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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 5, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. a deadly day on the rail tracks. a teenager killed and another hurt. his connection to the woman also found dead. we had a great holiday weekend. how the week ahead is shaping up, including when you can expect some rain in my forecast. (singing). >> we'll take you to the many 4th of july weekend celebrations. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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good evening. we start with the stories still developing in baltimore county. 1 teenager is dead and another seriously hurt. they were found on the light rail track. their bodies spotted on the track on west ridgely road around 3:15 this afternoon. >> 1 of our sectors who regularly goes to the train, observed bodies laying on the southbound track. >>reporter: it was an inspectora a northbound train that spotted the bodies on the southbound track. >> oh, my god. it's so dangerous. >>reporter: 1 teenager was taken to the hospital where he died and the other flown to shock trauma. >> it's shocking. i hope it wakes people up. let people know they shouldn't be walking along the tracks. >>reporter: the teenagers were found 100 yards of the station. the strange thing? no train operators had reported hitting
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anyone. >> we don't know what circumstances led them to being on the the track. none of our operators reported the incident. >>reporter: the ntba is suspecting every 1 of its trains looking for damage and asking for help from any passengers that might have seen something. >> i just pray for their family that they get through this. that's all i can sachlt >> no word on the identities of the victims or the other teenager. they weren't carrying id's. police are calling the shooting death of former nfl quarterback a homicide, but have yet to rule on the cause of death of the woman that was found with him. they had been dating several months. steve mcnair was found shot 4 times, twice in the head. he was killed by a single gunshot wound. he was married with 4 children. he played most of his career with the tennessee titans before he was traded to
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the baltimore ravens. he retired last year. news about his death shocked baltimore raven fans. first, we hear from the show fer who drove him around during the years he played for the ravens. >>reporter: jennifer, steve mcnair played here seasons and while his time on the field was memorable, his friends hope he's remembered for his civic contributions and his generosity. in the shadows of mntbank stadium00, it's a stuff sunday for some like earnest. >> he was a genuinely nice guy. very down to earth. >>reporter: he drove him to the airport, parties and to get groceries during his time in baltimore. >> generous. never looked at me as an employee of his. always invited to everything he
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would go in to, not just sit in the car and wait. very nice guy. >>reporter: as his death is investigated, tmz released photos showing steve mcnair and his female friend parsailing. the pair had been dating several months. >> he always spoke highly of his wife and 4 boys. this was definitely more or less a surprise to find out what happened. >>reporter: members of the ravens' organization are quick to remember him in a positive light. >> he seemed to be, you know, a very solid, good family man. >>reporter: they say he spent a lot of time with his wife and 4 boys. >> on saturday mornings when we had home games you would see all 4 of them. you would see his wife in the players' lounge while the kids ran over the complex shooting baskets, playing catch, messing up his locker. >>reporter: he's also remembered for his generosity. >> i would finish a shift with
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him and go home (unintelligible). >>reporter: he was most impressed by the fact he never let earnest open the door for him. >> he would say, "earnest, i've got it." >>reporter: officials expect there will be a memorial service in nashville and the funeral will be in mississippi. live in downtown baltimore, fox 45 news at 10:00. bruce cunningham will have more on the death of steve mcnair, including reaction from his former ravens' teammates. that's still to come later on "sports unlimited." teenagers are stabbed downtown an hour after the fireworks celebration ended last night. a fight broke out at west baltimore and charles streets. 1 of the victims, the most seriously hurt, is a 19-year old man. he's in critical condition at shock trauma. the 5-year old girl shot last week in southwest baltimore remains in critical condition. raven was shot last
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thursday afternoon. this weekend police arrested 17-year old lamonth davis. investigators say davis of trying to shoot another teenager, but shot the little girl instead. >> i'm happy for my niece and her mother that they did catch the guy. >> davis is charged with attempted murder. police commissioner says davis will be charged as an adult. another person is sickened by carbon monoxide as that troubled apartment complex. this happened yesterday. 1 resident was taken to the hospital for treatment and a number of people that lived there have gotten sick over the past few years. many in the last few weeks. in 2005, 3 people died from it at that apartment complex. former washington d.c. mayor finds himself in trouble with the law again. this time a woman accuses him of stalking her. he was arrested yesterday in a d.c. park after a woman flagged down police and said barry had been stalking her.
