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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 29, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> i think they should keep us more informed on what's going on. >> one school innbaltimore. one student infected with h1n1. tonight, what's being done about swine flu in maryland. >> when it is not used properly, you will get high, and when it is not used properly, you can overdose. >> doctors and drugs. how two young physicians ended up in a deadly crime. >> a mild week and then the rain moves in again. when we could see showers in the sky watch forecast. >> when i was in undergrad i did get. >> the courtesy that one college wants to enforce. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore.
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this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. concern grows as the swiie flu spreads. this map shows the 26 states the united states, where flu outbreaks have occurred. they are the ones in red. maryland is included in that group..3 you can see most of them are in the southern half of the united states. almost 60 perrent of the fluú cases tested in the u.s. right now turn ouu to be swine flu. and swine flu is already causing a lot of problems in some states. offiiials closed schools in huntsville texas. 14 percent of the student population absenttyesterday because of the flu or flu-like symptoms. many of the staff sick as well. diitrict plans to reopen thursday. >> a family in ft. worth, texas mourning the loss of their teenage aughter. 14-year-old khloe lindsay died with h1n1 five days after she started to feel sick. and there are reports tonight
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that she had no other underlying medical conditions. now the school district has begun to sanitize all the classrooms there. and the lockers as well. at the middle school. officials have sent a letter home teaching flu prevention tips to parents. >> there is increasing concern here in maryland tonight. eight people have died from the h1n1 virus. the latest a baltimorr area child. and a student from mont bellow jr. academy in northeast baltimore is fighting the virus. tonight,,parents attended a meeting with school administrators. karen parks joins us live from outside the school with what they were talking about tonight3 kaaen? >> jennifer, tonight's meeting was part of a city wide initiative to inform parents about h1n1. now, we were not allowed inside the meeting. but parents tell me they did not discuss the mont bellow student confirmed with h1n1. parents say they were pleased tonight and others say it was not enough. >> we're reaching out to as many schools as we can in baltimore
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city to share with them the basics of response to h1n1 disease. >> here in northeast baltimore. dozens of parents attend a meeting hoping to ease fears and rid the community of rumors abouu h1n1. after a 13-year-old student here at mont bellow academy was confirmed with the disease. >> i was expecting more about what happened within the school. the condiiion of the little girl. some of our children know her. i guess how the school was cleaned. >> kim davis said these issues were not covered at tonight's and that the school's response to the confirmed case was just not quick enough. >> if it happened on monday, and for us to find out thursday, justtscary. it is scary. just a note to the kids in the building, with germs around the bbilding. >> they made sure she did have h1n1 and informed us as soon as >> a letter sent to parents last thursday. and school officials say the building was cleaned thoroughly over the weekend. >> you could smell it when you came in monday.
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smelled like they wiped everything. >> tonight, the flu shots were offfred. keith preston's kindergartener jamal got his. and health officials say the h1n1 vaccine will be available next month and kids like jamal will be first priority. >> we will make that vaccine avaiiable to as many different individuals as we can. in as maay different locations as we can. >> tonight, the mont bellow student with h1n1 is hospitalized. reporting live in northeast baltimore. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, of course, one of the ways to fight the swine flu, is to get a shot. but in one state, some workers are being required to get the shop. or they will lose their jobs. health care workers held a protest at new york state capitol today. the state's health department passed the policy, health care workers say it should be their bodies. >> back in maryland. all bmbc employees required to get the seasonal flu shot.
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workers at the hospital given the shot in a mass vaccination last week. >>the importance is that we really want our employees to be safe. we want our employees to be able to be protected and we want them to be able to protect our patients. >> on fox 45 news at 5:30 we asked you if health care workers should be required to get the swine flu vaccine? most of you said yes. 60 to 40 percent. and kenneth from baltimore said. yes. he writes, they will be the first line of defense, they need to be. >> but marie from columbia said. no. the h1n1 virus -- virus vaccine is a new vaccine may not be safe. you can hear more responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> well aryland's health to know to stay protected from the swine flu. shipping of the vaccine will begin in october. just a few days from now. healthy adults will need ooly one shot. children, 9 and younger, will need two doses. as of now, schools will stay
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open, but school officials are being encouraged to monitor and isolate sick students. and everyone should do their part to stay healthy. >> cough into your sleeve. elbow bumps instead of shaking hands. wash your hands frequently. and monitoring and isolating sick peoole. >> for more information call the stateeswine flu hotline. 877 mdflu for you. and more detailed information about what maryland is doing to combat the swine flu. on our website foxbaltimore.commnews links. >> we have two pieces of breaking news now. the first in baltimore county. ambulance and a car collided at the intersection of win sore mill and win sore mill road in woodlawn. win sore mill boulevard. happened before 8:00 tooight. two med-acts in the ambulance taken to shock trauma.
