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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  September 30, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> gmgm and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. >> top stories in just a moment. first let's look outside with ava marie. >> it's pretty nice out right now. we are chilly to start the day. but now we're warming up into the 50s.
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we're going to see a chance of showers. right now perfect tdoor weather. you may just want a light jacket if you plan to be outside. low to mid 70s for the afternoon high temperatures and there is a chance for showers later today. especially after 4 p.m. for baltimore. those showers will be moving in from the west. the key word here, scattered, not everyone is going to see them. you may or may not have any wet weather today. it's just something to keep in mind in the afternoon and evening hours. then we can dry out late tonight. we'll talk ab the seven day which includes more rain. stay tuned. hopefully, we'll have good weather for the o's game later today because that is our big story. the orioles. it was closer last night. they did take down the boston red sox. >> in the top of the fourth inning, manny machado makes a great defensive play, turning the double play to get the o's out of the inning. then a few innings later, the
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20-year-old breaks a tie with his seventh home run of the year. that's where the score will stay. the o's win 4-3, tying them for the first place in the al east with the yankees. pete gilbert will have more on that later this morning. first george takes a look at the legend honored before the game that got o's fans everywhere on their feet. >> brooks and braun. number five was the sixth and final orioles icon to be a permanent fixture in legends pash at camden yards in 2012. the 75-year-old and 16-time gold gloefb winning third base man had been battling health issues this year, but on saturday night he looked good and felt great about the honor. >> i just want to say to all you fans here, i don't like to call you fans. i like to call you friends. >> later, the 1970 world series mvp hopped into a convertible and joined his fellow orioles
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legends for an on field speech that touched upon his humble baseball beginnings in baltimore right after high school. >> when i signed with the orioles, i took my $4,000, that was my salary. i came to baltimore. my first plane ride. i signed with the orioles, mainly because i thought it was the quickest way to the major leagues. >> and this special night for fans stayed that way when orioles beat the red sox and moved into a first place tie in the al east with the yankees. >> we beat the evil empire! >> how you feeling right now? >> unbelievable. o's are back. brooks, my man, he's back. love it. >> to quote a 1989 orioles, why not, let's go for the sweep sunday. >> in other news, baltimore city police continue their
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investigation into what caused a man to die after being taken into police custody. the man's family and friends lay him to rest. the funeral for anthony anderson was held at the march funeral home on north avenue yesterday. anderson died more than a week ago while being arrested for drug possession. his family said police assaulted him, but police will only say the circumstances of the case do remain under investigation. supporters say the death highlights what they call on going issues of police brutality in the city. >> we're tired of the double standard where citizens are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. unfortunately it just appears as though the lie doesn't apply to police officers. we want there to be justice across the board. we certainly want justice for the family of anthony anderson. >> city police say the two officers involved are suspended with pay while homicide detectives investigate anderson's death. meanwhile baltimore city police
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filed charges against a man after a three month murder investigation. police arrested 19-year-old arthur holt in connection with the shooting that happened back in june in the 2100 block of west pratt street. 19-year-old tayvon wellchal was found dead with several gun shot wounds to his body. holt faces charges including first and second degree murder. in commitment 2012 news this morning several groups canvassed a baltimore neighborhood in commitment of the dream act. the ballot question that, if approved, would give in state tuition to undocumented immigrants. the immigrants must ap tend a baltimore high school for three years and prove their parents pay taxes. supporters went door to door to reach out to voters. >> in the long run this will benefit you, too. this depends on having more college graduates and your
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social security is going to depend on whether these kids are successful. so we all have a vested interest in seeing these kids do well. >> the dream act was passed by the general assembly last year. opponents say the law is unfair to citizens and will be a financial burden on the state. they collected 100,000 signatures to force the issue on this ballot. time right now 9:07. 53 at the airport. still ahead on 11 news sunday morning. it can be tricky. making a voice. >> when it comes to your financial security, should you choose credit or debit? we'll have an expert in to tell us which card to use and when. we're keeping an eye on the radar. things look quiet but that could
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>> good morning. we're starting you off with a live view of ocean city from the grand hotel and spa. you can see there are a few
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beach goers out there on the sand. also some people walking the boardwalk. it's beautiful with a lot of sunshine in ocean city. just a little chilly out tlp 61 at the airport there. 58 at baltimore's airport where the humidity is at 75%. right now the winds are mostly calm. so after starting off the day in mainly the 50s and a few 40s out there, we're at least starting to warm things up. let's look at the radar real quick. this is what we're watching for. leftover disturbance still affecting the northeast. this was the storm that moved through last week and still hanging on. that's what's producing a couple showers through pennsylvania, upstate new york. more rain tracking into new england as well. we're just gonna get clipped by the southern edge of this. it's not too much rain. it keeps the potential as we get into the afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures. little chilly out there. to be expected as it is the last day of september. october begins tomorrow. hard to believe. this is right where we should be this time of year. 61 annapolis.
