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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 2, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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local, late breaking. this is a 11 news saturday morning. >> i am lisa robinson. >> i am a deborah weiner and we look at the super bowl forecast. >> it is cold. it is winter time and that is super bowl weather and that's why they hold them down south. get to see a big celebration game like this with snow. we have snow in our forecast. we had a little snow yesterday and we have a few things coming in over the next couple of days and each one of those will be a producer of a little snow, like we had yesterday. at least it is the potential. you can see on the radar the snow out west is now moving into ohio and just beginning to touch into western pennsylvania and
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west virginia. our air is really dry on this side of the mountains. even when it starts to cross the mountains, it will take awhile to move in here so we are not talking about snow during the day. >> here we go, super bowl weekend is finally here and we are about 24 hours away from the big game. the excitement is building from baltimore to new orleans. we have live team coverage with jennifer franciotti in the big easy. >> good morning, the sun is shining here in new orleans and it is shaping up to be an absolutely gorgeous day. coming out here this morning to the super dome, we started to see the road closures taking place in the city. for folks making their way out here today, they will find a little bit of trouble getting around. plan for that when you come out but you are right, but harbaugh brothers sat down yesterday for interview, the first interview together since they learned
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their trip to the super bowl. these brothers have very different personalities. >> brothers, yes, identical? close. what's the mannerisms before their historic press conference. john is smiling and relaxed and jim was in his coaching entire chewing else and then the fun began -- >> it will be a normal friday practice and we will move on from there. >it's your turn. >> i concur. >> you hire your brother? >> definitely, and i would work for him. >> i concur. >> any philosophical commonalities? >> i would be hard pressed to spell philosophical right now. >> we could not spell commonality. >> sunday night, one brother
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will suffer a painful loss and there will be no hard feelings from the winner or loser. >> on sunday, the possibility to take away a dream of his and fulfill your own, is that hard? >> no, not at all. i suspect he filled the semi. >> the band of brothers will be on the sideline. >> the patriarch, jack, has earned credit from molding his boys in the world class coaches and don't forget about their mom. >> can you cite one or two things you have learned from your mother that you apply in your coaching careers? >[laughter] >> made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. >> it's really nice that we
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have the coach with a friendly personality, you might say beninese seems more comfortable. what do you look forward to doing today? >> we are going to be interviewing mayor stephanie rawlings blake who will make her way over to us. she is in town and she is going to gretna, louisiana where there were hit hard by katrina. the city of baltimore has a lot of volunteers there and today, they are holding a raven's rally. this is a t-shirt that made its way to was last night. this is brigance brigade teacher in honor of the oj - als foundation that he is working with to help families going through this tough situation. these are brand new super bowl shirts. they are going to be available
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at 17 locations and different stores in the area. you want to make sure you get quality stuff and illegal merchandise. lowel melzer estimated that situation. >> it takes a lot to accommodate your guest of what happens when you have posted 200,000 at the same time? that is what they are expected in new orleans this weekend for the super bowl. it takes approximately 36,000 man hours and over 25 days and nearly 150 people to put up all those super bowl decorations around the city and it will take about 300 people to tear them down. this beautiful super bowl 47 display in the park required nine semi trucks to get here and weighs almost 220,000 pounds. as far as getting around, more than 5000 buses, limos, and cars
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will be transporting team, staff, and ticketholders all over town to places towndrago's. >> we will probably serve a 3000 people saturday between lunch and dinner. >> this owner says he expects to serve more than 30,000 of his famous grilled oysters over the weekend which means more than 1000 sacks of oysters and 15 people just for shucking. >> this is a louisiana oyster and you put butter, garlic, parsley, and cheese. this is unbelievable. >> at the famous cafe dumas, they will not run out of benets. they have ordered more than 2,000 tons of sugar. then there is the concessions at the stadium which are completely different. according to superdome
