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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 22, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> if i see a proposal that is primarily funded through taxing, middle class families, i am going to be oppose to it. >> this is about getting the policy right. we don't wish anyone ill. we want to get the policy right. >> a push for health care reform. tonight, president obama reaches out to america, and the lawmakers on the fence about what could be a very expensive bill. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. gallop poll released today shows support for health care reform is slipping. president tried to give answers tonight about his ideas for reforming health care. nicole collins is live tonight in washington with the latest. nicole? >> tonight president obama said the american people and the american economy will benefit most from health care reform. but he did not give a clear answer as to how that reform will be paid for. although he did say he supports
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taxing the wealthy, and keeping the financial burden of reform off of struggling families. >> president barack obama took his case for health care reform to prime time america. >> if we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit. if we do not reform health care. your premiums, and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket. >> while key congress can al committees are still working out details of the legislation, the president emphasized points of agreement. americans happy with their current insurance would get to keep it. insurance companies would not be able to drop someone for getting sick. and they won't be allowed to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions. >> i have also pledged that health insurance reform will not add to the deficit over the next decade. and i mean it. >> how to keep that from happening is a key concern for both republicans and some democrats. one senior democratic source said some members of the president's own party hope to get answers tonight.
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particularly on how the overhaul will be funded in a prebutt tell to the president's speech, g.o.p. minority leader mcconnell said contrary to claims, americans are not opposed to health care reform just some parts of the plan. >> we look forward to moving a health care proposal this year, on a truly bipartisan bases, one that doesn't increase the deficit. one that doesn't put the government in charge of our health care. >> president obama said the reform he is proposing will keep government out of health care decisions. and while he would like to see congress pass a bill before they break for august recess, he says he will not sign anything if he believes it will not work. reporting live from washington, i am nicole collins. back to you. >> and the debate over health care is causing heated discussions right here in maryland. senator ben cardin held a forum on health care in pg county monday. one person there said he did not want to pay for health care
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insurance. >> i want to know, are you going to tell me, an individual, that i have to buy health care, or else you are going to fine me $2500 every year that i don't do that? >> you are part of the population that shifts the costs over to a person that does pay. >> and they are paying for it. >> well, we contacted maryland's members of congress to find out where they stand on health care reform. the loan republican representative roscoe bartlett opposed government intervention in health care. most maryland lawmakers support some kind of health care reform, including senators cardin and mikulski and representatives elijah cummings, edwards and van local land. representatives kratovil rupersburger are undecideed and sar bine said he supports a public plan is looking it over. >> and we want to know what you think. do you agree with the way president obama is dealing with health care. it is our question of the day. at last check 18 percent of saw
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say yes. 82 percent say. no one writes, the president's plan will drive costs through the roof. and lower the quality of our current care. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> and if you would like to read the full text of the health care reform bill that is moving through congress. go to and click on "news links". >> in annapolis, governor a o'malley and board of public works approved $280 million in cuts from the state budget. it is the first round of cuts aimed at reducing the state's projected deficit of $700 million. they include $34 million in reductions in medicaid payments to hospitals and nursing homes. and 40 state employees are getting laid off. and almost $40 million is getting cut from higher education. >> these very, very tough times. tough times for everybody. every family in maryland. and our simple intention is to take the actions necessary, in
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order to protect families of maryland. >> the governor and board of public works are expected to approve more than $400 million in additional cuts next month. . >> following a story you heard first on fox. baltimore fire chief jim clack tells fox 45 news safety is not in jeopardy in spite of the rotating closures of fire companies. but more reductions are in the works. as many as six city fire companies are closed every shift due to the elimination of overtime pay. in the first interview responding to the cutbacks, chief clack talked about the tough times. >> i am not going to guarantee that there won't be any permanent fire company closing. i am not going to garn had tee there won't be more rotating closures or layoffs. or any of those things. i cannot take any of that stuff off the table. what i will say is i hope that there is no layoffs. and thankfully, in the fire department we have not had any. >> clack is also preparing to
