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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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outside with john. it's nice but things are going to be changing. >> it's nice this morning, a beautiful day yesterday. but autumn is gonna come down around our ears here. there's a front out to the west that's coming in. it's not just a cold front. it's a very cold front. it will drop our temperatures about 20 degrees. now t front itself is moving into allegheny county. there are a few sprinkles running out ahead of the front. you can see that mostly in that panhandle area of west virginia right now to the southwest of hagers town. it's moving east. this front isn't going to have much moisture with it. we'll pick up some clouds. could see a sprinkle or shower that's moving through. but it will get your attention this evening. it will get a little breezy. temperatures will begin to fall. the fog will continue tonight. tomorrow we won't recover. i'll detail what's going to happen with the insta weather plus forecast in just a few minutes.
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the baltimore orioles back in town where their cinderella story will continue. the o's beat the texas rangers by a score of 5-1. we have team coverage this morning. we're going to begin with a look at the highlights from jerry sandusky. >> orioles magic extends now to the american league division series. the orioles win the first ever american league wild card game as they knock off the texas rangers last night 5-1 at the rangers ball park in arlington. buck showalter saw his team deliver with tremendous poise. first inning. j.j. hardy with the single. the o's have the lead in the first ever wild card game. third inning, pitching duel emerging. joe saunders ponl gave up one run. struck out josh hamilton. fifth inning hugh darvish equally impressive, striking out
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manny machado. game still tied at one. orioles continuing to show clutch hitting. and this time it's mcclout with the rbi brings in andino. they tack on two insurance runs. rangers made it dramatic, loading the bases in the ninth. johnson shut the door. orioles advance beating the rangers 5-1. now the orioles turn their attention to the new york yankees and the start of the american league division series. game one sunday night 6:15 at camden yards. games one and two will be at camden yards. games three, four and five if needed at yankee stadium. it all gets under way at 6:15. a spectacular sunday setting up for the ravens at 1. the oral at the yard at 6:15. i'm jerry sandusky. with news like that, i suspect all of our weekends are off to a fantastic start. >> happen by but tired fans this morning, too.
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it was a win 15 years in the making fp teams couldn't be happier. that was definitely evident last night. so happy for these guys. pete gilbert takes us inside all the messy fun that was had by the o's players and staff following their big win. >> please forgive my appearance, my smell. you might even be able to smell me back in baltimore after coming out of the orioles club house. that was quite the celebration. champagne and beer flowing. they finally had chance to celebrate a post season victory. it's been 15 years since they won a game in the playoffs. the champagne celebration, something special. >> watching the orioles come into games as a kid. to give them playoff baseball, you know, and, you know, it's a special feeling. i can't explain it. >> something you dream of when you're a little kid. even now, it's awesome. awesome to be here. it sucks to not be part of it
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physically. mentally i'm here. i love watching these guys play. i battled with them all year. i'm happy for them. happy for the organization. happy for all the fans. >> the orioles t owners, the fans, the players, i mean, hats off to everybody. and this is a young team. >> can't last very long. sunday at home against the yankees to kick off a division series. there will be playoff baseball at camden yards. that is a squad that cannot wait for it. at the ball park in arlington, wbal, tv 11 sports. >> the o's big win is more than cause for celebration in baltimore. hollers could be heard all night long. they're picking right back up this morning. let's turn things over to rob who is live in south point this morning. how are the fans feeling, rob by? >> they're a little tired, the fans are, but a lot of smiles
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and a lot of orange. we're in front of jimmy's here. fells point festival today. a few fans came by. good morning. that was some game, wasn't it? >> that was a great game. lot of people doubted buck's choice of saunders. but he came out strong and o's are in the playoffs officially now. >> boishg it's unbelievable. been a long time coming. >> long time. this really makes baltimore proud. it's orgasmic. >> we talk about buck's decisions. i don't see any decision he's made incorrectly. the guy knows what he's doing. >> no sense even questioning him. he's a genius. we were all thinking about it all day yesterday what he was going to do. and he did the right thing. >> when they won the last time josh was 2 years old. what do you think? >> i'm glad i'll be here for the history this time. >> yeah. >> great game. i worked late last night, got home and found out the orioles
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won. go orioles. >> welsh it is exciting for baseball fans and everybody here in baltimore for the o's to win. lot of orange. go o's. going after the yanks. >> right. >> all right. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> all right. you found some die hard fans there. thank you. a drop in the unemployment rate is giving president obama some ammunition to recover from what some are calling a weak debate performance. for the first time in his presidency, the jobless rate is below 8%. danielle lee has more on how both campaigns are using those numbers to their advantage in this morning's commitment 2012. >> at a rally in virginia, a smiling president obama took full advantage of september's job report. >> more americans entered the work force. more are getting jobbed. >> the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, marking the first time it had been below 8% in his presidency.
