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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 21, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tactics. >> i don't feel i am going to quit now. >> from a jail cell to city hall, why this x con thinks he is ready for a career in politics. >> and a car with an unusual safety feature. how it is designed to keep drowsy drivers from dosing off. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd has the night off. reports tonight that the federal government kept research showing the hazards of cell phone use while driving a secret. now the report is being made public. keith daniels live along the jfx in baltimore. with more on the story. >> jennifer, that's right. live along the jfx where cars are moving. many with drivers, on cell phones. now we have learned a study for the national highway traffic safety administration showed chatting or texting behind the
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wheel could be as bad as driving while drunk. the practice cost nearly 1000 deaths, and 240,000 accidents, overall, in 2002. study completed. and federal officials in 2003. and kept secret until now. critics, including a man with a personal connection, say keeping that report secret borders on being criminal. >> any time you are behind the wheel and the vehicle is moving, you should be concentrating on driving the vehicle. not using those devices. that in an instant can change lives of people forever. >> it changed russell hurd's live. his daughter heather died in november. killed by a man texting while driving. tractor trailer. since then heard has been fighting for a ban on total use of cell phones while driving. now earlier this year, the maryland lawmakers did pass a ban on texting. while driving.
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that law goes into effect october 1st. live along the jfx, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the nta has decided not to listen in on passengers and employees conversations. maryland's acting transportation chief was proposing using listening devices on itsduss and trains for recording conversations. but he has pulled back on the plan because of privacy concerns. apparently a lot of other big cities do it. but the mta decided it would raise too many legal issues. >> police handcuff and haul off a second and third grader accused of stealing from a neighbor's backyard. the parents of, at least, two of the children are angry that their boys were put face-to-face with other much older juvenile offenders. police say the two stole a wagon, go-kart, scooter and bike parts from a neighbor in medfield. for both boys, the recent run in with the law has left a lasting
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impression. >> the handcuffs scared me. >> really, really upset. and i should not have done it. >> i thought i was going to jail forever. >> police say they followed proper procedure. the children will need to take part in a mediation. the victim meanwhile tells us he is still waiting to get some of the bike parts back. >> well this brings us to the question of the day. do you think the police treatment of the kids was justified. huge response to the question tonight. and it is not even close. 94 percent say yes. it was justified. while only 6 percent say no. ashley from westminster writes, scaring the children was justified. that will probably prevent them from doing something illegal again. sometimes you have to show them how serious real crime is. >> to read more responses go to and click on the question of the day. >> one man was taken to the hospital today after being hit by an unmarked police car. it happened about 5:00 this evening near the intersection of milton avenue in fayette street in baltimore.
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man darted out in front of the unmarked car. suffered bumps and bruises, but nothing life threatening. police are investigating but calling it pedestrian error. >> rowhome in east baltimore goes up in flames and two firefighters hurt. started at 7:00 this morning, on saint mathew's street. flames shooting out of the roof when fire crews got to the scene. one person inside was able to get out. two injured firefighters are expected to be okay. the cause appears to be electrical. >> first on fox. tonight, six baltimore city fire companies are not responding to calls tonight. firefighters say budget cuts have hit crisis levels, and the mayor is demanding more cutbacks. now, there is a growing fear that these temporary closing could become permanent. truck six is temporarily shut down. because of overtime costs. firefighters and residents worry about how it could affect response times. >> we are not going to have no protection across the street whatsoever. people need it.
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and if i could talk to the mayor, i would tell them, you should not close the firehouse. that's something we need. we can do without trash twice a week, but not the firehouse. >> the overtime cutbacks are affecting every shift of the fire department. >> almost 40 state employees are laid off, as part of governor o'malley's plan to reduces the state deficit. the governor is unveiled $280 million in cuts. they include $40 million in cutting of higher education. another $400 million in cuts will have to be authorized before labor day. to help wipe out a $700 million shortfall. >> well, will we see the bad economic news around us, but the chairman of the federal reserve is insists that things are getting better. bernanke admits unemployment could rise and he is concerned about the declining home values. and the fact that credit is still so tight. but even with all of that,
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bernanke insists the signs point to a stabilizing economy. >> it is important to assure the public and the markets, that the extraordinary policy measures we have taken, in response to financial crisis and the recession, can be withdrawn in a smooth and timely manner as-needed. >> the fed chair said he expects inflation to remain subdued over the next two years. >> lots of clouds today and looked like rain coming in at any time. and some places it did. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the sky watch forecast and what's going on out there right now. >> north of the city, we have rain. and few showers moving through baltimore city. mostly the activity north right now. and folks getting flash of lightning and gusty winds and penny-size hail. looks like the shower activity on radar, aberdeen, northern baltimore county, folks up in jarrettsville getting rain. and north of mockton. and sparks, looks like rain there. folks getting heavy rain at hampstead. and lightning is continuing to move along with the system.
