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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the right to ecord. record. (4:45) (mta video) "you can't record my voice or my pictures without my prior consent or approval...." the battle over videotaping police... and the extreme measures officers have used to turn off the ccmeras. -------------------------------- ----------- amanda knox.. set free. free."she suffered for four years for a crime she did not c" commit" the emotional verrict forrthe former college student accused could arrive back in the u-s. -------------------------------- --------------- the chance for more rain tonight, but warmer and drier weather is fiiaaly moving toward mmryllnd. when it will arrive n my skywatch forecast.----------------------- -------------------------------- of dollars.. spent to restore power after the hurricane. b-g-e wants to pass the coot on to you. when you could see a hike in your bills.. hello, i'm jenniier gilbert..eff barnd is off
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tonight. a social security administration worker in woodlawn is shot while n break. keith daniels live at the agency's sprawling complex tonight where the violence put the place on lockdown.. keith. the shooting did not happen in any of he buildings.. but closeeto the complex. p the ictim was taking a strrll when someone attacked hi. him. it happened just before nnon monday.. a social security administration worker.. shot near his office who work with the victim at the agency's headquarters are stunned by the shooting.... (man/co-worker) "terrible, teerible, that's ll i can say....".......... the victim had just left the building......(keith) we spoke with hhs co-workers.. they say the man was oo his lunch break and may have been walking home nearby when the attack happened."...........he walked down woodlawn drive near the agency.. a popular corridor for employees.
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(man/coworker) "oh yeeh, people exerciss all the ime around here.. you know, walk and things like that. it's always traffic." police say someone shot the man during a robbery attempt. the victim was able to walk to parallel drive, where he collapsed near the s-s-a campus. the shooting prompted police to temporarily put the offices on lock down.. because gunman was on the loose.... in an area with businessss and omes.(ms. williams/neighbor) "i justt moved to the neighborhood. so, i heard that it was a pretty good neighborhood. but that's kind of shoccing.." shooting happened on walden from the victim's job. por now.. no word of anyy witnesses.... just co-workers....(man) "weel, this is a feeeral building....."........and surprise.....(mr. davis/neighbor) "i go through &pthere lot in the morning, you know. so, i guess i'm going to have to stop going through there.. yyu know, it's messsd uppman.. and so close &pto ome."
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we've learned the victim retirement and disability policy.... he's at sinaiihospital tonight in good conditton. live in woodlawn...kkith daniils, fox 45 news at ten. pity police shoot aad kill a man in south baltimore. it happened around 9 o'clock last night at a home on saiit victor street. olice say a reeiient called officers because he said his roommate had a gun and the resident was when officers got there... they say they found a man betweee 40 and 50 years old with a gun. offfcers say they tried to end the man would ot let hat happen. ((1727 officers identified themselves, asked numerious times that he drop the weapon, with officers commands, turned towards the police officers, at which time they fired at least one defensive shot.)) shot.))homicide detectives are iinestigating, which is routineein police-involved shhotings. police charged jason hicks... an employee at the belvedere
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tire shop with first degree out at the tire shop a wwek ago and flames quickly spread throughout the family business.... that haa beenn thhre for over 50 years.rueben maxwell owns the uto repair shop next door... and he says he saw hicks the day of the fire.he says... hicks has caused problems in the past. fox45 if helping youustee up and fight back with a new tool... called " your neighborhood ....get y in - emails when crimes happen.go click on spot crime innhott topics at the top of the screen. 3 we now knnw more about the death of former baltimore raven orlando brown. brown. the staae mediccl examiner says oolando brown died because of complications from diabetessbrown was found dead in hissinner harbor apartment on september 23rd.he wass40-years-old baltimore city policeeare looking for a man who tried to
