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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 3, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> the schools are safer than they have ever been. >>reporter: 47 suspensions at one baltimore city school. why the city's toppled indicator says he can still make that claim despite those numbers. unspeakable grief. >> baltimore county lacrosse stand out killed at college. the person very close to her police tonight are charging with her death. expect warmer than normal temperatures to continue. when the cool down from the west will arrive in the sky watch forecast. >> and football with a female twist. what the girls of the baltimore charm will be baltimore charm will be wearing when they take the
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>> good evening. >> baltimore toppled indicator calls for comprehensive approach to stop bullying at west baltimore city elementary school. >> he's responding to a story first on fox. kathleen joins us now live from gilmore with the superintendent says everyone has to be part of the solution. >>reporter: the doctor is reacting to questions about the 47 suspensions here at this elementary school. and he is defending his administrators as they responded to the bullying charges. all eyes are on gilmore elementary school in west baltimore now. there have been 7 suspension involving bullying. our reports began almost two weeks ago with this girl with c p. her story prompted others to come forward. while some parents question the school's
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response, dr. alonzo is quick to defend his administrators saying they have been pro active. >> what you see at gilmore are people struggling, struggling with some issues that are indemic to many schools in your ban systems and trying ve very, very hard to put systems in place that are going to work for all kids. and they might not be doing it as effectively as they should but they are trying very hard. >>reporter: dr. alonzo says the solution must be comprehensive. has to include the parents and it has to include the community. we have a lot more open what dr. dr. alonzo had to say tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. live in west baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> hear more of dr. alonzo comments today just by logging on to our web site slash raw news. search on for 17-year-old who history contained from detention center in baltimore couldn't. frederick catching and another juvenile escaped
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around 10:00 p.m. last night. catching has noticeable tattoo on the right side of the neck. after canine helicopter search at parkville police found the other juvenile who escape. he was caught around 2:00 a.m. at near by convenience store. anyone who may have any information whatsoever on catching is asked to call police at this number. 4 1 0-7 8 0-2700. >> lacrosse stand out from baltimore county found dead in her college apartment. melinda tells us the suspect knew the victim well. melinda snishtion 22-year-old yardly love of cockiesville was a senior at uva and lacrosse player. the suspect was also a lacrosse player for the cavaliers and police say it didn't take long to make an arrest. love's roommate found her dead in her off campus apartment early this morning. she suspected an alcohol over dose at first but police in share lotsville noticed injuries all over love's body. short time later they arrested a fellow student
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22-year-old george huge. police say the 2 had a relationship but they are not commenting on a possible motive. mean time love's former coach at notre dame preparatory says the entire school is grieving. >> there was not a mean cell in her body. she was goodness he pit miceed and had a sense of humor to go along with the sense of goodness and sweet needs that you kind of look and say to yourself i don't think i will ever have the pleasure of teaching or coaching another child anywhere close to. that. >>reporter: love would have graduated from the university of virginia this month. police say an autopsy will be conducted and the suspect has been charged with first degree murder. melinda, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you. hear what charlottesville police chief had to say about the investigation in a news conference today on our web site. the death of 71-year-old harper couldn't man is ruled a
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homicide tonight. body of joseph carpenter was found inside his home in the 1400 block of saint michaels court in edge wood last night. police are not saying the cause of death. this is the first homicide in harper county 2010. violent weekend in washington, d.c. 7 people are shot in 5 different shootings. one of the victims a college student who says she was shot because she didn't give a guy her phone number. the 19-year-old who isn't revealing her identity says she was leaving a party when a man approached her and when she refused to give him her number things got ugly. >> he told my cousin he was going to shoot at us if i didn't get the number then he started shooting. somebody kick me in my leg like there was a lot of running so i thought somebody kick me i didn't know it was a gunshot. >>reporter: the person who shot the girl is still on the loose. >> chester town pastor and foster parent is behind bars at this hour suspected of sexually abusing 2 children and police fear tonight there
