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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 15, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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marchers at rallies have remained peaceful. overnight on the west coast there were's some minor property the issues of race and fairness continue to be at the center of this debate. today his attorney said that discussion goes beyond the scope of the trial. even i doder this -- not believe that george acted in a racially biased way, now that the conversation is on the table, we do not have talked about george zimmerman anymore. >> the nation is still talking. more than 450,000 people have signed an online and aa cp petition for the department of justice to move forward with a civirights investigation into the case and organization has issued an even broader call to action. [indiscernible]
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a powerful anti- racial profiling ordinance. >> there may be no prison sentence but zimmerman is anything but free, attorney said. as frustration and concern continue across the country. there are indications we could learn more about the verdict in the trial. nbc news confirmed one of the dosha there it was a literary agent that would represent writing a book about the case. >> thank you. much of the talk and focus of the two days has been with the jury. >> joining us from the newsroom
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with reaction and perspective from a local legal expert. six women were chosen. protest to social media, the verdict in the george zimmerman case got a lot of reaction and much of it was aimed at the group who was chosen to decide the outcome. >> i think according to the law they did their duty. >> exactly the evidence they were presented. they made a decision based on the law. >> you cannot win either way. orthey were found guilty not guilty. >> it still would have been a quiet, a multiracial jury to judge an interracial crime involving the killing of a black person. faith in theat
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jury system and it is the best system for judging guilt or not guilt but it requires of fair jury selection process. >> it was important in this case for the prosecution to do everything possible to make sure that there were at least two african-americans on the six person jury. >> instead the jury was made up of five white women and one hispanic woman. >> the jury needed to be a multiracial cross-section of the community. that way you are having a conversation which is including everyone who is affected by this case. >> when you have a nearly, genius jury that does not include african-americans the results are predictable. >> here's another live look at what is going on right now in
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downtown baltimore. protesters gathering in reaction to the verdict. city police are monitoring that situation. we will keep a close eye on the area for development. >> officials at confirm a man has been taken to shock trauma after being struck by a bus. it happened before 2 p.m. this afternoon at the corner of howard and 21st street. the victim was in his 20's but he has not yet been identified. no word on the man's condition or how the accident happened. new details on how the plane crash that killed two police officers in ocean city last month. officials say the preliminary investigation reveals the plane appeared to be intact as it hit the ocean and was found together but not fractured. the left-wing was lost ring recovery.
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the two men were both killed in the crash. rex emotional farewell for baltimore city police and detective -- as detective shane bulk is laid to rest. atwas killed while off duty car crash last week in baltimore county. investigators have not determined what caused the 32 ---year-old to veer off the road last wednesday. he is survived i his wife and child. >> the heat is this other big story. the forecast is in the 80 and all week.d 90's >> what the codes mean is they will be opening up the cooling centers in the city starting tomorrow lasting through friday. we are definitely going to see
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this heat continue. we are seeing steamy temperatures out there and a lot of sunshine as well and that helps it feel even hotter. as some of those creep into maryland. otherwise, it is the need. low 90's in the suburbs. feeling like 100 degrees downtown. we're still in the low 90's following to the 80's drug rest of the evening but also quite hot. 1 a.m. at 83. we have the possibility of a shower or storm between the hours of six and 9 a.m. if only we could get some rain that made ring some cooling relief area >> some of the relief. i will take a dip in the pool like this one. the first heat wave of the year has come to baltimore. issuing a code red into --
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indicating the cooling centers will be open. look out for your elderly neighbors. safar this year that been for related deaths -- heat related deaths in the city. emergency departments are preparing for more patients. -- perhapsody who has multiple medical problems that may medication, push them over a fairly narrow ledge. ask people should know the signs of trouble when it comes to heat related illnesses. >> not feeling that her after some time, you want to see someone and there is something more serious going on. watched as their kids cooled off, lathering on plenty of sunscreen and limiting their time and the sun to not
