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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the right club. the only time americans are winless with all the pressure you could possibly imagine on them right now. and again, if the americans are going to have any chance, steve stricker has to win the 18th. >> dottie, are they measuring here to see who's away? >> the official did have to come in. both are 164 yards and it was determined that kaymer is away. first to play. the lie in the bunker's fine. >> it's just a wow. that's what this is.
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>> in this position, you can't help but think about bernhard langer, '91, kiawah, who had that putt at the last with everything on the line. nice. not bad angle. can he produce a good shot? >> contact was good. it's left of the flag stick. >> tell you what, that's pretty much made stricker have to have a birdie. we'll see if kaymer can get it
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done in two and make it, but that has put huge pressure on stricker. as kaymer is aboard in regulation. >> and you can see how relieved he is to have hit the green. >> only two germans to ever play in the ryder cup. >> he was so nervous he couldn't wipe his nose. >> hook lie. hook wind. 164. >> stricker has to win the hole outright to keep the u.s. hopes alive.
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starts at the right edge of the green, turning toward the flag, now just left of it. >> just a little amped up. that was a good swing. missed clubs are just too darn excited. >> back at 17. while stricker was hitting his approach, molinari's second, down the hill way too fast. >> now, that was the gift. >> so, tiger is looking very good here to take a 1-up lead and this was the reaction from tiger when he got to the green.
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chance to take the 1-up lead here. again, stricker ahead of him at 18. trying to win that hole and kaymer has the advantage there, but after what we've seen the the last three days, wouldn't be surprised by anything right now.
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>> just coaxing it down. and that is a par. molinari will have a long one coming back to try and keep it all square. jose maria olazabal. can't even bear to look. at 18 for striker, who's away. >> stricker will be first to play. putting from the upper level to the lower. >> saw dufner miss it way left on this putt. dottie. >> i can see that happening. putt it through a little bit of a funnel and down the slope in through the shadows. speed, definitely the biggest factor. >> well, he looks back for the
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par attempt for molinari. >> seen this putt a couple of times today and the tendency has been to miss it on the right. >> that's for sure. was aiming right. and tiger has a 1-up lead. but will his match matter? that is the question. that will be decided up ahead at 18. >> a miracle has to happen for the u.s. on 18 right mow. >> stricker more of a hometown player. grew up just 100 miles north of here. he is a chicago bears fan. not a packers fan. >> hasn't had a lot of break, i don't think. i don't know if he sees a lot of break to the right, but taking a lot of time on this read. i don't blame him.
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>> well, it's really a two-part putt. the upper level and then the lower. >> this is from 40 feet. >> they've got to hope for a miracle kaymer three-putt or it's got to go in. >> or a hail irwin putt that he made at medinah in 1991, which he later won over mike mcdonald. >> remember the putt that stricker lipped out, crucial
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eight-footer for birdie yesterday afternoon here at 18 that would have halved the match against garcia and donald. >> looks like he's looking left. >> exactly where he read this putt from. to the right. >> just doesn't break. i'm not sure what he's seeing. that's an eight-foot misread. and martin kaymer is two putts away. fr the european cup clincher. langer had a chance from six feet in '91. this was the reaction from stricker right after it left the
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blade. knew it wasn't the right lie. so, here's martin kaymer who had to scramble to get his game together after qualifying for this ryder cup. two putts away from pulling off an equalling the greatest final day comeback in ryder cup history. oh, man, did that get by. >> that is so fast and now --
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>> he's got the six footer that langer faced all those years ago. >> stricker's got to make it. >> yep. garcia right there. saying oh, can you believe this. >> this is really about the same putt steve stricker just missed at the 17th. >> definitely has some left in it, doesn't it? >> olazabal making his way aup up the fairway at 18. stricker.
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has to have it. by the way. >> i think it's got to be at least left edge. i mean right edge. i really do. you can get this to go in. i think there's a 50/50 chance kaymer will miss. this for par.
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so, the americans have new life here. but kaymer will still have a putt to win the ryder cup r for europe. langer, '91, faced that six footer against hail irwin. mind numbing, crushing pressure.
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that was to retain it, also. >> same length. a fade putt and this is a little draw putt that's really an easy putt, quote, unquote, just inside right edge. just got to hit a good putt uphill. can't imagine the pressure. >> europe has pulled off the improbable. the lone miracle at medinah.
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>> woods and molinari's match behind them. doesn't mean a thing. as europe retains the cup. the point by martin kaymer. >> it's probably going to be a 14-14 outcome with europe retaining the cup. because tiger's back in the fairway with a 1-up lead.
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another look. martin kaymer, who has been on the course just once at this ryder cup. sat down all day yesterday. and jose maria olazabal, who was on the other end of that comeback by the americans in '99 keeps the cup for europe. and this time, the americans are on the other end of them.
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>> what a feeling that must be. to battle your heart out all day. you get a 1-up lead at the 17th. and you know the cup stays in the hands of europe. time and time again, johnny, this event delivers and coming into this day, maybe wishful and hopeful thinking for those folks who wanted to see a dramatic conclusion, the way the lineup looked, it didn't look good for europe. especially with these guys down the stretch.
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look at it this way. still some value in a tie for the u.s. wouldn't want to give europe an outright win, but the cup is not going anywhere. >> molinari's got little bit of an issue with the lip on the right hand side here. he's got 170 to the hole. >> tough shot. hook lie. >> just needs to skirt the hole. >> just left of the flag. that's really a good shot. >> that's a very good shot. got to hand it to europe. they've had a lot of good shots. tiger still just one ryder cup. >> and clearly disappointed. because he just watched that celebration, but i'm sure now really wants to hit a good one here.