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hagers town at 54. western maryland still hanging on in the 40s. 45 in oakland. the forecast for today, high near 67. they're expecting a lot of clouds today and showers a lot more likely. they're a lot closer to that storm system than i was talking about. storm systems later into the afternoon. much of the day you're spending dry with clouds micked in with sun. 72 for the high temperature today around baltimore and dc. let's put the future cast in ocean, see what's happening here. that's gonna be cloudy. as we get around 4 p.m., a few green dots showing that we're going to have scattered rain chances. not a widespread rain, but just something popping up into the afternoon and towards the evening hours. then we dry out tonight. forecast for tonight. evening showers. they will be scattered. then clearing skies late in the night. sun sets in the evening hours.
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we drop down into the 50s with 40s in the western subbeshs. much cooler if you do live out towards the west. that same storm system stretches back into the south. this is going to bring some heavy rain as we get into the midweek. we watch the radar in texas. heavy rain in the eastern tier pushing into arkansas and louisiana as well. this will all be migrat g into the east. that is your best friend to see rain in the seven fray forecast with 60% chance for rain. 80 degrees. looking into wednesday. that's when we start to dry out. back to you guys. there's still plenty of news ahead. up next, paper or plastic. >> in this case it's plastic or plastic? we'll have tips ton right time to choose credit or debit. >> first some events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. it's 9:15. time for our sunday business report. i'm here with the vice president of usb payment processing. he has some tips for us when it comes to using credit or debit. >> thanks for having me on
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today. >> you're welcome. so, when is the best time to use a credit card? >> we found that any time you're making big ticket purchases, your appliances for your home, anything that would be a big ticket item, $200 and/or more. your issuing bank will provide you with some benefits like the ability to dispute the charge should there be any type of, the actual product isn't what you purchased it for. internet transaction is another one. if you're ever doing transactions over the internet. you would have some protections from your issuing bank. >> use a credit card. >> use a credit card during those times. >> how does blocking work and what is that? >> when you say blocking? >> yes. >> if you're blocking the credit card itself. >> right. if you're gonna do that, i guess you're trying to dispute a charge in that case. >> you would simply contact your
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issuing bank, at which point that would come off of the charge history until the matter is disputed between the merchant as well as the consumer. >> we're gonna skip the next question. if we can, we'll go to question number four. which is do debit cards help you build your history? >> debit cards should be used as prepaid cards. if you have $500 in your account you should be able to use those particular funds and you're never going to be building up a credit history because there's no loan taking place there which is what you would use a credit card for. the credit card is a loan that a bank givious which is why you would be gaining credit history with a credit card a opposed to a debit card. >> so when it kochls to using a debit card, we were talking off camera. you say the best time to use that is really for your every day purchases. >> use it for purchases that you would normally use cash for,
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coffee, lunches, gas. >> food. >> sure. things cash and carry that you wouldn't necessarily have a concern for disputing the charges. once those charges are done there's no dispute on those particular small type transactions. >> however tlshg are people who would use their credit card if they have a reward system for everything in that month with the idea that they'll pay it off when they get their bill. >> sure. grit idea. if you have the funds to do it, if you have a rewards card, great idea to get that additional benefit, assuming you have the cash at the end of the month to pay that off. >> the big question, when they ask you for your every day purchases and you're using your debit card, debit or kred it? >> i'm a firm believer in the debit portion which allowious to manage your finances better. it's a tricky question. everyone's financial situations are different. >> they're wanting you to put that pin number in. >> correct. that pin number is your personal identification so it allows you a little bit more protection against fraud that could happen with a credit card. all your every day purchases,
