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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> we are confident that ms. lovestaff was not intended. >> man accused of killing a former baltimore lacrosse standout said it was an accident. her final moments, and the evidence police say point to murder. >> you can spend a lot less, a lot here,. >> money for make up. the surprisingly large cosmetic bill for baltimore's disgraced mayor and why you paid it. >> cooler temperatures and lower humidity. i will tell you if the great weather sticks through mother's day in the sky watch forecast. >> and a baseball fan tasered in front of thousands of fans. the phone call that should have convinced him to stop. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore. this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. we told you about the costly salon bill taxpayers paid for
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baltimore mayor shiela dixon. >> the hair, bill, and now more. thousands of dollars spent on make up. and first on fox, keith daniels live in city hall with there is new administration hearing about dixon's bills. keith? >>well jennifer, state prosecutors robert rohrbaugh has said, quote, pure agreed led to dixon's downfall. tonight some are calling it the motivation behind the make up bills. while others are calling it water under the bridge. and no story. still tonight. fallout over the mayor's make up. >> at the red door spa in cross keys. >> how much did you 58 for the make up when you were married? >> 150. >> there are women that care about the beauty of women. >> well you look beautiful. >> for public officials the cost of beauty. has its limits. >> you can spend a lot less, a lot less. >> fox 45 has obtained make up bills paid by the city.
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submitted by former mayor sheila dixon. more than $11,000 in make up bills during her three year term as mayor. paid to a company in owen's mills. with a cost of someone to apply the make up, included. all the bills have been paid by baltimore city, from the mayor's office fund. with the minimum service, running about $350 per visit. not a pretty picture for these women of beauty. >> we have heard of john edwards $400 haircuts and make up for 350? insane. poor judgment. >> she should have shopped around better. >> when you are spending the taxpayers money you should be spending it on things that the taxpayers care about. and i don't think they care about how well her make up is applied. >> but at donna's restaurant, still. >> water under the bridge. >> the make up cost leaves no bad taste. >> whether this is something important or a witch hunt, i don't know. but it seems to me that we're
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getting one side of the story. >> more important things to worry about. like the oil spill in new orleans. than her hair and make up. and it is done. >> well dixon's office has said that the bills were submitted during her time on the job. and dixon has admitted having hair and make up done, before taping segments for the city's public cable access channel. we're live in city hall, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right, keith. attorneys for the man accused of killing university of virginia lacrosse player yeardley love said the can he death was an accident. but evidence proves otherwise. police called to love's off campus apartment monday morning. documents revealed tonight police found her on the bed, face down, on a pillow with a pool of blood. her face bruised. one eye, swollen shut. >> no matter how many times you see that. that is an undescribable feeling of sadness. >> we're confident that miss
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love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> lacrosse star huguely charged with first-degree murder. they had dated in the past. tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00, information police uncovered about previous troubles between the two. >> love's murder raises concerns about domestic violence, especially among young people. melinda roeder has more on the warnings. >> parents are not aware of that. >> michele mitchell is on a personal crusade to educate young people and parents about dating dangers. >> get to know who your daughter, your son is spending time with. >> with abuse on the rise and recent examples of violence, like the murder of a female student at uva, mitchells find themselves again grieving. >> our thoughts first went out to the family of this girl. because that was us five years ago. >> five years ago, their daughter kristen was killed by her ex-boyfriend. it was a relationship that lasted just a few months. but quickly became controlling.
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and violent. >> the thin line between somebody that cares about you and somebody trying to rule. >>you to help young people better understand that behavior, the mitchells have tried to lobby state lawmakers to pass a bill requiring education in schools about abuse and dating. >> here we're trying to pass legislation to put this in to middle schools and high schools. before these people get to the college age. >> now that on many college campuses this is something that is available through the student services, you know, centers. you know, groups to talk about it. >> but experts say the younger they learn to recognize abuse, the better. >> most abusive relationships begin with verbal abuse. and really controlling behavior. and often times we meet young people that don't recognize the controlling behavior is a real big precursor too much more abusive behavior later on. >> it is a message the mitchells hope will reach teens in time to prevent any more families from suffering that same pain and loss. >> the truth of the matter is
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that the wounds are always open. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and the mitchells started a foundation known as kristen's crusade to spread the word about early warning signs of dating and violence. >> new information tonight on a story you saw first on fox. hundreds of educators received a letter from the coe of baltimore city public schools tonight about bullying. dr. alonso said the recent spotlight on the issue is an opportunity for the school system to do a better job of preventing bullying. two weeks ago, our reports revealed the story of shanya boyd, a disabled girl who was the victim of bullying at gilmore elementary school. >> a scare at the community college of baltimore county's axis county. school locked down and classes postponed after reports of an armed man coming to the school t stems from a college employee that apparently was involved in a domestic dispute with the boyfriend.
