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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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umpires confused. last out of the inning but they allowed a run to score on the play. i don't know. you tell me. here is jeff barnd to explain it all to you, with "late edition". . >> the scramble to save cash-for-clunkers. why some say it is the most effective economic stimulus to date. >> arrested for sexually assaulting children in baltimore county. the evidence police seized that helped catch a middle river couple. >> there were people cut, bleeding, few unconscious. >> what happened on board this aircraft that injured more than two dozen passengers? >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert has tonight off. cash-for-clunkers is drawing crowds. the to showrooms, especially ford. but will it get the funding it needs before running out of gas. weldel takes a closer look.
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>> the white house said without senate approval of the house bill adding $2 billion in clunker funding it can only guaranteeby rebates for a few more days. >> if it hasn't happen this week, it is unlikely that we will make it to the weekend with the program that can continue. >> republicans argued misreading the initial popularity of the clunker program means extending it might cost more than lawmakers expect. >> when the administration comes bearing estimates, it is not a bad idea to look for a second opinion. all the more so, if they say, they are in a hurry. >> they say the same argument applies to health care reform. with the president's trillion dollars proposal fighting for its life, harry reed was reluctant to cause a vote causing problems for health reform. they call the clunker money, the best so far. selling more cars, and new cars useless gas. >> in the initial analysis of a group of the applications,
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showed that the transactions were generating a 61 percent increase in fuel economy. >> in michigan, where the unemployment rate is 15 percent, and a fifth of the jobs are connected to the auto industry, governor gram hold said her state is getting a disproportionate boost. >> since we have been affected negatively by the economy, it is actually -- it is sweet justice. >> late today, the prospects for the clunkers program got better when california democratic senator feinstein and collins announced the mileage improvement are better than anyone expected. and collins said leaders of both parties wants top extend the program and they will talk about ways to make it happen. at the white house. fox news. >> and the clock is ticking on capitol hill as the senate tries to finish up before the month long recess. health care reform is top priority even though a final decision before the break is highly unlikely. >> the more one gets into this, the more you see how complex the
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system it is. and very important that we don't create a bunch of unintended consequences that compound problems and struggles that people already have. >> also on the agenda, confirming supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor that is expected to get the green light from the full senate. >> meantime, poll shows 48 percent of americans say the health care system is good or excellent. up from 35 percent from only may. government sponsored health care could cost up to $1.6 trillion over 10 years. >> baltimore county police have arrested a couple for having sex with children. police say it happened in middle river. the alleged victims are as young as two. keith daniels live at baltimore county police headquarters with the latest on this story tonight. keith? >> well, jeff, police are calling the crime gross, and indecent. and a neighborhood cannot believe it happened. now 34-year-old john nicklas and 26-year-old shan know honea accused of filming, distributing
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and promoting child pornography. now police say the abuse happened in the couple's home. in the 9700 block of con mar road in middle river. investigators say the victims range in age from two to 13 years old. >> now police arrested the couple at their home july 30th after receiving what they are calling verified information. detectives seized computer equipment and several cds and dvds identifying the children allegedly abused in those videos is now the focus of the investigation. >> there is a lot that we don't know. a lot of unanswered questions here. we are trying to figure out how they came in contact with these kids. and how they solicited these children to come into that home. >> anyone that would hurt an innocent child, special place in hell for them. there is. >> well, the pair is in jail tonight. and bail is denied for nikolaus, and bail for honea was set at
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$5 million. we're live at baltimore county police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> a burglary suspect shot by police was pronounced dead by paramedics. that was until police found he was still alive. understandably. an internal probe is now underway. police say 51-year-old michael quarrels was shot in the head after police say he lunged at an officer with a screwdriver. the officer initially thought quarrels had a knife. paramedic first declared him dead at the scene and police called for paramedics to return when they noticed the man on the floor was moving. >> so how can you come and check a guy, and you say he is dead, and then you leave, and then come to find out he is alive? >> this is a very, very serious matter for us. and it is our hope that within the next few days, we will have all the information that we need. >> quarrels remains in critical condition tonight at sinai hospital. >> another carbon monoxide scare in baltimore county. it happened this morning at the