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no word on their conditions. the three people in the car taken to a different hospital w minor injuries. >> and a 60-year-old woman was flown to shock trauma after the car she was in struck a horse. it happened in churchville, a little before 8:30 at the intersections of level road and locus road. three horses loose in the area. no word on her condition. >> a night of getting high turns tragic for a young couple. the girlfriend is dead. her boyfriend facing drug charges. and the most shocking part of the story? both were doctors. at the university of maryland school of medicine. >> crime and justice reporter joy lepola investigates. >> friends describe dr. keri john as a rising star, academically. a young neuro scientist working at thh university of maryland medical school. but earlier this week, john, ended up in the emergency room. after suffering from what police are calling a apparent overdose. >> the victim overdosed by illegal drugs that she obtained
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through an online pharmacy in the philippines. >> john's boyfriend of seven years faces drug charres. police arrested dr. clinton mccrack ken shortly after the death. >> drugs came in stuffed animals, the couple was taking these drugs and she overdosed. >> mccracken suspects they received a bad batch of the drug typically used to treat heroin addicts. >> maybe it was. a juiced up batch. you know that was stronger. we don't know. but it is an openiate drug and when it is not used properly, you will get high, and when it is not used properly, you can overdose. >> mccracken told police he stopped short of injecting the drug. after his 29-year-old girlfriend started to have trouble breathing. >> a lot of the times the drugs you take are not actually the drugs you ordered. >> but it was more than pills. john and mccracken were dabbleing in. >> police found more than two dozen marijjana plants inside of
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this house. they aaso discovered a sophisticated hydro pong growing system. but what is most surprising to friends of mccrack and he did john is the fact that these two neuro scientists were well affair of the affects that drugs can have on the body and mind. >> fox 45 news talked with a professor who taught the two, while they were at wake forest. he described john as exceptionally bright. and 32-year-old mccracken as one of the most talented scientists he had met. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> at the university of maryland dr. keri john saw study oning the effect dopamine has on drug useers and schizophrenics. >> soldier from millersville indicted accused of running a sex trafficking business. indictment claims private first-class craig corey conspired with residents to bring young women to maryland to engage in prootitution. one of the girls was
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16-years-old. >> we would have people knock on the door, and is this -- no, you have the wrong place. >> corey and the three ohio men could face more than 20 years in prison if convicted. >> a former maryland priest is under arrest tonight, accused of abusing a boy back in the 70s and 80s. father michael barnes was arrested in north carolina yesterday. all because of evidenne uncovered in a civil case filed earlier this year. a maryland man claims the priest abused him in delaware. the civil suit was filed under the landmark delaware child victims act. which allows victims of childhood sexual abuse to sue the perpetrators no matter when the abuse occurred. >> the baltimore city police officer shot during a roobery last week, suffers a setback. detective aaron harris has been moved to shock traumm, and his condition has been downgraded to critical. harris was shot late thursday night outside of his home in northwest baltimore. originally taken to sinai
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hospital. and has undergone, at least, five surgeries. the two teens accused of shooting harris were denied bail yesterday. >> well, sunny day. breezy and cool. how cool will it get overnight? chief meteorollgist vytas reid is here with the sky watch forecast. gorgeous day. >> yeah. sunshine and few clouds. but wind was the factor. and made it feel cooler out there. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and felts like in the lower 60s with the winds blowing out of the west. anywhere from 20 to 25 miles per hour. clear skies around baltimore right now. and high thin clouds. putting this into motion. see a few shoddy showers over the western edge of the mountains, cumberland and heavier rain coming down north of pittsburg and up to eerie peninsula pen but most of it north of us. slight chance it may work in. maybe after two or 3:00 tomorrow. so we will watch it. but for the most part temperatures cooling off tonight. 59 in baltimore right now. -8 back in hagerstown. and over on the eastern shore.
