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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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winter storm was a miss. boy, were we lucky. >> the northeast is getting pounded. we will tell you what to expect . [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is 11 news tonight. >> good evening. lawmakers are making a last- ditch effort to find a way to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. the deadline is looming on new year's day. tonight there is no sign that leaders are closer to agreeing on a deal. >> with time running out, staffers huddled behind closed doors against the backdrop of a snowy capital, trying to hammer out a last-minute deal. president obama pushed lawmakers to act. >> we cannot let washington politics get in the wake of america's progress. >> the president met with top
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party leaders friday calling on them to allow a vote on his plan would raise taxes on those making more than $250,000. >> i believe such a proposal could pass both houses with majorities, as long as these leaders allow it to come to a vote. >> roy blunt delivered the response, criticizing the president's proposal. >> the president's proposal to raise taxes on the top 2% will not only pay 1/3 of the interest owed on this massive $16 trillion debt. >> sources say senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell are drafting a small stopgap plan that could include extending unemployment insurance, protecting 30 million americans from paying the alternative minimum tax, and allowing tax rates to increase on the wealthiest americans. but the issue remains a major sticking point, with many republicans resisting any tax
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increase. economists says the last minute product -- a process called into question washington's ability to deal with the hard issues of tax reform. >> the prospects for the economy are incredibly dim until we tackle these challenges and put some certainty into the economy and boost confidence. >> meanwhile, americans watch with worry and frustration heard >> i think they are failing as. i am so sick and tired of them. >> is it the equivalent of worrying about your mortgage after you are homeless. it is a sad. they have a job to do and they are not doing it. >> tomorrow morning, president obama will be david gregory's guest on "meet the press". you can catch his interview on 11 news at 10:00 a.m. now to today's storm, the third we saw this week. while there was snow and frederick and carroll counties, many folks might call this the good kind of snowstorm, the kind that covered the ground just enough for kids to sled and
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melt by the end of the day. dropping termperatures combined with a damp paper and could make for icy spots on the road. but how much good news for as translated into bad news up north. >> it is interesting what happens today. we had one area of low pressure coming from ohio earlier today. that one fell apart and transferred its energy to a coastal low. it delayed the snow until 10:00 a.m. but the storm turned into a big nor'easter up in the northeast part of the country, producing 10 inches of snow around boston and into connecticut. on the back side of that storm, it will turn windy and cold. we will check the 7 day when i come back. >> thank you. now to pictures of the big nor'easter as it moved quickly today, dumping snow from the ohio valley to parts of new england, up to 1 foot in some
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spots. it is great for sledding. it had residents shoveling out from the second big snowfall in a week. it created hazardous driving conditions. drivers were warned to be cautious tonight. officials lowered the speed limit on much of the pennsylvania turnpike. in howard county, police say they cracked a string of burglaries that hit home to columbia and ellicott city tonight. one of the alleged victims says she is living in constant fear since the crime. nadia? >> the alleged victim is concerned the man she accused as a burglar will be on the streets again. this woman who asked us to conceal her identity for fear of retaliation lives in fear after coming face-to-face with a burglary at her howard county house. >> he knows where i live. he knows what i look like. >> police arrested a 28-year-old and charged him with multiple counts of burglary and theft.