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rape a johhs hopkins university studeet. happened just before 1-30 saturday &pmorning... near this location on lovegrove street......juss aacouple of blocks from the johns hopkins campus.police say the younggwoman was walking to her caamus apartment......whennshe wass lot.he said he had a gun... ann ran away fter the attack anyone with information is asked to call police. the underground metro stations are back up in running tonight. the subway was shut down for several hours today as b-g--e crews investigated the sourcee oo an odor. there's no word yet on what caused the problem... but it was aavery trying to get around. "im frustrated, i'm kinda mad, take he metro bus or whatever" whatever"no one got sick from the odor. amanda knox had been in jail in italy since 2007... ...convicted of killing her, she's on her way home.amyykellogg shows us what
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happened as her conviction was overturned......and the evidence that set her free. free. amanda kkox - set free - as an italian court exonerates her in the murder of her british roommateethis day started with the 24 year-old seattle naaive...tearfully begggng for her ffeedom:(translated) knox says: "i donnt want to be punished, deprived of my llfe of my future for something that iidid not do. because i am innocent."knox has spent four years behind bars in this prison - - outside perugia.the 2007 - -when italian police - found the body f knox's housematt, meeedith kercher. her throat had been slit. prosecutors claimed knox along with hhr former boyfriend, and a drug-deaaer from the ivory coast killed kerrher, when he refused to pprricipate in an also denying he's a killer.... (translated) sollecito says: "i have nnver done any harm to anyone, nevee innmy life." during the appeal ...forennic experts discredited the police evidence used to conviit knox. (kellogg on cam tag)while
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amanda knox and her co- charge of slanddr against knox &pwill stiik.since she's lread done 4 years innprison... amanda knox is now free to go directty backkto tte united perugia ... amy news. 3baltimore coonty police are investtgating a string of recent car thefts. thee say &pthe culprits are targeting specific areas... and specific makes and models. melinda roeder is live in halethorpe... one of the areas that's been hhtt y these melinda??9 cars.... in about five weeks... have been stolen... are almost aaeas... say this kind of ght. - crime... is growing.and they aar growing concerned. concernnd. 33 04:38 "cars were being broken
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the street." on magnolia street.... car thefts... and &p07:45 "this whole side was broken."scott knights is fed up withhit. 05:28 "it's sad. it's sad... grin and bear it just to keep going." this reeent string of crimes... doesn't surprise him.but hommownees in nearby areas ... that also have been targeted... are somewhat such a busy street... his is - would even try."near tte corner of arbbtus and ridge hit in the lasttsixxweeks. 00:25 "you know we're o close also struck on maple avvnue... where neighhors say they never used to worry...23:54:24 "you could leave your doors open, it's like everywhere else. you lock our doors and thinns." in the last few months... cars on this street hhve also been vandalized.23:59:34 "i don't know. it's a little unsettling though."now... police say whoever's responsible ssems to
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have a pattern...a prefeeence for certain neighborhoods... and specific types of autmobiles....chrrslers... dodges... nd for those who happen to drive onee... 23:59:38 "a dodge." frustrating. ... are most 3 police say all the cars stolen were models made from 1994 - ttrough 2006.they're advising &powners to ark in garages or driveways...if ppssible. lock yourrdoors. and don't leave anything valuable in halethorpe, melinda roedee, fox 45 news at ten. 3 it seems most people blame the country's leaderssfor the current economic crisis. crisis. according to a new fox news poll...75-perceet of the people polled ay our economic crisissis the result of bad leadership.12-percent luckkwhose actions have hurt poll...45-percenttsay president obama's actions haae hurt the economy.50-percent
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congress...46-percent say democrats in congress have hurt the economy. the pain at the ump is getttng a little more bearable. prices sink to a six month low. triple-a reports the national aveeage for a three-dollars and 41-cents. and here in maryland... drivers can expect to shell out three dolllrs and 33 cents. while drivers are giving it a thumbs up, many hope to see an even bigger dip. "prices are ower, but only it back whhre it used to be 2 years ago." while there is some relief at the pump ... this time last year,,, gas prices were 85 ceets cheaper. we can help you find the best gas prrces in your neighborhood.go to fox- baltimore dot com slass pump patrol. &p3 ravens...ann their ffns sunday night...sports director bruce cunningham joins us with thht s.