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eliminate 7 1/2 million dollars from the budget. since is the mayor has requested all departments cut 5 percent. >> city leaders and residents met tonight to take on property taxes. mayor sheila dixon wants to cut property taxes, but spokesperson for the mayor said making property taxes match surrounding areas may put a huge burden on the city. circuit court clerk frank conaway said he is tired of the excuses. >> the senator theater hit the auction block today. but not without interruptions. several times supporters interrupted auctioneers calling the sale rigged. but in the end, the city, which now owns the mortgage wound up buying it back for eight hen $10,000. only other bid came in at $800,000. >> we did not expect that anybody was going to bid as much as the city already had in it. >> the future of the theater is enormous jeopardy. because left up to chance by the
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city. >> the city said it han ruled out leasing the building to somebody that will operate it as a theater. >> we had a fast-moving shower roll through this afternoon. how does it look out there right now and for tomorrow? chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us about rain headed our way. a lot of rain. >> looks like a good day of rain tomorrow. we saw that brief shower earlier today. but it looks like the rain will be on a bigger note tomorrow as we go through the afternoon. here is what's happening out there right now on hd radar. showers north moving north of harrisburg. continue to see that activity push north. nothing going on around baltimore. west,est over west virginia ohio, kentucky, that's a lot of activity that will be pushing our direction and we probably could get pretty good gully washers through tomorrow. afternoon, and evening as the activity pushes in. next day planner, 74 overnight. 73 for 6 a.m. for the morning commute scattered showers in the neighborhood. but through the mid-morning and afternoon is where the rain will pick up in pace.
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we could get gusty winds. heavy downpours and maybe frequent lightning from some of the thunderstorms. so we will keep an eye out if any of it is severe through the afternoon tomorrow. seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> alcoholic energy drinks, you may have seen them on liquor store shelves but top state official wants them pulled. the drinks combine alcohol and caffeine. sometimes they have at least three times more alcohol than a beer. one maryland official spearheaded an effort to get some of them off the shelves. and he says the fight is far from over. >> we were able to get miller and coors to take the product off the market and able to get an hauser bush to take the product off the market now committed to get the other products off the market as well. eventually they will be off the market, either because they don't want to go to litigation or the courts tell them to take it off the market. >> gansler said the drinks target underage drinkers drinkee
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deceptive advertising. >> in tonight's news you need to know. if twitter gives you the jitters and you are in a forget about creating a blog, something to help. knowledge and teaching novices how to blog. and be a part of the social networking community. the site's creator wants to teach everybody the importance of these new cyber tools. >> if you like to check out the website for yourself, go to ours, it is easy,, and click on "news links". >> a simple saliva test could one day predict if a pregnant woman could go into premature level. it measures progesterone levels. and those with low levels would go into early delivery 34 weeks. >> drug officials raid the offices of michael jackson's doctor. find out what they were looking for, still to come. >> and young kids, and the cops.
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why some think tough tactics could really pay off. >> i was going home. and i saw it in the air and followed
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. >> a house fire this afternoon, drew quite a crowd. the smoke could be seen from the beltway. happened in woodlawn. two story house in the 2100 block of st. luke's lane. fire officials say no one hurt. cause is being investigated. >> questions tonight over arrest and what to do when very young children break the law. a lot of people talking about this tonight. after police arrest three boys in baltimore city. the youngest is seven. it was a hot topic on radio today. police arrested the boys monday when a neighbor said that the boys were steeling stealing bikes and bike parts from the yard. two days later, no charges. but there is a lot of talk.
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>> my question is where are the parents? why don't they know these children are stealing this stuff? where are they hiding. >> i think the police did one thing wrong. they did not take the parents to jail with the kids. >> mayor sheila dixon and police commissioner bealefield are defending the officer's actions they say they did nothing wrong and followed policy. . >> those that favor gun control score a rare victory today. u.s. senate rejected a bill to make it legal to carry a weapon across state lines. those against it say it force states with strict gun laws to accept laws with >> caught on tape. a detroit fire truck on an emergency run loses control. you can see it in the video there at the top of the screen. it jumped the curb. slams into two parked cars.
