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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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"late edition". >> not so intimate gathering at the rose garden, what happened at the white house beer summit tonight. >> a child becomes the victim of a rat attack. what is being done to keep it from happening again. >> and saving with twitter. how the new technology can help you get more for your money. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight. professor henry gates and police sergeant crowley agree to disagree. the two men sat down with the president and vice-president today for a round of beers. shannon beam reports. >> call it happy hour at the white house. the beers are cold, peanuts crunchy, the talk private. president obama and vice-president joe biden sat down for brew with harvard professor henry louis gates jr.
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and police officer james crowley that spoke to the media after the meeting. >> he is a regular person sitting around a table having a discussion about an issue. >> crowley arrested gates on july 16 after responding to a 911 call of a possible break-in. it turned out gates was trying to get into his own home. but police arrested the professor for disorderly conduct after a death up. and the charges dropped but gates insists it was racially motivated. >> professor gates and i have different perspectives and agree that both perspectives should be addressed. >> approximate president got involved after the word broke. he said the police acted stupidly and later said this could be a teachable moment. >> and hopefully, giving people an opportunity to listen to each other. >> president obama also said the meeting was needed in order to stop the hype and symbolism the arrest has taken on. >> you lose sight of the fact that these are people involved. including myself. all of whom are in perfect. >> some say the controversy is
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costing the president by diverting people away from the health reform act. >> the two have agreed to have a meeting, the two of them, without the president. to keep discussions going. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. is the beer summit a good teachable moment. joseph writes, it was handled badly from the start. the president should leave it alone. instead he keeps making it worse. >> to read more of your responses, go to and click on question of the day. >> >> a 2-year-old in curtis bay attacked by a rat. the child was attacked in his backyard monday. city officials say the rat abatement response crew has been to the same block of morrison court five times in only the past three months. >> it was on there tying. i was pulling with my hand. of not letting go. so i hit it with a brick. i had to hit it three times to get it to let go.
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>> the rat did not test positive for rabbies. the child was treated with antibiotics. >> mayor sheila dixon ree indicted and tonight believes her ex-boyfriend could be fueling the prosecutors case. prosecutors say as city council president dixon accepted gifts and thousands of dollars from ex-boyfriend and developer ron lipscomb while voting to give lucrative city contracts in which lipscomb had a financial interest. the perjury charges accuse her of failing to report the gifts. and lipscomb cut a deal with prosecutors last month avoiding bribery charges. >> i suspect that state prosecutor feels better about his case than he did at the time judge sweeney dismissed the charges. but he still has a hill to climb. this is not a slam dunk by any stretch of the imagination it will be a hard fought case. >> no can comment from the mayor tonight. she said she is indeed focused on city business. >> the charges against the mayor stem from two things now.
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stolen gift cards meant for the needy. and lies she is accused of making about trips taken with the former boyfriend. from 2003 to 2004, they say mayor sheila dixon traveled with lipscomb to colorado where they trade at the ritz. and new york city at the trump international. in chicago dixon is accused of using lipscomb's credit card to make purchases at six 5th avenue and coach. the gift cards were supposed to go to the holly trolley program and given to the poor for christmas. instead prosecutors say the mayor used at least 60 cards to buy items like video game systems and ipods. some were given to staffers. >> investigators say they found five gift cards in dixon's home. >> the weekend violence in east baltimore sparks concern in other parts of the city. people in southeast baltimore gathered at the hope village community center tonight. weekend violence left 22 shot. 12 at one location in east ba baltimore. the police commissioner told the
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crowd, police are shifting resources to prevent more violence, including moving members of the auto theft task force. >> some criticism for baltimore's curfew law tonight. a small group of demonstrators out the juvenile justice center said the curfew laws are a violation of children's rights and police should put more effort into arresting hard criminals than young kids. >> we are saying many of the problems, emanate from city hall. from the baltimore city police department and our children end up being the victims of the policies. >> they are referring to an i want last week, when 11-year-old girl was picked up by police and taken to a curfew center. to be retrieved. according to the girl's family, she was picked up even though she was accompanied by an adult. there is no immediate response from police tonight. >> another round of break-ins at area churches. in the past month, eight baltimore county churches have been burglarized. detectives say they are prying open windows, going through offices and searching for cash.
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so far police have some leads, but no suspects. >> another hot and sticky day out there. and that could turn into dangerous weather heading into our all important weekend. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a look at the sky watch forecast. just in time for saturday. >> well good news is dat day is better than friday. friday we have weather pushing in. and severe weather to talk about. right now scanning the skies on hd radar. no activity out there. except south of dc. few showers down there. east of richmond. but as we zoom out the image. what is happening is we have a very active weather pattern. pushing through parts of ohio river valley. showers and thunderstorms, rolling up through, especially tennessee. north of nashville. they have had tornado warnings down there. there is an area of low pressure that is back there. and it is going to be riding along a cold front. that will be pushing in. and what does it mean for us? well, we are under a slight risk category. including baltimore city and dc and annapolis and as we go through the day.
