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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 8, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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who is investigating now. >> and a new way you can save money on prescription medication. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. nashville police announce today the death of steve mcnair is classified as a murder-suicide. >> and today they released the 911 call after the shooting. >> i think things -- i think they are hurt in there. and he call me because he know i am a man's best man. so i check on him. and he is -- it is not looking good in here. >> that call from steve mcnair's friend robert gaddy, called to the scene by another friend of steve mcnair's. now ballistic tests prove the girlfriend sahel kazemi killed steve mcnair and can turned the gun on herself.
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police believe the former ravens quarterback was asleep on the couch when shot. and police released more on what sahel kazemi told friends in the days leading up to the killing. >> over the last five to seven days of sahel kazemi's life our investigation is learning that she had become very distraught and on two occasions told friends & associates, that her life was all messed up. and that she was going to end it all. >> police say sahel kazemi recently learned that steve mcnair was also involved with another woman. >> and investigators also release this tonight. a dash cam video from last thursday when police arrested sahel kazemi for driving while under the influence. she could be seen failing a field sobriety test. and steve mcnair can be seen leaving the suv during the stop. sahel kazemi asked to have steve mcnair come to the car window and talk to her. he did not. and then left in a taxicab. >> meanwhile reporters are giving access to the condo where steve mcnair and the girlfriend were found. the owner of the condo would not allow cameras.
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but descriptions layout what investigators discovered when they entered the building. a reporter from our sister station in nashville is one of the reporters that toured the site. >> as we walk around to the side of the sofa, you can clearly see there is a lot of blood underneath the sofa. there are stains on the sofa, and stains on some of the cushions. >> the condo was sparsely decorated, just a few pieces of furniture, no pictures on the walls. neighbors say they saw friends come-and-go from the building as much as they saw steve mcnair. you can see all the news conference and tour of the condo by logging onto our website and looking at "raw news". and bring you the continuing coverage of steve mcnair. a memorial is held tomorrow in nashville. we will take you there live tomorrow on fox 45 news at 10:00. . >> a city bar is raided by baltimore county police and investigators say federal agents
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are also involved in this particular investigation. keith daniels is live in fell's point with the latest on this story tonight. keith, what can you tell us at this hour. >> well, jeff, live outside the cheerleaders sports bar here on south broadway. the business is closed tonight. police investigation has shut it down. and business and residential neighbors call the bar a troubled place. owners are paid thousands of dollars in fines for a variety of violations. and now a raid. it happened early this morning. baltimore county police say officers served a warrant with the assistance of a federal agencies. police won't say why. they are not releasing details. nearby pizza business owner witnessed the raid. >> at one point, heard one of the agents say, well we have two safes up here. get somebody in and get in to them. >> well, no one was arrested. but police seized evidence as part of what they are calling an ongoing investigation. live in fell's point.