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thankfully no one hurt. now the driver of the truck said that his brakes locked up. he was speeding to a call at the time. >> the city of los angeles spent almost 1 1/2 million dollars on michael jackson's memorial, and some of that spending may have been criminal. the l.a. city attorney is trying to find out who in the government signed off on the money. and why more than 3000 officers were deployed during jackson's memorial. quarter of a million people were predicted to gather outside of the staple center and only 1000 people showed up. $48,000 was spent on food for cops brought in from 70 miles out of the city. >> our investigation has taken an unanticipated turn. that raises both civil, and criminal, aspects. >> well he did for the say what the crime might have been. but said there was a lot of confusion surrounding how that whole event was carried off. >> the d.e.a. meanwhile searched
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the houston offices of michael jackson's doctor. dr. conrad murphy, he has been in the spotlight since jackson died. he was of course jackson's personal doctor and with michael jackson when he died. it is believed that officials were looking for information on the singer's use of prescription drugs. >> some sun, some clouds. rain today. what is the weekend starting to look like? check back with vytas. >> well, definitely looks like the clouds will be back in play through the day tomorrow. and heavy showers and thunderstorms with them. as we see a system pushing in from the west. currently downtown. relatively quiet conditions. we had a brief shower that pushed through earlier this evening. dropping some decent rainfall. much needed rain. right now looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies, in the inner harbour. 75 degrees. winds are calm. and our humidity levels, look at that. 82 percent. so that makes it feel muggy as we are going into the overnight. now the temperatures across the region. on the mildly warm side of things. around the mid-atlantic. 78 out at bwi thurgood marshall airport.
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70 in harrisburg. and 74 in hagerstown. and salisbury 78. and slightly cooler temperatures over parts of the midwest. front pushing in to all the warm unstable air helping to fire up the showers and thunderstorms. we have some lines of showers on the western edge of the mountains. they may fall apart tonight. trying to make the way here. but still there is a chance for maybe a late overnight shower, after about 2 to 3 clock. and heavier rain, is going to start to make the way into our area as we get through the mid-morning and afternoon tomorrow. and future scan shows the showers starting to gather strength as we get through the afternoon. we could get some gusty strong storms along the frontal boundary. maybe gusty winds. also some hail. frequent lightning. and heavy downpours as this system moves through. by late afternoon and evening. and it looks like friday. start to see some breaks in the clouds. and start to clear up a bit. setting up for a decent weekend. but a warm weekend as we get the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. brushing 90 degrees by saturday. here is what it looks like for the potential of how much rain we could get.
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our future scan predicted rainfall shows the model data giving an idea of anywhere from an inch or moreover some parts of central maryland, depending on where the heavier downpours are. will depend on if you get more rain or not. so continue to monitor this as the system drags up all the moisture and heats from the south. cold front moves in behind it. probably won't get here until friday mid-morning. but nonetheless ahead of it. looking at the showers and thunderstorms moving through. behind it high pressure will give us clearing. and drying conditions late friday. and then into saturday. with better conditions. here is what it looks like for the five-day forecast. 83 degrees tomorrow. 70 percent chance for the showers and thunderstorms. remember it could be a you few strong ones in there friday 86 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy skies. 20 percent chance for a morning shower. still lingering. but it looks like better chance you may not see one. saturday 89. warm day, but see plenty of sunshine. decent day. and then sunday and monday, 40 percent chances for scattered showers, with temperatures in the mid 80s.
