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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 19, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> a violent crime police say was triggered by hate. the disturbance details about the suspect in custody. >> new rules for credit card temperatures. why you should read the fine print when you get your next statement. >> and baby boomers, and illegal drugs, what people in that age group are doing as they age. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert has tonight off. the search continues for more suspects in a hate crime that left a 76-year-old man hospitalized. in 2000 calvin lockner was indicted for murder, attempted rape and kidnapping. pled guilty to a second-degree sexual offense and got 20 years. and back behind bars in 2007 after failing to register as a sex offender. his nickname is hitler. >> tonight, lockner is held without bail. >> you need to nail him and make
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him like these gangs, we have had trouble with, same thing. long jail times take care of that. >> not unless they want to sit in the chair and fry. >> we all have to speak out and speak up. and say that it is not acceptable on in our community. >> the victim remains in critical but stable condition tonight. >> while police cope with escalating gang violence in baltimore city. fox 45 news learns gang membership is on the rise. experts say the double shooting at the inner harbour saturday is clear evidence of the i heightened violence. and experts say sometimes the warfare is fighting within the same gang. >> you could be from park heights and five different blood sets in park heights alone. when you go through cities like l.a. and chicago, they are more organizeed and structured so easier to control. >> police say school grounds also may become very soon a new battle ground for feuding gang members. . >> breaking news to report out of essex.
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10:30. broke out, at 24 spice wood court. it was a blaze. fire officials say flames are through the roof of a two-story building as we speak. we have a crew on the way to the scene . and, of course, we will have much more on the story as it becomes available to us. >> mayor sheila dixon's attorney said they are not getting enough information on the state prosecutor's subpoenas. dixon's's attorneys filed a motion saying the prosecutor's office is not cooperating and the grand jury system is being abused. mayor was reindicted on perjury, threat and misconduct charges just last month. . >> the debate on health care reform has gotten so intense recently, senate democrats are considering going it alone. without the g.o.p.. major garrett has the latest. >> president obama celebrated all things nascar with last year's sprint cup champion jimmie johnson and aide said the health care message is not stalled and health care reform can be won.
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>> argument is not over. discussion is not over. the debate is not over. >> house minority canter agrees the debate is not over but said the president is spinning his wheels. >> what i really see right now is a white house and chaos over health care. >> mr. obama's chief of staff rahm emanuel told the new york times, they believe killing health care is more important for the political goals than solving the health insurance problems that americans face every day. >> the president agrees, republican leaders are trying to throw sand in the gears will for, awhile at least, pursue a bipartisan compromise. >> we take very seriously the fact that there are republicans, three of which on the finance committee, that have said they are committed to and dedicated to health care reform. and we will believe that unless or until we are told that's not the case. >> baucus is leading the senate finance committee negotiations that will continue tomorrow. but if those talks breakdown,
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senate democratic leaders are prepared to get it alone and forge any filibuster with a maneuver that would allow them to prevail with a simple 51 vote majority. quinnipiac university toll poll taken before the intense national townhall debates over health care, underscored the risk to democrats. of bipartisanship. 59 percent say they agreed with a >> fox caught up in iowa with senator grass lee. >> i wish the white house would take a deep breath. and pause. we are talking about health care. that's life or death affecting every american. we are talking about 1/6th of the economy t ought to be broad based. it should not be partisan. >> another g.o.p. health care negotiator en see of wyoming blasted the so-called public option for health care reform, when the white house continues to embrace and liberals covet. >> month nop pleas never bring
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down costs offer approve efficiencies. government run option is no option at all. >> late toed the president participated in a conference call with leaders of the progressive religious left all over the country. and urged them to use the pulpits to rally folks in the congregation to push for health care reform over the next 40 days. the president called health care reform a core ethical and moral obligation, he said in the debate through distortions some americans are bearing false witness. he spoke specifically of the death panels, calling that accusation a extraordinary lie. at the white house, major garrett, fox news. >> the reform plan has many small business owners upset tonight. plan requires most employers to pay for insurance for employees, if they chose not to, they would be tax. >> many employers fear the result is layoffs or foreclosures. >> we cannot afford it. i am in the building business. we are getting bailouts for cars. i see they are bailing out the banks. you guys are getting bailed out.
