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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ >> back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning. we've been listening to the beautiful sounds of jackie evancho who has a new album out. hope you check it out. >> david loves that song. >> i love that song. >> want to do what you were just doing a few minutes ago. reaching towards the sky. >> just a beautiful -- better with the music. anyway. >> he was doing basically a
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dancing interpretation. >> it's one of those -- >> it's an ear worm, in the control room, you know what that song is? driving david crazy. >> googling it. we'll get back to you. >> thank you. >> also coming up this morning, an international icon, a total superstar. he's just 3 1/2 years old and always will be. elmo is here, and he's going to take part of our "take 3" this morning. >> oh, fantastic. coming up with the cooler weather, it's a good time to warm up your home. we have some autumn touches. lifestyle expert colin cowie with big changes. >> i love you david. you crack me up. >> that was sincere. >> i really mean it. >> remember at the end when he shows the thing. >> deborah's favorite movie. in our diet sos, joy bauer will be answering your questions
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about blood pressure and diet. she's going to tell you which foods help lower your numbers and more importantly which foods to avoid. >> all right, cool. looking forward to all of that. let's check in with natalie morales over at the news desk. >> good morning, savannah, david and al. good morning, everyone. both candidates had hunkered down to prepare for their first debate on wednesday. president obama and republican rival mitt romney have honed their skills with more mock debates than any other candidates in recent years. romney campaigns in denver today while the president makes appearances in las vegas. meantime, the most closely watched senate race in the nation is heating up in massachusetts. republican scott brown and democratic rival elizabeth warren faced off in their first debate last night. the faa is investigating why passenger seats came loose on three different american airlines flights. the latest incident happened monday aboard a new york to miami flight. on saturday a similar problem forced a boston to miami flight to make an emergency landing and american says that same plane
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was involved in a loose seat incident last week which they thought had been fixed. fortunately no one on the flights was hurt. both of the boeing 757s involved had recently gone through maintenance that involved moving the seats. american says there could be a problem with the way the seats fit into the tracks on the floor. a u.s. special forces soldier has died this morning in afghanistan. the service member was killed in an ied attack in the country's south. a shooting this morning south of tucson, arizona, has left one border patrol agent dead and another wounded. the fbi is investigating. the area is known as a major drug smuggling corridor. six crew members have been arrested after a boat and a ferry collided in hong kong, killing at least 38 people as they headed to a holiday fireworks display. it's hong kong's worst accident in more than 15 years. the ferry did not sink and finished its journey after the collision. more than 100 people were rescued from the sinking boat and search and rescue efforts are still under way.
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a recall of peanut butter is expanding to other nut products, including almond and cashew butters among others after new mexico-based sunderland, inc was linked to several cases of sergio vieira de mello. sold at trader joe's, target foods and safeway. for more information, head to our website, it's a girl for drew barrymore and her art consultant husband will kopelman. baby olive barrymore kopelman was born last wednesday is welcomed by the whole family and yahoo! ceo has a new baby to welcome. the 37-year-old says she plans to work from home very briefly before returning to yahoo! headquarters within one to two weeks. play time is never boring
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with a 450-pound bengal tiger at wildlife park in arizona. the 12-year-old cat likes to go swimming with trainer jeff harwell. jeff jumps into the water and the tiger slashes in right behind mimicking the behavior of tigers in the wild going after their prey. as long as the prey is not the trainer. five minutes after the hour. let's go back outside to al with a check of the weather. actually inside. >> it's a great trick, but can i only do it once. anyway, let's see what's going on. any time you can get a daffy duck line in. got a risk of severe storms from tennessee and west virginia, all the way into ohio. possibility of isolated tornadoes and a lot of rain. you can see making its way up from florida all the way into the northeast. rainfall amounts about 1 to 2 inches of rain out west. talking about high fire danger. red flag warnings and fire weather warnings because of hot weather, dry weather, very little in the way of humidity. temperatures will be in the 80s to 100s throughout much of