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62 in salisbury. and overnight looking at the clouds, still thickening up here and there, partly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy. tomorrow. breezy conditions. with the temperatures slightly cooler than what we saw today. with the chance of pop up showers. tell you about the cool air and when the warm up gets here in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to >> a very moving tribute to a beloved baltimore sports hero tonight. former baltimore raven and baltimore stalin bra gant honored on the occasion of his 40th birthday. sports dirrctor bruce cunningham wassamong those that took part. he joins us with more. >> oj bra gant the only player in history to win rings for the sameecity in the nfl. he is battling a.l.s..
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and that added an extra level of poignant see to tonight's event. . >> they all showed up. ravens teammate, lewis, and guys that did not play with him and love him as well. read and joe flacco. his old cfl teammates were there. hamm, mathews and several others flew in. all here to pay tribute to a man waging a courageous battle against a dreaded disease. >> for me, just to be able to walk alongside of him. go to war with him. and still walk alongside of him every day. life offers no other greater gift. >> everybody that is here, he is a aven. and i am proud to know him. >> if you knew oj you are lucky to have done so. oj has been a guy hat, you know, i can go on and on. but i try to be likk he is. >> moving night to be sure.
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we have more to show you. stay tune for "sports unlimited" for more coverage of the event. called two riigs for oj and the rest of the night in sports. at 10:50 on "sports unlimited". . >> future depends on the -- >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. how budget cuts are takingga toll on the disabled. it is our cover story, later or fox 45 news at 10:00. >> also ahead. decks on campus, what one college plans to do to enforce common courtesy. - i'm in. - we're in too.
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>> police are reminding parents to be vigilant after three separate incidents involving children on the way to school. myranda stephens, live outside of anne arundel county police headquarters tonight with more. myranda? >> anne arundel county police say incidents at school bus stops during the school year are not uncommon. but three serious incidents, in just this mmnth, have them and parents on alert. >> april always felt her child was safe in their anne arundel county neighborhood until now. >> i have never heard of anything like that around here. >> police say last tuesday morning a 6th grader at old mill middle north was walking to the
10:18 pm
bus stop when a strange man began to follow her. police say the girl dropped her book bag and ran to a friend's house and when the man left she noticed an unsettled note inside of her bag. >> that is very frightening. >> that same day, police arrested a woman they say tried to kidnap a preschooler wwile he was waiting at a bus stop in jessup. and less than two weeks earlier police arrested a man that tried to rape a high school senior as she was walking to her bus stop early one morning, on mount vernon avenue in odenton. >> i am concerned, you know, i have two small kids, a daughter and a son. >> police say while the three incidents are unrelated they are a reminder to parents to teach kids to be vigilant when on the way to school. >> you have to sit and talk to your children. have a plan in place. so children know what to do if something happens. or f if they feel they are threatens. it makes you want to look out now for other people's kids. keep an eye on them. not that you don't but it makes you want to pay attention a little bit more.
10:19 pm
>> all of the schools related to the incidents have sent out letters, like this one, to warn parents and notify them about what happened. and police say they are working closely with the schools, and continue to investigate. live outside of the anne arundel county police headquarters, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> city police want residents to know about a possible scam regarding your water bill. people have been getting calls saying bills were past due and water would be cutoff if they did not pay up. well police want to stress that utility companies do not call about water bills. and if there is a problem you would get a notice in the mail. >> the water company, bg&e no utility companies can come to your house and ask for money. as we go through tough economic times people are coming up with clever scams. >> it looks like the elderly are the ones argeted in the scam. so far, at least one victim that the cops know of.
10:20 pm
. >> the public option appears to be on life support. senate finance committee voted against including a government run insurance option in their health care reform bill twice. and those no votes included democratic chairman max baucus. he said a bill that included a public option would not get enough votes in the full senate. republicans oppose a government run are insurance option saying it would eventually kill private insurance. you can tell lawmakers what you think about health care reform. their contact information is all right there on our website voice. >> and there is also much more information about health care reform on our website. go to, and click on the cure for health care icon. >> this recession has cost thousands of marylanders their jobs. and now, there is a real drain on the state's unemployment trust fund. and as jeff abell shows us, it looks like the tax burden on %->> anything else?n be rising.
