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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 5, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> dining deal tomorrow on fox45 morning news. >> we don't want it delayed. >> a court date in the case against baltimore mayor sheila dixon. why she says prosecutors are being abusive. why charges dropped against a man accused of assaulting a police officer. >> the last 140 days has been the most difficult heart-wrenching times of our lives. >> set free. 140 days after being arrested in north korea. hear their emotional story. >> meteorologist: a chance for showers and thunderstorms moving into the baltimore area in the evening hours. even a chance for severe weather. i'll have that in my forecast. >> hello, mime jeff ban. jennifer is off tonight. a new trial date is set for baltimore mayor sheila -- our
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reporter was in the courtroom this morning and found out the new date. >> reporter: the mayor's defense team and the state prosecutor both appeared in court earlier and both were optimistic. now, it was just last week the mayor was reindicted on perjury charges. dixon is accused of failing to disclose gifts she received from developer ronald limbs come. the mayor also faces charges of theft for allegedly stealing gift cards meant for the needy. in court today her defense made it clear she will not -- she will be entering a not guilty plea on the new charges. defense attorneys also plan to re-file a motion that accuses the state of abusing the grand jury process in an effort to keep its case alive. >> through that we expect we will be filing a new motion at least with respect to grand jury as well as other issues that we're going to be filing. >> do you remain copt optimistic? >> absolutely. absolutely.
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that's why i think the grand jury returned the indictments again. i don't think there's any problem. >> reporter: now, both sides are expected back in court on september 30th. fox45 news at 4:30. >> okay, jay. barricade situation in south baltimore is now ended. it began around 3:00 in 2900 block of denham spurgeon police say two armed robbery suspects inside a home were wielding knives. >> the incident took place inside of a house, and you never know what's behind walls. we have learned there were knives. one never knows. it's easy to go to another room and there's a gun. >> police say no one was in the building when they finally went inside. joseph forest was arrested for assaulting an officer. those charges have since been dropped. now forest is preparing a civil case against prosecutors and police. why? kathleen cairns joins to us explain. >> reporter: jeff, fox45 news has learned tonight officer
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phrase mccystock is now on administrative duty. her begun and police powers have been taken away as an internal investigation gets underway. the story unfolded last february when officer mckissock reported joseph forestest tried to get her gun during a scuffle. forrest was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. however, after the officer testified last week, the charges were dropped. >> in our mind, it was inconsistent, there were discrepancies. >> but we knew going in that she had given contradictory statements. >> reporter: although the charges against forrest were dropped in baltimore city, he remains in jail because he was wanted on a warn in howard county. kathleen cairns, fox45 news at 5:30. >> thanks, kathleen. police are currently looking for a montgomery county shoplift. the problem is they don't know if they're looking for a man or a woman. this person stole a $2,000 chanel dress from saks fifth avenue last week. security cameras caught the entire thing and store workers
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actually tried to stop the suspect. >> there wasn't a struggle or anything, it was just conversation, and the person, the loss prevention officer was distracted by another person who was exiting, and at that moment he was -- close range face area. >> the suspect took off toward friendship heights, according to police. police have not been able to find him or her. the 2009 voting season in the state of maryland has been a deadly one. ten people have died in maryland waters alone and there are three months left the in season. most victims were not wearing life jackets. the deadliest year on the water was back in 2005 when 27 people were killed. a baltimore woman loses her fight for wind power but debate might not be over just yet. melinda joins us with more. >> reporter: marsha wanted to put a wind turbine on tolle top of her federal hill home. she said it would cut her energy costs and it's better for the environment but she needed to
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get zoning approval do it. she went to the city zoning board yesterday to make her case along with her contractor, but some of her neighbors protested the plan. some worry about safety, and others say it would be an eyesore. the object would stand about ten feet tall above her roof, and many tempt would it block their view from nearby rooftop decks. zoning officials decided to deny the request, much to marsha's does a appointment. she said the decision contradicts the cities' message for a greener, cleaner baltimore. >> i'm located with water on either side of me, so i thought wind coming like this and really moves it, so i thought it would be a good idea and it opened the door for renewable energy. >> reporter: now, the contractor who hopes to install that turbine said he's considering whether to appeal the case in court. he thinks wind power is the wave of the future. mel enda roeder, fox45 news at 5:30. >> if you have something happening in your area, you can share it with baltimore.