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>> good morning. we will deal put some rain on this tuesday. it will be off and on. it will be kind of mild. time now for today's "take 3" where the three of us give our take on threet topics that have caught our attention. though usually we have four and our special guest today is elmo. >> yay. you play such really good music >> you like it? >> you're grooving to it. you like to dance, elmo? >> elmo loves to dance. >> oh. >> and you wore the right color
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today, too. >> i know. we're twins. we match. >> and elmo you're going to be doing something different on "sesame street." >> called "elmo the music a." ♪ imagine a story ♪ we'll make it up ♪ boom shaka lakha ♪ it's elmo the musical ♪ on with the musical ♪ let's get on with the show >> wow. >> boom shaka lackak- >> boom shaka lacka baby. >> doing math with the gets? >> doing s.t.e.avenue. m. >> science, technology, engineering, art and math. >> hey, do you do "gangnam
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style." >> what does that mean? >> gangnam sfooil? >> psy. the horse dance. >> the horse dance. >> you got it. >> like that. >> there we go. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. ♪ >> almost as good as david gregory. >> you name, it elmo can do it. >> there we go. >> that was fantastic. >> let's talk about -- did you read the "new york times." >> yeah, "new york times." there's an article that the word really is overused. >> really? >> really. >> really. >> a whole article devoted to, that really? >> really. >> it used to be kind of like that's surprising, but now it's that snarky really? >> really. >> really. >> it has been overused. by the writers and shows to make that kind of funny turn. it has been a little overused. what are some other -- i'm actually thinking of like, you know, like. >> like, and, you know, i'm a
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complete offender. >> seriously. >> serious ly. >> really? >> what words are overused? >> elmo loves overusing love. >> oh. >> you can't overuse that word. >> you can't overuse it too much. >> and hug, too. >> oh, so sweet. >> unless you're talking about david gregory. >> makeup on elmo's eyebrows. >> let me get that off. >> wipe it right on the couch. >> a good thing you didn't hug savannah. might get a fake eyelash on there, too. >> if david had been sitting here, you would have hugged his waist. >> so great. >> do we think really is overused? >> really, i think so. >> gotten to the point where, you know, it's not so funny anymore. >> not so much. that's another one overused. >> not so much. >> not so much, right, elmo?
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>> okay. >> you have a -- i want to go tock kcom si, com sa. >> very deep thoughts for elmo. >> elmo has fur on already. ready for winter. >> keep your fur on, elmo. just advising, okay. >> okay. >> but apparently they are going to start naming blizzards. >> the weather channel, they are going to start naming storms like they do with hurricanes and these are some of the names, athena, brutus, draco and gandolf, a lot of nerds. >> yogi, zeus. >> hey, boo-boar, got a heck of a storm. >> what's the purpose, just to keep track of them? >> so people feel the same intensity and urgency about winter storms which can cause as
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much damage. >> it's a ratings ploy. >> who does the naming? >> a select group at the weather channel that i'm not a part of. >> no storm elmo. >> that would be not great. >> how do you feel about cookies? >> i have a friend that really loves cookies. >> actually there's a contest from first ladies and first lady candidates so ann romney's cookies on the left here. >> yeah. >> and michelle obama's cookies on the right. >> "family circle" presidential bakoff. >> do it every presidential year, and usually historically every cookie that has won, whoever invented the recipe, then went on to be in the white house. >> the one exception was cindy mccain. her butterscotch cookies won. >> elmo, you ready to make some crumbs. >> who won this time? >> we do know. >> michelle obama's white and dark chocolate chip cookies and ann romney's m & m cookies.
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>> michelle obama's cookies won 51.5% of the vote. >> that's for you. >> i'm going to vote here. >> want another. >> i have to say -- the white and dark chocolate chip cookie are mint and i'm not a mint chocolate chipper so i do like ann romney. >> elmos, what do you think? >> save one for me. >> so much for the rest of us. >> so much for cookie monster. >> we know howell mow feels. >> elmo, thank you so much. >> want another plate of cookies? >> just as a reminder, as halloween approaches, submit your best photos of your pet in costume at may air some of them on friday when we're having a halloween pet parade. al and natalie, the dogs are coming out. >> dogs are coming out. ♪ who let the dogs out >> a reminder, "elmo the musical" on "sesame street."