10:21 pm
>> at brick oven pizza in fell's point, they are long on sales, but short on dough. >> my water bill has gone up. 15 percent. bg&e bill what has that done? >> and soon the state will turn up the heat. the unemployment taxes which owner mike buckner pays each year on each of the 13 employees. >> is about to rise. every employer in maryland is about to pay more. >> but, i think, what the city and the state and government is trying to do is squeeze as much as it can, out of the small business. >> the state has already doubled the tax most businesses are paying into the fund this year. and now there is real concern that number could triple. come tax season next year. the reason for all of this? a spike in unemployment. and a drain on unemployment funds. >> unemployment has gone up significantly. we have already paid out more in
10:22 pm
benefits in the trust fund this year, and we're three quarters of the way through the year, than we paid out all of last year. >>the state sets the tax rate each year. but this year, many small businesses that are already burdened. ú%e feeling burned. >> we're going to look at how much they have to pay for each employee and it will not be worth bringing someone else in. or they may have to lay somebody off. so you have somebody else on unemployment. >> buckner expects to pay $6000 more in additional taxes. his slice of the financial pie keeps shrinking. >> enough is enough. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> in 22 other states the situation is so severe their unemployment trust funds are bankrupt. >> tomorrow's big story, concerns raised about taking money away from acorn. the group, of course was caught on tape, giving tax advice to people posing as a pimp and a
10:23 pm
prostitute. and now efforts to stop funding the group, may run into trouble. >> one version of the legislation might actually also dee fund major government contractors such as defense contractors. another version of the legislation that is passed in congress, may be unconstitutional because it is improper. under the constitution to target too closely with specific legislation, individual organizations. >> well, for more information on this, go to and click on the washington times icon. >> as schools across the country look for ways to save money, they are cutting physical education from their curriculum. but nfl players and the nfl network are working to keep kids active. melinda roeder tells us that means big money for one area school. >> keep jim in school. that's the goal of the new program sponsored by the nfl. and today some of the baltimore ravens vivid an anne arundel county middle school to kick off
10:24 pm
gym class. >> it is no wonder the kids at corcoran middle school in glen burnie are reved up. not every day you get to meet the baltimore ravens. >> they are not firing. because now it is like i want to watch all of their games. >> but more reason to cheer. corcoran is one of four schools in the nation adopted by the nfl network, keep gym in school program. and they are receiving a complete gym class makeover. $50,000 in renovations. that should go a long way in keeping kids fit. >> one-third of the young people are obese. that number tripled since 1980. kids are not as active as i was when i was a kid. >> the program aims to lower that statistic by helping teachers create lesson plans for p.e. classs. and provide fitness programs for students to encourage them to be active even outside of school. >> well, i think, with all the
10:25 pm
budget cuts going on, across the country. first thing that schools are cutting is pe. >> so we need to reinvest in physical education, along with music and the arts. it is not only about math and science, it is about the whole child. healthy in mind, health necessity body and healthy in outlook on life. >> corcoran students are not the only ones scoring big benefits. all schools in anne arundel county participate in the fitness challenge. and the top performers could win a trip to the 2010 nfl draft. >> i think more kids should be active because they will -- the obesity problem is big, and if we're more fit we can live longer. >> when kids establish healthy habits early, everyone wins. >> so many fun activities, that you can do on a daily basis. but just make sure that you are not sitting around in your house, on your computer, watching tv. >> nearly 150 schools nationwide will benefit from the keep gym in school program this year. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> for more information about the program go to
10:26 pm links. . >> looks like we're seeing cooler weather. but rain is on the way. tell you when it will arrive, next, in the sky watch forecast. >> also ahead. sex on campus. what one college plans to do to enforce some common courtesy. >> future depends on the fund. every single day. >> but next. (announcer) let's say you need a little advice
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>> as the state tries to balance the budget, the governor and board of public works have cut hundreds of millions of dollars. and those painful cuts include millions in funds for the disabled. in tonight's cover story. we investigate the disability deficit. >> christopher is a multiply handicapped individual. >> behind the smiles, a world unknown to outsiders. >> he is non-verbal. he needs pretty much round the clock care. >> christopher submits rides through life began when he was just amos ood. >> not the child anyone would expect. but still our child. >> diagnosed as a toddler with severe mental retardation. >> his thought process doesn't work like anybody else's. >> 21 years of trying times for
10:30 pm
christopher and his family. this pikesville group home is now home. and after a long three year wait, state funding finally opened the door of opportunity. >> swing time. >> but recent cuts to maryland's disabilities administration threatened to close it. >> christopher's future directly depends on the funding. every single day. >> $27.4 million meant to enable the disabled, slashed in annapolis. >> we're down to things that none of us would like to cut. >> to balance the budget, on the backs of the ddsability community, is wrong. >> the board of public works, working to close a $454 million deficit, cut millions from providers, coordination services, and respite care. >> it is not because we are uncaring, or not because we are not sympathetic, it is because we're down to core mission.
