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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 7, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people were injured. we're told officers responded to the time of service at the accident. behind bars and could stay there for the next 90 years accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. state police tell 11 news they have been closely monitoring his online activity for more than a year and they have been keeping an eye on his home since march 2012. police say the investigation culminated when they served a search warrant on the home, had forensics examine his computer and recovered disturbing photographs of children. if convicted, he could be fined more than $200,000. tonight baltimore city police are promising to step up patrols and a number of communities as they are being targeted by smart phone thieves. theft strategies lag
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behind. j miller lite in the newsroom with the story. >> good evening. in the newser live room with the story. >> it is the way nearly everyone stays in touch and thieves know it. people have become so dependent on their smart phones, they had come -- they have become an easy target. >> it is all part of a growing problem. >> we've seen an increase in the number of cell phones bus taking place. as technology continues to improve, we see an increase. phones are involved and 60% of robberies. they are a valuable item for illegal resale. >> phones do have a street value and will sell them
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anywhere to a couple hundred dollars, depending on the phone taken. >> last year the sec started a database. >> they are not able to do anything if it is stolen. take a police say manufacturers could do more to include anti- that technology. kill switches they are called so a stolen boat can be rendered inoperable. can be rendered inoperable. to go there is a process by which people can go in and like the phone clean. that then becomes their phone. >> how often does someone comes -- come in and say unlock my phone? >> we do not unlock phones here. >> another attack over the weekend of a woman who was
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assaulted and robbed of her cell phone while walking on the street just after 8:00 in the morning. it protect-- police yourself and keep your phone out of you. in baltimore county continue to search for the man who attacked a jogger in broad daylight. the 25-year-old woman was attacked but able to escape by biting. the man tried to strangle her and pull her into a wooded area. not clear if he was after an iphone or other type of electronic device. white marsh woman accused of ordering a deadly hit on her husband and trying to mislead authorities. david collins is live at the courthouse with more on the story. case.rt testimony in the
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a man who needed money to make child support payments ended up shooting him. to come it took her hours before she told baltimore county police detectives what they now believe is the truth behind the murder of her husband. in the police interview, she rambles incessantly. detectives listening patiently telling her to take a deep breath and relax. in she tells the initial tale of her husband getting shot in the course of a rock beat -- robbery on east proper road back on march 1, 2010. the coldns -- details and matter of fact details. are you telling me i am not going to see my family? sobbing while expressing concern whether her family know she is being interviewed. detectives assure her. four hours into the interview, a
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breakthrough. they let her know they know there's more to the story. she begins to piecemeal a confession. they have photographs of others they believed were involved. her sister supply the murder weapon. hernephew interviews her -- nephew introduce her to the hit man. the weekend prior to the murder she said ray was itching to sell the station and move to florida, that he complained about being bored and was in pain from surgery on his butt. his foot. tola, i just wanted someone hit him for me. detectives, tell me the real story. >> he was just a post -- supposed to hit him. the defense use cross- examination to lay the groundwork for the confession but it was illegally obtained and they try to establish a motive that includes depression
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and posttraumatic stress. >> another story if we been closely monitoring, the berber -- murder christine jared by her husband. right now he will face a sentencing hearing tomorrow morning. the jury found him guilty of second-degree murder back in 1991 and burying her body in the backyard. he faces up to 30 years in prison. >> fire officials are working to determine what sparked an early morning fire in middle river. crews spent hours on the scene on eastern boulevard where the fire quickly escalated with to alarms with flame so intense fire fighters had to evacuate the building. the building also houses apartments. fire officials say people were inside at the time but everyone made it out safely. total damage estimated at half a
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million dollars. temperatures a little bit warmer today. climbing into the low 80's around the metro area. upper 70's out towards parked in. showers continuing to develop over the city. -- upper 70's out towards parkton. all of the activity focused on western pennsylvania, west virginia. this is drifting into western maryland. these will be the areas that ve to face more of the scattered showers and storms tonight. we will talk about when the stormy pattern could finally end coming up. >> still ahead, travelers may have been caught a little bit off guard. womenause dozens of staged a nurse in. why did breastfed in protest in which airline was their target. plus --
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is nowuse of horrors gone. now beginning the healing. >> a serious challenge for least one group of students.