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man never went to the school however. and tonight is cooperating with authorities. >> three baltimore city police officers are facing indictments tonight for kidnapping and assaulting a with west baltimore teenager. karen parks live from police headquarters. with the story of the kidnapping charges against them. karen? >> jennifer, the three officers are all a part of the violent crime impact division. and all have been on the force for less than 10 years. >> today, we. >> naacp leaders gives the city justice system a pat on the back. after three baltimore city police officers are indicted for kidnapping and abandoning a west baltimore tonight teen last may. >> come here. he hesitateed and grabbed me like this. and threw me in the van. >> 16-year-old michael johnson jr. said last may detective tyrone francis, detective milton smith and officer gregory hellen picked him up in the 1600 block of north gilmore street, threw him in the back of a police van.
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and cursed him, assaulted him. and then dumped him in the rain. at patapsco state park in howard county. without socks, shoes, or a cell phone. >> taking a urban city youth that does not have a car, that tax against his will aagain to taking a fish and putting him on the fish, a few yards and asking him to get back to the water on his own. >> today, all three officers were charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and second degree assault and misconduct in office among other charges. >> people of baltimore deserve more than that. and the commissioners made it clear, we will hold officers accountable and civilians, anybody affiliated with this agency, case closed. >> this is not an isolated event. this is something that has been happening in baltimore city just like some of the other beatings and shootings. as a matter of intimidation. >> attorney date pettitte that represents michael johnson has
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already filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the three officers. >> this might be a case where the might be expanded, to go against the baltimore city police department. >> we spoke to michael's father today that said one year later it is case was still mind boggling and would not comment further than that. karen parks fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you karen. >> investigators are looking closer at the man that they arrested in the time square terror plot. faisal shahzad was taken into custody last night. moments before his plane took off from jfk. now investigators are trying to find out whether he has ties to international terrorist networks. sandra endo joins us live from time square. san crack, what have they found out about this guy's travels? >>well, jennifer, i can tell you that a lot has unfolded since last night.
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when he was taken into custody. and federal prosecutors say the suspect right now, is talking. and providing useful information. this is after he waived his myranda rights when taken into custody. and faisal shahzad himself claims that he was trained in bomb making back in his native pakistan, one of many things officials trying to corroborate. >> authorities say time square bombing suspect faisal shahzad admitted involving in the failed bombing attempt and facing a five count federal complaint. which includes attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to kill and maim people in the united states. >> it is clear, that this was a terrorist plot. aimed at murdering americans. >> authorities arrested the 30-year-old u.s. citizen just as he was leaving the country late monday night. faisal shahzad was on a plane headed to pakistan, by way of dubai. and investigators were led to faisal shahzad by training down how he purchased the nissan path finder he allegedly used for
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saturday evening's failed bombing in time square. president obama applauded the swift work by authorities to lead to the arrest. >> we will not be terrorized. feared. >> media reports said faisal shahzad came with a student visa in 1998, eventually worked as a junior financial analysts at accompany from 2006 to 2009. faisal shahzad had been granted u.s. shipped last year, lived with his wife and two kids in connecticut before the home went into foreclosure. and then spent months overseas in dubai and pakistan. and former neighbor said he was not that social. >> he was very private person. kept to himself. >> and officials are now looking into whether faisal shahzad acted alone as he claims. and whether he had links to any international terror network. pakistani intelligence source
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said several arrests were made in pakistan in connection with this case. live in time square. sandra endo. jennifer back to you. >> sandra what other leads did authorities have to help get faisal shahzad? >> it was so interesting, jennifer, how this whole investigation unfolded and how it all came together. really they looked into cell phone records and e-mails. all surrounding the transaction of how faisal shahzad bought this nissan path finder found here in time square. with this smoking explosive inside. that led investigators to get on his trail. and, we know how it unfolded moments before the plane was taking off to dubai. they got him in custody. so certainly a very close call that a lot of relief here in time square. and, of course across the country. >> in the nick of time. sandra endo live in time square. thank you sandra. >> that brings us to the question of the day. is the government doing enough to protect the u.s. from terrorism? so far 29 percent say yes.