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commons at whitemarsh in middle river. carbon monoxide detector went off. six adults and four children rushed to the hospital for a checkup. the owner of the complex, sawyer realty has had other tenants get sick in the past from carbon monoxide. >> they say that the water heater, they say it was the stove. i don't know. i don't know. i don't think they know what it is. >> those hospitalized today are expected to be okay. >> anne arundel county police charge a man with impersonating a police officer. police say 48-year-old wells approached the man in odenton saturday claiming he was an officer. the man noticed the badge obviously was a phony and called the real police force. the suspect took off and was caught by police later. turns out the badge was from a security company. >> new report out shows that state wide there was an 11 percent reduction in homicides last year. according to the state, the numbers are due in part to a 20 years low for murders in baltimore city. along with a 14 percent drop in
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prince george's county. meanwhile, other violent crimes were down 2 percent. >> ocean city passes emergency measures to ban salvia. legislation was passed by the town council earlier tonight and takes effect immediately. it bans the sale or possession of the plant. if you are caught breaking the new law, you could spend up to six months behind bars and get hit with a $1000 fine. salvia is banned in 10 states already but not in the state of maryland. >> sunday's massive storm forced some people in cecil county to dip work and clean up their homes instead. two dozens homes damaged when high winds brought down trees. no one hurt and people spent today clearing debris off the roofs. >> i heard a big boom. my bedroom ceiling, i have holes in it. size of hardball. >> no one in elkton was injured during sunday's storm. >> are we done with the severe weather? we had a beautiful day today. chief meteorologist vytas reid
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joins us with a first look at the weather forecast. vytas? >> looks like quiet conditions out there today. plenty of sunshine. on the warm side of things. with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. looks like the lower 90s tomorrow. as heat continues to build in. our sky watch hd radar right now scanning the skies showing clear conditions out there. no rain, really pretty much no clouds. we have a moon that is full. and so beautiful full moon tonight. as far as any prescription, mainly south of us. the temperatures right now are in the mid 70s. 80 degrees downtown. overnight tonight, mainly clear. tomorrow afternoon, looking at some sunshine. with temperatures at 85 by noon. i will have a closer look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. friday is the deadline to prove baltimore county residency for the upcoming school year. parents must ploy a photo identification. property deed or lease and at least three pieces of mail sent to the home in the last two months. the law discourages parents living outside of baltimore
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county from trying to send their children to county auto schools. >> the postal service considers closing 1000 las branches nationwide. after $7 billion in losses are now projected this year. officials may consider things like customer access, service and cost savings before deciding which locations to close. five baltimore area branches are currently on the chopping block. they are fell's point, flange lynn station, towson towne center, east point mall, and mount washington. >> fema's top man wants a focus group to develop plans for how to handle health care and education when disaster may strike. craig few gate said the current national disaster plan rewritten by the bush white house after hurricane katrina does not mention children at all. but does indeed mention emergency plans for pets twice. >> maryland's first lady joins baltimore city students for a day out on the waters of the inner harbour today. judge katy o'malley spent the afternoon taking part in a water
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quality survey with 20 students from arundel elementary middle school and looked at plankton and dredged for oysters and learned about the port of baltimore during the educational program hosted by the living classroom foundation. >> you know, you agree up with an appreciation for that. and grow up to be a part of it. and teach on the bay. or marine biology. who no great exposure for youth. >> later in the day, judge o'malley took the time to unveil this year's chesapeake bay games. the book is meant to provide kids with something fun and educational to focus on during the summer travel. . >> the push for speed cameras continues in baltimore county. how much you will have to pay if the cameras catch you driving too fast. >> after that, there was a huge silence. >> a continental flight goes wrong.
