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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 17, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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become a eight time tour de france champion. jeffjeff barnd rejoins us with e "late edition". >> i don't understand why people have to do things like that. >> an attempted robbery leads to murder. the video baltimore county police hope will help to catch the killer. >> assault charges dropped. the city employees that are off the hook tonight. >> you do not edit. >> rededicating a baltimore landmark. the new edition to the billy haliday statue. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. karen is off. we begin with breaking news in baltimore county. firefighters called to a massive blaze in essex. flames broke out around 9:00 in a warehouse in the 1000 block of
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hinge man avenue. three alarmer. there are propane tanks on the property. >> the building is pretty much totaled. most of the building has collapsed, and few exterior walls standing. no reports of any injuries to any civilians or firefighters. >> a two story complex next door also sustained damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> police now say they are looking for two suspects in the fatal shooting of a man inside of a liquor store in baltimore county. police are hoping surveillance video will help in the investigation. officers say 57-year-old june kang, store's owner shot during a robbery attempt at putty hill liquors last night at 9:00. two men, one of them armed with a handgun walked in and opened fire. they found kang lying on the floor with a bullet to the upper body. >> everyone around here knows him. really sad. that this had to happen. i don't understand why people have to do things like that. they did not have to shoot him.
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>> police say there was a customer inside the store, but that person was not hurt. they say after the shooting, the suspects ran away. investigators want anyone that may have seen anything suspicious that night to call them immediately. >> a 15-year-old is behind bars for the murder of a elkton woman. robert ervin charged with murder, rape and assault. 26-year-old jennifer thompson killed in her home last weekend. he confessed to stabbing her, that was pregnant at the time. ervin will be tried as an adult. >> police rule yesterday's death in northeast baltimore a homicide. a man's body found inside of a car in the 3400 block of lake mont bellow drive. the body was found thursday, but police think the body could have been there for days. >> a convicted killer is arrested in connection with steve mcnair's murder. the feds say adrian gill ham provided the gun that killed the quarterback. gillian is a felon and broke the law by owning a firearm. his 20-year-old girlfriend, sahel kazemi, shot him on
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july 4th. she also killed herself. >> this is another example of what can happen with a gun when a felon is selling it on street with little to no interest other than selling it for $100. it is dangerous. >> a-t-f officials tracked the first purchase to a pawnshop. then it went to gill ham. >> first on fox, now, reports that the swine flu played a key role in the release of lamont davis. 17-year-old accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl. after a june outbreak, at the baltimore juvenile detention center, there was a push for emergency hearings to get as many juveniles out. lamont davis was one. he was released on gps monitoring. >> it is not going away until we have leadership at the top saying we are going to do an overhaul. >> the person that has to hold the department accountable is the governor. >> earlier today prosecutors announced the indictment of davis for attempted murder.
