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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 23, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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thank everybody. the dancers here and the choreographers and everybody who has inspired me along the way. it's been a great ride and this has been amazing. this experience. so i thank everyone. thank you. >> we thank you for being here. it's jason and janette. so they are leaving us tonight, but there will always be a part of this "so you think you can dance" history and member of one of the biggest and closest families on television. i'm not lying. to everyone, thank you for making us get to 100. stay tuned to your local news. i'm cat deeley, good night! america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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. >> i mean, it is very unsettling, especially being a young girl, working in the city. >> a violent attack in a very public place. the reason police are optimistic about making arrests. >> why city officials are worried that a soccer match will mean gridlock on city streets. >> heavy downpours in some parts of maryland. show you why the threat of rain is not over yet in my sky watch forecast. >> and this special celebration,
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special effort that went into tonight's episode of "so you"sou think you can dance"". >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. search is on for two men in the violent attack on two women in downtown baltimore. happened after day break, in what is usually a busy intersection. keith daniels live downtown tonight near the scene with the latest on the attack. >> live at map and pratt street. it can be a busy corner with cars coming and going. and tourists pass this way too. and two men bold enough to try to sexually assault a woman here. >> katy hughes takes a daily walk in downtown baltimore. she lives in the area. she is out, usually in the early morning hours, before work. alone. but now. >> i guess i will bring the dogs with me.
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>> old habits will change. someone tried to rape a woman where katy walks. police say it happened at pratt and sharp street. near the convention center. and several hotels, at what is usually a busy intersection. but it was early saturday morning, at about 6:15. not as many people were around. >> i mean, it is very unsettling, especially being a young girl. working in the city. >> the fact that it is in a public place, you know, somewhere where you don't think anything like that will happen. so, i mean, i guess it shows that it can happen anywhere. >> investigators say the 24-year-old woman was walking alone, on her way to work, at a business nearby. when two men approached her. one of them from behind. they grabbed her. tried to pull her to an area that is less visible to the people passing by. police say it was a very violent attack. >> they got into a scuffle and appears the victim struggled
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with the attackers. suffered bumps and bruises, all over. at some point a passer-by comes by and scares the suspects and they flee. we have witnesses that see the suspectss fleeing and there are cameras everywhere. >> with pictures perhaps that could help catch two attackers, on the loose. >> it is scary. >> well, police are calling the attack an isolated incident. they don't believe it has happened here before. still tonight, a warning for women in the area. be aware of your surroundings. live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> off duty baltimore cop shoots one of three people who try to rob him at a bus stop in cherry hill. the officer had just finished his shift early this morning, when one guy pulled a gun on him. the officer shot him in the arm. he later showed up at the hospital. the officer arrested a second suspect, another suspect is still on the loose. >> police are investigating a disturbing discovery in the 3600 block of woodland avenue in
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northwest baltimore. just before 3:00 this morning, a body was found inside of a car there. police say they think that the victim was shot, and then crashed. >> a towson university field hockey coach has been indicted on federal child porn charges. 52-year-old john co vag arrested in march, they say he began to have sexually explicit online conversations with someone he thought was a teenage girl. turns out it was a retired l.a. cop. officers say they found child porn on the coach's computer. if he is convicted he could face 20 years in prison. >> police call him a lieutenant in the black guerilla family. tonight a judge has hit lance walker with two life sentences. it is a case involving everything from murder to a plot to intimidate witnesses through cell phone calls from prison. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story you are seeing first on fox on. >> life, behind bars is the
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sentence a judge hands down against lance walker. a man police describe as a high ranking gang member in baltimore's black guerilla family. >> i am very proud of our jurors and our system. >> walker and his co-defendant marino were found guilty in the murder of 31-year-old marlin beckford back in october of 2007. both, received life sentences, in a case that prosecutors describe as extremely complicated. >> there were a lot of cell phone records. there were multiple events that led up to mr. beckford's demise. and the jury was very attentive throughout what was a 3 1/2 week long trial. >> in an exclusive interview the victim's mother talked with fox 45. >> i mean, she don't care. someone like that, you cannot have any remorse for either, you know. i don't have any remorse.