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find out what happened to passengers thousands of feet in the sky. >> why a church is handing out cold hard cash to just about
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. >> baltimore county has the plan to catch more speeders with cameras. tonight council introduced a measure to allow up to 15 speed cameras to be installed around school zones. for many residents they say speeding is a major concern. if you are caught the fine is $40. but there is a 12-mile an hour buffer, so only those going significantly over the speed limit would get a ticket. and there are other provisions in the bill. >> in addition to that, the county has decided not to issue citations for the first 30 days. but rather give warnings so people can get acclimateed to it. >> the county council is expected to vote on the speed camera measure next month. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. would baltimore county use speed cameras to improve safety or raise revenue? so far 56 percent say safety.
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44 percent of you say more money. read from baltimore writes, i think speed cameras on the various highways would solve the budget problem in record time and decrease highway incidents as well. for more responses go to >> tough times lead to tough negotiations. union work oners for baltimore county protested tonight over a cost of living increase they say is being held up over whether to take back some forms of emergency personal leave. >> we told the county that we could not get this contract past. and on may 18, 2008, members came out and rejected the contract by 76 percent. >> at last word, contract talks were at an impasse. >> do we get to keep the sunshine for the rest of the week? keep our fingers crossed. vytas reid is here with a closer look at the sky watch forecast. >> off-and-on. chance for showers as well toward the middle of the week.
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currently clear skies. moon filled sky. and full moon out there. 72 degrees. winds calm. humidity levels 84 percent. so it is a little bit moist as far as our conditions out there. humidity wise. and we will continue to see the humidity levels going up a bit. our temperatures across the area. looking at temperatures right now at 69 degrees in pittsburg. 67 in harrisburg. downtown baltimore still at a balmy 88 degrees. 76 in richmond. we will continue to see the temperatures increasing over the next couple of days. getting into the lower 90s as we see a warm push coming in from the southwest. few high thin clouds back northwest of us. and showers over north carolina. but for us, mainly clear conditions. closer look. clear skies around baltimore. continue to see that the case through the overnight. clear conditions. to the southeastern portion of the state, few high thin clouds. as far as the future scan, showing when the next chance of rain. looks like the day out tomorrow will be clear. by the afternoon, showers off to the west. and better chance maybe late afternoon and evening. to get a stray shower in there. because of the daily heating and
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humidity levels up there with the temperatures in the lower 90s. and then the better chance for rain as we get into wednesday. as the next front approaches from the west. could get a few gusty thunderstorms late wednesday afternoon to keep an eye out for. as far as the eastern shore, forecast is about 92 degrees. plenty of sunshine in easton and denton central portion of the state. columbia and westminster, about 93. with plenty of sun for the day tomorrow. with high pressure in place looks like we will continue to see dry conditions mostly for tomorrow. and then the shower activity will pick up a bit by mid week, and the chance for thunderstorms will increase. so looking at 93 downtown. inner harbour, maybe a chance for a stray late afternoon shower or thunderstorm. and then better chances for thunderstorms on wednesday. thursday, friday. and then the temperatures dropping into the 80s on thursday and friday. saturday looks like a beautiful day with sunshine, high of 88. . >> rough ride for passengers on board of a continental airlines fly. bad turbulence injured close to 30 people on board.
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flight 128 flying to houston from rio when it was forced to land at miami international airport. 26 people were hurt. 13 had to be hospitalized. one passenger said it was about six hours into the flight when the plane suddenly dropped. >> all of a sudden, it came down. everybody burped heads. twice. because it came down again. and very sharp. >> terrifying. >> in one section. >> some passengers suffered bumps and bruises, others neck and back pains. >> instead of a collection plate one florida church is dishing the money out. baptist church is haning on the money during services in hopes the recipients pay it forward. >> i had started to explain what our church was doing and before i could even get it out. she said, oh, is it the baptist church in the middle of town? and i said yeah, yeah that's. how did you know? i said i have had two other people give me money, because of what your church is doing.