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story... joe flaccc and the pavens newly fortified offense strrggled against a very good nnw york jets defensive unii, but the guys on the ther side of the their end of things... the avens defensive unit scored 3 touchdowns, a club record, in the 34-17 victory...two fumbles recoveries and an interceptionn..afterward, jets coach rex ryan, who helkped build the ravens defense while an assistant coach here, likened them to the 2000 unit, whichhled them to a super bowl victory...and ryan's old boss, john haabaugh, said their effort was nothing short of ammzing.... the ravens now head into their bye week...they'll hii the field again a week from
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sunday, when they host the houston texans...much more from owings mills, and the baaeball playoffs, coming up on sports unlimiteddat 10:50 and 11:30.. purple pride is everywhere in . baltimore... sslllyfrom picture...of her son's his - pinewood derby's got ray lewis's number painted on the front......nothiig is going to stop that car. picture... of little ava...his - ...clearly excited about how well the ravens did last night. you can see a lot more of these going to &pour facebooo page.go to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore..and click on "inside fox45" on the left side of the screen. 3 they're taking pictures... .theyyre taking pictures... pictures...lltee on fox45 newss at ten...photographic police... ends......and you're riggt to -3 take pictures begins.its our cover story tonighh 3 3 more than 700-thousand
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custommrs lost power after hurricane irene...whee you ácouldá see a rate increase because of the cleanup costs... next on fox45 news at ten i'm losing energy... i need a home performance with energy star audit to find out why! this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold! hm... need some heating and cooling system work. and insulation will help stop the drafts. for a limited time, get up to five-thousand five-hundred and fifty dollars in rebates to make your home more energy efficient. visit bge smart energy dot com. ahhh, now i'm comfortable-- and energy efficient! continues tonightfor three men
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who robbed a popular restaurant in anne arundel john rydell reports...three customers were also injured during a scuffle....nd at shock trauma... trauma... "thaa's pretty crazy i mean." "you don't see stuff around here like that."for those who frequunt thii friendly'son craan highway...there is shock. many...are just learning about thebrazen robbery...that happened here sunday evening. (brown) "man, it don't mmke sense because be a lot of
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people, my brother comes here to eat, so it's like a ot of people come hereeand eat and, it be crowded sometties, it not gooo."it was around 8:45...when two youngmen wearing ski masks...walkkd in. they robbed the estaurant itself...but didn't stop there. (mulcahy) "tte uspects demanded money from the paarons of the store and alss were able to obtain that, resisted possibly, he ullimately was stabbed in the abdomen."he's expected to survive...but the two suspects...and a thirddwho was ouuside...acting as a lookout...are still at large. (fee) "and unfortunately i think it's a part of the economy that's going on and i wasn't here to witness anything and it's an unfortunate situation and i wish t addneverrhappened." the franchise ownerr..and friendly's regular customers...are hopingttis was just an isolated incident. where there's families and e kids and stuff, that's just wrong, i mean they could have hurt a ittle kid."in glen burnie, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. police describe the suspectsas their 20's...with a
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thin, with pdedlocks.anyone with informationabout the robbery....should callanne arrndel county police. 3 new jersey governor chris christie may declare his intentions for 20-12 this week. week. there has been specclaaion that he will ruu for president....but time is running out...south carolina primaries earlier in 20-12... meaninggwe're just 90 days and new hampshire primary.s skeptics say there isn't ennugh time to campaign in &pthose states... bbt supporter say he'ddhave an immediate impact on the race. while governor run for president.. maryland's governor isn't impressed with any of the republican candddates. governor martin o'malley appeared on c--bs's "face the nation" yesterday. he says the candidates aren't focused on improving america. o'malley: these candidatts aren't running for the nomination of the republican partt, they'reerunning for the
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nomination of the tea party. they're not putting forward new ideas tt create jobs that would qualify them to be president. they'rr pandering to the tea party to be the mad . hatter.barbour: if this pleccion ii a referendum on pres. oobma's records and policies and the results of ttose polices then that wiil &punite republlcans and independents behind our canddda. christie would bring r - republican ticket.. but says the new jersey governor's record is not one of success. gooernor martin o'malley.... stepping up his support for same sex marriage in maryland. to join us s we work to pass marriage equality in the state of maryland. maryland. thh governor will appear in a series of in the state. the iage - marylanddrs for marriage equulity coalition llunched the first video today. in it.. governor o'malley says he plaas to pursue llgislation pegalizing the unions in the next legislative ession. that brings us to ur question of the day. is it