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she gets what she deserve. >> the judge described moreno as cold and calculated. called walker a psycho path. unable to control himself. citing an outburst in court when he threatened a witness. and during his sentencing, there was still no remorse. >> he was laughing all the way outside. he didn't care. >> camille mcneil and her nine month old son were in the car when walker opened fire. >> i rose up my head and saw someone with a gun, and i pretend like i was dead. >> mcneil said it was by the grace of god they survive. but every day, mcneil lives in fear. simply put a chair behind my front door to keep it locked. i am always paranoid. >> paranoid of what the future might hold. >> you think they will come after you? >> yes, i do. i definitely do. because i was the only witness. >> in downtown baltimore. joy lepola, fox 45 news at
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10:00. >> and that woman you just heard from, traveled from out of state to attend today's sentencing. she will probably be making another trip back to baltimore since the judge ruled in favor of the motion for a new trial on attempted murder charges. >> baltimore county couple files a 40 million-dollar lawsuit against a pool management company. they claim the company is responsible for the near drowning of their son. but the pool management company said a medical condition is to blame and their employees did nothing wrong. james becker was 15 years old when his parents say he went under the water for 10 minutes before a lifeguard spotted him. it happened at the woodcroft swim club in parkville back in 2006. james was revived but his injuries left him in a wheelchair and he cannot speak or eat. >> the last three years have been one word "hell." . >> james should have been starting college this year. instead he is living a life trapped in his own body. >> the cause of the current
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medical condition is the heart attack. it is not anything that the pool management company did, or the lifeguards did, or anything that they failed to do. >> well, the 40 million-dollar lawsuit is for the estimated costs of care for james for the rest of his life. >> the weather is to blame for two separate crashes in northwest baltimore this morning. both involving ambulances. one happened at madison avenue a car and med-act unit on the way to a call crashed at the intersection. and car and entrance collided at silver and greenspring avenues. ambulance crashed into a tree. the med-act was taking two people to sinai hospital at the time. everyone involved in both of the crashes is expected to be okay. >> it sure was a stormy morning. we saw rain off-and-on through the day and then we saw the sun eventually. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to let us know what we have coming into the weekend. >> well, we started out with more rain tonight. we are not done with it. and then some sun, clouds, and then warmer temperatures.
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that's the catch. looks like things will heat up into saturday. but definitely the rain is knocking on the door. looking in western -- west central maryland. we have a line of showers and thunderstorms making watt through frederick right now. continues to push our direction. not a very fast line of moving of storms. but it looks like we will continue to see this push our direction. zooming in a closer look. frederick, westminster, you are about to get rain, west of eldersburg. you can see the flash of lightning. 668 counts of lightning in the last hour. so it is an active lightning storm. zoom it out. and we can see some of the activity making the way toward baltimore area. stormy activity in southern anne arundel county. rockville and western portions of dc getting good storms through the next couple of hours. overnight tonight looking at the showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow morning probably sunshine for the morning commute. then a slight chance for a stray shower. but it looks like we will see a decent weekend with sunshine. i will talk about that coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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>> thank you, vytas. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms right down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> well, excitement is brewing in baltimore as anxious soccer fans get ready for the big match up. and all of those people, and all of that traffic. karen parks live at m&t bank stadium with more on the traffic concerns tonight. karen? >> well, jennifer, they are expecting thousands tomorrow. but with the excitement started today. >> this is my first international game. >> it is a match coming to baltimore that thousands like the greens will watch. >> i am very excited. very, very happy. >> drew, wearing his soccer gear has been playing for more than six years. >> well, when i was three, and my dad turned on the television, and i just started to say, wow.
