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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 29, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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at the school. >> and auto maker auto issues the largest recall in its company's history. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore. this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. night of getting high, turns tragic for two doctors at the university of maryland school of medicine. one is dead. the other facing drug charges. friends described dr. keri john as a rising star academically. and earlier this week, john ended up in the emergency room. after suffering from an apparent overdose. her boyfriend of seven years, dr. clinton mccracken arrested on drug charges. >> they have been involved in some type of drug operation inside of their home. there were over 25 plants of marijuana found. in addition, the victim overdosed by illegal drugs that she obtained through on line pharmacy from the philippines. >> mccracken told police he had
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ordered drugs several times for recreation use. dr. john had been studying the neurology logical effect dopamine has on drug users and schizophrenics. >> mother gets 50 years for killing her 3-year-old daughter. 43-year-old victoria sparrow, apologized for poisoning her daughter lacey with prescription drugs. but also blamed her ex husband saying his behavior and actions forced her to kill their daughter. the prosecution said she should spend the rest of her life behind bars. >> we have breaking news tonight out of east baltimore. a man sho shot in the face. happened less than an hour ago on brentwood avenue and police on the scene. victim taken to hopkins trauma. no word on the condition. >> increasing concern here in maryland tonight. eight people have died from the h1n1 virus, so far. the latest a baltimore area child. plus, student from mont gel low
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jr. academy is fighting the virus. parents attended a meeting with administrators. karen parks is live outside of the school. karen, what did they talk about. >> tonight's meeting was part of a thai city wide initiative to inform parents about h1n1. now we were not allowed inside of the meeting. but parents tell me that the 13-year-old mont bellow student confirmed with the virus was not discussed tonight. however, school officials say parents were informed about the confirmed case on thursday. and the building was thoroughly cleaned over the weekend. >> they all play touch. kids are going to be kids. sanitize. even though we buy it all year they are not sanitizeing and washing. it is scary thought. to know that your child is in the area. >> tonight, the mont bellow student is still in the hospital. reporting live here in northeast baltimore. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> well maryland health officials want you to know that
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they are prepared to keep you protected from swine flu. shipping of the vaccine will begin in october. just a few days from now. healthy adults will only need one shot. children, 9 and younger need two doses. and as of now, schools will stay open. but school officials are being encouraged to monitor, and even isolate, sick students. and everybody is being asked to do their part to stay healthy. you can find out more about what the state is doing to keep you safe from swine flu. by logging onto links. >> and you can also call the state's flu hotline. that number is 877 mdflu 4 you. >> gmbc employees are required to get the seasonal flu shot this year. workers in the hospital given the shot in a mass vaccination last week. >> the importance is that we want our employees to be safe. our employees to be able to be protected and they want them to be able to protect patients. >> that brings us to the
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question of the day. do you think health care workers should be required to get the swine flu vaccine? 60 percent say yes. 40 percent say no. dan from catonsville said. yes, it is a tough pill to swallow. but it is best for all. >> but mike from silver springs said, no, he writes no, and except government employees should be told by the government what they must do to keep their jobs. >> warning from baltimore county police after a robber steals guns and grenades from a home. police say these weapons are very dangerous. the items stolen last week from a home in monkton. the caretaker of the weapons does not remember whether the grenades were disabled or live. >> and baltimore county police need your help tonight identifying a robbery suspect. police say the man pictured here is one of two people responsible for robbing the royal farms store in essex back on august 1st. and anyone with information on either of the incidents in baltimore county is asked to
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call county police at 410-307-2020. >> mayor shiela dixon's lawyers back in court tomorrow. a judge will hear the motions to dismiss the case against the mayor. there could be other motions heard tomorrow too. we will, of course have more on the story coming up tomorrow on fox 45 news at 5:30. >> the baltimore city police officer shot during a robbery last week, suffers a setback. detective aaron harris has been moved to shock trauma and is now in critical condition. harris was shot late thursday night outside of his home in northwest baltimore. he was originally taken to sinai hospital, and has undergone, at least, five surgeries. two teens accused of shooting harris were denied bail yesterday. >> and anne arundel county police reminding parents to be vigilant after three separate incidents involving children on the way to school. police say one involved in attempted rape. another in attempted abduction. and there was a report of a suspicious man following a young
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girl. police say it all happened this month while children were walking to or waiting at a school bus stop in the county. >> you have to sit and talk to your children, have a plan, in place, so children know what to do if something does happen. or they feel they are being threatened. >> police did make arrests in two of the three incidents. they are still looking for the man that might have been following a young girl. >> well, a beautiful day today. can we expect more of the same tomorrow? chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a look at tomorrow's forecast. >> well it looks like we can expect the temperatures to be cooler. hold onto a bit of the breeze as well jennifer. we see the secondary front move through the area. dropping the temperatures a few degrees. looks like we will start out with sun, clouds gather through the day and then even a chance for maybe a pop-up shower in the late afternoon. now looking at our hd radar. you can see nothing going on out there right now. clear skies. and continue to see the clouds off to the west. filtering in overnight, pop up showers and west of cumberland out to garrett county.
