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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 24, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >>. >> bottom line is people can't be jerked at the inner harbor. >> baltimore raven arrested for assaulting an officer. why the player says it's a misunderstanding. >> man found shot to death and in his home. what police say about his attacker. >> break from high pressure and the high humidity. how long it will last before we see another chance of storms in my sky watch forecast. and the final word on what killed the king of pop. live.
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>> good evening. jeff is off tonight. a baltimore raven arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. happened yesterday at restaurant in the inner harbor. melinda is live there with the latest on the story tonight. melinda? >>reporter: well, police say what started out as misunderstanding quickly escalated to a felony. last night raven player tony fine was having dinner with friends at johnny rocket and security guard thought he slide a handgun to one of the other men. turns out it wasn't a handgun but rather a cell phone. regardless, police say what happened when a city officer approached hill moments later was criminal. they say the officer told him twice to stand up but fine refused and became belligerent and shoved the police officer to the ground. authorities say that is what led to his arrest and today the mayor is defending police. >> our police officers did their job by responding. i think it is important that people respect when asked by
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officers to respect that. i don't think that that happened in this case. >> you know the bottom line is people can't be jerked at the inner harbor. police officer comes up to you and asks you to do something, just follow instructions. >>reporter: now of course security has been very tight here at the inner harbor since last week's shooting and in fact fine attorney says police have become too a40's i have. he says that the police officer approached his client in an inappropriate manner. he also says this was a case of profiling. and he denies that his client was trying to resist arrest at all. he said finance was simply questioning the officer when the officer put his hands on fine first. now we'll have much more reaction tonight at 10:00 o'clock. live from the inner harbor, this is fox 45 news at 5:30. that brings us to our question of the day. did police act appropriately in the arrest of raven linebacker tony fine. go to our web site
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and tell us what you think. response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. police try to crack down on gang activity at the inner harbor, ex gang member gives us some insight on what could happen next with baltimore feuding gangs. he was a member of the latin king. he spent 12 years in federal prison. now he worries baltimore gangs are viewed as out of control and they may face retaliation from national gang leaders. >> these guys don't have protocol. one gang pops up and they form this pirate group of guys that say they are blood then they form the neighborhood click and they say they are the cip s. these guys really don't have infrastructure. >>reporter: larry also predicts there could be trouble when schools reopen and gangs converge on campus. we'll have more on that story tonight at 10:00. baltimore couldn't man is found dead shot several times inside his home and tonight police think he might have
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known his attacker. keith live at baltimore county police headquarters with the story. keith? >> police are working with few clue in the case. the victim's name is scott green burg. he was 51. now someone shot him. shot the man several times in the upper body. it happened at his parents home in the 2300 block of salmon valley way in a quiet neighborhood of owens mills. his ex-wife found his body in a pool of blood saturday. she was there to drop-off the couple 2 children. it appeared green burg was not home and the doors were locked. she called his father who directed her to her spare key. she found green burg dead on the kitchen floor. >> it appears he was shot inside the house. there was no forced entry. the house had not been ransacked or robbed. which leaves investigators to believe that he knew who the killer was. and the killer was there on a mission.
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>>reporter: at the moment police don't have a motive for the killing. they believe it happened some time saturday. they want anyone who may have talked with green burg at that time or saw anything or anybody at that time to call police. of course we have more on the story tonight at 10:00. for now, live at baltimore county police headquarters keith, fox 45 news at 5:30. 3 men accused in the murder of former baltimore city councilman harris appeared in court today for the beginning of their trial. now postponed. joy joins us with more on why the trial is being put off until january. joy? >>reporter: there are concerns over dna evidence. as one attorney put it, there is a lot of discovery to go through in this case. 3 defendant entered court today for what was expected to be the start of their trial. you youngest, 16-year-old jerome williams immediately began to blow kisses to his mother despite being in shackles.