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in all of these plays, doing cool tricks that i would never be able to do. as a child. >> to watch the game, up close, and personal. as a bigger kid, is the icing on the cake. >> still practicing. still practicing. and, you know, some people say practice makes perfect. >> many fans, big and small came out to m&t to catch a practice today. >> we followed chelsea, all over the nation. >> i leave for 10 years in italy i and became a milan fan. >> while practice was cancelled. players came out to mingle. >> the sold out match brings more than 70,000 fans to m&t bank stadium friday night. so getting around downtown could end up looking like this. >> i am coming here two hours early. >> i will try to talk my husband into taking the light rail. >> which might be the best
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ticket in town. >> you have a situation where you have thousands of people coming, and our light rail trains take you right to the front door of all the action. >> again, traffic will be an issue. and parking will be tight. the stadium parking lot will open at 4:00, and the gates open at 6:30. so leave early, or take the light rail. report areing live at m&t bank stadium, karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the baltimore city police department, and the u.s. army are teaming up. the partnership was announced this afternoon at city police headquarters. the goal of the new alliance is to help are recruitment for the u.s. army and help recruit new police officers. the city police department is the first jurisdiction in maryland to partner with the department of defense. >> dozens of people injured after a commuter train crashes in california. it was all caught on tape. and you will see it tonight. >> this makes no sense
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whatsoever economically, environmentally. >> a battle zone in carroll county. why people are fighting over some land. it is our cover story, later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the battle over health care reform heats up. the choices maryland residents are considering. >> definitely just alone. >> and why promises of a
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check your newspaper or go to get instant money bonus coupons... ...when you spend $50. style, quality, and price matter. jcpenney. >> hundreds of the nation's top fire fighting experts are in baltimore for the fire expo convention. that's where baltimore city firefighters are making their voices heard. as kathleen cairns reports.
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budget cuts have them worried about safety. >> city makes us do more with less. why have they put a price tag on your family's head? >> outside the firehouse expo in downtown baltimore. >> why are they putting your lives in danger? >> cries for help from baltimore city firefighters. >> what happens when you call 911, and nobody comes. >> they are angry about the rotating closures of fire companies, in an effort to save money. >> delayed responses. are going to cause somebody to get hurt. >> what are you going to do when it takes 10, 15, 20 minutes before the first arriving company? >> the spectacle draws attention, especially from fire fighting experts in town for the convention. >> we are saying 15 percent of companies, engines and trucks are closed tonight. sleep well. meaning if you are in this general vicinity downtown, it is going to take a ladder company
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longer to get here, to rescue you. >> who is going to save your kids. >> tonight six companies are closed. >> what family members is this due to. including engine six located in the shadows of downtown. at the old towne fire station. and engine four. >> take one death downtown and city officials will see, people will stop booking conventions here. >> the city of baltimore has put a price tag on you and your family's heads. >> but the fire chief said it is save safe. and the inservice trucks are fully staffed. >> whether a fire truck goes out the door, in this city accident it has four firefighters. that makes them a really effective fire fighting force. >> mayor sheila dixon, why are you cutting the fire department's budget? why are you putting people's lives in danger? >> in downtown baltimore. >> citizens of baltimore do not deserve this. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> to wall street now. it was a good day on the stock market. the dow closed above 9000 today, up more than 188 points. home resales i rose higher than expected. >> ford posted a profit after four consecutive quarterly losses. company reporting a profit of $2.3 billion. but that is because of a debt reduction. if the company had been done that it would have posted a loss. >> maryland lingering budget crisis may impact thousands of college students. they have been spared an increase in tuition for the past three years, but as john rydell reports, the tuition freeze might end next spring. >> on college campuses across maryland, there is a persistent question. how will students afford to pay their tuition. >> personally i have had to take a lot of outside loans, as opposed to scholarships. >> it is difficult with the loans and all of that. it helps. but, you know, still a challenge. >> for the past three years, in
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state students have received a break. freeze on tuition and there will be no increase for the fall semester. but higher education is a victim of the latest round of state budget cuts. nearly $40 million will be cut from a variety of programs. >> there won't be as many part-time, full-time instructor, adjunct faculty hired. >> at some campuses class sizes could be increase. >> if you have more students, in a classroom, i guess, you won't have a connection with the teacher. soul be considered a number. >> cuts to higher education and other agencies have taken center stage. governor o'malley meets with cabinet secretaries. they are already working to identify yet another round of cuts, totaling more than $400 million. >> maybe get some efficiencies from closing government altogether, on, you know, on a few days to give people longer weekends. >> one member of the board of ree regents tells me if the next
