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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 5, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> a couple in north baltimore not seen for days. found dead in their home. why their death could have been prevented. the troubling past of the man accused of killing a woman in her apartment. >> chance of showers for the end of the week. if there will be enough to cause problems for mother's day in my forecast. >> it all fell together. >> get ready for racing. when a grand prix will take over downtown baltimore and how it will bring in more than entertainment.
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>> good evening. two people discovered dead in their north baltimore home. kathleen tells us a silent killer could be to blame. >> the bodies were discovered monday after the landlord for the building contacted police. investigators are still trying to determine exactly what went wrong inside the house. hundreds of people passed this home last week not realizing what was inside. the two had not been seen for seven days. friends say the electricity had been turned off so they were using a generator. police say the generator ran out of gas and suspect the couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning. now the friends are urging others to get c.o. detectors. >> please do so. it can take our life. please do so. if i lose my friend, she was supposed to be alive.
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please do so. >> friends say one victim was from el salvador and the other from puerto rico. >> thank you. a man is shot and killed in front of a bar in southwest baltimore. it happened late last night in the 2,100 block of frederick avenue. the victim has been identified as 29-year-old jonathan byrd. he went to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. it will be some time before autopsy results will be back in the murder of yardley love. the 22-year-old former lacrosse star was found dead in her apartment at the university of virginia. her boyfriend is charged with her death. police say he told them that he shook love and repeatedly hit her head against a wall but that her death was an accident. a memorial service for love will be held on u.v.a. campus tonight at 8:00. and plans have been made for her funeral. a viewing will be held this
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friday from 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00. a funeral mass will be on saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the cathedral of mary our queen in north baltimore. a previous arrest is shedding light on the man suspected in yardley love's death. new documents show her boyfriend threatened to kill the arresting officer. >> that arrest came in 2008 and an officer tasered him after he refused to cooperate. now investigators on the u.v.a. case are looking into possible threats he made toward love. he admitted to police that before he left love's apartment, he took her computer. he later told police where to find it. he also admitted that he had kicked a hole into her bedroom door and it's that type of behavior like threatening or hitting that many experts say can lead to very violent acts when that person becomes angry. >> punching fists through wall most people don't do.
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most people don't assault their wives, their partners. >> the doctor is not directly involved in the love murder case but he adds that oftentimes the suspect responds violently after feeling rejected. police say love had recently ended her relationship with him. >> thank you. a prince george's county funeral home's license is suspended after 40 bodies were found in bags. many of the bodies were cadavers from georgetown university medical center. state inspectors found the funeral home in disarray. some bodies without name tags plus other dangerous health hazards. a man is hit by a car and killed in essex. it happened last night in eastern boulevard. police say the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene and was not at fault. the identity of the victim hasn't been released yet.
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baltimore's grand friday approaches the finish line. the event scheduled for 2011 receives overwhelming city approval today. the streets will be turned into a racetrack. karen? >> we are used to this. here along pratt street during rush hour, cars and trucks moving at a steady pace. just imagine open wheeled cars speeding down pratt street at 190 miles per hour. this three-day event is expected to change the way the world sees baltimore. the event will obviously tag businesses, restaurants and hotels like never before. this race will travel throughout the inner harbor and camden yards in august of 2011. the race is expected to generate 2,000 jobs, 250 million dollars into the city economy and 11 million dollars in city tax revenue. the mayor says this is a game
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changer for baltimore and race officials say the decision was quite easy. >> it all just fell together and gave us a good racetrack with four or five decent passing places which is really important for us. the first turn is going to be in front of the inner harbor. it's going to look so sexy on tv and then we come back out the other side of the racetrack and go up to the yards. >> we are now waiting for the city's board of estimates to sign off on this contract. >> thank you, karen. how is the track looking tonight? lauren has traffic. >> thank you, jennifer. we are dealing with several accidents. we have a crash that you want to watch out for involving a motorcycle that will be on newberry avenue at rolling road. unfortunately problems persist as we make our way to the east of the beltway. crash at richie highway. as we head north on the beltway
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watch fought for a disabled car at parkside avenue and take a look at liberty road. no real problems to report. speeds are clocking in at 52 miles an hour along the inner loop. it will jam as you make your way to the top side of that way. taking a live look at york road, it will be really, really packed. speeds only clocking at 11 miles an hour right now. fortunately the j.f.x. will be clear from downtown all the way up to 695 but we do have an accident working on martin luther king j*fld at pennsylvania avenue that you want to watch out for. that's a look at the evening travels. back to you. >> thank you. from five to four, another contestant will be sent home tonight. why the final five say choosing a song this week was easier than previous weeks. >> thousands of gallons of oil leaking into the gulf of mexico every hour. the 100 ton tool that could
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>> people who live in the city could soon be paying more for water. the baltimore city public works department wants to boost your bill. there's word businesses will pay more, too. keith? >> if approved, water and sewage rates would be increased by 9% and that increase would also include baltimore county which receives its water from the baltimore system. now, public works officials presented its proposal today at the city board of estimates meeting. under the plan, yearly water and sewage bills for the annual family of four would increase by $81. now, they say thousands of water main breaks, including the recent major break are among the reasons for the rate
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hike. public works officials say an aging system must be replaced. >> it's not just replacement. it's maintaining and service delivery so we're trying to maintain our assets as best we can so we don't have the big bump in the future to replace everything all at once when it completely fails. >> a hearing on the proposed increase will be held june 9. a vote on the matter is expected that day. we're live at the department of public works. >> thank you, keith. voters in the tiny town of sykesville put the brakes on speed cameras. more than 60% of voters decided to overturn the town council decision to use speed cameras. the town is the first municipality in the state to overturn the cameras by the popular vote. should the use of speed cameras be put to a statewide vote?