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keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> baltimore county police will be taking over the investigation into the deaths of two teenagers along the light rail tracks in lieu verville. the teens had been walking in the southbound tracks when struck from behind by a northbound train. an earlier train was disabled. all trains diverted to the southbound lanes. and the mta said the teens may have been caught offguard. their parents want to know why the operator did not see the two teens before or after they were hit. >> train operator must have been texting or on the phone, not paying attention, and something really tragic happened. >> well, the operator of the train has been tested for drugs and alcohol. which is routine after all accidents. but the results of the tests are not known yet. and the operator has also been questioned about what he was doing at the time of the accident. >> a follow up now to the 17-year-old teen charged with gunning down a 5-year-old girl. one day before that shooting,
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lamont davis was in a court of law on assault and theft charges. he admitted to hitting his victim in the face when she picked up a bottle to protect herself. he put her in a chokehold and slap and hit her. in the same hearing, the public defender argued to cease electronic monitoring and the judge denied it. and today mayor sheila dixon confronted the director of juvenile services about why he was on the streets in the first place. >> i wanted to have assurancess and also understand some of the processes that they use in making decisions on where young people are placed. >> are you satisfied with what you were told? >> somewhat, yes. >> prosecutors did not argue against community detention, once they learned that davis was on gps monitoring, which he later cutoff his body. >> baltimore city has formed a unique task force. they are working in partnership with the aspca to curve animal abuse. back in may a pit bull named phoenix was set on fire. and the bizarre attack prompted
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the formation of the task force. its members say violence against animals often leads to violence against people. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. do you think the city needs to create a task force assigned to animal abuse? so far 83 percent say yes. and 17 percent say no. jamie from baltimore writes "we need animal cops in baltimore as soon as possible. there are too many animal cruelty cases in the last couple of years alone." to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> a perfect july day out there. >> absolutely beautiful. will we get more of the same tomorrow? meteorologist jessica starr is here with a look at the forecast. jessica? >> good news is it will continue. have the fabulous sunshine we had today. and stick around with it. low humidity. a lot of sunshine out there for tomorrow. and as we show you on sky watch regional radar, not much going on. dry stand and sweep across the northeast. and current temperatures at this hour, we have a high temperature of 81 degrees. and current temperatures right now, 75 degrees in baltimore.
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72 in d.c. and 70 in hagerstown. and temperatures will be dropping off overnight tonight with the clear skies. the record low is 54 degrees. we will be close to that but i don't think we will beat it. 59 at 6 a.m.. and sunny skies and warming up to 78 around lunch. and hot and muggy conditions and storms in the forecast. i will have it all in a few minutes. >> members of bethel ame church held a prayer vigil for the rebuilding of their church. one week ago the steep pel was struck by lightning and caught on fire. there was significant damage but church leaders say thankfully the sanctuary was untouched. and during the meeting, the leader of mount olive baptist church, which was damaged by lightning two years ago, stopped by to lend his support. >> well, motorists have long complained, and now a new study calculated the cost of all the delays on the roadways. jeff abell has the story. >> it is really a hassle. >> for motorists there is no
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time. like wasted time. >> you have people that can't drive. >> a lot of times it is watermain breaks. >> road work. >> 83 is a two lane parking lot a lot of days. >> for jim myer, his daily commute from the city into the county, tests both his time. >> it is a special kind of awful here. >> and his patience. >> there is a lot of effort to make things more comfortable for the time you are spending on the road. and nothing to really make you spend less time there. >> researchers have been calculating all of these delays and in a study released this week, they determined that baltimore motorists waste 44 hours a year, behind the wheel. that's the 18th worst rate in the country. washington is second worst. >> a lot of wasted time. >> the study said there is no single solution but said government should act now to develop new highways and mass
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transit. in the meantime, time is wasting. >> i have all of this time i could meditate. >> los angeles still ranks first in traffic congestion. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. credit card companies have started increasing minimum monthly payments. lowering credit limits and changing the terms of their fine print. this amid the credit card reforms that take effect in february. experts say as boring as it may be. read your bill, very carefully. >> baltimore city launches a new program to combat the high cost of prescription medication. and the city is now offering free prescription discount cards available to any baltimore resident that does not have prescription coverage. the cards can save an average of 20 percent off the retail price of drugs, including pet medicine. for more information call this number on the screen.