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moving into northern baltimore county, harford county activity staying north of there. crosses over to pennsylvania tonight. 73. and remaining shower in the neighborhood. 70 degrees for the morning rush hour. clouds gathering. humid conditions around 86 degrees by lunch time. looks like it will be a hot, humid day. detailed look at the seven-day forecast and when we will get a break from the rain coming up in a bit. >> in tonight's news you need to know. homeowners are tapping into green energy. howard and anne arundel, and harford counties all report that applications for green energy tax credits are way up. compared to this time last year. discounts vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. but in howard county, some homeowners can get up $5000, if they use solar orgie yao thermal energy to power their home. >> imagine a car, that can detect if you are falling asleep behind the wheel. mercedes said it has got one. the sleep assist plus.
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comes standard on all mercedes e series, 2010 models. system works by using sensors that constantly monitor your steering behavior, it senses if something erratic is going on, and sets off an alarm, and we are not kidding here, a coffee cup light lights up. >> would you you knowing it. there are certain indicators that we know kind of detect that sense that you are falling asleep or getting douse and he response rate is not up to par. >> according to the national highway traffic safety administration, you're four times more likely to fall asleep at the wheel if you work more than 60 hours a week. >> delta airlines raising baggage fees. right now it costs $15 for the first checked bag. twenty-five dollars for the second. and that price stays the same if you pay in advance online. but if you wait until you get to the airport.
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it will cost you see $20 for the first. thirty dollars for the second. those new prices take effect august 4. >> northeast baltimore residents are literally planting the seeds for a better community. residents and city leaders formally have the garden of hope near east 25th in harford road. several projects neighbors started a few years ago to rid the area of trash and crime. >> just the beginning. we are not discouraged. not at all. we are still working. >> and the work goes beyond beautifying the neighborhood. group rebuilt homes and improved parking. they have reduced crime by patrolling the streets with police, at least, once a month. >> my son first question was will he continue with his career. >> young airman's career cut short. how a routine gallbladder surgery led to a double
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amputation. >> do test scores improve, and one of the city's best schools is facing cutbacks. >> president obama continues to push for health care reform. who he is targeting now, to get
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. >> city schools are making progress, at avid son, 100 percent of the students scored proficient or higher in reading. and that's a first for them. but overall in city schools there is work to do. only 72 percent of students city wide make the grade in reading and less than 64 percent meet standards in math. but these numbers are up from last year. >> you have heard me say from day one that there are no excuses. and if one school can do it, all the schools can do it. >> state wide students showed progress. in fact, test scores in both
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math and reading are up 25 percent state wide since the "no child left behind" act took effect six years ago. >> with promising test scores it is hard to believe that one of the city's best schools is facing cutbacks. kip academy will be laying off four staff members, shortening school day and canceling saturday classes. kip is considered a successful charter school. students scored in the top 10 percent of all middle schools in the state last year. the school is in violation of a contract that requires teachers to get more pay for working a longer day. it said it cannot afford the increase. >> president obama continues his public push for health care reform. while he is asking lawmakers to step up the debates, and get a bill passed before the august recess, he did not address looming questions about tax hikes to pay for it. mr. obama did, however, reach out to the fiscally conservative blue dog democrats. a key group.
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that could effect the outcome of the legislation. >> i think that was the game changer when the cbo came out with that estimate. of the real cost of the bill. i think, it is why you have seen some people backtrack, on full support of the legislation. >> but health care may have hit a road block after a house committee indefinitely postponed reviewing a proposed reform bill. republicans say the process needs to be slowed down, so the public can learn more details. . >> michigan man is making a major career change from pimp to politician. walter heart jr. is one of hundreds running for a seat on the detroit city council. his criminal past includes running a prostitution business, kidnapping, and he is behind in his child support. more than $130,000 behind. but heart said he is now a changed man and ready to make a difference. >> i don't feel i am a crook now. i feel i am a rehabilitated
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crook. there is a difference. i know what it means to be free. >> heart served six years and eight months in prison for his crimes. >> opening statements begin for a minor league pitcher accused of hitting a fan with a baseball. former pitcher julio castillo was part of the fight in july of last year. as he continues, castillo joins and throws the all about that hits an opposing fan, in the head. giving them a concussion. well castillo's attorney argues that the pitcher threw at the fencing of the dug out and trying to stop the fight. he is charged with felony assault. >> a gallbladder surgery leads to a double amputation. u.s. airman colton reed having lap practice scopic gallbladder surgery in a base in california. resident doctor in training was performing the routine procedure and cut reed's aorta by mistake. doctors waited eight hours to
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transport him to a different hospital. when he got there, he had lost so much blood that doctors had to amputate both of his legs. >> we were told that had it been within six hours, the limbs could have been saved. he might have had muscle damage or damage, but nothing. nothing to this degree. >> colton reed is still listed in critical condition. military said an investigation is underway. >> well, the clouds looked ominous today. is it a sign of what's to come? here is vytas reid with a look at the forecast. vytas? >> jennifer, we saw sun and clouds out there. and then thicker as far as into the evening hours. as far as the cloud cover is concerned. 73 degrees right now. mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the east-northeast at eight. humidity levels 79 percent. so it is still muggy as we see moisture coming up out of the south. our dewpoint is at 66. and it looks like we will continue to see the temperatures warming. as we get into tomorrow. 74 -- or 67 in salisbury. looking at 69 in dover.
