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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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barnd with the "late edition". . >> mitigation has a degree of importance. and we are not just looking at it local, but a national issue. >> prominent baltimore attorney jumps into the acorn controversy. the legal action against the undercover filmmakers. >> a raid and an arrest. the case against a baltimore police officer. >> and waiting for the boss. who is camping out tonight for bruce springsteen tickets. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. we are currently on the scene of some breaking news happening in northwest baltimore tonight. where an off-duty police officer has been shot. myranda stephens joins us now from the scene live.
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with the latest details on this breaking and developing story tonight. myranda, what can you tell us at this hour? >> well, jennifer and jeff, baltimore city police spokesperson has confirmed to us, that an off duty officer has been shot, in the stomach. the shooting happened just about an hour ago. here in the 6000 block of high gate drive in northwest baltimore. we don't have a lot of information at this time. but we do know that officer was taken to sinai hospital, for his injuries. but we are not sure about the extent of his injuries. also no word tonight on the circumstances surrounding the shooting or the suspect or suspects in the shooting. we do know that they have started to block off the streets, of course. as police investigate the shooting. we have seen a helicopter flying overhead. not sure exactly how -- actually donnie do you want to come can up here? i am sorry, to put you on the spot. this is donny moses with
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baltimore city police spokesperson. i am sorry to put you on the spot. what can you tell me? >> first of all, early on in the investigation. but at this point, from what we know, we had an officer attempting to go into his home in the 6000 block of high gate avenue. when he was approached by, at least two suspecterss that tried to rob him. at some point, gun fire was exchanged. the officer was struck. at least once in the stomach. and transported to an area hospital. at this point, detectives are trying to gather information about the suspects. and the investigation again is very early on. but ongoing. >> okay. you said he was taken to sinai hospital. and any word on the extent of the injuries? >> he is in surgery at this point. so too soon to say. we hope for the best for the officer. >> okay. all right. thank you so much donnie. you guys heard the latest here. that's the latest on the shooting involving a officer. police officer, with baltimore city police. he is at sinai hospital. recovering. we hope to have more on the story later in the newscast.
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live here in northwest baltimore. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> myranda thank you so much. and thank donnie mose during this difficult and busy time for him as well. >> in other news. off duty baltimore county police officer is killed in a traffic accident that occurred earlier today. it happened in the 3500 block of black rock road in reisterstown, around 1:40 p.m. police say 32-year-old jason simons was on the way to work. when he suddenly lost control of his pickup. his truck hit a guardrail. trapping him. >> double loss in the sense that he is the stepson of lieutenant mike howl that died in the line of duty last year in august. >> officer howl died of a stroke after returning from murder-suicide. simons was a seven year police veteran on the force. >> we also have breaking news in baltimore county tonight. rescue crews pull a young man out of a query. near the intersection of greenspring avenue and query heights. the fire department said the boy was swimming there and got
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trapped. he has been transported to sinai hospital. no word on his condition. >> national scandal heads to court. as attorneys for acorn in baltimore fire back. civil lawsuit has been filed in baltimore city circuit majority this after workers were secretly videotaped. two filmmakers posed as a couple trying to get a loan for a brothel. but it is against maryland law to secretly record audio or sound. >> it is obviously political. and obviously as a result of this, there has been a loss of finances and so forth. so, i think, all litigation has a degree of importance, but here, we're not just looking at a local issue, but a national issue, which might have some interesting results in terms of survival. and the continuation of the type of services that acorn has offered. >> acorn and the two employees fired are seeking more than $5 million in damages.