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most of the rain is concentrated right now is over parts of ohio and western portions of pennsylvania. a little the of that tries to work in as the front moves over our region, by late tomorrow afternoon. it will be widely scattered if anything. looking at 58 in baltimore. 58 in hagerstown. and as you get further west get 40s out there in western maryland r temperatures are much cooler. we will see some overnight temperatures dropping into the 40s over the next couple of days. so looking at the overnight through tomorrow morning forecast. 6 a.m. sun and clouds. mostly cloudy. probably by the afternoon. and breezy. and we may even have a little scattered shower, only 20 percent chance. but nonetheless we may get a drop of rain out there across parts of maryland. show you how long the cool air sticks around coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> all right vytas. a spike in maryland's unemployment rate is draining the state's unemployment fund. now the state is warning employers that their unemployment taxes could triple next year. the bur en could hit small businesses hard. owners of the brick oven pizza
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in fell's point estimate it will an additional $6000 in taxes next year. >> if the state keeps up with what they are doing with small businesses around here. it will get worse because if i cannot afford to hire another person or i have to let somebody -- layoff somebody, well they will have to collect unemployment. so it is like a round-robin. >> the unemployment tax rates are set each year based on a formula approved by the legislature. >> city police want residents to know about a possible scam regarding your water bill. people have been getting calls saying bills were past due and water would be cutoff if they did not pay. police want to stress that the city does not call about water bills. they would send you a notice in the mail. >> the city of baltimore is cracking down on smoking. again. city council discussed new legislation today that would ban smoking near hospitals. the health department has already ban the sale of single cigars. but the department is putting
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off enforcing the rules until december to give the tobacco industry more time to comply. >> the baltimore health department is issuing a warning about a pesticide discovered in a city store. miracle chalk, also known as chinese chalk is highly toxic and illegal in baltimore. used to kill approaches other things. discovered at a local specialty store. miracle chalk is made in china and can be mistaken for regular ca chalk and kids like to play with that. >> strategy first, then resources. >> plan to dismantle the al-qaida network. why we can see more troops on the ground in afghanistan. >> the battle over the so-called public option is not split down party lines. why a senate committee on select 2009 silverado
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vehicles that have been in stock the longest. . >> the war in afghanistan tops the president's agenda today. as he begins a series of meetings surrounding the 8-year-old conflict. the president still has not made a decision about sending more american soldiers. meanwhile violence in the war torn country continues to escalate. craig boswell has more tonight from washington. >> these are the survivors of a roadside attack in afghanistan that killed, at least, 30 civilians. latest random violence as militants target troops. comes off the deadliest moth for civilians and american soldiers. the attorney general said it is time to change tactics. >> i agree with president obama, in his approach. strategy first, then resources.