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♪ [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good driving can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. this morning on "today's home," revamping your living room. lifestyle expert colin cowie is here with beautiful tips to transform any safe. >> we have exactly four minutes and we'll transform this space
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right here. our living room. >> from summer casual to glamorous fall. >> first, the rug? >> won't get us through the rest of the year. want a nice big shot of glamour. move the coffee table. very simple and clean and very summery. >> come back a new way around. >> roll this up. i love strikes. really beautiful in graphic. >> nice print underneath. >> find incredible beautiful stripes at crate & barrel and ikea, $150. >> okay. next thing we're going to get rid of the pillows. >> also very summery. >> love the shot of color. what's working right now sem rald green. this is kind of a teal emerald green. >> pretty. >> and an essie switch and in s inexpensive one, too. >> bringing in color over here so these are all the wintry ideas. >> okay.
9:18 am
beautiful emerald green which is the color du jour. >> warms up the space. >> and the lamp shade is an easy way to change out the look. >> i found this $100 lamp. how we reinvent it had completely. do it yourself. spray painted this green. >> wow. >> put some gold on the inside of the shade. >> that's pretty. >> black and white fabric around it and voila, a really, really beautiful lamp. >> okay to pair it with the rug and the stripes. >> play on the different stripes now. >> okay. >> the next thing we do is take the coffee table and give it a great invention. >> need a couple of hand some crew members. >> found in every home. >> thanks, guys. >> what we did here. >> there is our table underneath. >> the mirror is really, really big so the idea of a mereored coffee table. love this pared with a couple of seasonal items. >> before bananas and lemons and now to pears.
9:19 am
>> beautiful pear fragrant candle and -- >> i like how you pick up the emerald and the gold in here, too, right. >> coffee books. >> okay. >> a couple of books and have yourself a great makeover as we go from drab to fab. >> don't forget to use all five senses when you're redoing your room so you really like the idea of incorporating the candles. >> incorporating the candles, fruit, fragrance, candy, and don't forget the wardrobe, things that make you look glamorous in your own living room. >> did it under in four minutes but you did have some help. >> i did have some help. >> thanks for doing that. coming up next, finding the right college for your kids, but first these messages. ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ i love ya ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah [ female announcer ] introducing new special k popcorn chips.
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correspondent sat down with mick jagger and keith richards separately asking them questions, and they got shockingly different answers. part of a new video-enhanced e-book from nbc publishing called "mick and keith, never stop." elliot, welcome back. >> great to have you here. >> great to be here with you. a day i dreamt never would happen. it's great. >> you spent years basically itting on incredible footage. >> yes. >> and great, great memories from your career interviewing the stones, among many others. tell me about your favorite memories with mick and keith. >> well, just to be with mick and keith is extraordinary, i mean, to have the chance to actually sit with them, and then to have the chance to go back and revisit this archive, be able to use the footage which is available today at your itunes book store right here on this fantastic new ipad, but the chance to sit down with your rock 'n' roll heros and actually talk to them is every fan's dream come true. >> and they had very different
9:24 am
viewpoints, very different things to say. we got a clip here. let's take a look. >> when "satisfaction" was written, did you guys have any hint at all that it would be the powerful song that it turned into? >> we really thought it was silly. >> yeah. >> and did you intend to be an old rock 'n' roller on the stage, 70s, 75s? are we going -- >> i can't even think about it. >> would you like to be a rolling stone in 25 years? >> i'd like to playing. whether i can stand that bunch for all that time, i don't know. >> wow. >> 25 years ago, that's before the book. but we love them. they are like brothers. >> yeah. >> and when they get together, it's not about the gossip, it's about the music fundamentally. >> which is terrific. >> at end of the day. >> thanks so much. >> itunes book store. >> great having you back here. back after your local news coming up right after this. are now 90 calories each.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> we expect off and on rainshowers to last all the way through this evening. not a steady rain. it will be off and on. high temperatures expected in the mid-70's this afternoon. if you like a summer weather, a little break on wednesday and thursday. high temperatures sneak up
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♪ that is the one direction mega hit "what makes you beautiful" reinterpreted by the piano guys. five dads from utah racked up 145 million hits online with their pop mashup, and tomorrow they will be here live on "today." i'm excited about this. i love this. fantast fantastic. >> maybe a singer. any volunteers. >> savannah, you've got the voice. >> that's called an instrumental. >> exactly. >> for a reason. >> i'm natalie morales along with savannah guthrie who can sing and al roker. coming up, getting your kids to
