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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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on all my favorite brands. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. good morning. tragedy in wisconsin. police investigating a mass shooting at a day spa that left four people dead, including you the suspected gunman. was he targeting his own wife? this morning, the warning signs in their relationship. dead heat. new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows the race between president obama and governor romney could not be closer, raising the stakes even higher for tonight's third and final presidential debate. and he walked away. a man steps into the path of an oncoming car. the split-second move that saved his life today, monday, october 22nd, 2012.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today, decision 2012" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome a special split edition of today on this monday morning, debate day, i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist in this morning for matt. more on those new poll numbers and tonight's final presidential debate here at lynn university in boca raton. they will do that on the stage behind me here, that in just a moment. first, savannah, your heart goes out to the victims of the mass shooting in suburban milwaukee. >> the terrible story, willey. the alleged shooter now identified as 45-year-old radcliffe haughton. police say he opened fire at a busy salon on sunday morning, killing three people and wounding four others. he then turned the gun on himself. haughton's wife worked at the spa and had just recently been
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granted a restraining order against her husband. we are going to get the very latest on this investigation straight ahead. also this morning, a little encouraging news for drivers. gas prices starting to creep lower a little bit and could plummet by about 50 cents, we are told now, by thanksgiving. we will let you know why a little bit later. all right, willie. speaking of a big plunge, we have some dramatic new imams to show you of felix baumgartener's record-setting jump last week from the edge of space. this morning, what it was like from his point of view when he joins us for an exclusive live interview. but we will start this morning with the investigation into that tragic shooting in brookfield, wisconsin. nbc's kevin tibbles is there. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, police say the man who burst into this day spa behind me here with a gun and opened fire eventually turned that gun on himself. the shooting took place sunday morning. emergency vehicles quickly
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descended on brookfield square mall, just across the street from the azana salon and spam. eyewitnesses described a chaotic scene. >> we had seen about ten people come running out of the back of the building with their hands up, screaming. >> i saw a female being pulled out by a police officer with tombs to her neck. there was blood coming out of her neck where she got shot at. >> reporter: hours after the shooting, the suspect was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. authorities identified 45-year-old radcliffe haughton as the alleged shooter and described the investigation as large, complex and evolving. police would not identify any of the victims but said haughton's wife worked at the salon and filed for protection from him after her tires were slashed. a four-year restraining order was issued against haunt on october 18th. >> we believe this incident is
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domestic violence related. >> reporter: the day spa is a two-story, 9,000-square-foot facility located in an of a fluent community west of milwaukee. police say the size of the building made it difficult to clear the scene. >> it could take days, weeks, to figure this all out. very large crime scene. a very confused crime scene. we are getting multiple calls from victims that had secreted themselves in different rooms in the building. >> reporter: four surviving victims were transported from the scene to the local hospital, all with non-critical injuries. witnesses inside the spa say the man ordered everyone to lie on the ground before opening fire. police have not said whether or not haute.'sestranged wife was one of the victims. savannah? >> kevin tables in brookfield, wisconsin, this morning, thank you. now we want to send it back to willie in florida. >> all right, savannah, thank you very much. president obama and governor romney face off here at lynn university tonight in boca raton, florida, is it is their
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third an final debate with 15 days until the election. the race could not be tighter. chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent, joining me here in boca. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, willie. foreign policy is the topic of tonight's debate. as if on cue, a slew of hot-bunt national security issues are now front and center from iran to libya, but with the debate being here in florida look for both candidates to try to keep their eye on this electoral vote prize and why mitt romney has made sure he has had plenty of local photo ops, including in delray beach, where he's holed up. ahead of tonight's big faceoff, mitt romney took a break from debate preparation sunday, tossing a coin before a beach football game between his staff and the reporters who cover him. >> tails it is. [ applause ] >> reporter: president obama spent the weekend hunkered down at camp david, so with both candidates out of commission sunday, their surrogates spoke out. >> mitt romney wants to basically do george bush's policies and a little more of
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that. >> the american people have got ton see mitt romney up close as he offers his vision of the future and what he would do as president. but even more startling is the president's complete failure to put forth an agenda for the next four years. >> reporter: with just over two weeks to go the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows just how competitive this race has become. among likely voters, president obama and mitt romney are tied, 47-47%. a precarious position for an incumbent president who once led mitt romney 50-45 in mid-september. the poll shows a clear enthusiasm gap between the two parties. among all registered voters, the president leads 49-44, but that 47-47 tie among likely voters means republicans are more enthusiastic and likely to vote. mr. obama's job approval rating remains stead date 49%, his economic approval rating down at 46% with foreign policy approval at 49%. the poll shows major red flags for both candidates. the president's biggest red flag, 62% of voters say they
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want major changes if he is reelected. romney's biggest red flag, his likability, 44-43 margin, he is still personally viewed more negatively than positively. the poll highlights the politically polarized electorate. 55% of voters say who wins the presidency will make a great deal of difference in their lives personally. and among that 55%, the race is tied, 48-48. obama adviser david axelrod appearing on "meet the press" says while the polls are getting closer there are still positive indicators for the president. >> if you look at the early voting that's going on around the country, it's very robust. it's very favorable to us. >> the format for tonight's debate is different once again. the president and mr. romney will be seated at a table. it's similar to the setup for the biden/ryan vice presidential debate. willie? >> all right, chuck todd, thank you very much. stephanie cutter is president obama's deputy campaign manager. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning. >> you heard chuck talking about the polls, our nbc news/"wall
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street journal" has it nationally, dead heat, 47-47. i know you all look state by state. most people think florida, virginia, ohio, will determine the outcome of this race. in which of those states are you most concerned? >> in florida, virginia and ohio, we actually feel pretty good. this is a tight race all over the country and it really now comes down to that small segment of undecided voters. i think tonight will be very important in terms of helping people make their decision. you're right, it comes down state by state. the ground game is incredibly important at this moment. here in florida, we have got a great ground game. we are turning out our voters. we have registered a half million people to vote. we feel pretty good about where we are. >> foreign policy, of course you can the focus tonight. the "new york times" out with a piece yesterday, citing you obama administration officials says there is an agreement in place about direct bilateral talks. i know the white house shot down that piece but does the president believe that generally
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direct bilateral talk a good idea with iran? >> the president put together this global coalition with russia, chinaed on other al thrice pressure iran. as a result of the sanctions, historic sanctions that we have put on iran, really the economy there is being crippled to its knees. >> a good idea to sit down direct, face to face in a bilateral fashion? >> we need to see how this -- called p5 plus 1 working with our global partners to put pressure on iran, it is having real results. the president has always said he would be open to one-on-one talks but not allow iran to use that to delay putting an end too their nuclear program. >> so again, the white house denies the piece, despite the fact that the obama administration officials cite it by the new york smiles to. >> white house says it is not true, nothing scheduled. we are part of that globe a.m. process. we are making real results in iran. again, the economy is being crippled to its knees. there's political unrest. we are in a stronger position today because the president has led on this. he has put together our partners. we didn't go it alone. brought china together, russia together, and it's historically
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tough sanctions on iran. >> you will definitely hear the subject of benghazi come up tonight with the president of the united states. there have been so many versions of the story coming out of the white house. the romney campaign has been very critical of the president for his leadership on this question. what, as of this morning, is the official white house account of what happened that day? >> well, willie, you know, i'm on the campaign. so i can tell you what i read. but the president has been clear. you know, it was a terrible tragedy that took place in benghazi. we lost four american lives. he initiated an investigation to get to the bottom of it, of what happened and how we keep our embassies safe all over the country that investigation is running its course. it's important that we don't politicize t every step of the way, as information is learned, as intelligence has improved of what happened on the ground that night, the president makes it available to members of congress and to the public. it's been a very transparent process and he is determined to bring whoever perpetrated this against the four americans will