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use your debit card. >> thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. very nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> if you would like more information, contact donny but please stay with us because there's much more news ahead. >> behind us a beautiful lawn. the job worked here, it looks beautiful. >> it's looking good. we're going to have the right weather and the right timing. we can do a couple things to make it better for next year. >> time to get the tools and take care
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anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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>> good morning. welcome to the sunday gardener. we have a beautiful fall. all this green. the lawns really look lush. recently had quite a bit of rain. >> the cooler weather certainly helps. >> little crab grass. although it's beginning to fade on its own, which crab grass will do. we want to work on the yard, don't we? >> we do. one of the things, you can seed, fertilize. the other thing you can do is get rid of some of these weeds. some of these products, read the label. we said that time and time again. with a product like this, you can reseed after about two weeks. but that's going to get us late in the season. so you might want to determine ahead of time what do you want to do. take care of the weeds or seed. >> this is the ideal time to seed. >> it is great. soil temperatures are still nice and warm. the air is cool. we're getting more frequent rain that just keeps everything nice. gets things growing. >> as with the chemicals, read the directions not only to find out if you're putting it on at the right time or the wrong
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time, but the safety procedures and everything el. they can be a little dangerous. you want to be careful with what you're doing. read the label. you all talked about, in regard to lawns which are mostly fertilizers in this area, goes on, right or wrong. >> it's like 44% of the fertilizers used go on lawns. one of the things that has happened is the state of maryland has come out with a fertilizer. it doesn't go into effect until next year. couple things they've done, they've gone to the manufacturers. they want a low phosphorous seed. they also want to watch the types of nitrogen going. all these bags are different. only time you'll see phosphorous in lawn fertilizers. >> things like that. >> you want to have your lawn tested. you can do this yourself. you can do a free soil test to
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find out where you are ph wise. >> my lawn was a testament to that. it was way too much acid. it greened out. >> you came to the right place. >> the ph and the fertilizer will help get the grass seed going. you want to make sure you use a rake or some type of tool to make sure the seed comes in the contact with the soil. >> lot of it's going to be hung up above the soil line. >> you're wasting your time and money. take care to do it. if you have a smaller lauj, you can use a whirly bird spreader. >> one of my questions has always been, how much should you put down when you're putting seed, whether a patch you opened up and it's bare. if you throw it with your hand you get uneven distribution. >> that's where this comes in. you spent a lot of money. this bag can cover up to, why
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can't i see it now? up to 3500 square feet. that's reseeding. so in a new lawn probably only covers 1750 square feet. i know people who will use that in 200 square feet. that's too much. it's just not gonna do anything for you. >> they're gonna fail somewhere down the road. >> like vitamins, medicine, everything el. use the directions and apply it correctly. >> how late can we put the grass seed down? >> it totally depends on you and your forecast. i would say probably until about midoctober. then i'd slow it up. you can put it on after that. this new fertilizer act, you can't put fertilizer on after november 15th so be careful of that. >> this is the ideal time because next year you may have to compete with crab grass seed. >> exactly. exactly. get rid of some of that now. >> absolutely. have a green lawn. >> looking good. >> mary, thank for joining us.
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next sunday more on your sunday gardener. see you then. >> if you have a question, send it to -- you can also go to our website wbal 9:26. i don't know what the temperature is at the airport. what is it, ava? 54? >> 58. >> climbing. coming up we'll take a look at our top stories. >> plus the presidential election turns into high gear this week as mitt romney and president obama prepare to do battle. we'll have the latest on the campaign trail. that's still ahead. and we're watching some scattered showers around the northeast while it's still dry here in maryland. we may see those showers as well. details in the forecast.
