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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 9, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> the baltimore ravens
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organization, steve, send their love and prayers to you. >> remembering steve steve mcna. the baltimore connection. >> a coach accused. how people track down a man charged with soliciting sex with an underage girl. >> i want my child. >> panicked parents. what led to a massive police search inside of a school. >> most of the time people do a doubletake. >> life without clothing. hear from the people at a crownsville nudist colony. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. a city and fans bid farewell to an nfl star tonight in nashville. >> also a baltimore presence at the memorial for former tennessee titan and raven steve mcnair. we are live with the story tonight. keith. >> steve mcnair spent about two
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years playing with the ravens here. he led the team to the playoffs one of the years. and tonight, fans are remembering the player, and the man. >> it is a day to say goodbye to the former tennessee titans and ravens' quarterback. steve mcnair. >> ♪ . >> an estimated 5000 people attended the public memorial service at mt. zion baptist church in nashville. to pay their respects. >> steve lived life to the fullest. he celebrated life. he was, to know him was to know that steve smiled, and never met a stranger. >> steve mcnair's wife, close friends and ex-teammates all at mt. zion where the family attended since moving to nashville in 1997. and an emotional derrick masons
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titan and ravens' teammate was at the service with moving words about his friend. >> every time he scored, every time he came out of the hole, he gave two bumps to your chest, and pointed to the sky. so i am going to give two bumps for you and point to the sky. >> before the memorial service at the church, hundreds of people showed up thursday morning, at a nashville funeral home for a public viewing. inside the building, a closed silver gray casket sat next to a photograph of the nfl star. fans lined up around the funeral home for a chance to offer condolences. >> i feel like steve is my relative. i have not had one night of sleep since it happened. i have been disturbed. he will be missed. >> steve mcnair's girlfriend shot him four times before killing herself. investigators discovered their bodies july 4, in a condo steve
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mcnair shared with a friend. >> back at the church, despite the unpleasant circumstances surrounding steve mcnair's murder, service celebrated his life and honored his legacy. >> do not judge and ye will not be judged. >> steve mcnair was 36. we're live at m&t bank stadium, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> to see more of today's public memorial, for steve mcnair, and hear from the speakers tonight. go to and click on "raw news". >> we have learned steve mcnair was working on a youth suicide prevention campaign before he died. television spot has not aired and officials say obviously it will not. also released this week the dash cam video from last thursday when police arrested his girlfriend sahel kazemi. for driving while under the influence. just 48 hours before those shootings. >> baltimore county soccer coach
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is charged with soliciting sex from a minor. karen parks live at baltimore county police headquarters with more on the story. karen? >> jennifer, police say the 32-year-old man attempted to slis sex from a 14-year-old girl. well his background was clean. his -- background was clean, record was good. and one agency said you have to do more than that. >> here in baltimore county as more than a dozen kids play. the buzz off the field is frightening. >> it is something you don't want to hear at all with any of the children in the soccer community. >> 32-year-old charles fry dell, coach for the league. has been charged with sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography. >> scary for friends, neighbors. i had a neighbor that competed against the team. and it is very scary to know you know the person. >> detectives were contacted july 6 from the victim's parents. about inappropriate text
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messages sent to their 14-year-old daughter. who was a sister of one of fry dell's players. police say he requested explicit pictures from the girl and asked to meet for sex. uncover detectives assumed the girl identity, set up a meeting and arrested him. >> this is a soccer coach that parents entrust. he is breached their trust by doing this. and we are concerned maybe more victims are out are. >> we have had great success with our programs. >> bob barrett department of parks and rex has 60,000 volunteers and go through extensive background checks. and in 16 years has never had a problem. >> you get a false sense of security with our volunteers. and my employees, that there is a background you don't have to pay attention any more. they are good. they are clean. i don't want that to happen. i want to make sure that the awareness programs that we have in baltimore county continue. the effort is redoubled. and redoubleed. >> in the meantime, beth offers this advice. >> parents need to have a idea
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of what kids are doing. in school. in sports. any of that. >> if you think your child may be a victim in this case, you are asked to call the departments crime against children unit. fridel was released on $250,000 bond. reporting live at baltimore county police headquarters. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> deadly night in baltimore city. police are currently investigating two murders. first occurred just before 11:00 in the 1700 block of division street in northwest baltimore. and an officer found an 18-year-old man lying in the street. then about 12:30 this morning a double shooting in the 2900 block of michael der street in east baltimore. one of the victims there died. essex police are investigating a stabbing at the 300 block of shagbark road about 3:00 this morning. paramedics took a 21-year-old woman to the hospital. examine are searching for a
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suspect. >> 200 students evacuated from summer school in east baltimore after police chase a suspect into the school. no one was hurt. but it caused panic for several hours. until police found the man, hiding under a sink. it was 26-year-old keion earl, man with a long criminal history. kathleen cairns takes us inside the man hunt. >> chaos in east baltimore. >> why is a bunch of police around a school? >> police surround william p. ca elementary and middle school. perimeter set up. >> gentleman went into the school with a gun. >> lavonda brown and so many other parents are looking for their kids. >> hostage situation. >> i want my child. >>the 200 children attending summer school have been faithfully evacuated. including susan.
