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tv   Today  NBC  November 6, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EST

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and refills last up to 30 days. glade expressions oil diffuser. sc johnson. a family company. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's so good to see you. fun day monday, it's november 5th. we are going to do our best to make it a fun day monday for you. a lot of people struggling out there right now. we don't want to seem insensitive to them, but we've heard from an awful lot of you that you need a little lift. think of us as a good bra, you know, just a little lift where you need it.
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that's what we are. here's something great that happened that matt organized on friday night that we've been telling you about, the telethon, the concert. it was a tremendous success, you guys. for everybody who phoned in and gave money, $23 million raised. >> isn't that amazing? >> it rocked. so many great acts. billy joel, bruce springsteen. >> matt has those guys on speed dial. it was in a short time frame, he called billy joel, bruce springsteen. >> mary j. blige. jimmy fallon was singing "under the boardwalk." his back-up singers were billy joel, bruce springsteen. take a listen. ♪ down by the shore ♪ down by the sea ♪ on a blanket with my baby
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where i'll be ♪ ♪ under the boardwalk ♪ we'll be having some fun ♪ under the boardwalk >> the boss is in the back, you can see him. >> it was really terrific. >> by the way, can i say something? there are a lot of storm victims out there who you cannot believe the spirit and resilience. i went with some friends to staten island, and this is what was the best about that place. there was a woman whose house was devastated. she was very upset. i saw her, i said i'm so sorry about your house. she said, that's not why i'm crying. i said, why are you crying? she pointed down the street, there were hordes of volunteers coming. she said, that's why i'm crying. marathon runners came to help out and do stuff.
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the marathon runners went out to staten island, hopped on the ferry. >> it's so great, so great. obviously, they are disappointed. they came from all over the world. >> these are people who live in other neighborhoods that picked up a shovel or whatever. there was an older lady and guy said to me, see that lady right there, she had dirty clothes and all she wanted to do was go to church. they gave her fresh clothes, she thanked them, went to church, and came back and kept digging her house out. there's not a sense of poor me. we were going to people and they were saying -- someone else needs it worse than me. i bet you someone needs it worse. you have to see, the human spirit is on display. and it's not, like, don't feel sorry for me. they are working. you like that feeling. >> were you seeing the opposite in the gas lines. our wonderful producer was in a line finally, finally, finally, and literally the guy right before her got the last drop of fuel. >> drained it.
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>> she's got a 2-year-old and an infant in the car with her. really? >> i'm surprised she didn't run someone over. you know what, it could have happened with tammie or any of us. >> "saturday night live," if you can have some fun with it, apparently they were. >> there's been a lot of news conferences, there's someone who signs nearby. "snl" thought that was humorous. let's take a listen. >> a moment to thank our city's first responders, the firemen. the police officers. emergency medical technicians. i'd also like to thank my staff with a special thanks to my sign language translator lydia callas who brought some pizazz to what otherwise would be a dower occasion. thank you, lydia, for your pizazz. >> hello. hello.
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i'm governor chris christie. this is my interpreter. things are bad, okay, they are bad. but we're new jersey, all right, we're going to be fine. we don't get sad in new jersey. we get even. so sleep with one eye open, sandy. >> he has been the star through this whole thing, though, in real life, chris christie. he suffers no fools, if you know what i mean. >> he's been really terrific. all right, so if you need a laugh, we found a little video that might help out. this is a video called "the dragon baby." it's a baby taking on a dragon. an indie filmmaker had a cam corder, take a look. ♪
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♪ >> look at that. [ laughter ] ♪ >> come on. >> that is adorable. >> how great. >> i'm so glad i haven't seen that before. how do they do that? i can't even turn on a camcorder. >> are we ready for our wednesday matinee lunch? >> is that still on, we had to cancel it last week. gallagher's on west 52nd street. we had to cancel it last week. 200 crazy women that were going to join us before. what's going on?
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>> anthony. >> okay, anyway, we'll be there at noon, you guys. we'll have to reschedule the one we had before and we'll let you know when that is. >> women are out of control when the wine is flowing. people get a little crazy. >> you have rabid fans, hoda. rabid. hopefully you've had a booster shot because wow! nothing can keep us down around here, and we are going to go forward this week with our "everyone has a story." ♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ >> yes, we know. this month's winner is francis of freehold, new jersey. she was nominated by her adopted daughter ashley. we hadn't done an adoption story in a while, and they are both on the phone with us. francis worked in special education for over 15 years and also volunteers for her church.
