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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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shelf. you you can still order it online under a different name. >> stupid costumes. >> it's not really leopard. >> wal-mart said said it's never our intention to offend anyone. >> who was offended? >> they apologized if people were offended. >> is there any intention to offend anyone? >> we want to tick you off. that's how solid we are about our product. >> that was cracking me up. like. >> that's all. >> if are you offend by that costume, you really should find bigger things. >> get a life. >> you couldn't wear that costume for this next story. >> that's exactly right. the king of segues. >> there is a place in the u.k. that banned visitors. this can't be real again. >> everything that is crazy comes out of the u.k.. >> banned visitors from wearing animal prints because it
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confuses the animals. >> but if we offended any of the animals, we apologize. >> look how confused the giraffe is. >> are you a leopard? i don't know. >> it's a prep leopard print. >> maybe it would confuse the animals. if they look confused when you are dressed in leopard. >> here's the thing, the animals, they have noticed the animals have tried to communicate with those prints. i don't know how. >> oh. >> now i'm really confusing everyone. >> on the other side of that wall. i just saw natalie go by. >> the naughty leopard. >> i do love leopard prints. >> it will never go out of fashion. never, ever, ever. >> the zoo has brought in bouncers to enforce the ban. >> it's a leopard print, get her out of here.
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>> look at those pythons you got there. >> al! >> sorry. >> wow. >> the confusion of the animals, oh, he locks confused. >> there is a cheetah going, what the heck was that? i don't know. >> i give the animals more credit than the zoo gives them. i don't think they're so dumb, they think someone in a coat is a cheetah. >> i think an animal maybe is ingrashiateing himself. >> ingraciating, wow. >> you have gone a long way on that. >> the next segment elaborates that. there was a fox reporter, fox 40 reporter. >> that's another animal. >> in sacramento. >> a fox reporter. >> she was at the local zoo rorkt not wearing prints, though, she did have an awkward moment with a baboon named nikki. take a look.
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>> i am joined right now by nikki the baboon. he is trying to cop a feel a little bit. we're going to be talking a bit about the festival happening this weekend starting today. we will learn more, baboons actually love grapes. >> i love the smile. >> the bes part you couldn't see, nikki's pals are going, yeah! . >> didn't even remove that hand. he left the hand will. >> nikki kind of covered it. >> look at the smile. >> hello, i got some eh! that's food! >> 2nd base. >> she liked it. >> oh my god. >> they're dating now. >> wow. >> it's fantastic. is there such as a respectful grow. it was respectful. look at him. he just loved it. >> didn't they train him to do that? >> he can figure that out on his
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own. no confusion there. she could have had a baboon suit on it. >> she rolled with it, too. she kept going. >> impressive, well done. >> that's what happens at the lodi grape festival. some of those grapes were a little too fermented. baboon got into the grape juice. >> what a strange block of television. >> i'm very confused. >> there is more coming up. >> what else, al? have you recovered? >> that's a bad baboon. >> all right. let's show you what we got going on for "today." >> not a lot weather, a few showers in florida. those will be ending. mountain snows into montana, into the dakotas, wet weather in the pacific northwest. show you sunshine here in the northeast. another fantastic day. more rage, snowy conditions in the northern plains, windy in
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southern california, 70 degrees today. it's going to be warmer in minneapolis at 81 than it will be in las vegas today. >> crazy. >> 75. >> good morning. a few more clouds hanging around today. we do not expect any precipitation. a mix of clouds and . >> and that's your latest weather. >> nikki, still hanging in there. al, thanks, up next, a new iphone causing a lot of talk online, why many of you got that sinking feeling the ad was fake. more right after this.
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. >> all right, back with more mumford and son. >> their version is the most beautiful song there is. >> more of "today's" take t. launch of the new iphone, people were fooled into believing apple's new operating system waterproofs the iphones. it's kind of the -- >> it's a fake ad that went viral. it read update to ios 7, become water proof. a switch will shut off the water supply to prevent damage to your delicate circuitry. >> warning.
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>> not real. it's all over the web. people fell for it. tried. >> i would have fallen for it. >> the ad looks legit. >> would you put your phone to the test? >> yeah, i think i would. i would be that gullible i would put it to the test. >> one guy did it. he tried, whoa, ios 7 makes your phone water proof. later he posted, wow, i'm a dumb blank, after me tried it. so don't drap drop this in the tub or the toilet or the swimming pool. >> if are you that dumb to fall for it, how could you even -- want the phone? >> it says it switches the power off. so i would have fallen for it. >> how about all the holes in the phone. >> i'm trying to go for it. >> wow. i'm the dumb blank. >> i'm with you. i'm with you. >> well -- >> i'm trying to help mel.