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>> now, that brings us to the question of the day. do you think acorn should sue the people involved in that undercover investigation? so far, 15 percent say yes. 85 percent no. roy from westminster writes, i am tired of people escaping the consequences of their actions when they are wrong. to read more of your responses go to and click on question of the day. >> baltimore city police officer faces federal charges for allegedly stealing reward money. in federal drug cases, and stealing property from crime scenes. detective mark fun forward was assigned to a special drug task force and often worked with federal agents. tonight he is facing three criminal charges and up to 20 years in prison if convicted. the fbi got a tip back in june that lunsford was taking kickbacks on reward money supposed to be for informants. >> the allegation is that the scheme was essentially that detective lunsford would put in a claim, claiming the source had
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provided information to dea and was due a reward. and that detective lunsford then split the money with the source. >> authorities say he also stole items like diamond watches, play stations and clothes from crime scenes. or during searches. his own home was recently searched by federal agents. lunsford is on home detention and suspend from the are duty. >> baltimore city schools taking precautionary measures after the first confirmed case of swine flu in school. female student at mont bellow elementary jr. academy has h1n1. she is being treated at the university of maryland medical center. there are reports that she is in critical condition. the city health department said the school will be thoroughly cleaned and remind students about basic hygiene. that can help prevent the spread of the virus. >> humans worried about the swine flu now get ready for a dog flu. it started in florida and spread throughout the eastcoast.
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symptoms include deep cough, fever and lethargic. rocky noticed his dog had a cough two weeks ago and was not sure he would make it. >> king and i have been together for five years, since he was a puppy. that was difficult. he is my best friend. and i am getting emotional now. but i had never experienced anything like this before. he has never been sick. >> now this can be treated with antibiotics according to veterinarians. a vaccine is being made available. >> seven of those 21 puppies rescued from a pasadena home last month up for adoption. living in deplorable conditions in a house along sea breeze drive in orchard beach. if you are interested in adopting them. call anne arundel county animal control at (410)222-8900. >> well, if you like summer, and i do. then you are not going to complain about a day like today. and if you don't, maybe you are. >> you cannot complain, we have
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had great weather most of the week. is there any relief in the near future as far as cooling off a bit? >> well, there is cooler air out there but a lot of folks are happy and content with this type of weather. >> i am perfectly happy. >> you know, we will try to hold onto it as long as we can. but cooler air out there on the way for the weekend. may have to get the jacket out here and there. but right now, hd radar shows mild conditions out there of. and also showers in parts of western maryland. but it looks like around baltimore no activity right now. zoom out this picture. you can see heavier showers off to the west. that will make the way into the forecast as we get toward saturday afternoon and evening. and then also in to sunday. it looks like that moisture is going to try to get here. but it looks like it will breakup as it gets closer. down south is where the real core of the moisture will be coming in along the frontal boundary. high today 84 degrees. can you believe that? when we should be in the mid 70s. we're still sitting at 77 downtown baltimore. and overnight tonight the clouds will kind of break by tomorrow. hopefully more sunshine. temperatures in the mid 70s
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starting off the weekend. and i think we will have to deal with rain to talk about in the seven day coming up. >> all right vytas talk to you then. owner of a baltimore tech company taking on "facebook". 78 son hardebeck filed suit in federal court saying facebook violated his patent. he applied for a patent three years before facebook was created. his company developed the know how used by facebook currently. and facebook said the lawsuit has no merit and they intend to fight it. . >> federal appeals court throws out a $5 million verdict against anti-war protestors. jury in baltimore had awarded albert schneider damages for emotional distress and invasion of privacy after his son's military funeral was ticketed by members of the westboro baptist church. three judge panel said they are protected by the first amendment. >> doug gansler wants to hold more hearings for the proposed
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sale to francis edf. two companies waited until the close of previous rounds of hearings before disclosing final terms of the transaction. and that was unfair. constellation wants to sell almost half of the nuclear energy business to edf. >> dozens of die hard bruce springsteen fans are not taking any chances whatsoever. they are already lining up to make sure that they get tickets to one of the biggest concerts coming to baltimore this fall. tickets go on sale tomorrow 10 a.m. sharp for. for the november 20 show at the 1st mariner arena. first time bruce made a trip to charm city since nixon was in office. 1973. . >> recall of a common cold medicine for kids. details still ahead. >> it is very important point. but you are delaying. >> chairman it is courteous if you do not interrupt someone in the middle of the sentence. >> tim percent are flying.
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during the health care reform debate. show you more. >> we were distraught. to say the least. >> a woman expecting her fourth (announcer) let's say you have quintuplets,
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. >> u.s. senate is working late into the night. hashing out health care. appoint of bitter contention. the cost. carl cameron explains. >> tim pers are flaring. senatorial civility is increasingly scarce. >> mr. chairman let me complete my thoughts. >> in about one minute you will complete your you thought.
