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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. captions paid for by nbc-universal televion hey, everybody, it's september 25th, and we're just happy to be here today, aren't we, hoda woman? >> i want to thank my mom. my mom does this thing where she finds dresses and throws them in the mail. >> what did i say to you the minute i saw you step out in that? >> you liked this one. >> it's different and adorable.
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>> i think it's adorable, hoda. >> it's awesome. i love it. there's a lot of football controversy. i know we're not a sports program, but you need to know this information, it's important for all of us. the nfl is having a news conference in the next few minutes or so. here's the story, last night the seahawks were playing the packers. >> on espn monday night football. >> they were losing. the seahawks were losing by five. it's one of the hail marys that they throw the last few seconds. seahawks threw the pass into the end zone, then it was up for grabs. here it comes. okay, watch closely. >> okay, that's hard to tell on that. looks kind of like the green bay guy had it. >> and the refs, one guy is saying it's a touchdown another guy is saying another call that we don't understand. look, who's got it? looks like green bay. we don't know what happened right in there. looks like green bay has it. >> the replacement revs, that's the crux of the issue, replacement refs. it took them ten minutes to watch the replay over and over
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and over and over. >> they're in seattle so the fans must have been going crazy. >> after ten minutes they came out and ruled it a touchdown for seattle, game over. everyone went crazy because the replacement refs are getting a lot of heat because they are probably not as good as the regular refs. >> you think? imagine that. >> it's some kind of a lockout thing with money. someone said in a report that the dispute is over about $3 million. >> $3.3, i understand. >> thank you for reading. but the nfl makes kazillions. >> as in about $8 billion. >> yeah. so i don't know anything about this dispute? but i say pay the $3 million and get the guys who know what they're doing back on the field. >> if it were your 3 million? ? >> if i had $10 kazillion i'd give $3 million of my $8 billion. we're going to give you the latest details when we
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understand what's going on. here's the interesting thing too. >> this has been going on for a couple of days now. belichick, the coach of the patriots was upset about a call. watch what he does when he's upset about a call. okay, it was about whether it was good or not. now watch. he wanted to talk to the ref, he claims and couldn't get a response. what does he do? hey, hey, you. i'm talking to you. the guy runs past him. he says he just wanted to have a conversation. >> yeah, a nasty one. >> anyway, looks like bad sportsmanship all the way around. >> the trouble is, i know tensions are high. look at us around here with what goes on, but you have to treat one another with dignity and respect, hoda, no matter what. how many times have i told you? >> and i think it is a crummy message because kids are crazy about football. watching coaches going after each other. >> they see parents behaving badly at little league, adults behaving badly on the sidelines and wonder why we get angry with them while they behave badly. >> talk about behaving badly?
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>> this is unbelievable. if you ever want to flag a taxi in new york, it is a contact sport sometimes, you need the cab, raining, shift change. >> maybe waiting for a half hour for one. >> you want that cab. this could be the equivalent if you live in the suburbs when you see a parking spot, hold on, waiting for it, someone pulls in. look at these two guys on the street. they are physically fighting. headlock. >> bigger one got it. >> oh, oh, i'm getting in. >> let me tell you something -- >> shouldn't laugh. >> punched him kind of in the head and sent him on his way with a nice little slam of the door. >> have a nice day! >> but i got to tell you it's frustrating when you're standing on a street corner. here's the deal, you're flagging a cab and somebody sees you and walks a block ahead of you so they get the cab before you make a cab. >> after making eye contact with
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you. >> they know that you know. the weirdest thing i got into a cab and i didn't realize there was a cab strike, okay, but there were a few cabs going around anyway making lots of money. so i get in the cab and all of a sudden the guy stops up to pick somebody else. you can only have one passenger. i said what are you doing? >> he goes, are you stupid? he starts screaming. he throws the newspaper back at me on my lap and says cab strike and is screaming are you stupid over and over again. >> and what was your answer? >> you know what -- >> what did you tell him? >> and i said, who's stupid, you're the one who's picking up all the fares while your friends are out on strike! i thought that was a good one. >> wasn't that great? i didn't know what to say. i was upset, didn't know there was a strike, i'm yelling at the guy. >> hoda, oh, hoda, you kill me every day. >> any way.