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>> the ad looks so authentic, though. it's a good remind tore all of us to like make sure before you try to attempt things like this, that you check it out there check things out, first. see what other people are saying. don't dry that at home. >> another public service announcement, don't bring your toaster in the tub. >> yeah. >> we know. come on, willie. >> they said i could have toast in the tub. >> don't do it. >> no toasters, no nothing. this is kind of a strange stor story, newsweek, they had this story out. >> they were bought out in august. >> by a company international business times. they got this dress code. it notice apply, mid-drifts must be covered. you may not wear denim jeans, sweatsuits, low rise pants, sneakers, sandals. >> not on "the "today show.""
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see you later. >> microminiskirts are now more shirt, shaggy, messy, neglected hair not permissible. well groornlgsd business-style hair of natural color. >> that natural gets me. >> you can't dye your hair. >> i could have done anything else, to not be able to dye your hair is a bit much. >> i think it's pink or purple hair color. >> i guess when they mean natural, colors that are natural, if i had hair. >> shall we continue? it goes on. >> no open toad sandals. not a one. body piercings, any earrings should not be visible. tattoos, they got to be covered up. >> i would have been fired. >> makeover here. this is too much. isn't it? in this day and age? you can have rules. >> i think it's important to set the ground rule that you want, and i think you want to
9:13 am
encoverage people to dress for the job they want or have. i think it's important to be professional. but in this case, open toed shoes. i have them on. >> regret it. >> you can bank for that time. >> my neck pad. >> and that tramp stamp of yours. >> yeah. >> obviously. >> it's unbelievable. it's scooby doo. >> drunk at the jersey shore last summer. >> i got the mystery machine. he's got scooby doo. >> that was a great night. >> i don't know, how about a scooby snack? >> okay. this guy's beard is disgusting. it's grow check it out. this san francisco man. right here. >> this is okay. >> but wait, there is more. it's become an online hit,
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create a beard design. isaiah webb is his name. he calls him incredibeard. he has eaten ramen noodles out of his own beard. >> i lo tf eyes. >> it gets even worse. >> that's the beard bowl. quite cool. >> the staring. >> that's fine. i got no problem there. >> yes, oh my gosh. >> and the man can still use his hands. >> as opposed to the happy meal beard. >> who needs. status fries. >> i want to know, does he wash the beard? it looks like he doesn't? it looks like he puts a ton of hairspray on it and momds it. >> he styles it up. >> he has a small family in there. >> change my opinion entirely. >> you couldn't see, he was wearing the naughty leopard costume. >> they're having a month could movembar.
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everybody gross out their beard. >> i need more than a month. >> i will say, you are kind of hairless. >> i am. >> coming up next, all the news you need before you walk out the door. >> plus our life coaches answer your questions, from dating in your 40s to finding yourselves after the kids have grown up. >> first these messages. after the kids have grown up. >when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ this story is horrible.
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>> take a a look at home sales, despite rising mortgage rates, prices were up, except in the west they dropped 14%. the postal service gets its way, facing an estimated $6 billion in losses this year. it wants to raise first class stamp prices by 3 cents to 46 cents to 49 cents. if approved, the increase would take effect in january. you may want to stock up on some of those forever stamps now. they will still be good after any increase. for parents of young children, a recall you want to know about. about 30,000 tubes of sunscreen for babies and children may be recalled because the products may be contaminated. they include spf 30 and kids sunscreen lotions. researchers are raising questions about omega 3 fatty acids and memory. earlier studies suggested omega
9:20 am
3s found in fish and nuts may delay with aging. new research shows no different in memory tests among those with lots or little omega 3s in their blood. even though, researchers from iowa say fish and nuts are a healthy alternative for fish high in fats. the ultimate pool party in ohio, people went down a huge slip and slide and flew high into the air. it was a party isn't that right of autumn. it made a heck of a big splash. it was a giant pool, all right. fun stuff, being over to willie and al. >> nothing can go wrong there. >> oh! ow! >> natalie, thanks. lucky charms?!
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> we will see more cloud cover
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than yesterday. it will turn out to be a nice day. mixture of sunshine and clouds. morning,ool start this low to mid 70s. average high is 74. should be right in that neighborhood. once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage.
