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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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shows that herd was hit with a bar stool and was being restrained. >> he was being restrained by a bouncer when he was stabbed multiple times. >> authorities arrested shelbie accessoryband with after the fact. >> after she left the bar, mr. singer became involved. he approached a security guard attempting to detain her and intervened so she was able to escape. a >> police do not know what led to the fight. >> we know there was a large fight. theow the victim and male suspect were in that fight. we are still working on the timeline. there were several hundred people at this event. a >> shelbie mech is being held without bail. her husband, michael singer, is
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being held on $1 million bail. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thanks. a southwest flight out of bwi marshall had to the diver did. -- divergent. 8:45 local time in kansas city. 146 passengers and crew members were on board. a baltimore man did not suspect anything was wrong. >> we did not notice. they shut the engine down and landed. that was it. >> we're told be affected passengers were put on another plane to las vegas. >> the national transportation safety board is inducting interviews with pilots hoping to shed more light on what asianad before the airlines flight crashed in san francisco.
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clipped the sea wall at the end of the runway, slant, spun around, and caught fire. two people died. authorities are reviewing the initial rescue efforts after firefighters say that one of their trucks may have run over one of the two chinese teenagers killed in that crash. more state and local emergency managers are tapping into the power of social media, twitter and facebook, to get the word out when disaster 11 news washington bureau reporter sally kidd has the details. >> donna, emergency members told the house committee they were working to make social media part of the operational dna. when monster tornadoes rip across oklahoma, emergency managers used social media to
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relay real-time information to the public and they also used it to find out what was going on. quick social media gave a situational awareness on the ground. we were able to confirm damage reports and assessment. >> some emergency management agencies have facebook pages and twitter feeds. some have mobile apps. and they are monitoring what the public is posting. redng superstorm sandy, the cross analyzed more than 2 million pieces of social data. >> we sent more than 300 individual pieces of information to our operations team on the ground and 88 of those resulted in concrete actions where we took a step we were not planning on taking to get people help. >> lawmakers say only a fraction of americans are following what emergency managers are putting out there. >> mississippi has a population of 3 million but the mississippi emergency management association only has
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800 followers on his facebook page. >> you have to go back to a state of readiness, going back to establishing local centers where information can be relayed. >> some lawmakers say one of the challenges is how quickly the information can spread on social media and negatively impact response efforts. in washington, sally kidd, wbal- tv 11 news. >> this is interesting. a 2012 survey by the red cross said that three out of four americans expect help to arrive within four hours of requesting it on social media. >> an interesting twist to an animal cruelty case. a woman arrested for leaving two dogs and a hot car died three weeks later. now her attorney plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit. she was jailed on seven counts of animal cruelty for allegedly
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leaving her two dogs in a hot car while she slept in a best western hotel. her attorney says the medicine she took for her a little -- for her liver condition made her pass out. she could not afford bail and was in jail for three days. she did not receive treatment for her condition in jail. >> to allow her to fester instead of giving her the care she needed, that led to her death. >> she was released on her own cognitive science at her bail hearing. her cause of death is listed as the liver condition cirrhosis. >> a group called stop the rain tax outlined the burden of the rain tax on business owners. local business owners in attendance try again saying that it adds significant cost to their business operations.
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>> this is a huge amount of money coming into state government. and it is not even a designated fund and not even a trust fund. his means the governor and the politicians will have access to this money. that is like giving the keys to the vault to bank robbers. >> the storm water management fee mandated by the state was put in place to pay for raw checks to keep toxic storm water -- for projects to keep toxic storm water runoff from polluting the chesapeake bay. your childu enroll at a public charter school? wrecks get ready to look at a long waiting list. in tonight's educational or, why some baltimore families they wait longer than others in the state. >> he may be worried that it will mess with his swing. the best ditch at a baseball game this year. crossing theers
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bay in moving into the mountains to our west. we checked the forecast. right now, a live view from skycam shows cloudy skies. temperatures in the 80'
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>> in tonight's education alert, close to a million students are waiting to get into the nation's capital public tartar schools. that is according to a survey just out from the national alliance for public charter schools. it is a problem that hits home
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in maryland where more than 1000 two dancer on the waiting list. 2000 students are on the aiting list. >> there is not one great way to have a public school and the kids deserve many different options and families want that. so, at my school, three schools in northeast baltimore, we could open for more schools this fall based on our waitlist. >> three new maryland charter schools are set to open this fall. a goodweather makes difference as to whether it is a great year or a bad year. tom reynolds says some of his crops love the rain and some is not doingy crop well, but when it comes to the corn crop -- you can see it's looking pretty good. >> for some farmers it has been pretty good. for other farmers, it has been trying and difficult to manage
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with not only getting your crops in, but out. .ook at this corn spray here the corn farmers are loving it. it is a great, great year to grow corn. >> lots of rain in one area and not much rain at all in another. > >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasslemyer. >> the clouds and showers keep temperatures below normal, which is a good hang. 85 degrees. it stays this way. 88 is the normal high peak. then we start the slow slide into fall. for now, it is the hottest part of the year. 103 on this day in 1936. we are 20 degrees cooler than the record for the day. clouds and showers keeping