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. >> here is another rough start for o's rookie pitcher jason berken as the yankees were going for the sweep in the bronx. highlights coming up in sports. >> and clever baboons, up to no good. why it is not good to have a luggage on your car when you go ♪
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. >> get this. daylight turned to darkness and temperatures dropped across asia as the moon fell in line with the earth and the sun. millions from india to parts of japan looked sky ward to witness the longest solar eclipse of the century. lasted about six minutes. there will not be another eclipse lasting as long until the year 2132 in 123 years. >> a red carpet was rolled out
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at the tulsa zoo yesterday to welcome the newest resident. rocket. a 600-pound tortoise. 80-year-old rocket out grew his enclosure at the wichita zoo and the tulsa zoo plans to expand its pen to accommodate him. they are hoping rocket that is middle age for a tortoise will find a mate and produce offspring. >> this is why you should not drive through an animal park with luggage on your vehicle. a safari park in england produced this video to demonstrate to visitors how the park's clever baboons have learned to open rooftop luggage carriers. park manager explains the largest animal bounces on the box until the lock burst and the others pry it open. pesky primates will have a field day with your under garments. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> this road trip is turning out to be quite a struggle for the
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o's. heading into the series finale with the yankees. they lost four of five on the trip. and three games to play. against the red sox in boston this weekend. rookie, jason berken, was looking for a solid start to try to avoid possibly being sent to the minor leagues. but in the bottom of the first. alex rodriguez at the plate. he lines the single into left field. derek jeeters scores from third and the yankees jump out 1-0. and later in the first. it is now 2-0 new york. bases loaded for swisher. sends one to the gap in right center. matsui scores from third. posada behind him. and yankees score four runs in the first off berken to lead it 4-0. >> and bottom of the third. same score. posada. hammers the berken pitch to deep right center into the bullpen for the solo home run. his 12th of the year. yankees up 5-0 and not looking good for the rookie right hander. aj burnett took over from there.
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top of the fourth. strikes out zaun with a breaking ball. and jones chases the pitch in the dirt. posada throws to first to cleat the strike out. then in the sixth. luke scott with a deep drive to right. swisher back at the wall. and he leaps, and robs. scott of a home run. that kind of day for the birds. that is until the top of the ninth. o's down 6-2. look at jones. absolutely crushing the it into deep left. solo for jones. and o's trail 6-3. next batter. markakis. the ball is crushed. deep right. solo shot for markakis. his 11th. o's go back-to-back in the 9th with two outs. right now they are back in it. girardi seen enough. he pulls. and facing huff, he gets him looking to end the game. yankees sweep the o's 6-4. >> and with rising speculation the 21-year-old kris tillman could be on the way to
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baltimore. dave trembley and macphail will meet tomorrow to discuss the future of this guy. struggling starter rich hill. the options appear to be a, skip his next spot in the rotation. or b, designate him for assignment. hill with a fat earn run average. admitted the writing is on the wall. by the way tillman was pulled from the start tonight for triple-a norfolk. o's off tomorrow. starts the series friday in fenway. jennifer, back to you. >> pull up next to this car, and (mom) soon, we'll be doing homework,
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getting up early, packing lunches and running for the bus. and we're ready for it.
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because we took all our lists and we went to walmart. since walmart checks other store's prices... i didn't have to. that means we got home in time... for just a little more summer -- and for one last night of lightning bugs. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> some cops in north carolina are getting muscle in the form of a muscle car. this $80,000 corvette does zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds. up to 200 miles an hour.
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the cops got it from a drug seizure. they say it has already helped with a few drug busts. >> well, interesting day weather wise. we have another one in store for tomorrow. here is vytas with the seven day. >> you know, jennifer, i think we need a weather mobile. go track down the storms. here is what's going on. 83 tomorrow. thunderstorms looking at winds out of the east at five to 10. maybe a few of those in the afternoon can get strong. so watch the sky for you. and looking at the storms pushing through. making way for mostly cloudy to partly cloudy friday. 20 percent chance for showers. 86 the high. 89 saturday. plenty of sunshine. warm day. but it should be a fabulous weekend. only 40 percent chance for showers on sunday. temperatures back in the mid to upper 80s as we round out through the middle of next week, with off-and-on showers. so things warm up and get muggy again by the middle of next week. jennifer back to you. >> that's all for the "late edition". thanks for joi
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