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>> the church hopes random acts of kindness will help everyone weather the tough times. >> greeted with a slither ree surprise, what was waiting for one new homeowner on move in day. welcome. coming up in tonight's "get this". >> and after signing a $63 million contract for the ravens last month. ♪
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♪ select eyeglass frames are just $9 at walmart -- and they have a 12-month guarantee. ♪ juniors tops from op are $9 too. and you can get them the school supplies they need to start the year for just $9 total. nine dollars. considering what you get... that's a really great price. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. . >> after a 56-year-old man is bitten by a shark while fishing in louisiana. get this, coast guard lowered a bask to the boat and slowly pulled the man into the rescue helicopter. it then airlifted the injured man about 65 miles to new orleans. the man is still in the hospital. >> if you are a soccer player you have probably never had to
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deal with field conditions like this. this slippery game in iceland is called mud soccer. match played during a country holiday. and team members wore brightly colored uniforms for added fun. >> sometimes when you move into a new home, you find some oddities left behind by the previous homeowner but a florida couple was shocked to find an 8'boa constrictor in the new home. sorting through piles of debris, when they found several snake cages. >> started to joke about it. >> until i found the 6' snake skin draped across one of the windows. tracing through the house with it on a rake and oh my gosh. >> snake weighed about 40 pounds. trappered the reptile was actually under weight but should be okay with some tlc. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> second week of raven's training camp underway today. newly signed linebacker did not
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take part. after signing a $63 million contract just last month, terrell suggs is on the side lines. suggs was seen wearing a into the suit practice today. he has a minor heel injury. he said it is not a big deal and no one should be worried. expects to be back in a couple of days time. after missing training camp as the team franchise player, suggs is here because of the giant new contract he signed. but he says, football, not money, is what he is all about. >> players are not defined by the salary. they are defined by what they do on the football field. and like i had, my role don't change, you know, i am not even second in command. i take third, maybe. but, you know, there are the reigned in. ed in the back. and maybe, you know, run a certain structure on the defense. money does not define your position on defense. >> meanwhile the veterans are settleing into camp after the first weekend in westminster.
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and todd heap looking for the big bounce back this year. in 2008, he had just 35 catches. the least since his rookie year when he was a backup. heap had to stay in and block more than normal. and that's could be why the production suffered. but the two time pro bowler is looking to reestablish himself as an elite tight end. >> well, there is always something to prove. every year, i have come in, you know, with something to prove. and so that's just my philosophy, and there is nobody that will hold to me to a higher standard than myself. so, you know, obviously, you know, i want to come in and have a big year but first and foremost is that our team has a big year. >> todd has done a great job in the off season getting ready. he looks like he is ready to have a good season. he is still, the first to tell you, he has a lot of work to do between now and then. but done well. >> also in camp. safety landry, came in early. missed most of last season with the severe neck injury and saw leonhard become a star after
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replacing him. he is of course in new york and landry ready to reclaim his position. and he is in good health all things considered. >> it is easy for me to put that behind me. i have been cleared to play. having fun out here. so that's a pass. you cannot go out here being gun shy. go out there and play and have fun. >> the ravens return to the practice field tomorrow morning. in westminster. jeff, back to you. . >> move over emhe will railed. the ♪ ♪ once you've dealt with the things that come between you... don't let erectile dysfunction get in the way. ♪ va ♪ viagra! viagra...america's most prescribed ed treatment... can help you enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience.
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with temperatures in the mid 80s up to night back to you. >> okay vytas. finally tonight. who needs a chef or to know how to cook when there is new know how out there to do it for you. look at this. it is a robot that makes just about everything on the menu at one nude he will shop in japan. boils the noodles, adds the soup, the topings and keeps the temperature consistent. so far the restaurant not seeing a benefit official from the machine. but getting a lot of publicity on television and word of mouth and hopefully working at the drive-thru windows. that means finally you may get the order right. >>. >> that does it for the "late edition". thanks for joining us. i am jeff barnd. see you tomorrow night. have a good one. take care. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning our 737s fly to over 65 cities
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