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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 28, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> nearly 2 dozen dogs found inside a home. how animal control officers made the grizzly discovery. >> danny doesn't look like hurricane strength but plenty of rain. how much could we get in my sky watch forecast. >> 18-year-old missing person's case solved. how police say a man held a woman hostage sense she was 11 years old. and kicking off the maryland state fair. concert you can see tonight absolutely free. ♪ . >> hello. >> probably woke you up early
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this morning and made a mess of most of our friday. lots of rain from strong storms even some flooding. there's more to come. jessica is here now with the very latest. hi jess. >>reporter: we have been dealing with those rain showers throughout the daytime for today. we get a little bit of a break but still more rain showers on the way so just north in frederick county right on top of it a line of showers and embedded thunderstorms and this will clip northern carol county and could clip northern baltimore county as well but then down to our south in southern andarundle county to chesapeake beach dealing with a line of rain showers and thunderstorms and there are lightning associated with these embedded thunderstorms and so we definitely need to take it easy if out on the road. bigger picture with the system. pretty large system under the warm sector of this warm front in our area an rain showers are moving towards northeast which means we are going to 10 with those rain showers and because of that, that, we have a flood watch in effect through the overnight hours so overnight tonight
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only get down to low pressure of 70 degrees and will continue with those rape showers overnight. but will they linger in the weekend if you have plans for the state fair, i have that forecast coming up in a few minutes. lightning could be to became for fire at church in middle river that started at 3:30 this afternoon at the sharp street united methodist church. no one was inside at the time khoch destroyed but nobody injured. >> some roads complete leunder water. this is scene in rice up to at the intersection of owens mills boulevard at kim ber grove road. people had to be rescued from the high water from their cars. >> storms cause trees to fall including one in lutherville. slammed into a home in 100 block of russell ridge road earlier today. damaged the roof. no one luckily was hurt. >> severe weather expected to continue through the weekend. especially in ocean city. >> danny is threatening to churn up the surf. kathleen
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is live at the ocean city with the latest. cavity leap? >>reporter: well, tropical storm danny has not scared away the tourist or cheered business away from ocean city this weekend but in the past 15, 20 minutes the weather conditions have changed dramatically. take a look at the i hope let where the surf has just khrng. gotten very rough. the temperature has dropped. and the winds have really picked up and this is just happened in the past 20 minutes or so. there are surfers out and about over there. dozens of them taking advantage of this change. last weekend the extremely tumultuous surf from hurricane bob forced beaches to close on saturday but tropical storm danny is not expected to carry as much of a punch. >> i think all we get from high surf that create the surf conditions, some rips on the beach and we have to make sure that everybody is safe out there. the guards will be on duty. guards will be paying close attention to that and making sure everybody is
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aaaware of the surf conditions. >>reporter: right now we are at the inlet in ocean city. take a look at the he said of the boardwalk where the amusement roads are in full swing. parking lot is filling up in and crowds pouring into ocean city and that is despite the weather conditions that are expected. once again we may have some rough surf here but not quite as bad as last weekend. we have a lot more on this story tonight at 10:00. live in ocean city, fox 45 news at 5:30. all right thank you kathleen. >> 16-year-old howard county teen is in critical condition tonight after being struck about while riding his bicycle by a suspected drunk driver. teen was let along route 108 near large brown road just after mid neat last tonight. he's identified as 16-year-old benjamin wart. police arrested 26-year-old aaron law song charged with driving under the influence and possession of heroin. police say while it appears aaron was at fault the teen might have been hard to see. >> police don't believe that the victim was wearing a
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helmet when he was riding on his bicycle. also at this time we believe that he had a rear reflecttor on the bicycle but do not believe that he had a front head light on the bicycle. >>reporter: the suspect is being held tonight at the howard county detention center. 100,000 dollar bond. animal cruelty andarundle county apparently. police say they found more than 20 dogs in very unhealthy and very unsafe living conditions with an elderly couple in orchard beach. keith is in orchard beach live with the very latest. what can you tell us about this story, keith. >>reporter: live in the 7900 block of sea breeze. the stench is so bad on this street it gets in your nose. of course your eyes. gets in your eyes as well. smell is coming from that house behind me. animal control workers say they were up to their ankle in dog feces inside that house. now neighbors say they have been complaining about the smell and howling of dogs at that house for nearly a year. a call this morning to
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the andarundle county hotline got results. health officials and police say an elderly woman had 19 dogs inside the house and 2 dogs in a trailer. all of them severely malnourished and suffering from wovrms and other illnesses. animal control rescued the animals as neighbors watch in disbelief. >> i can't imagine. i actually cid when i saw the condition of these dogs. none like out of the 21, 3 had hai hair. there were 3 pregnant ones and there were 6 week old puppy. i can't imagine a 6 week old puppy going through that. didn't have a stitch of hair on it. >>reporter: we are back here live where health officials have remove the couple from the home. you can see the front door is open there. they are calling the house due to unsanitary and safety issues unfit for habitat. no one has been arrested. but police say this investigation
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is still open. of course more on the story tonight at 10:00. for now live in orchard beach. keith fox 45 news at 5:30. taylor gets 2 life sentences plus 100 years for the kidnapping and rape of a couple in baltimore couldn't. last october taylor and brian scott kidnapped 2 people at the light rail parking lot. the.was locked in the trunk of the car. the girl was raped. they were dropped off in the cherry hill section of baltimore. taylor was also convected for robbery and carjacking. >> i told the judge he did not deserve to breathe free air again and hopefully he will never breathe free air again. >> i don't believe that he was there. i just don't. i can't see my son doing nothing brutal like. that i just don' don't, brian scott pled guilty he could face 40 years behind bars. he will be sentenced some time in the month of october. city police have calculated it cause for helping state delegate john harden with marriage proposal.