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he is held without bail. >> pg county police arrest a nanny on several charges of child abuse and pornography. the 22-year-old who has worked for several families, was arrested last night in hyattsville. she allegedly showed her victim pornographic images on a computer and transmitted pornographic images of children using a web cam. police are holding the woman on $350,000 bond tonight. >> assault charges against mayor sheila dixon's chief of staff and another city employee are dropped. malard scheduled to go to trial next week. his former girlfriend elizabeth smith said malard hit her on two different occasions. malard denied that. mayor sheila dixon issued a statement saying she is relieved the charges have been dismissed. >> a federal judge has ruled a wrongful death suit against frederick county can go on as scheduled to trial. suit is seeking $145 million,
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for the family of jerome gray. gray died back in 2007 after being tasered twice. police say gray refused to show his hands. grey's family said he always had a hearing problem. >> many howard county residents are targets of a new water quality scam, officials say several people reported receiving offers for free water testing. after they leave water samples, representatives try to sell them purification equipment. apparently testing is conducted by baltimore city and the dc sanitary commission. if you see any suspicious behavior whatsoever, you are asked to call the consumer affairs office at 410 throw 136420. >> hot and humid out there. even rainy earlier tonight. will this continue? meteorologist jessica starr is here with a sky watch forecast. jessica. >> good news is a cold front is moving through and things clear up for the weekend and cool down as well. so headed for a nice weekend. one last isolated rain shower, in the vicinity. moving through, southern carroll
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county as well as howard county. and once the cell moves through, things are going to improve, as you can see. things clearing behind the cold front. so temperatures will be dropping a bit. 72 degrees at midnight. 66 degrees at 6 a.m. with mostly cloudy skies. things will be breezy in the morning hours as well. behind the cold front. but then, sunny skies by noon. and a high temperature of 80, with nice conditions and lower humidity for the daytime for saturday. and sunday is looking nice as well. but there are some unsettled conditions in the seven-day forecast. i will have that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right jessica. thank you so much. largest free arts festival in the nation is underway. myranda stephens was there. she has the latest. >> as mow shows off his art works the artist is glad the paint is still dry. >> sun is shining down. so expecting great things this year for 2009 artscape. >> this year's artscape got off to a soggy start. bringing out water colors of a different kind. >> brought the ponchos and
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umbrellas, for them. not me. >> now in the 28th year, artscape is still the largest free arts festival in the country. something many families appreciate during these tough economic times. >> as far as the families, spend quality time together. >> without a cause? >> without a cost. >> putting on a festival of this size, in this economy, did not come without a cost. organizers say because of the recession, they have to cutback their budget this year, by about $200,000. but for many, adding more local flavor to the festival, is really what it is all about. >> it is all about really seeing hundreds of thousands of baltimoreans happily eating, watching, shopping, having a great time. >> in mount royal. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> for all the weekend events you can log onto and click on "news links".
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>> tonight anne arundel county officials want you to know it is safe to swim at a area beach. county health department lifted an advisory on lower mag thee beach at cat tail creek, they had the advisory over high levels of bacteria in the water. >> residents in northwest baltimore city and baltimore county are currently under mandatory restrictions for water use. officials say 150,000 residents need to curve water consumption for one week at the least. because of repair work on a main, and, of course the recent dry spell we have undergone. . >> now, certainly is not the time to lose heart. >> moving ahead with a health care overhaul. where the president's plans go run into a road block.
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. >> house democrats say they are gaining momentum towards comprehensive health reform but passage is another story. jennifer davis has more. >> the president calls an impromptu press conference to continue the push for health care reform. >> now is not the time to slow down. and now is certainly not the time to lose heart. >> house democrats say they are making historic progress by moving overhaul legislation forward, step by step. >> we are on our schedule. >> between midnight and 6 a.m., two house committees passed their portions of the $1.510 trillion year bill aimed at reforming the health system. democrat leaders say failure is not an option but acknowledge the versions are bound to undergo more changes. >> i would be shocked if that was not the case. it is a work in progress. >> house democrats have run into trouble lining up votes in a third house committee though. as moderate and conservatives call for changes.
