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tv   Today  NBC  September 29, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's finally friday, september 28. hard to believe it's the last show of the month. >> what? are you kidding? >> we have to start out big in october, baby. >> october 1, we are going to -- >> lot of spirit -- >> to the university of tennessee. we've decked out our table for the last few days. >> yeah. >> a great orange, like tangerine. awesome.
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>> we expect the entire campus to show up. come out to see us. we'll have a musical guest who we'll surprise with. >> that hopefully we can book. big surprise. we don't know. >> going to be fun. we want you to join us. >> starts at 8:00 a.m. get there -- first come, first serve. our live show begins at 10:00 a.m. >> this is important. we'll host a creative sign contest. we want you guys to do your best artwork, show up on the plaza out there with a sign. we'll pick you and you'll get another surprise that we don't know -- >> >> we don't know what it is either. it's going to be great. >> don't -- >> yeah. don't study this weekend. spend all your time wasting your time. there is news in the tipping department. >> okay. here's the thing -- >> i used to think it was 15% unless you're out to dinner at a nice place and it's 20%. >> it's 20% -- 20 across the board. that's what i think. now some people do that weird thing where they double the tax. i don't understand that situation. so 20% is what it's supposed to
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be. now a "the new york post" study says the new normal is 25% to 30%. that's 1/3 of your meal. >> cornell university looked at another study. not -- over 9,000 restaurant receipts and found more than 1/3 of customers left a tip over 20%. that's nice to hear. >> yes. that is. >> in today's world and the economy and everything. what we've stopped realizing is that, you know, most people that work in the food services, the waiters, that's really what they live on. they get -- >> terrible salary. yeah. >> frank's always been a huge, huge, huge tipper. i think something should also be earned, though. >> yes. >> when somebody's awesome, give them that huge tip. >> i agree. i usually do a 20% usually regardless, i think. if someone's really good -- >> have you ever not left one? >> not intentionally. do you know what i do? this is how weird i am. if someone leaves a crummy tip and i'm with them, i will say i have to go back inside, and i
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will leave more -- >> extra. >> it makes me feel sick -- >> you're guilty by association. >> i don't want to be a cheap skate. >> i don't want to be surrounded -- i don't know. sometimes you feel terrible about it. >> cass and i were in nantucket last summer. it -- it bugs me to this day. we went to try a new restaurant. and for whatever reason, i couldn't see or not, i left a tip on dinner and realized afterwards that i hadn't left enough at all. i was gone from nantucket. i can't remember the name of the restaurant much less -- >> it bugs you -- >> it bugs me that she might think i didn't leave enough money. i'm very sorry. it was one of those days i was having a brain -- [ noise ] >> yeah. here's something they say, i disagree, but here's what some say -- modern men expect women to go on dutch dates. they expect women to go -- >> dutch on dates. >> what did i say? >> or go to amsterdam with them. i don't know.
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[ laughter ] >> which could be fun. amsterdam's a wild and crazy place. >> go dutch on dates, split the bill. okay? >> when i was dating in the 1800s, never, never would have occurred to a woman to pay for anything. ever. i miss the good old days. >> can i say i don't think it's right for a woman to pay on a date? >> that would make you old-fashioned and sexist. >> i don't care. if a guy asks you out or you ask the guy, it changes the whole >> you lose respect for the guy, don't you? >> if the person can't afford the date, that's okay. i'd rather have an ice cream cone on the boardwalk or a glass of wine on the beach than sit there and do the who's paying what -- >> i know. >> i don't like it. i'd rather have -- i'd rather have a cook-in dinner than that. >> we wanted equality, hoda. we got it. >> no. it's the worst feeling in the world. every date after that date, that's when the game starts. oh, do you want to, should i -- exactly.