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the man was arrested in connection to a robbery at his home in the 2600 block of melbourne road. >> i said i have been nervous ever since. >> she said she came home to find a truck in her driveway. she thought it was the telephone company, since crime rarely happens in this community. she was confronted by the man who threw her jewelry at her, apologize, and drove off. >> he spat out, cut sideways there. you could see what he did to the fence. >> she says he did take off with the jewelry box, but the family heirlooms including her parent'' wedding rings. >> he walked right by the electronic. >> investigators linked him to at least three more december burglaries' in howard county where he is accused of stealing watches and jewelry. authorities said he pled guilty in carroll county earlier this
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month to first-degree burglary. his four-year sentence was suspended and he was placed on probation when he committed another crime. >> that charge -- i hold the judge as responsible for this as i do the criminal. he should not have been out. >> he is being held without bond at the howard county detention center tonight. >> crowds lined up for the nation's gun show at the dulles exports center today. the show usually attracts thousands of buyers. but this year, organizers say there was overwhelming interest in the wake of the sandy hook school massacre, many people said they wanted to buy assault rifles and high-capacity magazines before possible ban. >> say something should happen and we no longer have the right to guns. that means that somebody
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decided we will change the constitution. that's it starts the ball rolling on other things. >> the fbi reported a record 16.8 million background checks for guns this year. still ahead on 11 news, new york city's second subway murder this month. tonight, who police arrested for the latest crime and why they say it was a hate crime. plus, a plane runs out of landing strip in moscow and crashes onto a highway. we will have that story when we continue
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>> a plane ran out of runway and crashed onto a highway in moscow. broke into pieces and caught on fire. 12 crew members were on board. four of them were killed. investigators say initial indications point to pilot error. the latest subway murder in new york city was a hate crime. they charged a 31-year-old erik menendez. she is accused of pushing a man in front of a 7 train. she says she has hated muslims since 9/11 that he thought the victim was one.
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the victim was from india. former president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care and improving. he is in a regular hospital room. the bushes thank everyone for their prayers. he is the oldest living former president. he has been in the hospital since november 23 to be treated for bond credits. -- bronchitis. dropping temperatures could mean icy patches on the road. >> temperatures will drop into the 20's. we will let you know what you can expect in the 7 day forecast in a moment. here's a look outside -- partly cloudy, 37 at the airport. the weather is next.
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>> the harlem globetrotters took to the court tonight. before every game, fans decide the rules. they cast votes on everything from playing of two balls that was to double points. tomorrow, the harlem globetrotters play at the new federal credit union or arena.
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today was the fourth day of kwanzaa. they celebrated by holding family fun days. it included in african marketplace, musical performances, and a ceremony with storytelling. this year's theme was, a child shall lead them. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast. >> like i said at the top of the show, we lucked out today. if you were rooting for the big snow, this storm stolen away from us. either way, this nor'easter is pounding the folks in new england. on the backside, the winds are whipping up coming out of the north and northeast and whipping in the cold air at home. over the next 24 hours, those winds will pick up 25 to 30 miles an hour. we just had a 26 mile per hour gusts at the airport.
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23 in westchester -- that is producing wind chills of the lower end of the 20's. the wind chill in parkton is 22. 27 in edgewood. it will probably drop into the teens by late tonight after midnight. be prepared. the actual temperatures are in the low to mid 30's. there will probably be some re- freeze. although the wind is driving a lot of that. i doubt there will be huge icy spots for you to contend with in the morning. the futurecast. you can watch the time frame at the top of your screen. 9:00 tomorrow. tomorrow will be a quiet day. kind of windy and chilly but we do not expect any precipitation. plenty of sunshine. there could be a couple of snow flurries in the mountains. 8:00 in the morning on monday. you will notice a little bit of cloud cover starting to build up. there will be a system passing south of us on the years eve and
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new year's day that could produce a couple of light rain or snow showers. this is 7:30 in the evening under year's eve. it will be dry until midnight. but during the day, on tuesday, that system will probably be close enough to produce some rain or snow in the southern suburbs. but that does not look like a big deal. the forecast looks like this -- partly cloudy and cold for the rest of the night. damages will drop into the upper 20's. but the wind chills will be in the teens. during the day tomorrow, breezy and chilly with high temperatures in the upper 30's. 7 day forecast. going through the new year. that slight chance for a couple of rain or snow showers new year's day. another chance on thursday as the storm passes south of us. the high temperatures will stay below average. upper 30's. >> of rare treat in washington d.c. the public will get a chance to
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see the emancipation proclamation in person at his home at the national archives. >> it lines up with the declaration of independence as one of the great documents in history. >> the emancipation proclamation signed by president lincoln on january 1, 1863. is 150 years old on newsday. to celebrate it is making a rare public appearance sunday through tuesday at the national archives. >> when you can see it up front and see lincoln's signature and all the other provisions of the document, it brings the document to life. >> it declared that all slaves in states rebeling against the union were to be forever free. but it did not immediately and slavery. president lincoln did not have the power to enforce it in areas under confederate control. >> to afford us this moment, now, now. >> what the document did do was
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become a symbol of hope for 4 million slaves and change the character of the war. >> it was important. it was a military measure. lincoln did not do this for humanitarian reasons. he did it because he was able to, as a consequence of being commander in chief. >> this is the official document with the u.s. seal and lincoln's signature. it is really made accessible, having been damage decades ago by light exposure. conservatives rotate which of the five pages are shown. this exhibit will display pages two and 5. >> our strategy is to limit the amount of light exposure. that means to limit the length of time on display and also, to keep the light levels low. >> perceiving this piece of history for people today and generations to come. >> just think that is so cool. it will be on display in the rotunda of the national archives tomorrow, monday and tuesday. and years eve, the exhibit will
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stay open past midnight. now time to talk sporrts. it was a huge night for taos and basketball. >> what do suppose it would take for me to lead with towson over navy? something pretty special. >> this is powerball. good evening. tonight's guarantee that jackpot is $40 million. get out those ticket and let's play powerball. your first number for tonight is 55. followed by the number 52.