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>> police search the school from all angles. >> people kept saying i am scared, i am scared. >> some people saw the suspect, including the school custodian. >> the door was open. he just ran. >> door should be always secured. i was afraid of this. >> with each passing moment, the search intensifies. >> i have seen all the police and helicopters. >> as it stands now, we have members of our swat team doing a slow meticulous sweep. >> i am upset. trying to figure out what's going on with my kids. >> panicked parents are relieved to find their children. >> they are okay. i feel wonderful. >> some at a nearby church and others at a library. >> she didn't be understand why i was hugging and kissing her. >> police found him hiding 93 cabinet under a sink. and parents say they are concentrating on hugging their kids. that they say never felt so
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good. >> thank you so much. >> in east baltimore. >> children were out safely. everything is all right. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> summer school at paca resumes schedules tomorrow. >> east baltimore man gets 25 years in prison for executing his girlfriend. 19-year-old charles jacques pleaded guilty to killing 14-year-old shaun tetra griffin. he only knew her for a few weeks. and shot and killed her in the temple at close range. jacques had just gotten out of jail a few weeks earlier. >> a man is charged today for the killing of an eight month-old-boy last year. he is held without bond and faces first-degree murder. the infant was shot while in a car seat. his 22-year-old father was shot multiple times and survived. >> anne arundel county police need are your help tonight finding a burglary suspect. this man is committing several burglaries to businesses throughout anne arundel county.
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police say anyone with any information whatsoever about this case, or the suspect, is asked to call police immediately. >> new video tonight showing a metro train operator apparently sleeping at the controls. "youtube" video shows the man with his head down for a long time as the train is moving. a 14-year-old passenger said he recorded the video last month while riding the green line in maryland. metro officials of course are investigating. >> well today the maryland transit administration decides to come down hard on its employees. adopting a zero tolerance policy for cell phone use and texting on the job. any operator caught in the act will be fired, even on the first offense. the dc metro system changed its policy a few hours before the mta did the same thing. >> new information tonight about the death of two boys, on the light rail tracks in lutherville. police met with transportation experts today. and county police you may recall took over the investigation only yesterday.
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video from the train security camera shows the teens struck before 3 p.m. sunday. and they were not found until 15 minutes later. >> i cannot believe that somebody hits two children, in a train, that has a windshield the size of a foot field, and doesn't know what they did. >> the train operator has already been tested for drugs and alcohol. no results as of yet. he has also been thoroughly questioned. >> well, another beautiful summer day today. hopefully a great start for the weekend. >> more of the same this weekend? chief meteorologist vytas reid has the weather and he is under the weather. >> i have lost my voice. no cold. just lost my voice. trying to give you a forecast. looks like we will see things look good out there. beautiful day out there today. with plenty of sunshine. and temperatures in the lower mid 80s. we will see a repeat of that tomorrow. in fact, on sky watch hd radar. scanning the skies. no activity around baltimore.