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be brought to justice. >> very quickly before let you go, will the president concede that was foreign policy failure? >> no. look, we live in a dangerous world. any time american lives are lost, it's a terrible tragedy. the president acted quickly to make sure that every other embassy was protected. we are getting to the bottom of it and we need to work this investigation through. it's really important that we not politicize this process. other times of tragedy, 9/11 and others, the country came together. it's unfortunate that those across the aisle are trying to divide us apart right now. >> stephanie cut we are the obama campaign, thanks so much. and most importantly, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> stephanie, thank you. and dan see nor is a senior foreign policy adviser for governor romney's campaign. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> you heard stephanie talk about the proposed bilateral talks with iran in the new york times r there circumstances under which governor romney thinks that is a good idea? >> his overall approach is we have to stop iran from getting a milwaukee nuclear weapon,
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certainly where president obama is. we have a standard with this nuclear weapons capability but we have all got to stop this program and we need a diplomatic solution to do it. no one wants to take military action it has to be a comp prehelps sive strategy. we should use a range of tools in our tool kit in achieving that diplomatic outcome. governor romney won't rule anything out. he has been clear on that for some time. >> woe sit down for bilateral talks with iran? >> his approach is we have to reach a diplomatic solution, the key from stopping iran from moving forward around he will not rule out any of the tools that can get iran to the table and get iran to a peaceful resolution of this. now, let me be clear, as president, he is going to have to assess the situation and a judgment what is the best way to get there? i think a lot of americans would believe he would probably be the better guy to be at the negotiating table on behalf of the united states than president obama, given that we are four years closer today to iran having a nuclear weapon than when president obama took over. so president obama, his policy has not been working. and having someone new at that
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table, pursuing every kind of approach that's available to us, including you diplomacy, is what's needed. >> dan in a romney administration, israel calls the white house and says we can't stand this anymore, we are going in. going to launch air strikes on nuclear facilities. what is the response from a president romney? >> willie, with he get asked questions a lot, the hype threat calls what is the tryinger-pulling moment, for us or for our allies? very hard to have a speculative discussion about these hype threat calls. we can tell you this, we believe that israel won't be in that situation in a romney administration because there will be no daylight between the united states and his real. president obama has talked about putting daylight between the u.s. and his real, relations between the u.s. government and the israeli government have been the worse they have been in years. that won't happen. our allies, whether it's israel, whether it's our allies, gulf arab allies as concerned about the threat of iran will not be sitting there wondering whether or not america can be counted upon, whether american president's word can be counted upon so we don't believe israel or our other allies in the region will be in that situation. >> on yet of benghazi, the
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attack on the u.s. consulate there on september 11th, what exactly is governor romney accusing you the white house of? are we talking about incompetence or misrepresentation of the facts? 'cause those are two very different tharngs coverup or incompetence? >> well, the first -- his first question is we need to figure out what happened. four americans were killed. this can't happen again. we need to assure our diplomats and our other officials in the u.s. government when they go overseas that they are going to have the proper security. they didn't have the proper security in benghazi. do. >> you see a coverup? >> security was denied. we need to get to the bottom of that in terms of misleading statement after september 11th, the question is were those misleading statements intentional or not? our point to the president, our question to the president is the statements were either misleading by intention or they were misleading by accident. either way though, he has to get to the bottom. >> what does the governor suspect? >> asking the president of the united states to get to the bottom of why there has been this impenetrable fog around his administration since september
7:15 am
11th, since september 12, 2001, where it has been very difficult to get straight answers. again, the information coming out may be misleading but inadvertently, but misleading. the american people deserve a full account. >> much more on this tonight in the debate. dan senor. you can watch the final debate at 9:00 eastern, 6 pacific time, right here on nbc. a programming note this week, brian williams joins president obama for a series of interviews over the course of two days on the campaign trail. you can see them wednesday on "today" and nightly news and thursday night on "rock center." now send it back to new york where natalie has a check of other morning headlines. good morning to you willie and everyone. lance armstrong has been stripped of his seven tour de france titles this morning and banned for life from the sport. nbc's kerr sins has more. >> reporter: the president of the world body announced that lance armstrong has no place in cycling, confirming the u.s. anti-doping agency's decision to
7:16 am
remove his titles and ban him for life after what they said was the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program the sport has ever seen. now it means that armstrong maybe forced to pay back $12 million he got in winnings from promoters are. now, he has called it a witch hunt, that his livestrong charity has vowed to carry on, but these aren't the end of the questions, natalie. the international cycling union, the world body will need to explain how all of this could happen under their noses. >> all right, keir simmons covering this breaking story from our london bureau. thanks. new images this morning of former cuban leader fidel castro after reports he was gravely ill and near death. the 86-year-old published these photos of himself in state media, including several in which he is seen reading friday's copy of a communist party newspaper. u.s. congressman jesse jackson will soon return to the mayo clinic, according to his father, the reverend jesse jackson. the democratic respective from
7:17 am
illinois has been on medical leave from congress for four moment a not yet indicated when he will return, releasing a robocall this weekend, asking his constituents for patience. jackson remains on the november 6th ballot for re-election. police in california are asking for the public's help in finding an arsonist caught on tape setting fire to a man sitting outside a store. you may find this video disturbing. nbc's kristen dahlgren reports. >> reporter: it started as a peaceful scene, people milling about outside a long beach, california, market. note this 54-year-old man sitting down. police say he was simply waiting for his father to buy food. when suddenly, a young man appears out of nowhere, rushes toward the store and tosses a fiery bottle at the man, turning him into a ball of flames. the whole thing caught on surveillance cameras, as the crowd scatters and the explosion barely misses a mom and baby. >> the bottle kind of explodes and the flammable liquid that was inside engulfs him in flames
7:18 am
and almost catches the lady who is standing there with the stroller. >> reporter: from this angle, you can see he's the victim tears franticly into the parking lot, his clothes on fire as good sam mar tans rush to try to pat-down the flames. >> it looks like they used shirts and jackets to try to bat the flames out but it looks like they have a difficult time. it takes several seconds for them to finally get all of the flames out. >> reporter: the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. he isn't being identified to protect his safety. police don't believe the two men knew each other and they don't suspect the attack was gang related. leaving them with only these pictures and a plea, hoping somebody might recognize the attacker and help lead them to an arrest. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >> just a horrific story. >> now, let's head to wall street. cnbc's courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange for us this morning. good morning to you, courtney. >> good morning, natalie.
7:19 am
drivers may soon feel a little less pain at the pump. while prices are higher than ever for this time of year the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has fallen ten cents to $3.67 and could continue to fall. that's according to aaa. with peak driving season behind us, refiners switching to those cheaper winter blends of gasoline, aaa says prices at the pump could fall by as much as 45 cents over the next three weeks. natalie? >> that is news we like. courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. thank you. well, when police couldn't stop this car, a super human pedestrian did the trick. take a look at this dash cam video from the suspect's car, shows him fleeing from a squad car behind him. he weaves through traffic but can't stop in time to avoid a man crossing the street. luckily, the pedestrian managed to walk away unharmed. pretty unbelievable stuff there. wow. that had to hurt a little bit. 7:19 now. turn back over to savannah and
7:20 am
al. >> or a lot. hurt a lot. >> till. >> mr. roque we are the weather. >> you can see rain and snow mixing into northern california, oregon, on into washington state, as far west -- far east, as montana and the dakotas. we are looking for winter storm watches, winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings from central california into western montana. snowfall amounts up to 18 to 20 inches, 5,000 feet or higher. in fact, the snowfall amounts we are looking right now, even at the lower elevations, about one to six inches but in the upper elevations, up to two feet or more in some of the local areas. rainfall, one to three inches in central california into the pacific northwest causing big >> expecting plenty of sunshine today. temperatures are warming up.