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hanging a little bit to the right. >> let's send it down to steve sands. >> dan, thank you, with martin kaymer, who just made the winning putt for the europeans to win the ryder cup. 21 years after langer missed a decisive putt at kiawah, you are here making the decisive one here at medinah. how did you feel standing over that putt? >> i don't know. it's a feeling that i never had before. on friday, i sat down and talked a little bit about the ryder cup because my attitude was not the right one, but now, after that match today and steve, i know how important the ryder cup became and is for olazabal and had so much just to sit down and talk about it. >> you've won a major championship and now, a ryder
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cup for your side over europe. how do you compare those two feelings? >> it's a completely different level. i mean, my voice almost gone. the major was just for myself, but you can see the guys grabbed me. my brother was here, my father was here. it's so much more behind it and now, i know how really feels to win the ryder cup. >> congratulations. >> jimmy, over to you. >> with captain davis love. i can't imagine 24 hours ago, you would have thought you were in this situation. knowing what you know now, would you have done anything different? not only this week, but your selections? >> no, they played great. knowing this is a great team, we had a great week. we played together as a team and today, you know, we said we wanted to win every segment and got a halve out of a couple of them and got beat badly in this
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one. anytime you lose a segment that badly, t going to cost you the ryder cup. >> you played on that 1999 ryder cup team. how big a comeback do you think this is on their behalf? >> exactly the same. they came back and won and you know, give them a lot of credit. they played very, very well. had a couple of hot streaks the first two days. ian's hot streak at the end there. they built on that. we tried to stay. if we can get a run early and the guys that started hot the first couple of days did not start hot today. like i said, a couple of matches there in the middle got flipped. we knew we were going to put stricker and woods in the back just in case and they obviously fought hard, stayed in it all the way, but once those guys got the momentum, that was tough. >> you've been gracious all week long. thank you very much for your time. >> again, what makes this comeback which matches the u.s.
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comeback in '99 even more impressive is the fact they got it done here in the united states. americans were on their home soil at brookline. this was a monumental effort and i cannot think that the difference that poulter made late yesterday with those five straight birdies just propelled them into the final day. >> the u.s. played so poorly on 17 and 18. just a sort of earned the loss. they really did. just 17 and 18 today, just two wins for the u.s. eight wins for europe and three halves and that was the difference. 17 and 18. >> words from olazabal last night were i still believe. crenshaw had the feeling and olazabal's belief came true. >> a lot of seve.
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>> molinari for birdie. >> tiger woods now trying to figure out how to chip that one in. got relief from the sprinklers he was standing on. dropped it behind was a good lie. this is one he definitely could make. >> seven ryder cups now for tiger an as you said, johnny, just one win. that miracle win at the country club.
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drifts just outside molinari's mark. >> yeah, i'm a little surprised that they're not going to do something like that. but still, something on the line, so i guess you got to play. >> he's thinking about it. olazabal was in that decisive match against just leonard 13 years ago at 17 when he poured in the bomb.
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>> got to be inside left on this one, just a little bit up the hill firm. >> pretty much on the fault line, but pretty easy putt. >> probably be the last putt struck this week. >> so that is it.
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match is halved. so there's the final board. 14.5. 13.5. europe. just the seventh final day comeback in ryder cup history and matches the greatest ever. there were some key shots down the stretch that enabled europe to hang on to the cup. and again, johnny, these last two holes went europe's way. justin rose was huge. had the big putt at 17 and another one at 18.
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>> and this was amazing finish. the bomb at 17 by rose. >> a 1-up win for rose and then furyk with a miss. missing two of them on 17, 18. same putt. >> that cost a half point as garcia. and then martin kaymer at 18. to retain it. >> nobody happen. >> so, after raucous roars most of the week at medinah, the only chants you hear right now -- >> it's stunning. that's what it is. surreal. sort of composing what i just saw because so many things had to happen for europe to do what
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they did today. it wasn't just all in the good play of europe. it was the faltering by u.s. side that allowed this to even happen. they had a pretty good day, it was a done deal. >> the last 12 matches was an avalanche that buried the the americans. they were outscored. big time. >> to do it in front of the amazing fans r this were here in chicago this week, probably a quarter of a million fans were on these grounds this week and you know, just incredible they were able to overcome all that energy from these great fans here and do what they did. >> again, a 10-4 lead by the united states in the first 14 matches was turned around. the final back half of the 14
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matches, europe outscored the u.s. 10.5 to 3.5. >> you got to look at mr. poulter. ian poulter was the guy. he's the one who did what he did last evening and then again today. he just, there he is right there. what a ryder cup. what a ryder cup for ian poulter. now, 12-3, poulter and among the participants who played at least 15 a matches, that's the best individual record in ryder cup history. let's go down to steve. >> dan, thank you. lee westwood giving a hug to the winning captain. 13 years ago at brookline, you were on the receiving end of a dramatic moment when justin leonard made a putt against you on the 17th hole. that propelled the u.s. to come
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back from a 10-6 deficit. today, you guys come back. what does this mean to you? >> not just for me, but for the all of europe, for one that remain for my four vice captains and that band, i don't know which side. this one is for all of you. >> you told me this morning that you felt seve in the team room last night. you felt that he could propel you guys to a victory today. how was his presence felt this afternoon? >> well, seve will always be present with this team. he was a big factor for this event. for the europe side. and last night when we were having that meeting, i think the boys knew that believing was the most important thing and i think they did. >> you've won a couple of major


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