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zooming out the picture. over the mid-atlantic. not a lot of activity. there are a few showers over virginia and southern portions of west virginia. but it looks like that activity will continue to stay to the south. west of baltimore. which looks good. and it looks like start off the week on a nice note. temperatures currently downtown in the lower 70s. and continue to see the temperatures on the comfortable side on for tomorrow. but it will be a heat up into the weekend. so the next day planner shows clear skies tonight. and plenty of sunshine for the morning commute. around 59 degrees. and nice comfortable temperatures around mid 70s, in the afternoon. lunch time outdoors is a must for tomorrow. i will have a closer look at the warm up and more humidity in the forecast. in the next time we will get rain coming up in the seven-day forecast in a few moments. >> hang in there vytas. >> now you can be in charge of your own personalize the weather forecast. i-radar available at use the interactive tool to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> the national aquarium and the city of baltimore set a seal
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free this morning. >> fishing nets almost strangled it earlier this year in bermuda. aquarium staff nursed the harbor seal, hamilton, bam to health. set him free from a beach in delaware. he will carry a satellite transmit glued to his back, so scientists can track him until the glue gives way, at least. >> we are starting to see real progress. >> the federal stimulus package was supposed to create jobs. why lawmakers are now questioning whether it worked. >> global warming takes center stage at the g8 summit. the goal leaders agreed to. >> shooting of a 5-year-old is just a symptom of a much greater problem. >> kids and crime. the growing number of juveniles behind bars. crime and justice report is next.
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cleans better or your money back, guaranteed.
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>> tonight fox 45 investigates how many juveniles are getting locked up. also for the first time, a family member of the 17-year-old accused of shooting 5-year-old raven wyatt speaks out. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story. >> as the morning warms, the mourners of this southwest baltimore neighborhood. it is a cold reception for us as we try to make contact with lamont davis' family. the teen suspected of firing a stray bullet that hit a 5-year-old in the head.
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finally, davis' brother-in-law, agrees to talk with us, in the shadows. >> definitely is not that type of individual. making you are out to be. >> his brother-in-law said the teen himself has a little girl about to turn two. >> he is a kind person, you know what i mean. you have to look at where we come from. at the end of the day, that dude he has a child too. you have to think at the end of the day, i mean, has he to feel bad. >> it is here in the city, southwest district police arrested the largest number of juveniles in the month of may. >> crime amongst juveniles in baltimore city has become a fade now. >> shooting of a 5-year-old is just a symptom of a much greater problem. >> tyrone powers grew up in baltimore. he is now an expert in criminal justice. >> statistics reflect what is reported. it reflects the most horrific crimes, the crimes when police are on the scene and gets out there. but not the extent of the problem.
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>> powers say more crimes are being committed. (inaudible). >> the top juvenile offenses, are assault and robbery. second-degree-assault and possession of marijuana. >> juveniles are more disengaged now. more numb to the issue of crime. and more bandwagon than ever. >> in southwest baltimore. it is business as usual. at 11:00, on a thursday morning. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> so far this year, overall the numbers show that fewer juveniles have been arrested but the numbers are still staggering. in may of 2009, 551 children were locked up in baltimore city. >> but children and crime are not just a concern in the city as we saw with a murder of kris jones at anne arundel county. the 14-year-old crofton boy was beaten to death at the end of may by several other teenagers. police say they believe it was
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indeed gang-related in connection with jones' death. two teenagers have been arrested and charged with manslaughter. >> following the death of kris jones, helping children learn about gangs has become priority number one. joel d smith reports from howard county. and something police address each and every day, one gang at a time. >> brand new basketballs. combats helmets. and whatever this is. it all belongs to the howard county police. but that's okay. they are willing to share. >> the challenge for us was we did not have a facility. and we actually get, i think, more bang for your buck doing this way. >> community athletic program funded by the u.s. attorney's office, interactive way to steer kids clear of drugs. the van stops at a park or school, and $39,000 worth of equipment inside. is it really needed in howard county? >> what we did is look at spots throughout the county where traditionally more calls for
10:21 pm
service. >> in howard county they may not be as recognizable as other places but gangs almost everywhere you go. >> the realization means more than play time no matter how it looks. >> take a quick glance at this sometimes and hard to tell which ones are the kids and which ones are the cops. but then again, even that can be a positive strategy. >> the draw is to get the kids in here. have a good time. play games. but good about getting out the message. >> make smart decisions about, you know, who to hangout with. i mean, other things you can do with your time besides gangs. >> the hope is when more things are serious in life these kids will remember when sharing time with police was fun, and easy. >> yeah, they are like my father and my family. i like being out here with the police. >> joel d smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the owners of a popular pikesville restaurant damaged by fire say they will rebill. the fire broke out at the suburban house in 900 block of