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>> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thank you very much for joining us. >> our top stories in a moment. first let's take a look outside with ava. >> after the chilly start to the day, now it's feeling a little better outdoors. that's what happens this time of year. such a difference between the morning and the afternoon you have to drink in layers. the dew point only at 50. so it's relatively dry out. right now calm winds. expect those to come out of the
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west. high temperatures today ranging from 70 to 74 degrees. that's not too bad. typical for a late september day. chance for scattered showers this afternoon and evening especially after 4 p.m. in baltimore. something to keep in mind. scattered being the key here. not everyone is going to see them. better chances for rain as we get into the seven day. we'll have details on that when we come back in just a few minutes. >> for a look at our top stories. o's are back in place with the al east. manny machado led the charge, driving in the first run of the game in the second inning. breaking up a tie in the seventh with a home run. o's win 4-3 with their final home game of the regular season, this afternoon, pete gilbert will have more on the playoff chances. several groups gathered in a baltimore neighborhood in support of the ballot question
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that if approved would give instate tuition to undocumented immigrants. preparations are under way for the first presidential debate of this election. president obama and mitt romney will face off at the university of denver this wednesday. about 1,000 people will receive tickets to watch the debate that you can see live right here on tv 11. in commitment 2012 news this morning the vice presidential hopefuls slugged it out over the weekend as the presidential candidates take a breather. both mitt romney and president obama released tape messages as they prepare for their first debate. brian moore has more from the campaign trail. >> days before the first presidential debate, mitt romney is hammering the president on foreign policy. >> when president obama was asked about the recent disruption and chaos and
9:31 am
violence in the middle east, he said these were merely bumps in the road. thanks. >> bumps in the road describes what the romney campaign has been unable to avoid in recent weeks. discouraging poll numbers are upstaging the republican message. >> look at what president obama did on the budget. nothing. except borrow and spend. >> when they talk about the culture dependency, about american decline, i can honestly say to you, i don't recognize the country they're talking about? >> while vice president biden was fighting for votes in florida, the president was calling on congress to help homeowners. even as he depended his campaign's weak spot. >> we're moving in the right direction. >> a point up for debate as the presidential candidates get ready for their first showdown on wednesday? brian moore, wbal tv 11 news. for more on the 2012
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election news head to there you can find the most up to date information on state and national elections. just click on politics. time for a sunday morning q and a. joining us this morning, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. let me give a shout out to the o's. we're in first place. thank you to the fans and to the players, the manager, the general manager, even the owner, who never gets any credit. here we are. i guarantee you the state's revenues are gonna look better next week if people are happy. >> not just that, but the o's are generating tons of revenue. >> they do have all sorts of economic activity. fans are coming out. we have the ravens who are doing well. we've got the nationals who. i say there's going to be a maryland world series between the nash knapp nalls and the o's.
9:33 am
>> let's get to that. >> it's definitely helps more football than baseball because there's so many baseball games. but when the rave ns and redskins both win, we see an uptick in sales tax and other economic activity. >> okay. >> people feel better. >> they sure do. let me ask you about something that's going to happen tomorrow. big meeting with the capital debt affordability committee. it was supposed to happen last week. what's going on? >> well, we met. the governor's representatives casually said let's add $750 million to new debt on top of the existing debt. this kind of combines two concerns that i have about maryland. one, we have a culture of spending and taxing and borrowing which is leading to high unemployment and low wages. that's a problem for the state economically. second of all nshg annapolis, we have a culture of secrecy, where everything is done behind closed doors. the public's not allowed in. nobody advertises anything. this is a perfect example. i hope the press will come out
9:34 am
tomorrow and stick up for the taxpayers because long after governor o'malley is gone, we're going to be paying this debt service, the citizens of maryland, if we let it go through without proper analysis. >> you just took a real shot there at the governor and his administration. are you going to be runing? >> i don't know. i wonder sometimes why anyone in their right mind would want to be governor. because it's such a mess. i'm glad i have got a great job. thank you to all the voters who let me have this job. people want me to, mainly because they twant state brought back to the center of fiscal issues. we've gotten so over the edge as far as spending and borrowing and taxing and the unemployment situation is serious. that's the reason i'll take a look at it. my wife definitely has some
9:35 am
concerns. >> you all will be knocking heads in w the o'malley administration. how are you going to work on this issue tomorrow? >> the main thing is just open, honest, transparent governing. unfortunately we're going in the opposite direction. this really needs to be fully vetted by the press and looked at closely. there's gambling expansion that we're voting on in november. that happened in a closed session. the public really wasn't allowed in. here's the thing, lisa. they gave the gambling companies huge tax reductions. wouldn't you or a small business in maryland like a tax reduction? >> you're not for gambling in america. are we seeing money come in as a result of it though? >> barely. we've spent $266 million to buy this slot machines with taxpayer money and we're just getting up to where we're finally breaking even as far as revenues. the key thing about gambling is, doesn't produce money for education. doesn't produce jobs. doesn't produce new revenue.