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apparently, something nice is happening in the world, carrie underwood, who doesn't love? >> sweet woman. >> she was doing a concert and apparently this kid was holding up a sign, 12-year-old boy, holding up a sign that read, would you can my first kiss? so she stops. this is what ensued. >> invited him up on the stage. >> what's your name? >> chase. >> very nice to meet you, chase, how old are you? >> 12. >> 12 years old. >> i was 14 when i had my very first kiss. just so you know, my husband is somewhere in this building back stage. he might be looking for ya later. how are we going to do this. >> lips to lips. >> oh! close your eyes. >> how cute is that? >> the rest of his life, carrie underwood gave him his first kiss.
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how sweet is she? and how sweet is that moment? >> i think about all the shows i did in vegas, tahoe, reno, you know how many times i gave somebody their last kiss? i mean -- i would go out and find the oldest baldest guys i could find and try to give them a little thrill before it's all over. hey, we all do what we can do to make the world a better place for people. >> aren't you sweet and caring? all right, did you watch "the voice" last night? michelle brooks thompson belted out "proud mary," and it caused everyone to turn their chairs except blake, take a look. >> wow! ♪ might have been you know the ♪ and the proud mary keeps on burning ♪ ♪ rolling, rolling, rolling on
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the river ♪ >> she was fantastic. >> she picked adam, she's on team adam. then there was a girl at the end of the show who caused three people to turn their chairs around. her name was theresa griffin. >> okay. >> let's listen. >> oh, my god, are you kidding me? ♪ found someone like you ♪ i wish you nothing but the best ♪ ♪ for you too ♪ don't forget me i swear i remember you said sometimes it hurts in love ♪
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♪ but sometimes it hurts instead ♪ >> she ended up going with team blake. >> are you sure? you might want to check your local -- yeah. >> you might want to check back. the best place to live for suburbanites. this was a survey by coldwell banker. >> wolf trap, virginia. >> englewood cliffs, new jersey. nine miles from new york city. right on the hudson, right? right there? yes. >> yes, it is. don't get me into geography. haworth, new jersey. >> or haworth? >> haworth. >> i was right, there. go on with clyde hill. >> clyde hill. >> number two is clyde hill, washington. that's a beautiful suburb of seattle. number one, cherry hills village, colorado. ten miles south of denver. >> if you were wondering the
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dirtiest cities, this is by travel and leisure magazine. these are my favorite cities in the country. >> i know. >> five is atlanta. >> four is los angeles. >> three is baltimore. and my top two cities in the country are number two and number one, baby, new orleans, louisiana. >> and new york city. what they all have in common, something hoda can't live without, a strong night life. for somebody who gets up at 4:00 in the morning, what are you doing out on the town? >> i like the grittiness of those kinds of cities. i like the smell. >> you like the smell? >> yes, neat cities, clean, that's not my kind of city. i like cities with dirt under their nails. >> like you like your men. >> yes. all right. should we go to the best underthings? >> yes, we're going to come up with a segment by "redbook" magazine, they tested the best bras, shape wear, and underwear. should be like who gives a rip, but that's very, very important. >> we really, really care about
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this. we have a big show coming up. do you know who's with us? the his new sitcom? >> oh, yes. where's the jimmy? not going to happen at this particular moment. >> we're going to be back with all of them right after this. >> think we can find jimmy fallon? >> yeah.