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severe risk for bad weather. we have to watch the sky tomorrow. looking at temperatures around 77 degrees for the morning commute. probably showers and thunderstorms in the area. and for the morning commute. but better chances going into the afternoon and late afternoon and evening when we can really get the thunderstorms firing off in the atmosphere. i will have a closer look at how long the activity will stick around coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> weather it is a photo of weather damage, video of a story in your community or information on any event. we want your take on no one knows your neighborhood better than you. you can upload pictures, video and written stories by going to and/your take. you can send photos from your cell phone to pics at >> new report urges leaders to pay more attention to pesticides in the chesapeake bay. the report links unsafe pesticides, to problems like what is known as intersex fish. officials say farming is responsible for most pesticides but, of course, lawns and golf
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course are culprit. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. forget clipping the coupons, sponsors are turning to cyber space to spread the word about deep discounts. more and more companies are turning to twitter to pedal their deals in this rough economy. high tech is the only way according to them. >> the ppu can reach, the deals you offer people, that they would not know about if they are not in the neighborhood. >> so far, the tweeting companies are seeing sales going up. >> the type of child care you choose could very well impact your child's weight. harvard scientists found when infants attend day care at someone's home rather than a day care center they are more likely to be heavier than average by the age of two. >> cash-for-clunkers, hit the road block. why the program could be suspended. >> and reports that michael jackson has yet another son.
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uncanny likeness ahead on the "late edition".
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. >> a group of federal workers from out of town cut their training short after an h1n1 outbreak downtown. the first confirmed case came just days after the group arrived in downtown baltimore. their training was held at the fallon federal building. >> the individuals involved by the way, were all from out of the state of maryland. really from numerous states throughout the country. it has resulted in no hospitalizations in the situation. no deaths. there has been 11 confirmed cases. >> health officials say the workers with the virus were told to stay in their hotel rooms until they stopped showing the symptoms. >> state budget cuts force the closing of sites offering medical services to the poor. the university of maryland school of nursing said they are
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well mobile sites in glen burnie, cumberland, all close august 15. while mobile funding was cut in half for the fiscal year school has redesigned the program to focus upon the most efficient ways to reach those who need it. >> progress on health care inches forward on capitol hill. very slowly however. third of three house committees is now undergoing changes in their version of a health care reform package. after striking a deal with blue dog democrats to lower costs, leaders are still trying to come up with a proposal that includes a strong public insurance alternative to compete with private insurance firms. critics want to take their time. >> i am hopeful once we break for august and we have these discussions and forums around the country maybe we can knock sense back into the direction that this plan is going in. >> in the senate, the story is the same. the house is set to recess, you may recall, this friday, and the senate follows one week later.
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government cash-for-clunkers program hits a speed bump. they plan to suspend the program. it has been underway for a week. and car dealers worry the money may soon run out. the national highway safety commission said dealers will receive plenty of warning before the program runs dry. but dealers can stop taking part any time they wish. >> michael jackson's father claims his son had another child. in an on line interview joe jackson claims omar baty a 25-year-old norwegian performer is his son. baty denied the claim saying they were friends. at jackson's memorial service, baty sat in the front row, between jackson, father, and sister. >> and newborn infant found alive after extracting from the mother's womb. arrested julie corey yesterday. she cut the baby out of darlene haynes's abdomen after she murdered her.
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and said the baby was hers. >> she was one of the last people seen with her on thursday. again, it was thursday night, or early friday morning that she made statements to some close friends that she had given birth to a baby girl. but yet showed up later in the day with the child. which did raise suspicions to the friends. >> corey is held on $2 million bail. >> lots of heat out there today. but it could be turning to rain and storms in the near future. check back now with vytas to say what we can expect this weekend as he is wearing his very nice white dinner jacket to reflect that light from the sun. vytas you can start talking any time. >> thank you very much. i should have worn this at dinner. talking about hot temperatures out there it looks like we will continue to hold onto the hot temperatures leading us into the weekend. definitely there is a chance for strong storms to talk about. downtown relatively quiet conditions right now. 78 degrees. looking at a few high thin clouds. winds out of the south at three.
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humidity levels at 74 percent. sticky air to deal with. but right now talking about the temperatures. sitting right now at 78 degrees in harrisburg. 81 downtown baltimore. looking at 75 in richmond. 70 degrees in pittsburg. we will see cooler air off to the northwest. behind the front. but warm air pumping on out of the south ahead of the system. so it will clash. moisture building in from the >> then also nashville tennessee, has had some tornadic activity around some of the suburbs there. but we can see a closer look here. not a lot of activity. and most of the rain contained down over virginia and west virginia but it will change as we get into the mid-morning tomorrow. into the afternoon with the better chance for severe weather. looking at our future scan. you can see the showers move in by morning. take the umbrellas with you during rush hour. give yourself extra time. some of the rain in the neighborhood. and storms fire up through the afternoon.
