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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a fingerprint and bans assault style weapons and for his people that have been involuntarily committed for mental health reasons. they say it is sometimes done secretly. >> he has details for us. >> we discovered a subtle private lobbying campaign where gun control legislators are shooting fire arms ha targeted to be banned in maryland. you're watching a covert gun rights lobbying operation. an invitation-only affair being held on private property. because, according to one of those attending, it doesn't look good. they organize it. >> the limo pulled up next to
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the house, democrats while then. they tried to change their hearts and minds, getting a taste for how much fun is to fire a legal weapon. >> we talk about a feature or firearm, they can look and see what it actually does. >> on the grounds of the $2.7 million they. this includes -- but watch how the gun barrel moved slightly as he pulls the trigger. >> he says that all of the weapons are a variation of the assault style rifle. the type of weapon used in the
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aurora, colorado shooting in a similar to the one used in newtown. they point out the difference between an assault and assault- style weapon. an adjustable stock simply changes the size of a weapon. >> is an experience i have never had before. they said it is a sporting rifle. an assault rifle as were you squeeze the trigger and multiple bullet come out. >> we're regulating that? why? >> they have been holding private sessions the past three years and the senate is expected to take up amendments tomorrow and a vote on it by friday. >> lawyers tried to convince the supreme court to allow dna to be taken from people arrested for
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certain violent crimes. >> dna replaces fingerprints as a primary means of identification. at the supreme court today, she has more. >> the stakes are high. justice aledo call this the most important case that the supreme court has heard in decades. the requirement that people arrested for certain crimes give up their dna is an effective crime solver with 43 convictions. the supreme court must decide if the procedure runs afoul of the constitution. >> the use of the technology that we have to tell us who did the crime and you did not do the crime would be lost to the state. >> her daughter was murdered in new mexico. >> is truth that makes sure we
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are convicting the guilty. >> 28 states and the federal government used the same procedures. a arrested in 2009 for first- degree assault, police matched it to the dna from the unsolved rape of a woman. police had no reason to suspect him in the crime. some agree it violated his protection against unreasonable search and seizure. >> the fourth amendment ho presumptively requires that when the government conducts a search, it have a warrant or some level of individualized suspicion. in this case, the government had neither. >> they argue that dna as a potent tool, it brings concerns of how far police want to go.
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>> everybody that comes to get a driver's license? it is effective, right? another asked, you would not suggest the state would swap students? >> it would be the primary means of identification. >> the question that justices as during argument, it is expected in june. >> 88 households will not receive more than $1 billion in damages after a gas bill contaminated the water wells in 2006. this is after they struck down a guilty verdict against the exxon mobil corp. prosecutors claim the company committed fraud in dealing with public officials. that is dependent on wells for drinking water.
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they awarded the billion dollars in punitive damages and portions must also be reversed. damages or intended to penalize defendants while compensatory damages reimburse the plaintiff. a new warning and for deep spending cuts that may become reality on friday. >> president obama is urging lawmakers to compromise. thee standing by with how sequester could affect education. >> the president took his budget back to virginia but lawmakers said he should have been here negotiating president obama toward a shipyard, a stern message against spending cuts. >> of these cuts are wrong. they are not smart or fair. they are a self-inflicted wound that does not have that happen.