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upload photos, videos or written stories to neighborhood news. just to go fox slash yourtake. you can also send photos and videos directly through your cell phone through how are the roads looking tonight? hello, candice. >> reporter: hi, jeff we do have roads to look at but so far things are looking a-okay on 95, 51 miles per hour so a bit reduced but no significant issues. 39 miles per hour, though, on the jfk getting out of the downtown region. those cars are cruising along at the speed of 63 heading on 83 into cocksesville. a bit of a cogo as usual on the interstate lanes. but howard coin 54. we'll definitely take that. but the trouble comes on 295. there is a crash in northbound lanes at 695. here is the parkway and you can see the accident scene and those cars are cruising along, so it's not affecting traffic too heavily on either the northbound
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or southbound planes. 95 running heavily from 695 to 395, and that's all because of a disaged car in the northbound lanes right at the fort mchenry tunnel. this is theec second one of the afternoon so a bit of a hectic ride. you will want to stick with 895. inside the city we do have that broken water main on northern parkway right at falls road. if that isn't bad enough there's a accident on the westbound side of the jfx. carl street is the best bet for the alternate. that is a look at your evening commute. jeff, back to you. >> thanks, candice. are car crashes and crime related? baltimore county is poised to find out. for two years now the county has been undergoing geo mapping to track crime and incidents. the increase in burglaries and rob russ decreased. the county is working with the national highway traffic safety administration. >> reducing traffic crashes saves lives.
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reducing crime makes our streets safer. using smart technology with good old-fashioned police work will make this a better society, a safer society. >> baltimore county's police force is one of only seven nationwide. currently studying this crash-crime correlation. it's clear for now but there is quite a chance that stores may show up very soon. find out when -- storms may show up very soon. >> paula abdul out. the american idol shocker has everybody talking today. what she tweeted to all her fans about her decision is still ahead. stay with us. >> i'm jeff abell. to reform or not to reform? will you be better off with the president's healthcare plan? some answers in a moment. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
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if governor of the state of maryland is asking marylanders for their comments on how to save money. one person wants more telecommuting so more people work from home. another person wants the state to cut back on landscaping and beaut if ication of highway median strips. and a union representative or
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representing state employees is urging the governor not to impose more laws of or any more furloughs. >> it's actually a really bad time to take cuts on state employees because right now the demand for services is higher, and already state employees are trying do more with less, less resources than ever before. >> the governor's expected to other $420 million in additional cuts to the budget later on this month. as the u.s. congress band is about healthcare reform, the debate deepens over how it will affect americans. jeff joins us with the anthony tonight. >> reporter: well, the president's plan has a $1 trillion price tag, and there is much debate over whether it is worth the price. critic complain the reform plan will cost marylanders more and deliver less, but today the maryland public research group released's report showing that marylanders will be much better off with reform than without it. >> the message today is clear, with healthcare premiums set to double over the next eights
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years, our report outlines policies that can save marylanders $54 billion in the next decade. >> reporter: it's a planned under which most americans will end up paying more and receiving poorer quality care. it is, in short, a recipe for a government takeover of the healthcare system. >> the study shows that marylanders would see some of the biggest savings if the healthcare billing system would be streamlined. jeff abell, fox45 news at 5:30. >> two american journalists freed by north korea are back with their loved ones tonight with lauraling and u.n.a lee were held in the -- euna lee were held. king jong il and president clinton met and they were freed. >> when we walked through the doors, we saw standings before us president bill clinton. [ applause ]
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we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> ling and lee were in north korea reporting for al-goer's current tv when they were suddenly accused of sneaking into the country illegally. hear everything laura lung had to say about her release on our website. just go to and click out "raw news." three people are dead, nine injured after a gunman suddenly opened fire in a health club in pennsylvania. it happened near pittsburgh. police say 48-year-old george sodini walked into the club, pulled outlie guns and be fired several shots. he then shot and killed himself. >> when i seen everybody started running around, i got as low to the ground as a could because i was scared he was going to run out into the room that is was in and start shooting, you know what i mean, shooting other people. >> police say sodini didn't have
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any known ties to the victims. they're still looking fire motive tonight. strong storms could pop up in the region at any time. and that's why chief meteorologist is here with the very lay toes tell us when. >> meteorologist: we're still waiting for that line of storms to fire up. most of the activity is either south or north. still a chance for some showers and thunderstorms firing up west of as you as the cold front approaches. it's still sitting out there over the western edge of the mountains, and i looks like it's over west virginia, so as we scan the skies on hd radar no activity. lynch burger i burger is where e closest activity. we'll continue to see this activity building in, severely parts virginia and this will start to fill in with storms to the north. zooming outs here you can see a lot of activity down to the south, and that's all associated a front an area of low pressure
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that is creating a will it lift and insta about it is built in this atmosphere. q. -- instability. talking about how warm it is right now 84 in baltimore, 87 in b.c. a little bit slightly cooler air working its way out west. as that front approaches, the humidity and heat combined feels like 86 outside. fredericksburg looking at 95. very warm conditions there. look at the changing wind. already starting to see the pex of a northwesterly wind, and that is what's going to take the humidity levels down as we get into tomorrow and our temperatures so it's going to feel a little better as we get into tomorrow. tomorrow looking at a threat for some scattered thunderstorms, maybe a few strong one to keep an eye out. looking at those temperatures at 78 as we get into the overnight with a chance for those thunderstorms as we get into the evening hours. i will have a look at your said and show you how the week will be setting up in just a bit.