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all right, there is not a woman in the world who doesn't have trouble spots they'd like to hide, whether it's a muffin top over your jeans -- >> not pretty. >> or back rolls bulging over your bra. >> saw that on the subway this morning. >> me. so which undergarments are best to tuck and suck? the folks at "redbook" magazine tested every panty, bra, and shaper on the market and released their world's best underthings. odd audrey slater is "red book
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questions fashion director here with the results. >> okay, we've been waiting for this one. this is a good one, right? >> we tested everything on the market. we had our editors out in these pieces all day long. >> what do you mean, running around, running the streets? >> wearing them, under clothes, of course. >> okay, let's start with the bra. >> this is kubi seamless bra, this is the most comfortable, most supportive, feels like nothing bra. >> is it really supportive? >> it is. there are removable pads here that will give you support. it fits size a to d. if you're bigger, you might have to go up to something more supportive. >> hi. >> it is so comfortable. >> we want to point out what's happening here. say hello to our friend joe who's feverishly back here trying to help an audio problem. >> we like to reveal what's happening. >> hanky-panky, by the way. they are my favorite. >> they are the best things ever. stretch lace never shows. >> sexy. >> sexy. good. stay with us. >> i'm wearing it. >> thank you, joe. >> will you hold that? >> yes. okay.
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>> all right, back to hanky-panky. stretch lace feels like nothing. women buy these by the dozen. they are just so comfortable and they disappear under clothes. >> disappear some place else too, but that's a different story. okay. i'll go with ya. >> this is the best t-shirt bra that we tested. it's contour underwire. >> hoda and i did a photo session yesterday and we wore all these undergarments and they were amazing. >> they are amazing. seamless cups, doesn't have too much padding or push, so it's really going to disappear under a t-shirt. >> are these pricey, these bras? >> $58, it's an investment, but worth it. >> what about these? >> calvin kline invisible brief. larz cut here and around the legs. elastic is the enemy when it comes to panties. it grips, grips, this will not do that. >> let's get of back fat, shall we? >> this is soma's vanishing-back bra. >> this is that soma, right? i love their stuff too.
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>> beautiful pieces. the seamless, closure is not here, wide band so it's going to cover your flesh instead of dig into it. >> you know, i got to say the front of it is so beautiful too. gorgeous bra. >> take us to over here. >> okay, this is rachel zoe's must have. this is a cami that has compression only where you want it, so sucks in your middle. >> i love that. >> you can wear your bra under this. there's no compression where you don't want it. >> you need one. >> what's going on here with these? >> what's going on here with these? >> this is assets. we love sarah blakely, she's the inventor of spanx. >> that's another story. to be determined in a court of law. >> we appreciate it. >> this is midsection compression, this waist band won't roll down.
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that's what the lace is. then it's smooth, beautiful. from the waist down. >> thank you, sweetie. so sorry for our technical difficulties. jimmy fallon is trying to get a ride here and our sara gets taken for a ride. >> that is right after this. ♪
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>> time for sara in the city. our sara haines found out what it's like to get around on one wheel. >> so sara, did you fall for unicycling or what? >> well, i fell a lot, let's just say that. it turns uni cycles aren't just for sir cusses. hundreds came out where professionals and amateurs proved less wheels equals more fun. ♪ >> this is the third year of the new york unicycle festival,
2:27 am
basketball, hockey, bmx or skateboarding but on one wheel. >> also at the festival, kip jones, a member of the famous king charles troupe. they're sort of the dream team of the unicycle community. >> they dribble, they shoot, they dunk, we jump rope. anything imaginable you might see the harlem globetrotters do, we do it on unicycles. >> never been on a unicycle. do you have any tips? >> lock your legs and move your hips. >> i get more advice from two riders a little closer from my skill level. what do you think i should do to learn? >> sit up straight and your hands all the way up to the sky. >> so you can balance on your unicycle and you don't fall off. >> anything else? >> no. >> then it's time for my lesson. >> we invented unicycle training wheel to give people the ability to find out what it's like to
2:28 am
ride a unicycle without having the balance. this seat needs to turn, wind up in one direction, twist your shoulder, and follow up with the core to twist that seat. that's it, she just got her license, everybody. one foot. way to go. >> feeling confident, i decide to take off the training wheel. oh, my god, i'm doing it. >> looking straight ahead, we never look down. >> never. >> all our weight on the seat, hands on the rail, pull yourself forward. good. immediately, get out of that position. >> whoa! >> yeah! >> after a few stumbles -- >> left foot comes up. bring your body forward with you now. >> okay, still on. i did not fall. i did not fall. >> absolutely. >> i am on a roll. >> one hand. that's it. that's it. >> kind of.