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in the senate bipartisan negotiations were called off for the week, with no deal incite. and thursday congress's top budget official warned in the current form the legislation will raise, not lower, health care costs despite this. g.o.p. worries that. >> the democrats have such vast majority's they will stuff this bill down the throats of the american people, if people let them. >> and critics complain this is all happening too fast. >> the original bill, for this health care is introduced less than 24 hours ago, virtually no one had a chance to read it. we don't even know how much it costs. >> president wants a reform bill on the desk before congress takes the summer break. that gives lawmakers three more weeks. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. >> now, that brings us to the question of the day. is it worth spending $1 trillion on universal health care? at last check, 13 percent of you say yes. 87 percent say no. lewis from baltimore writes "we have the best health care in the world, that's why the rest of
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the world comes here when they cannot get the care where they live in order not to die waiting." to read more responses go to and click on question of the day. >>. >> eight people are dead, dozens hurt after suicide bombers strike two hotels in indonesia. blasts rock the ritz carlton and marriott in jakarta almost simultaneously. and police found other devices throughout the hotels. no word on who is responsible. >> i swear, upon the indonesian people, loved dearly, the government will take a hard precise, and right measures, against the perpetrators, including the mastermind all of this. >> officials are focusing their investigation tonight on an al-qaida ally linked to similar such attacks. >> hillary clinton arrives in
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india, first stop on a week long trip. secretary of state is scheduled to meet with business leaders to forge a stronger alliance between the united states, and india, and india and pakistan. hillary clinton will spend two days in mumbai, one in new delhi and off to thailand. >> back at home. storms are moving in. will it mean a break in the humidity, however? this could be great news. here is meteorologist jessica starr with the sky watch forecast. >> it is great news. we were very muggy today. felt like july out there. and the cold front moving through will mean lower humidity for saturday and sunday. now we still have one last isolated rain shower in the vicinity. in southern carroll and howard county. once it moves out. bigger picture, you can see that there is clearing behind this cold front. that is what we will experience later tonight and for the daytime saturday. looking nice for the weekend. skycam right now inner harbour, 75 degrees. winds are currently calm. but the humidity, yes, it will be uncomfortable overnight
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tonight. 97 percent is the humidity but dropping for saturday and lower humidity, comfortable temperatures, for sunday. but look at the temperatures. this cold front that is currently moving through, is really reinforcing some colder air into the midwest. currently we are 75 degrees here in baltimore. 66 degrees in harrisburg. compare that to 62 in pittsburg, and 68 degrees in cleveland and 61 degrees in chicago. this temperature map does not look like it is mid july temperatures. as the cold front really moved through our area. we won't see too many effects from the cold air mass for us in our area. we will still stay in the mid 80s tomorrow. tomorrow morning, saturday, 9 a.m., deal with a couple of clouds. and clearing through the day as the high pressure system builds in very nicely, right around 5:00, tomorrow, if you are headed to artscape or outside plans, definitely will be in luck. wide spread sunshine and evening hours. all thanks to high pressure system. and as we look toward sunday morning, wide spread sunshine. beautiful day is in store.
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lower humidity, and temperatures in the low 80s on sunday. so the weekend is looking very, very, very nice. beach cast forecast. if you are headed over to ocean city and rahobeth beach. nice. showers in the morning but clearing up. mostly sunny skies, in the afternoon hours saturday. and a lot of sunshine on sunday. and temperatures in the mid 80s. so if you are headed to the ocean, beautiful weekend is in store. and tomorrow for central maryland, 86 degrees. for a high temperature. and those winds will be a little bit strong behind the cold front out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. on the bay tomorrow. we have a small craft advisory in effect in the morning hours. with 84 degrees. out on the bay. and winds strong out of the northwest at 10-to-15 miles per hour. waves around 1-to-2-foot chop. five-day forecast. here we go. 86 degrees for tomorrow. and 83 degrees on sunday. beautiful day. then looking toward the work week. things look unsettled, and temperatures stay below normal. but not a complete washout, monday, tuesday, wednesday.
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isolated thunderstorms popping up in the heat of the day. that's the five-day forecast. i will have the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. . >> get this. an officer's dash cam video caught a dramatic rescue from a burning van in georgia. police pulled a disabled woman out of a van to safety. amazingly all four people in the van made it out alive. and are expected to be okay. >> it is like something out of a sci-fi movie. nation's first double hand transplant. a team of 21 surgeons performed the transplant 11 weeks ago and now jeff, air force vet that lost his commands feet, to a bacterial infection is showing off their handy work. there is one thing he says he cannot wait to do. >> she is holding my hand but i cannot feel it. and when i get all of my sensation back, i want to be able to feel her. >> doctors say it could be a year or two for him to get complete mobility in the hands. he says it is worth it.
