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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 21, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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go to to leave atlanta. this one was right on top. it happened to work out the first day of free agency. i landed here and couldn't have worked out any better. >> pam: and back with your defensive coordinator in atlanta, wade phillips. tell me what it's like to be reunited with him, and what is some of the criticism that follows this man? >> first of all, i'm very familiar with his scheme. played it for two years in atlanta. just the man that he is. it's kind of crazy things that i hear. he holds his players to very high standards. when you're not reaching those, he holds you accountable. he's not a rah-rah kind of in your face guy. maybe some people translate that to him being soft on his players. that's not the case. this is one of the toughest camps i've ever been in. we've gotten better. i love our football team and the position we're in right now. >> pam: coming in as a bona fide leader where you were, how do you bring that leadership to a new group with stars on the team? >> i've seen guys do it differently in my 11 years. i let it come naturally.
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i'm a guy that comes to work every day, and i get the best out of that day. just more of an example in the beginning and kind of let the guys see that and then kind of take the football part and let it come naturally. right now come to work every day with a workman kind of attitude, and the guys respect that more than anything. >> pam: look forward to working with you in dallas. back to you, joe. >> joe: thank you, pam. thank you to keith brooking. what a pro he is. wade phillips thrilled to have him. to the 25 is keon lattimore as we approach the two-minute warning here in arlington, texas. and the tennessee titans will use their final time-out. >> troy: in talking with keith brooking, he said the best years i had was when wade phillips was my defensive coordinator in '02 and '03. keith brooking was 27 at the time.
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to my surprise, wade phillips said he looks like the same player. he hasn't lost a step, still moves well. he's very instinctive. i know that they're feeling -- you can tell in hearing him interviewed right there, he brings a lot of leadership. he loves the game of football. but he's a good player, more importantly, and he should help them. >> joe: pro's pro, zach thomas manned that position last year for dallas. now they go to brooking. mcgee gets a chance to do something. he runs it and slides on third down. he is short of first down yardage. that will take us to the two-minute warning. tennessee out of time-outs. terrence newman was behind the camera, and now to eliminate our own pam oliver helping with the lighting. he's doing it all. cowboys doing it all tonight. - ( "super freak" by rick james playing ) - it's pretty amazing
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>> joe: in the media guide for the cowboys, it lists the attendance as up to 100,000 here in cowboys stadium. 75,000 people came through the turnstiles here tonight to see the preseason home opener. cowboys will be home next
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saturday against san francisco. what a crowd. 75,000 people for preseason game. mcgee throws. the pass is wrestled away by rodney hannah for the touchdown. took it away from gerald mcrath. with 1:53 remaining on the game clock, a 22-yard touchdown throw from stephen mcgee. >> troy: got him standing up at tight end. runs straight you through the seam. gets the step on mcrath and wrestles it away from him. not a great throw, but because mcrath wasn't watching, it gave hannah a chance to make a play on it without mcrath being able to turn around and knock that play down first. >> joe: hannah is the first year player free agent on the practice squad for dallas last year. it's now 30-10.
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how big is this place? how many special spots are there in this new stadium? pam oliver not only has her own dressing room, has her own star on the door. the jonas brothers have dressed in here. the -- i would imagine george strait, paul mccartney. >> troy: i was told sir mccartney. >> joe: now "p" to the "o," pam oliver. yeah. finally. we may never get her to leave. now we have to go back to reality. >> troy: where are we at next week, tampa? jeff had better come up with something special. >> joe: that's a great stadium as well. >> troy: sure is. >> joe: i don't know that pam has been afforded her own dressing room. >> troy: you know, you think about it, there are some great stadiums around this league right now. all the new stadiums within the last five to ten years, it's
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pretty nice. out there in california, they could do some improvement on some of those. i don't think that's going to happen any time soon. >> joe: it brings up the bigger point, with the economy and the changes now, you wonder how many new stadiums are going to pop up over the next few years. this could be one of them. they're actually putting the finishing touches on there. you also wonder who else is going to fight that big of a piece of pie and try and digest it. >> troy: you always say, hey, they're going to get bigger and get better and get more expensive. it's hard to imagine any of those three things happening, you know, after this one here was built. >> joe: rafael little on the return from the end zone. and little gets to the 20. penalty flag comes flying on every kick or punt we've seen a flag, just about.