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reisterstown road at 5:15 last night. went to two alarm. no one hurt. they are looking into whether an electrical problem was to blame for the fire. >> baltimore county police need your help to find a missing girl. 16-year-old brianna michelle by year disappeared, white, 5'6, 235 pounds. and brown eyes, brown straight hair. she might be pregnant. police say byer could be in the north avenue area in north baltimore. anyone with information is urged to call police 3103 -- >> students, parents and alumni of towson catholic furious at the administration's decision to close. yesterday they posted. today they are calling for an investigation into the monsignor's budget. they claim he took extravagant vacations and unnecessary expenses. school lost about a third of the enrollment recently and that
10:23 pm
severely cut into the revenue. >> five months now since congress approved the president's $787 billion economic stimulus package. now lawmakers are asking where is the stimulation. >> even as the obama white house touts the jobs being created by recovery act spending. >> starting to see progress. >> unemployment has soared to 9 1/2 percent. and 3.4 million jobs have been lost in the past six months alone. republicans say the stimulus is not working. >> i think, that we need to justify how much money we are spending. and where are the jobs safe. and where and how have they been preserved. and i think we have major credibility problems here. >> the president said the stimulus has done its job. is that true or not? >> we believe the stimulus has had the impact that we predicted. which is job creation. >> in the hot seat, president's deputy budget director. rob neighbors said the stimulus plan is slowing the economic
10:24 pm
free fall. neighbors said 150,000 jobs have been created or saved. >> it is a work in progress. but it is steady progress. >> a government accountability office report finds of the $29 billion delivered to hard hit states so far, most has gone to pay medicaid costs. balance budgets. and avoid layoffs. at the same time, tom vermont chief recovery office said funds for big investments like broadband and electric smart grid are caught in the stimulus pipe line. >> frustration has been that the money has not come out and we kept hearing later and later dates. for the money coming out. >> one place where money will be flowing, maryland tech company smart electronics, getting $18 million to redo its website that tracks government spending. >> tough to have people that never run a business, to limit spending a way a business person
10:25 pm
would. that runs his businesses worried about every dollar. >> a check of the smarttronic website does not list web design as a specialty. executives from the company donated he did $19,000 to house majority leader. if you believe stimulus cash has been spent already. obama administration said it will not peek until next year. >> question of the day. has the money been well spent. 15 percent say yes. 85 percent say no. >> government is responsible for the depression we are in. obama's efforts in less than five months are spectacular. but anothers writes. they gave the money to the wrong people. it would be cheap tore give each and every tax paying citizens $1 million. more responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. . >> to the victor goes the spoil.
10:26 pm
but the washington times is working on a story about how the obama administration is abandoning plans to increase the number of political appointees named as foreign ambassadors. >> because the state department and career diplomats there complained the obama administration is going to stay within the 30 percent limit set by tradition for the number of friends of the president that could be named to ambassador ships. even though they were headed to naming a lot more than that. >> also in the times. the one word that madea feet the president's plans for health care reform. and the way that u.s. may be able to ease tensions with north korea. for more on the stories go to and click on the washington times icon. >> more great weather on the way. i will tell you if that trend will continue, through the weekend. in my sky watch forecast. >> police taking on a wild ride. the shocking age of the driver
10:27 pm
and his passengers. >> most of the time, people do a doubletake. >> yeah, you will too. when you see our cover story
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>> okay. lots of people like to go camping in the summer. of course surrounded by nature.
10:30 pm
>> yeah, sure. one campground in crownsville is more of an oases for the open minded shall we say. where everything happens outside, and in the buff. melinda roeder has tonight's cover story "or should we say, uncovered story." . >> not far from the highway, in anne arundel county. is a place where nature thrives in all of its forms. >> most of the time, people do a doubletake. >> as lifeguard shaun sees more than his fair share of campers. >> you have people that play a lot of paddle ball all day. people like me, that sleep, or sit around. >> welcome to camp pine tree carefree community where clothing is cast aside for skin. >> when you enter the gates things are different. your concerns are gone. >> it is not your typical trip
10:31 pm
into the woods. >> some people will say, i would never do that. >> but for these sun seekers. it just comes naturally. >> very difficult to explain. and it is truly one of the things that you have to experience. >> for some, it is a sense of freedom. for others it is friendship. >> it is mac and margaret. come in. >> when visitors come here they can only go so far before they are required to disrobe. so they get over their shyness quickly. well, most of them do anyway. >> i didn't want to do it. >> valerie recalls her first time. her husband's idea. >> i had promised him that i would come in, take off my clothes and lie down and read my book. pretty soon i was standing in the pool, that was the end of it. >> they know the life-style is not for everyone, but it peaks the mind. >> most people are curious. >> regular are campers often get asked unusual questions.