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appropriate for the governor to appear in videos promoting same ex marriage? marriage? you can see... &pthis question has generated a lot of discussion onliiee.. join it, by going to facebook ddt com slash fox-baltimore a former state transportationn secretary tooo the stand today state senator ulysses cuuriee robert flanagan accusee senator currie of lying about his intentions. intentions.flanagan ssid currie envoked the name of the late state delegate pete rawlings.... when rying to food wareeouse" at mondawmin - mall.flanagan said currie told him he was taking up the issue out of respect for rawlings ... the father of current. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake. currie is accused of using his influenceeto benefit the ssoppers grocery chain.... whereehh worked as a consultant. the hollywood casino in perryville has brought in hundreds of jobs since it ppened last year.but now somm residents are afraid it will be bringing in a huge, illummnated eyesore.janice
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park tells us the eyesore is a massive 1155foot sign. janice? janice?jennifer,it's town pfficiaas...who will decidd if this sign ii going up. it's áso large...they've even gone to the trouble...of floating a hot air balloon around town...toogive peopll an idea of just how large this sign a lot of worried people. ere's - because they believe ttis will crush their property values. values. to perryville...becauue of thh spectacular sky and sunsetss.. reaaity...that a 175 he -3 foot...massive lit up sign...could be his new view: view:"they gave us a picture of what an individual would pook like below it, and what it looks like uptop, i think you woull have to haae a light on top of it for the aircraft" these mookupp show what the new hollywood casino perryville sign would look like...a sign that would direct traffic to the casino otherwise hidden from i-95:the pown even floated a hot air balloon in august... august..."when it did it happen i idn't know"to give
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people an idea...of what thee could sson see ffom their backy: backyards:"probably hid it very well" well"""o give you an idea of how tall this sign will will be about 25 feet lighthouse"but eberhardt isn't - planning and zoninn chairman...says h just found days ago....and says it's a well kept secret to some citizens:he and others are afraid property values will plummet...this cedar point dr neighborhooo is where the sign will be most visable. visable."oh sure they've had a number of opportunties, of emaal and contacted by phone" tonight the mayor sayssthe sign is needdd...for the hollywood casino sets to compete with other casinos opening up at arundel mills and in downtoonnbaltimore.a casino that will pump millioos into the local economy...and has created 350 jobs. town officals say if the casino doesn't do well... will mean llst a town that can't afford that gamble.
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the vote tomorrow wiil be casttby four commissioners and the mayor ...where all they need is the majority.and tonight...the mayor says the decision seemm to be very split..anice park fox4 news at ten. 3 in tonight's wwste watch report...the city owned convention center hotel may have trouble paying off 300 to finance its construction.. thaa's according to a new report issued by the credit ratinn agency moody's.last week tth firm owngradeddthe facility hassfallen short on revenue projections and wws not gennrating as much cash as mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she still has confidence tte project will succeed in the long run. 3 313316: 04"the hotel in another economy. the being said they obligations, and anyyincreased risk due to the downgrade is the cit>""3:16:19holders not
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13:16:19the report was not all bbd news. moody's says the city property is performing better than other downtown hotees. the mayor also commented on a senate inquiry into sppnding by the city housing authority. lasttweek publican senator charles grassley sent a etter asking for information froo the housing epartment. the senator says he wants details on how the city agency spent pmney., among other n stimulls - noo paying leggl udgments relattd to lead poisining lawsuiis filed by public 13:16:25"anytime there is an inquiry,a request or information from the federal government i stand ready to get the information so we can get the issueedresolved"13:17:03 13:17:03the mayor says despite the senator's... concerns she still has confidence in the city's current housing chief paul graziano. it's our duty to hold elected