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and 71 percent say no. julie writes on our website. it seems like there are more concentrated on terrorism abroad than here at home. but jack writes. all things cannot be watched. the alertness of citizens is also important. >> go to and tell us what you think. you can also sound off on facebook, send us a tweet @foxbaltimore. text us at 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and we will hear more responses on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> the first sign of crude oil washing up along the gulf coast. this is video from gulfport mississippi today. this is lawmakers in washington, d.c. begin to argue about how to prevent future disasters like this. and the best way to hold the oil companies accountable. some senators want to raise the legal cap on damages, that companies must pay from $75 million, to $10 billion. >> i don't think $75 million will help the shrimp fishermen in louisiana. i don't think it will help the
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commercial fishermen. i don't think it is going to help the tourism industry. i don't think it is going to be enough to help the coastal communities. >> some democrats are also calling for president obama to reverse his recent call to expand offshore oil drilling. >> back here at home. two new editions to the maryland zoo in baltimore city. make the major bub debut today. >> two wart hog piglets born on march 22. names cecil and kirby were announced today after a public vote on the zoo's website. the wart hogs are part of the africa exhibit located near the giraffe feeding station. >> aren't they adorable? >> so cute. >> when it comes to news in your neighborhood. you can see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. >> the tv time bomb. the age parents could start seeing problems in their
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children if they watch too much tv. >> carroll was the person that we always went to when we had something major going on. >> a woman on vacation, in the caribbean. died. how she was separateed from her husband, as they were snorkeling. >> i am jeff abell. the owner of a hair salon is shot in the head. what police are saying about the gunman tonight. in a moment. [wind rustling]
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[sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >> gun fire erupts inside of a hair salon this morning. >> the gunman shot the owner and has yet to be seen. jeff abell standing by live in
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overlea with the latest on the investigation tonight. jeff, what have you found out? >> it all went down inside of the blessed productions hair studio late this morning. inside, police tell us a gunman shot the owner in the head. and tonight, the search is on. >> at the overlea plaza shopping center. store owners spent this day struggling top understand why. >> really, really sad. >> just as the owner of the blessed productions hair studio was opening for business late this morning. a robber walked in and shot her in the head. she stumbled into a nearby business for help. >> i said what happened and i look at her face, and blood all over. i call 911. >> the gunman according to police, stole the victim's money and fled on foot. she was the only person in the salon when the gun fire erupted. >> she did not claim to know the suspect, so we don't know if she was a target, or if she was just a victim of opportunity. >> all of this happened at this
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busy shopping center on belair road. detectives are now sifting through video of surveillance cameras and say they have leads. but so far the suspect is still on the loose. >> no more happen like this. >> the incident has rattled the business community here. but tonight, store owners are gratified to learn the victim will survive. >> thank god. you know, she is okay. >> well, you may recall it was just yesterday that the police department announced significant reductions in the number of shootings in this city. this shooting today, they say, is simply a reminder that they cannot let up. >> live in belair road. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you jeff. >> a rare court hearing in washington d.c. today on gay marriage. all nine justices on the dc court of appeals heard a case on the plan to put a same sex marriage ban on the ballot. maryland pastor wants marriage defined as between a man and a woman. he sued after the dc board of
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elections refused to put it on the ballot superior court threw it out. only step after this is the supreme court of the united states. >> governor o'malley signed bills into law today. cracking down on sex offenders. among those attending the signing the mother of an 11-year-old girl allegedly killed by a repeat sex offender. sarah foxwell was found murdered last december in salisbury. one new law calls for lifetime supervision of violent sex offenders. another, increases the minimum mandatory sentence for those convicted of first degree rape to 15 years. >> it brings peace to sarah's death for myself and my family and our community. because to you now we know that no other child will have to endure what she has to endure t gives us peace. >> another measure would prohibit child sex offenders from earning good time credits which often allow them early release. >> find out if a sex offenders lives in your neighborhood? find it on our website at go to the community news