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officials, they are expecting to sell 15,000 units of machos, 20,000 hot dogs, 30,000 sodas, 30,000 bottled waters, 50,000 bottled beers, and 40,000 draft beers. >> that is a lot of information. it's pretty exciting. ravens fans in new orleans outnumber san francisco fans at least nine-one. they are all over the place and eating and drinking their way all over the big easy. >> thank you. baltimore city police are getting ready for super bowl fans and will keep the city said sunday. we continue our team coverage. >> you only have to look at the crowds packing the streets after the reagans one the afc championship game to prove that
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baltimore fans know how to celebrate in huge numbers. for super bowl sunday, police said they have a detailed crowd control plan place including road closures, traffic redirection, and an increase deployment of uniformed and plainclothes officers. >> you will see the mounted patrol, you will see a lot of officers being very visible, special equipment will be out. across the city, we will have a significant number of police working. >> business owners at popular bars and restaurants are getting ready for big crowds. tickets were sold for sunday to avoid overcrowding. >> this kind of limits the crowd and makes sure it is a fun crowd and safe as well. >> kevin cartwright from the fire department cited the knight club fire as an example of how dangerous an overcrowded establishment can be. many of the victims were
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trampled when they tried to escape. >> when you come to these establishments over these -- over this weekend and it appears they are overcrowded, we want you to leave that establishment and called 91. >> he warns patrons to take note of exits and once businesses that inspectors will be out checking for violations. >> they will be watched. they know what the capacity is for their establishments. it all goes back to that they can certainly reap the benefits from masses of people coming out but we want everybody to enjoy themselves safely back o. >> if you plan on driving around the city sunday, get ready for big crowds and road closures. there will be parking restrictions depending on the area. we have a list of the closures on our website, >> but time is 9:09 and 20
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degrees and still ahead, we have your pert questions. >> their son is out now and we will have your forecast straight ahead. >> the feds are cracking down on fake superable merchandise. what things you can do to avoid being duped. we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken.
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our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken.
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." >> this morning, we have had a lot of sun and a few clouds. it made for a pretty sun rise and there are more clouds to the west so some will be a dominant feature today.
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it will be a little cold but out to the west, we see the snow in a system that is coming in. it is a clipper that comes out of central canada which is not what would not much snow. the mountains might get to-3 inches but i don't think we'll get that much. this will be paid like the one yesterday. there is a little bit of cloudiness this morning with a lot of sun coming through and 21 at the airport and 25 at the inner harbor. the barometer is falling in the southwest wind -- and the southwest breeze is 5-7 miles per hour. ridiculous warm temperatures last week and we are on the way down now. that storm we had yesterday morning was the final nail in the coffin, said to speak, that allowed the cold air to come in and the northwest winds were brutal. we will stay below the average.
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which is 47. there is a slight warm up for next week. 22 in annapolis and 27 in cambridge. 19 in frederick and still in the single digits out in oakton this morning. the snow makers are out to the west and are connected with this little clipper system that is tracked out of canada. there is another one coming into montana and the dakotas and another one coming off the pacific ocean in british columbia so we will see a series of these come across the area over the next week. 27-32 will be the height to do with increasing clouds and light snow late in most of it will fall overnight. this engage says 1 inch or less of snow in our area and most of it will be to the north. -- this gauge.
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mostly overnight tonight into sunday morning and tuesday night into wednesday morning, we could see snow chances. otherwise, highs in the 30's with morning lows in the 20's and warm up at the end of the week. >> more simple girl coverage -- more super bowl coverage is coming up next. >> dr. kim is here to answer your pet questions.
