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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 15, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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they really believe that this man saw quite a bit. >> the clues this person could give in the deaths of two teens on the light rail tracks. big step. >> a massive roundup of baltimore's most wanted. ride along with the baltimore police as they make the arrests. higher humidity as we move towards the end of the week. what that does to the chances of rain. and the new procedure doctors say will revolutionize the treatment of breast cancer. hello, i'm jennifer gilbert. >> and i'm jeff barnd. breaking news out of mount
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washington light rail station. police say a woman was struck by a train there. >> melinda is live with what happened there. >> reporter: it appears the woman was trying to cross the tracks behind me when she was suddenly struck by a light rail train. other riders say she was bleeding and does appear to have some injuries. she was rushed to the hospital. and we're told it does seem her injuries are not life-threatening. while we're until waiting for information from investigators, we did talk to other riders as to how this could have happened. to cross you would have to step out around the train to do so. they also saying many riders cross in a of hurry and there are curves on both sides of the tracks here, on both sides of this light rail stop, making it very difficult to see trains coming in either direction. so while they say it is very rare that someone is ever hit crossing the tracks, riders say
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they have seen plenty of near misses. mta officials are here on scene. they are still investigating and at that point the tracks are still open and operating on schedule. we'll have more details on this incident tonight for you at 10:00. reporting live in mount washington, melinda roeder, fox 45 news. police are trying toified eye a witness in the deaths of two teenagers by late rail two weeks ago. police use video to capture a witness. police say he's not in trouble in anyway, they just want to get that information. >> our detectives would like to sit down and talk to him about what he saw, what he experienced that day. >> the bodies of jared peterson and kyle wankmyer, were discovered on the traeufrpbgz. police say glen burnie are looking for a gunman this
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morning. officers found several shell casings around the body on summer rain court. >> initially i wake up and i hear gunshots coming off. there was four, pow, pow, pow, and a small, maybe two or two-second delay and three others. >> scary because you never expect nothing like this to happen in your neighborhood. you hear is in other people's neighborhoods. >> no word yet on the identity of the victim. the death of an elderly woman after a long illness. but they were shocked to learn her body was put in a freezer for weeks and prosecutors say that wasn't illegal. >> reporter: the exact cause of death has not been determine. relatives believe she died of natural causes but why they stored her body in a freeze surgeon still a mystery. police say 83-year-old doris lee cook actually died several weeks ago. her grandson said he believed
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his two aunts did not notify authorities of the death because they were shocked and one is mentally challenge. there's no law which forces family members to notify police if a loved one dies of natural causes. >> i find it to be outrageous that someone would just drop the bodies or put them in a freezer. i just find that's inhumane. >> reporter: state senator degrange says he plans to submit a bill next year that would require family members to report a death within 24 hours. that brings us to our question of the day, should there be a law requiring individuals to notify police of a death. go to and tell us what you think. your response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10. first on fox, nearly 100 law
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enforcement officers hit the streets of baltimore city to arrest suspected criminals. crime reporter joy lapolla joined the task force as they went to work. >> reporter: it's 3:30 and time for roll call. >> we had an exceptionally good day yesterday. we had 42 and 19. so hopefully we'll have the same success today. >> reporter: officers gear up for another sweep of the city. this is day two of a three-day operation. >> good morning. could you come downstairs for a second, please? we need to talk to you. >> reporter: teams from the task force are scattered across baltimore. they are attempting to serve a woman with a warrant for domestic violence. after several minutes of talking with those inside, officers find the woman they are after. a success as the team makes its first arrest. the decision is made to move on. next stop, a row home in cherry
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hill. >> looked vacant. >> reporter: officers are ready to move on of when out from behind the building walk a detective. >> that's why we cover the rear. >> reporter: it's another suspect with a domestic violence warrant. >> as soon as i went to peak, she's like doing that. i went through this already with her. that's why i don't understand what she's talking about. >> reporter: of what he does know is he's heading downtown. >> big step. radio is busy, that's good. >> reporter: over a three-day period it's expected more than 250 warrants will be served as officers with the regional warrant apprehension task force sweep the streets of baltimore for suspects. in east baltimore, fox 45 news at 10. a westminster man is sentenced to life in prison for killing a video store clerk. michael anderson pled guilty in april. gary hatfield was beaten and