9:36 am
you're seeing that reflected in the polls. but it's -- i say to people in baltimore, if you love gambling and think it's great, still vote against question seven. that special session was corrupt. i mean, there's no other way to describe it. >> i'm sure we'll be talking about this a little bit more as the week goes on. before you go -- i understand that you're working on a real time campaign for finance disclosure for candidates. tell us about that. >> sure. $30 million will be spent on the gambling referendum. that money, soon as it's spent, soon as the money is put into a candidate's pocket or referendum's pocket it should be up on the internet. people should understand who's paying for our government. if we had that, that special session would not have improved gambling. >> when can we start seeing that? >> go to my website and get the issue. i have raised it. i think technically, from a
9:37 am
standpoint everybody knows that you can have this real-time reporting. we have it in our bank accounts. we should have it in our campaign accounts. it will keep government honest and transparent to the best that we can. >> all right. thank you very much for coming. >> you're welcome. don't go away, we'll be back with more news in a moment. first here's david gregory. good morning, david. >> hey, lisa. good morning. coming up the final phase of the campaign is here. three days until the presidential debate. both sides are busy preparing for that big night. how does mitt romney rebound after a rough night? i'll ask the unspoken republican governor of new jersey. and i'll talk to the architect of president obama's 2008 run. white house senior adviser david pluck. plus our round table weighs in on the latest battleground map and talks about what they would ask the candidates wednesday night. that's all coming up this
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>> good morning. we're starting you off with a live view of ocean city. this is the view from the grand hotel and spa. lots of people out enjoying the board walk. few people on the beach. can't tell if too much people are out in the water. it's a little chilly there. same case in baltimore. 61 in ocean city at the airport, 58 at dwi thurgood marshall. humidity down to 75%. dew point temperatures are fairly dry today. so it's not going to feel too bad as you step outdoors. winds are mostly calm. they will be coming out of the west as we go throughout the day. here's what we're watching for. you can see showers on the radar mainly up into new england from boston to bangor maine. instability showers swinging about across pennsylvania, upstate new york.
9:41 am
some of these could filter down into maryland as we go into the afternoon and evening hours. we're on the southern extent of this. we're not expecting anything life threatening. first let's look at temperatures real tick across the state. 64 across the bay, back towards baltimore, around 61 in annapolis. westminster right now at 54 degrees. much colder in the mountains where oakland is at 46. frostburg at 46 degrees as well. we are warming things up as we have some sunshine. plus a few more clouds as we get towards the afternoon. those showers could be happening later today. there's a possibility any time in the mountains, even southern pennsylvania. it's mainly an afternoon and evening event as we get into baltimore. as for the southern part of maryland and the eastern shore, most of the day should be dry. going to take some time. the showers may just fall apart before they reach ocean city. the forecast for tonight. evening showers around. we drop down into the 50s and
9:42 am
upper 40s for overnight lows. we are watching those. our next storm system comes in out of texas. heavy rain moving out of texas but continuing to track through louisiana, pushing across into mississippi. this will be moving towards the east by tuesday. that is our best chance to see rain as we get into the sunday forecast. as for today only about a 30% chance. not everyone's going to get those showers. the best chance today will be this afternoon. tomorrow high 73. by tuesday, 60% chance for rain. we dry out wednesday warming up to 80. >> thanks, ava. i'm here with susan. she's going to give us insight into the world of fashion and specifically the emmy fashions this year. good morning. >> good morning. the emmys were fabulous this year. fashion is an economic indicator. >> i didn't know that. >> it is. we saw all kinds of colors. that's an environment of telling you what the whole country's
9:43 am
feeling, as far as what's going on in the world. the dresses were fabulous. >> you said the colors were vibrant. in the past a little more subdued. >> this time there was. >> lots of color and sparkle. >> there was. bling and sparkle. it was fabulous. just so much fun to watch. >> let's look at the picture of heidi klum. >> she had a mermaid colored dress. that was another theme. she had these wonderful blue earrings on. hers on larger than ours but we got some great look for less. these are gold earrings but they have aqua marine. they're not that long so they're like 3 1/2 inches. >> gorgeous. >> how much? >> $16. >> we had some great bargains. >> jessica lang wore sunglasses ton red carpet. >> she got a lot of flack for
9:44 am
it. if you're buying the young people, why not. she has a great pair of nude sunglasses on. they are fabulous to have. they're just like -- they're very classic looking. so we have a really great pair of new sunglasses. these are very reasonably priced. the circles are not too sparkley. fun pair of sunglasses. >> this is definitely the deal of the day. >> that's the deal of the day. that's right. every emmys somebody does this. leslieman did it with an orange dress. orange dress with turquoise. it was awesome. it was awesome. it was an awesome combination. these earrings are $10. >> $10. get even more out of it. so then we go from lovely man to --
9:45 am
>> julie bowen. she was fabulous, too. lemon zest colored dress on. she had -- those are sapphire earrings. they are rough. these are druzy earrings. >> yes. exactly. >> that's a very trendy thing. the earrings are $20. they are vanilla colored. >> they'll match with anything. >> then we get to the really sparkley stuff. >> here's the cream of the cream. she has this gorgeous dress. she looks fabulous in it. we have them right here. special occasions. >> not at all. they sparkle. >> they pop. >> everyone loves to buckle. almost exactly like hers. she was wearing like 175 carats.