10:31 pm
>> trying to do this in as sensitive and thoughtful and pro-active of a way as possible. but there is no way to do this and not have it effect people. >> we had to eliminate 74 positions. >> budget cuts, are now hitting home. >> all of these cuts are going to have an impact on those people that we work directly with. >> service coordination, not-for-profit, lost $3.2 million in state funding, or 15 percent of its operating budget. >> the most vulnerable population, of citizens, in maryland, have sustained a huge cut that is definitely going to impact our ability to provide services. >> use a fork. >> options for people like christopher, and 14000 other clients could soon be in jeopardy. >> we're highly concerned right now with the operations of this organization. >> advocates are now talking
10:32 pm
about non-being heard in annapolis. >> because of that lack of voice, that there was a disproportionate percentage of cuts that affected the developmental disabilities community. >> they are not being targeted and their's is a voice that i hear all the time. >> to cut more, from something that has been behind the -- under funded originally, i just don't -- i don't think that's a correct thing to do. >> and the budget battle brews on. >> swinging is one of his favorite all time things. >> christopher's journey hangs in the balance. >> there is not anything left to cut. >> and with the possibility of more budget cuts on the horizon, a father prays the door won't close on his son's world. >> okay, pal. >> there are already tens of thousands of names on a waiting list for state funded disability services.
10:33 pm
secretary co mers tells us he is investigating why. and advocates for the disabled worry that the cuts in funding could cause the list to grow. . >> a faith book poll flagged. still ahead on the news at 10:00. why it was yanked and got the attention of the secret service. coming up on the "word on the web". >> am i leaving? like 45 minutes. couple of hours. and then it went that way. >> about common courtesy. what you can't do, when your roommate is in the room. on one college campus. >> looking at a almanac page today on. high of only 68 degrees. normally we should be at 74.
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bags fly free. only on southwest airlines. . >> well, it looks like we saw a
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decent day out there today. but it was breezy. that kept things feeling cooler than what the temperatures were, in the mid to upper 60s. but the temperatures continue to go down a bit as we get into tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon. skycam inner harbour shows dry conditions but mostly clear skies right now. stars are out there. few high thin clouds off to the west. winds out of the west-southwest at seven. so the winds have died down a bit. tomorrow see the winds bump up again, just a bit out of the northwest. humidity levels at 74 percent. and 55. outlying areas in the lower 50s. so the temperatures are feeling cool. especially out there in the outlying suburbs around baltimore. in fact, tomorrow, probably get the temperatures down in the 40s. it will feel cool. looking at the temperatures around the northeast region. 57 degrees in harrisburg. looking at 62 in new york. back in pittsburg. 54 degrees. 57 in cleveland. and we will continue to see that cooler air followed behind another frontal boundary pushing through by tomorrow. weaker front.
10:37 pm
but nonetheless bringing cooler temperatures down out of canada and upper portions of michigan. so continue to see a few scattered showers here. and then in fact, we have he heavier rain at youngstown ohio and erie, pennsylvania. and rain holds off here tonight. we may get a drop of rain, possibly, late in the afternoon tomorrow. maybe three, 4:00. but we could see on the radar, broken clouds around baltimore. but look at this pink, and green popping up here. that's an indication of a mixed precipitation over the mountain ranges of northwest virginia. so temperatures cold enough for mixed precipitation back there. hint of things to come as we're on the edge of colder temperatures moving in. westerly flow continuing. winds died down from the 15 to 25 miles an hour range earlier today. and now in the single digits as far as the winds sustained across the region. potential for cloud cover, building in through the mid-morning hours tomorrow. and showers off to the west. maybe a slight chance.
10:38 pm
20 percent chance to get a little isolated shower. maybe two, three, 4:00. and start to see things clear out again. thursday nice and clear conditions. and then into friday. partly cloudy. kicking off the weekend with temperatures increasing again. 70 degrees for the eastern shore. looking at sun and clouds. wind out of the west at 15 and breezy day out there on the eastern shore. as far as central maryland. temperatures around 66 degrees. for the high. so few degrees cooler than today. with winds out of the west at 10-to-15. and then becoming mostly cloudy as the front continues to move through. bringing a chance of pop up showers and cooler temperatures righting on the edge of the high pressure. with clockwise spinning rotating air. and see warmer temperatures following that. so toward friday, saturday, temperatures start to warm back up a bit. looking looking at a few clouds out there 66, breezy. slight chance for spotty shower in the afternoon. and then as we look at the five-day forecast. looks like we will see the temperatures right at 67 degrees for thursday.
