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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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outside the door of the office. the fbi is collecting evidence. hard to believe, but it has been one year since the terrifying shooting at perry hall high school. parents and students prepare for a new year and things will look to friends at school. tim tooten joins us live from perry hall to explain. tim? since as been 340 days student walked into perry hall high school and shot a classmate. new security measures are in place here and across the district. students and errands can expect to see new security measures in place at perry hall high school. from the time they are allowed inside the building and the main office, all county schools have been equipped with a system that will allow staff to match a person's drivers license with a national database. >> it will print a rather large
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id they can place on their shirts. as you go through the building, it will have the name, the location where they are going, the time they came in. >> the school system has spent $4 million equipping elementary schools with equipment. in some cases, police will be able to monitor cameras. besides the new measures, the school resource officers will continue to use wants where they where they suspect there are problems. those were issued last year after the shooting. they will not change much in the coming year. >> they are armed. they are a full-fledged lease officer. they have all the rights and responsibilities of a police officer within the school. will continue to rely on staff and students to handle cre on what they see, hear, and post on social media. >> we want students to report to us, report to any adult, trusted
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adult, and then we institute are standing procedures of calming the student down, investigating the nature of why the student's name was given to us. >> in the meantime, robert gladden junior, the student convicted in the shooting, remains behind bars. what about the victim? he is expected on campus for the first day of classes. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> all right, tim. thank you. city fire officials are still trying to determine what caused a west baltimore on to go up in flames yesterday that left at least or he he bull injured. you are looking at exclusive video from sky team 11. you will see firefighters pulling a child and an adult from the burning building. on the latter there. it is unclear how many people have been displaced, but
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neighborhood services is working to up everyone affect it. happening now, the objectives are searching for two men who burglarized the home of an elderly double in aberdeen. it happened just before 5:00 wednesday evening along the 500 block of paradise road. surveyorsre posing as . while one man led the couple into their backyard for 30 minutes, the other ransacked the house. cash, personal items, and you'll rework stolen. the suspects are white males, 30 to 35 years old. anyone with information should call harford county police. >> it may surprise you to know the temperatures are only in the low 80's right now across the metro area. it definitely feels hotter than that when you factor in the humidity. 82 in cockeysville.
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much warmer downtown where it has currently hit us at 87 degrees. showers this afternoon. most of those tracking up until pennsylvania. a little light sprinkle right now. looking to the west, another batch of thunderstorms moving through d.c., about two reach clarksville and odenton. this should reach baltimore by about 8:30 tonight. we may have better weather for the weekend. those details coming up. against hisight 211-game suspension by major league ace ball has officially begun. a spokesperson for the players association says the union is a grievance on behalf of alex rodriguez. the grievance appeal the suspension the mlb levied two days earlier on the allegation of using performance-enhancing drugs. he can still play while the suspension is being appealed.
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a-rod has often commented about idolizing cal ripken junior as a kid as redefining the position of shortstop and his overall contribution to baseball. tonight, he is commenting on the controversy. here is what he had to say about the suspensions. >> i think they are doing everything they can to deter the old from trying it. this approach is a strong one. i am an advocate for harsher penalty. there is a lot of money involved. it seems that is the issue that forces people to do it. does not mind the idea of players being suspended entirely from the game, but he says sometimes mistakes happen and that needs to be taken into account as well. well, for the first time since ever wary fret -- february fell big -- february is big
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super bowl win, the ravens lead against someone other than themselves. this time in tampa. >> we will check in with our expert in florida. >> as is often the case in sunny florida, a little rain to go with the sunshine. that is just fine for the ravens . preseason game number one. they are on grass. that tends to be more forgiving and better with the rain and injuries. with what the ravens have dealt with this year, the loss of dennis pitta, that is the biggest concern going into any preseason game. this is a team that absolutely believes despite the roster turnover it has a chance to repeat. we may not see a whole lot any starters. maybe one or two series to to get some timing down. a sense of what it is like for game action. there are key position battles to look at. looking at the fence -- looking at defense.