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we take all that for granted, but what a difference it makes in these kids' lives. and in 2006, francis was diagnosed with thyroid cancer herself, but her adopted daughter said she wishes she could be half the woman that her mom is. hey, you guys. are you there? >> yes, how are you? >> you are there. >> from alexandria, virginia. that's where my mom lives. >> that's fan of the week coming up. we need to go back to the other, please, we're not quite through with this. >> sorry. >> we're still on that. anyway, so are you excited? >> yes, i am! >> i'm very, very excited. i didn't even know we were nominated. i sent in the entry a few months back, so when i got a call from susan, i was ecstatic. >> susan called. >> there you are, we're looking at you. boy, you're a good-looking family. beautiful. >> oh, thank you.
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>> we cannot wait to see you guys. we'll see you on thursday. >> david and i have written a beautiful -- i think it's beautiful, i hope you like it. poignant new song for you we'll have sung for you on thursday, okay? >> love you, mom! >> how sweet was that? now it's time for alexandria, virginia. >> and our fan of the week! >> you were just too excited, hoda. >> our winner this week is whitney russell from alexandria, virginia. who watches in washington, d.c. whitney and her 14-month-old son harlan never miss a show and have a dance party thursday to the ihoda play list. they also love watching you compete, which got you thinking, you two should run for office. whitney has volunteered to be your campaign manager. she's gathering supporters on capitol hill. you can debate important matters such as pinot versus chardonnay
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and petition to move happy hour to where it belongs, 7:00 a.m. whitney, you get extra points for being creative. we're sending you on a rock and roll getaway to seattle. >> we were there, hoda! that's where the beatles at that famous place. >> it's also a private velvet rope dinner for two, music project, and round-trip air fare for two. the hotel and air fare provided by the edgewater hotel in seattle. >> that's a beautiful spot. iconic picture of the beatles. they stayed there and had their heads out the window. great, thank you so much. she's been called one of the greatest female vocalists of all time, we're going to chat with grammy-winning superstar christina aguilera. and hot couples news, all your hollywood buzz after this. ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪
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christina aguilera is an international superstar who's done it all. she's a grammy-winning singer/song writer and producer and actress. >> celebrity coach and judge on nbc's hit show "the voice" and her studio album "lotus" comes out next week. >> your career was hot before this little show you decided to go called "the voice." >> how has that side project changed the world for you? >> you know, i went into it as a passion project at a time where i wanted to actually step away from being an artist myself, step outside of myself and give advice and be a coach and give back some of my experience and knowledge being in this business. and the way the format of the show was presented to me, the blind auditions being something so real and, you know, no preconceived notions, no judgment except for being inspired by a voice was huge, and it's been inspiring for me to incorporate that even into my
2:19 am
lyrics on my new album "lotus" to inspire the next generation of singers. >> when people stop you on the street now, do they talk about the show, do they talk about the chemistry between you and blake and adam and cee lo? >> yeah. it is wonderful for me to see how much people actually do enjoy the show. took my son to an allergy test the other day, poor thing, getting his test done, the woman was like i love your show and what you're doing, i'm like is he okay, is he all right. >> let's focus on him. >> but it brings so much joy to people. >> how cute is max? can we focus right now for a second? four years old? >> four and a half, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's from his halloween party. i threw him a big halloween bash. >> how do you do it, considering you have multiple careers going all at once, your most important is mom. does max come to the show with you, or how do you make it work? >> it's an intense juggling act. i'm no slacker.
2:20 am
i'm a perfectionist, so i put more pressure on myself for things to be perfect and i get overwhelmed and things get crazed, but at the end of the day, i think my chemical makeup is what it is. i wouldn't be able to do anything else but have that kind of schedule, and you make time for the things that are important. you know, getting out of work on time and rushing home to work to put my son to bed so i'm the last thing he sees when he goes to bed and first thing in the morning is important so we have that consistency, that bond, throwing him halloween parties, festivities. mama goes all out. >> i love watching you with the three coaches, i always wonder who you click with the most. let's play a game, since you have the three heads. if you were playing spin the bottle in seventh grade, you spun the bottle. who would you want it to land on of those three?