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williams is believed to be the gunman who shot and killed ken harris. still all 3 defendants have been charged with murder. now almost a year lateral request is granted for postponement in their trial. neither defense attorneys or the state objecting. >> well, we are still investigating the forensic aspect of the case. there are a variety of pretrial motion that is have been filed by the defense and we are not at liberty to comment on any of those. we will litigate those fully when the time comes. >>reporter: again the new trial date is set for january 12th of next year. it will be a year this september 20th when harris stopped by the new haven lounge and was shot. little did harris know at the time there was a robbery taking place inside the jazz club. harris was not as he attempted to escape. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. many breaking news out of los angeles tonight. michael jackson death has been ruled a
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homicide. l.a. county coroner office says jackson had lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic propose volume in his body. jackson doctor conrad murray told officials he had been giving jackson the drug to help him with his insomnia marry has been the target of manslaughter investigation in jackson death but so far he has not been charged. >> in the wake of president obama controversial plan to reform health care, his approval rating is lowest it has ever been. the report daily tracking poll shows over all 50% of voters at least somewhat disapprove of the president's performance. 41 percent of voters strongly disapprove. 49 percent of voters somewhat approve of the job mr. obama is doing. 27 percent strongly approve. the gap is more than double the 6 point difference from less than a week ago. if you want
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to learn more about health care reform we have the various bills on our web site fox just click on news link. and if you have questions about health care reform, reform, senator ben card on is here to answer them live tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. you can send us your questions for the senator right now at fox baltimore on twitter. and you can also get your voice heard by contacting your congressman. find their contact information on our web site. just click on your voice. >> huge water main break downtown will continue to be a problem for most of the week. break in the 600 block of west saratoga street. water is gone now but still a huge hole where the break happened. saratoga closed between green street and martin luther king jr. boulevard. hour are the roads looking tonight. kandace has the traffic edge report. kandace. >> thank you jennifer. we are tracking the average speeds right now and so far pretty fair ride on 95 in the northeast corner at 56 miles per hour but that's going to
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be the bright spot for us tonight. 36 on the jfx and 46 on 83 manufacturing through baltimore county. look at this number on the west side of the belt way down to 33 miles per hour there and 62 on 95 moving through howard county. as for accidents though of course we have a lot of the extra heavy volume due to the raven game downtown and broken water main on saratoga street. as jennifer said it's closed between grown street and martin luther king jr. and best bet is franklin or mull berry street inside. accident on northern parkway right at the jfx. cold spring lane instead forth alternate route tonight. northbound lanes of 83 downtown up to 695 we are looking at a 12 minute clip. now on the top side of the belt way there has been trouble there. we do have an accident on the inner loop lanes right at green spring avenue checking in on the web site at liberty road here it is. pretty heavy but steady right in outer and inner loop direction heading up to the accident scene. that's the evening travels, jennifer back
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to you. thank you kandace. gorgeous start to the work week. how long will web rain free. that's coming up in the sky watch forecast. l h1n1 virus claims another life in maryland. i'm miranda. what state leaders are doing to prevent more deaths related to the virus coming up. er we are at the stadium and ravens take on the new york jets and very familiar cast. you look at jim leopard playing safety hundreds on car insurance.
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>> the h1n1 virus takes the life of another marylander. this is the seventh person to tie in the state from the flu virus. latest victim is an elderly person from the washington area. person did have other serious medical conditions. state leaders say the death toll from the swine flu will probably go up this fall when the virus is expected to make an even bigger return. miranda is here with more on what they are doing to protect people here in maryland. >>reporter: jennifer a vaccine for h1n1 is expected to be ready and available to
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the public by mid october. but just one of several weapons state officials hope to use to fight the deadly virus. at news conference today in prince george county officials announce the launch of computer system that will allow all 46 hospitals in maryland to share emergency room information and better track disease outbreak like the swine flu. officials say maryland is the first state in the country to have 100 percent of its hospitals participating in a such a program. >> which will hopefully give us a 1 or 2 day jump for all of our emergency health response people to get ahead of this and hopefully save lives. >>reporter: another preparation include educating the public and conducting emergency drills but all of this planning takes money and with the state getting ready to announce more cuts, how will they exactly pay for it all? we'll have some answers later tonight at 10:00. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. baltimore history is being
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recognized by president obama. the president has designated baltimore as a national heritage area. there are 49 other places in 32 states with the same title as designated national heritage area the city will get 10 million dollars in federal funding over 15 years. the money will be used in part to help promote the city to tourist. something happening in your community. you can share it with baltimore. up load the picture, video or even written stories to neighborhood news. just go to our web site slash your take. you can also send pictures and videos directly from your cell phone through pick at fox absolutely beautiful sunny day to start the week. vytas joins us with a look at the fantastic forecast. vytas. >> what a gorgeous day out there today. one of the days you just want to take a moment to be out doors and take some of the sunshine and lower humidity fact blue sky out there. right now sky watch hd radar scanning the sky showing no activity around
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baltimore city or the dc area but as you cross the bay there's one little pesky shower out there that is just bordering delaware and maryland. just north of salsbury continue to see that just slowly meander off to the northeast. so won't affect us as we go through the next several hours or evening. see across the area putting this into positive view. motion. nothing going on except for the one cell that continues to head out over the atlantic. we'll stay dry through the night tonight zooming out the picture here you can see there are a few pictures and thunderstorms over in parts of west virginia and virginia along the border there just west of harris burg and shower activity on the eastern shore out there much of the day. so they deal with that activity open and off in salsbury and ocean city scattered showers and rumble of thunder. relatively quiet conditions through the overnight. mainly clear sky with the temperatures in the mid 80's right now feeling pretty good. 84 in baltimore. 85 dc. 85 in hagerstown. slightly cooler in western maryland at 70 degrees. low humidity level and dew point down in
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the 50's making it feel pretty comfortable as far as the moisture content in the atmosphere. that's why the temperatures feel good out there and one of the nights you probably can actually cut off the air conditioning and enjoy some fresh air from out doors. probably open the window tonight. looking at the temperatures dropping down to 74 degrees and north wind at 5, clear sky around the city and central portion of the state. next chance for rain coming up in the 7 day forecast. the weather looks like it will cooperate for the start of the 128 maryland state fair. all kicks off thursday night with ride mania. unlimited rides are 15 dollars starting at 6:00 o'clock. fox 45 is the official media sponsor of the state fair and we kick off the best 11 day of summer with a special fun at the fair. we'll be live at the fairgrounds this thursday night at 6:30. you can see it on our sister station the cw baltimore. major switch in the murder
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of a model. suspected killer, kills himself. the unusual way police had to identify the woman's body.
