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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. we begin tonight with breaking news out of baltimore county. police say a 14-year-old boy is dead after several vehicles collide near east point mall. it happened about 7:30 in the 7800 block of eastern avenue. police say, at least, three vehicles were involved. the 14-year-old boy was a pedestrian. doctors pronounced him dead at hopkins bayview. three other people were transported, two of them to shock trauma. >> in other news now. several crimes outside of one mall in anne arundel county prompts the county to take action. >> anne arundel county councilman daryl jones' bill woman date security cameras outside of large scale malls. jones decided something needed to be done after several attacks outside of anne arundel mills. eight robbed in the parking lot alone this year.
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>> i think they need to do something, obviously, people are apprehensive about coming down here now because of what has gone on. >> a proposal to bring slots to anne arundel mills also has many worried that many people in the area could lead to even bigger crime numbers. >> the same things that make it attractive from a merchant or business perspective, is the same thing on the crime prevention side present issues. >> baltimore county adopted a similar camera law in 2005. after the fatal shooting of a teacher outside of the towson towne center. >> a woodlawn man accused of pushing his sister out of a moving vehicle will not be tried for attempted murder. today prosecutors dropped the attempted murder charges. against 35-year-old hall. hall will instead be facing second-degree-assault charges for the june incident. along the beltway. police say hall pushed his sister out of the car. and onto the highway.
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apparently after an argument. the maryland man that killed his family, then himself, apparently left goodbye notes. police records indicate in a note to his wife. christopher wood wrote, while he loved her they should have never been married. to his parents he said he would go to hell for what he did. police say he shot and then decapitated his family. before killing himself. >> new zero tolerance policy is unveiled for transit operators that use cell phones. it followed this week's fatal accident, involving a light rail train. two teenagers were killed last weekend after they were struck by a light rail train. but investigators say the operator did not know he hit the victims. it is not known if the operator was using a cell phone at the time. but governor o'malley said the mta scraped the three strikes and you are out policy for drivers. >> we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any operator, of any vehicle, using a cell phone or texting while operating a transit vehicle.
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>> police are now handling the investigation of the fatal crash. but that probe is not expected to be completed for another few weeks. >> president obama remains popular but he is drawing more criticism when it comes to his job performance. new cnn poll puts the approval rating at 61 percent. that's down believe it or not, 15 points from february. and still the poll discovered 79 percent of americans still approve of obama personally. >> now, on this week's political pulse former governor ehrlich weighed in on the president's new numbers. >> all right. president obama's popularity ratings are soaring as far as his popularity is concerned. however, recent polls including cnn poll that said that people are beginning to lose confidence in the way he is dealing with the budget. is the honeymoon over, and are those polls showing what everyone else is thinking? >> it reminds me of the reagan presidency. where the personal popularity numbers were always far higher than the agenda items. specific agenda or national agenda. and his position on those items.
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same thing here, you have a popular charismatic person that does well on television. and on the other hand, you have a pretty far left agenda here with the cap and trade. and stimulus and increased taxes and all of that sort of stuff. so it is no surprise to me, that his personal appeal would remain higher than his issues appeal. if you will. the other thing is, is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, the economy. it is all the economy. economy colors perspective in all sorts of ways. and it has a profound impact on the approval ratings for politicians. you can do nothing and if you have a sound economy, boy the people love you. even if you are not making the right decisions and the economy sowers, it hurts you. in this case, it appears part of it related to the stimulus. as you know, that was a misnomer to begin w they called it a stimulus, but in a real respect, had nothing to do with stimulus. relatively small percentage of the total dollars were devoted
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to traditional stimulus being defined as dollars going to the contractors shovel ready projects and all of that. social policy and a lot of frivolous provisions, regular appropriations provisions, that did not belong in a so-called stimulus bill. now you have this new call possibly for stimulus too. jeff, this is insane. >> for more on the interview, go to our website and click on political pulse. >> 10 days into the new fiscal year and state is facing a massive deficit. state estimates the budget will fall $700 million short. device as much as originally estimated. o'malley administration blames the woes on the economy and drop in tax revenue. the governor will announce his plans monday for how he plans to get maryland out of the red. >> with every decision we make, first and foremost in our mind is how will this effect families in our state. what impact will this have on
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the people that, in many cases, depend on the services, as their life line. >> the governor's proposal will be submitted to the board of public works for approval on july 22. >> that brings us to the question of the day. how should the state make up its $700 million budget deficit? so far 80 percent say budget cuts. and 20 percent say tax hikes. s from baltimore writes, the governor should take a salary cut then we will really know he is serious. to read more responses go to, and click on question of the day. >> this week's weather was just what the doctor ordered. perfect. low humidity for the most part. nice. >> awesome. definitely headed into the weekend. on a good note. wouldn't you say jeff? >> we had a beautiful day today. five to five for the work week and things for the weekend will change a bit. but most of the weekend should be dry. but there is a cold front moving through that will allow for rain
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showers to develop. right now, overnight, radar, a clear sweep across the nation, and temperatures right now, we were on the low side. 82 degrees was the high for today. currently 74 degrees. 72 in d.c.. and 74 degrees in hagerstown. and 61 degrees in oakland maryland. so here is the next day planner. waking up with sunshine again. 61 degrees at 6 a.m. and the clouds will be on the increase for tomorrow. 79 by noon. and then rain showers late in the afternoon and evening hours. and then actually headed for another warm up, close to 90. and i will break it all down, in the seven-day forecast. coming up in a few minutes. flush. >> small electrical fire causes a manhole cover to blow off on a downtown baltimore street. fire crews were called to saratoga and utah before 8:30. when they arrived, officials found the manhole blown off with smoke showing. fire had gone out by itself and the intersection is reopen. >> the theater historical society of america salutes the former owner of the senator theater.