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and congratulations to kevin from louisiana who won $40,000. your remaining white ball numbers are 46, 50, and that last number -- is 36. remember, if you match this powerball number, you always win. that number for tonight is 14. more look at our winning powerball numbers.
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>> now 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> a couple of years ago, an oregon state basketball coach scheduled a series with towson. he wanted to spend time with family around the holidays, his family being the first lady michelle obama. last year they got the win and celebrated the new year. the decision that the beavers may now regret. tonight, they went down 19 in the second half. the beavers, a chance after chance after chance. make no good of it. we go to overtime. the tigers up 2. starks, goodness, that is a
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tough shot. towson has an answer. shot fake. bowler! drills the jumper. beavers, one less chance. they score. a foul on oregon. offensive pass interference, no bucket. the tigers won. oregon state with wins over alabama in kansas, falls to the tigers. towson the biggest victory in school history. maryland today trying to avoid of similar fate. home to delaware state. seeking the 11th consecutive win. a mismatch for anyone. sluggish starat. taj tate. the terps will get going. howard, a really good point guard. inside to len.
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he was a lot taller than the other guys. howard to wells. rise and shine. terps 79-50. one more tuneup before conference play begins january 5 against virginia tech. the maryland women finals. fans enjoy a blowout win. 72-40. thomas 22 points. maryland is 10 and two on the year. three weeks ago, navy poured its heart and soul into beating army. barely practicing for the ball game with arizona state. today, it showed. they were completely out mass. they played in san francisco. arizona state did whatever it wanted to. navy did have its moments.
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the second quarter -- reynolds. i do not know how he did that. making a 21-7. a-state scored touchdowns on its first nine possessions. wow. kelly to alonzo -- for the 11- yard touchdown. the sun devils put on the brakes and still won it 62-28. navy finishes the season the within 8-5 record. the ravens made their way to cincinnati. not sure what to expect from sunday's game. a meaningless game, but regardless of the result, going into the postseason, ray rice says that the ravens are ready now. >> are talking about a team who is battle tested. there is not nothing you can throw at us we have not dealt with -- we have dealt with injury and even death with one of our teammates family members. we have dealt with everything else you can imagine in one year. so this team is focused.
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>> the ravens have gone to 10-5. cam cameron was fired a few weeks ago. here they sit. they will host a game in the playoffs next week. >> i am ready. stay with us. we will have another check of the 11 insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> the crystal ball is ready to drop. today, organizers of the new year's eve party in times square tested the air-worthiness of the confetti. it is their job.
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>> be put that on your resume? >> i'm a confetti-tester. >> a cool job. we can do this. >> i can throw paper out the window. breezy and cold tomato puree the high double to 39. the wind chills in the 20's. there is a slight change for rain or snow on the new year's day. imagine the interview to get that job. >> all right. thanks, guys. thanks for making me laugh. thanks for joining us. join us tomorrow morning.


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