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ooficials can do that by joining our fox45 &pstory about government waste.. can allo log onto our website fox balttmore dot com and click on wwste watch. no one argues hurricane irene was a storm of historic proportions. but as kathleen cairns reports... the p-s-c quarterbacking.' as it rning evaluated b.g.e.'s response to the wide spread power outages. 33 (nat pop- clean up) hurricane irene left 750-thousand bbe customers without power... "i was onn of the people that didn't have electricity..." while ore then half had power restored within 48 hours,,,, the utilities response has come undee heavy fire: (proteeters complaining) "bge is greedy"today..... (nat pop)"at what point then... commissioners fired a barrage &pof questions at b.g.e's top administrrtors:(wwde shot)"just due to the ammunt of damage"(rob gould)"there
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really s no silver bullet.." theebiggest complaints:bge estimates that power would be restored... by the end oo the day... yet it was not. (rob gould)"we attempt to reetore pooer to he largest blocks of custooer feeders" (nat pop-cleanup) (rob gould)"buu invariably there may be some sort of damage that unbeknownst to us at bge or o the customers.. that is effecting their individual service..we ccll that a nested outage.. an outtge within a ssreen)))bge reports 17,000 individual jobs... 10,000 reports of wires downand 348 poles had to be replaced. (robb gould)"but its important to note.. 3/4s of the customers onny had an outage of aboot two days"the energy giant million dollars. stooation (gould)riiht now shareholders are covering that." (commissioner williams) "... decides to ask the psc for consumer help beccuse of irene: the requust may come until next summer. (ending)"thank you" kc fox 45
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nees at 10 moreethen 66-hundred peeple were involved in the power restoratiin effort.. including electric company workers from as far way as texas. 3&inspections of the washington monument reeumed today. poday.enginners are assessing damage to the landmark following last august's earttquake.heavy wiids kept rope-climbiig inspectors down worrer was swept 30-feet off the monument friday.the national park service says the quake caused several cracks to form on the surface of the monument.but engineers say it's structurally sound inside. that rainy weather is about to move out of here here chief meteorologist vytas reid is ere with your fiist look at your skywatch forecast... vys vytas 33 ou can be n charge of your own
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personalized forecast. i-raddr is now available at &pfoxbaltimore doo com. use the interactive tools to track coming stormssdoww to yourrstreet. go to foxbaltimore dot com and whee ittcomes to news in yoor nnighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. you to our website. go toovideos foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it iconn you can also send photos directly from your foxbaltimore dot com." 3 they're takinn pictures...
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pictures...but next... police... far your rights our cover
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amennment may guarantee
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freedom offspeech and freeddm of religion..... but does it also guarantee freedom of photography....? the question has been aagued in many courtrooms citizen photographers come under fire for turning their cameras onnpolice. in tonights cover stooy, jjff abell examines what courts are saying about the right to police. ice. (roeder archive pkg.) (horns and track nats) it was preekness 2010..... and on the ttack.... (1:01:28) (roeder archive pkg) (fan cheering) lookin at lucky mmy have scored the victory.. but in the clubhouse..... hand bbhind your...." your there was another score to settle. (:40) (officers) "puttyourrother hand behind your back. put your hand behind your back...!" while officers struggled to make an arrest.... (:02) pictures...they taking pictures....." other the crowd...anddthe cameras. - (2:02) (officer) ""o ee a favor turn that off. its illegal to tape a voice or anything else, iis againsstthe law in the state of maryland..." (21:49:21) (sharp) "at that time, i was really afraii hey were going to put me to jail..."
10:32 pm
christopher sharp was in the crowd that day....using hiss cellphooe to roll on the action. buttit wasn't llng before officers wereedemanding his phone. (21:48::7) "i pold him i really didn't feel comfortable giving him my phone. thh way he explained it to me was it was evidence and they had a right to it..." eventually, he handed over his phone... but when officers later returned it....everything was deleeed....including valuable videos he'd taken offhis son.... (21:52:54) "they all new what was on my phone and they eleted &peverything...!" (21:34:47) (deborah jeon) "an apology would be wellooe...." the incident cityypolice violated sharp's first amendment rights... (21:31:39) (jeon) "the very act of telling him that he could not record police and that there was something wrong pith that..." (13:00) &p(audio) (under wide shot) (mta archive video) "i don't believe i'm committing a eerlier, there was a similar demand from officees at a liiht rril station. a tourist wanted to take a picture of a train...but wound (4::55 (mta video) .