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as the hoff will replace free safety. as far as strong safety, look at the rookie, matt elam out of florida. the first round draft pick. clearly he will be the starter at some time. but another player is more experienced. he will get to start. keeper you may want to your eye on -- the number three wide receiver. he looks to be that guy, but battling right there with them, thompson, arguably the fastest player on the team, and considering that torrey smith is on the team, the is up old statement. -- that is a bold statement. coming up at 6:00, gerry sandusky with much more on this game tonight. i am pete gilbert in tampa. back to you. >> that brings us to our ravens text western of the day. do you think the ravens will make it to be super bowl back- to-back? text your answer to 885
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09. we will show you the results tonight on 11 news. pretty sweet. >> divided by three. three people with the golden tickets for the powerball drawing. plus -- was a doctor and he could not save her from one bite of a rice crispy treat. >> for people with peanut allergies, one bite can be deadly. in a medical alert, significant progress on a national epidemic. lots -- >>
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>> i guess we can keep on dreaming. there were three winning tickets from the jack pot, but a project didneer from minneapolis come forward to claim one third of the prize. he found out he was holding the winning ticket this morning when someone called him to say there was a winner from minnesota. he purchased two tickets. the other winning tickets were sold in new jersey ash a few miles from where hurricane sandy
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made landfall this -- last year. there was one ticket sold in the state, in calvert county. the prize for those matching numbers was $1 million. >> even though smoking rates have gone down in most of the country, kids with asthma are as likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke now as they were 10 years ago. the home environment is one of the few areas not affected by smoking bans. and news study finds that secondhand smoke is poser that exposure among kids without asthma went down, but the numbers barely changed at all for kids who do have have,. the problem was especially goblin in low income households. the number of children allergic to peanuts in this country has been slowly rising over the past two decades. johns hopkins has researched
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.sing desensitization therapy other doctors are doing the same. we have the story from north carolina. click severely allergic to peanuts, 13-year-old natalie died in california last month after taking just one bite of a desert. -- a dessert. >> her dad was a doctor and they could not save her from one bite. >> natalie's case is haunting parents whose children suffer from peanut allergies. to the clinici go i see someone with a peanut allergy. >> dr. wesley brooks has been working on desensitizing patient to peanuts. he has seen some success with oral immunotherapy.
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in a controlled setting doctors give tiny amounts of peanut protein to patients, slowly increasing the dose, teaching the immune system there's nothing to fear. other versions of the therapy are in the works worldwide, including a skin patch. >> you take the patch, it impregnated with tina outer. you are root -- with peanut powder. you are replacing it every day. expected -- they are not expected in trials until 2014. but hope is there and some day may nots like natalie's happen. erica edwards, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist ava marie. it is hotter out there when you factor in the humidity. the temperatures are little bit cooler. gaithersburg and 73. parked in at one. showers moved through and that
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brought the temperatures down. we will see some showers and storms. apart,over has broken especially over the metro area. this is never did sign on such an unsettled day. imagine today's atmosphere like a pot on the stove, simmering. you add heat and you get the bubbles going. that is basically what is happening with the atmosphere. it is doubling up with the sunshine. we will see multiple rounds of showers. one popped up, just like popcorn. we have more wives read -- a more widespread batch towards clarksville. it will reach the city by at into 6:30 p.m. and move hertford county. behind that, we can see more showers across virginia, west virginia. this will be an unsettled night and that pattern will continue for tomorrow. a cold front for the north and west. in between all that moisture
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squeezed in from the atlantic and gulf of mexico. that is why it is so humid. we should have, pretty nice weather. that front will be nearby. now to florida where the ravens are starting off their season today. i have my purple necklace on for good luck. we have been watching multiple showers and storms through the sunshine state. basically you have an easterly flow across the state, but the seabreeze is developing each and every afternoon. it rises offat up, the land, causing the air to come in from the ocean. you get this convection) outline and that is where we will see multiple showers and thunderstorms. the concern is maybe this could cause a rain delay. they will play through the rain, but it air is lightning, they have to be cautious and delay the game. 7:00.verage continues at