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the house were three kidnapped women were held captive came crashing to the ground today. it is being called a house of horrors. and take of the victims are trying to move forward in the city of cleveland. to go the house was reduced to a pile of rubble in less than two hours, part of a recovery and healing process that is really only just beginning. >> michelle night, the woman held captive inside the house belonged is returned this morning with yellow balloons and the message of hope. i want the people out there to know, including the mothers, they can have strength and hope. the backup of this, she was in the back of the cab. they were held captive and tortured inside the home for
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nearly a decade. for 10 years this house was a secret prison of a psychopath. he was in the bowels of prison for the rest of his life. >> he pleaded guilty to 937 charges, includingape, assault, and aggravated murder. last week he was sentenced to life in prison plus 1000 years. it is only expected to take a day to tear the house down. of course, it will take a lot longer for the scars from what happened here to heal. this work was another important step in the difficult journey. many say there would like to see a memorial garden hands -- in part on the site. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist avea marie.
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>> another day stuck in the unsettled weather. 79 at b.w.i. marshall. the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees since the rain moved through. 80 in westminster. a shower right now over baltimore city. this just moved through areas like elk ridge. we do have a shower activity back toward columbia. people facing slower conditions because of the rain. a couple of showers along the eastern shore. most of the activity has been into virginia, western maryland and western pennsylvania as well. some of the stores -- storms quite hefty. a lot of heavy rain at moving through pittsburgh. the main focus for the storms this evening will be from
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hagerstown west. right now a severe thunderstorm watch across western , and a few warnings popping up, this area shaded in yellow. i would watch out whether or not garrett county could eventually be included into the stronger thunderstorm activity. for tonight, expecting the thunderstorms to remain scattered. mostly cloudy skies through the rest of the night. a couple of isolated showers possible after 10:00. a humid weather pattern. will remain sticky tomorrow as well. mid-'80s with a lot of cloud coverage. as far as tomorrow goes, most of the storms will be in the afternoon and some could bring heavy downpours. we will be stuck in his pattern at least through friday. a cold front could hopefully change all of this.
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it this moves all the way down into maryland, we may have pretty nice weather on the backside of the storm system. until that happens, we will stay in the humid and unsettled weather pattern. the question is whether it ever clears the area. some indication is that stalled over maryland and stays with us until early next week. sometimes we take the rain chances down, sometimes we bill them back up. seven-day forecast shows how we ever pretty good idea the storms last at least through friday. temperatures into the mid-'80s. hopefully that will clear the area going into the weekend meeting an isolated chance for shower or storm. sunday looking pretty good right now. we will talk about more rain chances of the storm moves north monday and tuesday. on "house ofing all overpping up
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maryland. >> i have my ticket for the big drawing. only a few more hours to get yours. that story coming up.
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than two dozen mothers held a protest demanding change, or at least an apology. this was staged support of a woman who said she was treated unfairly after breast feeding on an american airlines flight. the bowman said she was nursing her child when she was approached at least twice -- twice by a flight attendant and asked to cover up. >> basically my friend felt shamed and singled out.
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she felt she was being persecuted for feeding her baby. >> this sparked a social media storm. mothers all over the world expressing outrage. the mother has since received a free travel voucher. the participants say they want more than that. >> we really hope american airlines will revisit the breast-feeding policy. we would like them to change the language to be more inclusive of breast-feeding mothers. >> they want american airlines to eliminate the word in spent from the policy because they support full term breast-feeding that lasts into toddlerhood. go in tonight's medical alert, new information about the bird flu outbreak in china that has infected more than 130 people and killed 33. new research published says it
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is likely this fibrous was transmitted from a man to his daughter. the study analyzed of family cluster of cases. found indexth -- patient gave the virus to his daughter. and if there is a low risk of a human pandemic sensitize yes to gain the ability to officially transmitted from person to person. if you are one of the chocoholics among us, good news. a new study found drinking chocolate could keep your brain sharp as you age. without theults venture were to drink 2 cups of hot chocolate every day for a month. scientists found this improve the blood flowed to the brain and stimulated sharp memory. experts say more studies are needed. this is one i would not mind participating in. finally, brian williams underwent knee replacement
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surgery. patients undergoing this type of surgery are getting younger and the procedures more advanced. doctors across the country says this could stem from a decade- old injury and the planet -- preparing the sooner can avoid a major knee replacement surgery later in life. >> when the meniscus becomes torn, the surrounding cartilage anda.ed spiri >s. >> orthopedic surgeons and exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to keep healthy. >> still ahead, invitation declined. we will tell you why president obama decided to cancel a planned summit with his counterpart and russia. >> students without a home. one family's struggle to get them ready for the first day of class is.
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the story straight ahead. on the river boat goes auction block. that story coming up.
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local, late breaking, you are watching wbal-tv 11 news of a clock. your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmire.