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maybe strong. as the front moves through. and low moves over. and gives us lift and instability. and bigger picture you see the front. with area of low pressure driving up from the southwest. and that's what is helping to create the lift and instability to create the severe weather out there. and that potential will go through the afternoon. so it looks like we will see the thunderstorms tomorrow. high of 89 degrees. winds out of the southwest at five to 10. and humid conditions out there. keep the umbrellas nearby. maybe a bit for saturday morning. chance for a stray shower remaining. but lovely afternoon with temperatures at 88. with sun and clouds. and sunday sun and clouds with 40 percent chance for maybe a stray shower or two. high of 86. and 88 on monday. 87 tuesday with a few spotty showers in the neighborhood. definitely keep an eye to the sky to see if we have any severe weather through tomorrow afternoon. jeff? >> a recovery program got this homeless man clean. but what keeps him going strong? that's later on the "late edition". >> the o's make a big move
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. >> get this. the suspect in a car chase in utah ended up being a 7-year-old boy. police followed the pint size driver for 10 blocks at speeds of 40 miles per hour as he waives and runs a stop sign. chase ended in the boy's driveway. the 7-year-old said he did not want to go to church. so he took mom and dad's car for a spin. >> have you heard of the children's book is your mama alama? maybe there should be a sequel called is your golf caddy lama. every week a north carolina golf course using lam mass to carry clubs. >> do they know which club to pick. >> yeah, you will get a stomp, depends if you picked the right one. >> i think you had the two iron.
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but i think it is a five iron. actually it is a nine. >> once the lamas are fully trained they may go to other courses for special events. >> you might say i cannot believe it is butter about these sculptors at the ohio state fair. the life size cow, cap and dairy farmers took 350 hours, and 1800 pounds of butter to make. creating the con cock hundreds, is a butt tree creation. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> we first reported it last night. and tonight it is official. the ravens have signed their number one draft pick offensive tackle michael orr of ole miss. he gets a five year deal. for $14 million. he wasteed little time signing and hit the practice field with the new teammates. officially ending the holdout at three days. but for orr it was three days too many.
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he wants to be here on time all along. >> i was disappointed that i cannot show up the first day. when the rookies reported. i felt like i let my team down. but, you know, that's -- i put all of my trust in my agent, and he steered me flight direction and i am pleased to be here today. and i am still excited and very excited, you know, that ravens, you know, decide to pick me. >> baseball now, with non-waiver trade deadline 24 hours away. they traded the hottest comedy. sherrill, heading to the dodgers. all star in 2008, he converted 20 of 23 save opportunities this season. he took over as closer for the injured ray. and held down the spot ever since. 31 saves last year, second most ever. for a first year oriole. birds get two minor leaguers from the dodgers. one of them josh bell. also included in the deal, is
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right hander steve johnson, kingsville resident. >> and the trade revealed after today's game. in which the orioles were trying to make it two in a row over the royals and they gave the emerging ace a lot of run support. bottom of the fifth. o's up 2-0. bases loaded for the struggling huff. and that is a slump buster. hits it into the gap in right. three score. and bases clearing double for huff and the o's lead 5-0. and the day belonged to starting pitcher brad bergeson. top of the second. bergeson gets john buck looking for the backwards k. in the fourth, jacobs swings through the breaking ball. in the 6th. billy butler reaches for the nasty slider. bergeson's six strike outs of the game. then a frightening moment. butler at the plate hits a line drive back up the box. goes off bergeson's shin. and wieters gets the out and bergeson is hurting.
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he limps into the dug out in a lot of pain. left the game. x-rays negative. listed as day-to-day. orioles won splitting the series. >> o's host the red sox tomorrow night. jeff, back to you. . >> coming up urban turtle
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. >> to some he is a turtle but to others. >> yeah, that's a heck had of a turtle. to walk around like that. you know, most people don't have dogs controlled like that. >> spike is a 6-year-old african tortoise that lived at the way side christian mission in kentucky. inspiration was one homeless man and recovering alcoholic that said the two keep each other in
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check. >> most of the time, when a alcoholic or drug addict gets down in the you dumps, he needs somebody to pick him up. or along in the right direction. >> it is therapy. it keeps me out of my room. from sitting around and watching too much television. >> an urban turtle with a purpose way beyond his shell. >> very hot and storms moving in. vytas reid is here to tell us the good, bad and ugly. >> that's a cool turtle. here is what's going on. you will probably have to hide in your shell tomorrow. talking about severe storms to believe possible through the afternoon. very strong storms possible coming up out of the south. under light risk category for severe weather. and mainly in the form of heavy rain. hail, gusty winds and tornadoes that will form as the system pushes through. so see high of 89. with the chance for that thunderstorm activity through the mid-morning, and afternoon. and evening. and then on saturday, maybe a few lingering showers and thunderstorms in the neighborhood. high of 88. and 86 on sunday. 40 percent chance for rain.
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and monday, tuesday, much of the same. and then as we get to wednesday and thursday of next week, looks like things are better and brighter with more sunshine out there but definitely have to keep an eye to the sky to see if we have any severe weather and keep it right here for the details. jeff? >> thanks so much. you could be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. of course, as we have been saying all night long. whether it is a photo of weather, story in your community or information about any event of interest to you, we want your take on no one knows your neighborhood better than you, and you can upload pictures, video and written stories by going to take, and you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to pics at and if you don't want to go to church tell your parents. and don't take their keys and
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