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>> today's news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. >> political points is what mitt romney was going for while talking to voters in virginia. >> the president calls his policies going forward. i call them forewarned. >> the unemployment rate fell because people gave up. >> when i'm president of the united states -- that unemployment rate is going to come down not because people are giving up and dropping out of the work force. we're creating more jobs. >> on social media, some conservatives accuse the obama administration of doctoring the jobs numbers. jack welch wrote, unbelievable job numbers. the chicago guys will do anything, can't debate? they'll change the numbers. >> it's lead yous to hear that statement. >> the secretary of labor denies any political motivation, saying the numbers are real. so while romney launches tv ads promising to do better than president obama. >> i have a detailed floon create 12 million new jobs.
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>> obama is celebrating this report. >> this country has come to far. >> a bench mark proves america is on the right track. >> economists say the number of new jobs being created is still not enough to significantly lower the unemployment rate. the next jobs report comes out four days before the election. danielle lee. >> 66 degrees at the airport. dining out can be tough on a budget. baltimore magazine has a list of the top 25 places to get a meal for under $40. if pumpkin spice latte your thing during the fall? could be out of luck. details on a possible pumpkin shortage after the break. cold front's coming in. could generate a little rain. that's not tissue of this cold front. it's the cold part. insta weather plus forecast is just ahead.
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>> radar and satellite imagery in motion. we picked up a few clouds as far east of the bay. most of the clouds are still west of us fp front is in allegheny county. very limited with this. most of it's up in pennsylvania, new york state. so this front's going to go through -- i'm not going to guarantee it will go through dry, but any showers may be fairly insignificant when this thing approaches the bay. mite only amount to sprinkles or nothing where you are. you will notice a drop in temperatures.
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beautiful morning. 66 at the airport and the inner harbor. 78% the humidity. that doesn't tell the whole story. dew point's been down in the 50s. atmosphere's pretty dry. that makes it harder to squeeze any rain out of the atmosphere when it comes through. 29.85 the barometer continues to fall now as that front approaches. we have a southwest wind at six miles an hour. just encapsulizing the situation. temperature wise, we took a rise in temperatures last week. we hung up around 80 last week. here's today. down a little bit. still around 70, little warmer than that. we erase about 20 degrees in temperatures by tomorrow. then warmer cover immediately anyway. as far as readings are concerned. this morning we're doing all right. parkville 65. 69 edgewood. rock hall's up to 70 degrees. columbia 60. so we've taken all the 50s out of here. so really mild morning. radar satellite combination. few sprinkles around western
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maryland here, parts of pennsylvania. more significant rains are up in new york state. here's the front with that cold air coming in behind it, i mean, it's in the 40s in pittsburgh, 30s back in detroit and chicago. all up into minnesota. northern minnesota has some snow ton ground. big storm that went through there. so we're setting the stage to bring this colder air in. replace the mild stuff. you see those readings behind us. all the blue. there's the edge of the blue green line in western maryland now. 60s to 30s in only 600 miles or something like that. so our forecast today. 73 to 78. that high will be hit by midday or in the early afternoon. then we'll probably start losing some ground by late afternoon anyway. and the clouds will increase. this afternoon a shower. that may be an overstatement. only might be a sprinkle. winds come northwest about 10 to 20 miles an hour. future cast shows the front coming through 4:00 or so. maybe just east of us by then.