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sky team 11 covering breaking news where you will live -- for you live. wbal-tv 11 news continues right now. it is a problem that is affecting every school district in the state. it is showing up even more often in baltimore city. estimated close to 3000 homeless students in city schools. >> a number that is more than doubled over the past five years. a story that is often overlooked this time of year as parents flood shopping malls to buy clothing and school supplies. to go one day home and watching tv and then being here.
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nowadays this is where you will find her, along tester street. they have been living in the family center about a month. >> we would have no place to be with no school supplies, nothing. my kids would not go to school this year at all. >> she is talking about cynthia brooks, executive director of the family center. theis the daughter daughter and has many stories to tell. single mothers that are working hard, going to work. not enough income to live on. >> there is the challenge of getting kids into school, not to mention the need for clothing and school supplies. three of the children will find seats and a nearby john rogers elementary school where there is
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also a need for help. nothing wrong with asking. we will ask whether it is neighbors, area businesses, what can you do to help with this situation? all we can do is ask. >> notebooks, paper, pens, pencils. take a volunteers continue to help families help children show up for school with some of the basics. our web site for more information on how to help and click on education alert. >> great story. thank you for putting the word out there. with the start of the 2013 school year just weeks away, a new push to help families struggling to afford school supplies. fornizers are asking calculators, notebooks, pencils, you name it. today the mayor was on hand to
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participate. she plans on distributing collected supplies to city school children at a rally later this month. for more information on where you can donate, head to our website >> here's a look of the other big stories we're following. ascared downtown as a staffer for congressman elijah cummings had the suspicious suspect on his office front door. was notetermined it explosive. the fbi has been contacted to investigate the instance. detectives confirmed they are investigating a burglary of the star spangled banner house. we know what happened between 5:00 and 9:00 tuesday evening. not specify what was stolen. they say their purpose -- pursuing very good leads and hoping to make a quick arrest.
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tonight'sllion for drawing. the third-highest jackpot in power of history. 590 million want -- one just a few months ago in florida. a few hours left to grab a ticket. the drawing takes place tonight on 11 news. >> president obama was supposed to have a summit with the russian president, vladimir putin. we have more on the administration's frustration with what it sees as moscow stubbornness. the united states and russia sometimes fight terrorism together, but this case are road back. president obama was in california when world -- when word came he canceled the meeting with vladimir putin, even though he will be there for
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an economic summit. the meeting in june that looked tense. the clash over syria and russia persecuting day. then he gave asylum to edward snowden. he said russia's looks back to an anti-american cold war mindset. >> what i said was that is the past and we have to think about the future. >> criticism has subsided with word that the u.s. government intercepted, al qaeda commanders. the yemen government today claims it has foiled a plan to take over oil and gas staffed by foreigners. president obama has ordered stepped up drone of strikes. one more today. >> to track down individuals part of the plot to are threats to personnel and to remove them. the gulf fighting islamic fighting islamic
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terrorism is something they can agree on. some questioned the decision. don banner complained the obama effort to reset relations with russia just collapsed. -- john boehner. >> getting into a fender bender in a rental car can cause all kinds of trouble. >> this project will leave you scratching your head. what the driver did right after this crash when we cover the nation. >> tense moments of side of congressmen elijah cummings office today in baltimore. i will tell you why at 6:00. >> one of the biggest jackpots in power of history. that story coming up. -- powerball
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>> covering the nation, a car
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crashed into a gas station in ohio and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. the man's rental plummeted in it. the driver does climbs out the passenger window, and then he tries to hail a cab. still on the run. witness say to the bench is usually packed with people waiting for the bus. they say it is lucky no one was hurt. date to of the military trial of the accused fort hood shooter. -- day two. >> today the standby attorney filed a motion said he could assist him who is working in concert with the prosecution to achieve the death sentence. he objected to the motion and the judge called a recess until tomorrow morning. he is charged with killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others during a shooting rampage. >> americans are still being evacuated from yemen today after
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the state department announced there is credible threat from al qaeda. all non-essential staff for the embassy were infatuated as the fight between al qaeda and the joint u.s. government intensified. u.s. ground strikes have been authorized of the past 10 days. in kenya the international airport turned into what looks like an inferno after a fire brigade failed to quench was started as a smile fire. they did not have a single working fire engine. officers had to line up with buckets to fight the fire that took hours to put out. the airport closed for some time but reopened later today for domestic and cargo flights. no serious injuries reported. >> inferno is right. consumers are outraged over t- shirts for kids sold by a popular retailer. to go why they're pulling thousands of little girl shirts
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that many considered sexist. that is coming up in consumer alert. goats at acreasing historic washington landmark. we will tell you why coming up. >> i like the idea of this. temperatures climbing into the upper 70's and low 80s. strong thunderstorms to our west. from skyok outside team 11. clouds building in over the city. 79 at b.w.i.. the wind southeast at 8 miles per hour [ man ] she yours? yeah. my first. congratulations. your applewood pulled pork with extra pickles sir. [ male announcer ] new subway applewood pulled pork. the sweet and smoky flavor you love. subway. eat fresh. [ camera shutter snaps ]
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>> sentence historic congressional cemetery has found a new way to cut down on vegetation. coats. they will eat their way to preservation. sally kid has the story.