10:33 pm
"you can't record my voice or consent or approval...." r maryland's wiretap law does requiie consent from those who's audio is being recorded.... (lepola archive pkg) (anthony guglielmi) " if you are recooddng a video device that norraly includes audio you are breaking the state law. the state law indicates you can not do that and we can seize that device and make an arrest beccuss of it..." but state law only requires consent from those being recorded if there's a 'reasonable expectation of privacy..." (21:38:08) "when police officerr operate in ppblic they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy....!" (22:05:03) (abell) "those who are fighting for the right tor ecord police now have a federal apppals court ruling on their side. last month, the court in new england a professional journalist or amendment right to rrcord - public..." the decisionn came after the arrest of a maasachusetts man who took
10:34 pm
these pictures of a rowdy arrest. the appellete photographer hhd everr right to roll. (21:39:20) (jeon) "ttat ruling was the strongest one to ddte...." the aclu is stilllawaiting the city's response to its lawsuit. t wants the city to officers treat citizen n how - photographers. (21:53:23) (sharp) its still really the police departteet." christopher sharp would like all those deleted videos of hii son...returned. mooe thanna year after thh counting his lossess (21:54:33) (sharp) "i'm sure it happens all the time and it needs to stop...!" jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. a city police spooesman says he could not comment for our story, because of the pending litigation. 3 grocers in denmarr running out offfoods llke butter and the foods flying off the
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shelves. 3& but next,...this car smashes into a district attorney's difficult it was to get there...after the break 3 3 pooice in nee orleans are looking for the orleans are pooice in new 3 [ female announcer ] this is trish. 3 trish uses aetna's personal health record to track her kids' immunizations, get lab results, see her family medical history, and when she's at the doctor's office, she uses it to remember what to ask before she leaves. it helps trish keep everyone in her clan healthy.
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even on the go. see for yourself, ♪ aetna. know more. get better.
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♪ police in new orleans are
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looking for the driver of this was caught on into the district attorney's office yesterday.a witness flagged down a police officer to report the crashhthe driver set of steps to get to the glass doors.investigators say they don't think this was a random accident. &p3 flames from this chemiccl plant fire in texas cause evacuations...and coosume a the fire.this plant is aboutt 30 miles south of wwre only a couple dozen peoppe inside the plant when this fire started.they all got out safely.however, peoole are pondeeinggwhat's in all that pitch black smoke.the companyy and gas wells.l used in oil this is the first monday in october. and that means - - the staat of another supreme couut term. term. and it's packed with hot several immigration issues...
10:39 pm
and ... whether police can put a g-p-s tracking device on a suupect's car wiihout a warrant.but what could beethe biggeet issue of the term is not yet officiallyyon the court's calendar -- a legaa &pchallenge to the president's health are law. dupree says: "you havee ase that presents very important constitutional questions riiing from the administration's signaturee domestic initiative." supporters of the law say pongress acted withinnthh scopeeof its power -- and parties on both sides of the debate have filed appeals with the supreme court -- asking for quick review. approval of the suppeme court has slipped quite a bit over the past couple of years in 2009...61 percent approved of the way the court handled it's joo.last year... that number dropped to 51 percent ...and this year, it dropped aaother 5 points, to 46 percent. 3 3 you could soon follow fox45 using a brand new
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because there's never been a better time it seems more and ore parents are trying to avoid these skipping vaccines for their children.according to nationwide survey...about nine in ten parents...skip some shots.... or delay them. many parents say they believe delaying shots avoids side effects.others say some vaccinee ust aren't necessary.
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phe most commonly skipped pox. 3 it's the world's first "fat tax" denmark...foodsswith pore than two-point-three percent aturatee fat now cost more.increases vary...a small packkof butter for example costs about 50 cents more.half aakilo of cheese...about 40 cents extra.and a bag oo you can see...on the in denmark were stocking up on their favorite fatty foods. 3 stuhr says: "arla has not been able to deliver butter to us the last wo dayy. we have not received butter until today noww hat the tax has been put into effect." danish ressarch shows thatt excessive consumption of saturated fats causes about four percent of the natioo's ten percent of denmark's population is obese...compaaed to 33 percent in the u.s. getting gray hair... may
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not have to be a part of the aging process anyyore. anymore.l'oreaa s developing a pill that they say prevents hair from turning gray. it's expected to be inexpensive andd natural beeause it's made from fruit extract.users would start taking the pill as a dietary supplement before their hair goes gray.the product will hit the market in 2015. people who embarrass easily may be mmre reliable romantic p. partners.researchers at the university of california asked students about embarrassing moments nd had them play a game to measure thhir selflessness.they found those who are easily embarrassed are generous and more likely to be monogamous.all great qualities in a mate. 3 defensive game in ravens t - history????arret johnson and john harbaugh weigh in on a in sports unliiiied...