7:21 am
68272 degrees later today. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah the woman getting praised and criticized for spending a year living life according to the bible's rules for women. and how did it look from his vantage point? incredible new video of felix baumgartener's supersonic skydive into the record books. he is here for an exclusive live interview. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the former vice president at goldman sachs who
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7:27 am
and whether there were any working smoke alarms inside the home. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> we still have closures in affected battery ave due to fire activity. york road and warren, accident in cockeysville. baltimore street and light street, watch for a crash. battery avenue and west street, watch for closures due to fire activity. in columbia, watch for an accident. again, tapping the brakes just prior to the beltway. north point and sparrows point, tractor-trailer being cleared in sparrows point. southbound 895, residual delays due to an earlier accident. volume-related delays making your way southbound towards the beltway. live view of 895, will the not too southbound delays.
7:28 am
over to you, ava. >> 44 in catonsville, 42 in randallstown. high-pressure sitting over a spirit southwest slope brings temperatures up into the next couple of days. 68 to 72, mostly sunny skies. that takes us into our seven-day forecast. a couple of sprinkles to the north of the pennsylvania line. 79 as to get into wednesday. 79 as to get into wednesday.
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage.
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thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. well, you have seen felix baumgartener's daring free fall from the edge of space, but not like this you are looking at what he saw as he plummeted to earth at the speed of sound from 24 miles up. and he is here to share more of that dramatic new video straight ahead. good morning, everyone, 7:30 now on this monday morning, the 22nd of october, 2012, i'm savannah guthrie and willie geist in for matt this morning in boca raton for the presidential debate tonight. >> that's right, savannah. also just ahead, the man who rattled wall street earlier this year when he published his resignation letter from goldman sachs in the "new york times." you remember this? he called the bank's culture
7:31 am
toxic and accused his colleagues of ripping off clients. now, he is revealing even more in a new book, we will talk to him about that in an exclusive live interview. >> all right, willie. speaking of books hour does pippa middleton feel about becoming a household name because her sister married into the royal family? coming up, a rather refreshing answer in a first look at her new book. but we are going to begin this half hour with those new images of felix baumgartener's record-setting supersonic jump. we are going to talk to him live in a moment, but first, more on his incredible achievement. it was a moment five years in the making. >> felix, disconnect the oxygen hose. >> reporter: on sunday, october 14th, 43-year-old felix baumgartener stepped out onto the edge of his capsule 24 miles above the earth. and jumped into the history books. >> i wished the world could see what i see. >> reporter: but during his free
7:32 am
fall you the former austrian paratrooper went into an out-of-control spin. for the millions watching live online and on tv, felix was just a speeding white dot, but in this newly released video, which will be seen in an upcoming national geographic documentary, the view is terrifying. >> started spinning so wildly, it spun me around in all different directions and i was always trying to find out how to stop this. >> reporter: had his specially designed space suit torn it would have meant instant death. during the four minutes and 20 seconds of free fall, he reached record-breaking speeds of 833.9 miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier. all the while being closely watched by the team at red bull strats to mission chrome in new mexico, as well as his family and friends. >> i had tears in my eyes when i was coming back. >> reporter: his parachute deployed and felix glided safely back to earth. >> let me tell you, when i was standing there on top of the
7:33 am
world, you become so humble, you want to come back alive, you know, because you do not want to die in front of your parents, your girlfriend and all these people watching this. >> reporter: felix baum is with us exclusively. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> can you believe you did that? >> it is still hard to understand what happened. but slowly, it's coming. >> starting to sink in a little bit? wh what's it like to watch that video now? >> kind of interesting, it represents exactly what i thought was going to happen because i have been told that i'm going to spin and there's no way to not spin. and the problem is you have to find a solution how to stop the spin because you cannot practice for supersonic speed. you either go for it or you don't. but the time you step off, you have about 40 seconds to find out how to stop that spin. >> i want to talk about the spin but first, let's talk about that -- the ascent and also when you stepped off to do the jump. what is going through your mind? was there ever a moment when you thought, why am i doing this? did you ever lose yourer in? be honest?
7:34 am
>> no, i'm honestly -- honestly, no. because i've been thinking about this for so many years. we have been practicing for this for five years. and in my mind, i did the jump many times. there was a time i was sitting in that capsule or when i came out of that trailer, i was ready to go >> so, when you fall into the spin, how does it feel to actually be going through that? i imagine at the very least, you feel dizzy, the most understated thing of the year. >> of course, when you spin so violent what we call the rapid onset, all your blood goes into your brain, you known and there's a lot of pressure, of course and i had to maintain conscious, because i needed to stop this spin and i did. i had to use all my skydiving skills to perform well in those four minutes and 20 second he is. >> sounds like a crazy question but did you eat anything for breakfast? how did you keep it together as you're falling like that? >> i had two special-made shakes, yeah, to provide all the protein that i need. 'cause you have to spend almost six hours in that suit.
7:35 am
by the time you close your adviser are, it takes about six hours later on until you open the adviser. can only sip drinks but cannot eat. >> is it all a blur when you're falling that you fast at speeds over 833 miles an hour? >> actually, no, but i had an incredible view when i was standing on top of the world but at the same time, you realize everything around is hostile. and i thought, i have the privilege to stand here and nobody else was there before. and when you step off, you're on the way. >> did you enjoy it at all? >> um, honestly, no. this is work this is hard work. and later on, when my parachute opened, yeah, this was the first moment where i enjoyed it a lot, i knew it's over and i'm alive. >> a good view there are you hanging up your parachute, retired now? >> officially retired from the daredevil business. >> you are? you have had enough? >> i had enough. i did it all. i had enough. time to move on. >> our stomachs can't take it either. felix baumgartener, great to have you here.
