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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 27, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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history. add that to the no hitter he threw back in april of 2007, and buehrle making the mark on the record books. here is jennifer gilbert with the "late edition". . >> almost two dozen people shot in just two days. what the mayor is saying after a very lie violent weekend. >> it wasn't a tornado. find out what caused all of this storm damage in baltimore county. >> reforming health care. why the debate is far from over. >> and how to give that beautiful white wedding gown a new lease on life. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. maryland natural resources police continue the search tonight for a missing boater that was last seen sunday afternoon.
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39-year-old clinton wallace of baltimore was out in a boat with friends about a mile offshore from mayo beach park in edgewater. police say he jumped into the water to swim. but after a few minutes he got tired and shouted for help. friends in the boat tried to throw him a life vest but could not get it to him in time. police hope the tragedy will remind everybody the importance of wearing a life vest in the water. >> remember, they float, you don't. and sometimes these accidents occur so quickly, you can't put them on. >> police say the water was especially choppy yesterday. because of the storms that rolled through. they will continue their search for, at least, the next couple of days. >> 22 people are shot in baltimore. four killed over the weekend. and tonight police and mayor sheila dixon are speaking out on the violence across the city. keith daniels is live at police headquarters with the story. keith? >> well, jennifer, so far police have made no arrests in any of the shootings but they have boosted foot and street patrols.
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and they say they are going after targeted offenders in the area. 12 of the shooting victims including a 2-year-old girl and pregnant woman, were shot at a cookout last night. no one died. the shooting happened in the backyard of a home in the 2600 block of ashland avenue in east baltimore. police say someone walked into the alley at 9:00 and opened fire. investigators say the apparent target of the shooting was a man connected to rival drug gang activity. now frustrated mayor sheila dixon said today, if people want violence like this to stop, they must come forward with witness information. >> i don't want to hear from the media b you know, the whole snitching, dvd or any of that. that's crap. this is so important. you have innocent people who were shot. it could have been worse. and so it is important that the people in that community come forward. >> well, the little girl and
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pregnant woman shot at that cookout, are expected to make a full recovery. we're live at city police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> and that brings us to the question of the day. do baltimore residents need to do more to help police solve crime? at last check, 92 percent say yes. and 8 percent say no. earl from pasadena writes, as a former city officer i will say yes. police need all the help they can get. but i also feel for city residents in the possibility of retributions. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> among the victims of the weekend shooting, two people killed in a double shooting last night. now that one happened just after 11:00 last night on south conklin and fayette street in south baltimore. names are not release. >> three killed in a fiery crash in baltimore county. the crash happened just before 5:00 this morning. in whitemarsh and honey go boulevards in whitemarsh.
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the car and the street sweeper collided. officials are having a hard time identifying the bodies because they were so badly burned. >> police in anne arundel county are looking for a person that broke into a salon and spray painted racist graffiti inside. it happened early saturday morning at the heavenly hand salon in brooklyn park. a witness saw somebody break the front glass window and called police. a computer, salon supplies and a tattoo gun were stolen. and a flammable liquid was poured all over the salon. anyone that saw something is asked to call metro crime stoppers at 866 7-lockup. >> a virginia man is arrested for bringing a loaded gun to a arundel mills mall. timothy barnes arrested after police saw him spray painting a car in the parking lot saturday. police say barnes started to make threats. and went to reach into his backpack. he had a han gun in the back and
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loaded shotgun in the car. capitol heights man pleads guilty to beating and robbing a elderly man after a brutal attack out of a church on christmas eve. 29-year-old shannon washington pleaded guilty today to attempted murder, assault and robbery in the attack on wayne williams. washington was sentenced to 28 years in prison, with all but 20 suspended. >> local business is under investigation accused of offering false promises to nursing students. former students say the business is preying on people that can afford it least. the business locateded on howard street downtown the sign outside indicates that nursing professionals or students can come to the associated national medical academy to review for the state boards. but behind closed doors, students tell fox 45 they are hearing a different sales pitch. >> he said you can get your rn, $8000, you can get your rn and
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six months to -- in six to nine months. >> well, the maryland higher education commission is now investigatesing. as well as the state's board of nursing. >> the number of children in baltimore with high lead levels is on the decline. according to the maryland department of the environment, more than 18,000 children were tested last year, and of the tested 468 of them had elevated levels of lead in the bloodstream. that is down from well over 600 in 2007. the number was as high as 2900 back in the late 90s. >> well, the storm clean up effort continues after a wild storm rolled through baltimore county last night. county officials say 55 homes in the reisterstown area were damaged. and it kept repair crews damaged all week long. kathleen cairns reports. >> monday morning, some people could not even get out of their driveways. >> every street has down trees.