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>> the inner harbor was once again the side of a huge super bowl rally yesterday with a national audience. >> on this purple friday, raven's fans can an early to show that they are true blue. >> it is cold but the fund. >> hundreds of fans packed the inner harbor at the deer 48 wbal/today show rally started with our broadcast at 5:00 a.m. and continued through the "today show." all morning, our ava marie showed what it takes to be ribbons fanlike how to do the dance. >> i think i got it down. it is pretty basic but it is all about the motion. >> morales was in town based on my bed with l. roper. l. roper agreed to dress up as
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the ravens mascot if the baltimore ravens win. >> i cannot wait until monday. >> if the 49ers win, morales agreed to dress up. >> it started even by 4:00 and fans are showing up ready to show the entire country that ravens spirit is alive and well in baltimore. >> is impressive especially because of the snow. i did not think anybody would show up. >> it takes more than a little snow to keep raven's fans at home. even the mayor helped kick off the largest purple friday in years that it is great. >> is the bt fans ever in the whole wide world. >> they are super fans. >> super fans ready for a super bowl championship. >> joining us now is our local
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comedian on how to be the best baltimore ravens maniac. >> i look like this every day. >> thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. i am ready. >> let's run down your tips. >> you've got to get the gear. i have had the jersey but there is everything from a polish, theboa, a pompom which is harder to find now, beads, i've got the necklace, the nice jewelry is harder to find. i got these at the village gem but this stuff is available everywhere. i walked into a grocery store and there is raven's stuff everywhere but you said it's easy to decorate like christmas. >> absolutely, we will get the press -- best present ever on sunday night. they have purple garland, there are purple potholders, you can get purple, sparkly ribbons, you
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name it. there is still some purple lights available but not many. >> what do you have there? >> food coloring. this is the most important thing. you just want the red and blue and experimental a little . i died some water purple and it only took one drop of red and three drops of blue. otherwise it would turn black but it is good to have the purple. >> what will you make with that? >> i will put it in dips. we are having pulled pork barbecue so it may look a gross. we will see it weaken get it the color purple. it is all about the energy. his about building and showing what kind of fat you are an being excited. use the social media. i trash talk with friends of mine on facebook and twitter. take some time and change --
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there we go -- change your photographs. there are all kinds of reagan's foes out there. get it going, we have to be excited. people have been crazy excite him. even last night, everyone was walking around saying the white stripes' "seventh nation army." these are stickers. you can find anything. don't touch my hair because i have purple spray glitter. if someone bumped into me, my ear will crack and fall off. >> what about these lips? >> this is interesting -- i went to the cosmetic place ulta at white marsh and the "the purple and a polished and they said we cannot find raven's purple lipstick. she said use purple eyeliner and put it on your lips and covered with clear gloss.
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i asked if that was safe. she said i would not drop dead. we will see. >> you are all lit up and you are ready. thank you for the tips. >> thank-you, go ravens than a don't go away, dr. ken hammond will answer your pet questions when we come back.
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>> welcome back. dr. jim hammond is joining us to answer your pet questions. this guy is a beauty, an interesting mix. >> this is gizmo. he is a little nervous about the game tomorrow. get tough, buddy, they will win. he is a little nervous. >> he is quite popular. >> he is a real sweetheart. he had his shots yesterday. he has his shots and he sees the doctor and he thinks oh, god. >> how should i introduced my new kitchen to my 5-year-old cat. >> katz of attitudes and that can be problematic. you just never know.
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one of the things you have to do is give them both an opportunity to have room to get away. i take fabric softener and rub it on the kitchen and the old cat so it works on the olfactory component of the two cats recognizing the same smell. it seems to work. i would make sure that i cut the odor tabs nice and 10. there are now master cat groomers. we will try to bring one in to show you how they do their job. they're different than regular groomers. >> they are specialists? >> yes, there is only 100 in the united states and there is one baltimore about let's switch over to dodge -- my puppy is 4- month-old but occasionally he snaps. and suggestions? of don't want those kind things things >> you have to do tough
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love. you have to really train your dog that that is not acceptable behavior. you give them a little tug on their leash but you have to always been negatively reinforce that snapping. go to a puppy training class. they are $85. a puppy will live 16 years so get it trained properly. >> part of the discipline is not only with the dogs but with the owner. >> snapping is unacceptable. >> package for joining us this morning. -- thank you for joining us this morning. more is coming up, stick around. the'm reporting live at super dome where we will interview mayor stephanie rollins blake who has made her way to the big easy, next.