2:21 am
>> these guys are like my brothers. it would be like incest. >> pick one. >> for being a pure gentleman through and through, sorry, miranda, it would have to be blake. i love blake. >> we're going to play a musical game. willie geist, host of the third hour of today is here. he's going to emcee. >> first of all, what kind of question was that? who would you make out with on the show? clean it up a little bit. christina, you need to know hoda thinks she knows the words to every song recorded. >> i am. >> we're going to test both your lyrical skills on a few songs. i'm going to play you a clip from a song. when we cut the song off, hit your buzzer if you think you know the next verse of that song. >> okay. >> i think you're going to know these songs. let's start with "honey bee" by your spin the bottle partner, blake shelton. ♪ you be my soft and sweet
2:22 am
♪ i'll be your strong and steady ♪ >> christina aguilera is in first. >> i'll be your shot of whiskey, then what? >> sugar daddy. i'll be your sugar daddy. >> what is it? >> no? >> i don't know. sing it. >> you'll be my sunny day. >> i'll be your -- >> shade tree. >> honey bee. >> we're giving that to christina. that was the practice round. christina, if you don't know this one, we have a major problem, because you are on this track. moves like jagger by maroon 5. ♪ >> get to her part. ♪ shoot for the stars >> cut it right there. who's in first? >> something wherever you are. >> you don't get to say something. >> if it feels like wherever you are.
2:23 am
right? it feels like. >> sure, aim for my heart. close enough, close enough. >> tie breaker right now. >> here's our tie breaker. our final song, "forget you" by cee lo. we all know this one. ♪ sorry i can't afford a ferrari ♪ ♪ but that don't mean i can't get you there ♪ >> i have no idea any words of that song. >> that's not a lyric either. >> what's the chorus? >> forget you. >> thank you, what's the price? >> 0 for 3, i think that went well. >> that was a disaster and we know that. >> we love our big willie. >> don't forget "the voice" airs on nbc monday and tuesday nights. >> later, we'll keep you on the loop with all the hollywood scoop. first, these messages. ♪ [ female announcer ] he could be the one. soulmate.
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this portion of "today" is powered by windows 8. we are back now with "today" on the trail and tomorrow is the big day. >> thank god. >> thought it would never get here. in honor of the presidential election, we thought we'd find out what you really know about basic, basic american history. >> i hope they don't quiz us. sara haines is outside on the plaza, which has been transformed to democracy plaza. hey, sara. >> hi, guys. here at democracy plaza, with the big vote tomorrow, i decided to check in with my fellow americans to make sure they were ready. you know there's a big election coming up. >> absolutely. >> you know how many electoral votes it takes to elect a president? >> 200, 250 or so? >> i know it's over 100. >> it is over 100. >> 270? okay.
2:29 am
>> do you know the three branches of the government? >> yes. >> would you like to name them? >> judicial. >> legislative, executive, and judicial. >> yes! do you know how old you have to be to run for president? >> you have to be 40? 45? >> going the wrong way. >> 18? >> that is how old you have to be to vote. >> i would say you have to be 45. >> it's actually younger. >> is it 38, 35? >> why did you go for an 8, would you not go for multiples of 5? >> 21 you can drink. >> you won that round. >> 35. >> do you know who the current speaker of the house is? >> that's a tough question, no, i don't. >> boehner? >> yeah. >> who is on the $100 bill?
2:30 am
>> the $100 bill is benjamin franklin. >> how did you know that? >> because it's all about the benjamins. ♪ >> the big important thing on any election is everyone votes. let's say "vote" on three. get all the hands in there, ready? one, two, three -- vote! and i saved an easy one for you guys. the 19th amendment of the constitution gave whom the right to vote? >> all of those four little girls some day. >> yeah, women. >> yeah, women! the women's vote is going to be so critical this time around too. thank you, sara. family secrets should stay that way, hoda. >> we'll find out after this.
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we are back on this fun day monday with today's buzz where we dish on all the hollywood news you missed.
