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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 9, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> boys remember your father is with the heavenly father. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. topping the "late edition" tonight baltimore county coach charged with soliciting sex from a minor. >> karen parks standing by live at baltimore county police headquarters with the latest on the story tonight. karen? >> well, jeff, police say 32-year-old charles fridel attempted to solis sex from a 14-year-old and all started with a text found by her parents. now detectives say they were contacted july 6 from the victim's parents about inappropriate text messaging being sent from 32-year-old charles fridel to their 14-year-old daughter that is the sister of one of the players on the team fridel coaches. police say he requested explicit pictures from the girl and asked to meet her for sex. undercover detectives assume the girl's identified and continued
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to have conversations with fridel. set up a meeting and that's when he was arrested. he is charged with sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography. >> this is a soccer coach that parents entrust. he has breached their trust. by doing this. and now we are concerned that maybe more victims are out there. we hope not. but if there are, we want to know about it to find out what's going on. >> fridel coached at the soccer club and elementary school. if you think your child or any other child may have been a victim call crimes against children's unit at (410)853-3650. fridel released on $250,000 bond. reporting live at baltimore county police head had quarters. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> breaking news to report out of howard county. at this hour. where a teenager has been shot near a school.
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we have learned that he was flown to shock trauma after shot on the playground of cradle rock school in columbia. of course more on the story as it becomes available. >> 200 students were evacuated from summer school today in east baltimore after police chase a suspect into the building. no one was hurt. but it caused panic for several hours outside of william peck ca elementary school. parents raced to find children and police searched the building floor by floor. >> door was open. just ran on. >> the door should be always secured. i was always afraid of this. >> once again no one hurt. but after seven hours police found the suspect hiding under a sink. he has been identified as 26-year-old keion earl wanted for violation of probation and has a long criminal record. the school will resume normal summer school schedule tomorrow. >> authorities in essex investigating a stabbing tonight at the 300 block of shagbark
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road around 3:00 this morning. paramedics rushed a 21-year-old woman to the hospital. police currently are searching for a suspect. >> and east baltimore man gets 25 years in prison for executing his girlfriend. 19-year-old charles jakes pleaded guilty to killing 14-year-old shon tetra griffin in 2008. jacques only new griffin for a few weeks. they say he shot her in the temple at close range. jacques had just gotten out of jail a few weeks earlier. >> the two men involved in the murder of a city homicide witness got long sentences in federal prison. 28-year-old marcus pearson will spend 35 years behind bars. ronald williams, 25 years. all for the death of carl lackl. both men played key roles in the killing. orchestrated by patrick bears. using a contraband chrome from the jail cell. he is serving a life sentence. >> by may of this year nearly
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3000 juveniles were arrested in the city of baltimore. more juveniles were arrested in may in the southwest district it than any other district. but experts say there are far more juvenile crimes that go unreported. and for those arrests. politicians believe some are getting off too easy. >> there is a group out there. violent young people that seem to be getting a free pass. and they go back out and they commit crime after crime after crime. >> the top reported offenses in the month of may include assault and robbery, and possession of marijuana. >> it was a night to say goodbye to a tennessee titan, and baltimore raven, former quarterback. . >> an estimated 5000 people attended the public memorial service at mt. zion baptist church in nashville to pay respects to steve mcnair. steve mcnair's wife, close friends and ex-teammates were at
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the church where the family attended since moving to nashville in 1997. before the memorial service at the church, hundreds of people showed up this morning, at a nashville funeral home for a public viewing. tonight ravens teammate derrick mason spoke at the church about his friend. >> every time he scored, every time he came out of the huddle. he gave two bumps to your chest. and pointed to the sky. so i am going to give two bumps for you and point to the sky. >> police say steve mcnair's girlfriend shot him four times before killing herself. investigators discovered their bodies july 4 in a condo that steve mcnair shared with a friend. steve mcnair was 36. and married with four children. >> new developments tonight in the case against mayor sheila dixon. dixon's attorneys want to block subpoenas for her scheduler and former transportation worker. both supposed to appear in court today before a grand jury. mayor shiela dixon faces seven
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charges, including theft. now a judge already tossed out five of the original 12 charges. >> new video shows a metro train operator apparently sleeping at the controls. the "youtube" video shows the man with his head down for a long time all while the train is moving. a 14-year-old passenger said he reported the video last month while riding the green line in maryland. metro officials are investigating. >> in the meantime both metro and the mta have decided to adopt zero tolerance policies for its employees. and anyone caught texting or using a cell phone on the job, will be fired, even if it is a first offense. >> the owners of a very popular pikesville restaurant damaged by fire say they will indeed rebuild. fire broke out at the suburban house on reisterstown road at 5:15 last night. fire quickly went to two alarms. no one injured. no word on the cause of a blaze. >> beautiful outside all week
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long. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a first look at the sky watch forecast. still in luck for more weather vytas? >> yeah, nice conditions out there, for tomorrow. kicking off the weekend. temperatures in the mid 80s. to upper 80s. as it warms up through the weekend. and maybe even a chance for showers. as of now looking at clear conditions out there around baltimore. few showers south you of charlottesville. closest rain. 71 downtown baltimore. 70 in d.c. hagerstown, looking at 71. so overnight tonight. 65 degrees. clear skies for the tomorrow morning rush hour. 59 degrees with plenty of sun. and then by the afternoon looking at 75 degrees with plenty of sunshine. and we will see a nice start to the weekend. i will have a closer look at how long the nice temperatures will be sticking around coming up in the seven-day forecast. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. buyer beware, especially when it comes to finding hot summer deals on hotels. experts say take a second look
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before you book what looks like a great deal. because chances are, there are lots of hidden fees you will get slammed with later. hotels these days are charging for everything from using the gym to a daily newspaper. best way to avoid unexpected expenses do your homework, and call the hotel with questions before you book your room. >> it will now cost you less to own amazon's hot electronic book reader. the kendle is now being priced at $299. sixty dollars drop. the price of the kendle has actually dropped $150 since its debut in 2007. >> and looking to cut down on calories. take a look at the china cabinet. experts say easy way to watch caloric intake is eat on smaller plates. using a 8-inch aplate instead of a 12-inch will help you to eat 30 percent fewer calories per meal. and they also say, using a salad fork also helps you eat less.