7:36 am
con gran lations to you. what a feat. >> thank you very much. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by nissan, innovation that excites. >> and good morning, everybody. we have got a beautiful morning here in the northeast, lots of folks, child bride just turned 60. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> check the big weather wimauma. we have got a big change out wechls the jetstream dips way down to the south, much colder than usual temperatures. here in the east, high pressure building that ridge builds up, so, above-normal temperatures, look at these differences anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below normal in california into the pacific northwest. almost anywhere from five to 20 degrees above normal west -- east of the mississippi it is going to be toasty n fact, afternoon highs, you can see 60s, 70s, 80s down into the gulf. 90s in southern texas. looking at 40s in the pacific northwest and the northern
7:37 am
plains. and we got a brand-new 10-year-old. double digits. what is your name? >> shelby. >> >> mostly and sunny and beautiful today. 68 degrees today. temperatures near 80 degrees by >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. up next, new revelations about the culture on wall street from the former goldman sachs vice president who revined in a scathing piece in the "new york times" >> pippa middleton speaks out for the first time about being the sister-in-law of prince
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back in the spring, the vice president of goldman sachs shook up the financial world with an op ed in the "new york times" it laid out why he was leaving his mid-level position, claiming there was a culture of excess and utter disrespect for client. we will talk to him in a moment. but first, nbc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> that "new york times" piece was utterly explosive. in it, smith resigned saying goldman sachs was toxic and cared only about money, not their clients' best interest. now there's more. smith's new book offers his account about the secret ways of wall street. it was the op ed heard round the financial world. in march, greg smith, a goldman sachs vice president, publicly resigned after 12 years with the investment bank in a "new york times" op ed, writing "the environment now is as toxic and
7:42 am
destructive as i have ever seen it," saying "investors openly spoke about ripping their clients off, sometimes referring to them as money et cetera and claiming the big banks had learned nothing from the financial meltdown of 2008." >> this piece is true it is shocking that nothing's changed. i mean, there's no humility. these people helped break down the western world. >> reporter: now in a new book, smith, who started as gotman as an intern in 2000, adds to his allegations, arguing that wall street today is as unscrupulous as it has ever been. >> greed, for lack of a better word, is good. >> reporter: smith says the word "muppet" was widely used, writing "being a muppet meant being an idiot, a fool, manipulated by someone else. i was shocked at how many times i heard people, both very senior and very junior, refer to their client as muppets." but the book covers more than just what happened in the office. smith recounts how during the colleagues' las vegas bachelor party in 2005, goldman employees
7:43 am
drank heavily, lounged in a hot top with a topless woman and how one co-worker simply handed him $1,000 worth of gambling chips. he took both chips and put them into my hand, enjoy the weekend. smith says that was par for the course, writing "alcohol was a big part of the culture at the firm, as it is on wall street in general. getting smashed with your clients was a regular occurrence." goldman sachs has contested the claims saying smith's account lacks first-hand evidence of malpractice, but the book provides a rare inside account of the normally closed world. >> it's kick significant because past employees of goldman sachs have rarely come out and criticized the firm there is a very strong corporate culture there. former employees tend to be very loyal to goldman sachs. so, really, smith's voice was one that was far different. >> but goldman says smith's voice is just plain wrong, glick a statement to nbc news, "mr. smith's op ed portrayed firm
7:44 am
that sun recognizable to us and directly opposite to the culture we work hard to foster but we took his claims seriously and conducted a thorough review of them. that review found no evidence to support his claims but did find mr. smith appeared to be frustrated about his career and future pros speak the goldman sachs." savannah? >> well, thank you. greg smith is with us now. he writes more about his time on wall street his new book "yes left goldman sachs." good morning. >> good morning. >> you went out with a bang. you wrote this op ed. what was your go? did you want to embarrass the firm? >> not at all. actually, you know, i worked at this place for 12 years, i put a lot of heart and soul in it. i used to fly out to stanford twice a year to recruit students but the mentality shifted from one where you were servicing clients to one where you were taking advantage of client and it reached a point where my values and the values i was seeing around me were not matching and the hypocrisy of that was very great. >> some say an investment bank being out to make money there where is the news there?
7:45 am
what, in your mind, crossed the line at goldman? >> absolutely banks should be in the business for capitalism, making money, but i think capitalism doesn't need to come with unethical behavior. i think once you start seeing unethical things, i think that's where you have to say you no he what this is not acceptable. >> what is the most egregious example of what you call unethical behavior that you personally witnessed? >> so this idea of teachers retirement funds, philanthropies, pension funds come to a firm like goldman sachs and morgan stanley and saying give us a good idea and these firms are overcharging these clients and i would just like people to know and one of the reasons i wrote the book was this directly affects people, when a teachers retirement fund in alabama or virginia is paying a bank an extra $2 million, that affects people. i think it's up acceptable. >> one of the things you write about and just heard in the piece that clients were routinely referred to as money et cetera. you say this term was ubiquitous in the london office. goldman sachs did $1 million
7:46 am
forensic investigation found one instance in internal e-mail in which clients were referred to as money et cetera. how do you explain that? >> people i think are smart enough not to write an e-mail. >> but your op ed did say that it happened in internal e-mail. >> absolutely and did it happen in internal e-mail. more so than that the idea of calling someone a muppet the other name is not the bad thing. the bad thing shut reason you are calling them a muppet, because the teachers pension fund gets tricked into trading a product they don't understand. i found that idea of searching for the word puppet to be a bit of a hollow exercise. what i was disappointed in, i would have liked goldman sachss to actually address the issues. are clients being ripped off, you know? i think it's pretty well known on wall street that getting an unsophisticated client to trade a very sophisticate product is a way to make money very quickly. >> the classic case of a whistleblower is someone who exhausts all avenues internally but don't get anywhere.
7:47 am
goldman says you never complained about any of this. in the year i left, i spoke to nine senior partners from the firm, including partners from the year 2004 and we discussed ethic and culture. behind closed doors, a lot of these people agree with me but no one is following say it publicly. and the reason is people are making too much money. so the reason i wrote the op ed was to almost force change, by saying something publicly that a lot of my colleagues agree with and acknowledge and the idea of being asked to make morally dubious decisions by ripping off a charity or a teachers retirement fund is something that bothers people so i actually wanted to try to change that. >> there is an internal review process, goldman points out you gave your superiors the highest marks. they also say basically that you were disappointed because you didn't get a raise and because you didn't get promoted. just want to give you a chance to respond. >> sure. look, i was doing very well in my career, i survived one of the toughest places on wall street for 12 years. out of the 75 people i started with, there were only seven left. so i was doing well in my career but the idea of shoot the
7:48 am
messenger i think surprises me a bit because it almost underlines my message of this erosion of integrity taind not being transparent. i would like goldman and the rest of wall street to actually address the issues, are clients being ripped off? is the bank betting against clients with their own money? what i would like people to know and what i write about is in the book since the crisis, none of these problems have been if i canned. there are less banks and they are even bigger. so, posing an even greater danger to society. >> all right, greg smith, thank you for being here, for your perspective. remind everybody, the book is called "why i left goldman sachs". modern woman who floifrd a year according to the rules of the bible. she will be here to explain why. later, adele gives birth, but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways
7:49 am
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bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars the taste you love to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. so, "snl" this weekend, bruno mars was both the host and the musical guest. we loved the skit where he played an intern at the music
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. here is sarah caldwell. >> let's see what to expect on the west side. outer loop pass security boulevard, accident off to the shoulder. you can see the impact i.t. assad bling -- it is having. if you are traveling in timonium road and dulaney valley, there may be closures due to an accident. southwest corner, we have an accident coming down to 39 miles per hour there.
7:57 am
if you travel in sparrows point, north point boulevard, we have an overturned tractor-trailer. 213 block at 309 on the eastern shore. west side delays are in place and filling up quickly there. website, 95 out of the northeast. live view of traffic and o'donnell folks are trying to avoid 895, or had southbound delays. 95 looking like it is delayed as well and o'donnell. >> sun is shining out there. 44 in catonsville, 42 in columbia. 45 at the airport. we made need a light jacket this morning. high pressure in place over the mid-atlantic. warm air starting to make its way in over the south.