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okay. we have to -- >> i will complete my thought and make another point. >> you are delaying mr. senator. >> mr. chairman i am not delaying. i am making an extremely important point. >> it is very important point. but you are also delaying. >> chairman it is courteous if you do not interrupt someone in the middle of a important point they are trying to make. >> lawmakers on both sides complain they are not getting answer from the non-partisan congressional budget office about the cost of the health care proposals. >> do we have any more information overnight, cbo scoring of amendments that are pending? did we get any report overnight? >> i don't think -- nothing we want to discuss publicly. >> aides say he was joking. no cost analysis released. lawmakers killed an amendment by nelson aimed the at getting $100 billion from the drug industry to help low income seniors. democrats warned it would break
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a deal the white house made last year with drug companies to protect industry revenues in exchange for supporting reform. >> if this amendment is adopted the unattended consequences this may well undermine our ability to pass comprehensive health care reform in this congress. >> virtually every g.o.p. amendment has been defeated, including one putting into law, the president's pledge that no one will be forced to change coverage. >> insures americans can keep the coverage they have. this is one of the major points that the president has made, over and over and over. i think we ought to at least try to help live up to that, if we can. >> democrats were unanimous and killed it. >> lawmakers plan to work until 2:00, by day's end still no report from the congressional budget office as to the price tag. and senate staffers said it is going up. $856 billion last week and now estimating over 900. in washington, carl cameron, fox news. >> distraught, to say the least.
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and it is just kind of reeling at that moment. it will never leave my memory ever. >> a shocking story out of ohio. a woman pregnant with her fourth child finds out the baby is not hers. the savage are going forward with the pregnancy and will give the baby to the biological parents in michigan. apparently it all happened through in vitro fertilization. the clinic implanted another couple's egg into that woman. they have, of course, hired a lawyer to look through it. >> sunny and humid when vytas was pulling up for work today. he had the windows down and daryl hall and john oats blasting. so good weather out there. she is gone, i believe, is the song. >> will it be more like fall this weekend and you can get better music vytas. >> quality man, quality. i play oldies. here what's going on. northeast regional temperatures
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right now. 70 degrees right now in harrisburg. 71 in new york. 77 downtown baltimore. so we still holding on to heat. but cooler temperatures in cleveland. 67 degrees. 65 in pittsburg. continue to see a bit of a change in the temperatures as we get through the next couple of days here. across the state. looking at some clouds filter in from the west. we did have a bit of shower earlier today. but mostly it stayed away from us. we saw sun and clouds out there. lovely afternoon with temperatures in the mid 80s. we have showers trying to wong the way out of eastern ohio. but it looks like the activity is breaking up maybe a drop or two. but it looks like most of the activity is over west virginia and down over virginia through the overnight and then our real chance for rain arrives saturday afternoon. and evening. and then saturday night. but you can see some of the rain off to the west. continues to sink to the south. as we go through the overnight. northwest winds are the case as we get through the weekend. and that takes our temperatures down a bit. in fact, our future scan shows the showers kind of falling apart. maybe a drop tonight.
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but by tomorrow morning, most of the activity is south of us. start out with a few high thin clouds and probably get sunshine through the mid afternoon into the evening. so it looks like a nice start to the week. but as we get to saturday evening starting out with sun and clouds through saturday morning and afternoon. and closer to the evening, i think, saturday night, heavier rain moves in. all forming along the frontal boundary that stretches down to the deep south. drawing moisture up out of the gulf and rides our direction. as we get to saturday night into sunday. see the heavy line of rain, and maybe some thunderstorms along the front. as we get into sunday morning, sunday afternoon. so if you are going out to the game, well, you might need to take a raincoat with you, because it looks like it could be a wet one out there. tomorrow sun and clouds. and 75. mild conditions, northeast wind at five to 10 around baltimore. and again, if you are going to the ravens' game, we will see the temperatures at 76 degrees. 70 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. and then it looks like we will see 68 on saturday. sunday 76 degrees. and monday, tuesday, we start to clear up a bit.