10:39 pm
with sunshine. and cooler temperatures for the overnight lows. 72 on friday. 73 by saturday. 60 percent chance for rain. next chance for showers. and then sunday clearing up at 73. sky watch weather is at your fingertips. i-radar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see approximately when rain or snow is over your house. go to . >> dozens of people are dead tonight after an earth quake sparks a tsunami that crashes into the coast of american sa mowya. 8.3 quake struck between samoa deep in the pacific ocean. witnesses say an entire village was destroyed by the powerful wave. hawaii, the cook islands, tong ga and figi remain under tsunami warnings tonight. >> new policy on one college
10:40 pm
campus in massachusetts, no sex when your roommate is in the room. administrators at tuft's university have gotten so many complaints they had to do something. they hope the new policy will help he people bit morecrat of roommate's feelings. >> when i was an under grad i did get sex iled is when you get kicked out so your roommate can have sex. >> i don't think it has to be a policy. most people follow it out of common courtesy. >> well if the student violates the policy they can expect a friendly talking to by a school administrator. >> that's embarrassing. >> the secret service is looking into a recent poll held on facebook. judy kurtz reveals why a question about president obama was pulled from the website. that's in tonightts "word on the web". judy? >> an application that allows use tores create poll social security gone from facebook. after a poll posted over the weekend by a facebook member asked if president obama should be killed? the possible responses to the
10:41 pm
poll were yes, maybe, if he cuts my health care, and no. facebook said its users first reported the question to the company. the third-party application was immediately suspended. now the secret service has launched an investigation. meantime facebook said it has pulled the poll creator application from the website. more than 350 people reportedly answered the obama assassination question before it was taken down. >> and you can have friend fox 45 news on facebook. check out status and follow our tweets on twitter. go to find us on facebook and twitter. under the community features section on i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> tobacco crackdown. still ahead on the news at 10:00. how baltimore city is changing the rules for where, when and what you are allowed to smoke. >> and how ex
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> the city of baltimore is cracking down on smoking. even more. the city council discussed new legislation today that would ban smoking anywhere near a hospital. another bill already passed would ban the sale of single cigars. that has the tobacco lobby kicking up a fight. >> this bill requiring cigars to be package in a minute mum of five, reduce youth access to cigars, as well as reduce smoking of cigars.
10:45 pm
>> children are not smoking cigars. not at all. it hurts and harms and discriminates against adults, who smoke cigars. >> the new law on cigar sales was supposed to take effect october 1st. this week. but the health department is putting off enforcing it until december. to give the tobacco industry more time to comply. >> well, being over weight could take years off of a woman's life. >> harvard researchers studied more than 17,000 female nurses, and women were checked every two years, between 1976 and 2000. researchers found every time a woman's body mass index went up by a point, her chances of living to age 70 dropped by 12 percent. >> the ravens' defense will be in for a tough test this sunday when they face former nfl
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
. >> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like temperatures cooling down a bit for tomorrow. a little cooler than today. and high of 66 degrees. clouds gathering through the afternoon. 20 percent chance for a stray shower, mid afternoon, after about tok. overnight temperatures in the 40s for thursday and friday. but the temperatures slowly start to go up a bit with sunshine. for thursday, friday looking decent at 72 degrees. and 73 on saturday. 60 percent chance for showers. that will be the next chance of probably significant rain
10:49 pm
potentially. and then sunday clearing up. monday and tuesday back in the mid 70s. so things will look good for early next week. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> another tough test on the road for the ravens sunday. bruce cunningham joins us with details in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". the ravens put the unbeaten record on the line sunday against tom brady and the patriots. hear from john harbaugh on face i can the legendary belichick. will tonight the night the o's snap their losing streak. highlights coming up. and prep player of the week award. honor a field hockey player at garrison forest that had a monster game last week. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> the ravens had the usual tuesday off. but beginning tomorrow, serious business begins. they have to get ready to go play the new england patriots. number one in the power rankings again this week. the ravens are nonetheless underdogs, latest


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