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features section. >> meantime, the governor of maryland also signed a bill into law addressing gang violence in schools. the law requires communication with school officials about offenses that could indicate gang membership. bill backed by jennifer adkins, her son christopher was beaten and killed by suspected gang members. >> we are signing a bill that cracks down on gangs in our schools but opening up communications between law enforcement and the information sharing that must happen with school officials in order to protect our children, against gangs. >> also today, congressman dutch ruppersburger held a summit in reign county. received $5 million in funding for a gang elimination task force. >> a baltimore county woman dies during an excursion in the caribbean. she was on a cruise with her husband and friends. kathleen cairns tells us what happened during the tropical vacation. >> trinity lutheran church in reisterstown is steeped in
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history. as parent cysts through photos he reminisce about one church member involved with everything. >> this is her. >> 71-year-old carroll olson did fund raisers and organized fun activities. >> carroll was the person that we always went to when we had something major going on. >> so when sale and her husband harry decided on a cruise to the bahamas, a group of church friends joined them on the carnival pride. but last friday, in the bahamas, something went wrong, while snorkeling on a an excursion. >> what harry told me is that there was pretty significant current, and they got separated. after they got in the water. >> carroll was in trouble. someone gave her cpr. but she died. >> she was very active here. and there was a reason for that. that was that she loved the lord. and, i think,, that's a great comfort. >> her friends now cling to that
10:24 pm
faith. >> we, of course, believe that we will see her again. and that we believe together again. and that all of this will not matter in the end. but until then, there is a lot of grief and sorrow. >> carroll's hushair lee to return home from what would have been a vacation of a lifetime. alone. without his wife of 40 something years. >> the one comfort we can draw is that she lived a full life. >> in reisterstown, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> since the accident, carnival cruise lines has suspended all snorkeling tours with that excursion glare other than watching our newscast, of course, too much tv for children could be bad for you. a study found kids that spent time in front of the tube when they were two, had social, academic and health concerns by the age of 10. experts believe it could be connected to key stages of brain development that take place around two years of age. >> we had another warm spring day today.
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it was beautiful. >> nice, and see how long the luck holds out. vytas reid joins us with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> pretty nice day out there today. with sunshine and comfortable temperatures. just a pleasant day to get out and enjoy it. looking at the hd radars. scanning the skies. no activity as far as precipitation. weak front came through, with breezy conditions, showers to the north but most dissipateed. as you can see on the radar. state temperatures, 76 in baltimore. 74 in d.c. 69 in hagerstown. cooler back to the west. over the mountains in oakland. sitting at 55 degrees. and on the eastern shore 65. and salisbury. so comfortable temperatures through the overnight. great night to open up the windows, let in the fresh air. mainly clear skies tonight. around 66. midnight 61. at your morning rush hour commute take the sunglasses with you, you will need them through the afternoon, with the temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. repeat of today. and closer look at what is coming our way for the weekend.
10:26 pm
chance of showers. but will it affect mother's day? that answer in the seven day. coming up. >> a philly fan on the field. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the phone call that could have stopped it. >> both wages and benefits frankly are completely out of control. >> and we're not talking about corporate ceo's here. for once. promise me low prices. and stick to it. like seriously low prices. [ male announcer ] at safeway, we made a promise of low prices. and we're keeping it. [ female announcer ] take our fantastic club card specials like red seedless grapes just 99 cents a pound and 12 packs of pepsi only $2.66. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too. monday, tuesday, everyday. i'm a big fan of everyday. [ male announcer ] and with thousands of everyday low prices,
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you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life.
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np# >> really good pay plus costly benefits. >> new numbers reveal government jobs are actually paying significantly more than those in the private sector. in tonight's cover story. why some people say it is time to close the pay gap.
