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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  October 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning, and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. lisa has the day off today. >> i'm kerry cavanaugh. we want to bask in the glorious day outside with ava. >> it's a little chilly to start you expect that this time of year and it's refreshing. >> the sun is out.
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that's all we want. >> get your chores done before the ravens game. >> a great day to be outside and do outdoor chores. we expecting temperatures to climb into the 60's by the afternoon. 56 degrees downtown, 53 at the airport and 50 in catonsville and 50 degrees in columbia, as well. the forecast for today, sunshine throughout the entire state, high temperatures near 67 degrees around baltimore, 66 for ocean city and mid 50's for the mountains. everyone gets that good dose of sunshine. a lot of sunshine in the seven-day with warmer temperatures. stay tuned. >> thank you, ava. the weather is our big story this morning. national weather service officials spent saturday on site where it's believed a tornado may have touched down in harford county. >> how can you describe this as we look at this? >> it's a mess. and i'm hoping somebody will help me clean it up. >> don alcorn of jarrettsville can chuckle about it now but
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friday night, this monster of a storm was barreling down on he and his wife's backyard full of huge trees and chickens. >> i said, you know, channel 11 is saying there's a tornado over our head and she said, really? and five minutes later, it hit. >> it was 15 terrorizing seconds of that freight train sound. 15 seconds did a lot here. >> it come real quick and swirled like a windmill going around. i ran downstairs and i was looking out here and the next thing i heard was a big boom. >> the sound of two huge trees crashing to the ground, one has two adjoining trunks. the one farthest from the house fell. >> i would assume you consider yourselves lucky to be alive? >> oh, yes because if that other half would have went instead of this half, it would have gone through the house. >> lucky everyone is ok, but at the same time unlucky.
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don's house appears to be the only one hit within miles. diana russell lives 100 yards away. >> i'm sad for him and very happy for myself. isn't that terrible? it is kind of weird. but that's how it works with the layout of the land. >> this is a strange situation. why did it dump just here and nowhere else? >> george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can stay informed any time severe weather strikes, download our free smartphone apps for insta-weather plus forecast updates and live radar, free and available for iphone, ipad and android devices. >> baltimore county police are trying to figure out what brought a car crashing through a daycare center in woodlawn. it and just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the joy of learning center near dogwood road towards woodlawn drive. investigators believe the woman was swerving to avoid another vehicle when she slammed into that building. fortunately, no one was inside at the time. but the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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officials say the daycare will be closed on monday. right now, there's no word on a damage estimate. >> a police pursuit through the streets of baltimore ended in a deadly crash. this morning, detectives are trying to piece together how it all happened. it started just before midnight friday night when drug investigators tried to stop an s.u.v. that appeared to have an armed person inside. once police were on the trail, the vehicle in question hit another vehicle and hit a tree near the intersection of broadway at biddle streets. the person behind the wheel of the s.u.v. was killed and the passenger was seriously injured. police have been doing accident reconstruction and interviewing eyewitnesses and confirm recovering a handgun and two replica guns from the s.u.v. identities of the suspects are being withheld until criminal charges are filed. and homicide detectives are searching for whoever shot and killed a 19-year-old man in east baltimore. authorities were called to the 2500 block of hoffman street just before 3:30 saturday afternoon where they found the man suffering from at least one gunshot wound.
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it's unclear whether the shooting was random or the victim was targeted. the victim's identity has not been released. >> it was an intense situation for four hours at a highrise in harbor east. emergency crews from the region to a mock terrorist attack. the urban area security initiative, a full-scale initiative to learn how quickly local emergency workers can respond to a massive terrorist attack. each first responder was given a specific role. >> when i arrived, i met with the police incident commander and what happens is the police had a bomb, the bomb -- they had several bombs, devices, and one of them exploded. at that point it becomes a fire department operation because now we have wounded civilians, structural stability to the building and possibly a fire.