2:29 am
with a hand from my teacher, it's time to really ride. determined to succeed, i try, try, try, and try again until finally -- >> that's it. way to go! that right there is huge. >> wow. >> i am not good at it. don nash, our senior producer, who we might have a clip of. >> i've seen him on that, really good. doesn't have even have a helmet on. >> or training wheels, which i need right now. >> let's just say i never got air on this by myself and i fell a ton, but it was so much fun. >> joe isn't going anywhere. >> joe is having a heck of a day. >> show them how we ride. bring along your favorite friend next time. >> all right. >> jimmy fallon's making his way to our studio. >> he's got explaining to do. >> he certainly does. >> all the other guys with kids are going to be with us. why real housewife nene leaks is
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egg & cheese and more, september only. join the subprize party. ♪ we are cranking the tunes in here on this tuesday. we're here on this booze day tuesday. hot off his emmy win, jimmy fallon is always making us laugh. as host of "late night with jimmy fallon." boy, do we love him. even if we're sometimes the butt of his jokes. >> ready, go. >> just saying. >> checking out a company in sweden has a purse that holds a box of wine, or as kathie lee calls that, a purse. >> when he's right, he's right. >> now jimmy is trying his hand at producing as the creator of the new sitcom "guys with kids," take a look. >> i was wondering if before i go, i could get a photograph of you pretending to dunk my son. >> sure. >> that's a cool idea.
2:33 am
do mine too. >> no, no one's dunking any babies. >> why? >> because it's a bad idea. >> how is it a bad idea? it's awesome. >> i said no. >> you can't say no without having a good reason. >> i do have a good reason, grew inside me. >> i'm ernie's dad and i know what i'm doing. kareem abdul-jabbar, dunk my baby. >> did you prove your point? >> yeah, yeah, as a matter of fact, i did. ernie's totally fine, just like he always is with me. sheila, raising a kid is hard enough and then being divorced on top of that. we have to start working together for ernie's sake. >> i'm liking it. >> show the whole episode. that was a long clip. the show is much shorter. the show is much shorter. yeah.
2:34 am
it's much shorter. >> anthony anderson one of the three talented guys, one of the co-stars with "guys with kids." his cohorts, jesse bradford, zach cregger, of course, the show's e.p., executive producer. >> we should point out you guys are all wearing baby bjorns. >> booze day tuesday. we brought you a present, came bearing gifts. >> we know what you ladies like. >> keeps it warm in these baby bjorns. that's what i sound like after i start drinking, baby bjorn. >> if anybody needs proof, i'm really drinking a beer right now. >> we're happy to be here. >> aren't you busy enough, by the way? congratulations on the latest emmy. >> very excited. thank you so much. got an emmy for "saturday night live." for hosting "snl." a dream of mine to go on that show, let alone host it. >> then to win an emmy on top. almost said an enema. emmy. >> i got an enema as well.