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stabbed to death in 2008 at the h and d move store. that woman shot in the head in fells point yesterday has died. 48-year-old josephine had a criminal yesterday. it happened tuesday on south register street. police are searching for the gunman. officials push for cell phone jamming. secretary for the department of public safety and correctional services gary may in order -- maynard wants states to get legislation to jam it in prisons. the status of franchise superstar terrell thugs is resolved tonight. the raven linebacker agreed to a six-year contract for $63 million with a $33 million signing bonus making him now the highest paid defensive player in
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nfl history. >> i never wanted to be highest paid anything. you know what i mean? i'm not that guy. i don't care what the next man is getting. i just want it to be fair. >> he was. we'll have more on the record-breaking contract coming up in sports unlimited tonight. crews began resurfacing lombard street today. crews expect to keep at least three lanes open. and at least two lanes will be open during the later phase. the project should be completed by late fall. how is all of that effecting traffic tonight. candice stone has our traffic report. >> what a mess out there. we do have a lot to talk about in baltimore city. so we'll start with that rotary surfacing project. it's between president street and light street. cars from the east point south downtown to central avenue and hop on over to orleans street
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and down to mlk and the cars from the north exit off of north avenue. to make makes worse, we do have that construction to deal with and now we have an accident in the same vicinity. it's on lombard street. of course you do have those road closures at mountain rile avenue along cathedral street, preston street and oliver street as well. that's a look at your evening travels. jeff and jennifer, back to you. combatting crime. why some states say expanding gun rights is the answer. a warning tonight about cell phone scammers. how to protect yourself from identity theft.
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day three now for sonia sotomayor and her confirmation hearings for the supreme court. republican coren asked for an explanation for what he says are inconsistencies between
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sotomayor's statements this week and past speeches she has made. she said several times in the past a wise latina judge would make better conclusions than a height man. >> i understand that some people have understood them in a way that i never intended. >> as expected, democrats are pleased so far with sotomayor. republicans say they are not satisfied. gun rights are expanding now in two states. begins today people with concealed carry permits in the states of tennessee and arizona are allowed to bring their firearms into taverns and restaurants. but 85% of restauranteurs in tennessee say they plan to ban firearms in their establishments regardless of what this law says. >> we're not anti-gun. we're just pro business and feel this is a poor solution. >> give us the opportunity to protect ourself and our families. >> ten restaurant owners asked the judge to stop implementation of the new conceal carry law but
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they failed. a warning tonight about identity theft from using your cell phone. attorney general says new scams are targeting cell phones to get sensitive personal bank information. scammers are sending text messages disguised as our bank. he warns to never give out personal information unless you initiated the contact. students, parents and alumni all go to court to save towson catholic. about 100 people gathered outside the school last night to protest the closure. they filed an injunction yesterday hoping to keep the school open for the upcoming school year. they also filed a lawsuit. students say the announcement came too close to the new school year this fall. >> this is a school. this is where, you know, our generation and generations of the world now are going to grow up and learn around go out and fix the problems they are having
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right now. >> the archdiocese announced the closure last week because they are $60,000 in debt. federal stimulus money is sailing into baltimore. the city is set to receive almost $106 million to expand its commute ferry service. the stimulus dollars will be used to buy three books and make pier improvements in canton. >> it's really going to help us in our encouragement to people to use circular to connect with water taxi. >> a free water tax service is set to begin later this year. absolutely beautiful day today, blue skies shining again. >> sounds like a broken record. what's in store for tomorrow and beyond. here's a first look at your sky watch 4 whr-bgt. >> we're talking about nice conditions out there, plenty of sunshine. it's kind of making up some of
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the sun that we lacked last month with all that heavy rainfall but it looks like we are seeing a little bit of dry conditions out there. looking at our time lapse, look at all the activity down there. folks milling around, pretty decent day. no rain as we see people on the go. we'll see things getting a little quieter as we see the sun setting out there. looking at our hd radar we can see not any activity in the immediate area. looking at dry conditions around baltimore, up around harrisburg. that could be changing as we get down the road with a warm front approaching from the west and they will give us a of chance for showers and thunderstorms. radar composite showing a little rain over virginia, a lot of activity over kentucky, northern tennessee, just west of nashville looking at heavy thunderstorms and southern portions of missouri. all that riding along a frontal boundary that's going to start to effect us as we get into the