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>> trying to figure out where all the patients were, who needed to be transported first, getting everybody to an area where they can be treated and figuring which hospitals had room and which hospitals were going to take which patients. >> emergency crews tell us they were able to pinpoint what they need to work on to be more efficient in the event of an act of terrorism. one the areas that needs the most improvement, patient accountability, but overall, the drill was hailed as an effective way to make sure local jurisdictions are ready to do what's needed during an attack. time now is 9:07, 47 degrees at the airport. last week marks the 25th anniversary of the stock market crash of 1987. coming up, we will speak with a financial analyst to talk about the state of the markets today. >> we will show you the special cause that brought dozens of pets out to strut their stuff in patterson park. >> beautiful sunshine continuing in baltimore today. changes in the seven-day.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with ava marie. >> good morning. we are starting you off with a look outdoors. deep blue skies over the inner harbor. 56 degrees currently downtown, 53 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. winds out of the west at the airport at 7 miles per hour. low humidity and high pressure in control. i want to show you something more active well down to the south. the tropics, something still alive. we are still in hurricane season until november 30, and in fact, we have two areas that the national hurricane center is watching currently. a possibility they could develop into something more but currently tropical waves. we have this one that has a 30% chance of developing in the next two days.
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of spin, little bit the circulation they're looking for. the one circled in red has a 60% chance of developing. it will track west but if it develops into a cyclone, could move up north, possibly a concern for cuba and florida next week. the temperatures closer to baltimore, 53 at the airport, 48 degrees, though, in gaithersburg, 48 in parkton and 46 in westminster so you can see the cooler weather right now. a lot of sunshine, hardly a cloud in the sky until you look out west thanks to an area of high pressure that causes sinking air, bringing nice weather today and tomorrow. another storm system is sitting in the plains with a warm front across nebraska and kansas that will bring warmer temperatures to the next couple of days and
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you can signed of get a sneak peek of that on the national picture. in texas, 75 degrees. in dallas, the 70's pushing into oklahoma, as well this is the warmer air that will make its way here. today, close where we should be this time of year with highs ranging from 64 to 68 degrees. a lot of sunshine in place and we expect that to last not only today but with the clear skies, into tonight, as well. it is going to be chilly, down to 47 degrees downtown. 40's as you step out into the suburbs and 39 degrees in the far northern and western suburbs. that takes us to our seven-day forecast. i talked about the warm front. you'll see that in the temperatures the next couple of days. 71 tomorrow, 73 on tuesday and mid to upper 70's wednesday to thursday. pears -- partly sunny skies each and every day. we will look forward to warmer weather. >> in the fight to end homelessness, baltimore is pulling out all the stops. in this year's event, it was the
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convention center, the journey home gala. city officials put together an event geared toward educating people about homelessness in baltimore and mobilizing them to do something about it. guests at the gala last night were guided through an imaginary street where they learned what causes people to live on the streets and what can be done it.t kai reed was a celebrity bartender at that event. wbal-tv also joining in that effort, trying understand the alarming new trend, more and more families are becoming homeless. >> that's part of what we are really trying to address now, family homelessness is a relatively new phenomenon and needs new solutions. these are the kinds of things we are trying to get our arms around. one of the ways they're trying to help, one lucky family got the keys to a new home and another big surprise, a performance by jennifer hudson. >> it was a beautiful fall day for a motorcycle ride and even
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better that it was for a good cause. the blue knights bicycle club rode from laurel to mount washington for the 10th annual toy drive to benefit the mount washington pediatric hospital. the highlight of the day for the kids, a chance to check it all out, sit on the motorcycles and bloat horn. >> patterson park was the place to be for one of baltimore's biggest dog events, bark tober fest, with the goal of raising $65,000. packed with a 5-k run, a scavenger hunt, it raises money for bark's animal services. >> we have an excellent turnout. people have come from all over, people have driven from an hour, two hours away, people from far
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north. there are several thousand people. >> what's an october dog festival without a costume contest. best in show went to a family of four with two dogs all dressed up as angry birds. looks like the witch costume is popular. impressive that the dogs kept the hats on. >> what a great day for that event. how will the presidential election shape the stock market? our financial analyst will explain. >> first, a look at events around town.
