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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 25, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i was thinking paul brown, you know, i was just thinking. my fault. >> thanks for being a part of making the grade. good luck this weekend. >> that's "sports unlimited". "late edition" is next and it starts right now. >> a deadly discovery with state police are saying about four bodies inside of a mt. airy home. >> in harford county. a vicious school fight captured on video. what happened to the teen that was knocked to the ground. >> and a car wash with a view. the place where a new business is really cleaning up. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> welcome back. i am karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. breaking news at this hour. police have discovered four people dead in a home, two
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adults, two children. myranda stephens is live from mt. airy with more on the tragic story tonight. myranda? >> well, the bodies were discovered around 5:30 this evening. inside this corner lot home here in the 300 block of contour road. now earlier we spoke with a state police spokesperson, greg shipley that said it was a family friend that made the call to 911. >> the 911 call this evening came from a friend of this family that lives at this address. the friend had not heard from the family for some time. came to check the welfare. received no answer at the door. went around to the back of the house. and looked through a window and saw a body inside and immediately called 911. our troopers responded along with ems, went inside the home and found the bodies of four people inside there. >> now, neighbors we spoke to earlier that knew the family well, said they were stunned. they say the family, included a mom, and dad, and there two
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kids. 13-year-old boy. and a 9-year-old girl. now, state police have not ruled this a murder-suicide. but at the same time, they say that's the situation and it is contained to the home and not looking for any suspectss. but it is a tragic situation and a lot of people are upset by this. this is the latest here in mt. airy. frederick county. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right. thank you, myranda. >> two, 16-years-old charged with attempted murder after police say they tried to rob a off-duty police officer. that officer is hospitalized tonight with three gunshot wounds. cavan wilson and gillette facing charges. officer was on his porch when confronted by the robbers. led to an exchange of gun fire. harris was not targeted. >> i absolutely don't think that they knew he was a cop. again, just common sense, from a cop's perspective.
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here is two, 16-years-old, armed with a cheap .22 caliber revolver, going against a full grown man, armed with a .40 caliber glock semi auto? odds do not favor you very much in that. >> tonight officer harris is listed in serious but stable condition. at sinai hospital. >> a fight in belair leaves a 16-year-old hospitalized at this hour. this "youtube" video between two sophomores tuesday showed a 15-year-old boy severely beating another student unconscious. according to officials. the victim was then flown to shock trauma, his condition is unknown tonight. >> convicted killer pleads guilty to selling the gun used to kill former ravens quarterback steve mcnair. adrian gilman sold a pistol to steve mcnair's mistress for $100. 19-year-old boy used it to kill steve mcnair and then herself.
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he faces up to a life without bars. and convicted in florida as well. >> teaming off with the baltimore police tonight tracking down suspects in our fugitive files. joy lepola is live with the detectives at the warrant apprehension task force headquarters in north baltimore. joy? >> karen, as you can see, detectives are working late tonight. we're here at the warrant apprehension task force, where we're hoping to lock up two criminals this evening. the first one is 47-year-old bradford drake. wanted for attempted murder. drake is 5'8, and weighs 140 pounds. we also have 26-year-old quinnan harris, hoping to track down. wanted for armed robbery and assault. harris is 5'9, and weighs 150 pounds. he also goes by the name of tehon barnes. if you have any information the whereabouts of these men call us at the task force. this is an easy way, and a very
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safe way. for you to get involved, and in cleaning up the community. and getting the streets of baltimore cleaned up as well. getting these two guys off the street. would certainly make a difference. >> yes it would. both of them wanted for robbery. very dangerous, violent acts they committed. so if anyone knows anything, you know, give us a call. like i said we will never ask your name. your telephone number. where you are at. just we need your information. >> all right. thank you colonel. >> again, you can call 410-637-8970. and after that, you can -- after 11:30 you can call 866-7-lockup. or go online to and click on fugitive files. i am joy lepola. , reporting live. fox 45 news "late edition". >> the city liquor control board continues to try and shut down on bottle clubs, so-called bottle clubs. residents in mount vernon want the city to recall bottle clubs
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like sweet ultra lounge to register with the city and apply for liquor licenses only way to cut down on crimes connected to the clubs. >> there are times when there is two, three, 400 kids congregateed in the areas and being disruptive on nights when there is no event. mount vernon is wonderful place. >> they extended the public comment period until october 10. >> one week ago, part of dundalk looked more like new orleans after katrina. tomorrow help is on the way. residents can take advantage of a one day recovery service center. from 10:00 to 4:00. state and county officials will answer questions, especially questions about insurance coverage. they will be at the water's edge community center. and coming up, tips for flood insurance. >> a baltimore teenager is hospitalized tonight from the swine flu. she attends mont bellow jr. academy. which was closed today for conferences. meantime, health officials plan
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to offer the swine flu vaccination to all city school students. all of this while at poly high school residents of all ages get the seasonal flu shot. >> obviously, some people are hospitalized. because right now, thankfully what we have been seeing is, you know, relatively mild. sometimes moderate disease. but it is not, you know, the worst of these that we have been fearing. >> if you want information about a free vaccination in baltimore, go to links. >> the first speed camera in baltimore city will be up and running next week. officials will unveil the first of 51 controversial cameras, like this. monday at walter and glen more avenues in glen mount. state law allowing the cameras take effect october 1st. those speeding in school zones will get a $40 ticket by the mail. >> a beautiful start to the week so far. meteorologist tony is here for jessica starr tonight. and has a first look at the sky watch forecast.