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>> but if the guy starts off saying, i pay for everything, he pays for everything. >> yes, right. >> should the woman say, listen, you've been paying for everything, let me treat you now. >> i think that's okay. >> even if the guy would let you, you know it would bother you? >> yes. i would hope he would say no. if he said sure -- >> i have never seen frank let a woman pay for anything ever. i miss the gentlemanly -- you know -- >> a lot of the guys in the survey say they like it when it's splitsville like that, when they split the bill. the economy is terrible -- >> jimmy -- no? no. joe? >> never. >> never have? >> jimmy? >> once. >> one of our cameramen is asleep. anyway -- >> jimmy goes, what? >> huh? >> you are a real charmer. yeah, you are. here's a weird story out of india, okay. the question is -- should housewives earn a salary? and you know, we did something that talked about how much -- >> making $100,000, wasn't it?
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>> yeah. they're talking about passing a law, the government is talking about drafting a law in india that would require husbands to pay the salary of the wife. he might think it through before he asks you to marry him. right? look at hoda. >> you're right. okay. here's the thing -- and i think this is the case. a woman doesn't want to ask -- if her husband's making the money, a woman doesn't want to say, honey, can i have money so i can go to the grocery store? can i have money -- it's gross, a terrible feeling. you don't want to do that. you have earned it because you're doing a lot. >> these are the things nobody wants to talk about when they're in love. nobody wants to talk about the things that actually will keep you in love if you actually take the time to talk them over and discuss it and know what's expected of you and how it's going to work before you get married. >> i know. you're so ga-ga you don't care about those things. and then it hits you. and it ruins your life. >> i'm going off today for a wedding. i'm excited.
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my niece is marrying a lovely guy named mark. i'm praying that -- they've had all these conversations and that they're going to have a wonderful life together. you know, it's -- marriage is not easy. >> but i love the beginning. i do love -- >> you like flirting. you don't like so much living. >> i like setting the table. you know, that's it. okay. anyway, if you believe in fate, you're going to love this story that we have coming up. there's a little girl named brittany shriver. she was on the plaza many, many years ago. she was, i think, 9 years old. and if you believe in destiny, you'll like this. when she was 9, her parents were with her on the plaza. >> let's show the -- >> they were visiting from ohio. >> we'll show the video and tell you what happened to brittany. >> somebody here said something that should be music now to see your ears. >> cleveland? >> over there. >> cleveland? over here? over here? and this young girl, this young lady's from cleveland. what's your name? >> brittany. >> brittany? all right. where do you go to school?
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>> orange. >> okay. that's great. good to see you. >> okay. that's brittany. >> aww -- >> do you know what brittany does today? >> everything. >> brittany works for the "today" show. >> yes, she does. all grown up and beautiful and indispensable to us. >> did you know back then that you'd be working here one day? >> i did actually tell my mom that that was my dream they wanted to work on "the today show." >> say that again. >> i told my mom that it was my dream to work at the "today" show, and now i'm here. >> but here's the question -- >> i could cry! >> is it still your dream? >> yes. every day it is. >> oh, nice -- >> we love you, brittany. >> we adore her. >> that is the cutest thing i've ever seen. >> you kids who come out of college and are looking for a job, pattern your life after brittany. just be indispensable. the person with the biggest smile every time you turn around. the person who can't do enough for you. the person who's always there, volunteering for anything. that's brittany.
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>> she's become someone who we didn't even know to someone we can't live without. that's how she did it. >> brit, we love you, sweetie. >> love you, love you, love you. i love her. >> i know. >> have we peaked? is the show over? >> it's over. it's spring museum day, hoda. i know you'll spend your day that way. >> over the weekend, it's a fun thing. tomorrow it's the smithsonian's eighth annual museum day. more than 1,500 museums throughout the country open the doors for free. families can do their thing. >> museums are there for everybody, but not everybody can afford them. so thus is really great. all you have to do is download the free ticket at, and head to the museum close by. each ticket good for two people. >> i like it. >> all righty. it's friday -- someone's modelling something. i think her name's sara. sara? >> oh, my gosh. >> touchdown! >> yeah. >> what are those?