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>> welcome back, the time is 9:18, and time for our sunday business report with jonathan murray. >> good to see you again. >> you, as well. you're here a couple of days after the 25th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash. >> that was a bad one. >> you remember experiencing that through your father. >> my father was in the business and he tells stories about
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having to try to sell stocks -- it was before email and internet -- and he'd have to call his floor broker on the floor of the new york stock exchange to sell a stock and nobody would answer the phone and it resulted in the worst single day crash in stock market history. stocks dropped 22.6% in one day. today, that would be the eequivalent of a dow drop of around 3,000 points in one day. >> crippling. what are the lessons learned? there are factors that were present then that aren't now which should be heartening to investors. there was a euphoric mood on wall street in october 1987. stocks for the first nine months had run up 30%. i don't know about you, but i don't see that today. there's doom and gloom. valuations were much more
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stretched back then. stocks were trading at around 25 times earnings, expensive versus today and lastly, i mentioned margin and debt. people were buying stocks on borrowed money and they had to meet those margin calls which exacerbated it, rutting in the spiral. those factors aren't with us today. >> we do have volatility, a lot of people uncertain about their future and portis. portfolios. would you describe the state of the market? >> there are a lot of concerns and although they're not the as in 1987, we've got a real concern in the euro zone, specifically spanish banks. we've got concern here with our own fiscal issues, the fiscal cliff and the debt this country's facing and we are also in search of leadership, where are we going to be over the next several years so a lot of questions out there.
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>> we will certainly settle one question in about two weeks, the presidential election. regardless of which way that goes, what kind of impact getting the election over with will have on the markets? >> i think it's going to be an important election for the markets shpresident-- should prt obama win, most investors should expect taxes to go up substantially and so we have to prepare for the possibility of a rising tax picture and maybe even rising inflation scenario. the fed under president obama has kept interest rates really low, kind of artificially, printing money to do that, but that comes with ramifications and that could lead to higher interest rates, higher inflation so i would prepare yourself in that eventuality. should governor romney win, investors have to look for a reduction in spending, specifically on certain sectors. so talk to your adviser about
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which sectors in the economy and stock market are vulnerable should governor romney win. >> and stay with us. coming up next, it's john, carrie and the "sunday gardener." >> i thought it was interesting to talk about the fact that pumpkins come in all sizes, the tiny ones or the big ones. and once you get the pumpkin, you've got to do something with it so we're talking about pumpkins today. in
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener," i'm john collins along with carrie engel. it's time to talk about pumpkins. >> we want to show you pumpkins that are great for decorating and great for pumpkin pie. this pumpkin here, there's one similar to this, i think it's a straight necked pumpkin that libby's uses in canned pumpkin. >> is it more of a gourd? is the meat all the way up into this part? >> it really is. the gourds tend to be harder shell like this guy here. that's the bird house gourd, dry it out and put a hole in it. >> this one here is
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uninteresting looking but you say that's an excellent pie pumpkin. >> yes, this is blue hubbard squash. this is also very good. we call that a turkish turban, an heirloom that was introduced the 1860's. >> there are functional ones you can make a pie out of and then of course -- it looks like a bird. it has little eyes and it's a baltimore oriole kind of. >> almost. >> with a long neck. >> an assortment of gourds, a lot them are heirlooms. >> i don't think you can make a pie out of that. here's a variation on a theme. >> a lot of these gourds mixed together in the center of the table make wonderful centerpieces for fall. >> this is cute. >> we call that pokemon squash.
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>> let's move over to our table. >> i've started with the blue hubbard squash and we've scooped the guts out of it. >> we're making a pie out of it. >> that's great. we can also create a decorative planter so we've taken one of our pots of matchups and drop that in there and we have have n interesting pot. >> how good is that good for? >> if you wipe it down with soap and water, it will last a couple of weeks. >> very neat. you can probably do that with a regular orange pumpkin, too. >> absolutely. we just had fun with that. >> speaking of orange pumpkins. >> that's one of the jack be littles, i guess, and we will put an african violet in there and we've taken a pokemon squash with a tea light. >> i don't know if we will see
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the light out here. is it flashing. there it goes. >> there it is. just drop that in there with a flicker ect. >> safer than a candle in there. >> these are nice for place settings or to decorate your home and get ready for fall. >> this is the time to take a pumpkin and be creative. you can carve, draw faces on them. >> check out great recipes. >> i think the kid most like digging them out, all that mushiness with the seeds. carrie, thanks for joining us this morning. have fun with the pumpkins. >> carrie, take care of my pumpkins, those are great. if you have a garden question, sunday -- send it to sunday gardener, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. >> time now is 9:28. the issue plagues many families
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in baltimore, lead poisoning. next we sit down with the coalition to end childhood lead poisoning in our sunday q&a. >> and we will help you revamp your wardrobe for the fall. >> we see warmer temperatures for the week ahead. hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking, this is 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for joining us. >> take another look outside with ava. >> it's so nice. i've been looking outside on the sky camera, it's amazing, the skies are blue. great outdoor weather. if you have chores to do today, the weather will be your friend. temperatures in the 50's across the metro area, 56 downtown, 53 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall and 49 in pikesville but warming up from the cool this morning. highs today around 67 into the afternoon, sunshine throughout the state. warmer weather on the way in the seven-day.
