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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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you hope that tuesday's election you can see the last of the latest coastal storm coming up. would mean more bipartisan cooperation. skies are clearing nicely except >> you hope, but there is no for a little bit of cloud cover sign of that. president obama and speaker john up there in the lakes. boehner laid out their position there is a surge of warm air, a today that sounded like they're positions. warm front organizing back toward lake here on. >> this is a restart between that will mostly stage for our north. high-stakes negotiations between two men. they are starting where they today, temperatures were left off, far apart. technically cooler than normal in a speech at the white house, again, but starting to climb a little bit closer to the normal president obama claimed the of 59. we hit 57 officially. election proved most americans agreed with his plan, that he 78 the record high. calls balanced, cutting spending 25 the record low in 2003. and hiking taxes to avoid the 50 in part in. fiscal clef. he said he is flexible, but -- edgewood, 54. ocean city, 48. >> i refuse to accept any 54 in frederick. approach that is not balanced. 52 in hagerstown. i am not going to ask students clear skies. and seniors and middle-class temperatures fell quickly as the families to pay down the entire sun went down. for the rest of the evening, we deficit while people like me making over $250,000 are not will see temperatures steadily falling, probably close to 30 by
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morning and around 40 at the inner harbor. asked to pay a dime more in as this western front starts to taxes. >> the main republican organize and the surge of warm negotiator will be speaker john air moves back across the boehner. >> the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthy americans region, again, some clouds are is that more than half of them possible in the morning. are small business owners. that will be the only thing to hold the temperature back we know from ernst and young, tomorrow. we will not have the clout on 700,000 jobs would be destroyed. sunday, so this warm air will >> john boehner insists the be surging into the north middle class and the government would get more money if tax atlantic. we could get close to 70 before rates dropped. the weekend is over. >> we know we will get more there is the cloud cover economic growth. associated with the surge of it will be in jobs back to warmer air. america. it will bring more revenue. sunshine tomorrow afternoon, clear skies tomorrow night, >> republicans say they will not southerly winds and lots of sunshine on sunday. bend on taxes unless democrats monday we will see clouds increasing. you can see the next front in a fix the costs of medicare and high of their monday afternoon. that will bring us a rain social security. chance, but not until tuesday. it is the same debate the president had with mitt romney in a campaign that left him tomorrow, partly cloudy skies drain. this emotional video was just released. and south wins. on the bay, wind coming from the
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tears on barack obama's cheeks, south. water temperature around 50 looking a bit like john boehner. degrees. western maryland, the warming but now they will battle. trend gets there as well. for the past four years, eastern shore locations, a republicans have been super- bright sunny skies tomorrow with unified, not one defector in just a few clouds on in -- on some of the biggest fights. now, before his second term even the upper eastern shore. starts, president obama is vowing to get gop allies for mid-'60s on sunday. the 7-day forecast, a nearly 70 this fight. on sunday. even monday should be a wbal-tv 11 news. beautiful day. showers on tuesday, highs in the low-fifties by wednesday and [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the thursday. >> thank you. national captioning institute >> some breaking news out of still ahead, pregnancy tests for baltimore city. a police officer has been men. well, not exactly, but they suspended without pay. that is according to a police could be useful. in tonight's medical alert, the department spokesperson. this is pending a criminal truth behind the theory that the test may help detect some types investigation by the fbi. the officer was assigned to the of cancer. violent crime impact division. he has drawn scrutiny and other >> finding the right brought can alleged misconduct cases. stay with 11 news as we monitor be a little overwhelming. coming up, some the story for other developments. >> baltimore police officers spend the night knocking on
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doors in the search for parents of a two-year-old found wandering alone. police have located the child's parents after working with child protective services. the child was found by himself along the 4300 block of bellaire road near sheldon avenue. no word yet on whether the parent will face child neglect charges. police are still looking for the person who stole a car with a 7- year-old boy inside. happen yesterday morning in northeast baltimore. the vehicle was still running outside a home day care when someone hop in and took off. the child was later dropped at a bus stop and harm but the suspect in the suv are yet to be -- unharmed, but the suspect and the suv are yet to be located. >> after three days of a water main being shut down, nearby businesses are open again this evening. there is still a lot of work to be done. our reporter is live on the ground with the latest.