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one city councilman is questioning the bill. jeff joins us now with more. jeff? >>reporter: well the bill comes to 300 dollars. that's what the city charged delegate john card enfor its role in his elaborate marriage propose a.last month he staged a faux police raid where he proposed to his fiance. city police this week build card en300 dollars for 15 minutes use of a patrol boat and 5 minutes use of a police helicopter. tonight at least one city councilman is questioning the 300 dollar tab. >> that's the tough part here. impossible to put a number on it. but i do know that 300 dollars is a lot lower than what it would cost me to rent a helicopter to fly over the harbor or rent a boat to do a sightseeing tour. >> calculated that's what the cost was, i feel in confident that commissioner frasier and his staff came up with the exact amount. >>reporter: well yesterday delegate card enwrote the city a 300 dollar check and issued a statement apologizing for
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his actions calling it an error in judgment. this is news at 5:30. thank you jeff. that brings us to our question of the day. is 300 dollars sufficient reim pwurtsment for the use of city police helicopter and boat. go to our web site and tell us what you think. response may air tonight at 10:00. still ahead at 5:30. see how thousands spent the day paying their respects to the lion of the senate. lots of rain and strong storms to end the work week. coming up. jessica will tell us if the entire weekend will us if the entire weekend will be a
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>> the kennedy family will be gathering for private funeral service later tonight for senator edward kennedy. earlier today thousands of mourners filed past kennedy flagged draped coffin at the jfk library in dorchester. many lined up before sunrise to get a chance to pay their
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final respects. senator ted kennedy will be laid to rest tomorrow at arlington national cemetery with his brothers. woman who was just 11 years old when she was kidnapped is found in california. philip garrido and his wife nancy now charged with the kidnapping of jaycee dugard 18 years ago. she vanished back in 1991. authorities say she was held captive for almost 2 decades. and mothered 2 children with him during the time. neighbors say they saw clue that something wasn't quite right for years. >> i always had the weirdness about the guy. window boarded up and bar over the window and actually like nailed up through the fence and sharpen the nails. >>reporter: late this afternoon authorities search the california home. apparently looking for evidence and unsolved murder of several prostitutes.
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lots of rain. strong storms. of course danny. jessica joins us with a lock at the very wet apparently sky watch forecast. >> hi jeff. a lot of activity going on weather wise. we are getting a break right now from the rain showers that we have had throughout the daytime for today. current temperatures 76 degrees. that's actually been our high pressure for today. mostly cloudy skies. and those winds are a little bit strong right now out of the east northeast at 10 miles an hour and winds will stay fairly strong but here's the radar. here the sky watch regional radar. belt way around baltimore dry right now and towards the northwest over forehead wreck couldn't moving now into carol county to fairmont a lean of showers and embedded thunderstorms and south to andarundle couldn't seeing a couple thunderstorms as well. this is a bigger storm under the warm sector of this system and this pushing all the rain showers tropical moisture towards the northeast so we are going to 10 with those rain showers overnight
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tonight and most of the daytime for tomorrow. so here's the future scan. bulk of the moisture right on top of us right now and will 10 overnight tonight then dry out a little bit in the early morning hours for tomorrow but then afternoon tomorrow right around 3:00 o'clock our future scan line of showers and thunderstorms more or less to the north pennsylvania and new york. we could stay dry for tomorrow but we still have the potential to see rain showers and embedded thunderstorms in our area and sunday morning we dry out and continue to see the sunshine by sunday afternoon. heading to the fair tomorrow a lot of clouds around and isolated rain showers. 83 degrees by 2:00 p.m. and then more rain showers and 76 degrees by 8:00 p.m. but i'll have a lock at tropical storm danny coming up in just a few minutes. here is a lock at the lightening show last night in pikesville. vytas shot this video with his cell phone after midnight. and if you get a great shot of the weather, you can share it with baltimore. up load photo oshtion video or written stories to neighborhood news.