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>> it's time for sunday morning q&a and joining us is ruth ann norton, executive director of the coalition to end childhood lead poisoning. good morning. >> good to see you. >> this is a huge problem. we ran a story this morning about the hoodies from target being recalled. >> we have been doing news media around country because of halloween costumes. so many products are still the country that have lead and can poison children. four ear five years ago, we had a young man in minneapolis who died because of costume jewelry but housing is the major problem. >> there are new guidelines for parents? >> the centers for disease control says we can no longer say if your child has a 10 microgram per deciliter blood level, that is safe. no level is safe.
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we know levels as low as 2 to 7 for a child is the most damaging for learning abilities so every child who lives in or goes to housing built perfect 1978, goes to daycare, needs to be tested. >> we are finding out this is directly related to test scores and damaging to their development. >> third grade reading scores are the marker of success for kids. it's where we know kids will be term or willng build jail cell beds for them, it's the number we use that predict our need for jail cell beds. so our goal is to make children able to learn. >> you're also working on education for everyone, even if they don't have children, when they renovate their homes, what do they need to do? >> if their home is built between 1978, you must have that
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house tested to make sure no lead dust from the chipping of the old paint is left behind because the lead dust poisons kids and adults. studies show even adults who get poisoned have a higher rate of cardiac arrest and early death. >> how do you get people to do that when times are tough and it cost money to do that? >> you have to look at the fact that if a child's poisoned by lead, it's a lifetime of learning disabilities and health effects and hypertension, cardiac arrest, early mortality. it's a high price if you get sick. also contractors need to be safe themselves because they can get sick or take it home to their kid and so the state said we really are taking this seriously. we have 4,000 kids a year in maryland under the new guidelines that are poisoned by lead and that's 4,000 too many. >> you would think there would be more oversight this especially with the products coming from overseas. >> the consumer products safety
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commission caught these costumes coming in which is a good thing but conditioning has eliminated funding for the centers for disease control's lead poisoning prevention program at the same time they passed new guidelines that create 450,000 new cases. we have other sources of lead, it's a global economy, we need more diligence. on the advocacy side, we are working to restore the funding but it remains a problem and one that we really can end but we are working hard and need people to be aware of their own circumstances so if they check out our new website,, we are showing people how to lower lead, allergens, asthma and safety issues to make them healthier on their home. >> i'm sure some people will be surprised to find lead in their home. >> they'll be surprised and also
9:36 am
find little things they can do is lower the instance of asthma, trip and fall injury and make our homes a source of health. >> we will put a link to your website on our website. >> great. go ravens. >> thanks, ruth ann. next week, our guest will be baltimore county executive kevin cavanins. if you have a question, send to sunday questions at first, nbc's david gregory with what's coming up on "meet the press." >> big showdown tomorrow as president obama and governor romney prepare to face off for the final time with the focus of foreign policy. the white house is denying a report from the "new york times" that u.s. officials are prepared to meet one-on-one with iran about their nuclear ambitions. we will talk about the campaign's final days and the fight for women.