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if there is a rain delay, i will be stepping into look at the forecast down there. hopefully we do not have to look at that scenario. the game will be at 7:30, where temperatures will be very humid. we have had all that tropical moisture move into maryland. we expect the temperatures tuesday study because it is so -- to stay steady because it is so human. heavy downpours. more of the same tomorrow. showers and storms, especially focused in the afternoon. that daytime heating, and helps the atmosphere bubble up even more. dayre is a look at the seven- forecast. we have been toying with the idea all week long that the weekend should turn out nicer. this is a trend here. maybe showers left over saturday morning. humid, moreay, less
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comfortable with more sunshine on sunday. the southern part of the state, probably not looking for all that to clear out. we expect the showers to continue even into sunday. as for baltimore, it looks like the storm chances can continue next week. quick thank you. still ahead, the mass murder trial underway. >> coming up at five:, why the suggest that he wants his own death. >> the howard county man convicted of murdering his wife and burying her under a shed give the book thrown at him. thatowell melser. i have story next. story next. >> evidence [ kool-aid man ] people don't realize it,
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>> in the last hour or so, president obama has announced he will be holding a news conference of the white house tomorrow, specifically to discuss the terror alert that has closed dozens of embassies and consulates in the middle east. nine droneafter
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strikes killed al qaeda targets in yemen. there are concerns that the group is getting a stronger foothold in the region. sally kidd has been monitoring the situation. she joins us live with the latest. good evening, sally. good evening, stan and donna. the white house is answering those who question the decision to evacuate the u.s. embassy in yemen. u.s. officials have stepped up security, posting check oink around the capital -- posting checkpoints around the capital. >> it is absolutely the right decision to make. >> the white house is defending its decision to close embassies and counselors, including the one in yemen. >> the decisions were made out of abundance of caution in
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reaction to a very real stream of information about a potential threat. say well al qaeda has been weakened, affiliated groups are thriving in yemen in making gains in other countries like serious and a rack. -- iraq. >> i would not call it a resurgence. it has never gone anywhere. it continues to mutate. administration says that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula poses the most significant threat to the u.s. and its allies. >> they've proven to have some fairly capable operatives in terms of commanders and in terms of lawmakers that seem to have rs that seem to have set up shop in human and are operating from that safe haven against us. >> u.s. officials say they are doing everything they can to , but theqaeda in yemen
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military is not equipped to handle such a broad threat. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. soon shoppers can avoid sales tax. weekend, >> but not everything is tax exempt. some of the items on and off the list may surprise you. plus -- >> important developments in the fort hood shooting trial. >> 30 years after receiving a heart transplant, he is talking about his
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live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton, your insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer, and sky team 11 to bring breaking news where you live. >> for the fourth year in a row, shoppers in maryland will not have to pay estate sales tax on those items for one week. ---free weekend against begins and runs through next saturday. >> rob roblin has the details. >> for many shoppers the second week of august in maryland has become a very popular week. starting sunday morning august the 11th until midnight, saturday august the 17th,
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marylander's will not have to pay sales tax on clothing and shoes priced under $100. were in towson center to kick off tax-free weekend in maryland. >> it is the second most important week of retail sales in the entire year. we are out here to tell maryland shoppers, maryland consumers that they deserve and should take advantage of this tax break to buy your back-to-school clothes or your kids. >> with school around the corner, tax-free weekend is a great way for consumers to save money buying back to school clothes. they are trying to clothe their family, if you spend $500 and save dirty dollars, that is a couple shirts. -- save three dollars, that is a couple shirts. >> people have to be aware of, jerry thing costs. there are certain things they need and certain things they want. every little bit is great.
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it is really good for our business. and it is good for the customers. >> it is the fourth year for tax-free week. not only do retailers like it -- >> i think it is a great idea for families. >> so do consumers. >> i will be doing this this year for my granddaughter. >> you will be doing your shooting next -- your shopping next week? >> yes, yes absolutely. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. officials up the coast guard are actively investigating a catamaran accident near ocean city. the two victims are from baltimore and silver spring. here is a look at part of the rescue attempt underway early monday morning. i helicopter aircrew from new jersey first responded to the scene. the two men who died were 57- year-old william and 57-year-old freddy castro of silver spring.