9:31 am
have fun with learning. >> award-winning educational toys from science, to reading and math and construction toys, something for every kid to love and more importantly as a parent you're going to love the price tag. and while we talk about education, we want to help you and your high schooler find the perfect fit when it comes to college. we've got some helpful advice on pairing the right school with your child's interests. >> all right. in our diet sos, nutritionist joy bauer will be here to answer questions about your diet and high blood pressure from chocolate and garlic to hibiscus tea. numbers to lower your numbers. >> chocolate, that's good. ever wondered what it's like to travel on air force one. tonight on the travel channel nbc's peter alexander shows you just what it's like to travel like the president, from the plane, to the motorcade, to the waldorf astoria hotel here in new york, where every president since herbert hoover has stayed, all part of a new limited series called travel like, and you can catch travel like a president tonight on the travel channel at
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8:00 eastern. >> i've always wondered what that hotel suite looks like and now i guess we'll find out. >> how you roll like potus. >> it would be nice. >> not too slouchy. how about a check of the weather. >> first of all, for today, we've got a risk of some strong storms in the ohio river valley, especially up towards ohio. western two-thirds of the country windy but sunshine throughout the plains, and hot throughout the southwest again tomorrow into texas. a little on the chilly side with snow in western montana. sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard with a few hit or miss showers and thunderstorms. >> good morning. we will deal with a little bit of rain today appeared showers but with as off and on through
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> al. thank you. coming up next, toys that teach your kids to love right after this. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. serve the world's best-tasting chicken. t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. preparation complete... 3... 2...1... taste for yourself why fresh is better. mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded premium breast meat original recipe bites today.
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[ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus, it's the card for people who like more cash. [ italian accent ] 50% more dough! what's in your wallet? red raspberries, and blackberries from the northwest a rich and delicious array of flavors. found here in smucker's orchard's finest preserves. the best fruit from the best places. this morning on "parenting today," toys that teach. for kids having a hard time with science and following directions, we've got
9:36 am
educational award-winners they can learn from. "today" contributor stephanie oppenheim is from good morning. >> good to see you, al. >> kids can be learning and having fun at the same time. >> absolutely. year of the 2012 list of the toy portfolio, and today we're focusing on educational toys, and the idea is they have to be fun, otherwise no one is going to play with them. >> leap pad 2. >> the kids gave the highest marks, graphics very discertain. two bit built-in cameras, a video camera. the parents have no long her to share their own ipad. can you choose from their library of apps so you can customize it to match your child's academic needs, and as they go change to apps that are on it. really designed for kids. >> deejay rock dot. >> from smart lab. one of the coolest science kits in a longtime. building the circuitry to make the speakers, and you have two different cases to put your mp-3 player in, and then it's playing
9:37 am
some music. it's actually the leapfrog that's making some noise, but it's -- the box from the laws of physics actually make it louder which is really cool. >> cool. >> now another example -- enough music. >> thank you, al. >> another lesson in circuits from laser pegs. love these sets. about $20, making them more accessible. build the models to their specs or open-ended for kids with special needs. >> jigsaw puzzles. >> one of the best uses of apps. some did not fare well but this one really works. ravens burger puzzle. build this 1,000-piece puzzle. this is something you'll want to do together, and look what happens. when he -- when he puts the ipad on the puzzle, different aspects
9:38 am
of the puzzle come to life. >> that's very, very -- >> cool. >> my son down there loves when i say lego "star wars," educational, bring them home. that's true of all construction toys on our list, because kids are learning how to follow directions. working on their fine motor skills. spacial relations. >> this is a submarine, and our kids love it. >> this is the "gangnam style"? >> the gungun sub. >> love the cultural references there. >> really cool pieces. love to work on this. i have to tell you, this is lego friends which are designed for girls. at the toy portfolio over the years, we don't usually like gender-specific building things, but our toy testers won out here. they told us this really rocks because girls build -- 20th anniversary of knex and that one is really fun to build for
9:39 am