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joining me from florida, senator marco rubio and david axelrod. later on, rob portman has been the sparring partner for governor romney
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>> notice, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with ava marie. >> good morning, we are starting you off with a live view from skycam and my goodness isn't that a pulve sight. if you're inside, hopefully you'll get a chance to enjoy it. a spect cellular shot of the sun over the inner harbor. 53 degrees at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. winds are west at 7 miles per hour and humidity is low. things are quiet here but things
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are more active in the tropics, we are still in hurricane season, it lasts until november 30 and the national hurricane center is keeping an eye on two tropical waves that could develop. first is in the central atlantic right now, only a 30% chance that it will develop into something more. the one to watch for is the one in the caribbean right now south of hispaniola, it has now increased to a 70% chance of developing in the next 48 hours. that means they're watching this cluster of showers and thunderstorms along with the clouds and this could potentially develop into our next tropical system. if it does, it could track closer to the east coast. that's more than a week away. heading back to our area, it is nice out right now, we started in the low 40's and are warming up to 53 at the airport, 52 in gaithersburg, 55 in college
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park. still in the 40's in the western suburbs. a lot of sunshine in place, hardly a cloud in the sky. thinks to an area of high pressure in the east right now. this high pressure system will build in for tomorrow, then eventually will be replaced by a warm front that is sitting in the plains right now, bumping up temperatures out there. as you look into texas, 75 degrees in dallas, 74 in houston. this warmer air is spreading north and will move our way into the next couple of days. as for today, temperatures where they should be this time of year, a lot of sunshine to last throughout the entire sunday. forecast tonight, clear skies, we drop down to 47 degrees downtown, low 40's to upper 30's outside into the suburbs and here's a look at the seven-day forecast. pretty nice, partly sunny skies, slight chance for a sprinkle on sides as warm front gets closer but thankfully because of the warm front we warm up to near 77
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degrees by thursday. one last taste of a late summer weather pattern before cold arrives. enjoy it while it lasts. >> joining us now is rebecca klein from towson town center, their shopping guru and the best person to talk to about fall fashion trends. >> thanks for having me. guru stands for get ultimate retail updates. i brought along three hot styles to show you for fall, all things we can find in the mall. gegee has on a stand-out look from the limited, one of fall's hottest colors, oxblood. this maroon shade can go with anything and the necklace really pops. it up with skinny jeans with a metallic coating to them. >> i don't know if even can wear those jean.
9:43 am
>> they're a really versatile jean, copper colored. >> and stretchy. >> with boots or booties. >> thank you. >> our next look is michelle. come on up, michelle, wearing a look from white house black market, military inspired trend and this flirty velvet military jacket is really in right now, it's all about detail. the flattering seams, the shiny button, a ruffled color, over a paisley jackard cammi and paired it with a simple skirt so the jacket is in the spotlight. the booties have a lizard embossed texture and also from white house black market. >> i didn't know they sold gray jackets. >> yes, they have a collection with gray right now. >> and the boots are cute. >> and skirts of all varying lengths. coming up is elizabeth and she
9:44 am
has our flirty trendy look from the gap, this is a preppy look. we've done layering on top with a fitted navy sweater worn over a denim button down which peeks out in a few spots, throwing in a pattern with the scarf and vibrant with the legging cords. we are seeing pants like this pop up all over, they're really in right now and the corduroy texture adds nice texture and her shoes are lace-up booty that is tie together the whole outfit. >> and a big pop of color here. >> and you can use bright color like neutrals. let's bring all of our fashionistas back out for a final look. you can read about the latest trends at >> thank you, ladies. gorgeous. stay with us. up next, we are in the kitchen sunday brunch.
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>> welcome back. it's time for sunday brunch and joining susmark miranda from the rusty scupper. what are you going to make for us? >> i'm going to be doing a cedar plank salmon which is on our monthly promotion this month at the rusty scupper. we are using a sustainable
9:48 am
salmon from seattle, washington, a king salmon. i think a pacific salmon tends to be better flavor than atlantic and if they can get a look at this piece. >> he's right on it. it looks good. >> the filets are much tighter, where it comes together. i think -- >> more full of flavor? >> the fat content is higher because the water in the pacific is colder. >> talk about sustainability in a moment but you've made a homemade smoker. >> i think there's a couple of different ways people can do it. obviously we cook the salmon directly on the cedar plank. you're going to want to the soak the piece of wood for an hour or two at least. >> buy them in stores? >> yes but you want to make sure it doesn't have chemicals or preservatives. >> soak it first? >> yes and then take the piece of salmon itself and actually i
9:49 am
have a pan right here that i have a piece of salmon and you want to get the pan hot, you can use a cake pan. that's what i have here. cover it up. >> no oil? >> you're going to want it to smoke but again, a lot of people at home nowadays have the stoves and ovens with a grill right on there. >> i like your idea, the pan and the cake pan. how long does it take? >> you want it to smoke so probably about 10 minutes in a pan itself, then take it directly out of the pan, put it directly on an oven rack in your oven at 350 degrees and the piece of fish will probably take an additional 20 minutes to cook. you're going to get a really nice smoky flavor, hot smoked as opposed to a cold smoke but i think you'll like the flavor, you get the smoke taste out it of. >> i can't wait to try this. what is this cream sauce?