2:35 am
got an enema last week as well. congratulations to me on that as well. i'm regular and i'm very happy. a lot of different things that i'm doing now. >> how about jon stewart at the emmys, you were dragging him down. >> i didn't know he was sitting right behind me, behind him, steven colbert. we're all out for the same award. i go we got to do something, right? i'm going to tackle him if he wins. so i said, jon, i'm going to hug you if you win. yeah, i know you're going to do it a bit. colbert said i'm in. we went over, so steven grabbed him, i grabbed him and i just pulled him down. i didn't want him to get up on stage, i wanted to go with him. colbert is trying to pull his shoes off. yeah. then he was winded. he was clearly winded when he got on. >> obviously, obviously. >> it was fun, it's loose and fun. >> hoda and i can't figure out how you have time on top of everything else to hang out with these three guys and executive produce a whole new show. >> it's a show, called "guys
2:36 am
with kids." i always somehow wanted to be involved with a tv show that was a sitcom, classic, when you grew up, the whole family can watch it. multi-camera, living room with the couch in the middle, you have a theme song. >> yes. look at anthony. >> anthony, you cannot be drinking this now. he's going right to the glasses. >> anthony, tell us about your role in this. >> well, i'm a stay at home dad and this is what i do. i got four kids all under the age of eight, a set of twins and a 6-month-old, 6-year-old, and a 7-year-old. hey, "guys with kids." >> you're the only real dad in the group, correct? >> only real dad in the group. i taught these guys how to hold a baby. >> how not to hold a baby. >> you used to hold them by the back of the neck and he used to hold them by the ankles. you can't do that. >> set babies, cabbage patch dolls. >> no babies are hurt in the process of making this.
2:37 am
>> no, just cuddled and snuggled. >> not all babies are hurt. they come in triplets, so when we break one, we get a fresh one in. that's what we do. >> always a fresh baby when you see it. jesse's character is the single dad on the show, newly divorced. he's dating and he uses his baby like a wing man. >> how's that working, by the way? >> babies are the new puppies. there it is. kills every time. >> women flock. >> that's what it is. >> babies again, we have to drink. >> no, don't do this! too early. but anyway, it's a fun idea. it's a fun show. >> i hear a baby crying! >> that doesn't count. sound effects, but it is fun. we got to -- we sold this pilot. didn't know where it was going to go from there, didn't know if the chemistry was going to be good with these guys, but it's fun. tempest bledsoe and jamie-lynn
2:38 am
sigler from the cosby show on our show. so it's really fun, it's cool. >> we love her. >> you are like a little boy having more fun in the playground than anybody i've seen. >> how fun is this, right? get me to the sand box, let's go, let's do it. it's good, it's great. >> wish you guys great luck with this show. >> thank you, thank you. >> capital one little girl. >> that's my other baby. >> oh, my god! >> this is ridiculous. >> catch the premier of "guys with kids." babies! >> hoda! >> the show is five minutes long, i hope you enjoy it. up next, real housewife ni -- nene leakes. >> nene! i drank a quarter of a bottle. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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we're back with a no-nonsense break-out star from "the real housewives of atlanta" nene leakes. this reality vixen can act.
2:43 am
she appears as a character named rocky on the much talked about new sitcom called "the new normal." hey, girl. >> united nations in session this week. traffic is insane here. >> trying to get from here to there. >> run from one place to the next. >> happy to have you. >> you guys look great this morning. >> thank you. we've been here a very, very, very long time. >> we heard a rumor you did not have to audition for this part. somebody said, you know what, i got the right person for this. >> the producer of "glee." >> that's the truth. ryan murphy saw me on "celebrity apprentice" and "real housewives". he asked me if i would fly to l.a. and i did. he's like can you be coach on "glee" for me, sure, he asked if i'd play rocky on "the new normal." >> he's a very smart guy. i didn't audition. but ryan murphy has a great eye for talent. he's created things like "american horror story," "glee," "nip/tuck," "the new normal."