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11, live, local, late breaking -- this is a 11 news saturday morning. >> a big day on the day before and thank you for joining us this super bowl weekend. >> we will take you back out to the big easy and jennifer franciotti joins us once again. >> good morning, it is a
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beautiful day here at the superdome. here is mayor stephanie rawlings blake, all beaded out, >> i got these last night. >> what do think so far? >> it is a raven's nation, for every eight ravens fan you might see one from the other team. it is fantastic. >> later today, you are going to a town called gretna. >> it is across the water and during katrina, baltimore sent first responders to help out and they want to say thank you and have a pep rally and let us know they will be rooting for the ravens. >> i fear there will be parades over there. >> it is awesome, you can see it through all -- throughout the town. everyone is pulling for us and i think it will bring a victory. >> can you believe it? >> it is hard to believe. it is giving me goose bumps.
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>> the parking garage attendants were so excited to meet you. they saw you on the news and now you are a celebrity in new orleans. >> everybody here is so nice. they have the best hospitality. >> they absolutely do and thank you for joining us and we will join you later today in gretna. it is a little chilly this morning. >> it is beautiful out. >> you want to get out and buy a few things in new orleans. lowell meltzer checked out the sports merchandise. >> with record crowds expected in new orleans for suoer bowl xlvii, federal officials say scam artists will be out in full force and nothing is off limits. >> personal favorite is this counterfeit super bowl ring from super bowl 44 was in miami and this has new orleans as the
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winning team and someone has gone out and gone as far as to counterfeit to the ring. >> fake jersey's, baseball caps, jerseys and jackets are the most popular counterfeit items especially on the internet. customs officials showed us these two ravens web sites and the one on the right is real and the one left his fake. >> there is nothing baltimore and there is nothing ribbons about it. >> we spoke to ribbons fans at the official pro shop to see if they were aware? >> are you concerned being down here that you would get something fake? >> not buying it in there but if i bought it on the street, yes, i would be concerned that another popular item that is faith is a ticket to the game and usually there is nothing a fan can do if they are turned away from the gate. >> there are horribly sad stories from folks who bring their whole families down and they get scammed and these are cash exchanges and is no place they can go to make a return or
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file a complaint until after the scam artists out of town. >> we spoke with fans. >> they have the ticket in hand so they knew they had in hand and we were picking it up down here. >> both government and nfl officials say to do your research. >> be careful out there. if it is too good to be true, it probably is. >> back here in baltimore, it was the ultimate purple friday. >> your not quite done. >> we are so excited. how're you doing? >>gosh, i am doing so great writ i wish i could have seen the purple rally friday and i knew it was fantastic. it was purple friday here in new orleans and coming out of that piece about all the merchandise, i will not forget about you
9:35 am
girls. there is a lot to buy gear. > - here. i cannot hear a word you're saying that i will buy things for you, i promise. >> thank you. we have the ultimate purple friday yesterday. >> it was purple friday everywhere the architect's office at tied. was decked out and very stylish they showed their support for the team. >> we are headquartered in baltimore and we love our ravens. [applause] >> at the state house in annapolis, our elected officials were showing their purple pride. >> [chant] >> at the jewish community center, these little guys wore
9:36 am
purple, young or old, everyone loves the ravens. >> [chanting] >> at towson town center, there is a big crowd for a big rally. some of the ravens cheerleaders were here and everyone is behind their team. >> am so excited. we will go all the way. there is no doubt that this is our year. >> i think the ravens will pull it off. ray lewis is motivated and i think the whole team is motivated. >> we are going to rock it. we will win. i wish i was there. >> we will win the game. go ravens. >> formal raven's great from the
9:37 am
2008 super bowl team is here signing autographs. >> talk about a team that has gotten something going and as a part of a passion to fight through anything -- the ravens are a perfect example. >> that is a big day. from every nook and cranny. the time is 9:37 and it is 20 degrees and the super bowl is a great excuse to throw a party. >> with a party comes a menu and later, we will give you some super recipes. >> super-cold weather. we had several disturbances from ohio back into canada that are lined up waiting to