9:46 am
>> how much were these two? >> this was 18 and this was 14. >> amazing. how to look like the stars for far far less. >> wbal tv all caps today and tomorrow, for those who don't have a computer at home. >> 20%? >> 20% on the entire site. >> that means $10 earrings will now be eight bucks. love it. shop for >> you want to link on our website. please don't go away. up next we're in the sunday kitchen for
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>> pork tenderloin you don't want to cook to death. it's very low in fat so it will dry out. to impart a lot of flavor in this -- >> butter, butter, butter. >> butter, oil. that's a lot of salt. that's not a lot of salt for that. you have the center of the meat, too. >> i thought you were gonna cut it. >> no. i have one cooked already. this takes -- we're going to impart a lot of flavor. star anise. have you ever seen this? chinese spices. chinese five spice powder. like black licorice. if you put this in the oil with the cinnamon sticks, put some herbs. i got some fresh thyme we're gonna baste it. we're gonna baste it. >> i thought you were slicing it up beforehand. >> no. you can slice it. you can pound that if you want. i like it whole roasted because you get that nice medium -- >> how were you gonna cook that?
9:51 am
>> you want to brown it really good on all sides. then you want to throw it in the oven. most pans can be put directly in the oven. 350 oven for ten minutes. >> okay. >> 10, 15 minutes tops. if you want to cook it longer, you can. don't go well done on this. >> it's like you can hear the pig squeaking. >> this is a little pig. try it. just give it a try. do you eat sushi? >> yeah. i like steak that's rare. >> there's no danger of getting sick from this at all. the way the feed for the hogs and stuff and pork is processed. there's no trichinosis. i have a puree that i have done. roasted sweet potatoes. put in the blender. butter, maple seer rupp. >> what did you do? just put the potatoes in the oven? >> i roasted them.
9:52 am
don't boil them because you'll take all the flavor out. if you roast them in the skin you get all the sweet caramelization. they'll be nice and dark. just peel them. throw them in food processor, little bit of butter. at this point we want to put some apples. make sure you take out your cinnamon stick and star anise at the end. you smell that? >> how did you cut the apple so it's perfect? >> this is what i do for a living. i don't sit behind a desk all day. >> oh! >> just kidding. so you just want to -- >> okay. >> apple cider. apples. >> while you finish that off, if you want a copy of today's recipe log on to wbal click on food or send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to sunday brunch. all right. and you're gonna serve that.
9:53 am
>> yep. we have some kale. i just blanched it quickly, to get some of the bitterness out. kale is so good for you. >> kale is like the right thing. raw kale chips, kale juice. it's great for you. >> yeah, but you need to cook it. >> whether you want a cup of kale or yogurt for breakfast, it's up to you. >> we're gonna plate that up. stay with us. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. this is your body there. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips.... now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. at sleep number we've created a collection of innovations dedicated to individualizing your comfort.
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>> one last check of the seven day forecast. 72 today. 30% chance for showers as we get into the afternoon. dry tomorrow. 75 on tuesday. that is your best chance for
9:56 am
rain. >> looks good. >> eat your kale. i like it cooked a little more. >> you can cook it. >> thank you, copper kitchen. >> meet the press is next. have a great day. >> baltimore shows up on a lot of best and worst lists. the city wu the toast of the
9:57 am
town last sunday and in a good way. in the midst of a lot of awards presented at the primetime emmys one of the biggest winners was baltimore on multiple fronts. it was a big night for baltimore productions, stars and eve an jewelry designer. baltimore native julie bowen took home another emmy as best supporting actress for her role in the comedy "modern family." her introduction mentioned her baltimore childhood where her love of acting began in her back yard in baltimore. in one of the strongest sweeps of the night, "game change" won four awards for acting, writing and direction in the movie and miniseries competition. the award for best actress in comedy went to julia luis dryfess. she thanked her crew in baltimore and will return next month for a return on a second season for the award winning show. even the gift bags had a taste of baltimore with jewelry from a local designer that went to the stars in the celebrity gift lounge. there was definitely enough of
9:58 am
charm city to go around.
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