intermediate builders. math, need to make it fun. this is a wonderful game. strategy games, turnstile, really make the girls think. willie's wiggly web from peaceable kingdom. working on strategy. cult the bugs down from the web, not cutting down the spider. directionality in it as well. >> got a guy tar. >> a lot of kids are not getting arts and music and this is from a beautiful french company. water colors and wonderful paper supplies, fine motor skills that work and also their creativity. >> great stuff from art, to science, to math. that's great. stephanie oppenheim, that's great. all the information on our website, controlling high blood pressure with diet. that's up next after these messages. ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪
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sending out an sos ♪ >> this morning on joy's diet sos all about lowering your blood pressure today. should you use medication, or will changing your diet do the trick? here to answer your questions is "today" contributor joy bauer, registered dietician and nutritionist. joy, good morning. >> hi, natalie. >> lots of really good questions. let's get right to it. first from namy in montgomery, alabama. joins us live via skype. good morning, naomi. how are you? >> good morning, i'm good. >> what's your question for joy? >> ever since i was a teen i've had borderline blood pressure. i'm now 28, and my numbers are in the upper 130s and upper 80s. my doctor put me on a blood pressure bill. >> okay. i think -- we're losing your audio there, naomi, but i think you were saying you're on a
9:44 am
low-dose medication for this and also revealed in her mail that she's a little bit overweight so she's worried about whether or not, you know, to start taking the medication or if she should worry about losing the weight. >> okay. what i think that you need to know first off, if you start the medication, you can always get off the medication at any point, as long as your doctor feels like your numbers are normalized and everything is going smooth so don't be afraid of that in terms of starting the medication, we know if you lose just ten pounds, you can dramatically drive down your blood pressure numbers. so what i would tell you to do is if your doctor is recommending this low-bows medication, start it, and then let him or her know that your game plan ultimately is to start eating smart, exercising, try to lose ten pounds and get yourself off of that medication, and if you start doing all those things today, i am betting you probably can be medicine-free in the near future. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> thanks, naomi. sorry we lost your audio there.
9:45 am
okay. next question comes from sue. she's on the phone with us in new york. good morning, sue. what's your question for joy? >> good morning. hi, joy. i recently lost 29 pound, and i'm just wondering how i can lower my blood pressure naturally through diet. >> great start. >> you already did one of the most effective things to do to drive down the numbers. >> thank you. >> of course, you want to pull back on sodium and salt in your diet and get out there and exercise as much as you can. there's also some natural things that you can add into your diet that can help you tremendously. the first is you want to eat as many potassium-rich foods as possible. we know that sodium drives up the blood pressure, but potassium drives down your blood pressure. so those are things like dark green vegetables, spinach and kale and swiss charred, potatoes, just not fried, white or sweet. beans, lentils and even bananas. another thing you want to do is you want to drink two cups of
9:46 am
hibiscus tea because there's compound in this tea that can help normalize and lower your blood pressure, and lastly i would say we featured this research on the healthy bite series just last week and we now know yogurt can help normalize blood pressure numbers so if you like yogurt, non-fat or low-fat, with breakfast or afternoon snack, it will really help you and hopefully you like dark chocolate, too, because that works. >> okay, great. >> hibiscus tea, i did not know that. >> pretty cool. >> we have tania fortt orange, florida. hi, good morning. >> hi, good morning, joy. >> i've always heard that garlic will help lower your blood pressure is this true or false? >> it's true. >> impressive. >> there are so many bioactive compounds in garlic that could help to drive down those numbers, so if you want, it sort of use it as a medicinal thing. try to incorporate one clove or a quarter teaspoon of garlic
9:47 am
powder into each and every day. do it raw and cooked because some of those compounds are heat sensitive so just mix it up a little bit, and if you go for the supplements, just talk with your doctor first because they have blood-thing effects, and you want to make sure they are safe for you. >> oh, all right. thanks very much. >> we love garlic and also buy a pack of breath mints to go along with the garlic. >> last question. i was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. i like salads but would like to find a salad dressing that is low in salt and fat but still tasty. >> there are three good brands to know about. the first is called wild thymes. >> really good. >> cindy's kitchen and also anne's, and check all the different flavors that you have, because some are as low as zero milligrams of sodium. not in the regular supermarket, order them online or go to a health foods store or make your own. take a mason jar and do two
9:48 am
parts of vinegar to one part oil, because that's going to drive down the callry, and then add in any no-salt seasoning or take the easy way out and use the mrs. dash seasoning blend, shake it up and there you go. >> joy bauer, great, craig segment. >> thank you. >> coming up next, your kid and college, finding the right fit, but first this is "today" on nbc. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
9:49 am
number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need...