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he was charged with a misdemeanor and released. barry's spokesperson says he is the victim of someone who he tried to help that turned against him. he served 4 terms as mayor of d.c. and a councilman. in 1990 he was taped smoking crack cocaine and spent 6 months in jail. turning to the weather now. we had a perfect 4th of july weekend. it was picture perfect. >> it was. it was a great weekend. there was a slight chance for a shower here and there. it held off. it went to the south and turned out to be a fabulous weekend. for the fireworks, picnicking and grilling, definitely an outdoor day. looking at what is going on right now, our radar showing clear skies around baltimore. the showers are south of the maryland line over in parts of the coastal regions of virginia. there was heavy rain
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for those folks earlier today. in fact, you can see the few showers that were to the south. look at that heavy rain pushing off the coast of north carolina. they got heavy rainfall in southern portions of virginia down south of richmond. they got strong, gusty thunderstorms. all that activity missed us. we got to see a relatively decent weekend. those temperatures are in the upper 60s and lower 70s. looks like we're going to continue to see a warm-up friend. looking at your next-day planner, clear skies tonight. a full day of sunshine tomorrow. 64 starting off your work day. get those sun glasses ready. it will be a warm 1 in the afternoon. we could top out in the mid to upper 80s and holding on to the the sunshine the next couple of days. >> thank you. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. iradar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms right down to
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your street. go to thousands hoping for a glimpse of history. an e-mail lottery is held for tickets to michael jackson's public viewing. what his family is planning for the funeral, next. a deadly day at what is supposed to be the happiest place on earth. who was killed when trains collided at disneyworld? the congregation
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michael jackson's family is planning to have a private funeral at a hollywood hills cemetery. meanwhile, fans of the king of pop find out if they will get tickets for tuesday's public memorial. >>reporter: mar than 1-and a half million people registered online for tickets to the memorial service. just 8,750 got the e-mail with instructions on how to pick up tickets each. they'll have wrist bands to prevent scalping. anyone with a wristband that has been tampered wwon't be let in. >> i have to say goodbye to michael. >>reporter: though 17,000
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tickets will be given out -- the rest inside the nokooishgs a theatre across the street where they will watch it on big-screen tvs. >> he's perfect. he was pfrment he still is. >>reporter: police have begun mobileizing throughout downtown l.a. with tears those without tickets will congregate hoping for a glimpse of history. >> anybody who does not have proper credentials to get into the event will not be allowed inside that zone. >>reporter: when people go to pick up their tickets, the wrist band will be physically attached. only that person will be allowed in. >>reporter: outside the staples center in l.a. madonna pays tribute to michael jackson. she hired a jackson impersonator to perform with her on the same london
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stage where his farewell tour was supposed to take flight. we continue to cover the latest on michael jackson's death and funeral. trains collide in walt disneyworld, killing 1 of the train's drivers. the crash happened around 2:00 this morning. police say the 21-year old train operator died at scene. the other wasn't hurt. at least 5 park visitors were treated on site. it's the first deadly crash in the monarail's 38-year history. the cause is under investigation. three workers are dead after a fireworks explosion in north carolina. the blast occurred yesterday morning as the workers were unloading a truck full of fireworks for the annual show. two others were hurt. agents are looking into the incident. a pedestrian bridge collapses into a lake during a
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4th of july celebration in indiana. it happened near the end of the fireworks display. police say the bridge was overloaded with about 80 people when it plunged into the water below. that's about twice the number that it can hold safely. >> i heard a lot of screaming. everybody was terified. a lot of people panicking. just a terrifying situation. >> 25 people were hurt during the collapse. police say none of the injuries are life-threatening. fire sparked by lightning damages a popular baltimore church. up next, see how the faithful go on with their prayers without a place of worship. çñçñçñçñçñçñçñ
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well, looks like we saw an absolutely fabulous holiday weekend. plenty of sunshine. nice warm temperatures for the fireworks. looks like we're going to hold on to the warm air. in fact, we're going to warm up more as we kickoff the work week and hold on to that sunshine as well. hd skycam, which was quite busy over the last weekend, lots of folks downtown enjoying the city. mainly-clear skies. 67 degrees right now. winds are calm and our humidity levels are at 79 percent. it looks like our pressure is rising. we continue to see a frontal boundary push to the south of us and we'll see dry conditions leading us into the first part of the work week. 70 degrees