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cul-de-sacs are closed up. it is a mess. >> the high winds and heavy rain left its mark. >> it was like being out in the ocean. i mean it was crazy. >> in owings mills. >> they have no power. we have no power. >> actually, in this one area, it is about 23. >> on greenspring valley road, the wait is on. >> i was just wondering if i should just try to turn my car around and go back the other way? >> as the chaos returns to calmness, the serenity is a welcome sign. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, fortunately no one hurt in the storms last night. but hopefully we have seen the last of that for awhile. vytas reid is here with a look at the forecast. vytas. >> yeah, it looks like we will have a quiet night tonight. except for a few pop-up showers here and there talking about reisterstown. on this map here, you can see a few showers pushed through hampstead and northwest of
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reisterstown. a shower is moving through. nothing severe. just a brief heavy downpour and it looks like it will continue to move through the area. like i said, just a slight chance for pop-up showers as we get through the overnight. temperatures 79 degrees. in baltimore. 76 in d.c. overnight. the chance for the showers, 74 for morning commute. and humid conditions with a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. the stronger storms probably wednesday. detailed look at that in the seven-day forecast. >> in tonight's news you need to know. you are losing the free half hour of parking at airport airport. drivers used to be able to park in the garage for 30 minutes at no charge. to pick up or drop off passengers. but airport spokesman jonathan dean said it would change because of the economy. dean said drivers can still use the cell phone lot if you are waiting for someone. >> and after you park, get ready to pay more to check your bags. at least on one airline. american airlines is raising its check bag fee by $5.
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first bag will cost you see $20. the second bag is $30. the changes take effect for tickets purchased after august 14. >> a fell's point staple gets ready for a big facelift. coming up. why some are concerned the makeover won't be enough to keep customers walking through the door. >> the debate over health care. still ahead in the "late edition". maryland lawmakers weigh-in on the hot topic. >> raven's training camp is about to get underway. but the team is extremely thin at the receiver positio
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like northwest cherries, just $1.49 a pound. this week only at giant. you know, it's not the grill that makes a delicious, tender, perfect piece of steak. [ crowd gasps ] it's the steak. enjoy quality selections from the butchers at giant, like top round london broil just $1.79 a pound. this week only at giant. . >> baltimore's historic broadway market is scheduled for a major facelift. $50 million project will include a major overhaul of bodies buildings and plans to bring in more high-end businesses. in the past few months, many
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businesses in the market have shut down. some because of the bad economy. and that has been hard on the businesses that are still there. >> people walk in and they see the empty spaces in the market. especially tourists, they walk back out and think we are closing down. but regulars know we are staying. so we are hoping they will stick with us through the transition. >> the renovations will begin this fall. the entire project will take up to two years. >> well, very hot and humid start to the work week. chief meteorologist vytas reid is back with what's in store with the last few days of july. vytas? >> yeah, it looks like very hot day out there tomorrow. hot and humid day out there today. but it looks like definitely we will see the temperatures going up. as we get down the road. here is what's going on. hd skycam. 76 degrees out there. right now. cloudy skies. there are a few showers and thunderstorms north of reisterstown. winds out of the southwest at three. humidity levels 88 percent. hot temperatures. here is what's going on for the next several days. see the temperatures in the upper 80s, lower 90s.