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(410)649-0500. >> baltimore city is one step closer to installing speed cameras around school and construction zones. anyone driving, at least, 12 miles an hour over the speed limit would get a ticket, in the mail. if the city council approves the cameras, they could be in use by this oc. baltimore city hopes to make more than $7 million in added revenue as a result of these next year. >> we assembled the materials, usually in under four minutes. >> serious security risk. what investigators got past guards protecting our nation's buildings. >> it explains the history of the water. >> don't judge a bottle by the label. bottled water could face
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çñçñçñand get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. . >> well, the days of drinking fountains seem to be long gone. now it seems like everybody is reaching for the bottle of plastic to quench their thurst. but how much do you really know about what's in your water? lawmakers in washington are debating some of the claims on bottled water. and something needs to be done about it. carolyn shy lee has more on the great h20 debate. >> tap water versus bottled. according to a report put out by the general accountability office, for the most part they followed the same safety rules. with bottled water in many cases you have no idea what you are getting. and including the contaminant levels in there. because the companies are not legally required to put it on the label or website. some lawmakers are criticizing the claims bottle water makers are putting the labels. >> it explains the history of the water by saying, when joseph ricker was revised from the death he bed by drinking the spring water and lived 52 years,
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the health benefits were legendary. >> one concern is dehp a plastic additive that can go out into the water. they recommend that the fda issue a quality standard for the additive. tap water has more requirements and municipalities are required to post that information for the public. an industry rep at the house hearing pointed out that bottle water is under the same regs as other drinks, tea, juice, soda, and lawmakers do not anticipate health problems from bottled water like with peanuts and other industries. leading to a number of republicans to complain with no outbreaks coming from bottled water why are they spending their time talking about it. >> there are other committee issues that we could be looking at such as options for reducing health care costs for constituents. >> right now water is regulated by two government agencies. the food and drug administrator handles bottled water and environmental protection agency monitors tap water. from washington, fox news. >> bottled water suppliers could take a lesson from the baltimore
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city department of public works. the city touts its water supply as one of the best in the country. so good, number of stores use city water to fill up their own brand of bottled water. >> federal investigation uncovers staggering and wide spread vulnerable at the federal buildings. investigators from the accountability office were able to smuggle bomb making materials past security, very easily. and they were even able to assemble the bombs in the restrooms. >>gao did not find a problem once or twice but in every single case. and that suggests a systemic failure that has to be remedied. >> investigators also discovered one guard operating an adult for profit website on government computers. another accidentally fired his weapon in a restroom. >> and a third was not paying attention as an infant in a baby carrier was sent through an
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x-ray machine. and this guard was found fast asleep on the job after investigators say he took percocet. >> doesn't make you feel very safe. >> one of the buildings was homeland security. >> not reassuring. >> tax dollars at work. today's weather is perfect saturday weather. unfortunately it is the middle of the week. >> hopefully saturday will be just as nice as wednesday. check back with meteorologist jessica starr. >> beautiful day out there. sunshine. low humidity. and temperatures around 81 degrees. and we are headed for a beautiful evening as well. 75 degrees. partly cloudy skies. checking in at the inner harbour. 68 percent is the humidity. and on sky watch hd radar. dry sweep. no rain showers to talk about. but there are some rain showers down to the south in the carolina and midwest. but these areas of low pressure will stay out of our area and we will continue to stay dry, sunny and very comfortable. sky watch regional temperatures right now. 75 degrees in baltimore. 63 in harrisburg.
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and 67 degrees in pittsburg. temperatures are dropping. we have the clear skies, allowing for our temperatures to drop quite nicely into the upper 50s, to low 60s tonight. so definitely take a break from the air conditioner and open the windows. and it will be a beautiful comfortable evening in store. on the future scan model. low pressure stays to the south. high pressure building in nicely. tomorrow morning, for the morning commute, around 9 a.m., beautiful day is in store. another day filled with sunshine, and low humidity. and just ample amount of sunshine. thanks to the high pressure system. but once the high pressure moves out to the atlantic ocean, clockwise rotation around the high pressure system brings in southerly winds that increase the humidity. as well as the heat. looking toward friday into saturday. that's when temperatures are going to be pushing close to 90 degrees. and the humidity and muggy conditions are going to return for friday and saturday. and there is a cold front off to the west that will move in here allowing for rain showers for saturday and sunday. and the eastern shore forecast
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tomorrow. beautiful. get out and enjoy it. 82. sunny skies. winds out of the northwest at five to 15. and central maryland, pretty much the same story. dry sunny weather. tranquil forecast is in store for baltimore for the next couple of days, before things start to change as we look toward the weekend. 83 on thursday. 82 on friday. and look how we increase the temperature. 87 on saturday. 86 on sunday. chance for rain showers, saturday and sunday. not a complete washout. once the cold front pushes through. 81 degrees next monday. that's a look at the five-day forecast. have the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. . >> michael phelps returned to the pool tonight
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. >> get this. vandals caught on surveillance tape smashing and stealing a
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statue of the virgin mary at a california church. you can see a man climbing a fountain at the catholic church and throwing the porcelain center piece to the ground. then someone returns to grab the statue. police are still searching for the suspects. >> toronto is dealing with a stinky situation. city's 24,000 municipal workers have been on strike for two weeks. and leading to a very big garbage pile up. residents have been dumping trash at temporary sites, including city parks. but some tourists say the situation has not changed their feelings about toronto. >> and this newborn's onesie said i love dad but only met him through the computer. alex is a marine stationed in iraq, when his wife shannon went into labor she logged on to "facebook" and told his friends to wake him. and as she gave birth, alex watched the experience via westbound cam.