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>> this is a national landmark with a serious weed problem here yet the caretakers got creative. since 18 07 this has been a final resting place for members of congress and other dignitaries. time, the the first historic congressional cemetery has become the temporary munching grounds for a herd of goats. more than 100 goats are chewing their way along the cemetery buntline. >> they were crawling up the trees and killing the historic trees. take of the cemetery was looking for an eco-friendly way to tackle the problem. that is where brian knox comes in. >> it will actively ease 16 hours per day. you have voted debris, rough
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terrain. to go the goats are not picky about where their feasting, and they seem indifferent to the full-time residents. in fact, the goats are stealing the spotlight. >> it seemed like a great idea. i am excited to see it at work right now. >> it will take six days to get the job done. there will naturally fertilize the ground along the way. and to go the cost is about $4,000 or 20 cents per go to per hour. cemetery donors are picking up the tab. >> house of cards phone today of baltimore county historical courthouse. crews caught -- shot in the library, hallway and outside,
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too. house of cards star 7 -- kevin spacey as a ruthless congressman. it airs exclusively on netflix. 11 insta-r 11 -- weather-plus forecast. temperatures warmer today than where we were yesterday. 84 downtown. 79 at b.w.i.. 80 degrees in annapolis. low to mid '80s as we move along the eastern shore. 73 and prosper. that is where receive most of the rain showers this afternoon. a few light showers moving through baltimore city as well. this will continue to drift up to the north through baltimore county. in some of you may still have to face wet weather. most of the activity has been in virginia, western maryland.
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some of these storms quite hefty. this little guy here has been lifting north out of west virginia. severe weatherd associated with it. this has yet to be extended into western maryland. watch out if you live in the southwestern corner. in any of these could produce stronger winds, hail as well. they are really packing a point of this point. this one moving towards the north and east. most of the entity in western maryland. all whole cluster of thunderstorms stretching back to ohio. many bringing heavy downpours and potential for hail as well. especially concerned about this moving toward state college. this is the strong winds pushing out from the center of the storm. that means good potential for wind damage. that is why state college does
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have a severe thunderstorm warning at this point. otherwise a general severe thunderstorm watch across southwestern pennsylvania as any storm could be on the strong side. the storms are going to be a lot more scattered. we do not have the same amount of energy to work with. watch out for a thunderstorm at any point this evening. mostly cloudy tonight with a couple of showers from midnight and beyond. upper 60's out into the suburbs. tomorrow we will do it all over again. a few peaks of sunshine by the afternoon and evening. getting the clockwise flow across the high pressure. bringing in the moisture and instability. the cold front that could eventually change the pattern. if it moves completely down to the south, we will turn out with pretty nice weather. no guarantee it will happen. at least right now the best indication would be saturday and sunday with mostly dry weather.
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do expect the storms to last until then. >> in tonight's consumer alert, bank of america facing lawsuits filed by the u.s. government. parallel lawsuit filed by the department of justice and -- just as it then securities and exchange commission suggests the bank lied about the quality of the home loans. a bang spokesperson denied defrauding anyone. a warning tonight for consumers and researchers at progress of insurance. turns out the month of august 1 of the most popular for car thefts. between july and august alone, the wind up as much as 15%. 9 out of 10 highest-ranked days
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for car theft happened between july and september. new national campaign under way right now focused on preventing deaths of children left in hot cars. one person closely involved in this campaign is on a personal motion -- personal campaign because he lived through the death of his daughter. his 18-month-old daughter was killed after left in a hot car back in 2010. now working to increase efforts that encourage firefighters to cars when the heat is are the lethal. >> if people are talking about it and keeping it up front, if i can save one life, then it is worth it. >> first responders are reminding parents to create reminders when they get out of vehicles. tonight, popular
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retail giant, children's place pulling thousands of shirts because there sparking complaints of sexism. they're made for girls and they say my best subjects at the top and has checks next to shopping, music, and dancing. is blank. next to math thousands of people did express our rich through social media saying it perpetuated stereotypes that mast. masked being harmful to girls. >> following an accident involving a sheriff and civilian. easteen mount avenue and middle street is where this accident happened between the pickup truck and a sheriff's vehicle. we know there are two people hurt.