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these are cha-cha-toos. and you can remove them with rubbing alcohol. >> plastic? >> no! >> yes, and it wouldn't work with -- >> i was drinking coffee out of here earlier. they're $9.95 at brittany put these on me, too. thank you, brittany. a dream working with you, as well. >> let's get bobbie thomas up here -- >> oh, i just -- [ inaudible ] >> you're the only one who doesn't need any more attention to your tattoos. >> i have some amazing new beauty gadgets. hoda, this is a styler that can straighten your hair or wave it, if you want some waves. it's called cool way hair. it has an auto sensibility. so it will check the moisture level of your hair before you start. and it will actually do what it needs to your hair the -- at under 299 degrees. because you're usually using 400 degrees or more. >> the damage and breaking -- >> this is a great advancement. coolway hair.
2:16 am
and then heated eyelash kurgers are getting a lot of buzz. you want double the curl of your lashes, panasonic has a rotating comb. when it hits, you can rotate -- >> oh, my -- >> doesn't it make it harder to get it off at the end of the day? >> no, it curls your lashes like your hair. >> curls, okay. >> and this is one celebrities are loving. it's by talek arc. it's a heated eyelash curler, as well. but it -- what's great is that it has a clamp system. you can clamp it up. and the silicone strip changes color when it's hot. you won't touch the actual heat -- >> you won't burn your eye. >> they're safe. be cautious, but $39. that's the buzz. >> the celebrity must-have. >> everything's on and i'm going to passion forward -- to pass forward to one lucky winner this on [ applause ] guess what time it is -- >> friday funnies! [ laughter ] >> from facebook fan heidi ho.
2:17 am
>> you're kidding? really? >> her name is not heidi ho. >> that's her professional name. kidding. thank you, heidi, for sending it in -- >> ho. >> heidi ho. a guy goes into a bar by himself. the only other person is the bartender. the man orders a drink, and the bartender walks away to go get. it all of a sudden the man hears, hey, buddy, nice suit. he looks and no one's there. bartender comes back, puts a drink in front of the man and walks away. the man hears, hey, pal, i really like that haircut. now the guy's concerned. who's talking? bartender comes back and the man says, hey, do you hear anything? bartender says, like what? just listen, he says. they hear, hey, buddy. that's a pretty nice tie, too. the man looks at the bartender and says, see what i mean? bartender says, oh, that's the peanuts, they're complimentary. [ drum roll ] >> heidi ho! >> thank you, heidi ho. i personally appreciate it very much. you can get back to work now. >> all right.
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audiences were so taken by famke janssen. she's back for the sequel. >> find out what she's up to after this. >> look at the guys ogling her. i've been taking the product for about a year. and, after taking 5-hour energy, i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy. used dishcloths. they can have a history that
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who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. model-turned-actress famke janssen exploded on the big screen opposite pierce brosnan in her breakout role as the evil bond girl xenia onatopp in the megahit "golden eye." three "x-men" films and shows later, she has several projects in the pipeline including the much-anticipated sequel to the 2008 box office hit "taken." and she's adding writer, producer, and director to her resume' with her passion project called "bringing up bobby", soon to be released in theaters. we want to -- tip our mats hats -- our hats to you. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it. >> tell us about the project that's been on your heart for a long time and on your mind obviously. >> yes. it took about five years from
2:21 am
beginning to end to get the movie off the ground. it's now finally coming into theaters today, actually. but it's -- i've done a lot of work as an actor, passion projects that you need to believe in -- >> you don't do them for the money, do you? >> no. you stick by them and rely on the kindness of other people. so i have mila jovovich -- and marcia cross. >> terrific cast. friends? >> some of them, yes, some we called their agents. >> interesting. mila has a different image now as this -- you know, this evil -- battling evil and stuff, different kind of a role for her. >> yes. >> what made you think of her for this role? >> i needed somebody who was a foreigner, somebody who was beautiful. i needed somebody with cache at the box office worldwide. at that point, there were maybe five people who were running, and she was at the top of it. she was perfect for that part. >> being a bond girl is probably how most people remember you. how did that change your whole career, that one role? >> it completely changed everything. >> had you been modeling before that? >> i modeled and stopped modeling and went to columbia