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today society officials present him with an award for creating theater history. the group's president said it is clear that he has given his all to preserve the senator. also hoping to throw some support to keep the financially strapped theater afloat. >> i lovingly call it the perfect poster child for single stream endangered movie theaters in america. >> the senator is set to go to auction july 22. . >> tonight anne arundel county officials want swimmers to know about health hazards at a local beach. apparently there are extremely high bacteria levels at lower cat tail creek. health officials say anyone that comes in to contact with the water could end up sick. advisory signs have been posted in the area. >> and the new york times considers charging readers that get their news online. the company is hoping anyone that does not already subscribe to the paper would be willing to
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pay $5 a month for website access. people that want to log on, even though they get the print edition, would have their fee cut in half. a decision on the proposal could be made within a month. . >> preparing for sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearings. what are supporters and detractors saying ahead of the big event next week. >> it is the obligation of the bishop to say no. >> protesting a abortion, and sonia sotomayor. why some say a state senator's vote on the nomination should keep her from receiving communion. >> one day i was home and decided if you want to do it. >> tennessee mantra travels across sev
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>> opening statements scheduled
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monday for the confirmation hearing of sonia sotomayor. fox's jennifer davis is in washington with a closer look at how the nominee and her critics are getting ready for the big event. >> sonia sotomayor he could soon be the first hispanic on the high court. first she has to make it through the confirmation hearings, begin monday. and behind the scene preps are in high gear. >> you want her worst day to be in preparation not with the camera are on, and she is sitting in front of the real-life senate. >> democrats say they are expecting a swift and smooth confirmation for a woman that earned the highest possible ratings from the american bar association. supporters say they have impeccable credentials and life story. >> she will be confirmed. i would hope though that senators will make up their mind based on what they hear, in the hearing. we have a fair hearing. >> senator republicans have questions about her record on gun rates, abortion, and race. the appeals court judge said in 2001 that a wise latino woman
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could reach a better conclusion than a white man. >> i am not going to vote for a judge that believes that personal background, their agenda can affect how they give justice to two parties before them. >> one of her rulings sure to get attention is the case involving job advancement for white firefighters. the supreme court overturned last month. >> tickets for the hearings will be made available to the public. so capital police are warning senators and staffers to expect a crush of people on capitol hill next week. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. >> very controversial pro-life activist is protesting in the city of baltimore. randall terry and his group operation rescue lifted their voices outside of the basilica of assumption today. target is barbara mikulski and her vote on the sonia sotomayor issue. and asking the bishop to withhold communion from mikulski who is catholic if she votes for
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sotomayor. >> when someone is in open defiance of the church teaching. and bringing scandal. obligation of the bishop to say no you may not present yourself for holy communion until you repent and get your life together publicly. >> senator mckilling ski is a proponent of women's rights and a spokesperson with the archdioceses said the bishop is handling the matter privately. no word tonight from senator mikulski. >> ronald burris said he will not seek reelection next year. first few months in office have been dogged by scandal, including a perjury investigation. today he announced that he doesn't think he can raise enough money to fund his campaign. burris is the nation's only african american senator. he was named to the senate after obama became president by disgraced former governor rod blagojevich. >> bob dole is recovering well after undergoing surgery. 85-year-old former senator and presidential candidate was
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admitted to walter reed army medical center last week. doctors found he had an elevated heart rate and open sores on legs that needed treatment. in a statement dole said he hopes to be out of the hospital in time for his birthday july 22. >> well supposed to be a hot weekend but are storms on the way as well? >> well, lets check in with meteorologist jessica starr. to find that out. >> all right. checking in. we could see a couple of showers and storms late in the afternoon hours saturday into sunday. overnight tonight, dealing with a beautiful night. 74 at the inner harbour. winds out of the south at 3 miles per hour. and the humidity is up a bit at 68 percent. that's what we will notice overnight tonight. and for the daytime saturday. deal with sunshine again for the daytime tomorrow. and start to feel more muggy out there tomorrow. as we have a cold front off to the west. fired up showers and storms in the ohio valley. earlier today. in heat of the day. those are weakened a bit. and they could fire back up for tomorrow. ahead of the cold front, we are still sitting in the warm and
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humid sector of the system. as you can see, the winds, strong. out of the south right now at 12. and when the winds are out of the south it allows for the moisture. and the warmer air to move into the state of maryland. and that will increase the instability for the daytime tomorrow. so putting this in to motion for you. humid air mass moving toward our area overnight. tomorrow, 9 a.m., wake up to wide spread sunshine again. and it will feel warmer out there as the cold front inches closer. most of the day dry. and on the future scan model, 11:00, we could see a chance for wide spread rain showers and embedded thunderstorms as well. with the passing of the cold front. but most of it should pretty much weaken. 7 a.m. sunday. most of the cold front should be off to the atlantic ocean. wake up to some clouds on sunday. but then gradually clearing throughout the day. so another dry day sunday. most of the day dry. and high pressure system builds in here nicely. sunday evening to monday. and bring in pleasant conditions again for the daytime on sunday and for the work week as well.