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disturbance south will pop some moisture our way sunday. rain chances are higher sunday. but the temperatures will be cooler. lot of clouds. so, sunday's not gonna be a very pleasant day. of course we have the o's/yankees game sunday evening. it looks like when that game starts around 6:00, we'll only be in the upper 40s. still could see lingering showers around the area at that time. more like football weather, i guess. our forecast, 76 today but only 56 tomorrow. subtract 20 degrees. by monday morning, 38 degrees. >> with those colder temperatures on the way, people across the nation are turning to their favorite fall drinks. faithful star bucks customers could be in for disappointment. wall street journal is reporting some starbucks stores are running low on the ingredients to make pumpkin spice lattes. we checked into this claim. >> on a blustery friday night in dallas -- >> the creammyness, the flavor, the robust. >> there isn't much that can come between valerie ingram and
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her pumpkin spice latte. >> i like it. >> the drink is a favorite among starbucks customers every year, but this year the brew stirred up some big buzz. according to an article in "wall street journal" so many people are wanting it, many stores are running out of the special sauce that gives the drink that spicy autumn flavor. >> i like it a lot. really and truly if they ran out, i would cry. >> the shortage has the twitter universe up in arms, leaving some shouting fall is ruined! there's a pumpkin latte shortage at starbucks. while some java lovers say not having that pumpkin spice is worse than say drinking decalf. others say you got to remember, it's just coffee. it >>'s just a drink. not that serious. they're crazy. they need a live or something. >> okay. welsh starbucks said there is no scarcity of the seer rupp used to make pumpkin spice.
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where can you go and pay less than $40 for a really good meal? stick around. we're joining you with that answer and a great food. all he wanted was to bring his dog back to life. but when things went badly, we show you a review of the movie frankenweanny. plus a dog with a big orioles jersey on. you can e-mail your questions to wbal hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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you're going to tell us about some of the best gourmet places you can eat on the cheap, less than $40. you did the top 25, right? >> yes. yes. we got to go out and find these great places where you sdront to spend a fortune, but still have a nice meal and sit down, for two people. we tried to do it a little less than 40 but 40 was our bench mark. >> what a tough job you had going around eating all over the place, right? >> i know. >> sophie's and mccabe's. >> mccabe's is on our cover, which is great, of the burger here. >> i think this might be the biggest burger i have enseen over here. >> let's talk about that burger over there. >> it's local meat, so it's spring field farm. you probably hear of the mooing in baltimore county. we have chicken with asparagus and this beautiful ahi tuna salad which is terrific. >> i want to show you this. like a chicken breast but there's a wing in there. there's some beautiful asparagus. and then the ahi tuna. just presentation, always, i
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think, is about everything. look at the portion sizes. >> i know. people remember the old mccabe's. it reopened 60 years ago. they just brought in all the freshest food changeded up the menu. >> speaking of changing up the menu, take a look at these crepes. i had no idea that it would be for something other than your breakfast type food. >> beside the bacon, egg and cheese, this is a little different than usual. >> right. this is the bacon egg and cheese. this is the before. this is the after. >> there's the after. i'm gonna tilt this plate up here so you can see the before. eggs sitting on top there. look how huge these are. >> they're huge. they get wrapped. this is the classic with the ham. we have the godfather with all kinds of meat. >> looks like a meat fest. absolutely gorgeous. >> this is one of my favorites the florentine with the spinach.
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>> cool thing about the magazine is you lifted it alphabetically. >> it's an a to z list. and everything else cuisine wise in between. >> you tell people where they can find it. >> where to find it. this is on newsstands now, so they can check out the other restaurants that we visited. we're just excited to be able to do this. >> you went everywhere in the county and city. >> yes, yes. >> let's tell folks where sophie's creeps is. >> they just opened up a location in bell vee dear square. they're all located near charles theater, owens mills and another place also. >> something different than usual. >> mccabe's? >> mccabe's is in hampton. it's off the avenue. it's well going just for the atmosphere and the delicious food. >> so much fun. thank you for coming in. baltimore magazine on stands. >> on stands now. >> pick up a copy. we have answers to your pet questions when we come back.