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just perform just as well as their ame brand counterparts...afttr the break the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to be.
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alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose, everyone agrees the gulf is vacation at it's best. mississippi outdoors, louisiana seafood, florida beaches, alabama shoreline. so come on down to mississippi, louisiana, florida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. sunday night's ravens victory
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over the jets came with a bit of nostalgia...ii looked for all the world liie the ravens had reverted tt the 2000 struggling offense...a formula that carried them tooa champion. championnhip... the ravens d had three returns for touchdowns...two fumbles
10:52 pm
and this lardarius webb interception....nd when you get that you usually win... offensively, another pt be fair, take this into consideration, theejets are a very good defensive team, and maybe things aren't as bad as you think..aa it was, it was a big victory over a highlyy regarded team, and the ravens were thrilled to get it, offensive struggles or no.... &p of the ravens ccief tormentors coulddbe missing some time....teeler quarterrack ben roethlisburger has a sprained left iniiial xray performed
10:53 pm
&pyesterday indicated a ossibl fraccure, but a second onn, taken today, revealed no one will speculate on how long he'll be out...if at all...but rememmer this,, big ben payed ooer half oo last season with a broken foot... .i go 1-on-1 with defensive lineman arthur & what was happene to the offense???...we'll look &pat a lackluster performance from the other sidd of the ball...thaa's coming p att 11-30 on the late edition... 3 winter ii ust around the corner......and the cold air that we had over the paat couple of days can really dry as megan gilliland shows us... a dozen lotions through a than - series of tests... to find which moisturize the most. most. ((meg on cam))there are lots of treatments that pamper and moissurize skin. but can body lotions you buy at tte prugstor) consumer reports shopsmart magazine checked out 14 moisturizing body lotions from
10:54 pm
names likk aveeno, vaseline, ann jergens, as well as store brands from cvs, walmart, walgrrens, and target.(sot) "our testers rounded up 266 women to see ow well each of the lotions moistuuized ovee the course oo a day."(v/o)all the testing is done inside this humidity-controlled chamber.testers use this iistrument to measure the moisture level in each after applying the moisturizer at intervals of two hourr, five ours, and finally 24 hours.this up & up extra healing moisturizer from target wws the least moisturizzng lotion.consumerr reports' sennory panelists also evaluated the feel of each lotion, as well as the aroma.(sst: jody rohlena)"some smelled a bit like plastic. as far as skin feel, some were &pthin, others wwre a bittwaxy." (vvo)some of the moisturizers were virtually aroma-free. among them - this cetaphil moisturizing lotion, which was
10:55 pm
also the mosttmoisturizing lotion ested. it costs about 10 dollars.(v/o)as for walmart'' equatt ttat says it's comparable o cetaphil - good news, consumer reports' tests show it moisturizes nearly as well and costs around four dollars less.((meg shopsmart ays another bargain lotiin that performed well is suave's advanced therapy moisturizer forseverely dry skin. it only costs around three dollars, and it has a megan gilliland, fox45 news att pen. 3 the world record these women broke...after the break ...ann coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition... a daring escape... what this guy did to get away frommpolice in baltimore ccunty toniiht. and concerns about a canccr cllster..ew information about detrick years ago is coming t back to haunt theepeople who live around the fort today.
10:56 pm
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your salad? how about thirty-two-ounces worth? and salad..."cheering, holllring" hollering" you can see the oregon competitors chugging thirty- two-ounces of ranch dressing as fast as they could. it was all for a hance to win a three hundded dollar prize and free subs for a year . the champion cole herbst, chugged thirty two ounces of ranch dressing in just over twenty seconds. weaarng pink visors and in austrialia.they set the rd guinness world record for the largess bikiniiparade.357 women helped claim the title. ye


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