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tony? >> we have clouds coming in jeff. hint of things to come. we have 63 degrees. partly cloudy skies at bwi thurgood marshall airport. and there is the rain i have been alluding to. it looks like it will get here, probably, by mid to late afternoon. the heaviest rain should be tomorrow night. and our temperatures are in the mid 60s. in and around the area. and it looks like tomorrow, we will start off with partly cloudy skies. with 66 and the rain coming in later on. my full forecast coming up in a bit. >> all right tony thank you. >> loyola college now has a new name. it is now officially known as loyola university maryland. students and officials marked the occasion with a ceremony at reese arena, president of the school said this is a call to continue a tradition dating a century 1/2 in north baltimore. >> we must embrace fully the opportunity of guiding thousands of promising men and women through an educational experience that prepares them for their personal and
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professional lives, and indeed for leadership roles in those areas of their lives. for which they are so well suited. >> during today's stare money university gave the first honorary degree to archbishop edwin o'brien. >> and tonight's news you need to know. we saw last week in dundalk what a sudden unexpected flood can do to your home. just because you may not live near a body of water does not mean you can escape the riff. and it is not covered under standard homeowner's insurance policy. to figure out your risk, check out the national flood insurance program's website. just plug-in your home information and you will get a flood insurance quote. >> and you can find the link at our website at links. >> if you are looking to do something this weekend. 11 baltimore museums are offering free admission on saturday. just go online, and then print the smithsonian's museum day
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admission card. you will find the website by going to ours. links. . >> president obama calls out iran for new nuclear facility. why iran said it built it. >> unemployment benefits run out next week for hundreds of thousands of americans. the push to keep the cash flowing. >> it draws attention and brings in customers. >> and the new business that
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. >> a federal court has handed members of a anti-gay church in kansas a victory in their fight
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for free church. two years ago they were slapped with a multi-million dollar judgment after protesting outside of the westminster funeral of lance corporal mathew schneider. schneider's father said they protest was violation of his privacy. and the decision has been reversed saying they had right to free speech. schneider attorney calls the ruling troubling. >> in the first amendment it allows people to worship in their chosen religion and mr. schneider chosen religion was catholic and that's what they were disturbing. so the defendant felt mr. schneider right and did not mention mr. schneider's rights. >> schneider's attorney promises to appeal the decision to the u.s. supreme court. >> >> president obama reveals that iran does indeed have a new nuclear facility. iran officials say it is for generating electricity.
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u.s. officials are not buying it. russia and china do not like it either. iran said it wanted to buy enriched uranium for medical purposes. >> meantime the white house said it might not be able to close the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay cuba as soon as planned. he wanted to close by january. but senior administration officials say it is not enough time to determine where each of the 225 inmates should go. they say the president is still committed to closing guantanamo bay cuba. >> it is the song that caused controversy across the u.s. . >> this school song posted on "youtube" praises president obama. the principal told parents the song was part of a lesson during black history month. new jersey education commissioner ordered a review so students can celebrate black history month without partisan
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politics in the classroom. >> that brings us to the question of the day. did a new jersey teacher step over the line by having students sing a pro-obama song? so far, 90 percent say yes. and 10 percent say no. mike from silver spring writes. that's indrin nation not education. to read more responses, go to and click on question of the day. >> and it is the first weekend of fall, but will rain spoil the weekend? >> meteorologist tony is in the forecast center. tony what happens tomorrow, on saturday. >> well it looks like rain is on the way. 73 was our high temperature today. just a couple of degrees cooler than normal. fabulous first fall friday. but looks like we will be soggy on saturday. first weekend of fall. and our temperatures right now, 66 in baltimore. a little cooler up to our north. and we will see the temperatures drop as the clouds come in. as you can see, there is the
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rain down to our south and west. and it moves in here. probably by late afternoon tomorrow. into the evening. could get heavy downpours. we will show you on future scan right now the clouds thicken. but pretty much early part of day is okay. by one or 2:00, western maryland in, some heavy rains come in. especially tomorrow night. maybe an inch, inch and a half of rain. but not a complete washout. at least the early part of the day. here is what the forecast looks like. frontal boundary pushes through. and here comes the cooler air. rain starts to develop in the afternoon. and then we will be seeing those temperatures, also, starting to cool off. forecast looking like this on the eastern shore. call it 71 scattered showers tomorrow. and central maryland. only 66 degrees, with the showers getting heavier toward night fall. western maryland, won't break 60. just 59. five-day forecast. scattered showers and heavier rain tomorrow night. hopefully at ravens' kickoff at 1:00, skies clear.