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. >> the federal stimulus package supposed to create jobs. why lawmakers tonight are now questioning its effectiveness. >> the dictionary gets its annual update.
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. >> the state of maryland wishes to buyback some commercial crabbing licenses. natural resources officials want to grant refunds for those with limited licenses, sotfull-time crabbers get a break. if not enough licenses are sold back, new regulations may be proposed in the fall. >> federal government is playing for the swine flu. to get worse. it wants to work with states to vaccinate people. the obama administration is holding a summit with 500 state and local officials. warn the outbreak may get worse this fall as students go back to place and temperatures drop. >> we have had summer camps
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closed. and luckily kids are not in school right now. so we have not had the kind of school disruption that we saw earlier this spring. >> swine flu vaccinations could be ready by mid october. >> it has been five months since congress approved obama's $787 billion stimulus package and now they are asking where is the stimulation. despite the money, unemployment soared to 9 1/2 percent. and 300,000 jobs lost in the past six months. >> how much money are we spending? and where are the jobs, and where and how have they been preserved. and we have major credibility crisis here. >> work in progress, but steady progress. >> the government accountability office fines of the $30 billion delivered to hard hit states most went to medicine aid, balancing budgets and avoiding layoffs. >> that brings us now to the question of the day. has the stimulus package been money well spent in your opinion.
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15 percent say yes. and 85 percent say no. harvey from arbutis is brief, and succinct. writes it is a huge government money pit. to read more responses go to and click on question of the day. . >> a gruesome graveyard plot unearth in illinois. authorities in cook county illinois say the manager of burr oak cemetery and three grave diggers unearthed 300 grave sites then resold the plots, and pocketed the cash. an investigation began six weeks ago when the cemetery owners reported financial irregularities. in that time the authorities had made grizzly discoveries. bodies buried on top of each other. grave stones tossed aside. and body parts scattered around. families are pushing for answers. >> i had 23 family members out here. i have grave sites that have not been used. head stones missing. this is ridiculous. this is sacred ground.
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>> fbi teams working with local and state authorities to map out the graveyard and analyze evidence. the grave robbers are charged with dismembering and face between six and 30 years in prison. >> bernard madoff decides not to appeal 150 year prison term. he received his harsh sentence after pleading guilty to fraud charges. connected to the largest poncey scheme in history. the federal government seized his homes, yachts and other assets to try and reimburse investors. >> well, the dictionary got thicker today. merriam webster added 100 words to the collegiate dictionary. new entries are intended to keep up with the internet age and trends in food, music and environment. on this year's list, sock puppet. it is not what you think. it is a false online identity used for deception. maybe you did know if you were up with the times. and locke vore, someone that goes out of their way to eat locally grown foods.
