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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 17, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> you can't put these people back into the real-world. until they have learned something. >> questioning the juvenile justice system. the new twist in the shooting of a 5-year-old that sparked more criticism. >> it is always too soon to say goodbye. >> a popular businessman is murdered. the mystery over why a robbery turned deadly. >> rain arises but so far we have avoided the worst of the storms. chance of showers coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> broadcasting ledge dies. why so many viewers admired walter cronkite. live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. karen hamp tonight off. crime and justice investigation into how the swine flu played a role in the release of la maintain davis. joy lepola has the story you are seeing first on fox.
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>> new details surrounding a case that is unraveling at the department of juvenile services. fox 45 has uncovered in mid june, the department was scrambling to get as many juveniles as possible out of the city's detention center. because of a swine flu outbreak. >> on june 16, the department of juvenile services confirmed there was an hire outbreak at its facility here on day street. that's when sources close to the system, tell me a number of emergency hearings were called. lamont davis' case came two days after the outbreak. >> fox 45 has obtained the court order from that proceeding. and it clearly shows the detention review hearing took place on the 19th. but it wasn't until we reviewed the court proceeding on dbd that we had a chance to hear firsthand what was said. the prosecutor starts out addressing the master.
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saying, "your honor when we spoke yesterday you expressed some curiosity and concern over the underlying offense." it was robbery in the end, master james casey remanded casey back to the department. three days later, the department of juvenile services makes the decision to release davis on gps. a move one state lawmaker said was clearly a mistake. >> you cannot put these people back into the real-world, until they have learned something. >> senator jim broshen sits on the judicial proceedings committee. >> the person that holds the department accountable is the governor. and it is not going away until we have leadership at the top saying we will do an overhaul. >> internal investigation is pending. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> prosecutors announce the indictment on attempted murder earlier this evening. he is held without bail. >> a convicted killer is arrested in connection with
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steve mcnair's murder. feds say adrian gilman provided the gun that killed the qua quarterback. sahel kazemi shot him july 4. she also killed herself. >> as this investigation progressed we learned that mr. gill ham was convicted of murder and armed robbery in florida. if you are a convicted felon you cannot possess a gun, sell t keep it, do anything with it. >> a-t-f tracked the first purchase to a pawnshop then on to gill ham. >> breaking news and very sad news out of new york. long time cbs anchor man walter cronkite has died. died after a lengthy illness with his family at his side. walter cronkite often referred to as the most trusted man in america. he was the face of cbs news from 1962 to 1981. the cronkite years included things like vietnam, watergate
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and all the moon landings and showed a lot of emotion. great emotion. while anchoring emotion of john f. kennedy assassination. >> president kennedy died at 1 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. >> walter cronkite was 92. >> also breaking news in baltimore county tonight. firefighters are battling a massive blaze currently in essex. flames broke out about an hour ago at a warehouse in the 1000 block of hedge mahele avenue. three alarm place. the building is collapseing and there are propane tanks on the property. >> two children in critical condition tonight after fire broke out at 5 p.m. at oak ridge apartments in riverdale. firefighters found the boys not breathing. rushed to the hospital. it is unclear whether an adult was in the apartment at the time. >> firefighters battled a major blaze at a or fain age in
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catonsville. 9:00 pm last night. in the 200 block of blooms barry avenue. one firefighter had minor injuries, no one else hurt. >> police say they are looking for two suspects, in the fatal shooting of a man inside of a liquor store in baltimore county. keith daniels has the latest from fullerton with the latest. >> it is always too soon to say goodbye. >> thomas sanchez has a sympathy card. >> these are many who care about you. >> he is writing words in memory of a friend. >> i feel sorry for his wife. you know. >> others are bringing flowers and outpouring of people paying their last respects for june kaine. the owner of putty hill liquors. >> everyone knows him. sad it has to happen. i don't understand why people have to do things like that. they didn't have to shoot him. >> happened at 9:00 thursday night at the store, in the 7900
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block of belair road. investigators say kang was behind the counter, when two men, one with a handgun walked into the store. there was an attempted robbery and then gun fire. investigators found kang dead, lying on the floor. with a bullet to the upper body. >> this city is murdering everyone. it is too sad. >> at a nearby store, this man was working. >> i am down there. i did not hear or see anything. before you know it, it was police all over. >> investigators know what provoked the shooting but they are not releasing the details. police say there was a customer inside the store, but that person was not hurt. they say after the shooting, the suspects ran away. >> i hope they find them. >> putty hill liquors is a business temporarily closed. >> i lost my best friend, and he
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is never coming back. >> and the owner, gone. >> i am going to miss you kang. upset about the whole thing. >> keith daniels reporting there. police are working with a vague description of the suspects. hoping surveillance video captured by cameras in and outside of the shop will help. with the investigation. >> and in other news. 15-year-old is behind bars for the murder of a elkton woman. robert ervin charged with murder, rape and assault. 26-year-old jennifer thompson was killed in her house last weekend. ervin confessed to fatally stabbing thompson that was pregnant. he will be tried as an adult. >> police rule yesterday's death in northeast baltimore as a homicide. man's body was discovered inside of a car in the 3400 block of lake mont bellow drive. body found thursday, but police think it could have been there for days. >> some clubs and stores on baltimore block are cited for underage drinking.