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go to our web site and slash your take. send photos and video directly from the cell phone through pick at fox hopefully the wicked weather and anything from danny completely wash-out all the state fair fun this weekend. >> let's hope not. miranda live at the fare tonight where everyone is getting ready for the boys to men concert and hoping the weather holds out. >> hi. >>reporter: hi guys. yes they do hope that it will hold out. i am feeling a few rain troops here but hopefully will go away soon. as you know guys fox 45 is this year sponsor for the fair and if you look over at our food, look what i have here. they are hiding. there is joy, vytas and kandace. they are out here signing autographs and giving away some prizes. of course those are just some of the many things you can expect when you come down to the state fair. of course with all the food and the fun that comes along with the fair this is the
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128th year. of course this year fair did get off to bit of a soggy start but those who are here don't seem to mind it one bit. >> it was raining a little earlier today. we got all wet but now it cleared out for the we are hoping to stay this way for tonight show. >>reporter: and tonight big concert is one of my personal favorites. boys to men. they will be performing tonight at 7:30 and the concert is free and hopefully it will also be free of rain. we are leave at the fare ground, fox 45 news at 5:30. all right.i'll be joining you in a few minutes down there. looks like a lot of fun. >> are you feeling locate? if so you should grab a ticket quickly for tonight's mega million drawing. 3 33 million dollars are up for grabs. largest mega million jackpot in two years. mega million is played in 12 states of course. drawing is later tonight and we will have the wing numbers for you on our late edition as they unfold. good luck
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everybody. summer movie season wraps up with clash of 2 horror .
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>> it's the battle of horror flick to close-out the summer movie season. >> we explain in the low down. >>reporter: the film sticks to the same format of the 3 before it. main character for disaster killing the entire cast. >> look out. >>reporter: and jeff comes back for everyone it missed. >> my mission in the film is to become a savior. a servant to my frien. beat death is tough because like i said he's why. he won't let anybody go. >>reporter: the big switch up for the installment you can catch all the tension in 3d. the film is being handled by the director of snake on a plane. a perfect choice for the over the top shock fest. final destination rated r. michael myers even bigger body count in the other thriller opening this weekend. h 2.
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hall wean sequel starts off where the last film left off. director claims both films could be cut together as 4 hour epic reenadvice okay of the classic series. it's rated r. director lee reenvision areing another classic pop culture phenomenon woodstock. >> man he remember this hill. remember, remember like the flash back. >>reporter: his new film taking woodstock is based on the memoir of man who helped organizers find the plot of farm land where the hipy fest eventually took place. >> you will clean up after marshall has been suspended indefinitely by his own team. broncos decided to side line the pro bowl wide receiver due to conduct detrimental to the team. this video of wednesday practice might hint to the conduct that the broncos are talking about. marshall shows his displeasure with the team by punching the ball away from the ball boy. swats down a pass during a catching drill. there were rumors that the ravens were interested in the
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disgruntled wide out. they may get a decision on his status at the he said of pre-season. and we will have more on the ravens as they head into the third pre-season gym and orioles look to win game 2 against indian after a tough loss last night.i'll go one-on-one with ravens wide receiver washington all coming up tonight at 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you. thanks so much. hopefully the entire weekend hopefully won't be a wash. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. jessica is back with the final look at your sky watch forecast. jess. >>reporter: hopefully dry out in time for sunday but in the money time eastern half of the united states is dealing with rain showers and look towards the west. dealing with high pressure and dry conditions but you can also see tropical storm danny weakening a little bit and barely holding on to tropical storm strength and maximum sustained winds right new at 40 miles an hour and only 5 49 miles south of ocean city but you can see not really organized all too much and here's the path it will clip. outer banks then going
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to move out back towards sea but we definitely, they are tropical storm watches in effect for north carolina coast. we'll come close and bring the high surf and rip current but because compare it to bill last week it is not that big of a system. smaller system but will still have an impact on the east coast before it kicks back out towards the atlantic sea. but beach cast forecast headed over towards ocean city this weekend, bethany beach we see saturday and sunday strong rip current and high pressure right around 87 degrees with some really strong surf. definitely take it easy. go in ankle deep+++
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