10:32 pm
>> what exactly do you do there? do you play strange games? >> no strange games just conversation. >> it was so good when i directed the chorus, because i had something to do with my hands. >> oh, deer. >> with plenty of good food. and laughs shared among friends. the bonds they have built are the bases for longevity. >> it is like a small town, or a small community. >> pine tree is the oldest continuous camp of its kind in america. celebrating 75 years this month, in birthday suits, of course. >> i think people look better naked than in bathing suits. >> never an awkward moment here. >> because it is family. >> it is home. >> a home away from home where happy hour is served hot and fresh. >> and in the buff.
10:33 pm
welcoming crowd always accepting of new faces. just be sure to pack one thing. >> sunscreen. >> in crownsville. >> lots of it. >> melinda roeder. >> good for what ails you. >> fox 45 news at 10:00. >> some of the most creative photography i have seen in awhile. >> wonder if he mom could have seen it. >> well, as part of the camp's 75th birthday making plans to break the world record for the largest skinny dip. >> go get them guys. >> police taking on a wild ride. what drove the driver to 110 miles per hour. >> they are not human to me. >> a gruesome graveyard plot america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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çñçñçñ >> good evening folks. looks like we saw a decent day out there today. plenty of sunshine.
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nice, mild temperatures. low humidity levels. it was just absolutely gorgeous. hopefully you had a chance to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather. looking at our hd skycam downtown. relatively quiet night. looking at clear conditions. temperatures at 70 degrees. winds out of the east-southeast at eight. and our humidity levels are sitting at 66 percent. so it looks like we will continue to see few clouds getting into play as we get into kicking off the weekend. but i think it will be a good start to the weekend. dry conditions. but a chance for showers and thunderstorms later on through the weekend. looking at 71 in harrisburg. 72 baltimore. 72 in richmond. back in pittsburg looking at 75 degrees. and hot temperatures down to the southwest. we will continue to see the warm push of air up into our neck of the woods as we go through the day tomorrow. and also the humidity levels start to go up a bit as well. hd radar regional here. we can see the clouds brick ripping up over maryland. down south of us. over virginia and southern portions of west virginia, they did have pretty good
10:37 pm
thunderstorm activity earlier this evening. and it looks like most television is starting to dry out a bit. and you can see how the clearing is going to continue to take place over baltimore tonight. and even the showers will start to lose effects over parts of virginia as we go through the next couple of hours. looking at nice comfortable conditions with mostly clear conditions as we get through the overnight. future scan looking at things clearing out for you tomorrow morning rush hour. looks like plenty of sunshine through the afternoon. great day to take the lunch outside and enjoy the fresh air. looking at temperatures warming into the mid upper 80s. saturday dry conditions for the morning into the afternoon. still dry. but look off to the west. start to see the front coming in from the west. cold front moving in. or actually a warm front and then a cold front follow that. seeing the showers starting to build in by saturday night. we probably get showers or thunderstorms across the area. warmer air builds in ahead of the front. so temperatures going up through the weekend. and looking at high pressure keeping us dry for the most part. and we will continue to see the warm push of air up out of the southwest and showers firing up
10:38 pm
late saturday night into sunday. so five-day forecast shows 83 degrees tomorrow. sunshine. 86 on saturday. 20 percent chance for a stray shower late in the afternoon. probably better chance for rain as we get into saturday night. sunday 88. and then it looks like on monday and tuesday. temperatures right at 85 degrees, with some sunshine. back to you guys. . >> gruesome graveyard plot unearthed in illinois. authorities in cook county illinois say the manager of burr oak cemetery and three grave diggers unearthed 300 grave sites and resold the plots and pocketed the cash. an investigation began six weeks ago when the cemetery owners reported financial irregularities. in that time authorities made grizzly discoveries. bodies buried on top of each other. grave stones tossed aside and body parts scattered around. families are pushing for answers. >> i had 23 family members out here. i have grave sites that have not been used. head stones missing.