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go to fox and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. you can text us. your response might air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. the suspect arrested for the attempted bombing in times square continues to cooperate with officials. and the probe goes on to find out if his mission was part of a broader effort. investigators say the pakistani born u.s. citizen admitted to leaving explosives in an s.u.v. in the middle of times square. officials say this case and last year's fort hood attack shows that the terrorist profile is changing as they alter their strategies. >> they don't have known ties to al qaeda. they -- it's harder for us to
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follow them. >> questions that surround him are somewhat less important than a question that surround where he came from, how he was prepared, how he was trained. >> in the wake of his arrest, airlines must now check the no-fly list every two hours. a 12-man crew is making final preparations to take a 100 ton contraption to the gulf of mexico to help funnel fuel from the site of the massive oil spill at the bottom of the sea. crews began clearing the sea bed floor and expect to start lowering a cup and funnel dome into place tomorrow. if everything goes as planned, the dome could be fired up as early as next week to start funneling the leaking oil into a tanker. >> we've never done it at this depth before. we're talking 5,000 feet. we're talking unprecedented depth. >> business owners along the business are preparing to lose money as they prepare the oil
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spill will scare tourists away. on to the weather now, it just could not have been any nicer today. many here is what we're in store for and we certainly hope it's more of the same. >> it probably will be. we'll enjoy nice conditions out there, kind of like what we saw today but there are some changes up to the northwest. in fact, i'll show you here on the h.d. radar. you can see that line of showers and thunderstorms erupting over parts of detroit and over to michigan, over into ontario, canada. folks in london, over to hamilton, just west of toronto looks like they're getting some good thunderstorm activity and that will stretch all the way down toward indiana so right now they're actually under thunderstorm watches through northwestern ohio as they could see strong, gusty thunderstorms along this frontal boundary as it continues to push through unstable air out there. ahead of that we're seeing nice, warm air as we head through the afternoon, evening hours. back here it looked like we're going to continue to see these clear skies out hire, looking
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relatively nice. h.d. radar scanning the sky showing no activity right now and we'll stay dry through the evening hours and actually on the mild side of things. 82 in baltimore right now. 82 in d.c., 87 frederickton. ien over the mountains where we've seen cooler temperatures, still sitting at 70 degrees and oakland out there in garrett county. we have winds coming up out of the south that are allowing for the temperatures to be on the warm side of things. we will stay on the mild side tonight. downtown in the inner harbor in the city, right around 71 degrees. outlying areas in the mid and upper 60s. clear skies, winds out of the south at five to 10. i'll have a detailed look at the weekend forecast and tell you about a change coming as we get closer to mother's day. details in a bit. >> a million pounds of metal from three mile island is transported through harford county. the 19 foot tall generator load is being moved ever so gently down the east coast to a
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nuclear power plant in north carolina. because of the size and weight of the rig, it can only move 10 miles an hour and it gets plenty of looks from people passing by. >> we get a little bit of everything. we get a lot of people come out and wave and cheer and like to see us going by and obviously you get the people that, you know, we're disrupting. i know it is a pain when we're blocking off roads and you just kind of expect it. >> the caravan is only traveling at night in maryland. the home of the ravens. how a new field will help bring more sports fans to baltimore. and the idols take on the music of old blue eyes. why the contestants think they have so much success singing the songs of sinatra this w gddkdkdkdkdkdkdkddkdddkdddddddk
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>> top five american idol contestants took on the songs of frank sinatra last night. ♪ >> michael lynch, also known as big mike, received high praises from the judges for his rendition of the way you look tonight. mike thinks all of the contestants had stellar performances and he credits the staff for their success. >> we had a really great
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support system this week. our vocal coaches were really behind us. we had harry connick here, his band and even have sinatras in the audience, i felt like we had a lot of support. >> you can find out who goes home on "american idol" tonight at 9:00 right here on fox 45 and learn more about eye american idol" by following our blog. we get the inside scoop on what's happening in hollywood. click on the entertainment link. the ravens will have a brand new field to score touchdowns on when the season starts in a few months. screws installed a new field today. it will cover more than 100,000 square feet. ravens say the flexibility of the new field will allow them to host even more events at m & t bank stadium. >> it gives us an opportunity to take out the end zones and midfield so we can do some other events like the army-navy game and some maryland games up here and be able to put their