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>> there is no shadow to see. and early spring for you and me. >> you heard it, the great prognosticator says we will have an early spring. punxsutawney phil is the world's freest forecaster and was awoke in this morning. the famous groundhog spoke to his handlers. thousands were watching at gobblers knob and he saw no shot also there is an early spring. in want to keep their winter coats handy. phil is only right 39% of the time. >> now your forecast. >> winter has only really begun to make itself felt in the past few days, really. one of the shots of winter is coming now from ohio moving into
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pennsylvania. we are starting to tease -- to see some snow moved into the area. the air is dry on this side of the mountain so when the air across the mountains late this morning and this afternoon, the snow will evaporate and these little clippers coming out of canada do not carry a lot of moisture anyway. when it comes through, it will be a light snow producer in most of it will be overnight tonight. let's look outside, there is the view of the inner harbor and some scattered clouds overhead, 21 at the airport and the inner harbor is 25 and the humidity is only 42%. when the storm comes in, it has to get everything wet before it starts to snow and that will take a while. the southwest wind is at 5 miles per hour which is not helping to warm things up. we're into a strong flow out of canada of air that is holding the temperatures down. in the south, the readings are in the 20's.
9:42 am
to the west, is the -- it is in the teens. here is a little band of clouds that are not snow makers to our western drifting across the area. the real snowmaking stuff is still in the mountains westward. here is that in polls moving into northern illinois. these clippers come out of canada and they come out of cold air and lose a lot of their moisture moving across this land. they are starved and there's no way to collect moisture. a new one is just coming into the dakotas and montana and another one coming off the pacific out of british columbia. they are lined up and waiting to invade the area. 36 below at international falls. it is not that cold here but the calls we're getting is coming out of that area so it will stay called for a while. we will struggle to make it to freezing today, increasing
9:43 am
clouds, light snow blade that should be overnight. there might be 1 inch or so and southwest winds are 6-12 miles per hour. our computer is saying maybe a little bit more in frederick and out was but 1 inch or less around here. in the new orleans area, it looks like it will be nice. partly cloudy skies for the weekend, high temperatures in the mid-60's, loews and the 40's and it does not make a difference at the stadium because it is under cover. -- 30 our forecast today, 35 tomorrow, light snow late tonight and sunday morning, maybe a flurry in the afternoon. tuesday and wednesday, a light snow maker coming through. >> if you don't have a cold or the flu, you might know someone who does.
9:44 am
we tried to avoid getting sick so how you keep your immune system at its best? the doctor joins us now to explain. give us some good tips. >> basically, you have to keep yourself healthy in general. you have to wash your hands all the time. you have to eat healthy and state well hydrated and break -- and drink plenty of water. fruits and vegetables and lean meat helps. that way your body is ready and plenty of sleep. there is immunization as well the flu vaccine is very important. people have to remember that they get other immunizations because the human body respond better to immunizations at a younger age. as we get older, it is harder to be more in tune.
9:45 am
-- more immune. get plenty of rest and eat plenty of vegetables and exercise. very important. >> so much. if you have any other questions, call 1-800-md-* mercy. here's a look at last night winning lottery numbers.
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>> don't be horsing around. get it done >> go, ravens.
9:48 am
>> don't you love it? this is the baltimore city police department showing support for our raven's with officers and staff members who got together to offer their well-wishers to the team. like the rest of us, they posted the video and youtube. if you're watching the big game at home, you are shopping, there is quite a spread here. >> nice to see you. i've been cooking my whole life, since a detained. since i'm getting older, you have to do things differently. i have a healthy quesadilla and it is pretty simple. >> is that cold rain? >> of this is nature's promise from a giant. >> it is a whole wheat tortillas? >> then you get some fresh salsa and mixed in with the cheddar cheese.