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overheat. rex the city has some rate resources for us. we have been doing anything we can to keep occupied. rex also at risk are the elderly. gloria blackmon said the elderly love the hot weather as it can help with their ailments so it is important to keep an eye on them. >> people have arthritis, they have a tendency to want to sit in the sun. -- they may even have a sweater on and they may not recognize they are overheating. >> make sure to look out for -- he is making sure to look at for his friends. wearing a good pair of sunglasses and on-screen. and they keep myself cool by
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carrying a bottle of water with me. rex that is a good regimen for anyone at any age. if you would like more information, we have provided some helpful links on our website. this pool is looking awfully inviting. in washington loose fromes traced the tracks to their alleged 10- year-old victim. -- hypeget hyped out
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>> we are working to learn more about a strange incident in baltimore county. this started as a possible injured persons drug by an amtrak plane. that the train had hit a person. they found a bloody t-shirt, fishing tackle, and the drivers license. authorities learned the victim was 10-year-old tyler smith who had been taken to the hospital by his father who claimed his
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son had fallen at the playground. sharedtion has been with health and human services. we do know the name of a man who was found dead. the body was found on the tracks. he was arriving on the train and either got off or fell off. investigators are leave he was old under the train. rex a new study finds blood pressure problems in children are on the rise. harvard medical school study found the risk of high blood pressure in kids went up 27 % in 1994-2008. researchers are richer reading the spike i to an increase in
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body weight and diet. it is not just a comfort factor. they've heat can cause complications. there are a number of issues woman should be mindful of during these of for your months. four months. these >> everything went very well. it was very enjoyable. leilani jones gave birth and all went well. >> patients tend to complain of contractions that that may due to dehydration that they may be suffering due to the heat. >> they recommend pregnant women stay well hydrated during the summer. jones says she did that and
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while she was given the green light to take exercise and play volleyball through her third months she still took it easy. they advise women to be mindful of the following. >> dizziness, heart palpitations, and contractions. called the doctor right away. let them know what you are experiencing. it is definitely steamy out there. you look at the temperatures -- 97 downtown, 94 at the airport. a little cooler as we get near the water. also much cooler near the beach.
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index ishere the heat right now. 104, that is what it feels like downtown. humid near there water. we have the wind out of the northwest. they're bringing in slightly drier air. they could feel a lot hotter out there. the wind is helping us out as much as they can. showers and a few thunderstorms in pennsylvania. you can see this moving into reading. something good move into maryland but it is looking very isolated. most areas do stage or i without any relief.
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at 7 p.m. we are still at 91 degrees. even by 11 p.m. we are still in the 80's by that point. the heat index will take a while until it falls down. we could see close to 87 by 11 p.m. you do want to drink plenty of water even when the sun goes down. it will be hot and humid once again. this large area of clear sky, this is a high-pressure system that is keeping the heat and its place. a few showers and storms on the northeast side and this is what we will be watching later this afternoon. this is a big story here. it is driving a lot of moisture away and that is why we do not have any access to showers and storms. nextll be the -- for the
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few days. the sunny and hot tomorrow mar. awill have winds out of northerly fashion, five to 10 miles per hour. this heat is prompting some concerns especially in the metro area of baltimore and also down towards the sea the downtown areas are hotter than they have the concrete to soak up that sunshine and that is why the city will be opening their cooling centers tomorrow. we are in the 90 house for a long stretch of weather. could be a first heat wave of the summer. it has not been that hot here. 96 on wednesday. the temperatures drop slightly. as the humidity goes up it will feel just as hot. -- we will watch those chances by friday as well. falling back into the's by cindy.
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>> one thing we can agree on, it is an amazing time to be a baseball dan. >> the orioles are hotter than ever. what that means for them and him the local economy. >> twinkies are back. that story is next. >> someone had big plans for this old van. what it has to do with combating crime in the city. >> illegal expert wei
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is back on sale. twinkie lovers could not be happier. >> i love twinkies. >> what do you think? >> i grew up on twinkies. . am glad that they are ba >> wal-mart got their shipment over the weekend. twinkies lovers have been flocking to the stores. t is almost aome i religious experience. we can enjoy yourselves. -- we can enjoy ourselves. quick some people are not big fans. do you miss them? >> i think it is good there here.