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late afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. 88 degrees downtown. inner harbor, looking at 86 in d.c. a nice, warm day and we will continue to see those temperatures drop a little bit. mainly clear conditions tonight. winds out of the south at 5 to 10. looks like that heat will stick around for another day and we'll have to talk about some thunderstorm activity as well. we'll have our weekend forecast in a few minutes. the new harry potter movie hits theaters and the devotion soars to new levels at one area
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doctors may have discovered a way to treat breast cancer without surgery using a method where doctors freeze the tumor to kill the abnormal cells. first a probe is inserted in the breast. the tip is placed into the middle of the tumor and becomes very cold to freeze the tumor. doctors hope this will revolutionize breast cancer treatment. >> this really could be the way we treat breast cancers ten years from now. >> the concept of freezing tumors isn't new and has been shown to be effective. the procedure is done in the office and talks about 20 minutes. it's in clinical trials right
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now. it's down now to the top ten finalists on "so you think you can dance". that means you'll find some changes on the show. the top consist enters will now perform solo routines instead of being paired with a partner. the contestantses' fates now lie in hands. >> we're learning now pieces all the time and having that influx of information sometimes you forget little things in the choreography, so there's people who pick up on that and remember, that's whose going to win. >> now you can see the remaining finalists on "so you think you can dance" tonight at 8 p.m., tomorrow at 9 p.m. all right here on fox 45. at least in one local theater, harry potter devotion has reached a new level. at regal cinemas in hunt valley
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fans sold out all 11 midnight showings of harry potter and the half blood prince. this time the theater made the unique move to add another showing after the midnight shows let out. that meant fans of the sixth movie and successful franchise had to make a bold decision. >> well, we tried to come at midnight but it was sold out and 3:30 seemed like an adventure. >> that's right, about 100 people came out for the 3:30 a.m. show this morning that ended at 6:15. as popular as the movie is, it has a long way to go to break the record for a wednesday opening. transformers 2 set the new mark two weeks ago raking in 60 million in just one day. terrell thugs will be playing here in baltimore for the next six years. we get t sizzle's reaction to that record-breaking contract next in sports.
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welcome back. late last night some 16 hours before the deadline the ravens and terrell thugs got their deal done and a big deal it is. gets a contract believed to be the largest ever given a defensive player in nfl history. the deal is massive, six years, $63 million, 38 of that guaranteed. the 26-year-old who has 53 career sacks had been given the franchise tag which would have earned him 10.2 million so the ravens saved 3 million under the cap. he knows there's a lot of money and knows now he has to prove he's worth it. >> i'm going to continue to be the dominant player that i've all been. with me being 26 that my best years are ahead of me, so i'm
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just looking forward to showing him that they didn't make a mistake and that you got the right guy. >> more from him tonight. last night president barack obama threw out the first pitch at babe's all-star game. he hit albert pujols on the fly. a lot of pressure there. adam jones, the lone oriole all-star. bottom of the eighth, two on, two out. the philly slugger goes down swinging. the nasty pitch from joe nathan. mariano rivera got a 1, 2, 3 given the third-straight all-star win 4-3. we'll here more on the long-term deal given to terrell. plus kristin previews the second
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half of the season for the o's. it's all coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited. there's rain on the way. let's look at the sky watch forecast. >> we could see some showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. but today it looks pretty good out there. mainly some sunshine, just a few fair weather cumulus clouds. we'll get more clearing as we get into the overnight. sky cam can looking towards the inner harbor. a very nice afternoon, evening. 85 degrees, a few clouds scattered in the area, winds out of the south southwest at 9 and humidity levels at 40%. as far as what's going on on hd radar, back to the west a few popup showers offer the mountains of west virginia down towards charleston and south of clarksburg. looks like we will continue to see the moisture and activity west of us. we'll get a little more cloud cover possibly moving in for parts of tomorrow. regional temperatures across the area, you can see 88 degrees
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down at bwi. back in hagerstown looking at 88 degrees. warm temperatures to work with over the next couple of days as we see a warm front approach from the west, a chance of showers and thunderstorms pop up through the afternoon. on and off showers possible so keep the umbrellas nearby because we'll be possibly needing them across the area. our seven-day forecast showing a high of 88 tomorrow. 30% chance for some showers on friday, 88 degrees. 80 and 81 on saturday and sunday. temperatures slightly cooler with less humidity and we'll stay in the hoer 80s for the next few days leading us into next week. >> thanks so much. that will do it for fox 45 news at 5:30.


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