9:50 am
>> a shrimp romalade sauce, similar to tartar sauce but it has anchovies and capers in it. lemon juice, capers, shrimp and we use a peeled and deveined shrimp. >> and serve it with rice? >> at the restaurant we 7 -- serve it with wild rice blend and asparagus, julien carrots and flip it in an herb butter. >> i can smell this. you've got coming coming up for thanksgiving? >> we did a buffet, huge. we are doing probably around 800 people. we have carved meats, all the traditional complements, turkey, oyster stuffing, we have -- >> all the traditional thanksgiving --
9:51 am
>> sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes. >> if you'd like a couple of today's recipe, log on to and click on food or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to sunday brunch, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. i know where the rusty scupper is, but for those who don't? >> 402 key highway. >> on the inner harbor. thank you so much. >> coming up in sports, will he or won't he, the saga of terrell suggs and whether or not he's playing today against the texans.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> what a wild week of big names up and down for the ravens. here we are on game day.
9:54 am
after losing ray lewis maybe for the season, lardarius webb certainly for the year, terrell suggs was activated off the p.u.p. list to the 53-man roster but we won't know if he'll be active for today's game until 11:45. suggs, 2012 nfl defensive player of the year has followed his own timeline in regards to coming back from the achilles tendon surgery, besting the guesses of experts that had him returning in november. because he's activated, it doesn't mean he'll play. every week, eight of the 53 are deactivated. considering he's not practiced since january, it's a lot to ask to put him in the game. suggs was noncommittal when asked how he felt after practice. >> always want to be out there in your mind, you want to be with your brothers especially when you lose your big brother. it's always going to be there
9:55 am
but at the end of the day we got to do what's best not only for myself but for the team. >> one thing for certain, they could use the ravens pass rush and help with the defense, as well. how much will suggs be like he when was he defensive player of the year? hard to say. if they don't play him today, he'll have another week with the bye. maybe two more weeks would be best. i don't know. we will have to wait and see. the story of whether or not suggs plays is part of it for you, coming up tonight on ravens' wrap-up as we break it down after the game. we'll see you then. >> the good smells all the way from home and came in. looks like a beautiful day. >> sunshine, 71 tomorrow, warming into the mid 70's this weekend. enjoy the weather today! >> clamoring to try the fish. eat dinner, eat dinner! are you ready?
9:56 am
say bye-bye. >> thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate it. they're ready to eat up. >> "meet the press" is next. >> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial with president and general manager, dan joerres. >> a season to remember. it's been 15 years since oriole fans uttered that phrase but it's never been more true. what started off as a season of reasonable expectations became a season that was beyond imagination. while it ended a week ago, the chants of "let's go o's" won't die down any time soon. baseball is back in baltimore
9:57 am
and in a big way. [chanting "let's go o's"] from the extra innings win streak to the breakout performance of rookie manny machado, from adam jones' all-star season to chris davis getting the call when no one was left in the bullpen, the birds did not disappoint. awash in orange, the city and fans had reason to cheer which is why so many turned out to welcome the team back after the game five loss. perhaps it was the 20th anniversary of the yard or the legends statues and ceremonies or maybe just the great chemistry. whatever sparked the flame, the fire of success has again been lit and a once storied franchise is once again making its city and fans proud. there really is such a thing as o's magic, we all got a chance to experience this season and as fans we will forever be thankful. a heartfelt thank you to the boys of summer and we agree, wait until next year. to relive this exciting season, go to and click on sports.
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