9:50 am
on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. this morning on "today's classroom," finding a college that suits your kids' specific interests. here with advice is cat cohen, a college counsellor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> got a great list, really varied. how did you pick the colleges on this list. >> first of all, so many great schools that can fit each of the categories. i chose schools based on diversity, affordability,
9:51 am
selectivity and geography. >> let's get started. first of all, kids who are work-minded. great schools on this list. >> right. >> when you say work-minded, what do you mean? >> schools are great-for-work -- minded kids, for example, northeastern. 90% of those students participate in their co-op program, and what this is when students alternate semester between academic study and full-time employment, so for most kids this is actually a five-year school. by the time they graduate they could have up to 18 months of professional work experience, and three co-op jobs, and in a tough job market, that -- >> that gives you an edge. >> absolutely. >> down to florida, university of florida. they have one of the best career resource centers, and they not only help current students but also alumni with the right tools and advice to help them get their dream job. >> once you've moved on they are still helping you. >> exactly. >> helping with everything in terms of mapping out your whole career. helping you choose a major to helping you negotiate a salary. >> r.i.pi, rensselaer polytech
9:52 am
neck. >> great for engineers, major companies boeing and apple recruit and ranked number 20 in return on investment. some of the graduates have some of the highest entry level salaries at just over $60,000. >> student who loves the outdoors. got some choices there. >> absolutely. for example, university of colorado, boulder. if you love skiing and snowboarding, this is the school for you. >> can you major in that? >> can't major in it, although they have the largest skiing and snowboarding club in the world, and it's within a two-hour drive of eight amazing ski resorts. >> another great location, the university of california at santa barbara. >> yes. ucsb, fabulous for sand and surf. located on 1,055 acres of the california coast, and it's just above the cliffs on black's beach which is known to be one
9:53 am
of the most challenging and popular surf spots. plus, it's a great school for students who want to study the outdoors. with the pacific ocean and the school's land and water reserves, they act almost like an outdoor laboratory for students who want to study aquatic biology. >> that's pretty cool. finally, indiana university in bloomington. >> for students interested in the outdoors, can actually take skills courses for college credit, so i love this. take wilderness survival or ice climbing for college credit. cuisine up for a bunch of adventure trips, and "sports illustrated" on campus voted bloomington one of the top ten college towns for sports. it's also they have a 2,000-acre campus which is perfect for biking, and they host the little 500 every year, the nation's biggest college bike race. >> love this next category. schools for students who want to live the good life. i think most parents would say that's -- you're already doing that. >> exactly. >> well, gw, george washington university is one of those schools. about 75% of the students live
9:54 am
on campus, in the foggy bottom or mt. vernon neighborhoods, and many of the dorms have balconies that show those breathtaking views of the dc skyline and two dorms to highlight here. one for students interested in green living that has motion-centered lighting and toto, low volume toilets, very fancy, and another one is a converted hotel with marble bathrooms, designer kitchens and also an outdoor pool. not too shabby. >> nice. kansas city university. >> ksu, 668-acre campus offers many unique amenities, including a golf course. they have beach volleyball courts, a dairy bar, multiple gardens, and there's lots of different ways to live here between residential halls, apartment buildings, townhouses. many of which have billiards rooms and viewing rooms, and also the ras on this campus always get high marks. >> davidson university, what's the highlight there? >> moms, listen up.
9:55 am
worried about sending kids off to college and wearing the same clothes won't be doing that at davidson. have full-service laundry for free and alterations and dry cleaning for a very minimal charge. >> so your kids don't know how to do the laundry. come out of college. >> definitely perks. >> schools fit for foodies. >> bowdoin college, a tiny school but always ranks at the top of the college food list. you can enjoy intimate restaurant-style dining, everything from sushi, to mussels, to a salad bar that has fruits and vegetables from their own campus garden. >> wow. >> oregon state. >> oregon state, they listen to their kids there. student wrote a column bemoaning the lack of chicken on campus and the head of dining put buffalo chicken wraps on every single menu. >> and rounding it out, johnson-and-wales. >> if you want to study the culinary field. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up next.
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