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that is great news on a friday night that things are back open. >> it certainly has. having your business close for one day is troubling, but imagine three. a lot of the folks we will hear from san are very happy about that. as you can imagine, is still an active scene. let's take a better look at the whole that has been formed here at the intersection of charles and 21st three in midtown. officials say they were able to shut down the line, which is 17 feet below the surface. they were able to secure gas lines underneath, making it safe once again for area businesses to reopen. as far as when the project will be completed, that is still to be determined. >> it was an impressive sight after a 60 inch transmission water main broke at 20th and charles street wednesday, sending water cascading down charles. friday, dpw crews were finally
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able to shut down the line, which is more than 17 feet below the street. still, crews have to be careful of a 12 inch line just above it that supplies water to the area. it and make isolate repairs. we have to make sure the 12 inches not negatively impacted. >> the water main break closed a number of businesses along charles, which were finally able to reopen on friday. this owner of a deli, the drama of a break on his surveillance cameras. the water begins as a trickle, then speeds up, getting deeper and deeper. one man makes a desperate attempt to get into his car. he says because of a storm drain his store did not flood, which is good news, because his store is able to reopen. >> the maryland soldiers towe're waiting for them
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stationed in afghanistan did not open up the avenue. let distance or time keep him from reading to hundreds of >> other businesses were having students. a harder time, like over at thanks to technology, he read to johns carry out. the students, including his own >> what was it like for you to children. >> it was billed as an ordinary be closed for a couple of days? >> lahzar, because people need veterans guest leaders stay at the food. >> -- it was hard, because overlook elementary school. >> the children are coming in people need the food. now. >> students headed to the >> we are trying to get this cafeteria to wait for their guest. done as quickly as possible, little did they know that staff knowing full well this is a sergeant tim would read to them major throughway for people, as from 6,000 miles away in afghanistan. his two children, liberty and well as an inconvenience for the kristin, have front row seating. residents here. we're going to be working around >> that was kind of cool. the clock until we get this done. >> unfortunately, dpw cannot >> was it great to see him again? >> yes. give us an exact time - 2 when >> did you know he was going to read to you? this might be completed. however, the exact time line as to when this might be completed. the questions moved quickly from the flag to topics like the however, they are going to be working at least through sunday. food. >> what do you eat while you are there? we're live in baltimore city, [indiscernible]
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wbal-tv 11 news. >> i think it is really cool, >> and now to the latest on because i know he likes to come up here and be with the kids, try to have lunch with them. super storms sandy and the veterans day is so important to conditions in the northeast. president obama has confirmed a us. this was huge for tim. i think he was more excited than trip to new york next week for a recovery update. this as the latest estimate on the kids. >> especially his daughter, who destruction stands at $50 billion. that does not include any damage from the latest nor'easter. wanted to stay on schedule. the number of power outages is tim is serving his second stour in afghanistan. down from 5.5 million at the disaster site. -- disaster's height. >> your wife would like to know if you get to see the ravens games while you are there. >> what we want? power. when do we wanted? [indiscernible] now. this is a crisis of epic proportions. this is a natural disaster. >> he is only hoping that will >> new york governor andrew change. at overlook elementary school, wbal-tv 11 news. cuomo has called for an investigation. he is reaping the utility
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companies, calling them unprepared and badly managed. >> steelers games? recent storms like sandy have what is that about. is there truth to the on-line the maryland public commission reviewing a proposal that would buzz that home pregnancy tests force utilities to harden their can detect testis cure cancer in systems. men? according to -- testicular david joins us with what the cancer in men? governor has in mind. >> what consumers may find most according to the cancer society, interesting is this report a certain hormone is excreted recommends tying approval during pregnancy and by some but ratings to the utility's record not all cancers. of reliability. the story actually originated with internet reports that a boy snowmageddon, a paralyzing took a home pregnancy test as a storm, cost consumers more than joke, got a positive report and $12 million. hurricane irene was worse. ended up being diagnosed with and more recently, horacio testicular cancer. new research presented at the annual meeting of the college of caused consumers $320 million. allergy and asthma found that the impact includes replacing allergies will get worse over perishable food, restaurant the coming decades. meals and hotel stays may necessary because of the storms, allergists predict that by the year 2040, allergy season will