10:39 pm
this is ridiculous. this is sacred ground. >> fbi teams working with local and state authorities to map out the graveyard. and analyze evidence. the grave robbers are charged with dismembering a human body and face between six and 36 years in prison. >> michigan police say a 14-year-old took them on a wild, wild ride. officers say the kids stole the suv for a joy ride to get ice cream. he must have had a real craving for it. in some parts of the chase kid doing 110 miles per hour. and his 10-year-old brother and 12-year-old cousin were also in the car. nobody miraculously seriously hurt. charges are expected. >> have to avoid complacent see and must be prepared to deal with whatever it brings. >> bracing for a swine flu outbreak. what needs to be done to get
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
. >> the u.s. braces for a more severe swine flu outbreak this fall. experts are meeting in washington d.c. to try to keep things under control. john rydell explains how. >> flu season may be over. but the h1n1 virus known as the swine flu, has never gone away. it is likely to be a problem this fall.
10:43 pm
when flu season returns. the if he had ra ral government is bringing health and education officials together from every state to talk about their game plan. >> we have to avoid complacency and deal with whatever the fall brings. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius telling state leaders they need to be ready to close schools if necessary. hospitals across the country should prepare for the surge capacity. it is their ability to take in dozens, maybe even hundreds of sick people, all at once. >> we need to continue to remind all americans about the things that they need to be doing each and every day. washing your hands. coughing into your sleeve. if you are sick, stay home. if your kids are sick, keep them home. >> sebelius said the summit is not about raising fears, it is all about preparation. health officials say a separate vaccine for the h1n1 virus likely to be offered for the annual seasonal flu vaccine. government is launching a ad campaign to educate people about the virus.
10:44 pm
and as even offering a contest for the best tv or radio public service announcement to get people interested. >> we know that average citizens and creative young americans have tremendous ideas about how to reach their neighbors and friends. and encourage them to get prepared. >> president obama is asking congress for $1.5 billion to pay for swine flu measures. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> president obama also phoned in from the g8 summit to get the latest from the washington meeting today. >> forget counting sheet. new study shows your computer may be the key to getting a good night rest. judy kurtz explains on tonight's word wore. judy? >> if you are juaning during the day and to saying and turning at night help may be as close as the computer screen. new study shows en dom 93 that sleep better than those that don't. shut eye software works as a therapist giving advice or specific bedtime based euser diary.
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study published in the archives of general psychiatry show that people that used the program woke up fewer times and spent fewer minutes awake during night. shut eye creator said the software one day could be a low cost alternative for people that suffer from sleep problems. and asleep or awake be our friend on "facebook". get the latest status updates or follow our tweets. go to and click on find us on "facebook" and twitter under the community features section. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> it was a record breaking night for baltimore's michael phelps as he tried to make it 3-3 on at the swimming champions. highlights ahead in "sports unlimited". >> and coming up in 15 minutes on the "late edition". the dictionary gets its annual facelift. find out some of the words being added to keep up with the times. >> and how to cut calories just by pic
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>> here is a final look at the forecast tomorrow. looks like a beautiful kickoff to the weekend. temperatures around 83 degrees. with plenty of sunshine. and winds out of the east at five to 10. and your seven-day forecast looks like we hold onto that sunshine for saturday and sunday. and there will be chances for showers as we get into the late saturday, saturday night. and maybe lingering into sunday morning. look at the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. humid out there.
10:49 pm
but it should be a decent weekend all and all. and the temperatures back in the mid 80s for next week. with more sunshine on the forecast. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, vytas. >> it was a emotional day in nashville as people mourn the death of steve mcnair. >> vince villani joins us with the latest in "sports unlimited". vince? >> coming up on "sports unlimited". thousands of steve mcnair fans showed up in nashville to mourn the death of the former mvp. hear from derrick mason coming up. >> and orioles preparing to wrap up the first half of the regular season but might take the field without the starting first baseman. >> and michael phelps tried to make it three for three at the national swimming championships. recap the finals of the 100-meter butterfly as well. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> welcome to "sports unlimited" i am vince villani. the mood was somber in nashville today as thousands gathered to mourn the death of former nfl sst


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