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first here are some of the events going on around town this weekend.
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>> welcome back. joining us now to answer your pet questions is dr. hammond. dillan was just running on a treadmill a second ago. >> dillan is so excited that the o's run. he is insane. go!
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we won the game! just have fun. congratulations, by the way torque the orioles. congratulations mr. angelo. did a good job. >> this is just a puppy. >> five years old actually. >> puppy. i have seen bigger ones than this. he's a small one. >> don't listen to john. >> i thought he was just a little pup. >> he's about the size of my shoe. >> they're interesting dogs. >> they are fun dogs. >> get to some questions here. she has an 11-month-old pure bred chow. really stubborn. whines all the time no matter what she does, he's never satisfied. is there anything i can do to help the problem. chows have a personality, don't they? they're kind of tough dogs. >> they do. but a lot of that is probably inactivit inactivity. if they're whining they probably have so much energy. all dillan wants to do is have fun and play, have fun and play. probably have to provide an environment where this dog
9:26 am
really is exercised. perhaps dog day care if you're away during the day, something like that. and, you know, i mean, they just want to play. the whining -- >> it's mental exercise, too, right? >> sure. they're athletes. what i do when my dog does that i open the back door and let him run. >> let them run and sniff. >> bark at the neighbors. my neighbors are not happy. they know. i know you know. >> that's kind of an apology, i guess. it was snuck in there. >> no. i'm staying. all right. >> question two here. corina said my 1 1/2-year-old female brittany is a terrible digger ruining our back yard. how can we stop her from this aggravating habit? what are they looking for? is it escape in >> lot of dogs like to do that. i remember years ago. i haven't had this refuteed so i'm going to mention. mark katz mentioned put a small wading pool in your background
9:27 am
with a very small amount of water in it. it seems to provide these dogs an opportunity to scratch, cool themselves off
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welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. lisa has the morning off. thank you very much for joining us. i just want to mention i'm going to be at dog fest later today. it's going to benefit the baltimore humane society. are we going to be rainless out there today? >> i don't want the guarantee rainless, but pretty much so. i think most of the day will be just fine we're starting out great but some changes are coming. i can't guarantee rainless because that front could pop a shower or sprinkle or two. at the moment in maryland, it's
9:30 am
pretty dry. we'll be showing you radar in a second. these are the current temperatures out there. you can see where the cold front is. everything turns blue. 66 here, but only in the mid 40s in pittsburgh and in the mid 30s in chicago. all right? so that cooler air will be coming in behind that front. that front comes through early this afternoon really. so we'll talk about the insta weather plus forecast. details in just a second. >> our big story this morning. the yankees are coming to town tomorrow thanks to a huge 5-1 orioles win over the texas rangers. there was dancing in the streets last night as fans celebrated the orioles first post season victory in 15 years. we have team coverage of the big win all morning long. let's check back with 11 news. he is live in fells point with some o's fans.
9:31 am
how they celebrating today? >> they're having a good time. i'm inside jimmy's now. you see a lot of orange. i want to introduce you. everybody here calls him coach. 82 years old. right? what did you predict? everybody laughed at you at the beginning of the season. how many wins did you predict? >> 85. >> and they laughed at you? >> right. >> you were right and they were wrong. >> they're always wrong. but they found out. >> it's fun. >> right. >> how long you been a fan in. >> since 1936. the orioles from the days they were at 29th and green over at orioles park. >> wow. so what do you think about this team? >> very good team. it's been a good team. all we had to do was depend on the pitching and he went out and got the pitchers and the bull pen and we did well. >> thank you, mr. charlie. congratulations. you know what you're talking about. o fans are all around me.
