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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 11, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> the controversy over acorn grows. why more employees being fired. >> almost 2 inches of rain fell on the baltimore area and it's not over yet. how much is coming in the sky watch forecast. >> i walked out here this morning and thought i was in a pool. >>reporter: destruction one family will be cleaning up when the weather clears. 8 september have come and gone. nearly 3000 days have passed. almost one for each of those taken from us. >>reporter: how the nation honored and remembered the eighth anniversary of september 11. .
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>> the work week ends in baltimore with a day of soaking rain. >> downpours caused trees to fall and roads to close because of all that standing water. hello. >> heavy rain is causing other problems as well. >> being blamed for a roof collapse at an apartment complex in west baltimore. keith live at that scene with the very latest on the story tonight. keith, how are things out there tonight. >> we are live at the rosemont garden apartment in the 2400 block of winchester street here. people who live here say it was a mess waiting to happen and it did finally with this steady downpour today. now parts of the roof and at least sex units have fallen. resident say with each rain the roof leaked they have been complaining to management since april but no repairs and today with the steady rain the roof in a fourth floor unit
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collapsed. then it was like a domino effect with parts of the roof in each unit below dropping. they say the roof started falling during the rain at about 5:30 this morning. >> we just heard something like boom. and i like my neighbor from downstairs came up and asked me had i ran my bath tub or my toilet flooded or something because his building was leaking. i'm like mine too. >>reporter: we are back here live. now some of the resident don't have power. crews shut it off because of safety concerns. mean time no word from management. they did not return our calls but the people who live here say they have been temporarily relocated to other units until repairs can be made. of course we have more on the story tonight at 10:00. for now live in west baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. worst of the rain is it over. >> jessica is tracking the storm and has the sky watch
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forecast. >>reporter. very dismal and dreary outside. periods of rain showers some of which have been heavy at times and starting out on sky watch radar we are still dealing with the rain showers. slowly starting to taper off but heavy right along i-95 towards perry hall. all associated with the coastal low system that has been spinning inland through the daytime and will tip through the overnight hours and look at these winds right now. not only the heavy rain showers out there for the daytime for today. we have had the winds out of the northwest right around 10 to 15 miles an hour. 10 miles an hour in dc and 13 in baltimore. but look at the state rainfall total from the coastal low system. close to three inches towards dover and inch and a half reported at baltimore. any more rain showers for the weekend and ravens game on sunday in all that coming up in the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecas forecast. high radar available at fox >> interactive tools coming to
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your street. go to our web site slash i radar. >> weather causing a lot of drivers to slow down. some justifiably others we are not so sure. canada today's has the traffic edge report. >> thank you jeff. good evening. we have the weather as the big story out there on the roadways and look at these numbers on the jfx here at 30 miles per hour there. and not much relieve on the west side of the belt way. down to 26 heading on 95 through howard county. so all in all it is going to be a pretty difficult ride. you can see the 14 on the radar showing the rain showers are falling right now. parts of 95 there in the northeast corner. 695 along the top end near townsend and 83 traveling along up towards the baltimore county line. as far as incidents, we do indeed have some flooding to talk b.all the way up in el gin and still shuts down route 7 between howard street and white hall road. 95 is in the clear. that's much better bet for the alternate. heading on 95 through baltimore couldn't and white marsh area you can
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see the roads are just a complete mess there but no major delay to talk about at the northbound or south bound lanes down to 695. that's a look at the evening travels now back to you. we are following 2 breaking stories right now. first body has been found floating in the inner harbor. found just after 4:00 o'clock near the domino sugar plant. pulled from the water short time later at tide point. >> we are also following breaking news out of northeast baltimore where a young man has been shot at a bus stop. miranda live at the scene with the latest development. miranda. >>reporter: the shooting happened just before 3:00 o'clock this afternoon near this bus stop behind me in the 2300 block of east northern parkway. police say a young man in his late teens or early 20's was sitting on his bicycle near the bus stop when someone came up to him and started firing off several shots. one of those shots struck the victim in the head. he was taken to sinai hospital and at last check he
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was listed in critical condition. now police say the suspect took off on foot but there were a lot of people out at the time, nearby schools were actually letting out and they are hoping some of those people who were around will help them with their investigation. >> we know people at least heard the shots. we know a lot of people saw suspects running and we are interested in talking to them. just hoping again that they can give us a call to help detectives out. >>reporter: and police say they are in fact talking to some of those witnesses. they are questioning them hoping to put the pieces of this puzzle together. of course they are asking if anyone was in the area at the time of the shooting. maybe driving by and saw something to please give them a call. of course latest on this investigation tonight at 10:00. for now live in northeast baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. police searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man in northeast baltimore. homicide detectives were called to belaire road and