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round of budget cuts include higher education it increases the possibility of another tuition hike by the spring semester. >> i am not claiming we are going to increase tuition, but if it is a large enough cut we would have to certainly consider that possibility. >> discouraging news for many students struggling to pay for a higher education. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, the governor has set up a website where you can submit ideas about how to deal with the deficit. and you can get to that website by logging onto our website. it is just click on "news links". >> yet another new poll released today shows president obama is having trouble selling health care reform. the fox news poll was conducted the night before, and night of his prime-time news conference t shows 43 percent approve of the president's plan to deal with health care. and 45 percent say they disapprove. the president continued his campaign to turn around the
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numbers. he traveled to a suburb of cleveland today to hold a town meeting on health care. and acknowledged that his timetable won't be met. >> i just want people to keep on working. just keep working. i want the bill to get out of the committees, and then i want that bill to go to the floor. and then i want that bill to be reconciled between the house and senate and then i want to sign a bill. >> the president now said he wants to sign health care legislation into law by the end of the year. but there are big hurdles ahead. washington times working on a story about what is slowing lawmakers down. >> they are really struggling between capitol hill and the white house to come to an agreement about how to pay for massive reform. >> the times said the biggest sticking point appears to be whether to tax health care benefits. for more on this story, go to and click on the washington times icon. >> well, the president's prime time speech last night drew
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strong reaction. health care was on the minds of many marylanders today. jeff abell has more on that part of the story tonight. >> in fell's point today, heavy rain could not silence a rally for reform. >> we stand firm in our desire to see health care reform this year. >> yeah. >> two dozen people rallied in support of the president's health care reform plan. from a small business owner. >> i cannot afford to provide health care coverage for my employees families. >> to a registered nurse. >> people do not need to be worrying about how they are going to pay for treatment. when they are dealing with illness. >> all of them, want the option of public health insurance. >> government should not be in the business of doing anything. >> but charles lawler, chairman of new day maryland a concerned citizens group said the government should stay out of health care. >> any time the government gets involved in any business. whether it is the car business, or health care business, insurance business, banking
10:25 pm
business, it is wrong. wrong for marylanders. we are a democracy for a reason. >> washington wants to bring canadian style health care to the u.s. but government should never come between you and your family and your doctor. >> this week, a campaign opposing the president's plan began to hit the air waves asking viewers to protest the plan. >> i think people have to look at how satisfied americans are with health care and whether it needs to be overhauled or just some changes to deal with some of the catastrophic situations. >> in fell's point today these supporters met with senator barbara mikulski's staff as the battle over health care intensifies. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> today as rally in fell's point was sponsored by it moves aggressive agendas. >> the other on topic that came up was the arrest of a harvard professor. henry gates arrested last week, after a suspected burglary was reported at his own home.
10:26 pm
gates is african american, the officer who arrested him is white. and yesterday president obama stepped into the dispute. he said the cape bridge police acted stupidly. well professor gates wants an apology from the officer that arrested him. that officer said he won't say he is sorry. >> there will be no apology. >> is this for now and ever no apology? >> yes. >> one point in his career sergeant crowley was hand picked by a black police commissioner to teach recruits about avoiding racial profiling. >> looking at some showers and thunderstorms making the way central maryland. westminster getting heavy rain. ellicott city, storms arrive tonight. and catonsville later on. a look at how long they will stick around coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> the frightening train crash in california. caught on camera. later on fox 45 news at 10:00, you will see the impact.
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>> this makes no sense whatsoever. economically, environmentally. but. >> but next the battle zone in carroll
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. >> in carroll county there is a battle brewing between
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landowners and local government. the county said they are looking to the future. but residents say they are ruining the land. it is a classic case of progress versus preservation. melinda roeder takes us to carroll county's battle zone in tonight's cover story. >>. >> in southern carroll county is a quiet community with clear cool streams, big homes with wooded backyards. and winding rural roads. a place where corn grows tall and so do the farm animals that rome the land. >> it is very peaceful here. >> colleen lives among the 261 acres near mt. airy where strip malls and traffic lights could soon take over. >> it would disrupt a lot. >> this area is part of carroll county's 20 year master plan for growth and development. and there is a proposal to rezone this land from conservation, to commercial. >> instead of being back here, and just listening to the birds and the nature we would have to
10:31 pm
hear the traffic. >> some of her neighbors are also angry about the plan. they say would ruin the land. >> it is nothing but socialism. this is my land. and i have every right to this land. >> and these neighbors are not alone. hundreds of carroll county residents came out for a recent public hearing to protest. a map of the master plan shows all the areas ear marked for future growth. the site near mt. airy is one piece of the puzzle that has residents puzzled. >> it makes no sense, economically, environmentally. >> but planners have a different take on the plan. >> i think, we recognize that we cannot just not grow. >> they say, development has to go somewhere. and it only makes sense to put new businesses near major roadways like i 70. areas right for infrastructure. >> you need roads, transportation means, as well as water and sewer facilities and all impacts the schools.