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testified inter her own defense today. she told the court about a lifetime of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her husband ray, who police say she had killed back in 2010. she told the jury that ray controlled every aspect of her life, insulted, hit and kicked her. when the defense asked why she never did anything about it, porter responded she believed he would kill her. one year after the shooting in the perry hall high school cafeteria, school officials say that students can feel safe when they return in 19 days and they should expect new security measures in place. and new rafter system will be in place that will allow school officials to match drivers license with the national crime database and resource officials for suspicious cases and searches. robert gladden junior, the
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shooter in last year's incident, is currently serving his sentence. responsible for the fort hood shooting is continuing to represent himself today. hassan could face the death penalty, which is what the attorneys contend he wants. >> the defense lawyers were on standby for him, but yesterday asked to take the lead after accusing the army major of trying to fulfill a death wish, another twist in this unusual case. >> one day after his defense strategy was called into question, more testimony from victims of the fort hood shooting. a survivor describing how she tried to help another victim who had been shot. >> nearly all of the witnesses who testified rendered aid and theto save the lives of
5:31 pm
soldiers. their actions likely saved many lives. >> on wednesday the trial was stopped after defense attorneys said they could no longer standby. they asked the judge to allow them them to take over or be taken off the case. was argued that hassan trying to get a conviction and a death sentence, something he denied. today the judge sided with the army major, allowing him to represent himself and ruled the standby attorneys have to stay on the case. trying toaccused of kill 13 people and injuring more than 30 others in the shooting rampage. in his opening statement you said the evidence will show "i am the shooter." he has chosen not to cross examine most witnesses. >> there will be ballistics experts saying the bullets they retrieved came from that gun. i'm not sure there is any way he
5:32 pm
can refute the charges. >> he tried to plead guilty, not allow a jury military law in a death penalty case. will besions scrutinized by a military justice system that has overturned most death sentences in recent decades. wbal-tv 11 news. forfter scouring a lake days, authorities are giving up on the search for a gun that killed odin lloyd. >> more on the case that involved former patriots start aaron hernandez.
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>> covering the nation, authorities suspended the search for the murder weapon in the case against former football player aaron hernandez. hernandez is accused of shooting and killing his friend odin lloyd with a handgun. a search of the nearby bristol lake did not turn up the murder
5:36 pm
weapon. divers are expected to continue the search next week in a smaller body of water. on forwhile the hunt is a man suspected of kidnapping a san diego teenager and killing her mother. authorities on the west coast are looking for 16-year-old hannah anderson and the blue being driven by dimaggio. he was a longtime family friends. hannah, her brother, and mother were all seen a live last saturday afternoon when they went to see what -- when they went to stay with the maggio. a growing wildfire in california chews up a rugged range of mountains. >> now thousands of people are getting out. it is being called the silver fire. plus --
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>> let's face it. if your kid did not clean their room, they are not going to start now. things to buy a college student can be mind- boggling. but there are a number of things that are probably a waste of your money. we will have valuable tips ahead. >> the next round of showers and storms are already moving through howard and anne arundel county. in ellicott city -- there is a live look right now.
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>> good evening, everybody. i'm kate amara. here is what we are working on
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for 6:00. the man accused of killing killing his wife and burying her body in the backyard learned his fate today. how robert jarrett will be spending the rest of his days. it has been one year since the terri hall high school shooting. the changes the baltimore school
5:40 pm
>> really fast-moving fires in california are racing through the mountains forcing residents from their homes. >> jay gray has the details on what is being called the silver fire. >> from the air, a wall of smoke can be seen for miles while firefighters continue to chase lanes across the mountains of southern california. the silver fire blaze raged
5:41 pm
out ofht, running control in a place that unfortunately has been through this before. >> i lost everything. >> more than a dozen structures have been swallowed by the flames that firefighters mourn our beyond their control -- warren are beyond their control and growing. push the fireto beyond the ridge line and it was on the community. >> one resident suffered serious burns and four firefighters are said to have minor injuries. >> right now it is out of control. hopefully as we progressed through the day we will in some ground. >> while the fire shows no signs of letting up. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> look at the scene in parts of the midwest. estate of emergency in missouri. -- a state of emergency in missouri.