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are more victims out there. last week police arrested 39-year-old jerry bartly charged with sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy. no you that prompted a 6-year-old girl to come forward with similar allegations. bartly faces more than 70 additional charges. >> we are looking into who the prior foster kids were in his house and if any abuse occurred in the house prior to this. >>reporter: 2 foster children mean time were removed from bartly's residence. >> very deadly weekend on maryland water ways two people drowned in separate accidents. 49-year-old philip shim of the state of pennsylvania jumped into the river in the county for a swim saturday after searching for several hours, police presumed him dead. the search for his body continued today. also a teenager drowned this weekend in caroline county while trying to save his friend who fell out of a kayak. federal investigators working around the clock to find whoever planted a bomb in
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an suv in times square over the weekend. investigators have talked to the registered owner of the vehicle and they say he is not a suspect. meanwhile officials are looking to track down the man in this surveillance video shot near the suv. several vendors in times square saw the smoking truck and alerted police. >> it was like like fire crackers going off. and black smoke and then that's when everybody just ran down the street. i took off. everybody took off. >>reporter: the taliban in pakistan is claiming responsibility. officials say it is too early to know if that is true but the head of homeland security says all possibilities have to be considered. >> back at home. how are the roads looking out there tonight. kandace has the traffic edge report. >> hi jeff. it is nothing like it was this morning. we are checking in on the actual sea and 61 miles per hour on northbound 95 traveling through white marsh and then at 54 miles per hour on the top end of the belt way writ through the pikesville region. as for what is happening well we have a crash on the
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northbound lanes at 295 is andarundle mills boulevard. farther back on 295 let's check out the scene moving at route 175 here it is on the northbound lanes. a minor load up there so to avoid all this activity just use 95. better bet for the alternate routes. in brooklyn crews on the scene of' accident completely shuts down the highway at harwood street. bell grove road is the best wet for the alternate routes. that's the morning -- evening travels. back over to you e.thank you. >> bottle tax to generate extra cash for baltimore. >> it could soon become reality for city businesses. how much more it could cost you coming up next. deadly fly in tennessee and mississippi. how many lives have been lost and why the problem will only get worse. >> and i'm keith. find out what has one city school teacher so very upset. her out burst caught on tape. we out burst caught on tape. we have that
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>> teachers and students at baltimore city elementary school are getting sick and parents believe something inside the school is causing it. keith standing by live in east baltimore where parents are meeting later tonight. what can you tell us? >>reporter: we are live at the fort worthington elementary school on east oliver streets. parents gathered tonight looking for answers from school administrators. they are meeting in the school library. parents have learned mold has been found in more than 20 locations throughout the building including upstairs class rooms, basement class rooms and the gym. the discovery was made in december but parents just received letters and phone calls about the concerns and word of today's meeting. there were heated exchanges among parents even teachers angered over what they are calling a
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coverup. >> i don't care how you look at it. it's wrong. i have developed asthma. bronchitis. as a result of all of this. i never had this stuff growing up. i never had that. all the damp medication i'm on. look at it. i'm on all kinds of stuff. >>reporter: environmental crew cleaned up some of the affected areas but tonight they say there are still some concerns in someplaces including the cafeteria. mean time school officials say they are working with parents to resolve the matter. of course more on the story tonight at 10:00. for now live in east baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you keith. bottle tax in baltimore city is one step closer to becoming reality. city council committee voted this afternoon to approve the tax. john tells us it's not a done deal yet. john? >>reporter: the bench tax is just one of many proposed by baltimore mayor to erase 120
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million dollar deficit. opponent have not given up the fight to block the tax. 4 cent hike tax would be em proceedsed -- imposed on every can of bottle, beer soda and other drinks. milk an juice is exempt. the tack asian committee approved the tax. it would generate more than 11 million dollars a year in extra revenue. owners of retail supermarket say the extra cost will be passed on to consumers. they say that could impact jobs. >> people understand our business. they understand what makes it tick. how we use soft drink to drive sales in our business and drive them to a level where we need to i employee -- employ people. or sales that may move to the couldn't and losing that competitive edge is going to reresult in loss of jobs. >> other taxes still being considered to close the budget gap. full city council is expected to vote on the bench container tax in two weeks.