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the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price. coverage checker from progressive. s >> welcome back to "today" i'm willie geist along with al,
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natalie and mel b. >> where is natalie? >> she disappeared on us. >> here she is. >> hey, we do this show for an hour. >> i'm pulling a mel b. she comes in late every day. >> throw her under the bus. >> under the double dipper. wow! >> you know, i went upstairs to get my notes. >> it's so nice up here, i'm stay up here. >> she's fine. >> you think it's time for brunch? >> get some coffee. i thought you guys were doing a fashion segment. i saw the kids. >> oh, no. >> it's usually called the watch. you look at it. you go, hey. >> oh, natalie. >> can't i just pull a mel b? mel b does it, it's fine. >> i got my wrist slapped. >> oh. >> you were here that day.
9:27 am
>> i like that fashionably late to tv hosting. >> kind of 9:30ish. >> shouldn't you have a peanut butter sandwich now? >>let all delay. >> i'm going to ask everybody a question. do you like chain restaurants? >> natalie does. she is out of the question. >> i'm done there there is a few restaurant chain loyalty, they find dining usually comes down to which place offers the best boz. the consumer edge found the most popular chain was buffalo wild wings. >> i never been to one. >> no. 2 is applebees. >> outback steakhouse. >> buffalo wild wings is like hooter's without the girls with the shirts. >> i don't know without that element. >> i think the baboon wouldn't
9:28 am
be happy. >> a family bonner. >> buffalo wild wings love that explanation. >> no, it is more like a sports bar meets a family oriented sports bar meets a wild wing phase. >> oh, that's discretion. >> it's much better than saying it's a family version. >> you can go eat wings and watch the game without the distraction. >> what distraction? >> why don't you walk your way over to the weather wall. >> i like red lobster, missile. >> i like this cheesecake factory. >> you know what, hashtag orange room, send us your favorite chain restaurant. we will get going in there, see what's going on. all right, for tomorrow, look at this, the etern third of the country. fabulous. we got wet rain tomorrow in the plains. out west looking good. as we move into your weekend saturday, we expect more nice weather coming on in, sunny skies along the east coast.
9:29 am
look for more rain making its way into the mid-west, rain into the pacific northwest with windy conditions, sunny and warm to the southwest. finally, drying out in florida, sunday, sunday islam more beautiful weather up in florida. up and down the east coast. rain f >> good morning. it is another cool start on this thursday. it will be in the low to mid 70's. you will . >> that's your weather. >> are you trying to get back
9:30 am
into the dating game or coping with an empty net thinking now what? we put together a panel of life coaches to give you advice. >> gabrielle bernstein is the author of may cause miracles. stephanie is a former television executive turned life coach. i saw her in a bar last night. >> that's another story. >> can you find that one? >> good morning, ladies, good to see you. >> first up, we got dawn with a question about dating. [ music playing ] >> i'm a 41-year-old woman who is single for the first time in my adult life and entering the dating scene. how can i make sure i don't repeat the same mistakes i have made in the past. >> all right. >> what do you think? >> well, first of all, she has to get clear of what were the mistakes, i suggest she make a list, these are the ones i will not make again, also to know, she is 41 now, she hasn't been dating for 20 or so years, it's a completely different ball
9:31 am
game. people tend to come with a little more baggage. she needs to make sure she is ready. if she hasn't done counseling, she might consider that to make sure she appeals. >> do you know what you want in a partner? >> i was going to say, she should make a list of what she does want and assess where they are at. see if he is up to par. >> let's take a look at the next one. a subject a lot of people can relate to. empty nesting. >> i am the mother of three young adults. i have devoted most all my time to my. while this has been wonderful and rewarding, i feel as though i've lost myself somewhere along the way. how can i go into reshape my life? >> this is a very common problem people have. >> very xhovenlt and the reshaping starts with prioritizing. it really becomes how does she become her own priority? how does she start to give herself some time for herself? one thing is to create an hour a day to focus and devote to
9:32 am
herself in a way that is fun. maybe it's something she wanted to do a long time ago. maybe it's crazy. taking one action on that thing and moving forward will help her to discover her lost self. >> valerie, you can reconnect, too. you were so busy with investing in your kids' lives. >> this is an exciting time for her. i think it's important to say what are all the things i wanted to do but couldn't do within i had kids? i know she is mourning not being a mom anymore. but she needs to look forward. >> up next, a career question from between-year-old amica. >> i want to get over my limiting fears and take action in my business. how do i take the next step? >> all right. so, what do you think? >> well, you know, when it comes to launching your business, it's so important, i think, to make sure you have a really clear vision of what it is that you are going. i think that's her first step. >> i completely agree, she has to get clear of what it is she
9:33 am
wants to release, become mindful of those fears, she wants to be willing to let them go and pay attention to the guidance along the way. weep ko watching coach me if you can. >> thank you, ladies, good talking to you. coming up next, raising kids through the generation, what really works ♪ let's face it. everyone has their own way of doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different. so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way.