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liquor stores lost their license for selling to minors. and fined three strip clubs. >> u.s. capital police officer and two people were shot last night. pg county police say it happened in an apartment near the nasa space flight center. we are told a girl was grazed by a bullet in that area. officers injuries are not believed to be life threatening. but a third man is in serious condition tonight. >> another person is sentenced to life for his role in killing murder witness carl lackl. 23-year-old frank goodman received two life sentences plus another 55 years. two years ago patrick byers used a contraband cell phone from inside of bars to coordinate the murder. >> economy is taking a toll on the city. the mayor ordered all departments to slash 5 percent from the operating budgets and deliver proposed cuts to the mayor next week.
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the city has already lost nearly $40 million of revenue from the state. >> we are going to be impacted. we want to minimize the pain. but it will affect moving forward in this fiscal year. >> no word tonight if layoffs will be necessary. mayor sheila dixon said the 5 percent reduction will become effective immediately. >> state unemployment inches upward again to 7.3 percent. maryland's june statistics were released today. national rate rose to 9.5 percent, and the department of labor said while the state average is lower than the nationwide average, too many marylanders are affected by the recession. >> maryland's economy is struggling, of course, but that's not true with sales of lottery tickets apparently. 1.7 billion tickets were sold in the last year alone. and the increased revenue, of course is one of the bright spots for the state's coffers, john rydell has more. >> number 20. how many? >> two. >> phen wick choice meats beef is not the only thing for sale.
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>> buy the mega millions hoping to win. >> selling a chance to strike it rich. and despite the lingering recession, sales of lottery tickets are suddenly booming. >> when we come over for lunch we play keno five games. and which is about how long it takes us to eat lunch. see how much we have lost and keep on going. >> many folks that play the lottery are winning. >> lottery officials say the big winners last year played pick 3 and pick 4, that paid out $40 million more than the previous year. partly due to big payouts for those that bet repeating numbers like seven, seven, seven. >> so these numbers hit extraordinarily often. more than the norm. and players were successful, and hopefully reinvesting in the general economy and the lottery. >> some say the surge in lottery is a surge of desperation among players. >> people lose jobs, that is the
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people that can least afford to by the tickets are the ones lured into it. >> lottery officials say no one is forms the public to play. they are choosing to do so because they have a chance to win. >> it is a voluntary contribution, in a sense, and if they aren't going to win, it does help state. >> thank you, sir. good luck. >> federal hill, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> lottery officials report $493 million in revenue last year alone. >> well, weather wise are the skies going to clear up for the weekend? meteorologist jessica starr has a look at the sky watch forecast. beautiful all week long. and right on the weekend it is starting to get rain. >> felt like july today with the humidity out there. but things are actually clearing up. we have one last isolated shower in the vicinity. but besides that, cold front is moving through, and the weekend is looking pretty nice. moving, in on the cell. south of frederick, on top of charlestown. heavy rain showers. maybe isolated lightning as well
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with the line of showers and storms. but otherwise, 72 degrees with isolated showers, in the vicinity. and then at 6 a.m., things clear out. mostly cloudy skies. with breezy conditions. and by noon for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. and 80 degrees, with nice conditions. and lower humidity for the weekend. but there are some rain showers in the forecast. i will have that coming up in just a few minutes. >> okay jessica thank you. you can be in charge of your own personalize weather forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track coming storms right down to your home. go to is and click on i-radar. >> the largest free arts festival in the nation is now underway tonight. myranda stephens live at artscape where it is finally drying out tonight. myranda? >> that's right. it was a soggy start to the year year artscape. and the rain is gone. and it is a beautiful night out here. for folks. you can see a lot of folks still down here. enjoying the festival. some waving to us.
