. fort mchenry is up 107 tomorrow. did the bay water temperatures are still in the 70's. this is going to clear up tomorrow and monday. a few scattered clouds.
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only 71 tomorrow. overnight lows in the 40's. the temperatures may dip into the 30's. we will get our first frost of the season. 73 on tuesday. a chance of participation. chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. we are getting used to the winning thing. >> it is mind-boggling what they have done. how the fun happened coming up next in sports.
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>> this is elevens boards. >> of the orioles' season has become so incredible that winning its 16th game, one shy of the all-time major baseball. it posted reactions. they are so consistently good it has become routine. it is still fun. mark reynolds continued his power trip at fenway. goodness gracious. it was just enough to clear the green monster. the giving orioles a 3-1 lead. randy on the mound. he gave five innings today. danny but proving that. a 70 mile an hour curve ball. it tied the game at 3.
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same score in the sixth. flirty can enjoy a hang or two. played beautifully. he scored a pair of runs. it was a triple. we go to extra innings. jim off the dl. he attacked on two more. to see going to do? a freeze frame. 96 year finals. the 16 extra wins. welcome back. >> this time of year it is not about every results. you can go six at the back and get a big hit which means some. i think that is the focus here. they have had it. to be a part of it is special. they are working overtime saturday afternoon.
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the first evening. they ripped down the line. bought some five. he pinched hitting. it worked well. solo shot, 5-4, new york. not exciting. it got the job done. this is enough to bring home this. in 9-5 lead over new york. it was batting in the bottom of the 13th. here are your current standings. orioles moving within a half- game. if it holds, it they will be tied for first. tampa still trying to hold on. they will play tonight. but they had a chance to beat them at home. it is promising. what we saw today, west
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virginia. down first quarter. down 14-0. on target. races into the end zone. indicting their 14-7. fourth quarter. 24-14 mountaineers. the former dunbar and start tied the record with a 206 catches, 314. a short pass to davis. look at diggs go. he winds his way for the touchdown. 31-21. marilyn put on a pretty good show. -- maryland put on a good show. so far so good. great crowd at navy and marine corps stadium.
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enjoying the show. the navy on top. a little high school football. coasting georgetown prep. it puts it beautifully into coverage. defense up to the task as well. greek clean hit. it forces a punt. it sets up this a duo again. mcdonough with a wind. the orioles are just about to be tied for first in the american legion. >> thank you. we will get another forecast with tony.
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>> one more look at the 7 day forecast. we that's a little rain out there. some thunderstorms about to move into baltimore city. nice day tomorrow. breezing cooler. >> could be in the 40's tomorrow night. that is it for 11:00 news at 6:00. -- cello revenues at 6:00. we will be back here at 11:00.
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>> this is an editorial with president and general manager. >> it is the kind of weak baltimore has long for over the last decade. the epicenter of sports. the game is right here and wba and appeared a takeover on monday. bal. orioles takeover on monday. this is right here on wbal tv- 11. the red sox had to town on friday. baltimore in the american east will no doubt galvanize oriole fans. for the first time in 50 years, a winning season.
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there will be a sea of orange. regardless of what happens this week, the winning record has made our community proud. for more next week schedule and the passion that is oriels football and baseball, log onto and click
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