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temperatures way down in the mountains. really springlike in western maryland right now. 82 in hagerstown. down at the boardwalk at ocean city, it is 84. inland, a little bit warmer. .7 to 88 degrees most areas, those temperatures are really not all that bad. there is a flood watch in garrett county. as we widen the view of hd doppler, you can see numerous showers and thunder coming across ohio. a good chance that rain could get into garrett county overnight tonight. they have that flood watch up. a few lighters wrinkles except for the storms in somerset county and st. mary's county. aound baltimore, just passing shower or two. southwest wind at five. otherwise a partly cloudy sky. 65 to 56. there is a decent low off to the west. this one stalled out and is kind of stationary across new
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england. this one has drier air behind it. it looks like it will scoot through here on thursday. there will be some rain ahead of it, but should be pretty nice for writing and the weekend. tropical storm chantal is making its way through the caribbean. it will go off west perhaps to haiti.nican republic and it will perhaps hit the bahamas and east of lord of friday and saturday. not a major storm, but a lot of rain with it. it could be just off the florida coast this weekend. lots of moisture in the mid- atlantic next week. we will have to watch that closely. a thunderstorm is possible. around the 90 degree mark. there is a small craft advisory on the bay. two to three foot waves on the open waters. in western maryland, where there is a flood watch tonight,
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showers and storms in the forecast for wednesday and thursday. then things will dry out as we get into friday and the weekend. looks pretty good. youern shore, 50/50 chance will catch some rain before that less humid air arrives for friday. at the coast, 30% chance of rain. it clears out slowly through the day on friday. 89 tomorrow, only a degrees above normal. 85 with the rain tapering off on others they. partly cloudy and less humid for friday. then nice weather for the weekend, lows in the 60's and highs in the 80's. >> this is 11 sports. proves the most worthy participant in next week's all-star game and the home run derby, a no-brainer. 33 home runs in a week to go before the break. far and away the gold standard
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for tony 13 but a home run derby presents a different .hannel -- challenge also, there is the concern it could mess up his swing in the second half. davis held court this afternoon. >> when i was a kid, it was fun to watch because you get to watch your favorite players play. but the home run derby, that is the excitement in the night before the game there are a lot of guys who have done it and had great second halves. i think if you are going to have up would second half, you are going to have a good second half. i do not think it will really hurt that. i am not going to go out there trying to break records or anything like that. i'm just going to go out there and enjoy. >> the last contestant joining the american league team with chris davis will be the oakland a's outfielder. and a game that we saw so often
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from the orioles last ason -- hunter harvey, would have made it 16 innings for the win. crawford touched off harvey with the r.b.i single. -- omar gothony him. .nthony rector pinch-hitting crawrd booted it off the bag. five hours, 26 minutes. nine innings. the end was sensation. joey botta was the man on a rocket. takes the lead. his spidey sense was tingling. stole the home run. he was on the fence. catch of the year. milwaukee got the win.
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>> the recent surge in gun violence has baltimore outpacing the homicide rate of other major cities. where are those guns coming from? those are the questions david collins is asking in a story airing tonight at 11:00. >> the mayor and police mission or contend that stemming the flow of illegal guns remains a top priority, but the i-team has discovered that that effort may be hamstrung. we brought along with the task force unit, one of the primary resources police used to target .nscrupulous gun sales what is the source of illegal gun sales and baltimore city? >> the black market. i think we are seeing guns illegally transferred. >> and during a ride along, look what they found and in a very unlikely place. but a find like this may be getting harder to achieve.
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>> we will put up with the rain to get to a really nice weekend. >> it is looking that way. a couple showers tomorrow and thursday morning, it clears out during the afternoon on thursday. friday looking good. partly cloudy over the weekend. toecially those lows of 63
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65, that is a real bonus in july. >> it is the hottest time of the year. someone just told me that recently. >> it would say that? >> thanks for joining us. at >> next is nbc news with brian williams. see you at 11:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, inside the cockpit as flight 214 slammed into a seawall in san francisco. tonight what investigators have learned was happening in those final moments before impact. breaking their silence. those three young kidnapped women held captive in a house in cleveland for a decade. they're speaking out now for the first time. marijuana for kids, a growing number of parents using
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it to treat everything from autism to epilepsy. while it's controversial, they say it works. great expectations in london. where they're awaiting the big arrival any day now. nightly news begins now. good evening. and again tonight a lot of attention is being focused on a runway in san francisco, along with a seawall and the waters just offshore. nearby, of course, sits that burned out hull of a wide bodied jet. just tonight, at the latest briefing of the site of the crash, the plane was flying too slow and too low to make touchdown without incident. we learned a lot more about the cockpit crew today. because of their experience, the investigation into what went wrong here now gets more
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intriguing. again tonight, nbc's tom costello starting us off from the scene at sfo in san francisco, we also learned of a close call for other members of this crew? >> that's right, two flight attendants on board were ejected out of the back of this plane as it crash landed. amazingly, they survived. the training captain, the captain who was training his colleague, said he thought they were coming in at 137 knots, they realized they were in trouble when they saw the red lights at the end of the runway that were supposed to guide them in, they were not lined up properly, and from there, something went terribly wrong. today new pictures of the crash scene in san francisco, the top priority has been to interview all four pilots who were on board flight 214, including the veteran captain who was new to the 777 and at the controls saturday. he said he realized


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