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>> during a meeting in the oval office the secretary general assured president obama nato will be in afghanistan as long as it takes to finish the job. >> we both agree that it is absolutely critical that we are successful in dismantling, disrupting, destroying the al on died network. >>the meeting comes on the heels of a dire assessment of the war from the top u.s. commander on the ground. general stanley mcchrystal has stated the u.s. must send more troops or risk losing the war but he has not made a formal request to president obama about specific troop levels. >> i suspect he will go with mcchrystal's request at the end of the i suspect it will be about 40,000 troops. but i do think that there will be a time line attached to the deployment. >> right now there are about 65,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. the secretary of defense is still evaluating mcchrystal's report on the war effort. >> after meeting with the defense secretary today, president obama begins a series
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of meetings about afghanistan, with his national security team tomorrow. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> and just this weekend a marine from frederick county died in afghanistan. he was serving his second tour of duty. 24-year-old marine lance corporal jordan chrobot leaves behind a wife and 3 siblings. his services have been tentatively set for saturday. >> i have not seen any evidence whatsoever of an agreement between mr. najibullah zazi and anyone else. >> suspected terrorist najibullah zazi in court again today. he pleads not guilty. his defense attorney said he cannot convicted of conspiracy without other suspects to conspire with. investigators believe the surveillance video shows najibullah zazi shopping at a beauty supply store. looking for hydrogen peroxide and as tone.
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ordinary household chemicals that can be used to make homemade bombs. >> tough talk from iran. and the u.s., iran's newly revealed underground facility is adjacent to a military site. u.s. is demanding access for inspectors. and iran said it will eventually allow inspections but not giving up the right to pursue nuclear technology. >> dozens of people dead after an earthquake sparked a tsunami that crashes into the coast of american sa mowya. 8.3 quake struck in between sa mowya and america sa mowya deep in the pacific ocean. witnesses say an entire village was destroyed. but the powerful wave, hawaii, the cook islands, tong ga and figi all remain under tsunami warnings tonight as a precaution. >> well here at home. beautiful day. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to let us know if changes are changing. vytas. >> beautiful but cool. as we saw the winds keeping us on a cooler note as we continue to hold onto the temperatures.
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cooling off for the next couple of days. outside right now, relatively quiet conditions. skycam. inner harbour. shows dry conditions. nice. 56 degrees. and the winds out of the west-southwest at six. continue to see them pick up through the afternoon tomorrow. but it looks like the temperatures will be on the cooler side. once again. probably only in the upper 60s. and those overnight temperatures get into the 40s. so definitely you will have it to breakout the jacket in the next couple of days. temperatures across the region. 57 degrees in harrisburg. 61 in new york city. 52 in pittsburg. 57 in cleveland. and we will continue to see the cooler flow behind a weaker cold front. but that takes the temperatures down a bit. you can see the flow coming across the lake erie there. and also lake ontario. creates spotty rain showers over western portions of pennsylvania and ohio. that not quite reach us until the front arrives. but keeping us on the cool side of things across the mid-atlantic. and may get a drop of rain or two tomorrow afternoon. closer look here. breaks in the clouds around the central portion of the state. few clouds filter in and become
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mostly cloudy overnight. through tomorrow morning. few clouds mixed in the forecast. and then like i said the chance for a little drop of rain, 20 percent chance. in the afternoon. those winds out of the west pretty much through the day tomorrow. and as we continue to see the front. and then you can see the future scan shows the potential for some spotty showers off to the west. and it looks like that rain will continue to mainly be west of us. like i said a few drops may work over into the central portion of the state. and then we will also see breaks in the clouds later in the week. to give us more sunshine. good news is that the temperatures will increase a bit on the back edge of an area of high pressure. so couple of things to look at. we have this cold front that will be bringing in colder temperatures. slight chance for shower. and then it moves through. dropping the temperatures down. we're on the front edge of the high pressure. what does that mean? we have clockwise rotation of air around high pressure so see the cooler air ahead of it. once the high shifts east, looks like we will see warmer temperatures following. so that's what is coming for the weekend. here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow. mixture of clouds out there. 66. breezy conditions with wind out
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of the west at 10-to-15. slight chance for a drop of rain. and then it looks like on thursday more sunshine. 67, we start to warm up for daytime temperatures. but overnight temperatures, on the cool side of things. by saturday few showers again. 60 percent chance. 73 degrees. and 73 on sunday. with more sunshine. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> senate panel votes down the public option for health care reform. finance committee chairman max baucus said he is doesn't think there is anyway a bill with a public option can pass the full senate. >> i can count. no one has been able to show me how they can count up to 60 votes with the public option in the bill. so i vote against the bill. >> and more information about health care reform on our website go to click on the cure for health care icon. >> toyota issues the largest recall in company history. almost 4 million toyota and lexis models recalled.