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>> i think it would have been more stressful and a lot more difficult knowing that he was there and could not see anything at all. and so it was a relief, i mean, because he was there, he just was not standing next to me. >> that's one virtual miracle. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> we begin with baseball and trade news. orioles are said to be shopping the services of infielder oscar salazar and outfielder felix pa. both players are out of options and one will likely be placed on waivers, once sa sar tourist comes off the field. last night, after the thumping of the mariners, o's were trying to win this afternoon in seattle. david hernandez looking for the third win of the year. bottom of the first. hernandez throws a pitch and lopez sends it high and deep down the left field line. goes off the south pole for the two run home run. his 12th. and mariners take a lead.
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only runs hernandez allowed on the day. top of the seventh. same score. former o's olson brought in for relief. bases loaded and no one out. facing markakis and he is gone. olson gets the key first out of the inning. next batter isington and he bounce says one to short. mariners end the inning. what a job by olson as the birds fail to score. >> top of the 9th. o's down. and they have the bases loaded with no outs again. jones has a chopper to third. woodward tries to bare hand it. he cannot do it. everyone safe. mora scores. o's trail. and next batter is mar case kiss, bounces the perfect double play ball to second. and lopez boots it. everybody is safe. and greg zaun scores. o's now trail 3-2 the error by lopez. next batter is wigginton. shoots one up the middle. base hit. they score from third.
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and then jones. and o's come back to take a 4-3 lead in the 9th. and bottom of the 9th. birds up 5-3. ken griffey jr. is at the plate. and george sherrill gets griffey to ground out to wigginton to end the win. o's win the three game series. >> and after his record setting summer, that saw him win eight gold medals in eight events in the beijing olympics. phelps took time off from swimming. but today, phelps was back in the pool. for the u.s. national swimming championships. and after winning both qualifying heats this morning, the baltimore bullet was the favorite in the finals of two events tonight. in the 200-meter free style. phelps came in first. holding off david walters in the closing meters. phelps finished with a time of one minute 44.23 seconds. both phelps and walters qualified for the 200 free, in the world championships in rome later this month. and then one hour later, phelps competed in the finals of the 200-meter butterfly and guess
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what, he won that too. phelps outlasted clarity and took 1st place with a time of one minute .52 seconds. fastest time in the world this year. phelps will swim that event in the world's as well. unfortunately towson katie hoff failed to qualify. the women's 200-meter free style. jennifer and jeff, back to you. >> and another sunny july d
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>> we are going to continue with the sunny weather for thursday and friday. and temperatures below normal. 83 degrees on thursday. 82 on friday. and the humidity will increase both saturday and sunday. with isolated chance of storms both days. 86 on sunday. and behind that cold front we stay dry again with sunny weather next week and gradually warming up to 86 next wednesday. that's a look at the seven-day forecast.
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back to you guys. >> we have had great weather for the past few weeks no complaints. that does it for the "late edition". thanks for joining us. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomorrow night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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