2:22 am
university. then started pursuing acting at the same time. then for the first time of years, it was a struggle. nobody would cast me. i was too fall, too -- too foreign. they didn't know what to do with me. at that point, i gave up. i said, it's not going to work out. i applied to a film school with a script. just at the time. and i got -- knew -- >> this is not new then? >> no. no, no. then i got cast in the bond movie. and at that point -- >> everything exploded. >> was it one of those things that typecast you as this evil-type person? >> it did and it didn't. you know, i think that everything in life, and you know that very well, you take life by your own hands. and these are -- you see them as opportunities. >> it's called acting. you could be a good person and play an evil -- >> yeah. >> do you know what i mean? >> and do people really -- do people think that when they meet you sometimes that you've got that mean side? >> my friends know. >> they know. >> yes. >> i love the -- where did the
2:23 am
actual story come from? is it made up in your crazy brain or -- >> definitely made up in my crazy brain. but the whole notion, the idea started was in my first visit to oklahoma where i thought, wow, i am really a foreigner in this country. and my ideas about the united states were really formed by film. growing up in holland, i watched american movies. and i had a specific idea of what america was like. and it's not at all what it is. >> hoda was born in oklahoma. norman, baby. >> wow. >> quickly, the premise of the movie. >> "bringing up bobby" is -- >> no, it's a woman played by mila jovavich, from the ukraine, living out her skewed version of the american dream with her 11-year-old son, bobby. and as she sort of scams and cons her way through the country believing that she is sort of like bonnie from bonnie and clyde. but all in a robin hood-esque way. she thinks she's doing it to give her son better opportunities. of course, you know, life is not like a movie. reality catches up. then, you know, the story takes
2:24 am
-- a turn. >> we're so happy for you. >> if you want to see what happens, you have to see it in a theater very, very, very soon. like maybe today. >> yeah. >> but "taken 2," you're going to be the object of the terrorism this time, right? >> yeah. >> your daughter -- >> i was the lucky one. >> and liam neeson and you may get back together. in a romantic sense. >> could be, you have to see the movie. >> that movie blew me away. made me never want to let me children out of my sight for a moment. >> so well done. >> it was scary and very well done. the second one, i think, is even better. >> really? >> it's coming out when? >> it's coming out october 5. >> two big movies. >> you're very busy. >> very busy. >> all right. famke janssen's life. good for you, famke. >> thank you very much. >> again, "bringing up bobby" is showing in select cities. kathie lee, i think we'll find a good hiding place -- >> for what? >> rounding up fans. [ cheers ] >> gee -- >> okay. ♪
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\s it is time to go live with sara haines, checking out with the crowd across the street. >> hope you pulled together some tantalizing questions for us -- >> can't wait. >> we did. we have laurie from missouri with a seasonal question. >> hello, kathie lee and hoda. just asking about what's your favorite part of fall. >> mm. you know, i like the changes. i'm a summer girl, frankly. but one of the times i do like are when the leaves start changing. central park is so beautiful. and i guess it's just the leaves changing. what do you love? >> i love making fires in the evenings. >> yeah. >> having fires -- i'm with you. i'm a spring and summer girl now that i'm getting older. i enjoy fall, but winter i'm not fond of. >> and don't forget football. >> yeah. >> this is pretty much for kathie lee, i think. >> yes, kathie lee, how did you prepare for empty-nesting? >> finally bringing a broadway
2:30 am
-- show to broadway so that i have no time to miss her. i mean, i miss her when i think about her. but i keep her door closed so i don't have to be reminded. and i'm so busy rehearsals and with the show with hoda and going off to the university of tennessee that, you know, i -- >> aww. >> stay busy. busier than you've been in your life. and then surprise them when they least expect it. >> they'll love that. >> find out what they're really doing. >> all right. thank you. >> bye, guys. >> thank you, everybody. sad we're out of time. the dog whisperer tells us how to be the leader of the pack. look stunningly stylish with the wardrobe you already have. and warming up for the cooler weather ahead. all this coming up after the local news. 2@