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herd man avenue at 2:00 a.m. today. man shot several teams in the chest. he was rushed to the hospital where he died later. officers not releasing the victim's name. city police are investigating a triple shooting in north baltimore. happened about 8:45 last night near york road and rabbit avenue. 3 people shot. one of them died. so far no arrests. 8 years today these were the scene that is gripped the nation. country attacked by terrorists. today americans all across the country pause to reflect and remember the worst act of terrorism ever to occur on u.s. soil. >> andrew. anthony. vincent abathe. >> lawrence christopher bell. >>reporter: at ground zero in new york thousands stood in the cold rapey weather to pay their respects while family members read the names of the people who lost their lives when the 2 planes crashed into the twin towers n.all 2751 names read and the crowd paused for 2 moments of
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silence. mark exact moment each of the 2 planes crashed into the world trade center towers. special fraternity of those of us who have lost spouses and children. but there's also one thing all americans know to be true and which we remember most when we come to this site. in our joys and in our sorrows we know we belong to one another. ♪ star spank eled banner ♪ . >>reporter: under gloomy sky in northern virginia president obama laid a wreath at the pentagon to honor 184 people who perished there on 9/11. president says coming together every year to renew a common purpose is the strongest rebuke we have against the terrorist attackers. [ bell ringing]. >> and in the small town of sh
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shanksville, pennsylvania. bell toll to mark the moment that united flight 93 crashed into an open field killing everyone on board. many say the heroic action of those 40 passengers and crew prevented an attack on the u.s. capitol. there were some tense moments on this anniversary of the terrorist attacks. several media outlet in washington, d.c. overheard chatter about the coast guard fired shots at a boat on the potomac river. happened near the time the president motorcade was to cross the river. turns out the whole they think was a training exercise. rain didn't stop hundreds of ted indicated runners from hitting baltimore streets to honor september 11 in the annual run to remember. the eighth annual race took runners from the war memorial to federal hill. people ran for different reasons today. some to show support. others of course to remember. >> this one i'm doing in particular because i actually
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lost a loved one on this day. so i'm kind of doing it to remember my dad. so i come out here if it was arm go ahead on. >>reporter: money raised will help fund mounted police unit and family of fallen firefighters during the past 8 years, 300,000 dollars so far have been raised for city fire and police. prepare for city project gets put on hold. straight ahead on the news at 5:30. why city leaders are up in arms. >> still a lot of rainy weather out there on the radar. coming up, jessica star will tell us when we may get to see the sun again. >> how your tax dollars could be payin
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acorn has faced. recently there were allegations of voter registration fraud. now workers in baltimore and washington, d.c. are caught on a hidden camera giving advice on tax evasion and set something up an under edge brothel. we talked with a representative of americans for prosperity who says this sort of behavior has taxpayers asking some hard hitting questions of an organization that prides itself on building stronger community. >> taxpayers are just upset. stimulus package had granted them the ability to get billions of dollars of taxpayer money and that's not stimulating the economy. >>reporter: now we were hoping for some sort of statement from acorn but so far they have steered clear of answering any of our questions. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you joy. now yesterday officials with acorn said the baltimore video was an isolated incident. today,
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today, a new video. shows that may not be the case. the same crew that videotaped the baltimore workers released a similar video shot in washington, d.c. this time. the video shows workers there also giving advice on how to file taxes as a prostitute. workers in dc and baltimore have since been fired. now that brings us to our question of the day. should the fired workers also face criminal charges go to our web site and tell us what you think. response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. planned demolition 8 buildings in downtown baltimore is put on hold amid allegations that the contractor was not properly selected. city is clearing the way for an 80 million dollar city center project at lombard street plus the baltimore development corporation selected a demolition company without publicly advertising the job. city charter calls for any contract over 25,000 dollars to be advertised. mayor dixon says baltimore development corporation will no longer award demolition contracts.
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>> we are having a little pit of a soggy start to the weekend out there. but the good news is the rain is slowly starting to taper off from the coastal low system on the satellite hd radar. north baltimore county dealing with rain showers on i 83. bigger picture is clockwise rotation around the coastal low system moves inland as early as this evening. we saw 1 to 3 inches in baltimore and it will continue overnight tonight. now temperatures it was a little bit chilly out there for the daytime for today. well below normal with all the clouds and rain showers around. 62 degrees currently at baltimore. 66 degrees in dc and 64 in wilmington ton. still the wednesday also been a factor out there making for very nasty conditions out there wind and rain and windy conditions out there from the northwest right around 13 miles an hour in baltimore and 10 miles an hour in dc. we have a flood warning in effect for northern baltimore county and harper couldn't until 8:30 tonight as they still see
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additional 1 to 2 inches of rain before the coastal low officially starts to pull out of our region. overnight tonight continue with the breeze conditions and overnight low pressure of 56 degrees. look at the 7 day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> well today's wet weather couldn't dampen the spirit, i guess, of some raven fans e.dry cleaners. have it on by sunday. first purple friday of the football season. ravens cheer leader celebrated purple friday at the bank in canton this afternoon and everyone was inside, fans have major expectation for the ravens. kick off against the kansas city chiefs of course at 1:00 p.m. sharp on sunday.