5:42 pm
a national guard has been called out. and people are scrambling to rooftops to escape the rising water. seven inches of rain fell overnight in some areas. it is causing concern because the hardest hit areas are seeing more rain in their forecast. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. ofall that flooding in parts the south is part of that unsettled pattern that has taken over the eastern half of the nation including right here over maryland. temperatures have been warming into the 80's. 81 in parkton. a little cooler or a shower moves through. 81 in college park. it feels even hotter than this. the humidity makes it feel close to 90 degrees out there. a very tropical air mass out there now. similar to what you would see in florida. that additnal heat is making moretmosphere feel
5:43 pm
unsettled. even though you saw breaks up blue sky, that is not a good sign on a day like today. essentially the atmosphere was simmering on the stove. each one of these bubbles is a thunderstorm. they are moving into baltimore city on the south and west. we showed you how it is raining in ellicott city. in glen burnie. parkville, another shower with lightning as well. this is what we will be dealing with throughout the evening unfortunately slowing you down on me evening commute. additional heat making this free unsettled. we will have most of the showers around through the night and tomorrow as well. high pressure on the atlantic and the gulf of mexico. a cold front will be moving in by the weekend. once that moves by, we will see a change in the weather pattern. much more comfortable, dryer air
5:44 pm
. until then, we will be talking about showers and storms. let's take you down south into florida. the ravens are in tampa right now as they will be getting ready for their first pcs and game. overall, -- their first the season game. , system over florida -- notice how we have the seabreeze wentace and when those close interact, we get showers and thunderstorms. for the game today, we will have to worry about showers and storms. not too much lightning. it will be the lightning we have to worry about. if it is raining, the game will go on. if it is lightning, they have to do a delay. our coverage will start right here at 7:00 on channel 11. if it starts raining, we will check in on the forecast. hopefully they can get a window into get that lay in place. our temperatures will fall back into the mid-70's with gathered firms here as well.
5:45 pm
it is very muggy. it will stay that way tomorrow. highs tomorrow in the mid-80's. i mentioned how it does dry out. that front should pass to our south. early sunday looks really nice. that is for baltimore. southern maryland will probably have showers and runs to the weekend. -- showers and storms through the weekend. >> the result of the new small car crash test therein. the institute for highway safety conducted a tougher new crash test on smaller models. half qualify for the best performance rating called top safety pick first. on top, the 2013 two-door and four-door honda civic, which turned out a good performance, the highest score. the models that failed to get the highest rating -- be sentra and two kia vehicles fared the worst.
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saying howis not many customers will be affected. a small number of accounts may have been affected and are notifying customers and credit bureaus as affecte i -- as required by law. the accounts have been deactivated and us airways is working to get those accounts restored. new numbers being released tonight that sho baltimore is one of the most expensive cities in the nation when it comes to being a new pair it. the real estate firm, baltimore comes in at 19. parents here shell out about 25 house and $600 on average -- 25,600 dollars on average to raise a baby the first year. that is just the first year. expensivee most
5:47 pm
cities list -- san jose and santa cruz, california where it will cost about $40,000 a year. talking about how expensive it is to raise a baby, just wait until you send that kid to college. as the price of higher education skyrockets, it is getting more and more important for parents to understand what they should be buying and what they should not waste their money on. thents should be focused on essentials. clothing, a good laptop, sheets for the bed. resist the temptation to decorate your child's dorm room or apartment and as for the top-tier meal plan, give that a second thought. >> start with one of the lowest. the average college student will not be eating three meals a day in the cafeteria. they just are not. >> look at the fees the college adds on top of the tuition. you might not need them. some colleges sarge as much as $2000 for health insurance. is covered under
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your family plan, cancel that coverage. you do not need it. for more help, there are a number of professional consultants to choose from. we have helpful links on our website, perhaps the money they could advise you to save will offset the cost for their service. they are professional consultants after all. week 2000 13. county tourism officials all the kickoff event -- 2013. county tourism officials held a kickoff event. diners will enjoy new hotspots and old favorites at a discounted price. there are 52 are dissipating restaurants featuring -- participating restaurants featuring fixed menus. we have a list on our website -- >> marvelous. there is good news at the national zoo in washington for a
5:49 pm
critical late endangered species. the sumatran tiger is the mother of two cubs. the babies have not been named yet. the mother is taking really good care of them. a 12-year-old tiger, is the dad. we put them together for the first time, there is a good chance if we make the wrong call, these animals could hurt each other. >> labor went as expected. it appears that the mother's instincts were right on cue. there are only 400 sumatran tigers left in the wild. coming up at 6:00, robert appeared before a judge after being found guilty of murdering his wife almost 20 years ago. the judge's harsh words and how long people spend in prison. but first -- transplantheart
5:50 pm
survivor. he has a message for others waiting for a transplant. i'm jennifer franciotti. details, next.
