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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 7, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> we are in a state of shock. >> chaotic scene leads to deadly crash. tonight reaction from the family of the innocent victim. case closed. why charges won't be filed in deadly light rail accident. >> they innocent animals. >> a cat set on fire twice. why neighbors say the crime points to a bigger problem in baltimore city. chance of rain this weekend and then the heat wave starts. how long it will last and how hot it will get coming up in my sky watch forecast. . >> hello. karen is off.
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baltimore county police say their investigation into a deadly light rail crash is over. and they found no criminal wrongdoing whatsoeve whatsoever. miranda live with the latest on this developing story. miranda? >>reporter: well, jeff, baltimore county police have officially closed their investigation into last month deadly taken crash here near the lutherville light rail station ruling the incident an unfortunate accident. now it was garrett peterson and kyle miller both 17 walking along the tracks july 5th when they were struck by a train. the 2 boys were later pronounced dead at 94 by hospitals. police say in their investigation they looked at all possible factors in the crash from whether train operator had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if he had been texting or using his cell phone. but they found no evidence of any of those things. they also added it is possible the sun played a role but they have no concrete evidence to believe that was a
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factor either. >> there's no conclusions as to. that the operator says he didn't see them. we don't have any evidence that suggests otherwise. >>reporter: with the attorney representing both families just a while ago he says while the families are satisfied with the investigation, they are not happy with the mta and coming up later tonight we tell uc they are already talking about filing a lawsuit. leave in lutherville, fox 45 news at 5:30. 2 overnight shootings leave 5 people injured tonight. the first occurred in the 200 block of dallas court before 11:30 last night. police arrived on the scene to find 2 men shot one in the face. the other in the foot. both are expected to be okay. 3 people were shot about an hour later in the 3700 block of glen moore avenue in northeast baltimore. police say one victim shot in the back. other 2 in the leg. all 3 are expected to recover according to doctors. meanwhile a police officer was injured after being struck
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at traffic stop. happened lags night in the 3000 block in east baltimore. officer was hit when the driver put the vehicle suddenly in reverse. passenger in the car was also injured. passenger and police officer suffered non-life threatening injuries. randall town family raises questions net after loved one was hit and killed in west baltimore thursday by a suspect who was running from police. jeff joins us with the very latest on this tragic story. jeff? >>reporter: well relatives say the victim was returning from a doctor's appointment when a fleeing suspect slammed into her car and killed her. she's identified as 23-year-old miss mckay of randall town. the suspect driving a stolen vehicle slammed into her nissan sentra at west lexington street. investigators say the suspect was running from officers but deny they were pursuing him. tonight the victim relatives are raising questions. >> no i don't believe it.
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they couldn't have robbed the scene that fast and if it was a chase, and the sues pest going as fast as they claim he was going, he should have been able to bailout the car earlier time. 10 blocks away. without the cops even knowing who was in the car. >>reporter: victim leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter. the unidentified suspect remains hospitalized tonight. police draw up a string of charges against him. this is news at 5:30. okay jeff. 1,000 dollar reward is being offered tonight after a kitten is set on fire twice according to police by children. kathleen joins us from the baltimore animal rescue and care shelter with the latest on this story tonight. kathleen. >> well, jeff, sadly there are hundreds of cats here right now waiting to be adopted. take a look at some of the cats that are here. these were just born one day ago. this shelter received 7 86 new cat cases in the month of july alone. and during that same time period there were 5 reported keys of severe cat
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abuse. 4 of them died. one is in critical condition. but improving. on garrison avenue residents are keeping pet indoor after the attack on gabriel hit with rock and brick and then set on fire twice. the city animal abuse kavbing force is hoping witnesses will come forward. they are concerned about the recent rise in cat attacks. >> as long as there are kids stoning and burning cats on the street, no one is safe. these people are not going to stop with animals, that's the problem. >>reporter: the latest cat victim gabriel was just moved from this facility about ten minutes ago. in fact she's en route to an animal hospital in glen byrney where a vet is volunteering her time to tries to nurse the cat back to health but right now gabriel is listed in stable condition, live in downtown baltimore, this is fx 45 news at 5:30.