7:58 am
already looking a little warmer. 68 to 72 for the high temperatures. believe it or not, we are expecting temperatures to warm up to near 80 degrees by wednesday. wednesday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a monday morning, the 22nd day of october, 2012. and you can heart music. a little barry manilow to get us in the mood. barry manilow will be joining hoda and kathie lee a bit later. >> "mandy." >> mine is "it's america." >> a good one, too. good morning, i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker. willie geist is in boca raton, florida for the presidential debate tonight. >> you think it's chilly here, you ought to be in this debate
8:01 am
hall. apparently, the campaigns agreed on meat locker settings tonight. florida, as you know is a big battleground state. both candidates have invested a lot of time and money here. coming up, ryan seacrest hits the campaign trail in the sunshine state. meet some of the young people who have dedicated their lives to this election. >> all right, willie, we will check in with you in just a bit. also ahead, pippa middleton opens up about what it's like to share the spotlight with her sister, the royal wedding and a certain part of her body, yes, that part. what it's like to have that be your most famous asset. al what do you have? >> no pun intended. get t another woman getting a lot of attention, rachel held evans decided to live biblically for an entire year, following its rules for women. her new book about the experience is already causing a bit of a stir. we are gas going to talk to rachel and her husband in a bit. >> pretty interesting story. first, a check of the day's top stories. natalie morales is at the news
8:02 am
desk. good morning again. >> good morning, savannah and al. good morning, everyone. the gunman accused of killing at least three women and wounding four others in a wisconsin day spa sunday had been ordered by a judge to surrender his firearms as part of a restraining order obtained by his wife. police say radcliffe haughton's wife did work at the spa but would not reveal if she was one of the victims. haulten eventually took his own life. just 15 days to the election, a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll indicates the presidential race is deadlocked among likely voters that raises the stakes for tonight's third and final debate on foreign policy issues. watch it at 9 eastern/6 pacific here on nbc. lance armstrong's fall from grace is almost complete. this morning, cycling's governing body agreed to strip the american of his seven tour de france titles and ban him from the sport for life. the international cycling union accepted a report from the u.s. anti-doping agency that accused
8:03 am
armstrong and his teams of using a massive doping program to gain an unfair advantage. police believe they have found the body of a masked intruder who shot a couple and three children saturday inside their southern california home. the father and his 4-year-old son did not survive. the suspect was found dead of a self-ininflicted gunshot wound monday. police say the gunman had a dispute with a family who lived in a different house on the same property. and now for a look at what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. "skyfall" singer, adele, who reported she was pregnant in june, had her baby. the father is a british charity founder. this nerve-rattling ad is meant to show how realistic the picture is on an lg video monitor. an elevator floor was replaced with flat screens playing video
8:04 am
of the elevator's bottom falling out. don't look down. "saturday night live" couldn't resist spoofing brad pitt's ram belling ads for chanel number 5. >> and the dreams, wake up and smile at rate. i'm sore vicious there really no script? 'cause i've been talking to myself for, like, two hours straight, i'm starting to sound insane u want me -- you want me to sound less coherent? really? okay. i can just start making up words. >> the "snl" featured four of the parodies advertising everything from tack dose tattoo removal. and i must say he looks strikingly a lot like brad pitt. let's turn around, mr. al roker, signing some -- >> signing a few signs, lovely witches of eastwick here. a cutie. who is this? >> juliet. >> very good. working on that binky. and honeymooners here. giants versus skips.
8:05 am
oh. oh. oh, too bad. happy anniversary. suckers! well, you are having a nice anniversary? that's good. let's see what we got for you. today, our pick city of the day just happens to be mobile, alabama. nbc 15. nice add, sonny a high of 79, going to be gorgeous. rain making its way into northern california. upper elevations, looking at snow, some areas picking up 18 to 20 inches of snow through the pacific northwest. strong storms firing up through northern texas. look for wet weather through iowa into chicago. norman, oklahoma, to chicago, we could see anywhere from one to three inches of rain before it is all over. we have a real cutie here who is this? >> julianna. >> how old is she? >> 11 months. >> expecting plenty of sunshine today. temperatures are warming up.
8:06 am
68272 degrees later today. 80 up next, pippa middleton opens up about being prince william's sister-in-law and her overnight fame, right after this. for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use.
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8:10 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: they have been running tv ads to promote it people want a look at this. so, what is it like to party like pippa? here, less rock star, more martha stewart. pippa middle top's book is packed with colorful pictures showing people how to throw sweet, simple family parties how much she came to do this is not lost on her, she spells it right out. a bit startling to have global recognition, if that is the right word, before the able of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom. one day i might be able to make sense of this. in the meantime, i think it's fair to say it has its upside and its downside. i certainly have opportunities many can only dream of, but in most ways, i'm a typical girl in her 20s trying to form a career and represent herself. the ideas are easy and meant to be, including for halloween. the british still like to spell it with that apostrophe you
8:11 am
lollipop ghosts stuck in a pumpkin, games, a doughnut tree, pumpkin bowling and recipes, miniapple pies, witch's fingers made from cheese strauss or flavored butter with the gory appearance of entrails to seep into crumpet he is. >> certainly put the effort into it that kind of suggest she does want to make sherself a domestic goddess. >> reporter: pippa reportedly earned a half million advance to write "celebrate." >> i think she wants to distance herself from the image people might perceive her as being a bit of a party girl or somebody who lives a very luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. >> reporter: she did work for years at her family's online party business, wrote its newsletter and worked as an event planner. >> not trying to appeal to princesses out there but average joes who might want to try to perhaps put on a party that a princess would be proud of. >> reporter: stylish pippa emphasizes simple blitz details of her childhood with kate. turn off all the light us in the house and let flickering candlelight conjure up scary shadows. of course, she helped plan the
8:12 am
ultimate party, william and kate's royal wedding reception. soon after the, pippa herself became a household name. now, perhaps, house party helper. the recipes in here do look pretty good. amazon has the book listed for $31, down from 50. in the uk, it only costs $20. pippa suspect doing any press before the book comes out at the end of this month but some are saying, hey if this does well what could be next is a line of bakeware. who know what is kind of merchandising she could benefit from outthis. savannah? >> michelle kosinski in a rainy london. and a woman who decided to live biblically for one year. the decision that got praise and criticism, right after this. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
8:13 am
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and there's juicy chicken hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear hellmann's. bring out the best >> announcer: today on the trail is brought to you by nissan, innovation that excites.
8:16 am
back now with today on the trail. tonight's final presidential debate here in boca raton certainly is very important, but over the last two weeks of this race you it's president obama and governor romney's army of campaign workers who could very well make the difference in this election. today's special correspondent ryan seacrest visited field offices for both of the camp pains right here in the battleground state of florida. >> reporter: debates, polls, analysis, stump speeches and help. lots and lots of help. the road to pennsylvania avenue is a long one. and it all starts in places like this and this, temporary field offices all across the country, packed with modestly paid campaign staffers who work long hours, doing it for something more important than the paycheck. >> we wouldn't be here if we
8:17 am
didn't care about the future of america. >> i have this response bill that what i do could reach thousands of voters. >> reporter: sabrina caprioli's family moved to the u.s. from argentina. this election is the first time they will be voting for a president. ashley montenegro's dad immigrated from colombia. fresh out of college this is her first job. both women spend their days getting their candidate's message out, working with vips, like actor justin long. and mitt romney's son, craig. is this here to break up the routine a little bit and add a little fun to the office? >> it s you know exwe are here 24/7, and we just need some time to kind of loosen up a little bit. >> reporter: i asked both teams for a tour of their office. >> all-time campaign food.