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>> for others there is nothing better. did you miss them? >> i did. . many storesback are already selling twinkies and soon they will be coming to a store near you. i have never had one. i know it seems bizarre. saturday night's not guilty verdict. shots ofll have live the protesters. our team coverage will begin at 530 p.m. re
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>> we're going to show you a live look from sky team 11. there is an active protest downtown erie it people in the street letting their feelings being known about the verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. bigger, wewill it
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imagine. earmarking the local and national reaction. very simms has been standing by. what is it like right now? rex more people have gathered. a lot of people with different sites say. some are talking about how the whole system is racist. the crowd started gathering before 5 p.m. was to acquit.h the verdict was to acquit. they plan to march through and moving on to the
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war memorial. this is doing with the death of trayvon martin and the acquittal of george zimmerman. ,ive from downtown baltimore wbal-tv news. >> this should be the justice department past turn to take a back at the zimmerman case. they said the not guilty verdict does not represent justice because trayvon martin's race was not considered. >> the one thing that was clear that was not done in this case, everybody went out of their way to say that race was not a factor. race didn't matter. what we are asking the justice department not to do is to look at the race issue.
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>> these cars men and women say verdict wassay the a sad day for america. thelawyers have said shooting had nothing to do with race. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. a traveler is in a hospital after being hit by a train yesterday morning. but when a child please arrived they found blood in clothing but no victim and. the child's father took his son to an area hospital until dr. -- he was injured in the train tracks. he was expected to recover. you do not need us to tell you it is hot outside. we do have some tips to stay cool and stay safe.
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where red hat, limit your time in the sun as signs of trouble -- and notice signs of trouble. keep an i on your little ones and elderly neighbors. illness canted range from simple cramps to death. for a full list of treatments and symptoms go to our website. right now.are hot five oriole players taking part in the all-star game. jerseys are all sold out.
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it goes to show you how excited the families are. chris davis is heading to .he home run derby >> hopefully i can get in the groove early. >> he claimed three more against -- this weekend. >> in error feels.
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he has hit a home run and it is fantastic. >> fans are braving the heat and taking tours. up jerseys. >> it only show use you [indiscernible] five the o's are in great .ondition, alwaysimore does not have a great reputation so we have five representatives in the all-star game. .e works really hard at it well and's are doing
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chris davis, it is exciting. ave good hitting school. >> it was a real shock for fans of
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re>> there is a lack of incrementing evidence. the government said bradley manning's actions harm security. he has admitted to leaking hundreds of thousands of pages to wikileaks and pleaded guilty
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to 10 lesser charges. if convicted he could face a life sentence in prison. >> 200 55 child predators are under arrest after a huge five week international child exportation investigation. the program operated by homeland security and internet crimes against children identified 61 victims of child sexual exploitation. they said there is a disturbing trend of raters using the internet to victimize children. they face several charges if heing child for not and distribution. if you suspect someone is a child predor where a child is being exploited you can report any suspicious activity. canadian authorities said
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they will perform an autopsy on monteith. he battled them since abuse and checked into rehab in april of this year. hundreds of fans turned to social media to mourn his passing. turnedand, a convention into an impromptu memorial. >> top athletes taking time to teach children some special skills. >> this is my rally, not yours. >> things are getting heated today. why local leaders are defending
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actions of school officials. we are in our first heat wave here. but this -- could that have triggered
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>> here is what we are working on at 6 p.m. reaction to the george zimmerman verdict. were the justice department is looking into kernel civil rights charges. it is expected to be hot not just for today but the rest of the week. the baltimore health department has placed the city under a code red heat alert. what is being done to ensure everyone's safety. we will have details straight ahead at
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rex how would you like to learn tae kwon do by one of the certified masters in the world? there is a chance of a lifetime for nearly 200 children in baltimore. children enrolled in the classrooms are able to learn football, basketball, tae kwon do from former top athletes at syracuse diversity. tore are a variety of ways learn and have fun doing it. >> they also learn about being healthy, they are learning about anti-bullying.
