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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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discovered to envelopes. envelopes with suspicious substance inside. more information on 11 news at 5:00. baltimore city fire officials are investigating a fire broke out. the fire started at around 10:30 monday night in the 2200 block of south road. they found flames shooting out of the single-family home and took firefighters about an hour to get the blaze under control. we're told no one was hurt. crews are trying to determine how much fire the damage did to the home and what caused it. in baltimore city students prepare to return to class today after nearby shooting monday. police say just after 2:00 a man was shot in the 1300 block of pennsylvania avenue. police were on standby as the students who are current predict -- currently taking glasses left
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school. so far police have not released information on the victim or investigation. jury deliberations continue. charged with hiring a hitman to kill her husband back in 2010. during closing arguments the defense attorney said jurors should consider voluntary manslaughter rather the first degree murder, as an importer separate from battered wife syndrome at the hand of her husband's abuse for years. parole. it has been exactly one month since george zimmerman was acquitted in court. now councilman wants to boycott the state of florida because of the controversial stand your ground law. >> the resolution is not legally binding, meaning the city does not have to do it but ask the city to take a second
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look at the business dealing with florida. councilman nick mosby spearheaded a resolution that request the city review and minimize its dealings connected with the sunshine state. it is in light of the acquittal of georgia the merman -- george zimmerman. the law allows people to use of a force to defend themselves without the requirement of irritating -- retreating from a deadly situation. >> i am asking them to look at the fact that a 70-year-old who was completely innocent, unarmed was walking home was murdered. when you do it from the economic perspective, it you have to take
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it seriously. there is subject matter expertise we get from the state of florida. introducedolution last night proclaims council support a federal indictment of george a. zimmerman on civil- rights charges it and investigation finds the charges are warranted. >> think you. right now, her for county community college is now closed due to power outages. we're told it -- we're told uck.tning strike a tractor-trailer overturned on the interstate just before the west northern parkway exit. halted traffic for about three hours.
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people were completely stopped in traffic, some getting on and out of their cars. we're told one person suffered minor injuries. bulger ead, whitey found guilty. why some families are still not happy.
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and you could save hundreds." call or click today. covering the nation, guilty is the verdict for the boston mob boss james white bulger. he was convicted of racketeering in connection with dozens of killings and many other crimes. dozens of murders that many feel he got away with. murderedather just got four years later in this court room. that prosecution dropped the ball. five minutes they spent talking about his murder. >> he could get life in prison when he is sentenced in november. his attorney says he plans to appeal. a fuel pipeline exploded
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overnight in western illinois corn field causing dozens of evacuations. flames could be seen from miles away as the fire department evacuated 80 families living within a mile radius of the explosion. no one was injured. at this hour all but two families have returned home. officials are now investigating. still coming up at noon, dinner reservations on social networking? the one-stop shop coming to facebook. organizers have announced they will not be back. how the move will hit baltimore's economy. take of the heavy stuff from this morning has moved off the coast, but there is still a cold front moving this way, which means we cannot rule out a couple more showers and storms. we will track those when we come back in the forecast. temperatures and now climbing to the upper 70's. humidity running high
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>> and consumer alert, a major hit to the baltimore economy as organizers say they're moving the event out of the city. this brought $10 million to the area this past week but organizers say it has outgrown the accommodations. now they will move the event to washington, d.c., in 2016. the baltimore convention center is at 83 percent occupancy. >> the sheraton hotel of the corner would be torn down. the new arena would be constructed on conway street at
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that intersection. a new hotel of 500 rooms would go on top of the arena. the good old portion of the convention center would be replaced with a multi-story convention. if you are looking for dinner reservations, you can soon get them while browsing through facebook. the social network is partnering with open table so you can book a reservation if you are perusing of restaurant facebook page. will first be available only on the mobile sites. facebook will see how it works before moving the feature to desktop platforms. the new feature will be unveiled this week. social media sites are helping with last -- back-to-school shopping. there are certain days not to take on your shopping list.