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as well as the purchase of generators and fuel to keep them going. come a full month earlier. report of the great resiliency task force investigated what it could possibly last longer. finally, young people are apparently more likely to knock off behind the wheel than any steps could be taken to withstand storms dress without other age -- nod off behind the losing power. it looked at emergency procedures, regulatory reforms wheel than any other age and options for utilities to recover the cost of restoring power. group. bge respects the work put into according to aaa, 30% of the report and has already licensed drivers report having embraced some of the recommendations. >> it is a wholesale look at how driven in the past 30 days when to make the grade stromberg. they were so tired they >> the public service commission struggled to keep their eyes is reviewing the study. open. >> that is scary, very scary. recommendations include holding for thousands of maryland homeowners struggling to pay power companies responsible for reliability standards and their mortgages, there is a ray of hope. making the reports available to the public. the task force called it 5:30 p.m., the 11 news team has unacceptable for anyone involved learned the funds may not be in response efforts to be surprised by the worst storm. it recommends the celebrating -- going where you think. >> what is the fiscal cliff and accelerating underground power how lines and tree trimming.
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>> what is important is that the task force recognizes that accelerated cost recovery is key to realizing and recognizing a more resilient electrical grid in maryland. >> the report recommends improvements to the entire system. the cost is shared by everyone. reporting live from north baltimore, david collins, wbal- tv 11 news. >> the latest storm to blossom off the rolina coast and move up for the northeast is getting further away. as it does, it is clearing up pretty nicely across coastal new england, new york, new jersey, and here in maryland. we will see a little bit of cloud cover return tomorrow as a surge of warm air moves our way. most of the weekend will be nice and sunny and much warmer. it is 59 in cincinnati, 72 around st. louis where the air will be coming from in the next
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few days. expect our temperatures to rise. an unseasonably mild weekend is coming in. details on that in a few minutes. >> still ahead, a station in afghanistan where a maryland soldier was a special guest this morning. promised help to avoid foreclosure. are some maryland homeowners actually getting the help they need? we will have details tonight. >> will the ravens lose at home? >> live, local, late breaking, we examine the prospects. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> are distressed maryland homeowners who needed financial relief getting their fair share of a national mortgage settlement? the multimillion dollar
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agreement was reached in february, with maryland receiving nearly a billion dollars. >> but a state group is questioning where the funds are going and once proof about -- wants proof about the group monitoring it. >> maryland homeowners under water, under employed or out of work. this offers a chance to save their homes from foreclosure. the national settlement brings in nearly a billion dollars to help people save their homes. >> we thought it was a good for step. >> but the maryland consumer rights coalition is concerned that some families in some neighborhoods are getting left out. >> in the agreement it says there should be no discrimination by geography, race, ethnicity or other variables. we believe they are getting relief and high income neighborhoods to the detriment of low income neighborhoods and
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there are probably racial issues at play. >> concerns are voiced in this letter to joseph smith, the monitor for the office of mortgage settlement oversight. the group calls for zip code level data to show exactly where the money is going. according to ncr c, housing counselors wonder if lonely modifications may be concentrated wealth years it codes. -- if loan modifications may be concentrated in wealthy zip codes. >> we know that in maryland, as some areas like baltimore city, baltimore county and prince george's county have been hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. we want to make sure the relief is the measure it. >> in response, an official -- relief is, mea and equal.
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the mortgage settlement oversight monitor is also hearing from other consumer groups across the country. they too 1 zip code informations. reporting from west baltimore, barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> breaking news out of bethesda. >> president obama is calling lockheed martin has confirmed congressional leaders to the white house next week for talks its ceo has resigned over a on the fiscal cliff. personal relationship with a subordinate. it is an issue you are going to the company says its board of hear a lot about in the coming directors asked for and received weeks. the resignation. nicole killian joins us live from washington with more on the an ethics investigation revealed impact. he had a close, personal relationship with a subordinate >> good evening. daunting as it sounds, the employees. fiscal cliff could impact that violates the company's code of ethics and business conduct.