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notice the temperature, nice. 77 degrees. keep it mid 70s. and then tuesday and wednesday, right now, more autumnal feel in the air. i will be back with the seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> all right tony thank you. >> hundreds of thousands of americans will quickly lose unemployment benefits next week. if congress does not extend the limits. george ricker reports on a new push to keep the money flowing. >> they are from iowa, kansas, wisconsin, arizona. >> labor commissioners from 17 states came to niagra falls today to urge the senate to do what the house did last week, pass a bill that would extend unemployment benefits by 13 more weeks. for those about to lose benefits. >> well, here because we are facing an unemployment crisis of epic proportion. >> neck week, alone, the unemployment benefits are scheduled to run out for almost 40,000 new yorkers. people like john from loseton. >> i have two children, to support. and what we try to do is protect
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them to not really feel the pressure that we feel. and every day, we wake up with this. and there is a lot of good men and women that want to get back to work. >> as if losing your unemployment benefits are not frightening enough. when they are out looking for a job, there is only one job for every six people looking. >> sometimes you look at yourself, and you go, i have to reare define myself. >> new york is actually doing better than the national average. and buffalo's jobless rate is lower than the state average. but in niagra falls and rockport over 11 percent with 500 layoffs at delfi. >> a lot of the folks in their 50s. and you know, it is very scary for those individuals >> the cleveland browns may have the key to bea
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. >> a reporter and his camera crew get hit by tear gas, locked into a crowd of g 20 protestors in pittsburg. get this. brian todd began to cough and said his eyes started to burn. a colleague tried to pour water on his face, luckily he was not seriously hurt. and was able to report about the experience later. >> could this be the world's smartest horse? he cannot talk like mr. ed but he can count, and spell his own name. lucas. >> i am not going to tell you now. do you it yourself. >> how about one? how about two? >> karen uses carrots to get lucas to play catch and peekaboo. adopted the retired race horse that used to be a bucking bronco and now wants to play. >> once injured manatee has a new leaf on life. shell was released into the wild. after being rehabilitate after a boat accident and ingesting a
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fishing line. rescuers in miami say the boat strike caused air to build up in shell's lungs, but he is now feeling better. and is able to dive for food. >> patrice harris. chan "late edition". . >> the ravens open divisional play this sunday against the cleveland browns, and although they are underdogs. . >> if you look at what he did the last time the ravens faced him you will see why there is some concern here. last november, cribs put up 278 total return yards and the year before, 306 against the ravens. john harbaugh knows they will see a tough browns team sunday. >> he has been a bad sight for the ravens for more than just a few years. so he is probably the best return guy in the league, in a lot of ways. and probably have the four best
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specialists in the league. you put the snapper, kicker, punter and return guy together, most would say they are the best combination in the league. so beast is hard to tackle. lots of respect for him. and we have to tackle him. >> he gets free in so many ways. he can run past guys. put his foot on the ground and make you miss. and stiff arm. lots of skills. that's why he is what he is. >> the numbers from last week's game against the chargers show the defense has work to do. qb rivers threw for 436 yards. and the defense, allowed one too many big plays. this week, they face a cleveland offense that is ranked last in the league. but defensive coordinator greg madison knows those plays cannot happen if they want to stay undefeated. >> if you ask me what would be the one thing that i am not happy with, that we have got to correct, and that's the number of big plays.
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you know, going to get completions, and they will get 25-yard completions. they will get 20-yard completions at times. that's going to happen in the nfl. but what you have to happen is get them down right there and stop at that. you cannot have the long one over your top of the head. the contested all about that he gets and we do not get. if they have that much time to throw that long of a play, then we are not doing what we should be doing upfront. >> jerry update on brown's running back lewis. looks like the former raven will not play sunday. he hurt his hamstring last week in the broncos game. he missed practice for the third straight day today. without him, they will split carries between harrison and rookie james davis. the ravens lead the nfl in rush defense, allowing just 41 yards on the ground per game. >> kickoff for sunday game is 1:00. kristen berset, for "sports unlimited".
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>> now they say, rumor has it, this is eye
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was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. . >> the economy does not seem to be hurting. one florida businessman's newest car wash chain. >> orlando business is called bay wash. bikini clad women are the commodity here. and it is a hit. they must have cleaner cars there. no other reason. customers say bay wash beats the normal car wash. two more locations are opening up in october because they are doing so well. >> well, you won't want to wash the car tomorrow. we have rain coming in late tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night. only 66 degrees. clear out by the afternoon. on sunday. for the ravens' game. high of 77. and then here comes more autumn weather as we start the work week. >> all right. tony thank you. that does it for the "late
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edition". thank you for joining us. i am jeff barnd.
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