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5:52 pm
>> a baltimore county man has an important message to share about organ donation. he is one of the longest living survivors of heart transplant surgery. he underwent the life-saving procedure back in 1983 at johns hopkins hospital.
5:53 pm
has been really special. he is a real pioneer. >> dr. casper cannot help but smile when he talks about his star patient. it was 30 years ago in 1983 when he became johns hopkins hospital's second ever heart he islant patient. now one of the longest living heart transplant survivors in the world >> it is our fine thing to learn that someone is going to take your heart out. >> it certainly has. he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and needed a transplant to live. desperately ill. >> 30 years later his extended family includes the transplant team at johns hopkins. they served on patient conferences and met with families. it is really rewarding for patients that are in the
5:54 pm
process, going through it, to be able to see what orlando has done. he is an amazing patient. >> he is doing great. he is going to orioles games. he is bicycling. he is doing great. >> orlando has had complications over the years related to medication including the loss of hearing in one year and kidney failure. he also a kidney transplant recipient. so it he is a huge advocate or organ donation and a champion for those on weightless. -- on wait lists. ityou expecting most of after that. try to live your life as well as you can and just grateful for your good fortune. fortune ofgood others. since his surgery, doctors at johns hopkins have performed nearly 600 transplants. of peoplere a number
5:55 pm
here today because of the work our team did. that is a really good feeling. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a great story about the importance of organ donation. that is all for 5:00. here is what is new for 6:00. >> the first day of school on the campus of perry hall high school will look a lot different . i will tell you why, coming up. >> the first day of testimony for the woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband. the disturbing details, ahead. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. it has been almost one year since shots ring out inside perry hall high school, seriously injuring a student on the first day of class and that is our exploring at 6:00. it is hard to believe it has been that long. as students get ready for the
5:56 pm
year, things will look different . tim tooten joins us live from the school with that story. tim? hall spent the better part of the summer putting new security measures in place all because of what happened here on the first day of classes. it has been almost one year since robert gladden junior walked inside the building on the first day of classes with a loaded shotgun. he shot a classmate daniel school-- inside the cafeteria. come intoime students the building, the new security system requires them to have the driver's license scanned and run against the national crime database. with all the technology in place , the school principal is see,ng on what students
5:57 pm
hear, and say over social media. >> we want students to report to wes, to any trusted adult or to do isd then what we institute are standing procedures upcoming the student down, investigating the nature was broughttudent to us. >> they will allow school resource officers to stream video through the building from laptop computers and ipads. aside from that the rolls will not change much. they will continue to walk the beat on campus, but with metal detectors and it out last year after the shooting. there is another concern that starts ahome and focuses on the role of parents and the use of guns. >> students need to have no access to those type of weapons unless they are going with their parents hunting or under supervision that way. they have no business on the school grounds whatsoever.
5:58 pm
>> school officials believe it is in important issue since robert gladden junior may have brought the weapon he used from home. shooting victim? will he be back on the first day of school question mark according to one of his parents, here said he is expected on the first day of classes. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. right, thank you, tim. a 20-inch gas line is being repaired after it was struck this morning in northwest baltimore. bge crews were on the scene this morning. we are told no evacuations were necessary. at this hour, one streetst of north elton is closed. no customers have reported any problems. bombvestigation in the scare at the office of congressman elijah cummings
5:59 pm
continues tonight. the putty-like substance was not explosive. it remains unclear what the material was. it was connected to wires outside the office. porter --ee of carlo porter'ster -- karla murder trial. david collins was in the court when she took the stand. good evening, david. >> we should warn you that some may find the testimony disturbing. karla porter described the pathetic, submissive life full of abuse and humiliation. she claims that ray came home one day with dog feces on issue that he wiped on her back. and she claims that he made her drink water to the point where she soiled herself and


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