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>> back to school shock isn't enough, there are plenty of chills in theaters this weekend. >> indeed. kandace explains in the low down. kandace. >>reporter: thank you jeff. we begin with the movie based on a 2,000 5 short film which actually originated when the director was in college. jim burt open came on as producer and now we have the visually compelling film 9. 9 is the story of 9 rag dolls in a post
5:51 pm
apocalyptic world that has decimated. sort of discover all of this through a character called 9. >>reporter: he leaves a new found community of those like him as he fights back against the machines that could bring about worldwide ex terminatio termination. producers tim burton says the film could either intrigue or scare younger kids. so be careful when taking your children with you. 9 is rated pg-13. tyler perry name is equal dollar signs over the past few years and he's back with his latest film film, i can do bad all by myself. >> do you know these children hooker. >> no. >>reporter: after catching a teenager girl and 2 younger brother breaking the law she delivers them to their aunt. >> make her really take, hard look at herself and of course she has some crazy things to say. >>reporter: the film is rated pg-13. if she isn't scary enough
5:52 pm
and you are looking for more thrills then you have 2 option ins these scary movie departments. the first is sorority row involving a classic horror movie plot line. >> need to come back in. >>reporter: group kills one of their own and keeps it under wraps. everything seems fine until a killer emerges to take revenge on the scantly clad ladies. the cast of white out is likely to be wearing a few more layers of clothing since it takes place in antarctica. when kate discovers a homicide out on the ice she must fight to solve the murder before the killer comes for her. the films are rated r. the first blockbuster of the summer is coming to video next week. which one it is on monday. i'm kandace and that's the low down. ravens have been pretty much unbeatable at mt bank
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stadium. why the chiefs might have the advantage that's next in sports.
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on your energy bill with every 100 oz bottle. and that's cool. tide coldwater. get out of the old and into the cold. ♪ i'm cool like that 82 welcome back. the rain today did not damper the ravens spirit as they were excited because they finished the last full practice to get ready to open the season this monday against kansas city. the chiefs coming off a two and 14 season. actually have an edge in the series. they are 3 and o against the ravens at mnt bank stadium. ravens play well when they have the home field advantage since 2001 the ravens are 46 and 18. and they intend to add this weekend's game to the win column. team acknowledges that it is the fans that help them win. >> all the places are loud. but there's not any place like our place. no out door places
5:57 pm
any louder. our fans are real, real supportive. so i think it's a home field advantage. >> we have the best base in the league we feel like. i'm sure everybody feel leak that with their team but we are going to come out this first game and just, try to give it our all. next week do the same thing. >>reporter: we'll have much more on the ravens as they get ready for sunday's game against the chiefs. plus we have the first installment of making the gray. where i grill one raven to see what he knows about the upcoming opponent. coming up tonight on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> hopefully the weekend will clear up maine maybe possibly do you think so. >> won't matter to you. you will be in front of the tv all weekend. >> that's true. >> we are back now with the sky watch forecast. >>reporter: yes. yes he will be right in front of the tv watching the game on sunday. good news for us we have improving conditions as we go throughout the weekend bit is looking a little wet and soggy down there at the inner harbor dealing with light rain showers and temperature right
5:58 pm
around 62 degrees and breezy conditions out of the west northwest at 13 miles an hour and humidity up at 93 percent. so on the future scan model coastal low. came in land. dropped the rain showers for today. slowly start to pull out. we'll still have a slight chance to see isolated rain showers, wrap around rain showers from the coastal low tomorrow. improving conditions with slight chance in the afternoon future scan model picking up rain showers at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon hours from pennsylvania in toward maryland and del mar. by sunday the system pulling out high pressure system building in very nicely. dry conditions. warm conditions. season conditions on sunday and monday. eastern shore forecast for tomorrow will be dealing with temperature right around 70 degrees and 72 degrees in downtown baltimore we see some peek of the sunshine maybe some rain showers not going to be as bad as today but we do still have the chance to see isolate rain shower and we'll 10 with the breezy conditions as well. 7 day forecast looking very nice. 72 degrees for high
5:59 pm
pressure for tomorrow. 80 degrees tomorrow for the ravens game. tailgating right around 78 degrees at 1:00 o'clock for our kansas city chiefs mainly clear. nice and mild. 83 degrees on monday. 82 degrees on tuesday. 79 degrees on wednesday. we stay dry with high pressure system then another system pushes in here late in the day on thursday. that's the 7 day forecast, ravens trying here. forecast, ravens trying here. >>


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