2:31 am
2:32 am
we're back on this try day friday with dog whisperer cesar millan. are you walking your dog the wrong way? >> before he embarks on his new show "leader of the pack," he will show the proper way to walk
2:33 am
your dog for tomorrow's second annual national family pack walk. >> yes. >> nice to see you again. >> thank you, guys. thank you very much. >> yes, we're going to washington. you know, we're leading the pack walk annual pack walk. >> all over the country. >> going to be all over the country. many ways for people to participate. obviously online is one, cesar's we'll raise funds for the millan foundation, educating kids through the program. find out about that. and spay and neuter campaigns all across the country -- >> rescuing dogs, too. >> rescuing dogs and understanding four million to five million pets every year in america die. one way to stop is through spay and neuter campaigns. around the world, 600 million. >> i hate to hear that. >> all of these except yours, these dogs are up for adoption through the north shore animal league. >> partners of mine. >> they're great. >> if people do want to adopt a dog, people are wondering what are the right steps? what should you look for? >> we're talking about empty-nesters, when somebody's in that place, they're not
2:34 am
ready. i would like a person to adopt. number one is, are you ready to adopt a dog? >> you better be -- it's a commitment. >> if you are emotionally, you know, a little unstable, the dog is going to sense that. >> that's hoda. she want to -- she wants a dog but nobody's more emotionally unstable. come on, think it through. >> next thing, make sure the dog is compatible. understand why leadership is important. the last thing is going to be introduce the dog to the environment before your house. many times people go from the rescue shelter to the house. >> what kind of a dog do you think hoda should get? >> to me, the energy is not so much -- they're all lovely. but it's the energy. >> i like calmer. >> she knows what she wants. >> i think i do. >> an excited energy -- >> you just insulted all three of our -- >> no. look at this long one. >> trying to get to you. he's long and lean like you, hoda. >> he's watching. wow. >> and it's true also that we don't walk our dogs properly, they're supposed to be either
2:35 am
next to you or behind you? >> well, when a dog is in front, he's leading you. so control means -- >> show us. >> start, stop -- show you? >> please. >> this is the meaning of walking with a dog. come on, junior. next to you. you can -- let's go. he can keep moving forward. >> you're in front always? >> yeah. it's easier to control, right? when a dog is in front of you, he's taking you -- >> that's half the fun, isn't it, that he wants to sniff stuff and all? >> you have to tell him where. follow the rules. >> part of the rules. >> as importance as raising kids. you have to be leader who loves them. same principles. >> i know you've been trying to teach me that for five years. >> tell us about the different dogs here. >> this is a mix of a collie and labrador. here's -- >> you better get your dog. >> he's okay. >> you sure? >> yeah. >> not i don't. something's happening. just saying -- >> that would be a dance. >> i don't know anything about dogs. >> so he's a beautiful little mix. >> yes. a little mix. you know, this is perfect for a family. >> they're gentle dogs, aren't they? >> not very active families,
2:36 am
perfect energy. i like the energy, very subtle, very calm. he's a little more active family there. the second one. >> he's liking and -- >> hunt -- >> he likes that left foot. something -- oh, is that what that is? wow. impressive. okay. and then the little puppy down there is -- he's only ten weeks old? >> with the puppies you have to be careful. people get so in love with the puppy and don't set rules, boundaries, and limitations. then the puppy grows and they say, okay, this dog is destructive. >> like a bad teenager who hasn't been trained as a toddler. >> you set them up that way. everybody falls in love with the puppy-hood but forget they grow very fast. puppy-hood is the shortest stage of a dog's life. >> dogs like the discipline? you say it's good to have rules set. boundaries, limitations. what do you get because you follow the rules, boundaries, limitations, the reward. >> a lot of love. >> exercise, discipline, then affection. >> again? >> exercise, discipline, then affection. body, mind, heart, calm -- >> that what you do?