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>> referee: during the return, illegal block in the back, number 23 of the receiving team. half the distance to the goal. first down. >> joe: the microphone sounds good now. there's one of the kinks that's been ironed out. >> troy: i would like to, before this game gets away from us, i would like to say one thing, joe. and that is i know that john madden is somewhere watching this game. there's not a football game that he wouldn't be watching preseason or otherwise. i think i speak for a lot of people, certainly do with fox, in that ed goren said it just won't be the same not hearing john madden do football games. i couldn't agree more. these fans and our viewers are going to miss something not listening to john madden this year. >> joe: the gold standard in this business. the best ever to do it. and we have the absolute pleasure -- and a penalty flag comes flying. of having his longtime partner
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pat summerall start this game in the booth with us. >> referee: personal foul, roughing the passer, number 67, defense. contact with the quarterback pads. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> joe: they get de are. a robinson. nobody did it better than pat summerall. and that combination, nobody can do it better. >> troy: someone always comes along, whether it's michael jordan or tiger woods, i'm in that camp. it's hard to imagine anybody at any time coming along that's better than those two. >> joe: he's still working. just so you know, he texted our producer richie zions during the game, and reminded him that ray guy hit the gondola in the superdome during the super bowl for his oakland raiders. that was during the conversation
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when we were talking about punts hitting the low hanging scoreboard. final chapter on that hasn't been written. that thing's going to have to come up some. whether it happens during the preseason or at some point during the regular season, they're going to have to hoist the scoreboard, which weighs 1.2 million pounds, higher into the sky here in the stadium. >> troy: and the stadium in which ray guy did that, i don't think, cost $1.2 billion. >> joe: i think that's fair to say. i don't know many things that do cost that. it was funny that jerry jones in the paper today, everybody's been saying 1.15. he said, just for the record, it's 1.2. second and ten. ramsey's hit as he lets it go, and the pass incomplete. that was derreck robinson. one more clip from ray sherman. and our thanks again to the cowboys receivers coach.
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>> you got to take care of your coach. the coach is looking after you all. you know that. you know your coach be looking after you. >> joe: sam hurd, miles austin, kevin ogletree. they go with the top two guys at roy williams and patrick crayton. the group being tutored by ray sherman. down the far sideline, and the pass is caught by guice. dudley guice makes a great stretched out catch, and he takes it inside the 30 to the 27. ed good for 28 yards. good throw by patrick ramsey. ramsey to the sideline. swings it. pass it caught, and that's jared cook, his second catch of this game. i don't think they're going to
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show much during the preseason with jared cook. they have no problem lining up tight or out wide in the slot, wherever. he'll be busy this year for tennessee. >> troy: jared cook, when he came out from high school and before he went to south carolina, he was a wide receiver. he went to south carolina as a wide receiver and ultimately got moved to tight end. he clearly has those skills. you know, there's so many of those guys now, they've got two of them here with dallas. jason witten and martellus bennett. a lot of great tight ends in this league. >> joe: this one's out of the reach of guice. philip morris, the intended receiver. the pass incomplete. >> troy: so here's one that's back on his back shoulder. he's able to make the play there. probably should have been a little bit easier to catch. the guy has great hands. i thought it was interesting jeff fisher -- you know, the titans gave up a second round pick to new england to move up and take him with the 89th
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overall pick. and jeff fisher said we couldn't give up enough to get this guy. that's how special they believe he is. >> joe: penalty flags start at the top of this play. the play is incomplete. there was movement along the tennessee defensive line. >> referee: offsides, number 74, defense. five-yard penalty. it's still third down. >> joe: that's jonas seawright. i thought it was interesting that jeff fisher described the hands of jared cook as sticky hands. we saw on example of that. how about the hit by williams into the midsection of patrick ramsey? >> troy: this is such an important time. a lot of fans filing out and everybody's lost interest in this game, but this is the time when you evaluate the young players who are going to make up the bottom third of your roster. >> joe: pass is behind the intended receiver. that's dudley guice.