8:18 am
>> reporter: sweet and sour chicken. get you through the day and night? what time does that go up? >> usually about 10 or so. >> reporter: in the morning? what about in here? okay. a little ice cream. there's some sim lights or both camps. when was the last time you actually a day off? >> oh, ah, i think the last long weekend we had was two days and it was at easter. >> when is the last time you went on a date? >> let's keep walking. >> is anybody dating anybody from here? >> um, no. >> there's no >> we don't have time to worry about our romance, our social life. >> you haven't been on date since you started working here? >> i have not. >> you look down. you look over. >> i'm okay with it. i'm good. >> checking. tell me about this crew here. the pod room. >> the pod room? >> that's our training director. >> justin bieber fan in the corner. >> yeah. >>self be friendly?
8:19 am
>> a good group here. >> what's her name? >> holly. >> i believe you. >> yes. >> do you have friends that are on the other side of the fence and if so when you hang out with them, can you talk politics? >> yes and no. >> do your friends -- >> of course i have friends on the other side yes. >> how are those conversations? are they tense? >> they are not tense. when it comes to conversations, there's no need to be volatile or not kind to each other. >> if they respect my opinion, i respect theirs. >> you have got this on your resume what is the ideal gig after something like this? >> well, when governor romney gets elected, i would like to go to d.c. and see what happens. i especially admire ann romney so much, be honored to work with her. >> what is the most difficult part about your job and about being a part of this team? >> sometimes, like, the long days, you're even tired and you focus on a project and just so frustrated, it is just like pulling back a memory, like i'm here for the president. like, this is an honor. >> reporter: whoever ends up in the white house will have much
8:20 am
to be grateful for, not the least of which are the broad shoulders of the campaign workers that helped carry him to power. >> ryan seacrest taking us inside campaigns here in florida and we should point out, getting dominated on the foos ball table. let's send it back to new york now and natalie. >> sure was. all right, thanks, willie. now to a loaded question, what kind of life does the bible want you to live? one woman spent a year following all of its instructions and chronicled the experience in the new book "a year of biblical womanhood." we will talk to her and her husband in just a moment. but first, her experience. raised an evangelical christian in alabama, rachel held evans is no stranger to the bible and on a fall day in 2010, she started down a narrow road to abide by all of its rules for women. first, a few skills, taking a page from the book of numbers, she took her first crack at
8:21 am
making challah bread. >> great job, hon. >> reporter: following proverbs, she learned to sew. >> this is hard. >> reporter: and made a few wardrobe changes. >> deuteronomy 22 says the lord detests a woman who wears man's clothing so, to be on the safe side, you probably want to stick with flowing skirts like these. >> reporter: then there's motherhood. genesis says be fruitful and multiply. rachel doesn't have kids so she bought this little guy. >> the bottle doesn't work. the diaper doesn't work. >> reporter: from leviticus, rules for that time of the month. >> no touching any men, especially your husband. that means no hugs, no handshakes, no high fives and obviously you no sex. in fact, you may want to remove yourself from the household entirely. for my year of biblical womanhood, i camped out in a tent during my period. >> reporter: finally, some stranger deed. there is a verse in proverbs that says it is better to live
8:22 am
on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a contentious woman. i made a swearing jar of sorts. each time i caught myself in a habit of contention, i had to put a penny in the jar. and each penny represented one minute i had to spend on my rooftop doing penance. >> what do you think our neighbors are going to think? >> proverbs 31:23 says a virtuous woman's husband is praise ted city gate. i made a sign, took it out to the entrance of my town and praised my husband the right way. >> that's right. dan is awesome. >> reporter: after 12 full months trying to live by the good book, one lesson became clear. >> biblical womanhood is not as simple as you might think. ♪ i got to have faith, faith, faith ♪ >> rachel held evans is with us now along with her husband, dan. good morning to you both. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> good to have you here. i am so curious why you wanted to do this. what was your go? >> i think all women can relate to the feeling they are always
8:23 am
falling short of some ideal and growing up in the conservative evangelical subculture you can the ideal for me had been biblical womanhood. i wanted to playfully challenge that idea and challenge the idea that any of us are practicing biblical womanhood all the watch i thought this would be a fun way to do that, hopefully liberate women from the fear that they are fall willing short and remind everyone that the bible and women are much more complex than following a set of roams or rules. >> how hard was that for you to live your life for a year? >> it was really hard. i don't remember recommend anyone trying to. first thing i did was grow my hair long for the year. >> and you also -- to dan's benefit, i mean, you're he cooking for him, you're cleaning for him, you're basically subservient to him throughout that whole year. i mean, how was that? how did you feel about that? >> he made it easy. >> he made it easy? he didn't really help you, right? >> no it was actually little weird, in our relationship, we work such as a team for so long, seven years we were married at that time and so just to impose
8:24 am
this hierarchy on our relationship that wasn't already there was kind of an odd experience, although i will say i didn't mind that she made me food. >> the cooking and the cleaning and basically -- >> that was pretty great. >> i did call him master for one week. >> one week? what was that like, dan? you didn't particularly care for that? >> you would think it would be a turn on but it just wasn't because you live in a small town, rumor does get started if she is out in public calling me master. and so our relationship had been different for the first seven years so taking this new structure around adding it just wasn't quite -- >> not to make too much light you i mean it is a humorous account but not to make too much light there are certainly religious groups and christians who follow this ideal of living by biblical womanhood. how widespread is that? >> it is a hugely popular mom. and's one of the reasons why i wanted to challenge it people were throwing around this phrase, biblical womanhood, as is if that is something any of us are really practicing. and you know, that's the
8:25 am
challenge, looking for any person of faith who loves the bible, trying to figure out what parts of this book apply and should be followed literally and which parts, you know, maybe are culturally influenced and how do we decided? i try to defer to jesus 'cause i'm a christian and loft him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. and love your neighbor as yourself. does this help me love god better? does this help me love my neighbor bet center in stuff i you wanted to keep after the year related to that. >> what did your neighbors think of all of this, you have your tent in your front yard there. >> they stopped asking questions. >> your family? what do they say about the whole experience? >> very supportive and it was fun for them, too i made thanksgiving dipper for the first time ever and we were celebrating the jewish holiday you there was always food and wine and a lot of it was quite a bit of fun. >> just to obviously tell you, book ruffling some feathers. one reviewer said she took the bible and made a mock roift entire thing. how do you see coming out of
8:26 am
this? what is your response to this and what did you learn? >> as a person of faith, i love the bible and hate seeing it reduced to annage joke at this time. the biblical woman is much more complicated than we try >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. here is sarah caldwell. >> we at dealing with accidents around big area. when on the inner loop at 295 causing some backup there. the delays on the outer loop north and west side. southbound j.f.x. from the old way into town and the southbound harrisburg expressway, padonia to the beltway. avoid this intersection. overturned vehicle at north
8:27 am
point boulevard and sparrows point road. prior to burger street, an accident. if you are traveling on the eastern shore in centreville, blocked at 309 in both directions due to an early morning accident. an update on some of those delays. you can see what the west side looks like the dead is the pace of things all the way down. not bad leading up to fort mchenry. prior to this, normal delays from white marsh to the 895 split. >> at least the sun is shining in those traffic cameras. 47 in catonsville. 47 in pikesville. a lot of sunshine today. we are warmer into the afternoon. high temperatures ranging m-608 to 72 degrees -- from 68 to 72 degrees. a few more clouds as we go into tomorrow.