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we are not getting help at all. and now they want us to pay insurance and do more and more and take more of my profit. where is my incentive? >> maryland's chamber of commerce is urging members to lobby congress against the taxes. >> if you want your voice heard, we can help you out there. click on the your voice icon on our website. you will find phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your congress members. >> and you can also ask senator cardin your health care reform concerns and questions. senator will appear live on fox 45 news at 10:00, monday night. send your questions, @foxbaltimore through twitter. >> day one of a three day international swine flu conference in washington d.c. kicks off days after health officials announced delays in the production of the vaccine. telling you that all week. health and human services secretary sebelius said it would be thanksgiving before the most vulnerable are vaccinateed. >> this fall, it would serve the country better to praise common
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sense and responsibility. >> nationwide, 475 people have died of swine flu. 32 nations are currently represented at this conference. >> hot and sunny today. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a look at what is rolling in tomorrow, in the sky watch forecast. this has been a busy week for you young man. >> we have had a lot of instability in the atmosphere to fire off showers and thunderstorms. severe weather here and there. and most of the severe weather stayed south or north of us. around baltimore. relatively quiet conditions. zooming in right now. you can see a few remaining showers up there around harrisburg and over towards western suburbs of philadelphia. so pretty decent conditions for us overnight. you can see how the showers and thunderstorms fell apart. zooming out the picture. real activity over the midwest. moving along a frontal boundary. cold front is joining us by late tomorrow. really into friday as the day will probably get pretty good storms. but a potential for scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. keep the umbrellas nearby. we will get more sunshine also. and temperatures warming into
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the upper 80s, lower 90s v a closer look at how the weekend shapes up and look at hurricane bill. category 4 out in the atlantic. where it is going. coming up. . >> hiking the parking meter rates downtown. parking officials say it is about creating more parking spaces. but tonight there is clear evidence it is all about your money. keith daniels live downtown with the follow up to a story you are seeing first on fox tonight. keith, what is happening? >> well, jeff they are talking about driver's pumping more money into meter boxes like this one. and other standing meters. now, earlier this week, tina little parking authority executive director said the proposed rate hike is not about a new revenue source for city coffers, but to create more parking spaces. but today, city council president stephanie rawlings-blake said the plan is in fact, all about making more money for the city. >> we are always looking for ways that we can increase
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revenue. this idea was embedded with the parking authority board and made a recommendation, based on what they see as projected revenue enhancements. >> well, we are back live. mixed messages over more money at the meters. if approved, meter parking would go from 1 dollar an hour to $2 initially. and with approval to go up to $3 in other parts of the city. live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thanks keith. >> that brings us now to the question of the day. is the city's plan to raise parking fees an attempt to raise more revenue. at last check, overwhelming number of you say. it is all about the money. surprise. to read more responses to this question, simply go to, and click on question of the day. >> nearly 6000 employee's in prince george's county won a legal fight over furloughs. federal judge ruled it is unconstitutional for pg county employees to be furloughed.
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ordering the county to repay workers for 10 days. meantime in annapolis, lawmakers say that decision will not impact at all furloughs of the state workers. >> the recession is not of their making. they understand the situation the state is in. having to balance the budget. i think, everyone is willing to take the furlough days. in order to do their part to make sure government services are provided. and make sure that they and their colleagues stay in the workplace. >> union representing workers furloughed last year has yet to challenge that action in a court of law. . >> times are tough for everybody. including me. and i am not going to be happy if my interest rates are going up. >> major changes to credit cards tomorrow. what is different on your next statement. >> shocking news about elicit drug use. tell you who is using it at an alarming rate. >> and computer
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a $3500 government rebate and no down payment. go to for details.