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>> reality show contestant believed to have killed his ex-wife kills himself. ryan
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jenkins found yesterday. he had committed suicide by hanging himself in a motel room in british columbia. he was wanted for the murder of swim suit model jasmine. they say jenkins strangled and stuffed his ex-wife in a suitcase. her remains were so badly mutilated that investigators had to use the serial numbers on her breast serial numbers on her breast implant in order to identify >> director of the raunchy comedy super bad is telling a love story. adventure land leaves the dvd release in this week low down. >> get you set up. >>reporter: this movie takes us back to 1987. we met james a recent college graduate who is trying to save up for a trip to europe. when he takes a job in an amusement park he does a lot more than work the game booth. he also learns a few life lessons and quite a bit about love. >> you know you are the only good thing that happened this summer. >>reporter: "saturday night
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live" actor kristin and james, james, sound track from the 80's who wouldn't want to ride to add venture land. >> not going to talk. that's okay. that's okay. i don't have much to say to him. >>reporter: do you think you can tell a lie. dare you to test yourself against this guy. fox latest drama lie to me pathological liar to the test. dr. light man uses even the most subtle facial change to determine if a suspect is telling the truth. season 1 comes out on tuesday. >> that had a has no basis. >> what do you mean? you just told me. >>reporter: if you prefer lau laughter, we have got just the medicine for you. scrub the funniest doctors on television. >> i have to hire a new chief of surgery and i can't fathom giving you leadership position. >>reporter: if you miss any of this rant pick up season 8 of the show on dvd. we can offer you a few more laughs with another show.
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>> welcome back to mnt bank stadium. new york jets in town and home coming all over the place. look behind me here. jets coach shaking hands with newsom and that's cavinaugh former offensive coordinator here and quarterback coach for his friend rex ryan and it guess
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without saying that this is a bit of a homecoming for the jets head coach. ryan spent 10 years as assistant coach in baltimore. last 4 as offensive coordinator. he was the last coach left from the super bowl staff. he longed for head coaching job. enter vowed for several and finally got the call from the jets and while he untout itly will see hold friends and acquaintances this is not a friendly visit. >> i can't wait to see, can't wait to see them. all the guys before the game. we told our team this is the per game for the ravens. for this week. and it's not because of anything other than the fact that we are going to get a real good football team that will play really hard and challenge us every step of the way. they well play the way they play. >>reporter: ryan will start the prize rookie rick sanchez at quarterback. throwing him to the wolves and stakes are pretty high. he played well last time out even throwing a touch down on the first nfl pass. now there is speculation in new york that if he has another strong
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outing tonight, rooen could name him the permanent starter. as always, stay tuned. kick offset for 8:00 o'clock at the stadium ravens and the jets. that's what we are looking at tonight. back to you. >> thank you bruce. great night for it. vytas has another look at the forecast. >>reporter: man this is perfect monday night football weather. look outside. clear skies. pretty much. we have a few high thin clouds. inner harbor decent and the temperatures very comfortable as we head through the evening hours. 82 degrees right now. looking at winds out of the west northwest at 9. humidity level 51 percent. down to the game you should be able to see temperatures right in the upper mid 70's and take a jacket things cool off in the overnight but nonetheless stay dry just few showers on the eastern shore and looks like we see nice comfortable conditions around baltimore. as far as those temperatures right now 84 in baltimore. 81 in harris burg. 84 in hagerstown. we continue to see the temperatures at pretty good pace for the next couple days. warming up a little bit. right now you can see the future scan not a lot of activity around the area to
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the south of us or south east of us we get a few showers possible but we stay dry around baltimore next couple days. it will be a front that is approaching by thursday to give us a chance for pop up showers. 88. plenty of sunshine. 90 on wednesday. things warming up. 83 on thursday with a 20 percent chance for late shower. friday looking at 30 percent chance for shower leading us into the weekend but you can see the temperatures have cooled off upper 70's lower 80's through the weekend and then on monday looking at 81 degrees. back to you. >> thank you. and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecas forecast. i radar available forecast. i radar available at fox


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