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mixing the humidity. boy the heat index feels like the 90s. uncomfortable out there looking at the temperatures. right now, currently 79 degrees in baltimore. 69 in harrisburg. south of us. 74 in richmond virginia. what we will see happen is actually see the temperatures warming up as we see warm temperatures pushing up out of the south. and humidity levels up. and we can have a few pop-up showers north of baltimore city. up in reisterstown. you see northern portion of baltimore county into harvard county. a shower there nothing severe, but it looks like a brief heavy downpour. model data shows that. >> then it clears out in the morning rush hour. you should be able to see plenty of sunshine. maybe even into the afternoon. cloudy to mostly cloudy. and chance for pop up showers and thunderstorms as the instability from the daily heating takes place. but best chance for seeing stronger storms, potentially is wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. definitely keep an eye to the sky. assist the front gets closer from the west. creating all the instability out
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there. stationary front riding through the mid-atlantic. creating a lot of lift. and cold front starts to head our direction from the midwest that takes our temperatures down a bit. by thursday, friday, saturday. until then, 90 degrees for tomorrow. a chance for some isolated thunderstorms out there. and then for the five-day forecast. you see, 90 on wednesday. 50 percent chance for rain. maybe strong storms. 90 thursday. 40 percent chance. and on friday, 88 degrees. 86 on saturday. and with a 40 it 30 percent chance for rain. jennifer? >> the debate over health care reform continues tonight on capitol hill. why leaders on both side of the aisle workout the details, lawmakers in maryland are weighing in on the debate. >> debate over health care reform remains front and center and about to hit the back burner if lawmakers cannot meet the president's august deadline. >> we are less interested in hard deadlines than in moving the process forward. the dead lines have had a disappointing affect.
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>> as the august recess looms. >> there are not the votes for democrats to do this just on our side of the aisle. >> both democrats and republicans are still divided over costs, and coverage. >> it is big government taxpayer subsidized health care. >> it is an issue maryland state lawmakers are weighing in on as well. >> your ability to choose. to make decisions. with your private health care practitioner. and family, are gone. >> we need to find a way to get ahold of health care costs. this seems to be one way. for everyone to have health care, and be a finite cost paid by the government. >> paying for health care overhaul remains a major sticking point. one idea on the table, is taxing insurance companies on high-end policies. and it is a proposal the white house said the president is r considering. >> such as the $40,000 policy, head of goldman sachs has, that will not impact on the middle class. and that was our big concern is that we not impose vast new
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burdens on the middle class. >> but critics say taxing insurance companies will only cost americans, and marylanders, more because the cost of policies will rise. >> i can tell a lot of these folks have not been in business. you tax the insurance companies, it is going to affect the cost of every policy. >> the president plans to promote health care reform this week in virginia and north carolina. . >> i did notice that they had used their shoulder to try to barge in. >> it is the call that led to the controversial arrest of a harvard professor. up next, what wasn't said that could shed light on the case. >> not sure what to do with your wedding dress, after the walk down the aisle?