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as we get through the weekend. back to you. . >> a recall tonight on certain children's tylenol products. children's and infants tylenol liquid products are being recalled because test revealed there might be bacteria in one of the products inactive ingredients, found in a portion of the material that was not used in production. but the company wants to error on the side of caution. for more information about the recall, go to our website links. . >> the ravens are perfect inside the red zone this s
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chevy silverado. more confidence than ford f-150. better backed than f-150. at a value f-150 can't touch. silverado. from the family of the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickups on the road. just announced, it's chevy truck month. get $4000 total cash back on select '09 silverado models. or choose 0% apr plus $500 purchase bonus cash on any silverado. . >> all right. still at the scene of breaking news. occurring in northwest baltimore. where an off-duty police officer has been shot apparently in the stomach.
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myranda stephens joins us now from the scene. with an update. myranda, what can you tell us? >> well, jeff a spokesperson with the police department did confirm to us that a off-duty police officer was shot, in the stomach. during an attempted robbery. this happened around 10:00 this evening, in the 6000 block of high gate drive in northwest baltimore. police say the off duty officer was walking into his home when he was approached by, at least, two suspects, who tried to rob him. they say gun fire was then exchanged and the officer was shot in the stomach. now the officer was taken to sinai hospital. and he is undergoing surgery for those injuries. we have learned a little bit more about the officer. he is 39-year-old. and 16 year veteran with city police. police say they do have information about the suspects in the shooting. but they are not releasing that information at this time. but, again, police are still here, on the scene. obviously investigating this shooting. and the streets have been
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blocked off around here. but that is the latest here in northwest baltimore. on this shooting. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> if you are one of those people that never get ravens tickets you will want to listen up. browns return to around 300 this sunday. go to ticket right now do not wait. sunday marks the return of the interesting rivalry, no secret that they hate the ravens and cleveland. for obvious reasons. but is the reverse true? and do the players even care? todd heath provides the answer to that one. >> obviously there is not a lot of people in cleveland that like us, you know, and, i think, it is vice-versa. and you know, over the years it has been a rivalry as of late, the cleveland has not always been the playoff team, but always play us tough. >> and it seems the entire country is buzzing about the ravens' offense. joe flacco and company had the
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unit second in the league in touchdowns. and last week, against the chargers, they scored every time they were in the red zone. far cry from years past. and major reason for the success, thus far. >> we have a couple of ways that we can beat you. and you know, offense line is doing a great job right now run protecting and running for the back block. so any time the offense line is playing like they are. >> it allows you to free up time back there for me to find ree leaves and backs to bust through. >> once in the red zone we have to make the most of the opportunities. in the last two games we have done a good job. not great job. because still opportunities we had in the first game that we did not capitalize on. so some opportunities that we could have had in the last game that we did not capitalize on. so right now doing a good job. >> elsewhere, sporting news has released the list of coaches, players and teams of the decade. and there is a strong baltimore contingent on the football side. jonathan ogden, ray lewis and
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others, first teamers and terrell suggs made the college football list. and also nfl executive of the decade was scott pee owe lee of the patriots, he of course spent time working under ozzie in the ravens are front office. >> now time to announce the winner in the subway high school game of the week contest where you the viewers choose which game to show highlights of. here on "sports unlimited" on friday nights. and this week's winner is gaining 55 percent of the vote. mcdonogh takes on gilman in boys soccer. thank you for voting at >> and be sure to tune in to "sports unlimited" tomorrow night with kristen berset, for the highlights. >> back to you.
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. >> well final look at the seven-day forecast. looking into the weekend. we will see sun and clouds tomorrow. mostly partly cloudy skies. temperatures 75 degrees. rain moves in saturday evening. probably get decent rainfall by the evening.
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but looking at 68 for the high. and so temperatures much cooler. looking at 76 on sunday. 70 percent chance for rain through morning and afternoon. and so if you are going to the game down there, it looks like you may have to take a raincoat and looking at 77 on monday. with more sunshine. as we get to early parts of next week. back to you guys. >> thank you, v
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