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. >> this morning on "born today, then and now, how parents handle the babe basics years ago, how things have changed so much through the generations. katie peters is a mom. they are playing in the orange room with dad drew peters. they are expecting by the way a third baby in january. talk about back-to-back. >> it's katy's mom is raising three kids herself. katie's paternal grandmom has raised six kids, the first born in 1948. pediatrician ari brown the co-author of baby 411. first of all, dr. proun the lack of baby books. one here from the '40s. for example, breast-feeding. >> well, actually, this is from the turn of the century, actually they support breast-feeding from 1940 to 1980, though, with the rise of infant form louisiana less that 5% of babies were breast fed.
9:38 am
today over 75% were breast fed. that's because we know the benefits. >> katie, you bottlefeld your first child, you breast fed avery. >> yes. >> how did you feel about the breast-feeding, did it take naturally for you? >> after cadence was born, i was terrified of breast-feeding. i was completely adamant against it. i did feel like a hypocrit when i chose to breast-feed avery. i did, in fact, love it. >> diane, you bottle fed your kids, but when you saw katie breast-feeding, that made a pretty big impression on you, didn't it? >> it did. when i look back, i wished i had tried to breast-feed. but at that time it was bond feeding. >> bonnie, what did you do when it came to feeding all six of your kids? >> a breast fed the first one for a very short time. he was really too hungry. i had too feed him formula. >> but back then, it wasn't a
9:39 am
stigma against bottle feeding or breast-feeding. was there? >> i went to a doctor that had told me i had to breast-feed. >> really? >> yes. >> back then, they told you, you had to do it? >> things have really changed, though, dr. brown, when it comes to feeding? what about the switch to solid foods? >> i have now writt six additions in my baby book, solid foods, the number one i had to revise every time. so we used to recommend back in the day, she started probably at nine months of lie. she probably started less than nine weeks of lie. that's because every parent thinks it will make them sleep through the night. >> i got. yeah. >> i got to say, though, it works. i don't know if it was just the right time. >> i think you were lucky. truthfully today we recommend babies start between four and
9:40 am
six months of life. actually, we recommend starting high allergy foods like eggs, dairy, peanut products before a year of age. because what we learned starting high allergy foods earlier will prevent food allergies. we've had it wrong the whole time. >> buddy, diane, did you guys, your kids were growing up, did you know anybody who had a peanut allergy? >> i didn't, no. >> katie, you probably did. >> a lot. yeah. yep. >> what is that about? >> right, so there is a hypothesis that people think because kids are not seeing things sfliermt anymore, our immune system takes it out on us. we start developing food allergies, that's the thing, earlier exposure reduces that risk of the immune system turning on you. >> it's always important, there is a generational divide that you are seeing, back then, have the babies sleep on their
9:41 am
tummies. >> every grandmother will tell you babies sleep better on their tummies. it is true, it's not safe. it increases the risk of sids. the other thing are blankets, pillows, bumper pads, all those things we used to have in cribs. now we recommend the naked cribs. babies should sleep on their back. >> a quick show of hands, how many let them cry it out? >> yeah. >> ladies, thank you so much for being here. coming up next, we got another family affair. the latest trends and coats for men, women and kids that will the latest trends and coats for men, women and kids that will keep you loo life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money.