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toyota is concerned the floor mats could interfere with the accelerator pedal. the recall expands one issued back in 2007. that affected some lexis es 350 and toyota camry vehicles. now for more information about what is affected in this recall, we have a full list of models listed for you. go to and click on "news links". . >> he is one of the game's very best quarterbacks. this sunday, the ravens' defense has the task of trying
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. >> unbelievable video of a man dangling from a bridge. get this. police say the man made it all the way to the top of the bridge, nearly falling a few times. until officers coaxed him down to safety. there is no word on why the man
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climbed up there in the first place. officers took the man into custody and then onto the hospital. >> a call about a house fire, that is nothing new for this massachusetts dispatcher. but he was shocked when he realized the fire was at his house. >> did you show up? like are you sure of the address? that's my house. >> he told his boss to get home and check on the parents that live with him. dispatcher's family was safe but lost everything. bo said he is thankful no one was hurt. >> this will make your mouth water or your stomach turn. check out this. 1500-calorie burger served on a donut. the big e in west springfield massachusetts, serves everything from fried cheese cake to fried oreos. this year it introduced the crazy burger. a bacon cheeseburger in the bun of a honey glazed donut. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition".
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. >> for the ravens it was the usual tuesday off. and tomorrow morning, they get down to business. they have to get ready to go play the mighty new england patriots. number one in the power rankings again this week. the ravens underdog ever nonetheless. latest line has patriots minus two. and entering coach match up. belichick with the superbowl rings going up against john harbaugh in the second year. but john harbaugh likes his chances against belichick. >> the good thing about this game is coaches will not be lining up and teeing off against each other during the game. i don't think anybody would pay to see that right now. i think i would have the edge though. if we went at a hamburger drill i would have the edge. coach may not think that. but we have great respect. obviously for everything accomplished up there. by their coaches and by their team. and there is no more competitive group to go against than those
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guys. and so it will be a great match up. >> another ravens' defense knows it will have the collective hands full sunday. they will be facing former nfl mvp tom brady. back in 2007 new england put the then unbeaten record on the line here in baltimore. and brady led a fourth quarter come back that gave the patriots 27-24 win. another legacy in the leg of tom braid. >> he can do the things that bog he will the mind like manning can. how does your muscle memory work that you can throw that kind of ball consistently? you know what i mean. that makes him a quarterback back. in the history of the nfl. >> this week's taping of playbook is moved to tomorrow night at the espn zone. joined by leron mcclain and teammate of his. at 7:00. if you are in the inner harbour swing by the espn zone for fox 45 playbook. elsewhere around the league, one
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day after losing pennington for the season due to injury. the miami dolphins traded undisclosed draft pick to the chiefs for thigpen. backing up henning. expecting to make his first start sunday against the bills. product of coastal carolina he started in 11 games for kansas city. and threw for 2600 yards and 18 touchdowns. >> thigpen held a third on kc depth chart when they signed matt cassel in the off season. back to (announcer) let's say it's guy's weekend,
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. >> here is a look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see temperatures around 66 for the high tomorrow. clouds gathering through the afternoon. 20 percent chance for spotty shower. but it looks like more sunshine involved on thursday. and temperatures moving back up a bit. 67 the high. 72 friday. partly cloudy skies. leading us into the weekend. back in the 70s.
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but saturday looks like about 60 percent chance for shower activity. sunday a better day with more sunshine involved. and then we stay in the 70s as we get into early parts of next week.
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