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for the only time this month, the division leading ravens will everything from your paycheck to host a game. your personal finances. it is a doomsday scenario that could affect your money, the so- >> the raiders come to town, called fiscal cliff. >> when you have $200 billion in tax increases and spending facing one of the most difficult cuts when the u.s. economy is not capable of sorting it. places to play in the nfl, which would be right here. >> we ask what that means for we have a preview of the game. your wallet. >> for the average person, it >> there are no guineas in the means as the year and rolls nfl. around, you will end up paying -- gimmes in the nfl, so you more. >> nearly 90% of u.s. households could see their taxes go up around $3,500 next year. cannot guarantee a win against anyone, but that said, sunday is >> the impact would be pretty about as close as you can get. substantial. >> couple that with the cuts to the raiders are missing two key domestic programs and defense. >> think of the coffee shop players. across the street from the plant the ravens have not only that makes weapons. consistently won at home, they impact everything from yourthe ripple n communities, families, workers. score more per game than at the road -- on the road. >> the uncertainty could even have an impact on holiday sales. >> a lot of people are sunday marks his first home game anticipating this going into the holiday season. of the season and he is anxious people may reduce their holiday for the pregame introductions. buying. >> the fiscal cliff could cause
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he does not like the spotlight. the economy to slide back into >> is a home game coming up that recession and raise the we might want the defense to get unemployment rate to 9.1%. caught up for. >> the bottom line is, markets already saying, we are not the stadium is loud when the defense gets introduced. now it is just as loud. sure what is happening here. it is going to be pretty the ultimate irony is this would awesome. >> we will not see ray lewis for have happened regardless of who pregame intros anytime soon. got elected president. >> president obama is urging he is injured. congress to act to avert this the of more on that story at 6:00. >> thank you. fiscal cliff. he is planning to meet with leaders of both parties in the white house next week. the ravens have not lost a >> here is a look at some of our regular-season home game since other top stories at this hour. december 5th, 2010. that is 14 straight. cia director david petraeus has when do you think that is going resigned to night because of an extramarital affair. to end? you can send a text to this in his letter of resignation, he number. said he asked president obama text a if you think it will end for permission to step down, this weekend. saying his behavior was unacceptable as a husband and an b if you think will happen official. sometime this season or c if you president obama did accept the do not think it is going to resignation. he said the four-star general
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happen. standard text messaging rates has made our country safer and apply. we will reveal the results stronger. transportation officials have tonight. confirmed that they are investigating theft and misconduct by transportation >> now, your insta-weather plus forecast. department personnel. >> it ain't going to happen this an extensive investigation has revealed employees received more than $58,000 in scrap metal weekend, that is for sure. i hate to say that, but it proceeds over a period of five ain't. months. right now, three supervisors let's put it this way, the weather will not make it happen, because the weather is going to have been suspended without pay be picture perfect. and a dozen employees are recommended for termination. we have a wonderful november weekend coming our way. crews continue their work to night to repair the 60 inch water main that broke a 28 and charles street -- at twentieth and charles street in midtown. crews have been able to shut down the line, which is 17 feet below ground level. a number of businesses that had been closed because of the break are back open tonight. while there is no time frame on when the break will be fixed, crews are working around the clock. >> they have their work cut out
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for them. still to come, he lost his job to a top-ranked team in turmoil. >> new tonight, accusations have been dropped. what is next when we cover the nation? >> plus, a tobacco store goes up in flames. lots of flames light of the night sky. >> today, two veterans finally got the metals they deserve.
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>> you are looking at what will soon be seven open acres. city officials are tearing down 30 plighted properties, all part of an effort to bring life to the surrounding neighborhood. we have learned of some blueprints for the area, including an apartment complex with 74 affordable rental units. in addition to the baltimore design school and new urban farms, officials will invest several million dollars over the course of the next two years in the area.