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beach cast. if you are headed over to ocean city. decent weekend again in the 80s. mix of sun and clouds for saturday and sunday. and the chance for showers early in the day on sunday. because the cold front will take longer to get toward the eastern shore. so we could see thunderstorms in the early morning hours. but otherwise, most of the weekend will be dry. and a nice day to be over in ocean city. and central maryland. not a bad day either. temperatures in the mid 80s. 85 for baltimore and columbia and annapolis and decent day on the bay. although small craft advisory in effect. temperatures around 84 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 10-to-15 miles per hour. so strong winds and a little bit of a strong chop as well. 1-to-3-foot. and five-day forecast. saturday 85. 86 on sunday. not a washout completely. and best chance for showers late afternoon saturday and morning sunday. and dry and sunny behind the cold front. 84 on monday. 83 on tuesday. and 84 degrees partly sunny skies next wednesday. that's a look at the five day. look at the seven-day forecast where there could be 90s coming up next week in a few
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minutes. . >> get this. it is paws up next week for the first pets only airline. pet airways is already booked for its first trip. each flight has room for 32 crates in the main cabin and fares start at $150.01 way. furry flights make stops to make sure pets have a bathroom break. and treats. check out this souped up wagon. after retiring this tennessee man built a wheeled contraption complete with a shower, radio and sleeping area. then jack took the wagon pulled by two mules all the way from tennessee to phoenix. >> one day i was sitting home and decided to do it. called up my sister. >> sure. i will see you when you get here. >> it took him 92 days to cross seven states. >> florida couple is celebrating the birth of twins. for the third time. it is a rare medical statistic.
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twins do run in the family. but the couple used fertility treatments. kathleen and nick love the four boys but wanted to try for a girl. well, they got their girl, and another boy. >> the older siblings are happy to have a new brother and sister, but mom and dad can stop at six. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". idol fever takes over the sunshine state. how many people showed up at thursday's auditions. >> o's were trying to take game one against the blue jays.
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>> the o's begin the final series in the first half of the regular season tonight. playing the first of three against the visiting blue jays. and before the game, the o's
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reinstated shortstop atur rush from the emergency list. emergency appendectomy. david hernandez, came to make room for him on the roster. cecil starting for the blue jays. maryland grad. he was lights out tonight. bottom of the first. gets jones hacking at a breaking ball. in the second, huff goes down swinging. next batter. cecil gets reimold chasing. he had five strike outs in six scoreless innings. what a performance. top of the fifth. blue jays up. chavez up with a runner on third. lines it past mora. rios comes down. chavez rolls into second with a double. toronto up. beat the o's in game one of the series. >> if you watch tonight's game you noticed the o's skipper not on the beverage. because dave trembley was suspended for two games and fined undisclosed amount by baseball for inappropriate
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actions leading up to and following the ejection in tuesday's game in seattle. dave trembley was tossed in the first inning after arguing a call in which reimold was not awarded home on a mariner's overthrow that sailed into the seats. served game one tonight. and game two is tomorrow night. bench coach will manage the team tomorrow as well. >> after setting a new world record in the mens 100-meter butterfly last night. michael phelps had disappointing news for fans this morning at the u.s. national swimming championships. final day of competition. 14 time olympic gold medalist withdrew this morning from the 100-meter free style because of a sore neck. he swam through the pain while setting the record last night in the 100-meter fly. the baltimore bullet has already qualified for the world championships in the 100 had, 200-meter butterfly and free style. so probably also swim in three relace in rome. >> the world championships begin
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on june 26. back to you. . >> american idol host ryan seacrest earning his pay big time in florida yesterday spending hours at amway arena and greeting hopefuls auditioning for idol. 10,000 people showed up. hoping to impress the judges and win a ticket to hollywood. you can catch last season's top 10 right here in the city of baltimore. idol's live tour stops at first mariners august 5.
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. >> prepare for a warmup next week. >> here comes jessica starr with one more look at the seven-day forecast. will we need the spf? >> we will. it is july.
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if you are out and about or at a pool, use the sunscreen. 85 for a high temperature tomorrow. and a good chance for some rain showers late in the day. but most of the day will be dry. and then sunday lingering rain shower. 86 degrees. and clearing hours. so the weekend is looking not all too bad. and then once the cold front pushes through. the work week is looking dry. and gradually warming up again. 84 degrees on monday. 83 degrees on tuesday. 84 degrees with partly cloudy skies wednesday. thursday will be hot. close to 90 degrees. with partly cloudy skies. and friday 86 with partly cloudy skies. >> that's a look at the seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> all right. jessica.
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