9:32 am
what about them o's? >> great. i got two things to say. my sons when they were growing up, there was cal ripken and then there was god and then the rest of the world. >> congratulations. >> orioles win all their games and win the world series. if the ravens win all their remaining games they win the super bowl. >> hey, great city of baltimore. lot of o's magic and fans. like those o's? >> yes. >> like them? >> yep. >> who's your favorite player? >> nick markakis. >> fans are having a nice breakfast, ready for sunday. >> thanks, rob. having fun down there at jimmy's. from the birds to another animal this animal taking center stage in carroll county. we're talking about mules. the harrison mules days is an annual event that teaches the public about the farm animal but is also honoring the young man who lost his life.
9:33 am
>> these kids are getting ready to show and compete at harrison mule days at that time carroll county equestrian festival this weekend. the event features everything in celebration of the mule. >> we have classes where they're showing. we have speed classes. we have a fast trail class where we do all kinds of crazy obstacles. we have live music at night. >> the event is in its sixth year started by the harrison family after jared harrison lost his life in a farming accident in 2005 at the age of 26. jared had cherished mule named brownie. >> when he was alive we traveled around the country going to different mule shows, had a lot of fun. decided to start our own. >> jared and his cousin always talked about creating their own mule show. after he pass aid way his family
9:34 am
made sure his dream became a reality. all of the proceeds from mule days go to that fund. >> i just think when you lose someone that's really close to you, you want to figure out how you can keep his memory alive. we want the nieces and nephews out riding in the area, we want to make sure everyone still remembers him. that was a way we thought we could do that. >> mule days isn't just for people who ride in show mules. spectators are welcome to meet the animal and learn more about them. they might even get a ride on a historic stage coach pulled by draft mules. family members say jared would have enjoyed seeing this event come to life. >> he would love it. he was more of a simple guy. he would come back and enjoy it for sure. >> admission to mule days is free. for more information you can find a link on our website wbal in carroll county, wbal tv 11
9:35 am
news. time 9:34, 66 degrees at the airport. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, max is here with a review of what's new in movie theaters. but first it starts off as an uncomfortable skin problem but new studies show psoriasis could become a lot more serious. how the disorder is related now to diabetes.
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>> a cold front's coming our way. at that time moment we're on the verge of this cold front. you see the clouds associated with the front. you see some spots of green here and there. mostly just sprinkles. they come and go. the last image there between
9:38 am
schaffers town and hagers town. there are a little bit of activity there, a few sprinkles, or a light shower. that's about it. this front is not going to be known for its rain. it's going to be known for its temperature change. humidity 78%, not terribly humid for the early morning chill. 29.85, barometer's falling as the front approaches. southwest wind bringing in those relatively mild temperatures this morning running about six miles an hour. by late afternoon the temperature will be different. let's give you a look at temperatures now. mostly in the 60s to near 70. you see the green changes to blues as you get out west. mchenry 47 now. temperatures beginning to fall. we get a high this afternoon of low 70s around much of the area. maybe mid 70s in a few cases here and there. depends on how thick the clouds are. see how the greens change to blues. as we go into the evening hours
9:39 am
and overnight, the blue stuff really comes into the picture. we drop down in most cases down into the 40s for lows. we just don't recover during the day sunday. we'll pick up a few degrees and get up in the low to mid 50s. by monday morning, we're going to see a lot of 30s west of the bay like out at westminster. might even be some frost to the west. yes, the cold air is evading. rain activity much more of it showing up on the radars up in pennsylvania, new york state right now. just a few sprinkles down near the maryland/pennsylvania line. the front is now in allegheny county moving east. that wind shift will occur during the afternoon. then things will start to change. the breeze will pick up a little bit once the front goes through. small craft advisories will go out on the bay. our forecast, 73 to 78 the high. that's pretty optimistic. a shower. it's almost an overstatement. i think more like a sprinkle or
9:40 am
nothing. there's a chance with a front coming through. northwest winds about 10 to 20 miles an hour. insta weather future cast shows a much higher chance of rain sunday. disturbance to the south. throws moisture our way. so, the game could be affected by that. it will be chilly during the game with temperatures in the 40s tomorrow evening at camden yards. 40s. monday morning. 38 degrees. on the surface, seeming like completely different medical problems. there could be a liveng and doctors here in the united states are starting to take
9:41 am
notice. that red scaley itchy patch is psoriasis. >> it takes a toll on my life. it's very depressing. >> it affects 2% of the population. dr. janet lin say they have a host of other health issues they need to have their eye on, including a new one researchers are just learning about. >> psoriasis is an independent risk factor for heart disease, for stroke, for having obesity, having depression, and now they're even finding that if you have severe psoriasis, you're twice as likely to develop type ii diabetes. there was increased risk, increased with the severity of
9:42 am
psoriasis. we think that's due to inflammation in the bloodstream, the psoriasis releases the markers which increases inflammation, leading to insulin resistance and type ii diabetes. >> dr. taylor said although the risk is fairly low, they should be screened. brenda plans on it. >> i am going to start looking into the type ii diabetes. >> i think the main thing that we're learning with all of this information coming out about psoriasis, we should view it not as a skin disease but a systemic disease. it just highlights that primary care doctors and dermatologists need to work together to treat the patient as a whole. >> good morning. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> we saw that patch on her sken. the first thing i thought was a rash. how do you know it's something more? >> the most important thing is you see your dermatologist.