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and as you noted, artscape is known as america's largest free art festival. but to keep it that way, in this economy, organizers say they did have to cutback their budget by about $200,000. that meant they also had to cut the number of national acts performing this year. but they are trying to keep a balance of entertainment by bringing in more local entertainers. >> in the past we have had national acts on the secondary stage. and so this year, we are concentrating them all on the main stage. so this time, all the main acts are on the main stage. and then we have the secondary stages too. >> organizers expect as many as 500,000 people to turnout for this artscape this year. and, of course, that is a three day festival, that will be going on. it will wrap up tonight -- or i am sorry, sunday night. we're live in mount royal, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right myranda. through the weekend, for all the events log onto
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and click on "news links". >> program gps to get us home. >> gps devices give you comfort to safely find your way. in tonight's cover story, how they could be putting you in harm's way. >> a lot of press out of these kind of promotions. we sell a lot of cars and we have a lot of fun. >> car dealer, offering some fire power. why you buy their horsepower. >> we have to bend the cost on health care. >> billons of dollars going to fix america's health care. but why lawmakers say plans will not reduce medical costs. stay with us.
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>> president obama urges congress not to lose heart over the difficulties of health care reform. at the white house earlier today, he told lawmakers to make sure they act on recommendations to limit medicare and medicaid spending. pushing congress to pass a health care overhaul before the august break. >> now, we have to get over the finish line. and part of this process is figuring out how to pay for it. i have said that health insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade. and i mean it. >> the president said he is absolutely convinced health care reform will happen some time this year. >> but some house democrats are complaining that the white house is actually slowing down the process of health care reform.
10:18 pm
dana bass explains. >> it was a democrat that asked the question. will any of their health care plans actually reduce skyrocketing medical costs? the answer, no. >> in the legislation it has been reported, we do not see the sort of fundamental changes that would be necessary to reduce the trajectory of health care by a significant amount. and on the contrary, the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs. >> with that, head of the congressional budget office that words carry enormous weight in congress, dealt democrats a devastating blow. since president obama repeatedly said curbing health care costs is a central goal of reform. >> i have said some clear parameters in terms of what i want to achieve. we have to bend the cost curve on health care. >> cbo director warned democrats's plan would raise
10:19 pm
costs because many, including the president, are resisting what he calls a critical element to keeping medical spending down. taxing employer provided health care benefits. it had been one of the ways of bipartisan group of senators planned to pay for health care reform. now that it is off the table they are having trouble making the numbers add up. and in a stunningly candid moment. the chairman blamed the president. >> basically, the president is not helping us. with the tax exclusion off the table, it is difficult to come up revenue measures, and other savings measures. >> because of the president's prodding to move faster, there had been hope for a bipartisan deal this week. but that's no longer in the cards. >> dana bash reporting. the question of the day. is it worth spending $1 trillion
10:20 pm
on universal health care reform? 15 percent say yes. 85 percent say no. stephen from parkville writes, universal health care is not worth it. longer waits for surgeries and such. look at canada. the health care system does need to be changed but universal health care will not work. we will have more of your responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> big banks post earnings today. still making money. bank of america startled wall street saying it earned more than $2 billion in the second quarter. citigroup reports more than $4 billion these companies are still holding taxpayer bailout money. combined total of over $100 billion. >> well, the death of michael jackson is shedding light on the growing concern over prescription medication. latest in the probe shows the king of pop may have been targeting dentists to get his hand on pain medication. experts say the tactic begins with patients calling dentists complaining of pain, the dentist schedules an appointment, and
10:21 pm
gives them pain killers to tied them over. >> at the moment somebody hangs up the phone on me, i know they are literally going down the book, calling the next one in the yellow pages. hoping someone will write them a prescription. >> it will take longer than expected to complete the autopsy as well. it was expected to be complete, you may recall, this week or early next week. >> a baltimore church said it is overrun by cats. now the congregation is trying to do something about it, which has some animal activists upset. melinda roeder in northeast baltimore with the latest on the story. >> pretty much tried to own this area. >> at north side baptist church there is one pesky problem. the thick tree line behind the church is a wooded refuge for wild unwanted cats. >> church has been patient in watching this situation with the cats, you know, evolve. >> the pastor said the cats have been a problem for years but recently began to move in closer on the congregation.