10:30 pm
>> very important economic issue. >> pay cuts fofurloughs and layoffs, are just about everywhere. but for a select group, the pay raises continue. and so do their generous benefits. >> i was frankly astounded to learn how much federal wages and benefits were, and how much they have been rising in recent years. >> chris edwards is a director of tax policy studies at the catoe institute, conservative think tank and author of a report on public sector unions and the rising cost of employee compensation. >> with the federal government, both wages and benefits, frankly are completely out of control. >> we believe in working families, doing better than the generation before them. and the kato institute does not believe in that. >> private sector employees receive $50,000 in compensation on average during 2008. plus $9800 in benefits. public sector employees earned
10:31 pm
more than $67,000. plus, an additional $15,000 in benefits. that means on average, a public employee is compensated nearly $8000 more than someone doing the same job in the private sector. >> states have large budget deficits, and controlling the costs and public sector compensation is a one way to find reforms. >> government numbers show the very same job often pays more in the public sector. for example, a secretary working for the federal government made $10,000 more than a secretary working in the private sector. edwards said unions and their aggressive bargaining tactics are to blame for the pay gap. >> we don't need unions in the public sector. i think you get more efficiently working government, like in virginia, if you don't have unions. >> if you do look at a comparable comparison, public employees are under paid. >> patrick moran, director of
10:32 pm
ask me maryland, does not give much credence to kato report on compensation. >> they have an interest in seeing, you know, big banks, big business, move forward here. at the expense of working people. >> moran provided a report of his own from the national institute on retirement security. that report found wages and salaries of state and local employees are actually lower than those for private sector workers with a comparable education. >> the fact of the matter is state employees, public employees, incomparable, you know, wage brackets, incomparable job brackets, make less than people in the private sector. >> what is interesting is that 20 years ago, working for public service and government was considered a sacrifice and to have a job in the private sector was considered to be something with a future. and now because of government, affecting our economics the whole thing flip-floped. >> one of the state's top earners is james white.
10:33 pm
executive director of the maryland port administration. this year, he will make more than $250,000. but he is not alone. a review of state records shows during fiscal year 210872 state employees made more than $100,000 a year. that number is down from 2009, when 954 state employees made six figures. keep in mind, those numbers do not include the cost of benefits. which in 2009 was $25,000 per employee. >> we were living in the era of big government. we were living in the era of irresponsible spending. part of that spending were automatic increases that added up. >> the state and local taxpayers, will face higher sales and property taxes, in future years, and yes, unless we start to cutback. >> and when it comes to federal workers, the disparity is more dramatic. >> create average federal worker
10:34 pm
made twice as much as the average working taxpayer in the year 2008. >> later in tonight's "word on the web". the specific things you may be doing that expose too much of your information on the internet. >> a philly fan, rowdy philly fan at that. tased. the call that could have prevented it however, the news at 10:00 continues. >> it looks like a beautiful day today. possibility of rain later in the week. i will tell you
10:35 pm
10:36 pm
be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. >> had great weather today. hope it continues. but a lot of pressure on this guy here. for mother's day. >> mother's day weekend is coming up. >> yeah. i think it will be a good one. i think it will holdout. we have a chance of showers and
10:37 pm
thunderstorms in the neighborhood. real close to that date. but, i think, mother nature will be nice to us. because she wants a good day. here is what is going on. we saw a beautiful day today. and definitely comfortable temperatures out there. and beautiful sunshine. hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy. it looks like a repeat of what we saw today for tomorrow. that's nice. hd skycam looking at the beautiful inner harbour. mostly clear skies, temperatures at 71. comfortable. winds out of the north-northwest at seven. and humidity at 44 percent. so relatively comfortable temperatures to crack the windows open and let in the fresh air. and kind of clear out some of the muggy air that we had earlier today. looking at 81 degrees. for a high. normal high for this time of year is 70. so you can see how we're above normal it looks like we will probably get that as well for tomorrow. no rain to talk about. we did see a low starting us off at 65 this morning. nice mild start to the day. and we will continue to see that trend for the next day or so. but changes from the northwest.