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>> i didn't know. >> sock puppet i thought they sold that. >> arts and crafts store. >> eyes and buttons. yeah. >> how long can we keep the great weather? >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is back with the forecast. >> i have to work on the voice. looks like we are going to see nice conditions kicking into the weekend. we saw a beautiful day out there today. with plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the mid 80s. and it looks like nice low humidity levels. that's why it felt good out there looking at the hd skycam downtown. inner harbour quiet. 68. and winds out of the east-southeast at seven. and humidity levels are at 70 percent. so it looks like we will continue to see these comfortable temperatures leading us into the weekend. in fact, across the mid-atlantic. 71 degrees in baltimore. 70 in harrisburg. cooler to the north in new york city. at 65 degrees. but down to the southwest. over parts of the ohio river valley. this is where the warm air will
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be filtering in from, as we go through the next couple of days, into the weekend saturday and sunday. definitely noticeable as far as the temperatures going up. showers and thunderstorms over parts of west virginia and virginia. that stays south of the maryland region and we will stay dry tonight, tomorrow and probably late saturday, saturday night. is the can say next chance for rain. as you see on hd radar. quiet conditions across the mid-atlantic. looking at just a bit of high thin clouds out there right now. future scan shows clearing skies for tomorrow morning. looks like pretty good start to the day. and then for the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. and then into the evening, looks like nice, dry conditions. that leads us into saturday. looking at dry conditions. into saturday night. that's when the next chance of showers moves in. 8:00. showing showers off to the west. and as we continue to see a front build in and the front continues to drag in warmer temperatures ahead of the cold front. so for the weekend looking at a nice warm start, friday nice and warm. and saturday and sunday. warm air wraps up around the
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area of high pressure. so we will see the temperatures going up into the weekend. five-day forecast. 83 tomorrow. sunshine. 86 on saturday. with a 20 percent chance for showers. showers and thunderstorms probably late saturday. sunday 88 with a chance of showers. and then monday, tuesday, clearing out with sunshine. >> thanks, vytas. >> the congregation of bethel ame finds a temporary home today. beginning sunday the congregation will hold services at a synagogue in park heights. bethel ame building damaged last week after lightning struck the steep pel. last week services held at the pier 6 pavilion. church leaders plan to hold sunday services at the synagogue, at least, until labor day. >> popular downtown hangout is getting a makeover. the owner of iguana cantina is planning to give the place a facelift and reopen as a rum bar. the bar will be closed for three to four months for renovations. the tentative new name for the new club, mow hee tow's rum bar.
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>> a very special wedding, 60 years in the making. why it took this couple so long to tie the knot. coming up in tonight's "get this". >> and after dominating in the beijing olympics last summer, baltimore's own michael ph
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. >> get this. police say a 14-year-old driver toped speeds of 100 miles per hour leading deputies on a chase through howl michigan. you can see the vehicle launched through the air and crash into some trees. that's when deputies found a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old, along for the ride, with the 14-year-old. the teen told officers they were going to dairy queen. no one hurt. >> arizona woman stepped on to her porch to look for her cat and found this 10'python instead. >> i looked down and i saw like
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this tail. and just a huge thing. and i am like oh my gosh, that's a snake. >> fire department and humane society picked up the giant pep tile. the snake was well fed and hoping the owner will claim it. if not the python might go to the zoo. >> a man and woman tie the knot about 60 years after he proposed. bob asked fon tell to marry him before he went to the korean war and both ended up married to other people. after six decades, couple reunited and finally got married. >> now, fon tell is in missouri packing up things to move to california with her new husband. megan gilliland megan gilliland, fox 45 news "late edition". >> baltimore olympic hero michael phelps fastest qualifier in the butterfly this morning at the nationals. 100-meter fly is the one individual event that phelps holds the gold medal but not world record. bullet was looking for the twin killing tonight in the finals.
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to qualify for the world championships in rome and set a new world record. of course, phelps delivered. on both counts. phelps smashed crocker's world record in the 100-meter butterfly setting the new time. 18/100 of a second better than crocker's marks. he also qualifies for the 100-meter fly in the world championships later in the month. last night the bullet qualified for the 200-meter butterfly seen here. and 200-meter free style in the world championships. >> it appears that baltimore has another potential olympic swimming hopeful on the horizon. 15-year-old elizabeth pelton qualified for two of the championships in the world nationals. medley and back stroke. pelton and her family moved to baltimore from connecticut in 2006. and joined the north baltimore aquatic club for the hope of obtaining opportunities like these. congratulations. >> now to baseball, orioles
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ended the westcoast trip on a good know. scoring five runs to win. taking the three game series. the birds have night off tonight. and keeping a close eye on their first baseman over the next couple of days. aubrey huff picked off at first during the 9th inning rally. in a run down. took a nasty ride to splitsville. strained his left groin on the play. and said after the game he did not think he would miss that much time. dave trembley said huff would be reevaluated today. no word on his condition. the birds host the blue jays for three games starting tomorrow night at camden yards. >> 4:00 this afternoon, fan voting closed for the final two all star spots. brandon inge voted in. he is hitting 264 with 19 home runs and 54 rbi this season. and in the national league. flying hawaiian. center fielder shane victorino won the vote. he is batting 308 with six homers and 40 rbi for the first
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place fighting bill. it airs tuesday at 8:00 can right here on fox 45. back to you. >> it is a big panda party down in d.c..
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. >> it looks like we will see a decent start to the weekend. sun and clouds tomorrow. more sun than clouds. 83 degrees. and 86 on saturday. and late chance for showers and thunderstorms. probably through the overnight. then it looks like sunday 88. so things will warm up higher humidity levels. next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. decent. dry conditions. and then wednesday, thursday, looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. so i am looking forward to this weekend because i am rest my voice a bit. >> there you go. i bet your wife is too. >> all right. now you could be in charge of your own personalize radar.
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i-radar. >> use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> finally tonight birthday celebration fit for a king or queen. panda. >> star of the national zoo in d.c. celebrated his fourth birthday. treated to a frozen pink cake. 3 tiers but made of bamboo. he was born weighing under 2 pounds. now 177 pounds. shows you what a little food can do. >> not a baby. >> a lot of rough age in the cake.
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