10:22 pm
and claiming their territory, by leaving feces around the lawn, even scaring you did kids that prey and play here. >> we make sure the membership knows not to approach them. >> a group of animal lovers have been feeding them. when possible, they trap them and have them neutered. >> we know our cats, check on them. feed them. count them. >> still the cats manage to multiply. >> once we found out there was not just one colony but two. so if there are 2:niece there can be three. >> at least 35 cats conted so far. so a couple of weeks ago, the pastor ordered the volunteers to feed the feeding -- move the feeding stations off the property. he wants them relocates, but where? >> where do you want me to put them. someone else's backyard? >> the church offered to keep the cat food on the edge of the property away from people. >> we thought it was a very, amicable solution. >> both sides are hoping a compromise can work, or the
10:23 pm
battle of felines and the faithful may only fester. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> neighbors who live near the church think the cat colony began years and years ago when someone dumped two unwanted cats in that spot. residents in northwest baltimore city and baltimore county are under mandatory restrictions for water use tonight. officials say 150,000 residents need to curve water consumption for one week, at the least. because of repair work on a 54-inch main. and, of course the recent dry spell. >> under the restrictions, residents cannot water lawns period. also don't serve water in restaurants unless requested. and don't wash the car, trailer or any boats. >> a million dollars mistake ends in a land swap in baltimore county, $1.3 million home built on the wrong plot of land. land apparently that belonged to the city. the owner made an honest mistake. beautiful home. so this week the city made a deal to swap their plot of land for his.
10:24 pm
>> better weather is moving in for the weekend. tell you what day will be a deal for spending time outside. coming up. >> they broke into my passenger side window out and took my gps. >> something more and more of us rely on to get around. in tonight's cover story. how your gps system can put you at-risk. >> and if you are in the market for a new car, and a new
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. >> a warning tonight about the modern gadget tree, something most of us rely on every day to get around. but it could be putting you at-risk. tisha thompson reports. >> do you ever wonder how we got around before gps? no fussy maps. no confusing directions. >> give me the gas station, atm. other things. restaurant address. >> turn right on wisconsin avenue northwest. >> a voice of your choice. showing you exactly where to go. >> it does a lot more than test directions. >> but sales have jumped, so have break-ins. >> broke out the window and took the gps.
10:28 pm
>> i believe, that the majority are being sold out on the street. >> now police are concerned, about savvy crooks going one step further. robbing you blind, with just one simple touch. on your gps. >> since we all program our gps to get us home from where we are, so we hit home. >> thieves breaking into cars and using the gps inside to locate the owner's address, knowing they are not home. it is not hard. we borrowed 5 gps units from our co-workers. and in one afternoon, easily found where they all live. >> 8.4 miles from here. >> after 300 yards, turn left. >> from dc to arlington. silver springs to glen burnie, all by just hitting the home button. even finding out where they like to eat. and shop. >> she has been to target. >> you are saying come take me. >> the sergeant is with the maryland national park police,
10:29 pm
she has heard of cases around the country, but so far none in our area. >> no, we don't have a problem here. but we don't want to have a problem here. >> that's why park police will be doing a little snooping this summer. >> if you look in here, you have a gps here. another one here. >> we will be sending you a postcard, on this date, on this location, we saw this in plain view. >> warning people to leave it at home and lock it up. >> because your gps is in plain view and you should not leave it or any of the accessories out. >> weinstein has heard of thefts. >> try to get in the glove compartment so it is not obvious. >> on this day he left his gps on the dash. >> i will think about it more now. for sure. absolutely. >> some pawn shops started to think about it too, since stolen items can end up there. >> we do sell a lot of the gps. >> michael said he often sees units with private information.
10:30 pm
he started requiring id from the person selling it. >> we always try to match up a person's name, in the gps unit if they have it in there with the id when they come in to tell us the item or pawn it. >> you can avoid all the risks with a few easy steps. hide your home or work address in the gps. don't list them under the home key. never leave your gps in the vehicle. just concealing it doesn't work. >> if you do what we call the dip and lean over and tuck it around your seat, you have told where you are putting. >> wipe away the suction marks on the window. target for thieves. and lock your doors. >> the professional thieves out there watching you as you pull into a parking lot. >> hoping you will let down your guard. giving them a road map to rob you. >> tisha thompson report. >> . police say hide paperwork with private information and garage
10:31 pm
door openers that could give crooks direct access to your house. >> we really are different in the big city dealers. >> fire power when you buy horsepower. a promotion offered by one car dealer. >> peanut butter in the middle, or chocolate. >> making a delicious dash through the city, why you should read your tweets before searching for treats. fios guy! where ya headed?