10:38 pm
a weak cold front that was draping through the area. slight chance for a spotty shower this afternoon. but most of the energy was across the border in pennsylvania. and we did have those other showers seeping down to the south, along the other frontal boundary. that pushed through the other day. but we got breezy out there. out of the northwest. winds anywhere from 15 to 20. in the afternoon. 76 degrees in baltimore. 74 in d.c. 69 hagerstown. looking at 55 degrees in oakland. out there in western maryland. and as we head through the overnight. we will see mainly clear conditions with temperatures actually staying kind of put where they are. you see warmer air back west. cooler to the north. but probably stay right in the ballpark of where we are for another day. until we see another front building in from the north. that starts to change things up toward the weekend. 1st front that pushed through firing off few showers and thunderstorms earlier today. up toward boston. and then clear conditions settling in over the midwest, tennessee valley. next front pushes into into the great lakes. milwaukee and northern portions of michigan. that continues to head our direction, giving us a chance,
10:39 pm
later in the week, to get a few pop-up showers. but you can see how it may fake us late thursday. a slight chance for a shower. and then we have another break until we get the next system moving out of minnesota, and wisconsin, that will drape across the mid-atlantic as we get toward friday sat and day. that's the next chance for changes. 81 on the eastern shore, with sunshine tomorrow. 81 across the central portion of the state w more sunshine. kind of like what we saw today. in the western edge of the state. temperatures right at 81. and that sunshine. tonight clear skies. 66 degrees. mild night. tomorrow plenty of sunshine downtown. pleasant day. and looking at the five-day forecast. 84 with a slight chance of a stray shower, with the front pushing through. 82 on friday. and then the chance for showers, and thunderstorms possibly on saturday. by saturday night, i think, the activity should get out of here. there is mother's day and moms ought to like it. cooler, with upper 60s and sunshine. back to you guys. >> a story to teach what you not
10:40 pm
to do at a professional baseball game. >> what better teacher than a philadelphia sports fan. philly fan stormed the field at the game and was tasered. look at this "youtube" video 17-year-old ran onto the field. and was out running security for quite some time. and then a guard zapped him immediately. now the teen is okay. his mom told reporters today, he is sorry for what he did. he should have listened to his father, the teen called him just before jumping onto the field to tell his dad about the plan. this kid is not a mensa member, mind you. daddy told him he did not think it was agree idea. >> >> the best and worst countries to be a '94. coming up. where the u.s. falls in the latest rankings. >> posting your full birthday not so good when it comes np#
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10:43 pm
>> a list of the best countries to be a mom in is out. and united states does not farewell. it looked at death child rates, preschool enroll and maternity leave policies. u.s. came in 28th. behind countries like laugh feeya and croshia. the bottom of the list, afghanistan, followed by nigeria
10:44 pm
and chad, and yemen. >> awesome athletes from the city and morgan state university today for the special olympic spring games. >> the athletes from public and private schools will be participating in track and field events all day today. and in the future. the opening ceremonies included a marching band, parade and lighting, of course, of the olympic torch. >> for many of them it is more exciting than christmas. for many of them it is the best memory they have going across the finish line before everyone else. >> the special olympics continue may 6, free and open to the public. >> too much information, online, could put your family in danger simpler in tonight's "word on the web". judy kurtz reveals the specific things you may be doing that reveal too much. judy? >> more and more people are serving social networking websites and the majority of
10:45 pm
them say they are posting their personal information online. new survey from consumer reports shows 52 percent of adult social network users posted details about themselves on the web, where the trouble can start consumer reports warns that posting personal info can put people at greater risk of cyber crime. check out the numbers. 38 percent of people surveyed said they posted a full birth date, including, month, date, year. 21 percent have posted photos of kids on websites. 13 percent have revealed children's names online. and believe it or not, 8 percent of people have posted a home street address. the advice from the computer security experts, do not put personal details on social networking sites such as facebook and "myspace". but here is a definite do. while our facebook. become a fan of fox 45. get behind the scenes status updates and access to exclusive info and contests. go to i am judy kurtz and that's
10:46 pm
tonight's "word on the web". >> the orioles se
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>> all right. here is the final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see another great day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 81 degrees. kind of a repeat of what we saw today. 84 on thursday. a chance for a passing shower.
10:49 pm
about 20 percent chance. 82 on friday. nice conditions. kicking off the weekend. and saturday could be the day to get showers and thunderstorms. probably beginning late friday to saturday. but i think it should be out of here by sunday. mother's day, high of 69. sunshine. cooler. and next week, we start off with temperatures in the lower 70s. so relatively decent forecast. few spring showers here and there. back to you. >> lots of moms depending on this guy over there. >> that's right. thank you. >> pitching match up in the bronx tonight. >> bruce cunningham joins us with highlights in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> jeffrey, coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". orioles sent lefty phenom maddis to the mound to shut down the yankee offense. west highlights. and after winning the first kentucky derby 25 tries. trainer todd fletcher shifting the focus to pimlico, saturday's kentucky derby and prep player of the week award. honoring a junior putting up big numbers as they pursue a league title. noports unlimited" starts right


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