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y are having a good time. >> the work to inspire young also the youth of element center is a focus. just as the heat starts to take hold, kids have new -- a new place to take refuge from the sun. this is a series of community centers opening up, part of the $19 million effort to read that program. this used to be a historic pavilion. it is open monday-friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. withginning in the fall, all the after school
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programming, there is internet [indiscernible] x the next newly renovated center should be ready by september. >> you're going to want to start thinking about those ways that you can stay cool throughout the week. this is the first heat wave of the summer. we have winds of the northwest. they are not helping much as far as this goes. affect their coming out of the north and west is bringing slightly drier air. it is more comfortable and allows our body to evaporate
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more water and that helps to cool us down. it is still very hot. 97 downtown, 94 at the airport. along thee low 90's eastern shore. let me show you what it feels like right now. if you like 98 at the airport. 104 is what it feels like downtown. annapolis feels like 103. if we did not have the northwest winds might it would feel even hotter out there. you can see the shower moving toward redding. couldrstorms cold droms
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crop up. two 90%an 80 % chance. look at how warm temperatures stay. when you factor in that umanity, it is close to 90. we will fall back into the mid- 70's. the high pressure system will be in control for the next several days. that means the heat will continue. just as hot reignit
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in the city is where we have the concern for the heat advisories. if you have to work outside take as many bricks as you can and bring water to stay cool. we are warning of that until the second business -- hopefully this heat will break i sunday. if you are having a night out on the car you could have a valley parking -- have a valet park your car. the charges and changes will take effect starting in the central is this district -- does
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this district created you i -- in this district. analysts are torn on where prices are headed. the price will keep going up and the other half say they will fall or stay the same. if you are for usable for your teens, beef. be prepared tod -- open that door a little wider. a good student or even good driving.
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.f you qualify you can yea >> the premium goes down as your team gets older of. heated moments in the campus . commercial construction company has been selected for the majority of that project. we have been told 18 people from the baltimore area have and hired to work since it began. local activists see that is not enough. >> why is it that we only have 9.4% of local hiring at this site. this is the problem throughout the city.
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your way toding give us some of these jobs. rex there are no state required ments for local hiring. they are pushing for minority business inclusion. revealingty firm is how easy it is to hack into your cell phone. and a demonstration the company showed how they could record a phone conversation, browsing ing.ory, text message, and why enteralare calling for charges to be filed. where monitoring a protest in
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downtown baltimore from the air and on the ground. we will have a live report at its 30 p.m. lin
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>> one local company is hoping to send a message of
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empowerment. they need your help to build their vehicle of change. .> it is another busy summer this company is about much more than the product. >> everything here has some type mission, some type of a goal. a goal to make us better as a people. a goal to bring people together and so it is more than just ice cream. it is a movement. hopes to take is made their message into baltimore communities create >> this will be like the gathering place. people who want to be socially
5:55 pm
conference. -- socially conscious. >> they started to kickstart her campaign toaise $20,000 to turn this into a vehicle for change ice cream truck create >> this needs a generator and a freezer. >> it will feature a library on the back of the truck that will allow people to come and get a book create >> he hopes the truck will allow them to get the message out where they need it most. x this would be the vehicle that will allow us to take our message of joy to my peace, happiness on the road. to contribute you can find the link on our website. we wish them good luck.
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that is all for us at 5 p.m. here is what is coming up at six. fax a protest against the acquittal of george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. details coming up. what the attorney general has to say about george zimmerman. >> it is a hot week in the greater baltimore area. what you need to know to beat the heat. that is coming up. > >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. this is 11 news at 6 p.m. voicing their opposition to the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. that is one of many demonstration o across the
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country. exit has reignited a racial debate over the case. exley have live team coverage tonight. lisa robinson takes the closer look at the jury. looks intot as the filing civil rights charges against zimmerman. >> we begin with a protest on the verdict. the protesters have been here since 5 p.m. minutes ago they took to the street and turned left on calvert. let's go to sky team 11. they are heading to the war memorial. that is where they say they will continue their rally and protest. they have been here earlier in where lots of people were gathered. are trying to talk about
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their displeasure. he was acquitted saturday in the death of trayvon martin. the southern christian leadership called for this conference. they're watching at this point heading to the war memorial. we did talk to a couple of people who were part of the purchased. >> simply a microcosm of what is going on all over the country, what happened here in baltimore. ,t stems from this overall idea this lack of lyrical and social justice that is rampant across the country. we are out here saying we are not going to take it anymore. we are turning it around and
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fighting for all the people. exit was a noticeable police presence as the group merges to worthy memorial. the police are going with them as well. -- it was a peaceful protest and continues to the war memorial. one of the things the group is urging, they do want the justice department to file the rights violations against george zimmerman. >> eric holder is speaking for the first time about the george zimmerman verdict. that is the -- as the justice department continues filing charges against him. >> the attorney general said the justice department will act


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