2:37 am
>> that's what i try to do. >> you do. >> yeah. at our house, we have the three dogs. and different people taking care of them at all times. so they get spoiled by so many -- we're trying, cesar. >> that's always good. >> yes. >> good luck. >> thank you, everybody. he's cute. okay. an amazing outfit could be hiding right in your closet. >> how to get a new look by adding a few pieces to the clothes you already have. right after this. this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ [ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches.
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time for today's "style." an amazing outfit you already own -- >> what? >> this is fashion math we can get behind. take an item you already have in your closet, add a few pieces and get an entirely new outfit. >> "cosmo's" michelle mccool has tips. on how to completely transform your look. nice to see you. >> is it true, four basics? >> yes. four basics that you're so tired of looking at. we'll show new ways to make them cool. and you're going to want to wear
2:42 am
them again. >> what are the four things? >> the sweatshirt. the chambray shirt, and skinny black shirt. and the white blouse. >> the sweatshirt, you can dress it up or down? >> yes, yes. >> madeleine and lauren are showing what we can do with these two. >> all right. tell us what we've got going on. >> cute. >> madeleine is wearing her slouchy sweatshirt. we nipped off the top, a great style if you're tired of the round crew neck. and we have great skinny jeans in this treated metallic denim. by go jane. her cute shoes are jcpenney. then we have lauren. and what we did with the sweatshirt is bumped it up a notch and made it a going out at night outfit. this is with this great brocade skirt from zara. and the boots also from zara. >> thank you, ladies. >> thanks. that's for the younger members.
2:43 am
there's a basic white blouse that you have. and it doesn't seem to be a lot of options with that. i think you're going to prove me wrong. >> yeah. we all have at least three or four in our wardrobe. >> we have brett and sorita. >> cute. >> yeah. >> sorita is wearing it with leather shorts, a big trend for going out this season. then she has the oversized men's tuxedo blazer. so it's good to think about proportion. if you have something that's short as those shorts, wear something boxy and manly on top. >> yeah -- >> skinnier. okay. all right. >> darling, though. >> and then we have brett. and brett is doing this really cool half tuck thing. which is great if you want to hide your booty. it's just jeans and a blouse, but doing it with the half tuck gives it that little bit of style flair. >> calculated casual look. >> exactly. >> that looks adorable. thank you. >> thank you, ladies. thank you very much. >> what's the next one?
2:44 am
>> the chambray or the pants? >> next, we're talking about the black pants. >> all right. come on out, black pants. let's see what we can do to these. tell us about what -- >> this is the rock and roll chick and equestrian chick. >> okay. >> with the skinny blacks, you can take it out at night, wear it with a concert t-shirt. this is ac/dc. then we have our cute black blazer over it. and we funky'd it up with neck necklaces from forever 21 and a clutch that's a big style this season and accessories. >> okay. >> then we have our equestrian. and to take advantage of the skinny black pant, they can definitely fit into boots which is great. this is a great equestrian boot. then the jacket that nips in at the waist and gives it that flare. you can use a regular white blouse underneath. >> thanks, ladies. >> lastly the chambray shirt. probably stuffed in the back of your closet somewhere. >> classic.
2:45 am
>> let's bring out alex and erica. >> cute. >> this is a great go-to weekend outfit when you don't really know what to wear. kind of like a denim suit. it's okay to wear denim on denim. >> is it? >> sure is, especially now. it's a big trend, this whole western kind of trend. >> cute. she has denim on denim. then we spiced it up with this great little guatemalan-type bag which is also big. >> and our last model? >> then we have -- taking the shirt to work. we love tucking it in, wearing it almost as an overjacket with a striped shirt underneath and the cute pencil skirt. >> okay. >> i never would have thought of that. that's cute. >> does look cute. thanks. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> from cool, new looks to warm, hearty meals for fall. >> delicious dishes that combine autumn fruits and veggies coming up after this.