2:33 am
>> we've got all the scoop. bonnie fuller is the editor in chief of and ann is with nbc's "gossip gram." kind of fun, the telethon was terrific, star-studded, raised a lot of dough, it was good, wasn't it. >> it was fabulous. raised $23 million, a great amount. they did bruce springsteen, billy joel. i thought christina aguilera was fantastic. she gave a great rendition of "beautiful." >> the fans were poignant, bruce springsteen, jimmy fallon, billy joel teaming up to do under the boardwalk. in many cases, there is no boardwalk, it's gone. >> so many people missed it that night, they could re-air it. so many of the problems are getting worse now that there's so many shortages of fuel and food and power still. fantastic idea. >> let's find one of the outlets we got and maybe repeat it.
2:34 am
>> there were other celebrities locally here in new york that were out and about too. ben stiller was out in brooklyn at a soup kitchen helping to feed the hungry in new york. >> alec baldwin went down to nyu and was talking to displaced students and giving them pep talks. >> bon jovi went to his hometown in new jersey and talked to people. >> people are giving money, too, right, guys? >> well, yes. bethany actually gave $100,000 from herself and her company, and there's a little controversy of simon cowell giving $25,000. some people don't think that's enough. >> that's a lot of money to give, but it's on the cover of "the daily news" today. just seems strange, you know? >> out of the west coast, kirstie alley has over 1 million twitter followers, urged people to drop off donations. john travolta says whatever she gets, i will match. >> he's got a plane, he can fly everything here.
2:35 am
let's switch gears and talk about weight. lady gaga was talking about her weight and she was upset because people say adel is heavy and no one makes fun of her. >> it's awful what people say. >> she says she grew up and it was not her fault and that what she's not taking into consideration here was that adele was always plump. people ak is. ed her bsh -- people accepted her that way. lady gaga was very, very thin. in fact, she fought anorexia and bulimia. >> i think that's why she's so sensitive to it. on the other hand, she's been famous for taking her clothes off. we've seen her where she's pretty much naked. >> don't ask people not to notice, huh? >> exactly. >> on the other hand, she looks great with a few pounds on her and says her boyfriend likes her better, too. >> what a nice guy.
2:36 am
>> i think she looks terrific. >> i do too. i don't think what the controversy is about. >> something you're sensitive about personally, you have an ongoing battle with it yourself. snooki decided to tweet a picture of her makeup-free. >> she looks fantastic. who knew? what she wanted to do was show everybody her gorgeous -- her little man, her perfect little man, she called her son. she said i'm a lucky mommy, but she also brought a lot of attention to the jersey shore team have been raising money and putting a lot of effort to help people down on the jersey shore. >> she tweeted she's collecting clothing, she's going to go out with bags of clothing to keep warm and she's even kicking in her famous pink slippers there. >> there you go. everybody's doing their part. >> what i think is terrific, though, vinny has been out. he made a public service announcement, you're smiling.
2:37 am
>> i have no idea who you're talking about. >> you know them all by their first names. >> tell us about it. >> he's raising money for the red cross, he's saying everyone donate to that, but what's interesting is he's teaming with mtv, and they are going to have a restore the shore benefit on mtv, november 15th. >> another organization people should know, this money gets to the people, it's the salvation army. they do an unbelievable job. if you're not sure, that's an excellent one. variety magazine called him one of the hardest working men in show business. >> kevin pollak sits down with us. >> got a good book. >> uh-huh. >> look at him. [ female announcer ] imagine an air freshener proven to keep living spaces filled with fragrance. introducing glade expressions oil diffuser. the simple and easy way to reveal light layers of juicy pineapple and exotic mangosteen that fill the air and open your home, artfully designed to fit with any decor, which means, whatever room you find yourself in, you can find long-lasting fragrance.