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>> the president is running around the country, crying wolf, saying that the sky is falling and we are not buying it. >> top officials sounded the alarm. >> it would be a drag on near- term economic recovery. >> our soldiers and young men and women are the ones that will pay the price. >> lock us in a room, cut a deal. >> the spending cuts are going to happen. others argue they must be stopped. >> the primary sticking point is whether taxes should be raised to balance the deep cuts. >> armageddon or a tax hike. that is a false choice. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate
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does something. >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posteriors. we are doing our best here. dodge he said he is used to the language. in washington, tv revenues. >> maryland is keeping a close eye on washington when it comes to education funding. more than $40 million in budget cuts, we continue live team coverage, is there more on the list? watchy're keeping a close on monday, dollars that they for programs and disadvantaged children across the state. >> it was not the agenda of the state board of education meeting. it did not keep them from
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speaking out. >> it is disingenuous for people to say they care about our country that they are acting in the best interests when they end of hurting the citizens that we have. dodge the schools that attend in maryland. more than half of the schools will be effective. the jobs of teachers could also be in jeopardy. >> we can't afford to lose these jobs. we can't increase class size. >> staff members will help maryland students with medical and severe disabilities saved in cuts. they are paying close attention to what is taking place on capitol hill. >> occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologist, social
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workers, they all needed -- they're all needed. >> close to 1000 college students could lose their work steady jobs if the planned cuts go through. >> leaving baltimore for the very last time. >> it is sad that it is switching locations altogether. we will have that and reaction from the public. >> on the red carpet monday night, who will hear him talk about his free agency. will he resign? >>
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dr. baltimore said the envoy as to the u.s.s. comfort. dodge the navy hospital ship sailed for 25 years, but now it is moving the home port in norfolk which is a big loss for baltimore. we have reaction from the marine terminal. >> comfort, a supertanker turned hospital ship was delivered to the military sealift command in december of 1987 and has called baltimore home ever since. they provided a floating medical facility for use during warfare or international disaster. in january of 2010, comfort was deployed to haiti after a 7.0
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magnitude earthquake struck. 850 surgeries' were performed and the ship also serves providing medical care throughout the caribbean. why does it need to leave baltimore? officials say there are a number of reasons. >> closer to the ocean, closer to the nation's and region for the humanitarian support. it is also: kidded with medical treatment personnel. the naval hospital is the medical task force on the ship. it is a cost saving initiative for the navy and the taxpayer. >> comfort will dock in the new home and prepare for the next humanitarian mission. >> we will miss them, a lot of people will become more attached, it is like a family.
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this was like a home for them here, it is like another thing. >> a wet day all across the state. it is a bit of an icy deck along this late february day where temperatures are above freezing in the baltimore area, avoiding the slippery conditions. rain is substantial, coming up in the lower eastern shore of maryland. light rain showers along baltimore and in western maryland, the pink and blue. unfortunately, freezing rain with a quarter inch being reported. that is going to continue for a while. let's see what is going on. it was 32, now 33.
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37 at hancock, there are pockets of freezing air in some of the colder valleys. it is hard to get back cold air out of there. temperatures as you can see are well above freezing even near 50. deworming continues, the advisory has been dropped for most of the other locations as temperatures begin to climb a little bit. under a warning for icy conditions. the rain came after we got above freezing, 26 this morning. the average of 48, quite a bit below that. rainfall will continue overnight with this number going up. it is all because of that storm. it is now producing snow across
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the great lakes and the upper midwest. of to the southeast, a new hot area of pressure is forming. all of this will continue tomorrow so the rain will taper off in the morning. in the great lakes and new england, we will get additional snowfall. three-6 inches will get isolated in spots. it will still be producing quite a bit of snow. the rain winding down as we go through the morning with sunshine continuing in the afternoon. a chance the isolated showers will pop up, temperatures should warn nicely. a brisk east wind with the rain and fog. sunshine breaks through and high temperatures reached 51-56 degrees.
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the mountains after the highest winds down tonight, a couple of clarice tomorrow. a much different world there. the eastern shore hits the mid 50's tomorrow. it could get close to 60 tomorrow, temperatures warm tomorrow as the storm moves away. sunny skies on friday as we began the month of march. >> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. dodge the nfl, is over and ed reed has been busy. he spent monday night on the red carpet, the correspondent for the nfl network. the highlights were getting a hug from stacey keebler and a handshake from highly barry.
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-- halle berry. ed is a free agent. he played at his usual high level, he joined a rich on the nfl network at talked about his free agency. he was asked when he thought he would get a deal done with the ravens. >> i have no clue, honestly. all in one, i am going to start my rehab and my recovery like i have been doing already. when it happens, it happens. there are able to talk about it and get some work done. i will always be a raven.
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>> he remains a free agent in the league right now. the new tom bray contract should not affect joe's at all. it could be done in three minutes or three years. how is that for shedding some light. the contract extension for three years, now under contract until 2018. they don't want to do that, baltimore is not the only getting hammered today. the pirates game will be postponed. one thing managers despise is a
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rainout. he took batting practice with the orioles and said this is an unbelievable time to be a baltimore sports fan. right on through the baseball playoffs and the ravens super bowl win. >> we have had a great year in sports in baltimore. we have a very young team, so it will be cool to be able to watch them. >> what do you think of the luck? he kicked it off at 7:00. a look at the seven-day forecast is next. is next.
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>> two women were robbed her in mercy medical center today. can they secure the common cold. those stories and much more
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>> we just have to deal with the rain overnight. it cools off a touch as we head to the end of the month, march begins quiet. the high a little below normal, partly cloudy with temperatures in the 40's. >> be where the quietness of march. >> i think that is its. definitely. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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