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this is a way to be good to me. [ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. what will you gain when you lose? >> this morning on new season new you, a whole family. >> apparently those big michelin man puppy things are out of style. the must-have trends for moms and kids, god to see you. >> good see you. >> let's launch in these, we want to begin with modern military the wright family. >> these are basics from the closet. you can afternoon up the look with a coat. modern military huge trend will start with mom over here. they have a versatile on trend
9:46 am
style. i love this wool merino. more of a cargo style. on the kids from macy's, the bedazzle. and then how cute is this? >> adorable! >> yeah! >> so adorable. this is one really easy trend to pull off for men, for women. you can make it feminine with beading, pins, it can be masculine. >> all the coats, 130 or less. is that right? >> they're affordable. totally change up a lot there that is a beautiful family. you guys are looking great. let's go to our next look. those are moto jackets. >> motorcycle jackets. you see on the back of a bike. you can be wearing this to work, school. kia is wearing this co ballot blue. >> a nice color. >> i love that color. it's amazing on her. this is from burlington, $40, a
9:47 am
tweed with a sheering in it. a fun little code, more traditional with a leather look on ariel. i love the leopard. >> i do. >> yes. >> a little black dress, it gives it an edge, a really great fit. >> you like those, mel? >> i do, yes, a really good look. all of them. >> i want to take the blue one off her bark i love it. >> you ladies look great, thank you so much. >> let's go on to our next look. this is the perfect popper. this is the capezi family. >> i thought the michelin look wasn't in. >> these are more fitted. the technology is so they don't have to be so gigantic. >> look how happy they are. can you doled in these. this is great. the one we have on gina is from lamb's end, it's a fitted jacket around $99. it's easy to pack. we see on dad, from the gap it's
9:48 am
around $70. it has the style of the shirt. it keeps you warm. great technology if it will keep you feeling like you are not looking like you are in a puffer co. i love this one. >> oh, that's great. >> it ties the whole family together. it's a fun family block. you got the hood the color blocking a great trend, their jeans, boots, easy. a fun colorful puffy coat. they were good to go. >> how can they have a future in modeling. >> look at that. incredible. we'll write you a note. let's bring out our models for one last look. thank you all, you look great. these are the locks for fall. thanks, to all of you, too. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
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. >> we asked folks to hashtag orange room. >> red lobster. >> uno. >> chik-fil lay. >> i love chik-fil lay. >> keep them coming. >> we got red lobster. boom. coming up, kathie lee and hoda catching up with the stars of nbc's parenthood. >> their new column today scandalous. >> they call it brilliant. >> endless makeovers for people
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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, one of the funniest guys in the business, robin williams. and from the series
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"parenthood," peter krause. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ipa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] kelly: hi! hi! september 26, 2013, it's thursday! [cheers and applause] michael: thursday, yes. kelly: we celebrate thursday around here as if it's friday because in our minds, it is.
9:57 am
michael: how you doing my lady? kelly: well, i know that you went to see a movie last night that i had told you about -- michael: yes. kelly: from sunday. and we're going to tell you about this movie because what we have to tell you is when you go to see this movie, and we recommend you all to go see the movie. you're the person you are before the movie, and then the person you see after. the movie is "gravity" with sandra bullock. it's what would happen if you're an astronaut and a cat clizz i think event occurs -- michael: and you just happen to be with george clooney. [laughter] like, i only wish! kelly: it's not a fairy-tale, it's not a love story. they're trapped in outer space, and it is the most, i mean, to me it's the most remarkable
9:58 am
movie i've seen in a long time. and my body has been in physical pain for three days since i've seen this movie, because it really affected me. michael: well, everyone who was -- it was like a screening for the staff and everyone here. and everyone walked out, your chair -- kelly: i got it. michael: and they said thank you for us not sleeping tonight. it was one of those movies it was so intense. lly: i told everyone, take a xanax, you'll think me later. michael: it's in 3-d. kelly: i had to take them off at one point because i was like ok, and then i put them back on. michael: even jose, my assistant, he was like michael, i felt clauts phobic, i was hyper ventilating. i'm glad i wasn't sitting next to you, sheesh, messed up my movie. kelly: i know that actors don't like when you say this because
9:59 am
they feel jinxed and everything but i feel like she could really win an academy award, sandra bullock, she's that incredible, amazing in that movie. [cheers and applause] michael: she's going to be here next thursday so we can ask her all about it. kelly: like i said, i am definitely a different person now after i saw that. michael: i'm trying to figure out how they shot it. like in a box in front of a green screen. kelly: i was like how did they get that camera crew to outer space, right? [laughter] michael: that's what i thought. kelly: i cannot believe they shot a movie in outer space. michael: they went up there for real! i really thought they were in outer space. kelly: and in the beginning, i'm not going to give anything away, in the beginning, you go, i want to go to outer pace! and by the end, you're like, i never want to look at outer space! michael: you don't even want to look at the stars. but it was awesome. we highl


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