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lemonade and ♪ d for strong, all day long ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ kevin pollak began his career at a very young age with gigs as a stand-up comedian and impressionist. starring in more than five dozen movies, really? including "a few good men" and "usual suspects." >> his new book is called "how i slept my way to the
2:42 am
middle: secrets and stories from the stage screen and interweb." >> we love the title, the book, not so much, but the title is awesome. >> for years, i've been saying you hear it's lonely at the top, i'm here to tell you it's fantastic in the middle. this face will get me a table at a restaurant just about anywhere in the world, but the studios don't need me to sell tickets, so it's perfect. >> so there's less of a burden on you, in a sense. >> paparazzi is not chasing me, it's perfect. >> the great impressions you did of different people. who should we ask him to do? >> i think it's time for christopher walken, is it not? when is it not time for christopher walken. i wish i had a cooking segment to do on the show. make my chicken and pears. there i am. there are stories about me meeting him in the book. i started doing impersonations early in my career, then i started meeting these people and
2:43 am
working with them in movies. >> did they like what you did? >> did you notice i stammer less now that you started doing me? i heard the impression, i don't care for the stammer. now i don't stammer. >> one person you really love was tom cruise, said he was delightful as can be. >> true special and inspiring to be around. races out of his trailer to get to the set. he sets the pace on the set. we're all in this together, let's be professionals. i just felt a generosity towards me and everyone else on the crew. >> i like the story with you and johnny carson. you said i don't want to get up there and do stand-up. i want to sit next to him. >> you can't sit next to him, though. >> i watched the show my whole life. in fact, i make the note, there's me teaching carson how to do william shatner. >> we could probably use a little of right now. >> let me just say, it's a pleasure to be here.
2:44 am
hi. turns 83, by the way, in april. >> was it fun on that moment? >> yeah. first thing i did was peter faulk. he had peter faulk on all the time. the one eye moving, peter was open about the glass eye. when i did this, he pushed himself away from the desk he was laughing so hard. >> oh, my gosh. that is better than the good housekeeping seal of approval. >> it was, it was truly amazing. every time i did the show after that, my next guest is a little strange, please, welcome kevin pollak. and you would pass in front of his desk and the moment you pass in front of his desk, you'd stand and shake his hand, back to the audience, he would lean in and say excuse me, sorry to bother you. he did that to me every time i did the show. >> great memories, great memories. that took guts, though.
2:45 am
>> it did. >> everybody dies to get on "the tonight show." even if it's just to do the monologue you do. that might have been your only chance. >> i was young. that's when you have a chance to be stupid and take chances. >> there was a part you wanted, you didn't want to audition for it. you just wanted the part. >> right. >> was that "the usual suspects"? >> my agent wanted me to wait and get an offer. after "a few good men," i was passed from having to audition to getting offers. that's a big, big moment for any actor. night and day. i go in detail how auditioning is sort of designed to fail as a structure. >> designed to destroy you as a human being. >> when you go in, you have no security or confidence. whereas when you're offered the part, you're filled with that. >> the book is a lot of fun, we really enjoyed it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> do you do regis? >> are you ready for this,
2:46 am
anyway? how much information is too much information when it comes to sharing secrets with your kids. >> that is right after this. good morning. here's a look at the next several days. the big story is going to be the nor'easter and then an active weather pattern coming our way. even the west, the inner mountain west with heavy snow. voters, expect rain for the southeast. the swing state of florida, we could see some showers from orlando all the way up towards jacksonville. chicago, even eastern parts of wisconsin seeing rain. this is the beginning of our nor'easter across the southeast. temperatures in the south will be in the 50s and 60s. the northeast in the 40s heading out to some of the polls. most of the central plains will have quiet weather for the voters. it's wednesday that we see our nor'easter taking shape and we
2:47 am
get the bad weather in the northeast and still fine tuning our forecast. how much snow will we see? will this be a little further out from the coast? if so, that would be good news. but expecting gusty winds, power outages with heavy wet, snow. high pressure over the center of the country. pacific northwest, one round of storms after the other. 30s for the lows. thursday's forecast, still dealing with it. high pressure over the center of the country. there is that busy west forecast with more rain coming in and even into san francisco at this time and heavy mountain snow. friday, beautiful weather for the east coast. high pressure dominates. not till saturday we see our next big storm system moving in saturday and sunday with temperatures into the 60s. sunday's forecast again looking
2:48 am