8:28 am
partly sunny on wednesday. up to 79 degrees. mid-to-cover-70's into thursday . >> another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this monday morning, october 22nd, 2012. that means halloween is just around the corner. time is running out if you want to get your costume together for our halloween extravaganza. we will get dressed up, as we always do we want you to as well. come on down to the plaza for
8:31 am
our costume contest it is time to get creative. we hope you will be. savannah guthrie alongside natalie morales and al roker. willie is down in florida for the debate. i know you have to get ready. do you think it will be as contentious as last week? >> the format doesn't allow for that as much. governor romney and the president will be seated at a table across from the moderator, you will see far fewer violations of personal space tonight that's my thought. >> come over that table. very easily. >> we will tune in anyway. >> no boxing ring this time around. >> willie, see you a bit later on. what else we got coming up here? an i shall through can separate some of us, are you a cat person or a dog person? who here is a cat person? cat? raise your hand? dog people? coming up, why your answer could actually say a lot about your personal. jenna bush hager will explain. >> cats are known embezzlers. >> they are no. >> personalities.
8:32 am
with jenna bush hager. >> and they will short-sheet your bed. eric ripert is going to show us how to make a great meal in a toasteren of. no he is not going to be in the toaster oven but going to show us,use it. >> like the sound of that first, a check of the weather. >> let's see what we have got for you starting off with today. we are looking at the week ahead. we have got cooler-than-normal conditions out west, mountain snows, above-normal conditions here in the eastern two-thirds of the country. by the time we get to the midweek period that cold air starts to make its way east but still warm here in the east and also into the midwest and then the latter part of the week, oh that cold air growing, the warm air shrinking. look for snow showers in the northern rockies. we look for temperatures that are going to be cooling down throughout much of the country as t
8:33 am
>> mostly and sunny and beautiful today. 68 degrees today. temperatures near 80 degrees by that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable or online. savannah? all right, al, thanks. now more on tonight's final presidential debate, from the format to the topics, very little is left to chance. jeep nah wolf looked into how the candidate please paired. good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah there is a reason people have debate parties much like they have super bowl parties thoochls very become events and it is not just about the words.
8:34 am
it's really about everything else. it's called style over substance and from what i've been seeing, it's always been that way. before every great debate, there's always the other debate. >> what they are gonna wear? do they sit or stand behind the podium? do they get to walk around? is it a bar stool? is it a chair? >> reporter: questions that need answers and answers that need to be worked out to the smallest detail. >> spont neigh sit overrated when it comes to debates. >> reporter: believe it or not, nothing, and i mean nothing is left up to chance. >> everything is rehearse and rehearsed and rehearsed. >> reporter: their outfit you the tie comer, the suit. >> nobody is going to step now the a seersucker suit. >> reporter: even the wives were strategically dressed on debate night. >> both fuchsia. >> reporter: their last meal? >> the president ate steak and potatoes and the campaign put that out there. >> reporter: yes, even their posture was perfected. >> mitt romney was coached on how to sit on a stool. >> a made for television event. i do not think you can lose sight of it.
8:35 am
they certainly do not lose sight of it. >> reporter: they also note stakes i and those stakes are so high, the candidates start prepping for these debates months and months in advance, reviewing policy, yes, but also reviewing logistics. remember, nothing is spontaneous. >> just about every great line in a debate, famous line in a debate, was a rehearsed line. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: there's no s.a.t. prep courses here but it's close. both candidates spent hours and hours debating mock opponents before the big event. >> who are these mock opponents? >> john kerry played mitt romney and he studied for months. rob portman is the republican senator from ohio, he played barack obama. >> reporter: so, why all the studying and the prepping by the candidates? because it's exactly what we want to see. >> i think every candidate is looking for a moment. >> reporter: so, when these two begin their final debate tonight, just know that they know exactly why they're there. >> you're selling a package. you're selling a story.
8:36 am
not just sell a set of policy position, you're selling a life. >> reporter: because tend of the day let's face it for all the politicking that's getting done -- >> it's all about how want to have a beer with anyway. >> reporter: not that either r i have here what is called the memorandum of understanding it is actually the rule book dpeert bait, like 50 pages here this is the cut down version. the candidates broke five to six rules already. so, why don't you take a look, study it i will come back in the next half hour and you let know. >> i'm glad you're here tone force it >> when you want politics you came to the right person. >> studying this all weekend. jenna wolfe, thank you. coming up next, are you a dog person or a cat person? what your pet reference says but. jenna bush hager is here with her cats. so we know where she stan
8:37 am
8:38 am
an issue debated for generations, cats or dogs?
8:39 am
"today" correspondent jeep nah bush haiger is here with insight on that age-old question. good morning, jenna and old friend. >> this is my friend, bernadette, my pet preference. we decided to ask the question, does our animal of choice say more about us than we think? and it turns out, it does. it is one of those basic human divides, you are either a cat person -- >> i want chicken, i want liver, meow mix, meow mix, please deliver. >> reporter: or a dog person? >> hi, i'm elle woods and is brucer woods and we are both gemini vegetarians. >> reporter: with the increase in technology it has never been easier to show the world which side you're on. >> seems to be a bit more spiffish. >> reporter: a study by university of texas professor sam gosling found that the animal we choose may say more about us than our pet. >> dog people were higher on the
8:40 am
dim mentions of extra version, agreeableness and conscientiousness. and cat people were higher on unusual rot cism and openness. >> that's me. >> reporter: i, for one, have never been shy about my pet preference, although i may fit the crazy librarian cat-loving stereotype it seems that stereotype is increasingly changing. jackson galaxy wears his preference on his sleeve, literally. he put the masculine in meow. >> i'm jackson galaxy, a musician by night and a cat behaviorist by day. >> reporter: galaxy is the host of the show "my cat from hell" and travels the country transforming demonic felines into purring lap cats. oh, hello. and then he is going to follow me over here. >> reporter: i was hoping he could help me with my own cat woes. hey. how are you? >> aim great. i'm jenna this is bernie. >> what's up, bernie? >> we love her, she does have unusual rose is he is, including
8:41 am
waking up at 3:30, 4:30 and 5 can 3 0 on the dot. >> on the dot. >> the only way i can stop her from meowing is pull her close from my face, hug her and she purse. >> if you want to get sleep the only way that's gonna happen is for you to go through a painful bit of withdrawal that's going to take about a week or two. >> look how dependent she is h she is a mama's girl p. >> look what you've done, jenna. look what you have done. >> i have created a monster. >> this is a cat monster. >> reporter: now that you know write stand, i thought it only fair to also hear from a self-proclaimed dog lover and who better than the author of the best-selling book "marley & me." >> you would say you're a dog person? >> yes, i would definitely call myself a dog person. >> so, are you agreeable? >> i think i'm a pretty agreeable guy p. >> might have to ask your wife. >> she might disagree. >> conscientious? >> i true i to be conscientious. >> reporter: "marley & me" is the true story of a mist chef
8:42 am
vows hyper dog that struck the hearts of millions and even made into a movie. i have to ask, do you think if marley was a cat, do you think the book would have done as well? >> that's good question. probably not, actually. cats are almost too smart for their own good. so they don't play those dumb -- the dumb role that a lot of dogs do that humans can find so funny and charming. >> reporter: whether you're a dog lover or a cat lover, it seems it's the power of companionship, unconditionable love, that we all crave from our pets. >> i think an animal can really up lock the humanity inside of each of us. we go through our lives and these busy rat race lives and we kind of put our armor up and a pet can really help unlock that armor and let our hearts come out again. >> reporter: maybe that's why i haven't been able to just let bernie cry it out at night. if turns out i'm an enabling mother, but she is just too cute. and such a good cat on live tv, i have to say. >> she is.