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peak hours are late afternoon and evening. if you purchase a little too much, it turned out thousands of stores are not as tracking your spending, they're also tracking your returns. if you check the back of your receipts, it may say your actions are being tracked. stores say it is all of the name of fraud prevention. >> return from is a multibillion-dollar problem for retailers. this is designed to weed out criminals. >> the u.s. public interest research group says there should not be secret data bases and the steps on privacy concerns. while some stores this both the practice, others did not. toally, if you are hoping upgrade your apple iphone, they could be launching the newest model next month. they will unveil a next-
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generation iphone september 10, just in time for holiday sales. a spokesperson would not comment and neither would samsung who reports they will unveil the new sallet -- galaxy smart phone sixth days earlier. >> earlier on i talked about the storm reports we got, including the funnel and reports of flooding in cecil county. take a look at how much rain fell out of the storms. most of it across northern ireland. the shades of green, 1-3 inches from northern carroll county to cecil county. even more fell in parts of southern pennsylvania. 3-6 inches of rain, especially the bull's-eye of orange near philadelphia. overall most of the rain pretty light in baltimore city. not much more than about an inch of rain. right now flood concern still in cecil county. the flood concerns all across
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philadelphia and new jersey because that is where the heaviest of the rain fell. at this point all of its moving across the coast. light showers and to the eastern shore. baltimore may be picking up raindrops right now. the one thing i am worried about is the skies are clearing out around hagerstown. the sun heats up the atmosphere in makes it unstable. for the most part we have seen the atmosphere stabilise around baltimore because of the rain and cloud coverage. really the chance for more thunderstorms today will depend on how much sun starts to break out. when you see the sun break out, you know we have the potential. this will continue to slide down into maryland throughout the evening. there could be a couple of thunderstorms. we may see showers as well. 80 degrees downtown. 73 of the airport. tropical and muggy. all of that will change behind a
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cold front. mid-'80s across the lower eastern shore. i mention how the heat pads to the strength of the thunderstorm. this is with a slight risk for severe weather does continue at this point. not to say something strong could not have been around baltimore, just not as likely. if we get more thorn district -- more thunderstorms, probably focused around 6:00 at night. essentially this all clears off the coast by midnight and clear skies come in on the backside. great weather for the next couple of days. for tonight, and the strands ending around 9:00. we will fall back into the 60's with clearing skies and lowering humidity. tomorrow mostly sunny and less humid. what we have to watch out for is the end of the week. the jet stream dipped down and could bring the rain back to the coast for now. seven-day forecast, sunshine wednesday-friday.
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cooler temperatures. rain chances return to baltimore this weekend. answery ankle is here to your plant in gardening questions. -- terry angle. >> you put this all in in the spring. you can do it again now. these plans really thrive. they get fewer insects this time of year and will get a nice crop in october. >> three questions. starting with this one. she says my knockout roses bloomed in may and have not returned cents. what am i doing wrong? are tough.hey some of not a bad idea to shave them back. mine have only bloom twice. sun sure they are in full and getting some fertilize on them occasionally. this year the wet weather.
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clarice rights i have hydrangeas that six years old and have only bloomed once. what is wrong? the good location is really important. morning sun afternoon shade would be great. they love a lot of water. the irish you want in full sun. also, be careful with fibrous that there right at ground level. do not bury them deep. that is the main thing. fertilizer is important. sometimes give them one when everything starts to slow down a little bit to feed the ground through the winter time. john says i have daylilies on a sidewalk. this year they stop flowering a couple of weeks ago. why is that? son this year. things just really quite fast. the plants have gone huge. you go back and see a lot of weak growth.
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growth. not really knowing, i will say it is the weather. >> thank you. we will see you next week. coming up, or mayor of a lottery pick three and picked four numbers and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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pro ofppen to be a miniature golf. anddy eddie made two holes in one in a row. friday night who has been played more than 58 years sunk two shots, totaling 292 yards in only two strokes. i certainly would not want to play him for money, that is for sure. tonight on 11 news at 5:00, we continue to learn more about the early morning shooting that left one woman dead. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you any late- breaking developments. the next time you had to a ravens game, you better check your bags. a baltimore city program putting dozens of residents back to work. where it is and how it works on 11 news at 5:00. now your maryland pick three and
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picked four numbers. lottery, letnd yourself play. take out your picked three numbers are -- and 5. 2, 3, and 5. game.oment, the pick four the group b scratch job has 40 chances to win up to $100,000. a second chance contest to win $40,000. final deadline drawing is august 50. -- 15. 0, and 1. 0, 1, 0, 1. maryland lottery, let
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yourself play. >> not yet. another shower or storm this evening possible. nothing like what we saw this morning. tomorrow sunshine and cooler. 80 degrees. maybe some rain by the end. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> tom will check another chance of stores come -- storms coming up at 5:00.
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>> corey reached out and he became a part of all oour hearts. >> that's how much i loved you. >> he was very special to me. >> beyond leo's touching first words, how else did she remember her corey last night.
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we reveal with trending when it comes to teen choice style. >> now, look at this. >> rolling on, i'm michelle veetle. the a-list overload. >> lindsey's mea culpa cashing in on north or not. have kim and kanye finally reached their decision? >> a little too scary as far as some kids are concerned. >> and they screen and then they run off. >> lights, camera, action. >> new info about the heart wrenching tribute to corey. hi, everybody. welcome to access hollywood. leah is the strong eest 26-year-old he knew.
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>> i just wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you and tell everyone out there how much all of your love and support has meant to me over these very difficult past two weeks. >> an emotional leah struggling to hold it together. it was the first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend and glee co-star. >> he was very special to me and to the rest of the world. >> thank you guys, so much. thank you. >> we lost someone that we really love. we are very fortunate to come back to a show where we build a love of family.
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corey was like a brother to us and like a dad. >> backstage, breakout star was still moved by leah's feet. >> leah was amazing. corey was amazing. she was giving me advice on work and personal stuff and he was just a light for all of us. lots of lighter moments and choice awards for them going to one direction. no surprise, the father of two daughters, ll cool jay and his wife, simone, on the red carpet. >> yeah, yeah, my daughter likes them, yeah. i think they like them all. i don't know about that one. i have to keep it real with you. it's been a couple years since i did my boy band thing. >> ashton kucher. >> the ultimate choice award


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