5:49 pm
people are just not pulling up. police does not pulling up. baltimore fans get excited. for the first time in 14 years washington wizards will take on the new york knicks in the inaugural baltimore classic. pre-season game is set for october 17. o seeill get a chance carmelo anthony play. sam cassell is also a baltimore native. no ticket information released yet, but if he were a second -- season-ticket holder are ready, you will be able to get seats before they go on sale. the ravens are heading to tamper right now for their first pre- season game. tomorrow night against the buccaneers. also making the trip, jerry
5:50 pm
sandusky and pete gilbert. everything you need to know during the pre-game show tomorrow starting at 7:00. kickoff at 7:30. if you have to night's winning power baltic it, you are in for a huge payout. details on the mass of jackpot coming up. >> this river boat goes
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a river boat? rob robinson explains. >> if you ever wanted to own a river boat, this may be year forced and only chance to buy one. >> the liberty bell has been here for two years and now they want to sell. the 400 plus passenger high-end diner in cruise ship for you'll still out of philadelphia. and in a few weeks will be sold at a public option. >> the vessel was built in 1997 new, 16 years old. for many years it was used as a dinner cruise vessel. it is unique and someone will get a great deal. >> auctioneers will sell the ship. you do not get the chance to sell a river boat very often. >> totally unique. >> everyone has a different idea
5:54 pm
of what they want to do with it. there is not just one use. to go the 140 ft. long vessel features a number of dining rooms. the room features extra high ceilings and there is a large and deatdeck. call usve had people about making it into a house boat. there are few people wondering if they could do gambling. we do not know yet. alex cooper says they have already had a lot of calls about the river boat. if you are interested, market on your calendar. opening bid is $50,000. >> good luck in the bidding process. that is all for as above o'clock. here's a look at what is new at 6:00. a recent string of smart phone
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robberies has police stepping up patrols. >> prosecutors play a taped confession for the jury in the case of a woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. details straight ahead. >> tense moments outside of elijah cummings office. we will tell you why as 11 news at 6:00 starts right now. tv 11. are watching wbal- live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> we begin tonight with an update to breaking news we brought you up 5:00. exclusivity of from sky team 11. a child and adult rescue by ladder after being trapped in a fire. it happened just before 4:00 in the 2000 block of north west avenue. a suspicious substance found of the baltimore office.
5:56 pm
more testimony today and the trial of carlos porker. >> she is a woman accused of hiring a hitman. we're there with what happened in court today. >> that played a videotaped confession of her to the jury. the evidence is strong in the case. it includes statements from five co-dependents already convicted. surveillance and a videotaped confession by the defendant. it may not be a question of guilt, but rather, is the criminally responsible after all these years of alleged abuse. took hurt hours before she told baltimore county police detectives what they now believe is the truth. prosecutors played for the jury. and as shelistening
5:57 pm
explains the details in the cold and matter-of-fact tone. are you saying i killed right? are you telling me i'm not going to see my family? sobbing while expressing concern over whether her family knows she is being interviewed. four hours into the interview, a brick through. they let her know they know there is more to the story. she begins to piecemeal a discussion. it began their own incriminating evidence. her sister supplied the murder weapon. her nephew introduced her to the hit man.
5:58 pm
the murder prior to she says he was itching to sell the station in it to florida, that he complained about being bored and was in pain from current -- from surgery on his butt. pushedalleges he often her. >> i just wanted someone to hit him for me. detectives, tell me the real story. to go years and years of build up. i do not know what made me cross the line. >> carl porter is expected to testify tomorrow in her own defense. reporting live, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an update on another story of an falling. the murder by her husband
5:59 pm
robert garrett jr.. authorities say a sentencing hearing -- hearing is set for tomorrow. he is facing up to 30 years in prison. to go now to our other big story tonight. frightening moment of the baltimore office of maryland congressman elijah cummings. has my crews were called in after a staffer found a putty- like substance on the front door and now the feds are investigating. what is the update? >> quite a scare for employees. one of these employees according to an employee had a military background and when she took a look at what was going on there she did not take any chance


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