9:49 am
it is southwest salsa. all the flavors are in the salsa and you put it right on the quesadilla and van -- the cheese is mixed in with the chicken curry and then you toast it. it takes about three minutes on each side. another way you can do it is in the oven which takes 10 minutes. that will give you 10 minutes prep time and 10 minutes in the oven. >> i can do that. >> there is also healthy cile, no oil. this is a really good recipe. let it simmer and it will take you 35-40 minutes. >> that looks good, to. >> another recipe i gave you is a citrus grilled shrimp. >> what are you marinating them in? >> the recipe is on the website. chili sauce, honey and a girl
9:50 am
about 3 minutes on each side. here is the chili. giant is the officials supermarket of the baltimore ravens. >> when you go into giant, you can see that for sure. >> you can also get ingredients for gumbo. >> what is the key to making that to? my husband thinks he can whip it up. >> the key to a good gumbo is to start off with a good stock like chicken or crap, don't burn it. >> lisa tries to show me how to make it. >> you are going the wrong way. >> what else do have? >> this is made exclusively for giant. our bakery has an array of things like a ravens take.
9:51 am
>> is this chocolate mousse? >> it is not healthy but i like this recipe which is on your website. it does not have a lot of sugar. it is an easy recipe. >> i will be scared of all that. it looks terrific. i love the bread bowls. just get some particle? >> yes, we have quite a collection of brad's. >> thank you so much. stay with us because we have another look at the weekend forecast when we come back. >> from local artists to art galleries, mindy basara will explore this city's rich cultural com
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>> i am jennifer franciotti live at the superdome in the big easy. if you like art, new orleans is the place to be from local artists on the streets to the different galleries, there is much to explore. our very own mindy basara did just that. >> ♪ ♪ >> jackson square is a feast for the senses, the sounds, colors, and textures pull you in and taken to another place. >> the art is wonderful and it is fun and you need to the city. come down and you get to meet the artists and see them
9:55 am
working. it is fabulous. >> behind each of these artists is a story. for painter rick fox it is a story of rebirth. he makes things beautiful from a tattered debris left over from the hurricane. >> this has a branch that i found on the backs of the mississippi river. this is a child desktop and you are looking at tar from a house. there are many items that i find that are really tattered and i even do reconstruction to save the item. going through storms and the hardships, is similar to our lives. we have to keep it together no matter what the damage is. >> that positive to provide counsel all live here -- comes alive here in orleans and it stays with you about it seems like a celebration of life here. they are always upbeat and never gloomy in orleans.
9:56 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jackson square is a feast for the census. it is from everything you smell and hear and see, it is a wonderful place to go. later today, we will go to gret na across the river which is a city that had a terrible time during katrina and baltimore city sent first responders there and we will meet up with the mayor and the governor may be there. they are preparing for a raven's rally in gretna, louisiana. >> give us the forecast for the big day. >> i want some of that music in the background. it does not match the forecast.
9:57 am
tonight we have a chance of light snow and that chance would extend into sunday as well but when we talk about light, we're talking about little or no accumulation. there may be 1 inch or so. high temperatures the next couple of days only around freezing if we make of that for today. monday will be drier we have the threat of monday and tuesday and wednesday of one of these fairly dry systems of light snow flurries or snow showers. we are in the 30's in the middle of the week but at the end of the week, things may dry out a little bit with more son and a southerly breeze to bring the temperature is up to about 43-45 which is normal for this time of year. in new orleans, daytime temperatures are in the 60's but the game is undercover so does not make any difference but it is nice weather down there. >> they have had a strange way. >> it has been on the cool side. when it gets cold, it is cool their. >> thank you. everybody have a great day and
9:58 am
we will see you tomorrow morning.
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