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so are you walking around with a family secret your kids don't know about, or are you a parent that may be sharing too much with your kids? >> before you spill the truth to your children, you may want to think about the consequences of sharing family secrets. dr. janet taylor is a psychiatrist, and shannon ice is a contributing parent editor to "family circle" magazine. nice to see you, ladies. >> in the world we live today, are we spilling too much? >> i think you can't confuse truth with consequences. certainly, when you say something, there may be pain, may be shock, but doesn't mean you can't be honest with your children. but sometimes you have to worry -- not worry, but think about am i putting too much on them or do i wait until they are ready. there's a fine line, i think. >> what kind of secrets are we
2:51 am
talking about, what ones are okay to share with your kids? >> that's important, know what's still private. things you may want to share, financial challenges, perhaps there's a move you guys are considering and it will impact them in big ways. it's okay to talk about marriage troubles, as well, but keep it in context and keep information private that should be private. >> marriage troubles? >> children in general, but some children are two and some children are 12. you have to know your child. >> your kids are living whatever you are. what you don't want to have is silence. where there's silence and secrets, there's shame. we want to teach our children to come to us because of issues that shouldn't be a secret, sexual abuse, physical abuse, anything that threatens their welfare, you want to feel they can come and talk to you. >> you'd be surprised how many of your signals they are reading. my 8-year-old, for sure, is reading everything i'm doing, changing tone, avoiding topic. they are picking up a lot of your cues already. and they see everybody else
2:52 am
sharing. >> there's a thing i've tried to remember all my life, which is little people do not deserve big people problems, and i think as much as possible, that's a parenting thing. you should say first of all, first and foremost, protect my children. >> right. >> you know? >> before you burn them. >> i think you have to separate your own struggles, your own issues versus what they need to know, but you also want to teach them to communicate. again, when we have silence and teach our kids about silence, we can't get to what's good about the relationship. >> half the families are ending in divorce. let's pretend there is some kind of marital problem going on. what age should you start talking about it? kids, obviously, are picking up mom and dad are fighting all the time. >> exactly. it's not the problem, it's the tension that it creates. i think to the extent you have to keep things so under wraps you can't be yourself, your kids feel it. what would you say? >> we have six kids ranging from 5 to 26. how you talk to them, also knowing what your child's emotional capacity is.
2:53 am
information that can be private, they don't need to know, for instance, the cause of the divorce. they need to know what those changes are. >> mommy and daddy love you. >> they will be safe. kids first want to know they are going to be loved and taken care of. >> things off limits? >> drug abuse, we're getting a lot of questions at "family circle." how can i talk to my children about the fact i struggled as well. it's what did you learn from that. you don't want to lie, but you want to answer. >> infidelity, some parents say don't tell mom this, don't tell dad this, don't put your kids in the middle. >> ladies, thank you. >> thanks. all right, we are painting the town red, white, and blue with election night party ideas. first, this is "today" on nbc. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it.
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no matter which side of the
2:57 am
aisle you fall on, tomorrow will be a big one. >> why not celebrate by throwing a patriotic party for your friends? here to pull it off, carly rooney. >> hello, how are you? >> good to be here. >> you got to be careful with these kinds of parties, you don't want to offend anybody. >> the worst part is when somebody, like, cracks a joke that offends half of your company. >> this country is pretty evenly divided. >> the thing is really to just always laugh. always laugh and move on. >> people who never laugh at anything cruel. >> okay. >> also red, white, and blue is a great time to get out your old leftover 4th of july, red, white, blue gumballs are cheap and fun, gives you something to pop in your mouth when you don't want to answer the question who are you voting for. it's all about food and drink. the idea here is to do a buffet
2:58 am
inspired by the home states of our two candidates. we have chicago-style deep dish pizza for obama and hotdogs. for massachusetts, we, of course, have lobster rolls and clam chowder. cocktails are critical. we have the obama-tini. >> what's in that one? >> vodka and curasa. >> that makes your tongue blue. >> this is romney on the rocks. grapefruit juice and splash of vodka. then dessert, this gets kids involved. >> is that raisins? >> no, blueberries and fruit roll up. >> not hard at all. >> super easy and fun. >> i hope this hasn't been sitting around for about four hours. that looks so good. >> we'll make you one fresh, girlfriend. then you also want to entertain your guests, there's a long time
2:59 am
over the course of the evening. >> this one, too, late, late night. >> so these are -- we have these downloadable trivia about ex-presidents. how short was james madison, the smallest president. >> 4'3"? wow, that's short. >> also a big map, grab staples and over the course of the evening put them in. >> so what is that? who won what state? >> who won what state. >> that's a clever idea. >> yeah, super fun. >> sounds like a fun party. >> you can come to my house. >> all right, thank you, carly. hope your power comes on soon, honey. tomorrow we're going to be celebrating election day with good-old american cooking. >> plus yoga moves at your desk and how to parent in public. >> also how to handle awkward kissing situations. >> you all have an amazing fun day monday. guess what tomorrow is? >> booze day tuesday? om


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