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we'll bring up fourth down. fourth and three with 43 seconds left in a game that was, for the most part, dominated by the dallas cowboys on both sides of the ball. a couple of glimpses of sustained offensive pressure put on by the tennessee titans. not much. trying to get the running game going, and the only guy that really showed up as the rookie va von ringer. this one is broken up for dominique edison, and the cowboys will take over. did you know that the green bay packers ended last season 6-10. they've switched to a three-four defense under john capers in the middle. that means that aaron kampman will stand up and play outside linebackers. >> troy: a lot of teams are doing it because they're feeling that scheme a little easier. it's easier to find the
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undersized defensive ends out of college and turn them into outside linebacker. it will be interesting to see how aaron kampman handles the adjustment. i would be surprised if a year from now he's not talking about how it's the greatest thing that ever happened to him. dom capers, of course, one of the best defensive coaches ever known. >> joe: worked great for greg ellis here with the dallas cowboys under the guidance of that man, wade phillips. cowboys are now 1-1 this preseason while the tennessee titans are 2-1. cowboys have a home game against san francisco next weekend on saturday. and for the tennessee titans they're at cleveland next saturday as well. and then really start a tough early part of their schedule. we look ahead to tomorrow. fox saturday baseball, the yankees at the red sox.
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yankees winning big tonight. cubs at dodgers tomorrow at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 p.m. pacific presented by gillette body wash. then next week, nfl preseason action will be in florida. the dolphins and buccaneers on the air in high def at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. our thanks to producer richie zions and our director rich russo. steve horn, our editorial consultant here in the booth and so many. greg down in the truck. so here we are in august, the 21st, 2009. and the opening of the cowboys new home. they're 1-0 in it. it is preseason, but they win here this evening. a final of 30-10. so long from texas.
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>> tornado warnings across several maryland counties this
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evening. the problems it caused for some people. >> as al i will show you where the storms are right now. and why we may see more dangerous weather tomorrow in the sky watch forecast. >> i cannot wrap my head around, why, why did he beat up a old man. >> three people arrested for what some are calling a hate crime. hear from the mother of one of the teenage suspects first, on fox. >> i am like, you know, they are giving away money to get rid of it. you know, now satellite best time. >> if you want cash for your clunker, tell you why you need to hurry to get the deal. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am karen parks. jeff barnd is off tonight. the weather created quite a scare across the viewing area this evening. parts of five counties were under a tornado warning tonight. and it sent a lot of people scrambling for cover. keith daniels has been following the storms all night and joins
11:21 pm
us from pikesville with more. >> we are standing on milford mill road. storms blew through the neighborhood. and no worries here tonight. but not far from here, another story. >> like so many summer storms do, this one blew through quickly, packing heavy rains. >> you swimming out here? i am. >> with lightning and thunder. >> scary. >> it sent people in baltimore county scrambling for cover and scrambled eggs. at a diner on reisterstown road. >> it is pouring down raining, i decided to stop, because i didn't want to drive any more. get something to eat. >> not far from the restaurant. firefighters believe lightning struck at the morning side apartments on willow bend drive setting off smoke and fire alarms. crews say there was minimum damage, to one unit. >> lightning always striking something out here, because it happened not too long ago. >> there were no injuries at the morning side apartments. in fact, we are told there are no major incidents to report.
11:22 pm
at all tonight. another storm has come and gone. we're in pikesville. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, keith. so the tornado and thunderstorm warnings are past us, thank goodness. what can we expect for the rest of the night into the weekend? meteorologist jessica starr joins us now with her sky watch forecast. hi jessica. >> things are clearing up, but we had strong showers and storms move through the vicinity earlier today. so take you back to that time. right around 6:45. but 7:15 is when the heat of the storm, that's when the tornado warnings went into effect. you can see the bulls eye, red area right on there. that's where doppler radar indicated some rotation. and that's what put the tornado warnings into effect. all we needed was rotation from are the radar to pick up. showing that we had some rotation on that radar. that's what fired it up. that was a strong line of showers and storms that moved through. we saw heavy rains, lightning, strong winds. and we saw damage reported as
11:23 pm
well as power outages. this is sky watch hd regional radar right now you can see another line of showers and storms are trying to form. but temperatures right now 75 in baltimore. and 73 in harrisburg. but we will get you caught up on when there is going to be more severe weather. and as well as we are dealing with hurricane bill. all coming up in a few minutes. >> the storms this evening did cause power problems for some people at one point. almost 7000 people were in the dark. now, more than 2000 people are still having problems. most of the problems are in baltimore and anne arundel county. >> you were in the best position to see severe weather first. a couple of our viewers september us photos. randy from woodbine sent us photos showing dark clouds moving through his neighborhood. >> and mike from parkville sent us this video as storms moved through his area.