10:32 pm
>> but there are environmental concerns. the area near mt. airy includes dozens of small ponds. home to many forms of wildlife. and headquarters of the potapsco river. and neighbors that rely on underground wells say drinking water is hard to come by. >> we drilled 13 dry holes and then actually had to purchase a piece of property, to get a well. >> county planners say they have a solution for that. >> we have a planned reservoir in this area. >> a reservoir they say could service this entire section of the county. the cost for that remains unclear. butt county is prepared to spring for it. >> water is a precious commodity today. >> another precious commodity is the rural identity of the land residents have come accustom to. why mary joe moved here in the first place. >> fortunate that we were able to find this. and i feel violated that the county is trying to take this from us. >> and if rezoning is approved,
10:33 pm
some fear it would force residents out. >> starting from scratch, would be terrible. >> ted york lives in a trailer park inside the parcel plan for growth. if the owner should sell to a developer, and he the neighbors would have to move. >> a lot of the people in the neighborhood, are not the best well off. and this is the best they can do. and they are not going to be able to go anywhere for the money they pay here. >> the zoning changes would clear the way for new businesses and jobs. >> carroll county has one of the lowest percentages of commercial and industrial land in the state. >> the rezoning could bring a boost in tax revenue. but at what cost? the that's the question planning officials must debate. >> do you want that? >> no. >> in the meantime, residents vow to keep fighting. >> this town is ours. and we are going to stay here. >> while they anxiously await a decision on a move that could forever change the local landscape for all of those that call this home. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at
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10:00. >> well, the planning commission is expected to make some changes to the plan before it goes to the zoning board for the next stage of approval. no word on when that will on when that will happen. >> new video from last weekend's horrible train crash in california. the latest on the investigation into what happened. coming up. >> we will not take the sign down. as i said before, they will have to take me away in handcuffs. >> why a sign supporting our troops is igniting a battle in one pennsylvania town. that's when the news at 10:00 continues. . >> we saw heavy rain earlier today. more heavy rain on the way. off to the west of baltimore
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. >> good evening folks. it looks like we are getting another round of showers and thunderstorms heading our way.
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we saw some decent rainfall earlier today. a little break from the rain. mid afternoon. a little sun to breakout and give us nice weather. but now the next round of showers is off west. and looking at the hd radar. you can see a line of showers and thunderstorms making the way through central, north central portions of carroll county. southeast portions of frederick county and northeastern portions of montgomery county and western portions of howard county. so we will continue to see these showers and thunderstorms push through over the next couple of hours here. and you can see lots of lightning associated with this as well. looking at anywhere from almost 3000 lightning strikes. this is all including down toward the dc area and southern maryland. over the last hour. so there is a lot of activity with this system. as we head through the next couple of hours. put it into motion here. you can see how we have the shower and thunderstorm activity firing up over southeast of frederick. riding along i-70. into the baltimore area over the next, about, 45 minutes, we will
10:38 pm
probably start to see the heavy rainfall. also flashes of lightning up in the sky there. in southern anne arundel county. another shower making the way across the bay. easton about to get rainfall in the next few moments. but it looks like temperatures downtown. sitting at 75 degrees. a little bit of light shower activity making the way in. winds out of the east-southeast at nine. and humidity levels at 79 percent. so it is a very choke key air out there as we see the warm moist air build in from the south. looking at 75 down at bwi thurgood marshall airport. as far as richmond. 85 warmer south. and continue to see warm temperatures build in for the weekend. things will heat up a bit. couple of systems here. we are working in tandem. we have the strong area of low pressure that is potential. we had to watch it. to become a tropical depression earlier today. but it did not get the status. but making the way into new york state and new york city getting heavy rainfall right now. and secondary low over michigan and helping to fuel up the
10:39 pm