9:43 am
psoriasis can look like pink or red plaque on the skin that's scaley. >> that would be the first step, go to a dermatologist. >> yep. >> from there, what do you do? >> we have to do further evaluations. we know it is associated with arthritis, hypertension, obesity, as well as heart disease and stroke. now a new study is showing there's an independent risk for type ii diabetes. >> when she said it was taking a toll on her life maybe she's experiencing some other problems associated with psoriasis. >> sure. in psoriasis, for that patient, it was a small area that was covered. but really, we see everything from 1% body surface area all the way to 100% covered. it's really debilitating not in terms of symptoms but also in terms of your self-confidence and just being very self-conscious about this. >> with this connection to diabetes and potential connection, one of the things that is a medical problem associated with psoriasis is
9:44 am
heart disease. diet, exercise. what el should people be thinking about? >> you should be thinking about seeing your primary care doctor regularly. it's important to not only have a good tight and exercise but you need to have your blood pressure checked, your cholesterol levels, your weight and bmi and of course your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. >> is this genetic? >> in some part it is genetic. >> what's the treatment? >> so the treatments can start from very simple to topical creams and ointments ton skin all the way up to these drugs called biologics. >> is it helpful to know there could be a connection to diabetes. >> not only highlights that it's just a skin disease but affects your entire body. thank you. >> if you have any other questions or would like a referral call 1-800-md-mercy.
9:45 am
if you're thinking of hitting a movie this weekend, max is here with her reviews. we're going to take a look at what's driving this new dance craze. plus first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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jtshis own kids wanted to have
9:48 am
some fun. the director started with a little short film called frankenweenie, about a boy who brings his dead dog back to life. now nearly 30 years later burton's bringing that story to life. the feature film on the big screen. lots of families will surely flock to frankenweenies this weekend. you did not flock? >> i didn't. i just love the idea of tim burton. 30 years ago doing a story about a dead dog. only tim burton. >> instead you did go see taken 2. >> going to be hard to concentrate on these reviews because my orioles last night. that's what i'm talking about. but we'll focus on some reviews. cleansing breath. taken 2 is the kind of sequel that gives sequels a bad name. the first film was a surprise hit in a way.
9:49 am
so now they're just trying to wrench more money out of us. the tag line could be, it happens again. what are the odds it's happening again. liam niecen some kind of trained assassin for the government. he's now in istanbul with his family. why his family would go with him to istanbul makes no sense. let's just go back abroad. >> it worked out so well the first time. >> this is one of these films where inmrauzability piles on top of implausibleability. there's a scene where he and his wife get kidnapped and he takes out a cell phone and make the phone call. the bad guys wait for him to make his phone call before they continue. then he crashes into the american embassy, literally mowing things over. then there's three minutes where he makes another phone call. >> overall this is not a good sequel. >> no it's not.