11:24 pm
he captured this lightning strike near his home. >> if you see a storm moving through your neighborhood. share it with baltimore. upload photos or videos to neighborhood news. go to you can also send photos and videos directly from your cell phone through >> hurricane bill is set to soak bermuda, but a direct hit is unlikely. the storm, which has weakened to a category 2, remains energized over the warm atlantic ocean. forecasters say bill is expected to cause large swells along the eastcoast this weekend. and beachgoers are being warned tor use caution as surf conditions could be pretty rough. >> be careful of where you are body surfing. if you see the waves breaking on the beach or shallow water. that is not a time to go water surfing or riding a boogie board. >> they say waves may reach 10 to 12 feet by sunday. despite the warnings, surfers are expected to be coming out to
11:25 pm
face the raging glaives there has been a lot of energy, a lot of people talking. with all the media. with the internet. with the reports. et cetera, et cetera. people are anticipating a big deal. >> and ra hoe bath heavy surf badly injured one man. so beach patrol limited swimming to places close to lifeguard posts f conditions are too extreme there may be more conditions placed on swimming. >> three arrested and charged in connection with the suspected hate crime. first on fox. crime and justice reporter are joy lepola talks with the families of two of the suspects. >> calvin lockner, zachary watson and emmanuel miller are behind bars charged with attempted murder. in a crime police are calling a hate crime. all three are being held without bail. nickname hitler lockner is the oldest.
11:26 pm
he is 27. 16-year-old emmanuel miller, is the youngest. a teen with two juvenile conviction. >> i don't know what my kids do outside of my home. >> emmanuel miller's mom was aware of her son's new friend. calvin lockner. self professed white supremacist. a man that miller's mother did not trust in her home. >> because he is a white supremacist. >> so you knew that? >> everybody knows that. everybody knows he is a white supremacist. i have seen him without his shirt on. >>' mung lockner's many tattoos, a swastica and hitler. >> so why would you let your son hang around? >> i didn't know my son was hanging with him. that's all i have to say. >> police say the three knew each other from the neighborhood, living within blocks of one another. and just miles from the park where the three are accused of attempting to kill 76-year-old james prevot. an elderly african american man wrapping up a morning of
11:27 pm
fishing. >> they were out walking around drinking. going from bar to bar. >> lockner's brother-in-law recalls a late night visit the three made to his house a week prior. >> what about the nickname hitler? i guess that's something he got in jail when he was locked up. >> family members say it was in prison where lockner, that is part jewish, became a white supremist. >> i guess the gangs come and put him under the wing. look man, we will look out for you and make sure nobody messes with you but this is what you have to do for us. >> lockner admitted to being a member of the national sociallistic alliance, popular hate group. allegiance that has left one man severely injured. >> that man was just fishing and deserved nothing of what he got. i cannot imagine how his family feels. that's all we can do is express our condolences to them. >> for ethyl prevot she tells us she is still bitter and simply cannot accept any co-condolences after what the three are accused
11:28 pm
of doing to her husband. in southern baltimore. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> some former gang members that are now involved in the city's anti-gang movement. tells us there is chatter of possible retaliation as a result of the attack. >> a man is fighting for his life after shot in the head. in east baltimore. just after 10:30 tonight gunshots rang out at jefferson and north coolington avenue. homicide detectives are investigating. so far there is no word on any suspects. >> a woman is seriously hurt after she was hit by a car in north baltimore. it happened shortly after 9:00 tonight at the intersection of 31st and calvert streets. the woman was taken to hopkins with two broken expression a head jerry. traffic investigation team is working to determine how the accident happened. >> medical professionals are
11:29 pm
concerned that the president's health care bill could mean an end to primary care. experts say the number of medical students studying to be primary care physicians is down. that could be a problem, if the president's plan is approved. because if the millions of uninsured do get coverage, there might not be enough doctors to go around. >> if you look at all of the countries that do health care better than we do. and we have all seen the list. most of the physicians taking care of patients are primary care doctors. here, only a tiny fraction of the health care is delivered by the people that are trained to deliver primary care medicine. that's crazy. >> public support for a publicly funded health care continues to fall. new washington post poll shows 52 percent of americans support the plan. down from 62 percent in june. and the number of people opposing the proposal grew to 46 percent. that's up 13 points from june. >> and if you have questions about health care r


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