2:46 am
we're look at some very heavy rain. there's going to be a lot of that rain falling throughout a huge portion of the lone star state into the south. increasing chance for rain throughout portions of alabama, georgia and throughout the carolinas into virginia, maryland and delaware. otherwise we're going to see daytime highs warm up in minneapolis. back up to 80 degrees. gorgeous day for the ryder cup outside of chicago. 76 degrees. a little bit cooler in the northeast with more clouds and still a few showers lingering around. it's going to be warm in atlanta. 83. it's going to be hot in the southwest. we're going to see that chance for some rain spread a little bit farther into the south on sunday. chance for some rain coming off the great lakes into the northeast. more hit and miss showers not as heavy as friday. cooling off a bit in minneapolis by a few degrees. much more in chicago. we're going to see those daytime highs drop down into the 70s for parts of the south. 80s on saturday. still very warm in the southwest. still looking really nice for a
2:47 am
huge portion of the west. the only chance for rain is going to be throughout the southeast and around the great lakes, including parts of the northeast. and some of that rain in the south still expected to be pretty heavy. watch out if you're driving around for some of those really heavy showers coming down. on tuesday you're going to be dealing with more heat, possibly temperatures outside of los angeles get away from the water well up into the 90s, possibly triple digits. showers possible wednesday along the east coast and throughout portions right around the canadian border there in the northern plains and parts of the northern rockies. thursday that system moves off into the great lakes. could see some showers throughout parts of florida and then on thursday same story. going to be dealing with that chance for some showers and in the northeast upper 60s and lower 70s. remember weekdays on the weather channel you can wake up with al. ♪ okay. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
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2:50 am
now in "today's cooking," a seasonal dish made with scallops. you can make mouth-watering meals with autumn fruits and vegetables. >> you can make a dinner in 30 minutes or less. >> paul is the executive chef of the national in new york city. >> nice to have you. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> you brought us a sip -- >> it is scallop season. >> any good recipe starts with wine. >> he brought one of the best in the world. >> this is a white burgundy, 100% chardonnay -- >> wow. >> see the difference, hoda? see how smooth? >> you will break it, too -- >> leave it right there. >> let's get the glass out of the scallops. i'm sure it's fine -- >> we like it like that. >> if he did it and we didn't do it -- >> usually we're the klutzes. >> you look -- >> look at you trying to regain your composure. >> we're going to make it a nice, hot pan -- >> check and see -- >> careful for shards. >> we're not going to eat those, don't worry. we've got backups. >> you throw those in. >> oh --
2:51 am
>> go ahead. go ahead. and then -- so the next thing we're going to do is make a walnut vinaigrette for our salad. >> okay. >> apple-walnut vinaigrette. >> how long do you cook those? >> two to three minutes each side. maybe a little more or less. depending on the size. >> okay. >> the next thing, so we take one quart of apple cider and reduce it to one cup here. >> okay. >> we'll pour it in the bowl. >> okay. >> and we have about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, okay? you'll take the whisk -- >> i am? >> she's a good whisker. >> whisk the walnut oil in there. 100% walnut oil. >> i am cooking! i am cooking! i am cooking! >> perfect. hit it with a touch of salt. >> please. >> there you go. you watching the scallops? >> flipping it. >> no, too soon. too soon. >> i don't want to -- >> too soon. >> forget it. >> you're beautiful here. >> thank you if you said i was beautiful. >> you are. now we have our vinaigrette made. let's put all of our ingredients in our salad. >> okay. >> we'll start with a little bit
2:52 am
of baby greens, red and green, okay. and this is nice and peppery. it will go well with the sweetness of this vinaigrette. are you watching the scallops? >> no. apparently i was doing it improperly. >> yes, you were. >> i'll get it. >> no, that's all right. no prob. no. no. got glass all over them anyway. >> so we're going to put in our apples -- >> uh-huh. >> a few apples. these are honey crisp apples. and they're in season -- beautifully in season now. nice and sweet and tart. a few of those -- >> what's that? >> jicama. >> jicama. >> put some in. >> i like the taste. a little -- >> good. >> is there any nutritional value in jicama? >> i don't know. >> sweet. >> being honest. clumsy, too, but -- >> yeah. >> you're a very nice fellow. >> you're not the first person to tell me that. we'll add red grades. and that is celery root. >> i like that. >> you do? >> probably has more nutritional value but i'm not sure. >> although celery doesn't have a lot. maybe the root has none at all. >> i don't know.