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and 65 harrisburg. 73 in hagerstown. and we will continue to see that warm push take the temperatures up quite a bit as we get into tomorrow. few showers and thunderstorms making the way in northern baltimore county. carroll county, westminster, getting rain, north of rain dals town. north of belair. shower activity. aberdeen you are getting rain as well. here is what's happening. we have the activity that is moved through the area. tonight it will start to taper off through the overnight. maybe even breaks in the clouds for tomorrow morning's rush hour. through the afternoon, few pop-up showers and thunderstorms again with the daily heating. into thursday, looks like the better chance for some decent organized heavy amounts of rainfall, potentially on the 95 corridor as we see another front approaching from the west. immediate of the front temperatures increasing. weak high pressure ahead of the warm front. this hot air will continue to build up through the mid-atlantic. as we see temperatures increasing through wednesday and he on thursday into friday, looks like the hot air will continue to create instability in the atmosphere. especially with the low pressure
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to the north of us. and a cold front marching in behind it. so we will see the showers and on thunderstorms popping up for the next couple of days. so keep the umbrellas nearby. five-day forecast. shows high of 89 to 90 tomorrow. 40 percent chance for thunderstorms. and 60 percent chance into thursday. as the two fronts converge over the region. and right around 87 for the high. that rain in the area, then 90 degrees on friday. and then things cool off a bit. not a very strong cold front that is pushing through. but nonetheless, less humid into saturday. 88 degrees. and then 86 on sunday with about 30 percent chance for showers. so off-and-on shower activity. as we get through the next couple of days. back to you. . >> a family trapped in a burning car, how a community came to the rescue in tonight's "get this". >> and it looks like the orioles have a new home ♪
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. >> get this. two off duty firefighters and a police lieutenant among the crowd in milwaukee working to save a woman and her two young children from their burning suv. the men used pipes to break the windshield to free the 32-year-old woman and 2-year-old daughter. took longer to rescue her 4-year-old son. would had to be cut out of the car seat. rescue effort wins praise from the mayor. >> i applaud the efforts of the community to save the city, along with firefighters and milwaukee police lieutenant that went beyond the call of duty. >> precious was born with a fifth leg, protruding from her stomach. puppy's owner planned to sell her to a coney island side show until this woman came forward and offered to pay $4000 for the puppy. once precious is strong enough, her fifth leg will be removed. new owner hopes precious will enjoy life as a normal dog. >> the kennedy space center in
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florida celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing with what else. a giant moon pie. a chattanooga bakery donated the pie, 40 inches in diameter and weighed 55 pounds. megan gilliland, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> given the road trip to chicago, new york and boston, you knew the would struggle out at this time. heading into tonight in the bronx looking to avoid losing their fourth of five games thus far. on the road trip. and the top of the first. after brian roberts led off the game with a double. markakis grounds a single up the middle. scores from third. o's take a early lead. and bottom of the first. jeeter, leading off. hits one deep to right field. watch markakis go back, leap, and grab it. jeeter, possible extra bases. rich hill appreciates the effort. bottom of the third. new york down.
11:23 pm
ransom scores from third. and jeeter behind him. yankees take the lead on a-rod's two run base hit. bottom of the fourth. same score. ca know punishes it to deep left center. stick it in the bullpen for the two run homer. 14th of the year. yankees lead. and rich hill out. brian bass in. same results. still in the fourth. johnny damien with a bullet to right. it is off the wall. ransom comes around to score. rbi single for damien. yankees up 6-2. and they beat the yankees. >> after years of searching it appears the o's may be closing in on a new permanent spring training base. in sarasota. sarasota herald tribune reported a tentative deal reached that commits hem to sarasota for 30 years. $31.2 million deal will be funded with local tourism tax revenue and 7 million more in state money. with the o's paying all operating and maintenance costs.
11:24 pm
city officials in sarasota will vote on the deal tomorrow. the orioles tell us they will withhold comment on the deal until after the vote. . >> jennifer, back to you. >> and talking about what's going on. we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. temperatures going to get into
11:25 pm
11:26 pm
. >> got some storms rumbling through tonight and possibly over the next couple of days. vytas reid has the forecast. >> jennifer, few thunderstorms in northern baltimore county, carroll county, rumbles of thunder up around westminster and harford county. but holding on to some of it
11:27 pm
because of humidity for tomorrow. >> 90 friday. so it looks like definitely the better chance for that. to say sustainable rainfall is thursday. saturday, more sunshine. 88 degrees. 86 by sunday. and a few scattered showers and that will stick with us off-and-on through monday and tuesday of next week. so definitely looks like it is summer like weather out there and boy, we did need the rain. it is dry. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at you can use the interactive tool to track coming storms right down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> and that's all flight edition. thanks for joining us. i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomorrow night. goodnight. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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