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>> major "idol" news. paula abdul is not coming back for season nine. her reaction and what "idol" contestants saying about the shocking news. i've got it all, just ahead. >> are we going to bring it? >> uh, yeah. >> and it's did last dance of the competition for the final
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>>hard to believe after weeks of speculation. it's now officially. pala abdul is through with "american idol." candice is joining us with this shocking story even though we've been talking about it all day. >> paula abdul told her twitter fans last night that ewas officially off "idol." paula wrote "with sadness in my heart i have decide not to return. i'll miss nurturing all the new talent." the show's producers say abdul was an important part of "american idol" family and they are saddened she has decided not to return. >> she was the one that would go away and had the courage to do so, even to the point of physical contact with him. so i think it's a little strange that she's twittered that she's not coming back and fox 19 and have officially responded to it. >> sale on, randy and cara are signed on. they are here tonight in
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baltimore for a concert. i talk to them a little while ago about paula not returning to show, and they said she will be missed. >> there was this nurturing about her when the cameras were off and it didn't matter what she said, and she wasn't trying to say anything to get attention or be on camera. it was true, genuine conversation. she was the most encouraging woman on the show. unbelievable. >> we're still in touch now and she's a great person. she's been so supportive my end tew "american idol" journey. wish her all the best. >> tonight's show starts 7:00 and tickets are still available. jeff, back to you. >> thanks so much so what do you think? will "american idol" be successful without paula abdul? it's our question of the day, just go to fox and tell us what you nip your response may air tonight on fox45 news at 10:00. this is it is. tonight it's the final show down for the four contestants on "so you think you can dance." they will all trip the light
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fantastic to earn your votes of the most fantastic dancer. the two-hour show will be packed with a lot performances and the dancers are now mentally preparing one step at a time. >> we came here to make it this far, and, of course, the icing on the cake would be winning, but as of right now, all we can do is really sit back and really focus right now because we have a lot, a lot of stuff coming at us right now. >> you could see the final performances and results tonight and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. of course right here on fox45. >> it was 30-plus day at ravens training camp, so it was a chance for the young guys to shine. we'll hear from john harbaugh about the workup and his old guys, coming up in sports. crest whitestrips has created a strip so revolutionary...
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. believer it or not, they turned on lights at m&t bank stadium a week from tomorrow night as the ravens host washington in the preseason opener. where did the summer go? the ravens kind of wish summer would hurry up and be over. training camp is that big of a grind, it's hot and tough and seemingly endless. it's tough on the younger players and it's especially stuff on the veterans so john harbaugh gives the 30 and over club regular breaks from the grueling routine. >> the great thing about the plus-30 days is that the young guys get that many more reps. the younger guys, man, they don't need the breaks and they need the extra work. >> meanwhile jared gaither won't see 30 for another seven years so can believe he's out there working hard in the meant a supplemental draft become in 2007 after essentially flunking out of maryland. gaither seized the opportunity last year and nailed down the starting left tackle spot left vacant by jonathan ogden, and as
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he prepares for his third nfl season harbaugh is looking for gaither to be better this time around. >> obviously we hope he becomes an elites lefts tackle in this league for many years to come, but that's up to him, and coach mathis and coach muller and really all of us. we're working together to try to make that happen. >> the orioles play game three of their four-game series against the tigers tonight in detroit. jeremy guthrie gets the start. plus christian beset goes one on one with the returning derek mason coming up at 10:50. >> thank so much pop-up showers making a cameo appearance. let's to go the sky watch forecast. >> meteorologist: but you wouldn't know it looking out at this picture. it's looking relatively quiet downtown right now in the inner harbor. our sky watch hd skycam looking at sun, clouds and comfortable conditions down there. as far as those temperatures, a little bit on the hot and humid side but 82 degrees, partly cloudy, winds are out of the west-northwest at 9, and that is
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kind of a changing factor. those humidity levels will slowly start going down, especially by tomorrow afternoon. the humidity at 60%, but we will see a front pushing through, and as the front approaches with all the warm unstable air, the portable is there to get showers and storms but not a lot of that has been sparking off west of us. we have seen a little activity trying to gather strength but most of the activity is over virginia andes l. west virginia. we will get showers and thunderstorms in central pennsylvania but rights now a few high thin clouds and if anything starts firing up they will fire up in the next hour, hour and a half but as the sun sets that helps lessen the potential for severe weather. here's what's going on the bigger picture as far as temperatures. 84-degrees rights now baltimore, 83 i harrisburg, hagerstown. timing this on out on futurescan it looks like we will see showers move through tonight possibly and tomorrow morning we have a remain shower possible and then we start to clear out in the afternoon looking at sun
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and clouds and more sunshine on friday. the seven-day forecast 79 degrees tomorrow, 50% chance for you, ever morning showers clearing out in afternoon, 84 on friday, a beautiful day to kuck off the weekend. 84 on saturday with a chance for showers. 92 on sunday, 95 on monday. it looks like we'll see hotter conditions starting rounding off the weekend and starting off next week. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company


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