atmosphere over maryland. you see the two lines of thunderstorm activity pushing into the metro area, in the next hour. as far as the closer look her. you can see how the line of showers and thunderstorms are fueling up over frederick and south of dc. but behind that, there is some breaks in the clouds. which is good news. it looks like actually see things quiet down late overnight tonight. as far as the future scan. shows clearing skies for tomorrow morning. rush hour. it looks like by tomorrow afternoon, evening, maybe 7:00, we could get you a pop-up shower in the region. and start to clear out saturday. looks like a decent day. we should stay dry for saturday. seeing plenty of sunshine. and temperatures hot. and upper 80s around 90 degrees. how much rain are we talking about? maybe about a quarter of an inch, from the line pushing through to half an inch the. not a fast-moving line of storms. 25 to 30 miles per hour. fueled by the frontal boundary that is kind of a stagnant front over the mid-atlantic. sticking around for a couple of days. another front by sunday. giving us a chance for rain. gwen high tomorrow. 40 percent chance for late
10:40 pm
showers. 90 saturday. hot day. looking at sunshine. 88 on sunday. with a 50 percent chance for showers. and more showers early next week. back to you. . >> frightening video of a commute train crash in san francisco. it shows one train slams into the back of a stopped car. the train that was moving was going about 20 miles per hour. more than 40 people were hurt. federal investigators say the driver told them that he blacked out. just before that crash. >> well, michael jackson's doctor is the target of a manslaughter investigation. dr. conrad murray is a cardiologists that was with jackson when he died in june. a search warrant was filed in houston court today. yesterday investigators seized documents and computer records from conrad's office. there were rumors of manslaughter probe before. but the search warrant confirms it.
10:41 pm
>> a sign supporting the troops has igniteed a battle in a pennsylvania town. bernard tucker is proud of the enormous sign attached to his business. it was a reward for his company's work on defense vehicles. but a zoning officer in the tiny town of east berlin said it has to go. he says it is 3 1/2 times bigger than the ordinance allows. >> this sign violated a couple of sections of the zoning ordinance, one specifically with regard to the maximum permit sign area. >> i will not take down the sign. as i said before. they will have to take me away in handcuffs. >> well, sign's future is the subject of a zoning hearing sometimes some time in the next two months. >> ahead in tonight's health check. when a swine flu vaccine might be ready. and how a maryland company could help keep up with the high demand. >> and smile. or
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
. >> the department of health and human services said it is expecting millions of doses of swine flu vaccine to be available by october. the agency said 160 million doses should be ready, but there are concerns that won't be enough. another alternative might be a vaccine in the form of a nasal
10:45 pm
spray. maryland based company plans to have 40 million nas tal spray doses available by year's end. >> one company is taking the phrase put on a happy face, to heart. they are using new technology to make sure that their employees are giving service with a smile. judy kurtz explains in tonight's "word on the web". judy. >> employees in japan are told to frown upside-down. a camera checks that the grin is good enough. that's right. this railway company in tokyo installed a smile meter for the workers. device detects how broad of a smile it is by calculating the mouth's curve. a stern face gives you a smile for a zero and wide grin gives you smile points. they have installed the meters in 15 of 72 stations over the past month. it says the smile tests are voluntary. and the purpose is to improve communication skills with customers. >> and you can put a smile on
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our face by becoming our online friend. check our tweets and status updates. go to and click on fine us on facebook and twitter end the the community features section. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> "so you think you can dance", celebrated the 100 episode with a jampacked show tonight producers marked the milestone with performances from talent dancer. and special appearance by katy homes. her routine was choreographed by fureario and he said this has been much anticipated occasion. >> katy and i have been friends for over a year. and she would come to the tapeings of "so you think you can dance", when i would be doing choreography. and it was sort of a natural introduction to nigel and fox. >> "so you think you can dance",
10:47 pm
continues next wednesday at 8:00. and thursday at 9:00. right here on fox 45. . >> baseball history in the windy city today. for one white sox pitcher and the distance from the field to your table just got shorter.
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