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>> covering the nation, fire ripped through a tobacco store in burbank, california. clinton officials say the flames were so intense at times that firefighters were not able to gain entry. luckily, no injuries were reported in the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it is not yet clear whether former syracuse university basketball coach will be able to get his job back now that federal authorities have dropped their investigation into a sex abuse claim against him. after looking into the claim for nearly a year, federal prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to get a conviction. two ball boys came forward and accused him of fondling them when they were teenagers. the claims cost him his job, which university officials say were in the best interest of the school. >> wall street gets a special guest during the closing bell. >> why adam jones is doing the
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honors, just ahead. arehis year's miracles out, and the selection comes from -- what did you make? >> i made a be happy pie. >> just one of the many selections. that story next. >> warmer temperatures on the way for the weekend.
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>> good afternoon. coming up at 6:00, recommendations on how to handle storms and power outages. some businesses in midtown are
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♪ is your cholesterol at goal? talk to your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> breaking news from skype team 11. some accidents during the evening commute along route 100. roy taylor is above the first. roy? >> this is westbound 100 right near run don mills boulevard. in fact, it is just east of a run all -- arundel mills boulevard. we know at least three medic
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units have responded to take care of the injured. we do not know how long they're going to keep this closed, but right now, it is causing one heck of a nightmare. >> children facing tremendous health battles are getting a chance to show their artistic talents. >> these ties are now available at joseph a. bank locations. >> looking for a holiday tie this evening? the joseph a. bank miracle tie collection is out, each designed inspired by the actual art work of children, all patients at johns hopkins treatments honor -- center. >> i have chronic fatigue syndrome. as soon as i start vomiting, i cannot stop. >> she drew stockings. he loves snowmen.
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>> we went outside to build a snowman and we did. i look at it every day. >> when i was trying the time i was eating gummy worms. >> be happy with bumblebees. my family inspired me because my family calls me a corny be. >> this nine year old had died fibrosis all her life. she designed the tide just before she passed away. all of the proceeds go to the children's center to help families pay for what insurance does not cover. quite everything from toys to special amenities for parents to things to make families were comfortable at home and in the hospital. >> the ties are popular. we get tons of requests.
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they blowout on the internet. >> i love all of the ties, but my favorite is from patrick of pasadena. he made a ravens football tie. this is your third year? >> yes. >> tell me about your type. >> i love watching football and i thought this would do well. >> is one of the most popular. you are a veteran. you have finally grown into your tie, right? >> yes. >> family created this jack in the box tie and she wants everyone to -- >> by it and where it because it will help you. >> this program has raised more than $900,000 since it began. >> what a bunch of keys. >> and the thais are always gorgeous. -- what a bunch of cuties. >> and the ties are always
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gorgeous. >> he is battling an beating leukemia. and he made this type two years ago. the man. we have a storm on the coast moving further away, opening the door to a beautiful weekend in the northeast. we have to get through a chilly night tonight, the temperatures are going to climb saturday, sunday into monday, well above normal. 59 is average for this time of year. 78 the record high. 25 the record low. cold stuff on this day in 2003. right now, it is 40 degrees in downtown baltimore. we will see these temperatures collapse pretty quickly. even though we are still in the low-50's in the baltimore area, expect a fall in the next few hours. ocean city is 48. we have a chance to drop to 30 in the suburbs, 40 downtown.
5:31 pm
it is a long fall evening with clear skies. the next system out to the west of us will not get here for awhile. out ahead of the, a decent surge of warm air comes in. kansas city, 74. it is warmer in chicago now than it is in baltimore. that warmth moves on in. as it pushes across the mountains, some clouds and you cannot rule out a sprinkle tomorrow morning. that will give way to afternoon sunshine. on sunday, a bright, sunny day. if we can keep that sunshine going throughout the day, they could get close to 70 degrees. changes move in monday afternoon as it cools off into the middle of next week. enjoy the nice weekend. wind will be light on the day, coming mostly out of the south, waves 1 foot or less. western maryland had the deep
5:32 pm
snow and winter recalled. look at this, temperatures in the 50's tomorrow and 60's 170. lots of sun on sunday. on the coast, mostly sunny skies both saturday and sunday. if you go to the ravens game on sunday, it is going to be an unusually mild november game. partly cloudy skies on monday as we recognize the veterans holiday. showers on tuesday, and then it cools off. highs in the '50s for the end of next week. >> last month the orioles center fielder received a key to the city. today he was given the honor of ringing the bell to close the new york stock exchange. [applause] i thought we would hear a ding.