2:44 am
>> you were supposed to have certain roles that were reoccurring but suddenly you became this permanent character. >> when i did "glee," they asked if i would come here once or twice and they kept bringing me back and back and back. and they said you'd just reoccur, then they shot the pilot, no, you need to be a regular. >> how are you going to continue to do "housewives" and this? >> very busy. >> i'm not sure, but i've been shooting them both at the same time. >> one of them's in atlanta, pardon me, but i think the other is in los angeles. >> the crew has been coming to los angeles with me and shooting stuff there. then i fly out when i'm not working on "the new normal" to atlanta. >> helps the "housewives" franchise as well. i bet it has also made for unbelievable jealousy. >> i got to say -- >> nobody's happy for you, and you know it. >> it's hard for people to be happy for your success, that's very hard, but i would have to give this to the girls of the housewives of atlanta, they
2:45 am
definitely have all said to me they are proud of me. >> not happy for you but proud. whether they really mean it or not, i don't know, but at least they have the guts to say it. >> real friends and real loved ones will be extremely happy for you. >> they will be. >> we're happy for you. >> we're happy for you. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate that. i feel very blessed to step out in the acting world and ryan murphy believed in me. i appreciate you guys having me here today. i really do. >> thank you, nene. what's next? >> new trend in shopping, buy one and give one right after this. >> very good idea. >> yeah. good morning. a look at your weather going forward getting closer to the weekend. we've made it halfway there. most of the showers and storms we're expecting today will be along a cold front across the ohio valley and into the northeast. new york city, boston is going to be later in the day. be aware there is a threat for
2:46 am
thunderstorms back into colorado's high country and southern wyoming expecting some showers and storms. while the cool air comes in across the lakes and kind of sets off that severe weather we're expecting here into the east. we are going to see the southeast warm up dramatically. 86 in atlanta, 86 in new orleans. we'll be at 93 in dallas. denver only at 69 in the wake of some showers and storms. 73 for the los angeles area. on thursday here's our cold front. not going too far too fast. it's going to sit around for awhile. we call that a stationery front as it eventually just kind of hangs out here. that will keep weather unsettled but still warm south of the front and cooler the farther north you go. on friday only 69 in chicago, only 64 in new york city. and a chance of a few showers and storms lingering back into the nation's heartland. on saturday still up settled in the northeast. as you're making your plans for the weekend, the first half is going to start out a little bit
2:47 am
stormy, dry in the southeast. temperatures starting of to come down a bit in places like atlanta, even dallas cooling off to 84. and it looks like a messy sunday. we're still stuck in it here back to the southeast. so some changes on the way for the weekend. it was pretty quiet this last weekend, but be aware that saturday and sunday will bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms. you can always wake up and get the latest forecast on the weather channel weekdays at 6:00 a.m. with al and stephanie. [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross:
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used dishcloths. they can have a history that they drag around with them. try bounty extra soft. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft leaves this surface 3 times cleaner than a dishcloth. the cleaner way to clean. bounty extra soft.
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you see the signs in the stores offering buy one get one free deals, but merchants are taking it a step further. >> they sure are. they're rolling out a new kind of bogo deal, buy one, give one. we have some ideas how your purchases could provide for somebody else other than just yourself.
2:50 am
there's a concept, love your neighbor as you love yourself, kathleen. >> buy one, give one. it's all about that with retailers. it's one of the hottest trends right now, but it's really important that you seek out vetted companies, companies that are doing what they say that they are doing. today we have a lot of products and great companies all giving back to really worthy causes. >> you always bring us great people. who do you have today? . >> they were built on the principle of one person one action to make a difference. these are aviator, hot, kind of wayfair trendy. >> they are cute. >> for every pair they sell, they give away to two people life-changing surgeries to the blind, also glasses to people in need. >> that's awesome. >> and everybody on the table, 25% off and free shipping. they have different deals, but but three of them are that. >> online? >> absolutely. regular places are like 65 right now. lstn, is the website. these are made of wood, they are fabulous.