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>> tomorrow expect major changes in credit card rules. this after measures president obama signed earlier this year. under the new rules credit card companies must send bills 21 days in advance. and they have to notify a customer 45 days before raising rates. financial analysts say the rules could mean a lesser profit margin for most companies. so how will creditors make up for what could be millions of dollars in losses? >> so you are seeing new fees. increased interest rates. and you are seeing them reduce or lower your available credit line. some consumers have reported double and triple rates. >> for more information about your credit card, and the new rules that go into effect tomorrow. togo to and clk on "news links". . >> new report tonight about
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elicit drug use in baby boomers. federal survey shows the number of people using drugs if their 50s doubled since 2002. the report discovers rates among people in all other age groups, either stayed the same or even went down. >> things at disney world are not so magical tonight after three workers die at the park in just five weeks. disney world is under a federal investigation. osha is exploring whether these are simply three tragedies, close together, or if there is a common thread involving safety violations. >> is hurricane bill pushing anything our on way? go to vytas reid with a check of the forecast. vytas, what do you say? >> well, it looks like it is definitely pushing our way. but not making it to the eastern seaboard. good news. go to the sky. inner harbour. not much activity going on. 75 degrees. mostly clear skies. winds out of the south-southwest at five. and humidity levels at 94 percent. so still humid and muggy out there.
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pressure is steady at 29.97 and looks like we will continue to see those temperatures on the warm side of things for the next couple of days. right now, 80 out at the airport. looking at 74 in harrisburg. 75 in riff mond. few showers and thunderstorms strong to the south. and a little bit, north of us in pennsylvania. that's broken up. but real activity over indiana, ohio, cold front coming our way. that brings us showers and thunderstorms. especially toward friday. tomorrow is still a chance for pop up showers. around the area. and right now, mainly clear conditions as we head through the overnight. so things are quieting down. our future scan shows the timing of this storm activity. it looks like we will see the temperatures at -- or excuse me the showers moving in probably late afternoon, if we get any pop up showers, but better chance for rain arrives friday, late afternoon and evening. as we have the potential for maybe gusty thunderstorms that we have to keep an eye out for. warm temperatures building up out of the south continue for the warm flow ahead of the warm front and cooler air moves our way closer to the weekend. and this probably won't push through the cold front until
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saturday morning. saturday afternoon. but we will definitely start to see the changes into the weekend. but talk about that hurricane. jeff, looking at hurricane bill. category 4 storm. well organized eye here. winds at 132 miles per hour. gusting to 162. so dangerous category 4 storm. track of the storm, from the national hurricane center is taking it up west of bermuda. but how it affects the united states is not making you land, but creating rip currents into saturday and sunday. dangerous waves. and it makes a curve back to the atlantic. which is good news for us. five-day forecast shows 90 degrees tomorrow. 88 friday. showers and thunderstorms saturday. showers taper off. 85 and clear up sunday and monday with temperatures cooling into the lower and mid 80s. you can track hurricane bill with fox 45 hurricane tracker. it is available use doppler radar to track coming storms. go to
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. >> computer hackers strike radisson hotels and radisson ree sorts. radisson said last november through may of this year customers personal information including credit card numbers, may have been compromised. it is yet unclear how many resorts were affected by this. >> and more cell phone services coming to d.c. metro system. transit agency is expanding the wireless service to include other carriers. currently the only people that can make calls underground are those with verizon. leaving people, of course with the other carriers out of luck. >> really annoying. i have to wait until i get home to check e-mail and get calls. >> as upgrades are made between now and 2012. commuters with sprint, nextel, at&t mobile, all able to stay connected. >> in tonight's "get this". walking was the doctor's office but this man is not doing it alone. how the dirty dozen puddle
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jumpers helped him lose 200 pounds. >> and after struggling in the olympic games in last month's world championships. katie hoff is leaving baltimore city. where is she g ♪
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to start the year for just $9 total. nine dollars. considering what you get... that's a really great price. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> get this. he is not exactly mother goose, but one man dubbed the goose man probably would not object to the title of father goose. >> i am the parent. father, and mother. baby-sitter. >> this gag gel of geese all gussieed up is called the dirty dozen puddle jumper. this man from iowa created the puddle jumpers after diagnosed with a long ailment and doctor instructed him to walk to get exercise. now five years later and 200 pounds lighter, he has trained his geese to march with him. for up to a mile and a half. >> can you imagine this 11-foot