2:53 am
>> okay. >> again, a little salt -- >> poor guy. >> come on down. >> yeah. >> we'll dress our salad. >> okay. >> with our vinaigrette. just like that -- >> look how you do that. >> look at the way -- >> look at the style. >> just put the stuff to. don't need to show off. what about the nuts? >> throw them in there. those are honey-roasted walnuts. >> delicious. and then -- uh-oh, look, the scallops are burning. imagine that. >> here, hold. on you stab it -- >> then you eat your salad. >> okay. >> we're tasting it now. >> little bite. oh -- >> oh, paul, that is fantastic. >> good? >> uh-huh. >> oh, my god. that is absolutely sensational. >> you are an excellent chef. >> clumsy. >> no. >> get the recipe on our web site. we're heading into the final section of the show. >> with a little yoga to get you going. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] no one wants dandruff that keeps coming back.
2:54 am
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2:57 am
yoga can be very calming for your mind and body. what if you really want to break a sweat? >> combining yoga with the right exercises can get your heart rate going. here to help us with yoga and fitness is trainer anita goa. >> we like to say that. >> nice to meet you. >> one of the reasons i don't like yoga is because of that. you can't feel like afterwards you've sweated, done cardio. >> there's so many different types of yoga, right? >> there is. and this type that i teach is active. >> it is?
2:58 am
>> very active. >> great that you have an active sara to do things with you. >> let's start with the temple pose, eagle squat, and prayer jump. >> the temple pose -- >> should we take off our shoes? >> sure. >> you want to get on that one and i'll get on this one? >> sure. i like to open the legs. >> that's going to be great. i'm already -- >> open the arms to the side. shoulder height. and now you're going to step to the right. open again into temple pose. we're going to do that again. place your left foot behind the right foot. >> step to the right. left foot behind -- >> then the left arm on top of the right. and then we're going to open again into temple pose. now we're going to do that again. >> that's the problem -- >> nothing, is seems simple. >> then exhale as you open. >> you -- uh-huh. then how many? >> 15 to 20 on each side. >> how about three? >> sounds better. >> then jump into prayer squat and separate. jump and separate. and if you have a little bit of tension in your day and you need to release that -- >> yah!
2:59 am
>> you can go -- >> hah! >> a little tension. hah! i've got to watch you. >> hah! >> hah! >> and say your prayers. >> i am. >> hah! >> say your prayers. we have time for a couple more. what's the knee to the third eye tricep pushup? >> oh, that sounds crazy. >> move to the floor. >> okay. >> all about connecting to your third eye so you can -- >> which is with where? >> your intuition. >> here. >> like a unicorn, cyclops. >> extend the right leg up. >> i don't know -- >> draw the knee toward your forehead. and extend the leg out, and you're going to bend your elbows, lower your chest -- >> okay. >> come on, anita goa. >> and up -- [ laughter ] >> this might make you yoga drunk. >> anita goa -- >> anita -- >> thank you. >> we've got to run -- >> anita, thank you. >> i want to point out -- >> this is what anita brought us, a sad testament to what this shas


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