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in downtown baltimore. 64 harris burg. 66 in richmond. rain-cooled air. pretty gusty thunderstorms earlier today. that all missed us as that moved to the south. the southern tip of maryland got to see a few spotty showers. looks like all that activity has pushed to the southeast. strong thunderstorms that moved through parts of north carolina and southern virginia. you can see clear skies around baltimore, pennsylvania, back towards ohio. looks like we're going to see a relatively quiet first start of the work week. a little closer zoom here, you can see the clouds breaking up over the city. partly-cloudy skies. thicker clouds to the south of us as we see showers sinking to the south. we'll continue to see that being the case through the next couple of days. looking at the future scan, how this plays out as far as staying dry. tomorrow morning's rush-hour commute looking at dry conditions. we'll see plenty of sunshine through the morning into the
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afternoon. nice, clear conditions at noon. rush hour coming home, dry conscience. looking into tuesday, nice clear conditionsas we continue to stay dry. no activity going on. that will continue through tuesday evening as well. our next system will start to build in probably by wednesday, giving us a slight chance for a stray shower. we've got a couple of days to stay dry. you folks out there looking at 86 degrees. plenty of sun. around the central portions of the state, 87. winds out of the north at 5. looking at a pretty decent day. it will be a warm 1 out there. western maryland looking at much of the same with temperatures a couple of degrees cooler with a northwest wind at 5 to 10. for tomorrow looking at nice, clear conditions downtown. hardly any cloud cover. around 87 degrees. winds out of the north at 5. our 7-day forecast, here's when we can get our next chance of rain.
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87 on monday. on tuesday looking at 87 degrees with more sunshine. wednesday partly cloudy with a twept percent chance for a stray shower and we'll see temperatures drop down a little bit at 81 as we see a little front move through dropping our temperatures. 82 on thursday. on friday, 83 degrees. we jump up to 87 as we get to saturday. into the next weekend maybe a slight chance for showers. we'll see things warming up a bit. looks pretty good out there as we see conditions setting up quite nice. remember on fox 45 skywatch weather it's at your fingertips. you can use fox 45's powerful radar to track storms. the interactive tool lets you see when rain or snoel be over your house. go to it survived a fire. now 1 baltimore church is proving it's not the building that
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makes the church, but the people. miranda stevens has more tonight. >>reporter: in baltimore's inner harbor, the sounds roaring from the stage weren't from a concert, but a congregation. >> i think it's nice. it's comfortable. the weather is great. i think it's really nice. >>reporter: members gathered here for service this morning after lightning struck their church wednesday night, causing it to catch on fire. most of the damage was confined to the bell tower and steeple, but with much cleanup, the church needed to find another place big enough to hold its more than 3,000 members. >> we normally have services. since we were doing once service, we expected a capacity of possibly in the over-flow crowd. >>reporter: most did come out, including mayor sheila dixon. >> this is really a blessing for us to have our church in tavenlth we want to continue to build on that blessing and to worship together as a family.
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>>reporter: it wasn't just family that showed up. many tourists visiting the area for the 4th of july weekend were also drawn to the service. >> i heard the music this morning. it was very inspiring and i wanted to walk over to see what it was all about. >>reporter: church leaders say it's too early to tell whether service will be held here next sunday or back at their church home. >> (unintelligible). >>reporter: for many, though, it doesn't matter. like the waters, the spirit will move them in the right direction. >> the church is in you. you carry the church with you everywhere you go. >>reporter: fox 45 news at 10:00. >> no 1 was inside the church at the time of the fire. no word yet on how much it will cost to rebuild. from fireworks to concerts and a holiday parade. it was a weekend full of 4th of july festivities. we'll take you to the celebrations next.
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for more, see sears. life. well spent. the 4th of july festivities continued today. it included a parade. jeff barnd wearing a stylish shirt. he mced the
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event. dofs were released during the singing of the national anth em. fireworks topped off the night. >> (fireworks) >> a beautiful night last night at inner harbor for the annual 4th of july fireworks display down there. thousands of people watched as the fireworks lit up the night sky. (singing). the queen of soul took part in a grand 4th of july celebration in the nation's capital last night. the cast of the broadway hit show "jersey boys" also performed on the white house west lawn. the night ended with beautiful fireworks there too. football fans mourning the death of
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