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if you have something happening in your community you can share it with baltimor baltimore, up load photo oshtion video stories to neighborhood news. you can also accepted photo or video directly from your cell phone through pick at fox convicted sniper john mohammad has several alternatives to avoid execution. he was convicted of course of killing dean myers in 2002 during the crazed shooting spree. his lawyers say he should never have been allowed to represent himself at trial. a lower court rejested that appeal. today u.s. court of appeals upheld it. mohammad remaining appeal lie with the fourth circuit court, u.s. supreme court or intervention from virginia's governor. former miss maryland usa pleads guilty to obstructing a police investigation. she was in circuit court thursday and crowned back in 2004, she also won miss congeniality that year. initially shorts was
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charged with conspiracy to distribute and drug possession. her sentencing is set for some time in november. roads throughout tonight? kandace has our traffic edge report. kandace? e-thank you jeff. we are talking about some trouble in northeast baltimore and here it is. a road closure. all due to broken water main. now this is a 16 inch main on kirk avenue right between 29 street and carsville avenue. happened this morning but it is still going to be a mess in the area so as a result we do have the road that is shut down. good news is they are expecting to try to restore some water in the area and hopefully get this road resurfaced pretty quickly so that is a bit of relief for us tonight. there is some more trouble in baltimore city and that's all due to some road work. now this is shutting down street between center and reed street. best bet for the alternate route and that will be there throughout the weekend so head up for the weekend travel as well. main line, northbound side of the jfx from the downtown area up to 695 we are looking at an 11
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minute ride. so really no significant delay there. we do have a pretty heavy ride on the top end of the belt way on inner loop lane at pikeville and 6 naive at liberty road. favorable conditions. inner and outer loop lanes. >> thanks so much. lots of sunshine out there. mild temperatures but get ready for serious heat on the way. jessica star will have the latest on the hottest temperature so far this summer season. >> debate over health care heats up at town hall seem smooth and strong to irreversible damage. no different. irreversible loss of enamel. enamel shield enamel loss by forming against acid attack. toothpastes dentists check most. save your enamel. be gone for good. enamel shield. with the rinse.
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. >> beg news on our economy. first bad news. employers cut another 2 47,000 jobs last month sending the national unemployment rate to 9.4 percent. good news, that is better than what economist had expected. some forecast predicted unemployment standing at 9.6 percent. the senate and president obama give cash for clunker enough fuel to make it through labor day. senate okayed another 2 billion dollars in funding for the program just for breaking
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for recess. president obama signed measure this morning. car owners get another month now to trade in the clunker and get up to 4500 dollars towards a more fuel efficient vehicle. lawmakers are holding town hall meetings on health care reform to some very tough crowds. >> fine arrest me and my son right now. arrest us. right now. >>reporter: that was confrontation between michigan representative john and man whose son had c p. the man claimed his boy would be neglected by health care reform. supporters say disruption at the town hall meetings are coordinated. protestors say no they are not. >> i am not a right wing whacko. i was not hired by anybody or forced to come here by nebraska. >> it's not lost on me. how badly the health insurance industry and the big drug companies do not want health reform. >>reporter: 2 labor organizations are now asking their members to show up at town hall meetings to support the reform plan.
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>> i see my country disappear. i see our economy being destroyed. >>reporter: meanwhile lawmakers here are finding angry activist at their town hall meetings as well. protestors showed up and representative frank town hall meeting yesterday. it was supposed to be about agriculture but quickly turned into a forum on health care reform. he held another town hall meeting this afternoon and we will have more on what happened at that meeting tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. that brings us now to our question of the day. will the health care protest help to sway the vote. go to our web site and tell us what you think. response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. lots of sunshine to end our work week but heat wave is now on the way. jessica star joins us for the first lock at the sky watch forecast. hello jess kaichlt hi. things will be warming up as we go throughout the weekend but today a beautiful summer day out there for today. very pleasant and comfortable conditions throughout and just a sky, clear sky out there on sky watch ht regional radar.
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dry sweep and temperatures fairly comfortable at this hour for the beginning of august. right now checking in at 83 degrees in baltimore. 84 in dc and 81 degrees in hagerstown and dew point the comfort level. 47 in baltimore and lean for very comfortable and pleasant conditions out there but we are going to be under a ridge of high pressure system starting tomorrow only saturday sought heat is going to be turned up. tomorrow close to 90 degrees and then on sunday we'll be in the 90's. in a little bit of a miniheat wave sunday monday and tuesday as we are under the ridge of higher pressure in the low 80's. tonight nice evening in store. the winds out of the west at effective miles an hour but there is a chance for some rain showers in that weekend forecast as well. we have that come up in the 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. how long your child should stay home if he or she gets sick with the swine flu. in the health
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>> another person died from swine flu in the state of maryland. victim an adult from suburb near washington, d.c. state claims the person did have other health concerns. this is the state of maryland fifth swine flu death. you will probably need to get 3 flu shots this fall.