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and get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. . >> well, definitely felt more like mid july today. temperatures in the mid 80s, and the humidity levels were up today. we did see some scattered and isolated showers and thunderstorms hours. and we are still dealing with one last line of showers, and isolated thunderstorms just south of frederick. pretty much right on top of hillsboro.
10:34 pm
isolated thunderstorm cell as well as a bigger picture showing you that we have a cold front moving through the area. and that is what fired up the showers and thunderstorms earlier for today. showing you the bigger picture. stronger storms down to the south into richmond virginia as they have a lot of warnings as well. tornado watches as well. for us, we will be clearing, and looking live down at the inner harbour. nice night. things clearing up a bit. partly cloudy skies. current temperature around 74. with the winds out of the east-northeast at 5 miles per hour. and the humidity is still up at 87 percent. that slowly will go down through the overnight hours. and through the daytime for saturday as well. but look at these temperatures. we were in the mid 80s for today. and we are in the middle of july. but these temperatures don't look like we are in the month of july out there. 74 degrees in baltimore. 67 degrees in harrisburg. and 63 degrees in pittsburg. and 68 degrees in cleveland. temperatures for us, will be dropping into the mid 60s. and this trough is upper level trough is bringing down these
10:35 pm
colder temperatures. 63 degrees in omaha and 69 in st. louis. so mid july cool down from the cold front that currently pushed through the area and currently pushing through right now. allowing for rain showers to the north. and sprinkles in our area. for tomorrow morning, 9 a.m., partly cloudy skies. and things on a decrease, and increase. and sunshine for the most of the day tomorrow. dry day in store. temperatures in the mid 80s for tomorrow. and right around 5:00, nice day in store for us, for saturday. and the weekend looking nice. and even a better day for sunday. less humid conditions and wide spread sunshine for the daytime sunday. and then as the high pressure continues to stay around into sunday evening as well. beach cast, forecast, if you are headed over toward the eastern shore forecast. for the weekend. not too bad. couple of rain showers, in the morning. but otherwise, a lot of sunshine. and a lot of sunshine yet again on sunday. with the temperatures in the mid 80s. so pretty nice weekend if you are headed down to the ocean this weekend. and into central maryland.
10:36 pm
high temperature for tomorrow. 86. partly cloudy skies. for baltimore and columbia. and wind will be strong behind the cold front. so strong northwest winds. around 10 to 20 miles per hour. bay cast for tomorrow. wewe have a small craft advisory in effect, in the morning hours. and then things will be decreasing in the afternoon hours. 84 on the bay. partly cloudy skies. winds out of the west 10-to-15. and waves 1-to-2-foot chop. five-day forecast. stays below normal with temperatures, 86 on saturday. and sunday is looking like one of the best days. 83. low humidity. mostly sunny skies. perfect weekend. and then things kind of stay a bit unsettled as we head toward the middle of the beginning of the week. work week. 82 on monday. 81 on tuesday. 83 on wednesday. not a washout. but the potential and the chance for isolated thunderstorms develop in the afternoon hours. monday, tuesday, wednesday. now, remember fox 45 sky watch weather is at your fingertips.
10:37 pm
i-radar is available at you can use the radar to see when rain or snow is over your house. go to and click on i-radar. . >> a missouri car dealership gets creative to move cars off the lot by offering a fire power. when someone purchases some horsepower. >> we get a lot of press out of these promotions. we sell a lot of cars and have fun. >> buy a truck, get an ak-47. an upgrade to an earlier promotion that offered $250 voucher toward a gun. now upping the ante to $450 voucher. but customers must pass the background check before they can purchase the assault rifle. >> car crashes into a home in pg county this morning. scene this morning in upper marlboro. roof collapsed leaving the driver collapsed.