8:43 am
>> natalie, other differences from a different study, dog people are more likely to consider paul mccartney their favorite beatle, cat lovers favor george harrison and cat people say that they are fashion challenged, which i personally disagree with, right, bernie? dog people think of themselves as fashion conscious. she did a good job. a little scare she had might give me a scratch. >> bernie is really a bernadette, right? >> we were nah debt for long. >> says lot about your personality why did you name a cat we were nah debt? >> she is an old lady and i might be an old soul. my mom is a librarian, was a librarian, i do fit that stereotype. we grew up with cat names. my cat name was marmalade. >> you had a cat name? >> i only went by my cat name. i blame this really on my mother. >> okay. well, i have a cat and -- i have two cats and a dog and i have to say i'm a little bit of the agreement and neurotic personality so i guess i'm a little bit of everything. i'm combo.
8:44 am
>> aim unusui'm neurotic only a cat. >> looks like she is comfortable there jenna bush hager. still ahead, gourmet cooking in your toaster oven, but first this is "today" on nbc. . jennar
8:45 am
as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs.
8:46 am
and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. back now at 8:46 with a school in the middle east that is trying to break the mold for girls and boys. nbc's amman mohyeldin is here with more. good morning to you. >> is called the kings academy, the idea was born out of king abdullah of jordan's own experience of boarding school here in the u.s. few thought a private coed boarding school in the heart of the middle east could succeed a few years after it opened its doors, the school is thriving, growing and attracting some of the region's best and brightest students. in a region steeped in conservative tradition, a modern laboratory of learning is
8:47 am
breaking new ground. >> 167. >> reporter: where boys and girls study together, play side by side and can even use dance to express themselves freely. this is not your typical middle eastern school. instead, it's one preparing students for whatever life's punches come their way. and to bring a new vision to a region that's been mar roomed into turmoil for generations. it was king abdullah's experience at deerfield college in massachusetts that inspired this model academy. >> independence of thought. the ability to reason critically. respect for different points of view. those are the intellectual values that we value here. >> reporter: the school's mission is to bridge the gap between rich and poor in the region. nearly half the students receive financial aid. and while boys slightly outnumber girls, in the classrooms, all are encouraged to think creatively. like using current magazines to
8:48 am
label classic american novels. >> fear and shame. i like those words. >> reporter: all on this idolic campus where boys and girls live together but in separate dorms. >> guys, guys, girls. >> reporter: at the heart of the school is the dining hall, where more than 400 students from over 30 countries serve one another, breaking more than one traditional norm. >> there's a lot of people with different ideas. >> reporter: teachers and pupils, seniors and freshmen sit side by side, all to encourage equality and a little coed comradery. >> coming from saudi arabia, for you to be in a classroom with girls, it must be a new experience for you. >> it's actually quite nice. it's different. >> reporter: it's not just campus living that's challenging. in class, no subject is offlimits. today's history lesson, controlling population growth by using birth control. >> would there be any woman in
8:49 am
this classroom willing to sterilize themselves? >> no. >> if you don't learn about them now in school, you're never going to learn about them. >> reporter: although has a global outlook, the school has a strong commitment to its arab identity and culture. [ knocking ] offering foreign students a chance to learn arabic for a year. >> how is your arabic? [ speaking arabic ] >> i haven't learned that one yes. >> our students are very smart young people that are global citizens. they are aware of old-- all issues around the world at large. >> reporter: that is due to the king himself who comes and speaks to them about everything, including the arab spring. >> he tells me those are the questions he fierce the most because you never know what those young people are going to ask. >> reporter: at a time of a tremendous change and challenges, jordan's leaders
8:50 am
hoping this educational oasis in the desert may prove to be the region's source of new leaders and problem solvers. beyond what is taught in the classrooms are the teachers and administrators want the students, many whom will go on colleges around the world to leave kings academy with a better understanding of the arab world them hope the students will serve as future ambassadors that can come bat the negative stereotypes of the middle east. >> you see boys and girls but different nationalities of the school. up next, we will head into the kitchen where chef eric ripert shows us how to do gourmet cooking in the toaster oven, an idea whose time has come. but first thisco
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: today's cooking school is brought to you by hellman's. make it real. make it different. this morning on today's cooking school, a lesson on how to use your toaster oven to do much more than just make toast and heat things up. chef eric ripert is the owner of the fame la bernadine restaurant. where did this idea come from? >> i came home and my wife wanted to cook a meal for my son in a toaster oven and i was very condescending. actually, i was making fun of her an then i realized it was amazing what she cooked, came up with and i think it is a great way of cooking at home for one person or two people and it's easy and you can have some great recipes. >> energy efficient. >> absolutely.
8:53 am
it is energy efficient it goes very fast. i'm going to show you the first one. >> crab cakes. how do we do this? >> going to do a crab gratton. very similar to crab cakes. i picked the crab before. i'm adding the mayonnaise in it. some chives. a little bit of spice. not too much a bit of salt. pepper. lemon juice. like that and i mix it with a bit of bread crumbs. very simple to mix. >> that's easy. >> takes about seconds really. then you just put it in a mold, like that. >> wow. >> and how long do you put it in the oven? >> then going to go in a toaster oven for about eight to ten minutes. and then it will be ready. so, i'm gonna coat it with a bit of bread crumbs, like that. >> what temperature is the oven on? >> some toaster ovens have the temperature on it, you go to bake max, like 450 and some don't some this one is at broil. and we put it inside.
8:54 am
>> okay. broil in eight minutes. >> it is like that. >> the next one sounds fancy, portabella mushrooms, provencal. >> i have a knife four. >> showing her knife skills. >> you just remove the skin like that you peel it, the skin is a bit leatherry. >> i see. >> you can do it with your fingers. >> this could take a while. you do your thing and i will just keep peeling. >> ben it is peeled, you put the portabella here the middle of the trace, i have a bit of bar lick that reminds me of provence. some thyme, fresh thyme, olive oil. and you are very generous with the olive oil. >> all right. i'm still peeling. >> almost done. >> fyi. >> and port pellow will go innen of when it is ready, looks like that look.
8:55 am
>> let me see. >> we have it here. >> beautiful. >> i can even slice it. >> i will slice. while you go see al. >> nice. >> excellent. i let you slice. >> this is great for kids. >> and even for us. >> for us as well. >> i love it. >> we are going to put some salt and pepper around the provininee provenec provenec provence. olive oil on top. the toaster oven. >> we have dressing here? >> honey mustard dressing. very simple. >> honey and mustard. >> you want to whisk it? >> we want to get to the last one real fast. >> we will mention quickly, you can make dessert in the oven as well, right? >> you can make desserts. so, when it's ready it will look like that. >> we don't have time to go
8:56 am
through the whole thing. >> it is made. >> done. >> then we are going to make -- >> only 30 seconds. this is sugar -- like a pancake mix, right? >> flour. a bit of vanilla. and then we mix. >> okay. >> like that. >> sugar-coated ramekin in there already. >> put some in there. >> this is what it looks like when it's done. >> our res police on, in case you didn't catch all that eric ripert. >> still ahead, barry manilow. >> he is going to finish it. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. arews are on the scene ab rowhome fire at battery ave. we now know that three children and two adults were taken to shock trauma to be treated for
8:57 am
smoke inhalation. one firefighter was injured on the
8:58 am
>> good morning. beautiful sunshine today could warming up to 68 to 72 degrees. this trend continues as we go into the seven-day. by wednesday, we could be pushing 80 degrees. by wednesday, maybe a slight shower. shower. >>
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