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tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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. >> police released a 911 call that sparked a infamous arrest of a harvard professor. call led to the arrest of african american harvard professor henry lewis gates jr. at his own home for disorderly conduct. gates called it racial profiling. the 911 recording showed the caller never mentioned the man as being black. a charge critics have been leveling against her since the story broke on. >> they are still in the house, i believe. yeah. >> black or hispanic? >> two larger men, one looked kind of hispanic but i am not sure. and the other one entered and i didn't see what he looked like at all. >> and there is late word tonight that the professor and the officer involved will meet with the president at the white house on thursday. >> new website is helping some women find bargains and helping others make a few bucks after the wednesday. called preowned wedding it allows brides to shop for dream dresses and save money and
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allows those that walk down the aisle to earn cash. they create a profile for the dress with information on the diner, condition, size, et cetera. >> each girl that contacted me about my dress, i feel like i created some sort of bonding with them. i wanted to make sure that they are as happy on their wedding day as i am going to be on mine. >> and if you would like to check out the site for yourself, go to ourselves. log onto, and click on "news links". . >> get this. biking, dragons on and a hot pink tribute. they will all part of the 23 annual cardboard boat race in arkansas this weekend. 34 cardboard boats competed in the awards including best design, and best sinking. >> it is a fun time for the families to come and be together and have a good time and laugh. it is a great place to be. >> biking spirit was the theme this year. but next year, it will be
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something different. >> no, you are not seeing double. or triple. these men were part of the 2009 earnest hemmingway look alike contest in florida. 139 hemmingway doubles sang, and danced and more, in hopes of winning over the judge. but david douglas won. he credited his warm turtleneck sweater he wore, despite it being 90 degrees. >> 120 inside the sweater. >> douglas was emulating the late noble price winning look in a 1957 photo. >> that is not a ufo in the sky. star gazers were able to spot both the international space station, and the space shuttle endeavor saturday evening. nasa told people when and where they could briefly see the two. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> you know, it has been almost exactly six months since the ravens lost to the steelers in
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the afc championship game. it has been a long off season. but it has come to an end. training camp is upon us. rookies and a few veterans, including this guy, starting guard ben grubs reported to westminster today. and first on field work outs of training camp 2009 is sure to be a grueling run. john harbaugh instituteed a tougher approach after years of leisure under billick. and that approach almost got them to the superbowl. and john harbaugh again has his sights set high. >> we want to have the best training camp in the nfl. that starts with tomorrow. you know, we want to have the best day we can have tomorrow. so that's how it was last year. that's how it will be next year. that's how it is this year. we are excited and get practicing football. >> they received a jolt sunday night when they got a call from drew bennett. message was he was retiring. the workout friday was grueling. and bennett's knee did not take the punishment.
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john harbaugh said the felon was arthritic and bennett would probably never play again. however, joe flacco and the rest of the ravens have to go full speed. without him. >> we are getting ready to go. most of them come in wednesday. and we will get started. and tomorrow we look at the young guys we have. tomorrow and the next day. and all of these guys are getting ready to go. they are anxious to get out. >> show the coaches, and show, you know, other quarterbacks what they have got. >> ravens today waved fourth year tight end zalewski. hurt the knee last year. and missed last season. come back was slow. and probably stopped this spring when it was revealed he needed more surgery. hero in 2007, last tight end standing. catching 34 passes for 246 yards and a touchdown. john harbaugh said it is a simple matter of numbers. >> the surgery did not work. you know, if that's the way you can describe it. so he has to have more. he had more work done on t and
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it is healing. and give him a chance to heal. he cannot be on the roster at this stage. we need guys that can practice. we have a plan for gwinn. he is very much in the plans down the road. and he will be working hard to get the knee right. >> the first workouts of training camp are tomorrow. jennifer, back to you. >> at that point, i didn't know what to do. i was just kind of in shock. >> hitting the jackpot. twice in one day. coming up
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. >> here is a continue look at the seven-day forecast. hot and sticky out there tomorrow. temperatures topping out at 90. slight chance of a pop-up shower. better chances for organized thunderstorms wednesday. with a high of 90. could see severe weather there. watch for that. and thursday more showers and thunderstorms. maybe in the mid-morning. high of 90 degrees. and front pushes through. maybe strong storms there.
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cooling us down on friday. saturday and then sunday in the mid to upper 80s. and we still see showers possible through the weekend. jennifer? >> thank you, vytas. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> finally tonight. a massachusetts man tests his luck and cashes in big time. phillip brunell pinching himself to make sure he is seeing things right. he bought scratch off lottery tickets and won $1000. pretty good. he used some of the winnings to buy a few more tickets and hit the jackpot. the million dollars jackpot. photographer plans to use the money to open his own studio. >> some guys have all the luck. that's all for the "late edition". thanks for joining us tonight. i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomo
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