5:33 pm
last week, he and j.j. party won the gold glove awards. this is jones' second gold glove. stocks ended the day with the dow gaining just under four points to close at 12,800. the nasdaq also rose nine. and the s&p edged up two points. holiday airline flights are booking early this year according to the wall street journal. it reports a dramatic increase in sales for the christmas and new year's eve holidays. sales are already up more than 50% from a year ago. analysts say one reason could be that there were nine holiday travel days last year. there are 11 this year. the extra days may make it easier for families to travel further distances and stay at their destinations launder. a couple of recalls to pass along tonight involving more than 900,000 chrysler suvs.
5:34 pm
grand cherokees are being pulled off the market. the problem? the air bags can inflate while people are driving. the recall affects cherokees from 2002-2004 and keep liberty from models 2002 and 2003. so far, no crashes have been reported. also tonight, a possible salmonella contamination involving newsquick powder produced last month. all products have an expiration date of best if used before october, 2014. return the product for a full refund. >> a group of maryland national guard members will be able to watch the ravens play this sunday. today, family members of company b and c were invited to have a
5:35 pm
chat with loved ones who have been stationed in afghanistan supporting operation in during freedom. both companies are based in edgewood. this is the sixth consecutive year the ravens have posted a live feed in conjunction with the military branch. nice. baseball season may be over but things are still going strong for the orioles. new tonight, a massive effort to get help where it is needed. >> have you gone bra
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>> finally tonight a 5:00, they lived women up and sometimes they bring them down. most women have a love-hate relationship with the fir bras. >> they come in a multitude of colors, sizes and styles. this has a black and purple ravens thing going on. >> you have to adjust it. you have to bend over. you have to get yourself in it. >> ladies, you know your routine, but once you are in it, chances are you are not even wearing the right size. this shop owner says it is the stigma that keeps us from embracing our true size. >> they are always afraid that the d cup is huge.
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it is not. >> you go to higher than that? >> we go to n as in nancy. >> we all come in different shapes and sizes, and barbarous as you can find your perfect fit with a few key measurements. around the rib cage, a fairly tight and just around the bus line. >> if the woman measures under 30 inches when i do this, i add 5 inches. that is 34. >> if the woman measures 30-33 inches, she adds four inches. for 34 inches and up, she adds 3 inches. now for the cup size. >> technically, what you should do is measure all the way across the bust. it is not science, it is just somewhere to get me started. >> because it can vary, barbara
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recommends getting a professional fitting. she cautions the back should never be hooked on the tightest clasp because it will wear faster and become too loose. >> you will have to buy a new bra. >> barbara recommends replacing them once a year. and what ever you do, stay away from wearing white under white. >> you should wear your skin color. try to find something close to your skin color or a little darker. >> another important tip, do not wash your bra with the rest of the laundry. use a laundry bag like best, watch it on a delicate setting and make sure the back is attached. happy shopping. >> if the measuring part went a
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little too fast for you, you can watch it again at i know i feel a light now. that is offer as a 5:00. here is a look -- that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> what will it take to strike a deal on the fiscal cliff? we take a look at where both sides stand. >> tidying rate approval to the utility's record. details coming up. >> workers continue to work on a water main bust here in midtown baltimore. i will have that story as 11 news and 6:00 starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late breaking, this is 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening. our big story at 6:00, fresh off a successful reelection bid,
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president obama is urging congress to take action now to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> the combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that to take effect in january could send the economy back into a crippling recession. sally kyd joins us live with the details. >> high-stakes negotiations kick off next week. the president has invited the president has invited congressional
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