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long, 50-pound python, slithering by you while you are on the front porch. that's what happened to one california family. they quickly called animal services, and even officers there say they were shocked by the size of the burmese python. officials are hoping the snake's owner will call. otherwise, the reptile will go to a rescue group. >> watch this terrifying rescue in florida. a jacksonville port authority employee hurt while working on a crane 110 feet up over the water. firefighters gingerly lowered the worker using a rescue basket to an awaiting boat. officials credit previous training exercises like this one, for the successful rescue. >> officials say the injured man is now recovering. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> with training camp drawing to a close, two of the ravens more important starters remain on the
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side lines. mark clayton has a hamstring problem and terrell suggs is nursing a heel jerry. but we could be getting closer to seeing suggs back on the field. we hear that the heel is feeling better. and suggs is nearing the point where he can resume practicing. notorious in his distaste for training camp and ravens pull out of the westminster this weekend. all signs point to a suggs return in the near future. >> i see him running around a bit. and we are hopeful that he will be back soon. but that's totally up to the doctors. i know he wants to be out here. that's one thing i know. terrell wants to be out here. >> there are many stories of guys trying to make the roster this training camp. none of them more interesting than that of brian madison. second year pro out of iowa. madison has a very familiar last name and rightly so. his father is the guy you just heard from. defensive coordinator greg madison. nepotism aside. the young madison is who they are interested in regardless of who the father is.
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>> we were surprised he did not get drafted. and we made a push, we made a push to sign him as a free agent. because we thought he was a good player. but i think the family decided it would not be the best thing to start out where his dad was coaching. and then as fate or providence has it, it turned out he was released by the jets and we had a need at d line and now he moved to o line and done well. here for his ability. to make the team. and has a chance to make the team now and in the future. doing a heck of a job. >> good news and bad news for the famed baltimore aquatic club. it has been designated as one of two graduate training centers in the entire nation. good news. bad, is other is in fullerton california and they are losing a star to the location. katie hoff has decided to move out there. to train in fullerton. instead of the nbac. 20-year-old hoff won a silver and two bronze at the olympics and hoped to do better than that. feels the change in training helps to achieve her goal of
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gold. and bowman who trains phelps said it would be like going away to college for hoff. something she has not done. owe hopes hoff that has been in a slump will be rejuvenateed by the change in location. she won a silver and two bronze in six events in last summer olympics. jeff, back to you. . >> the question is, will it slow down the line at the drink machine? >> and turning regular beverage fans
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♪ ( child giggling ) ( both slurping ) ( laughs ) ( giggles ) why just make a snack? make fun. jell-o.
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. >> finally tonight. coca-cola fans have the chance to mix up their beloved beverage. in dozens of fashions. new soda machine. free style. allows you to mix 20 coke products to one tasty beverage. with a touch screen you can make 100 different variations of the drinks. free style are currently tested in restaurants like sub bay way.
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>> like standing at the coke, brewing companies right now, getting fresh product in a bottling plant. >> took four years and $100 million r and d to come up with the free style. >> muggy night. great night for the ac. watch television. that octomom special we had earlier tonight. vytas reid has a look at the weather forecast for tomorrow. friday and weekend juan. >> i guess you were watch that i think. >> here is what's going on. temperatures get up to 90 degrees tomorrow. sun and clouds. and chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. maybe a 30 percent chance. but it looks like we will see temperatures cooling off a bit on friday. 88. but see the front pushing through, giving us maybe stronger thunderstorms. on friday afternoon. friday evening. saturday morning, maybe few remaining showers. clear out. 84 saturday and sunday. >> temperatures change for next week. and see more sunshine. back to you jeff. >> you were watching the octomom. glued from eight to 10. >> oh, yeah. (announcer) now when verizon brings fios straight to your home,
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