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this is news at 5:30. it could take months before the flow of oil into guly stopped. congress has announced committee hearing scheduled for may the sixth to review this accident. mean time stormy weather in the gulf stopping clean up crew tonight. b p the owner of that oil platform that sunk says it will pay for all the cleanup cost. >> shoot out with cops in detroit leaves 4 officers shot and one dead. it happened early this morning when the cops responded to a call from gunshots inside a vacant home. the officer that died was shot several teams. suspect was shot by police and survived. please say the home was used as a drug house. 6 people are dead in tennessee and more in mississippi after a lean of storms brought heavy flooding over the weekend. the rain is tapering off in nashville but the floodwater continue to rise. several resident had to be rescued from their homes on
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a raft today. >> incredible scene caught yesterday on a surveillance camera. home. yes that is a house passing several cars and trucks on a floodeded tennessee interstate. what an incredible picture. back here we just had gray skies today. a lot of humidity. we are waiting for possibly some more rain at some point. vytas jones us with the first look at the sky watch forecast. >>reporter: a lot different condition than here compared to the folks down there in tennessee where they are seeing 10 to 20 inches of rain in a short period of time creating significant catastrophic flooding as you saw from the video image there. few pop up showers on hd radar. see over towards rockville and up north of silver spring. a little bit of rain coming down there in montgomery county. crossing into howard county it looks like we have a chance for a little pop up shower still lingering as we go through the next few hours here. so a little bit of activity out there as we go into the
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evening hours. so looks like the most part not a lot of activity that we are worried about and looks like we will continue to see this push on through to the region now. zooming out a little bit you can see how the showers are trailing in from the west. continue to see this activity moving in through northern virginia and this activity will 10 to push on through on the tail end of this frontal boundary dropping our temperatures down a tad bit. put this in motion. the showers moving across the area a little bit of the activity town over northern virginia and continue to push on off to the east. bigger picture showing more ran to the south and heavy showers and thunderstorms stretching all the way through the panhandle of florida just south of atlanta. heavy storm activity there then we have a secondary weaker front inspiring stronger storms over parts of indiana and illinois. activity across much of the nation. 81 degrees in baltimore. 82 in dc. 68 in oakland on the western edge of the mountain so cooler air back there continue to see winds changing out of the west and then changing to the northwest tomorrow which cool things down just a little bit. tonight mainly clear
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conditions. 71 degrees then tomorrow looks like we continue to see the activity pushing off to the east. back to you. >> it is everyone world. not a man world not a man sport. >>reporter: women in baltimore take to the football field. grid iron the fierce competition for the new lingerie football team. coming up next. gddkdkdkdkdkdkdkddkdddkdddddddk
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>> you can find a really long list of option at individual wrote stores this week. kandace runs through all the pick in tonight's low down. kandace. >> thanks jeff. we begin with the adaptation with the musical 9. the movie was nominated for 4 academy awards. find out why tomorrow. 9 follows a struggling director who is trying to find harmony in both his personal and professional life. >> very over rated job. >>reporter: it features all star cast including daniel day lewis, nicole kidman, penelope cruz and kate hudson. 9 is rated pg-13. our next pick is perfect for the entire family. in tooth fare r former pro wrestler duane the rock chron son stars as derek thompson. a minor league hockey player
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who is known for dental knock outs and not believing in, in, well, anything. but our star quickly finds out the truth hurts when he is sentenced to spend as tooth fairy for his bad attitude. yes that really is the rock with a tutu, wings and magic wand. tooth fairy is rated p g. there's a little romance this week as well. actress amy adams leaps for love in the romantic comedy leap year. character tries to follow an old irish tradition of proposing to her boyfriend on february betweenth. but the trip turns out to be more than she bargained for. the movie is rated p g. old classic new look. dr. chicago having 0was released in 1965 but now you
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can watch it on blue ray and dvd. i'm kandace. that's the low down. thanks so much. football gets very feminine in the city of baltimore. >> try out for the baltimore >> try out for the baltimore charm took place about 70 really tough women tried out for the city new lingerie football team. baltimore jones other cities like philadelphia, and miami in the league of 10 teams. that wrings brings us to our question of the day. do you think the lingerie football league is too racey? go to our web seat and let us know what you think. also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. you can text us at 45203 a for yes and b for no. response might air net on news at 10:00. orioles begin 7 [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] achievement has its own patch of grass. ♪
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cunningham. if a team ever needed a 3 game sweep worse than the orioles then i haven't heard of it. bird took all 3 from the boston red sox. now hit the road again with a little more spring to their step. they open up a 7 game road trip to new york and minneapolis kicked off with 3 at yankees stadium. even with a sweep of the red sox the birds still have the worst record in the major league but hoping hard that all that losing is now behind them. >> credit goes to those guys just sticking together. just sticking together. you have a battle you have to fight for everything you get. i believe we have gotten through the worst. good days ahead but we have to keep plugging away at it. >> hopefully carry the momentum over. i know from a personal standpoint hearing about 10 men and put this behind us and trying to get ready for tomorrow and hopefully we can come out
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swinging a bat and play some good ones on the road. >>reporter: highlights of the orioles and yankees. derby horse this might skip the preakness. play of the week count down coming up on sports unlimited. >> thank you bruce. really hot muggy day. >> very humid out there. let's go back to vytas to find out if rain is in the forecast. see if we can get rid of this humidity. >> for some. there are a few cloudy showers out there looking at mostly cloudy sky in the inner harbor and continue to see cloudy conditions out there. 78 degrees compared to the mid 80's yesterday. winds out of the west northwest at 10 and humidity level and a little bit better out there but we have a little shower that is moving just west of laurel coming in to parts of montgomery county and in through prince george county through prince george county south west
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