9:50 am
all i can say if you absolutely loved the first one, you know, then this i suppose will sort of fulfill your jones for another one. otherwise, steer clear. >> skip it all together. >> you gave it how many stars? >> 1 1/2 stars. >> at least it earned the half. >> not 2 1/2 stars, 1 1/2. >> let's talk about this. >> when we were kids we had the john hughes films and they were so great. i often feel bad for today's kids that they don't have those. this is sort of like that. i have to say a little more serious than a john hughes film. it's about mystic kids finding a community together. it's about a boy named charlie. he's a freshman in high school. he's had some depression and meantal health issues. he thinks he's going to be a wall flower all year. then he finds his fellow freaks and weirdos and then discovers they are the coolest and most interesting kids in the school.
9:51 am
>> sure. >> it was nos tall jik. i think young people will relate to these characters so much. i have a few tiny little kwibls about it. i feel like it's a little self-conscious. at one point charlie says i feel infinite which strikes me as the kind of thing an adult might say looking back on their teenage years. >> how many stars? >> that one gets three big stars. >> so that would be good for teenagers. >> for sure. i really liked it a lot. quickly last week, looper is one heck of a science fiction film with bruce willis and joseph cordon. >> you would give it how many stars? >> 3 1/2 stars. one of the best of the year. >> go o's. hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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ravens set to travel healthy and rested to kansas with sunday's showdown with the chiefs. ravens heading out on the road looking for their first win ton road this season after losing their first away game in week two. this time around ray rice hope thats the outcome is significantly different than it was against the eagles. ravens learned a year ago you can't take a team with a losing record too lightly. kansas city 1-3, has struggled to start this season, but last year all foufrt -- four of the losses came to teams with losing reco records. >> they're a playoff team. not a lot has changed with the personnel there. so we know what they're capable of. that's a very dangerous team. but a lot of weapons.
9:55 am
and, you know, i never really get into a team's record. i get into every game just preparing for the opponent. >> olympic swimming champ michael phelps showing he's every bit as talented on terra firma as in the pool. in scotland at the dunhill championship, 6th hole, kings barnes course. this putt's gonna go for awhile. 153 feet. and phelps put it in the cup! took that putt as long as it takes michael phelps to swim the length of an olympic pool. and after he dropped the ball into the cup, phelps turned to the crowd and said, this sport, this game's easy. maybe for michael. i'm jerry sandusky. hope you have yourself a fantastic day. it's a dance craze that's taken the world by storm. we're talking about gangem style. thanks to the hit song, it is quickly becoming a house hold name. but why do so many people love this music even if most can't understand the words?
9:56 am
we take a look at what's driving the new fad. >> on july 15th, the korean rapper named si uploaded a music video called gangem style. it has taken the world by storm in less than three months. ♪ >> gangem style's had a huge success especially on the billboard charts. it's number one on the digital charts. it's number one on the you tube charts. and hit number 28 for the first time last week on hour charts the top 40 main stream. >> even though it is sung in korean, that doesn't stop people from listening to it. his dance moves where he pretends to ride an imaginary horse is one of the reasons high school kids love the video. >> people should learn the dance. it's awesome. >> learn the dance. you'll have the time of your life. >> even shy tyler loves doing the dance. >> every time it comes on, we're up and dancing and having a good time. by the time we have to go back on the air, sorry, guys, we've
9:57 am
been dancing. it's always a good time. love gangem style. >> but not everyone thinks this is the best song they have heard. and some are surprised that a song sung in korean could be so popular here in america. >> i think it's a little ridiculous. some of these people that are doing it, including children who are in schools, high school. they're making it popular on the radio stations combroup can't understand anything they're saying. >> but these high school students say with a catchy beat and cool dance moves tsh language of the song doesn't matter when you're having fun. >> i have no clue what he's singing about. it's just catchy. i just go ahead and dance to it. >> only need to know what he's saying. >> as everyone keeps singing, the number of hits on you tube will continue to climb. >> let's do it. >> we'll work on it. good exercise though. >> weather? >> cools down. nice today but rain tomorrow. and cold. >> all right. go o's and go ravens. that's all the time we have for now. see you back on the air tomorrow
9:58 am
morning at 5. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker...
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right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.


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