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>> nebraska man said he has a stone that bears resemblance to ye who must not be made. lord volt mer from "harry potter". fans of the book can see the likeness. >> the rock does look like volt mer. >> the man took the rock to experts that are not quite sure what it is, but they say it is not a fossil. megan gilliland, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the o's were trying t ♪
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>> the o's are back to work tonight after the all star break. ended the first half on a high note winning four of the last five games in two straight series. tonight they were in the wonder he city taking on the white sox. bottom of the second, berken has a full count on konerko, and he would have been better off walking him. he launches it deep left.
11:21 pm
17th on the year. white sox on the board. top of the third. markakis gets the power back. where has this been? takes dank down the right field line. stays fair. two-run shot. o's have the lead 2-1. top of the fourth. o's down a run. runners on the corners for is tur ris, he brings in mora and game is tied at three. >> bottom half of the inning. toma up with two on. berken wants that one back. toma hits it out on the line. 15th homer of the year. 556 of the career. white sox lead 6-3. top of the sixth. one on for the o's. lone all star jones, and he shows us why he was an all star. crushes the opposite way, two run homer, his 13th of the year. o's cut the lead. bottom half of the sixth. tomei up with bases loaded and
11:22 pm
he does it again. this time deep center. grand slam for tomei. 16th on the year. white sox up 10-5. right now lead the o's 12-8 in the bottom of the eighth. >> the story today in golf was tiger woods. he missed the cut at the british open. tiger shot four over 74 today and finished at five over. cut line was four over. tiger missed a cut only once in his career. u.s. open following the death of his father. tiger shows he is human and knows he could have done better. >> i had a couple of bad shots. but other than that, you know, making bogey out of 13, from 150 yards. it is just problem after problem, you know, i kept compounding my problems out there. >> i made mistakes. obviously you cannot make mistakes and expect to not only make the cut but try to win a championship. you have to play clean rounds of golf and i didn't. i made my share of mistakes out
11:23 pm
there today. and did not play a very clean card. >> tom watson and steve moreno share the lead at the british open at five under. jeff, back to you. >> thanks kristen. >> baltimore ravens single game tickets sold out. tickets went on sale just this morning at 10 a.m. did not take long for fans to grab them up. their still a few preseason tickets left however. less than 1000 for each game. now the ravens play the redskins, august 13. and the new york jets august 24. in a monday night game. >> with all due respect to the red skin fans. >> statue of billy haliday on pennsylvania avenue is rededicated this morning in west baltimore. the new sculptor includes two panels at the base with lyrics at the base recorded from the icon in the 30s. statue built in 1995 and refurbished by the same artist in recent years. >> he asked me for help, and i could not -- i cannot do
11:24 pm
anything but lend my assistance. why? because i was taught very early on, that you do not edit art, you do not censor art, you do not even have to agree with art, but if you engage in art, in his vision, you are committed to that vision. >> especially when it deals with billy haliday. today's ceremony falls on the 50th anniversary of his death. >> still ahead on the "late
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. >> artist fills a museum with under garments. singers and politicians handing over the underpants for the display that depicts an equal society. look at them. donated items must have been
11:27 pm
worn at least once to merit a spot on the walls. underwear is placed on the head of the subject's framed and begin a certificate of authenticity, eliot spitzer's pants nowhere to be had. go figure. will it be hot next week. go to the weekend first. jessica starr back with a look at the seven day. >> headed for a good weekend. 86 for tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. more sunshine. lower humidity on sunday. and a beautiful day. the things stay unsettled for the middle of the work week. 82 monday. 81 wednesday. 83 on wednesday. 84 degrees with mostly cloudy skies thursday, and 87 with partly sunny skies friday. that's a look at the seven-day forecast. jeff, back to you. >> all right jessica. thank you. that does it for the "late edition". i am jeff barnd. thank you everybody. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning need to succeed
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