2:51 am
instruments are made of wood. these guys have mobile units that go out and fit children in need with hearing aids on the spot. >> that's great. >> what a great idea for holiday shopping ahead of time too. >> if you're not, you know, able to purchase right now, you're still really struggling, if you go to they are launching a one member, one meal. they are going to give away, i think 12 million meals over the next 12 months. >> what an amazing company. >> this is happy everything, a 7-year-old boy had a sibling that was sick and wanted to make the other kids in the hospital happy, so he came up with this idea and it turned into a company for his parents. they have beautiful onesies. >> darling. >> roma boots started by a man living in a tiny village in romania, one of 12 kids worked
2:52 am
in the fields with bare feet. somebody gave him a pair of boots, changed his life. these are buy one give one rain boats. these are 25% off and free shipping. >> how much do these run if you are going to buy one? >> $50, $60. every deal is on the website. >> every time you put them on, you're reminded somebody else is being helped. it's awesome. >> they are doing what they say they are doing. then we have bogo dog food. buy one for the dog you love and they give away a bag to a dog in need. they are working with charities across the country, which is really important. then we have izod. these guys, this is their movement, izod apparel, and they have outlets in jc pennies right now, they are launching 600 outlets. for every $100 given to their charity they give away ma'am mow grams. >> that's terrific. >> love it. >> kathleen, you're awesome. we don't care what anyone says,
2:53 am
you're a wonderful, wonderful woman. great to see you, sweetie. see you soon. healthy sandwich ideas for your kids' lunchbox. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ okay. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. i'd stay clear of that cleaner, too, if i were made of wood and granite. why don't you try pledge? ♪ pledge multi-surface. [ man ] its formula's safe on all kinds of stuff, like this... and this... and this. so furniture has nothing to fear. good boy. [ female announcer ] see last sunday's paper for a buy one, get one free coupon for pledge multi-surface. s.c. johnson, a family company. for pledge multi-surface. why should golfers take 5-hour energy? playing golf all day can make you tired. i've been taking the product for about a year.
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back now in today's kitchen and we're getting kids to eat healthy with delicious sandwiches for their lunchbox. >> your kids will eat more than peanut butter and jelly every here with some tasty ideas is contributing chef for "prevention" magazine. hey, girl. >> not only for kids, but if you're taking your lunch to work or even at home. so we're going to start off with a roasted veg sandwich. i'm going to ask you to remove the -- >> what kind of a roll is that? >> this is a buille. you can use a french baguette. >> hollowing it right out. >> how many calories you're going to save and taste what's
2:57 am
in the sandwich. >> you can do that with bagels too, hollow them out. >> a little non-stick spray, brush a little olive oil on these, our garlic. if you want to sprinkle a little rosemary on there for me, and, of course, salt and pepper very important. little garlic. use a spoon or a spatula, sorry. in the oven about 400 degrees for about 30 to 40 minutes. nice and roasted like we have over here. already done. >> good job, hoda. >> thank you. >> i have some plastic wrap already down, because what we're going to do is wrap it up at the end and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to settle in. what we're going to do it -- actually, i'm jumping a step. >> what are you doing? >> jumping a step. yogurt, yogurt, saving the calories of using mayo. still, nice tanginess, creaminess. >> regular? you can use low fat. >> uh-huh. >> anything.
2:58 am
this is balsamic. >> i love balsamic on everything. >> then we have our vegetables. we're going to just lay them on our roasted onions and this is just -- the thing about eggplant, high in potassium. we're talking more potassium than a banana, all right? >> i like the way you say banana. >> top it with some spinach and some parmesan cheese. also our spinach. >> hoda, don't be chintzy with the cheesy. >> sprinkle our cheese on, parmesan. all right. >> all right. >> great. then we just wrap it up nicely. wrap, wrap. >> wrap, wrap. >> then put it in the fridge, let it settle in. >> look how beautiful. >> you're going to taste all these wonderful vegetables, your eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, vitamins, nutrients, about 320 calories for one nice wedge. let's go back here.
2:59 am
lettuce wraps. little twist on your wraps. >> i do it a lot. >> these are great. these are great. you're going to save so much -- >> calorie intake. >> and sodium. we don't realize how much sodium. so we're just going to do a little ham. >> little turkey. >> little turkey. tomato, then we have avocado, we squeezed a little lime on there just so it doesn't oxidize. and this is, like you said, in place of like a mayonnaise. >> yeah. >> then we're just going to -- >> wrap that bad boy up. >> any condiments at all? >> a little ranch. i'm jumping the gun. this is a little ranch dressing. you can use italian. >> arugula. that looks good. >> there we go. >> stick a little thing in it. >> stick a little thingy. >> toothpick in there. coming up tomorrow, actor justin kirk from the new nbc


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