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scientist say the swine flu vaccination will be most effective if given in two doses about 3 weeks apart plus you need to get the standard shot of course. test are already under way for the h1n1 vaccine. >> should have early results during september, during the first half of september. what will they tell tuesday, they will tell us whether we need one or 2 dose per person. >> the regular flu shot will be available earlier this year. >> meanwhile government officials say schools should only close if large number of students contract h1n1. feds say kids can return to school 24 hours after fever breaks. previously you may recall the government recommended kids with swine flu stay home for at least one week. mosquitos carrying the west nile virus discovered in maryland. insect turned up in sample last month. very wet spring and of course wet june boosted mosquitos population. officials are warning the
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virus is likely are present in other cities state wide. the summer movie season hitting last few weeks of course but still a lot of car chases and explosions throughout in theaters. than today's shows us what is due in the low down. >>reporter: we do already have transformers smashing up the box office but they have to move aside for another toy line. gi joe the rise of cobra gets tough on the big screen this week. >> coming through. >>reporter: you might not recognize some of the faces when you think back to the action figure and cartoon of gi joe but the favorites are all here. duke, snake eye and scarlet hit the big screen as they attempt to take down the evil organization known as cobra. it should have a lot of action with a 170 million dollar budget. but this
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studio wouldn't let critic screen the film in advance so word of mouth will determine the success. gi joe is rated pg-13. >> amy adams is taking on julia childs or at least her recipe book in the new film julia and julie. based on the best selling book she plays a secretary to adds flavor to her life by cooking all 5 24 recipes in julia child book in one year. >> what is it that you really leak to do? >> eat. >>reporter: meryl streep portrays the famous french cook during the film flash back. it's rated pg-13. we are so good at it. look at you. spicing up the lives as well in the new thrill era perfect get away. but they might get more than they bargain for. on hawaiian get away they find
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out that tourists are being stalked and killed on the island. >> rush about that? don't look familiar to you. >> good or what? not in the bedroom break. >>reporter: suddenly getting food poisoning on the honeymoon doesn't seem so bad. perfect get away is rated r. many people thought the movie i love you, man was one of the funniest comedy of the year. now a few feature on the upcoming dvd release will make you laugh even more. talk about it on monday. that's the low down. thanks so much. for only the second time so you think you can dance history a female takes home the title. >> america's favorite dancer is jeaneine. >>reporter: ryan pauses just a little bit longer. do you ever notice. that after millions of votes jeaneine named america favorite dancer
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last night and we spoke with her this morning as she realizes this a huge leap towards successful career and she's ready to do to work. >> that's my new goal. just represent dance well and myself and the competition and the season. i don't know. i feel in so blessed to be here. so i'm ready for this title and i'm ready for this honor and eem going to work as hard as i can to represent it well. >>reporter: season 6 of sow think you can dance premiers wednesday september 9 at 8:00 p.m. right here, of course, on fox 45. one constant the ravens have had since their inaugural season noise longer there. here from john harbaugh what could be mat stover possible replacement coming up next in sports. >>
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>> welcome back. mat stover was more than just a kicker in 13 years with the ravens. most of the time he was their offense. now for the first time since the browns came to baltimore, the team does not know who will put the ball through the uprights. ravens have two kickers in camp. steve house and gram know. he was the team specialist last year and made 2 try from his beyond 50 yards. the 2008 recipient of the luke award as best kick intercollege football. john harbaugh is impressed with both kickers and he is not going to rush to his decision. >> september 13 will be the deadline. i have to have a kicker by then. criteria is whoever kicks the best. not real complicated. game situation are the most important part. kick off will factor in. how statistics will factor in. bottom line will be who we feel best
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about. kind of a gut. these guys are both really good. whichever one we feel best about or neither will be the guy. that's kind of not real define that had way. we have to go with who we think is the best guy. >>reporter: we have some trade news from the warehouse. orioles have sent catcher gregson to the tampa bay rays. more on that trade on sports unlimited tonight. one-on-one with ravens first round draft pick michael orr. now back to you. >> thanks so much. >> it is about to get really, really hot out there. jessica star is back now to tell us how long the heat humidity will stick around and how much power things will be buying. >> everybody will be buying fans and water. we are headed for a little bit of a miniheat wave starting on sunday but tonight and today things were beautiful out there. a lot of sunshine out there. gray way toned the work week on sky watch regional radar. clear and we are dry. that's the way we will stay. but there are some rain showers off to our west that is moving
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towards our north. so this is associated with warm front bringing in more clouds for tomorrow. we have a slight chance to see isolated rain shower tomorrow but very minimal. more clouds and heat tomorrow. national temperature look at this omaha sitting at 92 degrees. 98 degrees in dallas. there's the warm and humid air. humid air mass that is moving into our area for saturday and really cranking up the heat both sunday and monday. temperatures in the mid 90's. close to 100 degrees. so definitely need to take it definitely need to take it easy. if you do have
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