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labels in the end zone without interfering with the ravens. >> the first will be the lacrosse championship scheduled for memorial day weekend. ravens will test it out on august 12 in a pre-season matchup against the panthers. >> orioles are trying to avoid being swept by the yankees up in the bronx. we have highlights coming up next in sports. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] achievement has its own patch of grass. ♪ achievement unleashes hidden potential. ♪ all right! achievement looks forward to dinner at home. achievement enjoys newfound freedom. i love you. [ male announcer ] mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit from pnc. helping achievers borrow with an eye towards the future. pnc. for the achiever in us all. loving free to live my life.
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>> welcome back. orioles president is apparently just as frustrated as the rest of us. he told the sun today that certain hitters may face emotions, saying they'll either have to start performing or they'll go to norfolk. they got some production today in new york. just not enough to avoid the sweep. it's already 2-0 new york.
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rodriguez rounds a single up the middle with the bases loaded. here comes nick johnson. here comes the through. johnson is out and the yankees lead. bottom of fourth, now 4-1 new york. mark who has not been hitting got ahold of that one. he just misses it. johnson and jeter score. yankees up 6-1. they sweep the orioles out of the bronx. 7-5. college lacrosse are trying to nail down spots in the tournament and we could be looking at a year when only one division one team goes. on the d3 level, that couldn't be further from the truth. steven john university ranked number one in the nation coming into this weekend's tournament selection and right behind them is the new arch rival who is ranked number two. last year the mustangs made it to the final four before being upset. the coach says things might be
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different this time around. >> i expect to kind of see a different type of team. last year we're real individualistic and this year the guys are playing more like a team. the goal is one of the best goalies in the nation so i think we're different than a year ago. more experienced and just a little mentally tougher from the lessons we learned from a year ago. >> we'll have more on the yankees sweep of the birds. ravens get new turf at m & t stadium. it's all coming up at 10:50 on parts unlimited. back to you. >> really perfect day out there today. chief meteorologist is back to let us know when the change is coming in. >> looks like we'll see changes coming our way. this weekend we'll see the temperatures going down a little bit. right now out there, we have the temperatures in the lower 80s. 82 in baltimore. 83 haggerstown. look at richmond at 87 degrees. a very hot day to the south.
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we'll continue to see the warmth building up out of the south but it's clashing with cooler air out of the great lakes so we'll see showers and thunderstorms over parts of indiana, parts of ohio so there are severe thunderstorm watches at this time and there's already storms firing up, up there. you can see towards toledo and sandusky, ohio but for us, mainly clear conditions and we'll see that through the overnight and i think this front is actually going to scoot through the area by tomorrow but not really give us any showers. maybe western maryland, north of us and then popping up on the eastern shore and then as we get through the day on friday, looks like more sunshine starting off the weekend and then start to see the next front approach from the west to give us changes as we get into saturday. late friday night, saturday a chance for showers. looks like for tomorrow, 82 degrees. sun and clouds. pretty much nice day for the most part. looking at friday, 79 degrees and sunshine. late friday we may get a shower working into saturday morning and then the front will cool us off with temperatures at 75 and then we'll clear up on sunday
5:59 pm
with temperatures at 64 degrees. on mother's day looks like a decent forecast. we should be dry so folks that are planning picnics, bruce, picnics are going to probably have a great day to go on out and enjoy the day with those temperatures in the mid 60s and then by tuesday and wednesday, we'll see the temperatures back in the upper 60s, lower 70s. bruce was saying it's better to take someone out. >> if you want to be a cheap skate and take your mother on a picnic, go ahead. >> she might enjoy it. >> cheap skate. that's all i'm saying. >> you just have to do something. >> we can all agree on that. >> that's all for the news at 5:30. join us again tore news at 10:00.


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