10:38 pm
rescued and flown to the hospital. cause is unknown tonight. >> multi-million dollar home in ruins after a fast-moving fire sweeps through. the miami beach castle like mansion could not be saved. as firefighters on land and water both fought to bring the fire under control. billowing smoke, according to eye witnesses, could be seen for miles. >> on obesity becoming a racial issue. why the cdc says your ethnicity america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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>> update on breaking news. firefighters are still on the scene of a massive blaze in he says sex. flames broke out about an hour ago at a warehouse. in the 1000 block of hinge man avenue. three-alarm blaze. and building has collapsed and there are propane tanks on the property. more on the story tonight on our "late edition" beginning at 11:00. . >> 57-year-old air force veteran becomes the first successful double hand transplant recipient. jeff of the state of georgia lost his hands and feet after a severe infection. surgery took about nine hours and several surgeries, of
10:42 pm
course. doctors say it may be two years before he can use his hands but so far everything seems to be going well. >> new numbers show stein sex is on the rise. cdc said more teens have babies between 2006 and 2007 than in previous years. and young people also contracted stds at a higher rate. the trend signals an end to the large decline in sex related health issues among teens in previous years. >> and new survey finds blacks may be among the most obese of americans. the cdc said close to 36 percent of african-americans are obese. now the findings are not surprising, since minorities are often the poorest americans. according to cdc socimproeconomic status is an indicator of obesity. >> college students looking to make cash are turning to a new website. judy kurtz has more on the site that trades money for notes in tonight's "word on the web". >> rewarding good class notes. that's the idea behind grade
10:43 pm site gives students money for sharing study methods. students can search for their school on the site and find notes for their class. they can also earn points by submitting their essay plans, flash cards, or class notes. the more points you get, the more money you earn. >> i made $20. which is pretty good. >> top guru, i think, over the lifetime involvement with the site, all the notes from the college career, i think made $400. from the years of hard work. >> according to the website, more than 37,000 bucks have been dolled out to note takers and 300 schools are represented. the creators of the site say seeing other student's notes can make sure they have not missed anything and studying the right info. grade guru said it works to prevent plasmrism. they work with trade it the same site that colleges use to make sure the work is original. we are now on facebook and
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twitter. follow us tweets and status updates 24/7. go to, and click on find us on facebook and twitter, under the community features section. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". . >> i have had twitter for two years, or year and a half. and i have never find a practical application for it. except for this. >> before diners buy their treats we have to read their tweets. how to make a delicious dash through new york. >> tiger did not have a great day at the second day of the british open today. find out what he did for only the second time in his career coming up in "sports unlimited". >> and coming up. arrested for child porn, how many charges this prince george's nanny is facing. >> and anne arundel county beach reopens for business. to -- health restrictions that were lifted. for these stories and much more, including the blaze that we were telling you about in the 1
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>> well, the weekend is looking nice for tomorrow. for saturday. high temperature right around 86 degrees. some clouds in the morning. and then sunshine in the afternoon hours. sunday is looking like a picture perfect day. low humidity. wide spread sunshine. and a high temperature of only 83 degrees. and as we look to the work week. things unsettled. not a complete washout any of the days. but potential for thunderstorms, will be there. 82 degrees on monday.
10:48 pm
81 degrees on tuesday. and 83 degrees on wednesday. and the warming up to 84 on thursday. topping off at 87 degrees with partly cloudy skies next friday. that's a look at the seven-day forecast. jeff, back to you. >> thanks jessica. >> continuous tweets on twitter. can seem annoying, and you have to be careful when you are on the air saying that. >> peanut in the middle. chocolate or peanut butter and ras barry jam. >> young intrapreneurs found a way from tweeting. gourmet food truck operators tell people when they are open for business and where. kim bakes goodies but before leaving, she tweets her schedule to 120 followers. >> i go to a location where i know i will be within a block or two, but i don't know the exact spot. so when i park, i say hey corner of 85th and broadway. i have to park. >> less overhead, of course. no restaurants or diners to deal with. and twitters get to tweet to
10:49 pm
tackle their tantalizing tempting treats. >> i would not try that again for all the tea in china. >> o's are back after the first half of the season. can they start the second half of the year on a good note? kristen berset joins us with "sports unlimited". kristen? >> hi, jeff, that was impressive. coming up on "sports unlimited". orioles are back from the all star break, cot birds stay on their hot streak. highlights coming up next in sports. >> and it is a second round at the british open. tom watson one stroke back going into today. could the 59-year-old take the lead after the second day? highlights coming up. >> and tiger woods, does something at the open championship he has only done one other time in his career. find out what he did, or was unable to do. coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> the o's are back to work after the all star break. they ended


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